Rape tents: The latest proof that democrats are the party of women!

I’m sure you’ve all heard about the free unwilling sex making the rounds of OWS encampments.  You may have also noticed gender demographics more similar to the middle east – that is, way more men than there are women.  I’m starting to wonder if there may be a connection – perhaps a good number of women (maybe the ones not doing drugs? lol) were able to think ahead and realized that camping out with hundreds and thousands of strange men is NOT the same as camping out with your family.

Grim perfection from Glenn Reynolds: “I guess they really are taking Tahrir Square as their model.”

Let it sink in: Their protests now need rape shelters. This is actually happening. And New York City lets it go on.

Zuccotti Park has become so overrun by sexual predators attacking women in the night that organizers felt compelled to set up a female-only sleeping tent yesterday to keep the sickos away.

The large, metal-framed “safety tent” — which will be guarded by an all-female patrol — can accommodate as many as 18 people and will be used during the day for women-only meetings, said Occupy Wall Street organizers.

“This is all about safety in numbers,” said Becky Wartell, 24, a protester from Portland, Maine…

Some of the male OWS protesters remained in denial over the growing number of sex attacks.

“Sexual harassment gets called rape, and it’s not,” one scoffed when told of the women’s tent.

Well, certainly sexual harassment and rape aren’t the same thing, but in this new world, is sexual harassment supposed to be some innocent, victimless non-crime…..?  (What’s that Whoopie?  It’s not rape-rape?)  Or maybe it’s some attempt at rationalizing the decision (were women included in the decision?) to not report sex crimes to the police.

Most protesters have not been reporting all the incidents to police — instead preferring to settle things on their own.

Yeah, I wonder who made THAT decision, and in whose best interest THAT was?  But let me post that one naysayer’s words one more time:

“Sexual harassment gets called rape, and it’s not,” one scoffed when told of the women’s tent.

I think there’s been some sort of transcription problem on the part of the news agency.  These are democrats, after all!  This is the party of women!  I’ve studied the words above, and I believe I have figured out the correct transcription, and it goes like this:

“We’ve been hearing reports of both sexual harassment and rape happening at various OWS sites.  We take both of these criminal behaviors very seriously.  Women can be physically and emotionally scarred from these assaults, and most cases of PTSD are due to sexual abuse, even more than from war experiences. Therefore, we have zero tolerance for these sexual crimes.  Women are NOT second class, disposable people, and they are NOT public property sexual objects.  We are doing everything we can to create a safer environment by starting large scale education and warning programs, and by immediately turning all suspected criminals over to the police department for investigation and prosecution.  We are committed to having these cretins incarcerated, both because of their current sexual crime, but also to protect further women from being victimized.  In addition, all of these procedures we are implementing will have men involved, but will be led by women at all stages (development, implementation, oversight, etc).”

Well, back to reality.  If the participants are keeping mum about the sexual harassment and rapes, certainly the MSM is feretting out the info and exposing it to the light of day, right?

Particularly disturbing, is that many “Occupyers” aren’t even reporting rapes and sexual assualt. And whilst the MSM kind of is, the reporting is kept to a minimum.

Hmm…. if that’s true, that can’t possibly be because the latest corporate marching orders are for the MSM to protect and elevate the democrats, could it….? 

Well, the police – the police must be out there, protecting against crimes against women, right?  The police have wives, moms, daughters, and some of the police ARE women!  Certainly THEY are doing their part?  Well, according to this woman, not so much….

So, after so  many years (since the age of 10 when my dad used to call me his “women’s libber”) of fighting for women’s rights, I am SO glad to know that the Party of Women, the police, the MSM, and our brothers/male cousins/fathers/sons consider us EQUAL, not as public property to be taken at will; so glad to know that they RESPECT us!

I’ll tell you this.  Something would have been said about this, something would have been done about this, if Hillary “Women’s rights are human rights” Clinton had been allowed her win.  This “bros before hos” crap has got to stop.


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  1. This is a great post, lorac. Nothing seems to change, does it? The goings on in OWS circles sound so familiar, this description could have come out of Iraq or West Point or any other male led dominion where women are considered equal.

    Of course, equal in the sense that they are tolerated as property and used like toilet paper.

  2. Lorac- absolutely righteous rant! Way too much testosterone floating around those encampments. It would be interesting to know the demographics of the rapists- are they part of the generation that grew up with nary a parent ever saying no or opportunistic predators. No excuses either way of course. Just me wondering if their entitlement attitude is carrying over and they are really seeing women as nothing more than objects intended to satisfy their wants.

    On another note I see the crazy Mississippi personhood constitutional amendment was defeated. Much closer that I am comfortable with- 57 to 43. What the hell is wrong with people? And Mississippi? Isn’t that one of the poorest states in the Union? But they want MORE? Cuz let’s face it- a woman with means would just quietly go “on vacation” or to “visit” relatives in another state. Just like in the bad old days.

  3. What’s next for the OWS women….burkas?

  4. Why don’t they make the men sleep in tents with armed guards making sure that they do not rape people? Then the women could roam free.

  5. I’m a City gal, through and through, any fool knows if you pitch a tent in the middle of an urban park frequented by the homeless, dopers, and drunks, you are putting yourself in grave danger.
    Not blaming the victim here, what is going on in Zuccotti Park is nothing less than mob dynamics, a soupcon of common sense is needed.

  6. What the hell Sophie – if you’re “not blaming the victim here” then DON’T!!!
    A woman should be able to walk stark naked down the middle of the street, drunk off her a$$, & NOT have to worry about sexual assault. I know as well as you do that we DON’T live in that sort of a world, but that’s the way it should be. (I’m w/honora; lock up the men so women can roam free)

  7. We all have a view of what ‘should be’, however we have to live in the world of ‘what is.’

  8. Exactly right, it is Tahir Square all over again. And what is the common denominator? A whole bunch of young men who have not been socialized properly. In a lot of third world countries, women ride special buses or trains so they won’t be groped and abused. It would be a whole lot more cost effective if society just kicked these offenders in their backsides and held them up to ridicule in public. Bet they would be cured really quickly.

    And these are probably the same young men who snearingly ask women who complain about the inequities in society “well, how would you like to be a woman Saudi Arabia?” In other words, shut up bitch because things could be worse.

    And Honora is right. Her solution reminds me of something Golda Meir, late PM of Israel said when the number of rapes spiked in Israel. One government official (male of course), suggested that women not go out in the evenings. Meir replied that correct approach would be to put the men in cages since they were the ones behaving like animals.

  9. Excellent Lorac!

    But… Aren’t we wiminz are attempting to make our gender way too important (again) among the “larger, greater, enormous, more important issues” (again).

    We have a male presidential contender, single-handedly, re-framing the tone of sexual harassment in the workplace – by honing his “national” platform on how to “brush off” women as ‘opportunistic’ gold-diggers and political whores!

    And, OWS putting women in boxes safe-house encampments – while only 6% of rapists ever spend a day in jail?

    Without “complaining” – guess where women would be? A little less advanced than where we are going backwards from now, I guess.

  10. I raised 6 pretty and strong daughters, who never came to harm, in NYC..Try it sometime.. Theories are great, reality is not always great.

    We all know it is still a harsh and dangerous world for women. All who would harm them should be brought to swift justice, and imo, public shaming. Women need to be strong and very smart, if they are not, they will get hurt. There is no excuse for victimizing women under any circumstances, but there is little excuse for stupidity either.
    .Until the world becomes a better place, [what are the odds ? ] even young girls need to be taught to protect themselves from predators,muggers, and other assorted trash…

  11. a soupcon of common sense is sorely lacking. 👿

  12. amen, foxy

  13. @imusthavepie

    What’s next for the OWS women….burkas?

    Don’t give them anymore ideas, please.

  14. Camping in Zuccotti park while female without a pair of Bobitt Scissors is like vacationing in Fukushima without a hazmat suit.

  15. And the sound of crickets coming from the MSM about this?

    I’m not trying suggest that anyone eat crow, but the lawlessness that seems to be part of the OWS movement is finally being addressed, and I’m not sad about that.

    Contrary to opinion, I do not believe that they are “crazy, shiftless, violent thieves, or bums” as was suggested on an earlier thread this week.

    I do, however, believe that there is a pervasive atmosphere of lawlessness that may or may not be fostered by the organizers. This cannot be ignored or explained away.

    These rapes and the way they are being (not) handled are the most outrageous crimes to be swept under the carpet, but there have also been deaths. In OWS Vancouver last week, a 20 year old girl died from….. “A drug overdose is suspected, but there is no forensic evidence at this time”

    And just yesterday, a man was found dead in OWS New Orleans – he had been dead for two days before it was reported – and this too would’ve been swept under the rug if it weren’t for the internet


  16. This is just lovely, but since the Occupy sites are just festering anarchy pits, then I’m not surprised in the least. This “movement” needs to die already. They’ve lost whatever focus they’ve had and everyone’s tired of their brand of crazy.

    There’s no excuse for any assault, sexual or otherwise; same with the two day old corpse. Come on, people!

    Nobody’s paying much attention to it anymore anyway, as the new outrage is a $.15 tax on Christmas trees has been imposed. That is really ridiculous, isn’t it?

    From The Consumerist:

    In an effort to raise money to promote the use of actual once-living trees for Christmas, the Dept. of Agriculture announced yesterday that growers of the trees will now be taxed $.15/tree that will then be used for marketing the very trees that are being taxed.

    Between 1991 and 2007, the number of real Christmas trees being sold each year has dropped from 37 million to 31 million. Meanwhile, in just the few years between 2003 and 2007, artificial tree sales doubled to more than 17 million.

    The hope, among those who support the tax, is that it will raise $2 million/year to fund ads to tell people that artificial Christmas trees — while less messy and more cost-effective — just aren’t cool.

    This deserves the LOLWUT pear picture. The Dept of Ag (which is a colossal mess as it is) is imposing a tax to pay for a board to promote Christmas trees, because real tree sales are dropping in favor of fake ones? Seriously? Yeah, adding a tax on something like this is REALLY going to make people excited. The tree growers don’t make that much per tree anyway, so this is like shooting it in the foot. Or is that the idea? Kill off live Christmas trees and feed the country (gee, which one is that?) that makes them?

    This place is getting stupider by the moment. Stop the world, I wanna get off!

  17. UW, this is horrible. I will speak for myself, and my conservative buddies: we treat all people with respect. period. Women and men. Either at the work place or anywhere else. If a woman is qualified for a job, she should be paid the same as a man. RAPE TENTS? ARE YOU F’KIDDING ME? horrible and evil to the core.

  18. What a bunch of crap, eh? They are clueless and have no idea of what we fought for for two generations of wimmens. The fore-mothers would be horrified at what is going on. Bros before hoes, indeed.

    The men are so neanderthal like that they can’t get a woman otherwise so they feel free to take her like the cave men that they are.

    And they let these pigs go after shaming them in a circle. Rapists beware of the ows bullies who will taunt you for attacking their property, including their wimmenz, who they put in the special wimmenz tents to be patrolled by wimmenz so the menz can get their needed sleep.

    The wimmenz cook and clean the camps too. They’re useful idiots.

  19. Hey, who’s up for the Republican Circus tonight at 8pm?

    They say the pack of goof-balls is dwindling after tonight’s debate so get your popcorn, hot tea and box of kleenex, or bottle of spirits ready for the snooze-fest.

    *passes out no-doze*

  20. sophie2 at 813

    what is going on in Zuccotti Park is nothing less than mob dynamics,

    Where the physically stronger, overtake the physically weaker.

    Offenders need to be taken to pillories.

    Maybe then the MSM might not be so hush hush.

  21. 45 years ago I was an activist for equal rights for women. I thought in the early 80’s that we had finally arrived with a foot in the door. Never in my worst dreams did I suspect that Attwood’s dystopian novel, The Handmaid’s Tale would ever happen. Today, I’m not so sure. I’m hearing the same old, same old that I heard over 40 years ago. Women should do this, dress thusly, never do that. I would posit that we have lost ground, but I’m beginning to wonder if we ever really gained ground, or if it was just window dressing to keep the lil wimenz quiet. Why are women told to dress this way, or act that way, when the men who perpetrate crimes against women are given a slap on the wrist – if the police even bother to file a report?
    Hillbilly, I know that there are a large number of men who support women and it must pain them terribly when it happens to someone they know. .

  22. Either at the work place or anywhere else. If a woman is qualified for a job, she should be paid the same as a man.

    We’d all be happy if a qualified woman were paid as much as a unqualified man, John.


    Sanduvsky disgusts me. He should be immediately neutered in public and left in the street for the families of the boys this pervert molested. And the brass who looked the other way deserves the same fate. they might have just joined in on the molestations.

    As for the rape tents, this is nothing that can’t be taken care of by giving the women their own personal Glock 19 and showing them how to shoot a dick and a set of balls off in one shot. Turn a couple of these little filty pigs into hens and I’ll bet there will be PLENTY of publicity then.

    Obama enabled these little pigs. I’ll bet most of their mothers wished they had had oral sex instead. Regressives ala MOVEY ONY despise women just like the right wing crackpots do. Only difference is they pretend they don’t. And not very well at that. I have no use for them and remain a democrat just to vote against them in primaries.

  23. lorac, righteous post as usual! Rape tents! The denial attitude, and the not catching the rapists and calling the police mirrors exactly the same attitude and lack of responsibility in the Penn State Univ scandal that has just broke about an asst coach that raped/molested kids for almost 20 years, while the Univ did nothing to protect the kids and did everything to protect the Univ.

    Karen, I left a long comment to you about this on the last post. If any of you Uppityites don’t know about this horrific story, I hope you will go back & read my comment. This story needs to be told as well.

  24. lorac, thank you for this revealing post about the most disgusting currenty hijacked Democratic party.

    No, NES, I will NOT turn in my Democratic card. I want my party back from these disgusting pigs.

  25. honora, on November 9, 2011 at 8:09 AM said:

    Why don’t they make the men sleep in tents with armed guards making sure that they do not rape people? Then the women could roam free.

    We are the 52%!

  26. The time-line of the rapist pig pervert and his enablers at Penn State and Second Mile:


    There are reports of 10 more victims coming out with their stories already since this broke a few days ago. And Santorum gave the pervert some “Angel” award for his work with helping young boys. Yeah, nothing like a good sports minded, crew cut, Republican with a wife and adopted and foster children. Family values and all that. Good clean American coaches from Happy Valley, USA and white picket fences. Cutting his dick off would be too lenient for him. Maybe if they do it one paper cut at a time.

  27. And Santorum gave the pervert some “Angel” award for his work with helping young boys

    Rick probably envied the guy’s opportunities. They probably went to the same church retreats together.

  28. Barbara Boxer wants me to “make history” with her! Gee Babs….I tried to make “history” back in ’08 when you were worshiping at the feet of “This is what a feminist looks like” Barry.


    Today, I am launching the most historic and exciting campaign PAC for a Change has ever waged — WINWITHWOMEN2012 — and I want you to be part of it.

    Click here to visit the new WinWithWomen2012.com now — and sign up to help elect the most Democratic women senators in history!

    When I first ran in 1992, women were only two percent of the U.S. Senate.

    In 2012, we have the chance to make women more than 20 percent of the Senate — the highest number in history — if we act now!

    Our PAC for a Change community sees it very clearly: We must elect senators who will stand up and fight for what makes our nation great. That includes the belief that every American — regardless of race, religion, ethnicity, and, yes, gender — deserves opportunity and dignity.

    Notice she doesn’t say…..women PRESIDENTS….Oh, and how do you like the qualifier….”and, yes, gender”??? Gee, thanks for including 52% OF THE POPULATION!!!!

  29. Arrest the b@stards. It’s the law.

  30. I got that same email from Barbara. I got quite a few from her back in 2010 when she was running for re election. I marked her *junk* and now she goes straight to spam.

  31. Oh my, I am thinking Huntsman is a sensible choice. Oh where’s the wine?

  32. Today, I am launching the most historic and exciting campaign PAC for a Change has ever waged — WINWITHWOMEN2012 — and I want you to be part of it.

    Gee Barbara, where were you when we were looking to Win With Women in 2008? Huh, Barbara?

  33. When the others are falling down the ones left standing look better.

    Huntsman (only if he can unseat obama) is looking good to me too.

    I can’t find a live CNBC stream so am reading live blogs and watching video of the highlights…

  34. Funny how all of these guys are so against Too Big To Fail when it was during Bush’s watch when that phrase came about. And blasting Bernanke as if Bush didn’t choose him!

  35. lorac, I love your post.

    honora indeed had the quote of the day.

    Upps!!!! it’s good to see ya. I hope you’re feeling better.

  36. Who are these mystical Job Creators and what are then magic words that someone is supposed to utter to induce them to Create Jobs?

  37. Crap!!! No live feed. Sophie, you the only one watching?

  38. The live stream is starting now. 40 minutes into the debate. Does anyone think MSNBO/CNBC doesn’t want people to see the Republicans? Is it a conspiracy or just incompetence?

  39. What a disingenuous group of gasbags. The 99% are not against corporations nor corporate profitability. They are against the raping of and leeching off of taxpaying citizens. But WTF, it plays really well to their base to spin it that way.

    And they think they can the economy just by spending cuts? Like in what? I propose cutting Congressional staffs. Since they don’t write their own legislation and they don’t read it, why do they need to have anyone on staff?

  40. Hillary had a Wall Street Journal article that was highlighted by many commentators as brilliant about the Housing market disaster. She had ideas that even McCain lauded as terrific ideas. Sigh.

  41. Do the opposite of what obama has done. – Romney

  42. Sorry guys, I have to turn it off. These people are such Effin’ liars. Romney is a lying d!ck. I can’t watch another minute. I can’t even get any pleasure out of making sarcastic jokes tonite–they are the jokes.

  43. Fannie Freddie Dodd and Barney Frank. Romney – YEP!

    Why does Perry always look either confused or angry?

  44. Sophie, I have consulted an ancient Shaman living in a penthouse in NYC about your question. The magic words are…..no taxes, no regulation, and the freedom to pay sweat shop wages…..

  45. Where are you watching the debate? What channel?

  46. sophie, so then missing the first 40 minutes was a good thing!

    There are surely better ways to spend a night, but I need to see this. Call me a masochist. he he.

  47. It is here now:


    the live stream was broken on this site and on cnbc’s site for 40 min.

  48. Thanks karen! Have a pie!

  49. Why does Perry always look either confused or angry?

    I think you are mistaking the look of a man who is as dumb as a brick.
    Seriously, this is not a smart man. I can see how he got D’s in college. In fact, I wouldn’t be surprised if some of those D’s were from repeat courses.

  50. Thanks Vivien. It’s very odd. I feel good and just when i think I’m feeling really good, I feel sick again. And the headache will not go away. The cough is priceless and the kind that would make you back away.

  51. Is it on cnbc? Where’d you find the live feed karen?

  52. Yeah, he has that Bush syndrome look.

    I think Huntsman is having a good night. His last answer on healthcare and the one before on jobs/deficit was very good.

    Princess Nancy. speaking about pelosi – Cain

  53. I can’t stand NBC. That woman was rude and ignorant in her attitude to Newt. Don’t get me wrong, I can’t stand the man, but he deserves more respect than their God, obama.

  54. In fact, I wouldn’t be surprised if some of those D’s were from repeat courses.


    (Harry’s Law starting right now. Much better…)

  55. Thanks karen. I finally got it playing, is it over? No, just lots of commercials.

  56. Sounds like Newt met his snotty match. Who knows? Might be his next wife.

    Given, his history, Newt’s the guy who could conceivably enter the white house with one wife and leave the white house with another wife.

  57. Huntsman has no chance with these lunatics. He’s not crazy enough.

  58. Why is Santorum still up there. Can’t he just go away?

    HE GOT ZERO APPLAUSE. Can’t he take a hint?

  59. They need a big hook for Santorum.

  60. obama is only focused on his re-election. – Romney

    ain’t that the truth!

    creepy perry is speaking and has a deeper drawl than usual. He’s getting all down home and folksy. UGH, ICK.

  61. OMG!!! PERRY! He said 3 agencies are gone when he gets there…Commerce, Education……”and….what’s the other one?”

  62. He’s drunk again…. Perry forgot what his plans are. Toast.

  63. lol on harry’s law, sophie.

  64. What’s the other one?

    OMG ROFL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The guy has the IQ of a baloney sandwich.

  65. Romney had to tell him the other one….”you mean EPA?” Perry: “Yeah that’s it!” LOL!

  66. Don’t insult baloney sandwiches Uppity!! LOL!

  67. Do y’all think Perry will make it to Iowa? Santorum should be done tonight. Is Michele still in it? I just heard her, she’s still there.

  68. Make it to Iowa? I don’t think Perry can make it home!

  69. Romney had to tell him the other one….”you mean EPA?” Perry: “Yeah that’s it!” LOL!

    OMG the jokes just write themselves!

  70. Michele was an also ran since the start. Paul isn’t going anywhere nationally. He might have his fanatics but most of us are too sane to think his ideas will work in the real world.

    DAMMIT. Newt is sounding intelligent and presidential. He does know a lot about things. I don’t trust him with power. He is a hog and would turn into an evil overlord. lol

  71. If perry didn’t have good hair and a decent face, he would have been Al Bundy.

  72. Newt is making sense. I have to stop listening.

  73. They say Newt comes up with a hundred ideas a day, but 98 of them are bad ones.

  74. Mitt’s going after China. Whoo hoo.

  75. Newt is the quintessential con man. He should have been a carnival barker. he is completely full of crap. He’s great with one liners and hasn’t got a clue how to do any of the things he says need to be done, even if he were right.

  76. Cain’s 999 will solve the problem of our purchasing everything from China. He has one answer for everything.

  77. Dick Armey is standing behind newt’s curtain just waiting to join newt at the hip again. Fortunately, both of them will never get the chance. even the right wing gasbags recognize a bigger gasbag when they see one.

  78. Damn!!! Jon looks good.

  79. Okay one more on newt. he’s the guy who interviews better than everybody else. You hire him and a month later everybody wants to know who the f*ck hired this arrogant, useless asshole.

  80. That’s right karen. 999 is gonna fix everything.

  81. WTF. Cain isn’t answering the question. He is full of shit. The stock market question was too hard for him.

  82. Cain is too busy working on the old corporate trick of turning every woman who ever didn’t like him grabbing her into a whore who asked for it. Let me tell you something folks. Any woman who has spent enough time in corporate america and rubbed elbows with some of these boys recognizes that when one woman complains, eh, it’s her word against yours. When a second one complains, take notice. When a third one complains, you’ve got yourself a goddamned pig on your hands who has the power to make too many women go away. When money is exchanged it’s a dead giveaway. Women who add up, they sit and they wait and collectively their moment comes. I would bet 50 right now that there will be more women discussing this pig. He’s done. And I hope his wife kills his ass in his sleep. Because don’t even try to tell me that a bunch of women got together and made this all up on the fly just for the hell of it.

  83. WTF is Cain even doing up there. He hasn’t said anything I can get behind. This sucks.

  84. Gotta admit though…he’s funny. 3 things wrong with “Dodd/Frank” and 2 of them are “Dodd and Frank”!! ROFL!! Even Cramer was laughing at that one!

  85. She wasn’t on stage to greet him at the end of the debate. All the families came up to their candidate and Herman was alone.

    I was a victim of a boss who rubbed me the wrong way – literally. And other events in the 70’s and 80’s when I was in my prime. I totally think he was a wolf. They didn’t pay out back then unless there was a hell of a lot of fire. He also left the position in a hurry with no reasonable explanation. He was forced out by people who were sick of complaints and worried they were going to get sued.

    Just like Penn State, there is/was a cover-up.

  86. I heard Cain say there will be more women coming forward, but he didn’t do it.

  87. No surprised. I held my tongue on this one but I recognize the stench! The man has pig slop all over him. And yes, you can BET there will be MORE. PLENTY more. Say goodbye, you fucking pig. You should be left in the road to serve as an example to the others in power JUST LIKE YOU.

  88. I had a situation in my time where the guy was moving toward “gotta have you” mode. Unfortunately for him, I wasn’t the one who reported his escalating behavior towards me. It was another guy. They shipped the bastard to a plant that was the equivalent to siberia. That felt good.

  89. imust, excellent! Arnold and Herman should have a beer summit.

    Men who crave power have way too much testosterone. They all think they are God’s gift to wimmenz. At least these two piggies went after wimmenz and not little boys like Sandusky.

    Obama is an ego maniac so he must spend all his time admiring himself in a mirror and not chasing wimmenz!

  90. Upps, my bet is they give him a pass. That’s where we’re headed. That’s what lorac’s post is about. We women need to arm are selves. The assholes are talking about the great night Cain had. Whaaa???

  91. Y’all watching the after chat?

  92. Vivien, a week from now he won’t be getting any passes because he’s running out of stories that sound exactly the same. There will be more.

  93. viv, if he said there will be more women coming out against him then he must have heard from various sources about it. When Politico broke the story they’d given him over a week advance warning. He was still unprepared. The legal departments give the subject of the investigation/article of accusation a heads up, sometimes even giving them an advanced copy of an article for comment prior to publishing.

    I’d bet he’s heard from the trail he left behind and doesn’t have the good sense (or perhaps is raking in money) to get out now.

  94. No I’m not watching. i didn’t watch any of it. I see no reason to waste my time listening to them. The only one I can stand to look at is Huntsman and don’t mind telling you he’s eye candy for me.

  95. He said there will be more because he knows there are more. This guy is reeling, remembering not how many women he sexually harassed because he can’t remember them all. Does look like he likes him those blonds. Another 50 says the next woman to speak up is blond too.

  96. NBC got closed the second the debate ended. I watched what they did to Hillary and how they manipulated their agenda for obama and GE and Soros and Ad $. I really do not understand how they have viewers at all. That Ed guy is gross and ignorant, Maddow is annoying and shrill, Tweety is pathetic and a pig, olbermann was a certified nutjob and nightmare, they run horrible prison shows most of the time.

    At work on breaks I flip through the channels to see what I am missing by not having a TV at home and I am basically missing nothing. When people do watch shows and I am in the room I often find them way too violent or too tacky for my taste. Very few things appeal to me. I do watch youtube, netflix, or clips on news stations etc. but most of the time I read a book instead.

    NBC is just so transparent now. They are a political arm of the DNC.

  97. Two black guys at work are dating blondes with huge tatas. Stereotype, perhaps, but it is the gods honest truth. lol.

    I remember a tasteless joke from the old days. I will pass… not pc to say things like that anymore.

    Sleepy, night all. And sorry for hijacking your post Lorac! XXOO

  98. They just asked who won? They say Romney. I thought they were going to say Cain.

    Good for you on not watching Upps. I thought you were. You’re good.

  99. The people tweeting are saying Perry is done. Where’s NES? Not too many Republicans around tonight.

  100. Here’s the video of Perry.

  101. ah, one more thing before I go hit the sack. I just saw that they fired the Penn State coach and head. That is the right thing to do. I kept wondering how they could let him stay till the end of the season.


    He claims he is innocent. May he burn in hell for having no remorse on top of his crimes he’s going to cost the tax payers a bundle by fighting it and not cooperating. I hope he hangs, by his dick.

  102. Perry needs to use POTUS and he will sound just brilliant!

  103. ack, i’m tired, i meant TOTUS. Teleprompters would make him smart.

  104. That’s okay karen. And you’re right. He needs TOTUS. What Perry did wasn’t all that different than this:

  105. Here’s just the last part

  106. Karen, you didn’t hijack the thread! That’s what happens, people start talking about other things after a thread has been up for a while – so don’t worry!

    vivien – NES is a republican? Maybe she’s in the gray (since our party was hijacked), and is choosing a la carte from the republican menu….?

  107. imust – I don’t even have to listen to that last video – don’t tell me – he’s saying “uh uh uh uh” – am I right or am I right? lol

  108. He completely forgets what he wants…or is supposed to say and tries in vain to cover it up. Quick on his feet….he ain’t.

  109. I was a little perturbed that “we” (the country) might have to vote for a black man in order to get a black man out, all because the first one stole the win from the woman, representing the 52% of the population that has yet to “a president who looks like them” (hehe ObamaIdiot!)

    But I decided to learn a litle about him, and while he appears to know NOTHING about foreign policy, I felt there was something to admire in how he worked his way up, and made successful I believe 3 different types of companies. I thought, that had to take some studying, some thought, some strategic thinking – maybe he could use those skills to learn more about foreign policy.

    Now it’s all kind of moot….

  110. Not a Republican. Just not a Dem.

    (I mean, I was never a Dem (just a Hillary-devotee) and I’ve often been accused of being a crotchety, conservative crank (so I know whereof I speak)….

  111. In reading Juan William’s book (that I’m going to throw out here next week or the next week!), I was surprised to learn that he had had some sexual harassment charges leveled against him in his past, and I believe he was also was dismissed from that job for that same reason.

    I have mixed feelings about Juan, but mostly I like him. He strikes me as a genuine person. The book didn’t go into much detail about these charges, but it appeared his offenses were all inappropriate verbal remarks to coworkers. In his defense he said he didn’t realize he was being inappropriate, but upon thought he could see how what he said was taken offensively by the women, and he vowed to never do that again.

    Assuming Juan was being truthful about not having known his behavior wasn’t appropriate – something’s wrong when arguably even nice, ostensibly well-meaning (grown) men, don’t have a clue about what’s appropriate and what isn’t. Is it the ego? Like, I say something suggestive to her, that’s gotta be a thrill for her? An automatic assumption that it will be taken well, and welcome?

  112. lorac, NES is an independent. utah was the Republican I was talking about. Maybe NES is with her eating that mushroom crow stew.

  113. Oooooh not just crow, but MUSHROOMS, too? Ewwww! lol

  114. Lorac, what an important post. I have been skeptical of OWS for a while, even though I have not been popular for it over at my place. 🙂

    I have to ask, how in the world did the OWS movement not realize that men and women who don’t know each other shouldn’t be housed in the same tents? How f*cking stupid are they to not get that it could be a problem? Just shows how invisible women are to them. The fact that they subsequently ignored the rapes that occurred and hushed the women up instead of grabbing the rapists, turning them over to the cops that were 20 feet away at all times, and getting justice for the women who were brutalized, is simply unbelievable. This is the new Utopia that “the 99%” wants to institute, where rapists are never punished? Count me out.

  115. Now Now, Madamab, don’t spoil things! How dare you put wimminz issues ahead of the greater cause for the greater good? Hush up now. there are much more important issues than stupid things like wimminz rights and silly rapes that aren’t really, you know, aren’t really rape-rape.

    I myself have already been accused of being a right wingnut so i guess I just need to go offer myself up for a rape to prove I’m not. After all, the ‘movement’ is sorely lacking in wimminz to help with the cause, such as cooking and being a recepticle and things. Rapes shouldn’t be reported or it will harm the reputation of the Cause. So stop by and stop whining, it’s just a little Bury The Salami, no big deal….and give it up to the boys a little, they are in dire need of some r and r after a hard day repeating things somebody yells through a horn–and making paper airplanes and things to throw at wall street. Not to mention thinking up other things they need for camping to go with their pricey tents.

  116. Funny comments in the live blog part about the debate! Thanks for the laughs! What a motley crew up there, well, except for Huntsman.

    imust, I got the same thing from Barbara Boxer.

    Upps, good to see you back.

  117. Hi socal. I take it you and the family are in the same boat as we are here. it’s really an odd one, isn’t it? Just when I think I’m fine, I feel sick again. Very strange.

  118. Yes, that happened to me today. Yesterday, I thought I was on the mend, almost better, then today, feeling horrible again. Can hardly talk. And bad neck pain.

  119. One more thing, dear Madamab. You shouldn’t be surprised. Barack Obama enabled these little filthy pigs in 2008 and this is what has hijacked the Democratic party. They can all kiss my ass because they do NOt represent me and I will NEVER help them. I just can’t wait till they all fall off their stupid regressive mental cliff and that’s coming too. Then maybe we can take that party back and turn people into Democrats again instead of disgusting regressives looking for their Chairman Mao. Personally, I long for the day when these two lunatic fringes (and they ARE all lunatics) neutralize each other from the left and the right, and send each other back to their loser fringe parties — because if these nutcase fringes think they are the 99% then they have a hard time with reality.

  120. socal with me it’s this horrible headache that just makes you want to grab your head, and exacerbated by this horrendous cough.

  121. Assuming Juan was being truthful about not having known his behavior wasn’t appropriate – something’s wrong when arguably even nice, ostensibly well-meaning (grown) men, don’t have a clue about what’s appropriate and what isn’t.

    Don’t kid yourself sister. Faking awareness has been a tool of the corporate trade for decades. It assumes that Not Knowing means you aren’t accountable. It operates on the same basis as when they can’t seem the find the right pan at home to cook with, or they don’t know how to operate the Rowenta Iron. Not knowing is what is used to shelter one’s reputation, as in, I’m really just a nice guy and I didn’t knowwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww.

    When the apology comes, it’s never, I”m sorry I was an insensitive asshole. Nope. It’s I’m sorry you were offended by my innocent remark or action that didn’t mean at all what you THINK it meant. Translation: I’m sorry you took it wrong.

  122. Karen, I’m not so sure Perry’s reading level is high enough to read from TOTUS. Seriously, teachers grow this sixth sense about brightness. And I can tell you this guy is a dim bulb. When god handed out brains, he thought somebody yelled TRAINS! and he went for a ride. I’m sorry but he’s a dimwit next to Obama and I frequently think Obama is no bright bulb himself.

  123. Heh unfortunately for NES, she wagered with me on Perry. I love when my third eye works in my favor. I’m going to take Mr U out for a nice dinner on this one. Complete with that French wine he likes so much.

  124. Vivien Romney wins every debate simply because he doesn’t act like a lunatic and they have written off Huntsman. The surprise might come if Huntsman stays in the race for the real primaries, not these crazy-assed straw polls made up of a bunch of theocratic freaks that god wouldn’t be caught standing next to.

  125. I had the same thought about Perry from the 1st debate. I thought, omg, he’s dumber than GWB! I wish they’d pick Huntsman. I might like him.

  126. Poor NES! Haven’t seen her in a couple days. Hope she’s having a nice time somewhere.

  127. Don’t know if you guys saw this yet or not, but Jerry Sandusky, the child molester @ Penn, has an autobiography called…you will not believe this! Touched: The Jerry Sandusky Story!?!?!

    Oh, they didn’t let Joe-pa stay on to the end of the season. They fired him tonight. There are huge protests going on over it.

  128. oops. That didn’t come out right. The autobiography is called:

    Touched: The Jerry Sandusky Story

    Really weird!

  129. OMG what a pervert. I’m sure he got a twinge out of naming that book “Touched”. This guy won’t last on the streets long. Boo hoo.

    If he does, he won’t last in prison long. Even prisoners have a code and perverts like him are at the top of the hit list. Boo hoo.

    Can’t wait till Bubba shows him how it all feels too.

  130. I wish somebody would ask that bastion of integrity, Rick Santorum, which god exactly told him to give an Angel award to this pervert? I would just LOVE to see Santorum squirm over this one. So much for his discernment. But then most evangelicals have none anyways.

  131. Wow. laker just turned on the news, there are a lotta people in the streets in PA. I don’t know if its a full fledged riot or not.

    I don’t know why these dumb fans don’t realize that they can still love their football team, and that their team is better off without people who allow child molesters to avoid justice and who lie to Grand Juries.

    Oh, they also gave the University President the boot as well. Gee, what a damn shame.

  132. Santorum gave an award to Sandusky? Shiiittte! Apparently a lot of people thought he was just a great guy. Dick Vermeil wrote a sappy forward in his book “Touched”.

  133. I recall that wager, Upps. Saving me pennies, I am.

  134. Hey, socal, I’ve been rotting at work.

  135. I myself have already been accused of being a right wingnut…

    Touchy, touchy….

  136. Uppity, this guy was brought to the atttention of the cops, I forget what year. He took a 15 yo boy to a game & dropped the kid off at home. The kid walked in his house & the mom asked him how it went. He said “Fine. And if you’re wondering why my hair is wet, we took a shower together!” then ran off to his room. His mom followed him & got the story. Sandusky showered with him & an 11 yo. She called the cops. The cops took a report and let her confront Sandusky at his house while they listened. Sandusky admitted he shouldn’t have done that & wished she would forgive him. Anyway, nothing more was ever done and the whole episode frittered away.

  137. Aww, NES, that’s too bad. I was hoping you were in Hawaii or something nice.

  138. Joe Pa announced all on his own that he would coach out the season. Apparently the President of the university went along with a football coach dictating the terms of his employment even though he was an accessory to a felony and ignored mandatory reporting laws as an educator. The regents fired BOTH of them. The rioting and whining by juvenile students did not prevent the regents from being the adults and doing the honorable and correct thing (and protecting the university legally). You do not let idiots resign in their own good time. You fire them, hand them a box, and tell them to get their shit and get out.

  139. Thank you for the clarification lulu. The scary part here is that one would think these students would be human enough to recognize that molesting children is a horrible disgusting thing to do, and such a condition in a borderline-human being far outweighs the fact that he’s a ‘coach’ of a team. I’m sorry but this generation truly seems devoid of qualities normally assigned to homo sapiens. One would almost have to be raised by wolves to protest this filthy pig’s firing and the firing of all those who abused their power by either being complicit or looking the other way. As for the president….he is accountable. Period. He might just as well had joined in with the molestations when he allowed that complicit coach to decide he should stay on for even 30 seconds.

    You fire them, hand them a box, and tell them to get their shit and get out.

    Only if you have any moral fiber.

  140. Remember earlier this year when all those little pigs gang banged that 7 year old girl and all one town in texas was worried about was how it was going to affect a couple of those 15 year old boys’ ability to perform on the school team? They were willing to overlook the fact that these kids were sick criminal little bastards in order to win games.

    Cheered on by that bastion of integrity, the rape-friendly NY Times.
    “NY Times Loves them their poor innocent gang rapists”.

  141. Sounds like Newt met his snotty match. Who knows? Might be his next wife.


  142. The City of Phila just charged my husband and I 50.00 for having too much grass on our side walk…but OSW sits at City Hall week after week, and that’s okay? ….OWS is a New Dem Apparatus. That’s what it is…Obama Inc for 2012….where instead of promises made as in 2008, his failings are disappeared and we pretend he’s not up to his neck in Wall St. himself….that’s its job and it’s good at it . I got way more grass roots than this scam…I got the fine check to prove it . My husband said we should have refused to pay, saying the grass isn’t over grown, it is occupying the side walk

  143. paper doll. You can’t let your grass grow like that. Instead, just pitch a tent and crap on it. That should be okay.

  144. […] I say ALMOST everyone, because I’d like to thank Lorac at Uppity Woman’s place for being one of the few who dared to bring this issue forward. (I don’t agree with everything Lorac says in the post, but her feminism is irrefutable.) A […]

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