Walmart Looking To Set Up Medical Clinics In Your Neighborhood

Consumers. Many seem to be driven by price. Is that why, Walmart wants to be your MD?

Walmart has made a reputation of offering products at a price many people can afford, and profiting quite well. So then does it stand to reason Walmart wants a piece of the mega health care delivery industry pie too?

Although there seemed to be a lot confusion just exactly what Walmart was asking of vendors, there appeared to be some backtracking from officials after their solicitation caught fire in the news. Oops! Cat’s out of the bag! The Walmart “Request For Information” put out to vendors, in this case through Kaiser Health News, seems to indicate Walmart has a pretty big interest in setting up health care shop in your neighborhood Walmart. They are serious too.

Walmart seeks to dramatically: 1) lower the cost of healthcare while maintaining or improving outcomes and 2) expand access to high quality health services by becoming the largest provider of primary healthcare services in the nation. More specifically, Walmart will use its retail and multi-channel footprint to offer the lowest cost primary healthcare services and products in the nation. It will create geographically relevant delivery capabilities and seek to drive down the cost of services and products while maintaining a high quality of care. Services will include but not be limited to: clinical care, diagnostic services, preventative services, and health and wellness products.

So as Walmart is cutting back on offering its own part-time employees health care insurance, it appears to be jumping on the health care bandwagon anyway. By offering it. To everyone. With partners, of course. The lovely insurance payors who will be offering health care to even more through Obamacare, once it kicks in full steam.

Just remember Walmart’s mantra that “seek[s] to drive down the cost of services and products while maintaining a high quality of care.” Hire the health care workers on the cheap, snag the health care vendors to dole out on the cheap, and keep those customers coming into the stores to buy everything else. Cheap. But what will Walmart get for letting clinics in on their lucrative revenue-generating locations? Hmmm.

So the next time you get sick, why not just go to Walmart and get checked out, before or after you have purchased your groceries, school supplies, toothpaste, car tires, lawn mower, sewing machine, flowers, socks, or shoes? Read the Appendix on page 14 to see all the chronic care, diagnostic care, preventive care, health and wellness care, and acute care services they want to offer.

And they’ll do it “conveniently” and cheap. Get in line! Nothing like name brand recognition. Walmart.

It’s only your health on the line.



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  1. TC- Cheese and RICE! When I first saw the title of your post I thought you were being funny. Then I saw the links. Thanks for the heads up- I completely missed this story.
    Gack- just kill us all now. WalMart and healthcare. Right. So they can hire all the D level graduates? Jeebus! It’s bad enough they have those supposed eye doctors in every store. And a bank. And a pharmacy.
    This is beyond creepy. Think about it. People in RV’s camp in the Wal-Mart parking lots all the time. I think Wal-Mart wants to own the whole damn world.

  2. You all need to go to the last thread and read lulu’s comment on that perverted coach and the ‘riots’ by the children who obviously were raised by wolves.

  3. I’ll bet congress will love this idea. “Good enough for those people”. Let them pick up their little debbies on their way to Wally’s clinic to check on their diabetes. Walmart disgusts me more and more every day. First they single handedly taught corporations how to bring down the standard of living in the USA and now they want to be in charge of killing their captive victims.

  4. Don’t kid yourself MOM. those D level doctors are ruining plenty of lives. I knew a man and a woman who both went to that med school in Mexico where you go when you won’t take No for an answer by American med schools. This was years ago. She ended up making life or death decisions for an HMO and he got caught cheating on the boards, after which his latent schiztophrenia emerged, and doctors protected him for years while he killed neighborhood pets, slapped his mother around, had a hit list, and threatened people’s lives daily from his home. I could tell you stories of others barricading him in the basement like a wild animal while the police came, only to see him out on the street again in a few days. Fortunately, he never got to work for an HMO. This is the only person in my life I ever shot at. I missed him on purpose but believe me, the neighbors wished I hadn’t. He was prowling my yard late one night. Needless to say, I and others left that once-peaceful neighborhood. Today, he still has MD after his name. Walmart could use him for consult.

  5. Maybe the Waltons can contract with some Chinese doctors and do some long distance diagnosis.

  6. What’s next? McSurgeries at McDonald’s? “I’ll have a #5 By-pass…Supersize me…with fries and a shake.”

  7. The Penn State riots were all over the news this morning. I believe I heard the cops disbursed them with tear gas?
    I fear for society.
    Uppity- you’ve got mail.

  8. I was just going to post that PMM. Unbelievable. They should have torches and pitchforks at that “alleged” pedophile’s home. There should be OUTRAGE against everyone, especially Paterno, who stood by and allowed those children to be raped.

  9. imust, not to point out an opportunity, but live blogging on black friday would be an excellent time to check out wally’s progress as a potential clinic.

  10. Like I said to the commenter lulu, who gave us information in the other thread, this is just like when those 27 little filthy pig kids gang banged that seven year old and the town was worried about the poor boys’ ability to play on the team. And the rape friendly NY times helped them out by portraying these teen rapists as the victims. OWS rape attitude comes as no surprise. These little freaks were raised by wolves. That’s why they are rioting on behalf of a PEDOPHILE and his accomplices.

  11. LOL Uppity! Great idea….I’ve been meaning to get a check-out….I mean a Check-up!

  12. I just read where his little perverted fan club is delivering flowers and fruit baskets to this pig’s home in support of his pedophilia. Perhaps they would all like to go inside and offer their little brothers up to his altar to ease the poor man’s pain.

  13. Yup you’ve got the idea imust. I mean you can get a TV on sale and a nice pap smear right there near the conveyer belt. I know I would definitely ask. Hey, you want to collaborate? just email me and we’ll bounce ideas. I predict your day at wally’s will be one of the UW classics, laughed over for years to come.

  14. There are pictures on-line of Walmart in China, Mexico etc. where they sell very different items from their US stores. They don’t have a “machete aisle” or sell dune buggies in Cleveland. The stores in China have aisles of eels and bags of rice that could break a back.

    Looking forward to Uppity’s live blog from the Walmart dental clinic or vet office. Needle-nose can accompany her to the dog food aisle and get a vet check at the same time.

    My shopping list for today’s trip to wally world:

    Hair cut, tires, carpet, bread, vet, dentist tooth extraction, depression pills, toothpaste, manure fertilizer for the garden, motor oil, shoes, bathroom sink, eggs, manicure, banking, eye-glasses, mammogram.

    And of course I’m sure I will come home with a dune buggy or two that I just can’t resist. I will see you all after midnight. Thank God they’re open 24 hours a day or I’d have to hurry to get through all 45 aisles.

  15. No, no Uppity, the pap smears aren’t NEAR the conveyor belt, they are ON the conveyor belts. Time is money! Do you want fries with that? They have McDonald’s to go too!

  16. Silly me! Can I get a breast exam with that? I mean will there be wally volunteers? Well trained of course! Part timers!

  17. Karen, this year imust is the official Live Blogger on Black Friday. However, do not imagine I won’t be taking my shots from the comment section because I’m going to have somebody watching imust and telling the stuff she’s personally doing there.

  18. Needlenose at a wally vet clinic? You jest! There would be blood.

  19. You know, imust. I’ll bet Wally is going to give their uninsured employees a discount on physicals too! I mean, except for the part they collect from Medicaid after they help them apply!

  20. Hair cut, tires, carpet, bread, vet, dentist tooth extraction, depression pills, toothpaste, manure fertilizer for the garden, motor oil, shoes, bathroom sink, eggs, manicure, banking, eye-glasses, mammogram.

    What, no Chiropractor appointment?

  21. LOL Uppity I think a WallyWorld Clinic/Superstore Black Friday needs as many bloggers as possible!

  22. Hahaha we should barnstorm them as a gang.

    Say, I wonder if thsoe TSA people who have been fired will be available for physicals? No sense in wasting the talent!

  23. I’m thinking GE can probably manufacture a special xray and cat scan machine that fits well in Aisle 17 right near the pharmacy. Right near the Dr. Scholl’s foot analysis machine.

  24. karen, that zoo must be an evangelical zoo. After all, they are going to cure two gay pengys. Maybe they could send Michelle Bachmann’s husband there to help out.

  25. imust, I wouldn’t discount the christmas gift certificates for a free rectal exam.

  26. McSurgeries at McDonald’s?

    I was going to say something about McVaccinations. But it would kinda make sense to have a cardiac ward at Mickey D’s.

  27. I’ll bet wally would also excel at psychiatric diagnosis. They could do a quiz thing that prints out things like, You are a paranoid schitzophrenic. Please see our pharmacist before proceeding to checkout.

  28. When will Wally World start selling coffins?

  29. Absolutely myiq, I mean you stop in, have a mcrib, sweet tea and superfries and then do your stress test right there. Or you could do the stress test first and if you fail, don’t supersize.

  30. Can I get a breast exam with that? I mean will there be wally volunteers? Well trained of course! Part timers!

    OWS volunteers who might want a job. Yes, they will be trained.

  31. @ myiq

    SAMs club already sells caskets.

  32. And you all wonder why I hang out in the mountains. Being a loner has it’s pay offs. I do not think I could survive in a big city really. There is just too much insanity. I might have to deal with an occasional pissed off Badger or something else but trust me living out of a big nut case city is the way to go.

  33. Eventually Walmart will take over the government (after it’s privatized) and then we’ll all work for Walmart, shop at Walmart, eat at Walmart, go to school at Walmart, etc, etc.

    It will be like a socialist paradise, only cheaper.

  34. McTeeth dental care will follow. All filling material will be Chinese mercury laden (or any other useful glowing material). That should ensure that your perp walk through any airport scanner get you an orifice check with no questions asked.

  35. Totally bizzaro world we’re living in these days. Walmart and health care – why does that strike me as an oxymoron?
    And why stop at coffins? They could provide a suitable number of mourners, canned muzak and a preacher for a bang up funeral. Imagine the local mortuary going out of business due to price differentials.

  36. @ HT
    Don’t think they aren’t already in the planning stages…it’s coming.

  37. Wow McN. nothing says I love you Mom like buying a casket at walmarts.

  38. Heck, why not hold the funeral in the Wally Chapel? Then everyone can have lunch at the snack bar and go shopping.

  39. Only the best for mama, right UW?

  40. They got a flower area just in case someone forgot to send them, they can bring them.

  41. Only the best for mama, right UW?

    Damn right! Go all the way and get the pillow too!

  42. I’ve been meaning to do a post for a long time on wierd funerals. but do I have material. Note: Do not post photos if you find any. You will ruin my post. Trust me, I have them all. Maybe this weekend if I can get moving, I will entertain you. No guarantees since I have some obscure illness that won’t go away. I guess they call it the flu, but if this is this year’s flu, trust me, they don’t have a shot for this one. We are talking major mutation that goes after every system in your body in sequence just to keep you feeling like crap as long as possible.

  43. Special discounts at Sam’s Club on caskets. Promotion. Buy a casket before November 20 and get a free turkey.

    Serves 15 – 1.

  44. Grinning moron Rick Perry splainin’ about fergitting the third organization he was goiing to eliminate once he gets to start presidentin’.

    Translation: I’m stoopit. But I got good hair. Oooooooh Rahhhhhhhh.

    Gawd. Is this party not capable of being embarrassed?

  45. I’ll be the “turd in the punch bowl” here and say that Wal Mart health clinics may not be a bad idea. For the types of medical services that they propose to offer, their system could offer better care then a lot of people are getting now.

  46. Who can pass that one up?

  47. Ok everybody. We’re sending SHV in as the first clinic volunteer!

    SHV, if it doesn’t work out for ya, can I have your stuff?

  48. Who can pass that one up?

    I’m crying here!

  49. McNorman, to hell with the turkey. I’m going to hold out killing off my loved one for the flat screen TV.

  50. You better hurry up and get well…remember they line up the night before.

  51. Oh yeah, they only spent a billion to get rid of him but they love them their Big Dawg. Truth is, with the lunatic field they have for president, what else have they got to put in their ads that doesn’t amount to satire?

  52. The Walgreens drugstores in my area have set up tiny offices for nurse practioners. They are a great convenience for a simple cold or flu, but that is all they are trying to accomplish, it has been a great convenience.. I had a regular dr for over a year, who I only saw once.
    The rest of the time it was the NP..
    Now I have the unheard of, a dr. whose wife is the receptionist/ass’t., no other employees, and he makes housecalls to the bedridden..
    I feel lucky.

  53. You people are cracking me up- STOP IT! It hurts to laugh! SOOO glad I am not on the Black Friday brigade. I stay home and make turkey soup that day. You could not get me out of my house with a bomb on that day.
    Hey somebody has to be here commenting right?

  54. Sophie, the thing is, who decides if you have a simple cold or flu?

    I see an NP too, but I do it in a clinic where they have all the tools necessary to make sure I am diagnosed properly. (As an added bonus, I got the flu there this time, heh).

    I do see that Walgreens does flu shots. Hell, the whole world is doing flu shots. I question that wisdom too as who is to tend to you in follow up if you get seriously ill from that shot? I guess I am still a believer that doctors should do doctoring, although I love my NP, she is not equipped to do well by me without the clinic tools and the abilitly to consult with a doctor when necessary.

    You are, however, very lucky to have a dr. who does housecalls if necessary.

  55. Listen we need somebody on black friday to carry the CASE of purell imust is gonna need.

  56. Truth is, with the lunatic field they have for president, what else have they got to put in their ads that doesn’t amount to satire?

    True that.

  57. Laura Ingraham gives a well-needed and overdue lecture to the GOP.

  58. For the person who mentioned that stupid Christmas Tree Tax, it’s been trashed because Obama looked like the stupid moron he is. He took big flak over that stupid idea.

  59. WASHINGTON — Is the Obama administration really taxing Christmas trees? No, but the White House said Wednesday it was reversing its decision to approve an industry-sponsored Christmas tree promotion program after conservatives accused the Agriculture Department of spoiling Christmas with a new tree tax.

    Money grubbing, fake job creating idiot.

    Must have a friend on wall street who does PR.

    Considering how many people are dying from our food supply, one would think the dept of agri would have more pressing business.

  60. Christmas tree tax? you have got to be kidding right, right. What the heck is going on? Major money going to mid east wars, people losing their homes, people living in their cars. Somebody’s priorities are a lot askew.

    Mom, I don’t know about black friday, being a Canuck and all, however if it’s anything like our boxing day stay inside, bar the door and have a glass of wine, or scotch or whatever is your poison.

  61. Karen said
    Looking forward to Uppity’s live blog from the Walmart dental clinic or vet office. Needle-nose can accompany her to the dog food aisle and get a vet check at the same time.

  62. Uppity- why just a case of Purell? Shouldn’t she have a hazmat suit? What with flu germs, cold germs, kids in crappy diapers leaking all over the carts, listeria, salmonella and e-coli in the groceries, sneezing, hacking, snotty nosed, unbathed masses trampling security guards to storm the doors at 4 am?
    Screw the Purell- one would need a bubble and a platoon of Marines to be safe!

  63. Ooh, foxy, you opened up a new line of business for Walmart – pseudo vets for your pets. much more profitable than the mortuary business.

  64. Well lookee here! Black Friday at WalMart has been moved to 10 pm Thanksgiving evening. Lovely- now there will be drunken maniacs storming the doors. All righty then!

  65. FF strikes again! MKBill looks quite content in the leaves! Love it! (though the dog gone weather man says snow tomorrow- then a return to the low to mid 60’s next week. this weather is too weird for me)
    Excellent job as usual FF!

  66. Penn State Paterno riots. WTF is the matter with this little shitheads! We are talking about PEDOPHILIA HERE! Have they NO CONSCIENCE at ALL? Paterno LET IT HAPPEN!

  67. Geez, now Thanksgiving Dinner will become Thanksgiving Breakfast so that everyone can line up before 10 pm

  68. I got my eyes examined at Walmart. The doctor was very professional and I had no complaints. I liked the glasses I got too.

    I also bought a quart of oil and a 12 pack of socks.

  69. Speaking of Black Friday, what’s this year’s over/under on people trampled to death?

    I’m betting six.

  70. Mom, I’m going to loan needlenose to imust for protection. She says she’ll go but she wants a mask and four paw gloves.

  71. needlenose for president – she cares about people. and has only one drawback – she doen’t have a compliant press. Otherwise, she’s be a shoo in. I’m assuming she is a she?

  72. MKBill can be the power behind the throne – as such he doesn’t need to abstain from nip.

  73. It’s worse than we all think UW. Those rats were pimping out the young boys to wealthy donors.

    “My opinion is when Sandusky quit, everybody knew — not just at Penn State,

  74. McNorman, nothing (or not too much) is going to be made of this because of the gay angle.

    Just last week, a man was beaten, stabbed with broken beer bottles and put in a burn barrel just because he was gay in Reno Texas (about 5 miles outside of Paris). This crime was watched by others who didn’t do anything but watch. It was put to a stop before the man was killed only because some the women present, after a good fight with the attackers, finally managed to fend them off long enough to save his life.

    This is being prosecuted as “Aggravated Assault”, not a hate crime.

  75. It’s a hate crime. I know Paris. I’m more than sick of this hatred. I have been caught up in the Penn St fiasco. I believe that Ray Gricar the DA, might have been onto what was happening on that campus before he disappeared. His specialty area was sexual abuse and rape.

    Gricar declined to press charges against longtime Penn State assistant football coach Jerry Sandusky following allegations of sexual abuse;[7] years later, Sandusky would be arrested and charged by the Pennsylvania Attorney General’s office on multiple counts of child sexual abuse.

    I feel for the kids. It went on for a long time. Sandusky should have gone on to coach, but instead withdrew with keys to the facilities. They all knew and they looked the other way. It’s vile.

  76. Reno, TX…how proud they must be.

  77. Perhaps the wealthy donors names should appear on a list somewhere?

  78. mcnorman, I went to Second Mile website yesterday and the pictures of the kids on their site, dozens of photos, were 99 percent female now. I guess they realized the public would shudder at pictures of young boys now. Smiling happy little girls. Were they pimped out too?

    It wouldn’t surprise me. There’s money to be made and these pigs want their yachts and white mercedes benz suv like Joe has.

    Money, anything for money. Greedy bastards from hell.

  79. Yes. The wealthy donors’ names should be displayed on a billboard. This is getting bigger and I hope they all get what they deserve.

  80. karen, it’s always about money. I’m disgusted. You know that sacking the president and coach is supposed to abate the anger, but it won’t. There is a lot more to all of this. It’s a dirty, filthy story.

  81. The stories just get worse. Even a lawyer for some of the victims thinks they should have held off on firing Paterno.

    last night of students rioting in the streets because they’re angry about Paterno’s firing, mean that “if there was any pride left at PSU, it’s gone now.”

  82. They are under a microscope now. Nobody is going to be able to disappear a DA or buy a DA because the microscope is there. Watch the filth just pour out into the open. They shotgun fired everybody for a reason. The know they are in for a world of hurt and financially, they are in for a HUGE fall too because all the kids that pig molested are going to class action these bastards and there will be names. Plenty of names. Right now a bunch of really rich perverts are crapping their shorts on their yachts.

  83. Absolutely, they should all be listed. The more that I read, the more that I believe has been glossed over to keep the game as pristine as possible.

  84. Upps, I usually do doorbusters. Not so much at Walmart, I could be up for keeping an eye on thepie. I’ll make sure she doesn’t get trampled. I do need a new tv.

  85. Wow karen, it’s girls, girls, girls. They must have their knickers in a knot. I don’t see the story going away. It was tacitly allowed by how many participants? They just looked the other way. UW is right, there is a lot of funding that needs protection.

  86. Second Mile knew too.

    How many times do you have to tell that it’s going on before something is done about it? I would have been screeming from the roof tops.

  87. The whole PSU thing is completely disgusting. The legendary JoePa turned the other cheek to save his own career, eh? He should have been put out to pasture twenty years ago. 😡 Then again, it’s the same rich faction that has kept him in that position all these years. And >mcn, pimping the poor kids out? What in the bloody hell?

    Anthony, that’s a repulsive story. What in the hell is wrong with people? Has the Good Samaritan ideal been 86’d? How about some compassion, maybe common sense? No? Holy God. Poor man.

    No surprise on the about-face on the tree tax, UW. They weren’t expecting that response, were they? Ha. Dumbasses.

  88. @Allie I really believe that Paterno not only would have lost his job, but he would have met the same fate as the DA Gricar. To date, they have never recovered the body. They finally declared the guy dead in July 2011. The allegations of running children through a mill to rich donors is huge. I will go out on a limb and say that Penn St is probably not alone in this type of activity. Grand Jury PDF…It’s SICK.

  89. On a lighter note… they are shutting down occupy Norfolk.

    Say bye.

  90. mcnorman, I followed your link to the NESN. a lot of the comments are what we woud post, but a whole lot of them are attacking homosexuals. I ache that the average person does not understand the difference, and I worry that this will create even more crak for our friends. .

  91. @HT

    I didn’t see a lot of comments earlier, but I’m sure that the gamers don’t give a rat’s rear about the kids…it’s all about their fun being taken away from them. These are some of the same parents who practically throw their children at a coach’s foot not realizing what is behind the door.

  92. Pimping children out to rich donors is repulsive, hell the whole scandal is repulsive. I hope every single, perverted SOB is outed. If this is happening at other universities I hope they are exposed too.

    Then I hope they are all thrown into prison where they will hopefully be treated just as well as they treated the children they raped.

  93. OMG, the comments are horrific on that link.

  94. My parents never bought into the Paterno Myth that seemed to ooze out of Pennsylvania. Having met the man when he came to recruit at our high school, it took me less than 5 seconds to understand why. He gave off a nasty, vile vibe and the filth that came running out if his mouth was unbelievable.

    As editor of the school paper the Father’s Club (read the football maniacs) wanted a one on one interview and I refused to meet with the man alone. The principal had a fit but the nuns stood by me. Having had already dealt with my problems with one pedophile teacher, they knew my instincts were on the mark and were not risking further incidents.

    The breaking story did not surprise me at all. Nor did the stupid students rioting over his firing since most view him as Saint Paterno.

    And just think, the Keystone state gave us Santorum as well.

  95. On a lighter note… they are shutting down occupy Norfolk.

    Let’s hope there is lots of gratuitous violence and police brutality.

    “Hit ’em again! Hit ’em again! Harder! Harder!”


  96. As for Walmart clinics, hey you all are behind the times. My local Walmart has had a clinic for several years. In fact they have a price board up over the reception desk so you can see their prices when you are standing in line at the check out….just in case you had a sudden urge for a vaccine or an x-ray, LOL!

    If you want more specific pricing, they also have a pamphlet with a larger menu of medical tests and procedures.

    If you really, really want to know UW, I can run over there and get you a price on that pap smear, just saying!!

    I wonder if there is a way to load a picture from my phone into the comments?? I could go snap a picture and load for you all.

  97. Somebody, I still think that the msm is treating this with kid gloves.

  98. Maybe Norfolk OWS can rename itself OPS & relocate to Penn State at State College PA. Of course, it’s nearly winter there. 😉 The one thing I’m really relishing about this: is it is a scandal formed by its own inner malevolence. Scott & Brian & Diane & Gwen little to no control over it.

    Have y’all heard the NIttanny LIon’s chant (male voices, of course): “We are … Penn State” . I wonder how much they’ll be using that now? Who will to watch the football game Saturday? Who’s going to attend it? Who’s going to televise it?

    I hope some of the other morally deficient elites have some uncomfortable moments wondering if their situation will be next to erupt.

  99. Interesting question that they asked the interim coach…”would there be three more games?”

  100. And just think, the Keystone state gave us Santorum as well.


  101. Funerals……Uppity you want to discuss funerals??? Oh the stories I could tell. Oh my the stories I could tell. One day I’m going to write a play or a book.

    Just answer me this, do any of your stories involve black out dates??

    You know dates that just aren’t convenient for certain family members; so if a loved one should pass away then they may need to be put on ice in storage for a few days/weeks…..maybe a month or two.

    Hell that ended up being the least controversial part of my father’s funeral…….not that I’m still bitter about it or anything.

  102. Wow drug resistant TB, now that could get nasty!

    Remember that guy a few years ago they hunted down a few years ago that had drug resistant TB? He was from Atlanta too, if I recall. Hmmm interesting. He ended up sort of under house arrest by the CDC at some hospital out in Denver, so are we going to round these people up too?

  103. “We are … Penn State”

    They stole that from Virginia Tech.

    This is just begining. It’s out from under the rug now.

  104. UW & imust, will there be conveyor belt service for prostate exams as well? Will the belts be timed?

  105. Now y’all, let’s see the postive in your local Walmart medical care.

    How can anyone question the quality and integrity of those commercialized Wally folks just trying to make the average person’s access to health care easier, especially when the waiting room will be spilling into the aisles with the “People of Walmart?”

    Do you hear the rubber gloves snapping, and kids shrieking at vaccination time yet??????

  106. Amplified by the unknown disease that UW has which will be carried by many vectors at the local McWally. Yeah, it sounds like a great place to get a rabies shot.

  107. Schwarzenegger shops at Wamart?

  108. Can you hear them call out for “Emergency clean-up vomit in aisle 12?”

    The Wally-doc or Wally-Nurse or Wally-Assistant will be calling your name out over the store intercom, “Mr. Scaredtodeath, the Wally-Health Care Provider will now see you now.

    There goes Mr. Scaredtodeath hobbling to the clinic, helped by Mrs. Scaredtodeath. Meanwhile the Wally Assistant calls out loudly within earshot of the bustling waiting area to the medic-of-the-moment, “_____ stuck in the ____ is in Room 5.” (Fill in the blanks)

  109. TC does that involve any type of plastic fruit? Or is it really a live cockroach?

  110. And just think, the Keystone state gave us Santorum as well.

    And arlen specter.

  111. Hey maybe Penn State could borrow some OWS chants.

    Whose Pervert??? OUR Pervert!

  112. Pimping children out to rich donors is repulsive

    I know. The least these rich bastards could do is take ‘factfinding’ trips to the middle and far east to get their children. Like Congress does.

  113. TC I forgot to mention earlier, good post. Thanks to you, mcnorman, lorac and Mom for subbing for sicko Uppity. One thing I feel confident about – when I click on the favorites button for this site, I will get interesting and thought provoking information thanks to you folks (and Uppity of course).

  114. Las Vegas wally worlds have had health clinics in them for some time now. I am not going to be one of their victims let me tell you. What do you bet that the government farms medicade and medicare folks out to them ? I had a feeling when I saw the first one crop up that one day having a medicare card or medicade will mean you go to walmart only. Remember I said this folks.

  115. SCREETCH! New walmart post up for you.

    And Crier, thank you for this post!

  116. I answered my invitation to Barbara Boxer’s WINWITHWOMEN2012 as follows:

    Dear Barbara,

    How ironic. I was trying to win with women in 2008. Unfortunately, you were not part of what not only would have been historic, but good for the country. You chose to jump on the Koolaid bandwagon and as a consequence became the problem you now seek to solve. Look at the pathetic crew of Republican primary candidates and look at the pathetic, ineffective, can’t-do-anything-good-for-anybody sad excuse of a President we have. We could have had much better. We are America and this is what we’ve become.

    Want to be a real leader? A real champion of woman? A states-person? First, convince Obama to step down. Second, convince Hillary to run.

    Then I’ll be a part of your movement. Until then, I’ll stick to my own movement, not as popular or well-funded, but with lots more integrity.


  117. Sophie! Outstanding response to Boxer!

  118. Wow Sophie, that’s a good one. Let me know if that gets you off her email list.

  119. Sophie, you said it all. Go girl!

  120. Ok that’s three cards. Come on gang. You gonna send a measley card to the people who are willing to die for you or what???????

  121. Sophie, how perfect. I gave an earful to the OFA dude who called me at dinnertime recently. They generally try to pretend they are interested (“I agree with you ma’am…….ma’am…….MA’AM!!!”) until you start mentioning caucus fraud, voter intimidation, May 31,2008, and We Will Not Be Silenced.

    It’s become a source of dinner table amusement, in fact.

  122. I love when I get calls. I just tell them that when I see Hillary 2012 they can get back to me.

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