They served you without regard for their own lives. Honor them.

In this year, where politicians on the take from “people” known as corporations,  are cavalierly discussing and seriously considering cutting Veteran’s benefits, be sure to tune and and watch them all, including your President, pretend to honor them today for the drain they our on his society.

To be sure, these people’s benefits will remain intact for life, and they are also serving. They are serving themselves, their friends and relatives, and their biggest contributors:

Lawmakers Open To Changes in Military Benefits


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  1. Great idea. Those who serve have to salute and ‘yes sir’ the commanding pos. The least we can do is watch him and his minions.
    BBL to see if recommended events have been suggested.

  2. Remember! We are The Land of the Free BECAUSE of the brave!
    Not politicians, or the faux press, we are free because young women and men of every generation have given their time and talent – and far far too often their lives- to keep us that way.
    God Bless our troops!

  3. Thanks Upps. I almost forgot what today is. And myiq, thanks for remembering the cats.

  4. Do you have an extra stamp on hand? Please, oh please, send a holiday card to a soldier. My son has served for 20 yrs now – as has his wife- who is deployed in Afghanistan now. For years I have sent extra gifts in their Christmas packages for troops who did not, for one reason or another, get a holiday remembrance. The Red Cross runs a holiday mail for heroes program. Please send a soldier a holiday card!

    The process is very simple and takes no time at all – All you need is a pen and piece of paper to share your appreciation for the sacrifices members of the U.S. Armed Forces make to protect our freedoms The Holiday Mail for Heroes mail box is open and ready to receive for your cards. Please send all mail to:

    Holiday Mail For Heroes
    P.O. Box 5456
    Capitol Heights, MD 20791-5456

    Sending a “touch of home” to American men and women who serve our country is the perfect way to express your appreciation and support during the holiday season.


  5. Do you have an extra stamp on hand?

    Come on everybody. Let’s do this. Let’s send a card. All of us!!!! Let me year your YES’s!

  6. OMG on that ‘cathouse’. I never understood why someone would obsessively pick some theme, collect tons of things on it and wear clothing besides.

    I have worked in rescue for years, and I am always horrified when somebody thinks a good gift for me is a cat thing. I guess the assumption here is if you love animals and spend lotsa money and time helping them, you must want your entire house inundated with pictures and statues and you always wear underwear with cats or dogs on them.

    I knew a woman who collected frogs. Not real ones. Just likenesses. It was just insane to see her house covered in frog things. Like WTF? Anyways, I’m more apt to spend my money on helping a cat I removed from a frozen wheel-well in winter than i am likely to spend it on…..sputter… socks!

  7. Thanks Uppity- it would mean so much if our friends here sent cards to the troops! I always send extra in their packages for the troops who don’t get anything. Most often it is the younger troops- and I think the reason is that their families don’t know the system yet. Things for overseas have to be sent SO early to get there on time. We learned the hard way when my sister was first stationed in Japan. She had a horrible birthday one year as her gifts did not make it until a couple of months after her birthday. Poor kid.
    Cards sent through the Red Cross will definitely make it! I am going to finish up my DIL’s package today (I have always used Veteran’s Day as my cutoff date for Christmas packages.) She has a bunch of troops under her- so I am going to make extra cookies and send a bunch of cards. Also playing cards, Small packs of peanuts, sunflower seeds, PB crackers, candy ( contrary to what they tell you commercial candy bars do just fine thank you very much lol) Gum, cough drops, lol- I have a whole list of “What my deployed troops need and want”)

  8. PMM and UW, Yes!’ Let’s send cards to military folks who might not otherwise get them! My mom used to send me cards and packages all the time when I was in the Navy and it really meant a lot. There are numerous people in the service who do not get cards and packages–either they didn’t have families or their families didn’t think of sending stuff–either way, it’s sad.

  9. Great idea re the cards to troops. I’m in.

  10. Happy Veterans Day.and happy birthday honey.gone but never forgotten. 🙂

  11. My job site has four boxes: one collection for our food pantry, one for the local flood victims who are still in need of basics months after losing it all, one for animal shelters in our area, and one for the veterans and current soldiers. I know which box will be full today. They should all be full everyday.

    The catlady store has one item that made me lol, besides the Nip t-shirt, there was one that said “my cat is smarter than the Pres” and ain’t that the truth. A box of rocks or a brick… as UW says.

  12. One thing is for sure, karen. My cat knows an enemy from a friend. That’s more than I can say for this president.

  13. Sophie, your letter to Boxer was outstanding. Bringing it up here from downstairs since nobody should miss it.

    SophieCT, on November 10, 2011 at 9:46 PM said:

    I answered my invitation to Barbara Boxer’s WINWITHWOMEN2012 as follows:

    Dear Barbara,

    How ironic. I was trying to win with women in 2008. Unfortunately, you were not part of what not only would have been historic, but good for the country. You chose to jump on the Koolaid bandwagon and as a consequence became the problem you now seek to solve. Look at the pathetic crew of Republican primary candidates and look at the pathetic, ineffective, can’t-do-anything-good-for-anybody sad excuse of a President we have. We could have had much better. We are America and this is what we’ve become.

    Want to be a real leader? A real champion of woman? A states-person? First, convince Obama to step down. Second, convince Hillary to run.

    Then I’ll be a part of your movement. Until then, I’ll stick to my own movement, not as popular or well-funded, but with lots more integrity.


  14. I’ll send a card. Thx for the address, Mom.

  15. Sophie, killer email to Boxer. Thx for saying it for all of us.

  16. I knew I could count on the Uppity community to send cards to our troops! Please pass the info on to anybody you know who would like to support our troops!

  17. Unc Krautie’s dollop of commonsense:

    Nothing is written. Contrary to the condescending conventional wisdom, the American electorate is no angry herd, prepared to stampede on the command of today’s most demagogic populist. Mississippi provided an exemplary case of popular sophistication — it defeated a state constitutional amendment declaring that personhood begins at fertilization. Voters were concerned about the measure’s ambiguity (which would grossly empower unelected judges) and its myriad unintended consequences (regarding, for example, infertility treatment and life-threatening ectopic pregnancies). Remarkably, this rejection was carried out by an electorate decidedly pro-life.

    And smart. So too across the nation, as we saw Tuesday. This is no disoriented, easily led citizenry. On the contrary. It is thoughtful and discriminating. For Republicans, this means there is no coasting to victory, 9 percent unemployment or not. They need substance. They need an articulate candidate with an agenda and command of the issues who is light on slogans and lighter still on baggage.

  18. A Veterans’ Day Tribute for Veterans

  19. Thanks for this post.

    Have stamps and cards all ready. Great idea, and I’ll pass it around

  20. PMM, thank you for that link! I will have my whole class send cards. Our current language arts unit is “Heroes” and I’ve been looking for an activity that would be meaningful!

  21. Yes all Uppityites, please send at least a card. If you can afford to send a package of essential items they are much appreciated!

    My older two are both in their mid 20’s and each of them have friends or friend’s spouses serving; so it seems like we always know somebody deployed. My older two have been involved with sending packages every year, multiple packages! Our community is very generous all mostly through word of mouth. The soldiers so appreciative and they all share. It’s really a small act on the part of a few, but ends up meaning so much!

    As for the proposed cut in benefits, I have an idea. Maybe we could consider each year reducing the hundreds of planes, bombs, and other assorted weapons we’ve budgeted for by a small percentage and use that money to take care of our troops instead. Like for instance instead of 187 F22’s at a cost of 62 billion…..maybe we could get by with only 185. I’m sure we could repeat that over hundreds of various weapons systems and in the end be amazed at how much money we saved without any noticeable impact on defense.

    Of course it’s not as simple as that especially that way defense contracts are written, but there has to be a way. Why are these types of cuts not being discussed BEFORE cuts to veterans benefits? Oh I think I know…….veterans don’t pad the pockets of congress critters.

  22. A whole class! Now that’s COOL!

    Yayyyyyyyyyyy Uppityites!!!! You guys are da best!

  23. Hahahah NES. You quote Krautie and you call me a right wing case!

  24. Just re-reading sophie’s note to Boxer and laughing my ass off.

  25. I love the Uppitys! Really, you are the best of the best!
    imust- thank you! A whole class! And you are teaching them about heroes! You are a hero in my book!

    Just got back from shopping for the package for my dil and her troops. In the trial size section I got lots of shampo, conditioner, lotion, OFF, powder, deodorant, some facial masks. Then in the snack aisle some packs of peanuts, cashews, raisins, some Chex Mix. Some crossword puzzle books (h/t HT! Thanks for that idea!) And I have some boxes of playing cards going over as well. I bought some small gift bags to pack the small items in and will leave the tags blank for my DIL to fill out as needed.
    Somebody- yes we have the same here in our town. One school group recently did a “Fill the Jeep” promotion for people to drop off donations for the troops. Our local VFW collects and sends packages as well. It seems most towns have some group looking out for the troops!
    Tomorrow I will bake the cookies to round out the package and mail it off on Monday!

    Again- you Uppityites are the BEST! MUAH! xoxoxo

  26. I have always sent cards to Vets. Will be addressing a full box yet again. I also bring lots of things to the VFW to ship out. I hit the dollar stores and bake goodies as well as make several pounds of fudge. Being married to a veteran of Nam and who served for well over 20 years I hold this dear to my heart. I do not contribute to a ton of charities but supporting our heroes is a big one to me. I do not consider it a charity really it is an entitlement ! They have earned it and so much more ! Great to see this post and the support. Thank you.

  27. Mom, you’re welcome for the crosswords idea. Just thought I’d chime i – the latest craze is Sudoku puzzles – my son absolutely loves them. I have a linear brain, so working with numbers is not my number one strength (which means I stink at it). One could also include books.
    I watched the ceremonies at the Capital (in my case Ottawa) this morning, as I do every year and as usual ended up with reddened sore eyes. I do hope this send a card/package goes viral. Those men and women deserve it.

  28. I am sending out a box of cards. Wish I could do more!

  29. Why are these types of cuts not being discussed BEFORE cuts to veterans benefits?

    Let me take a shot in the dark here as to why…
    Because Military Contractors contribute multiple millions to re-election honey pots?

  30. Herman Cain “joked” about Anita Hill:

    A Fox News camera captured Cain laughing about Hill during a campaign stop in Kalamazoo, Mich., Thursday, when a supporter brought up the professor’s name.
    “You hear the latest news today? Anita Hill is going to come …” a man told Cain, the conclusion of his statement muffled by the crowd.
    “Is she going to endorse me?” Cain joked, as he and the crowd laughed heartily.

  31. imust, very bad move on Herman’s part – does he realize that over 50% of the voting public are women and those of a certain age watched Anita humiliated by a bunch of good old boys who wanted their boy on the supreme court? I remember well that fiasco – and the four women who would have been corrobrating witnesses had the good ole boys allowed them to testify. Biden was one of the worst – pig that he is, may his hair plugs fester and fall out.

  32. Yeah but HT…..Joe Biden is VP now! And we have Mr. “She’s likable enough”, “Periodically when she’s feeling down” in the WH!!

  33. Well I guess it was predictable that herman’s complete disrespect of women, which makes every single thing said about him more than believable, would surface sooner or later. Fuck off, Pig.

  34. There is no end to how much the Republicans are embarrassing themselves with this carnival of laughable candidates.

  35. When you think about it, here’s their lineup.
    1. a perv who can’t keep his hands off of subordinate blonds, and who is now given to joking about it.
    2. a woman whose husband runs a business ‘curing’ homosexuals.
    3. A religious lunatic, possible closet homosexual, who already got run out of office in his own state.
    4.A moron with good hair, who also appears to have severe ADD and who got D’s in college, probably in repeat courses.
    5. An apparently normal man nobody pays attention to because he’s not crazy enough.
    6. A storefront plastic model (with a personality bypass!), never a hair out of place, and probably well-ironed magic underwear.
    7. An egomaniac who was run out of the Speaker’s job on a rail, who collects wives, and who just can’t stop being impressed with himself.
    7.5.A crazy old man who boasts a headount of Alex Jones supporters as his base and thiinks Iran with nuclear weapons is no big deal–but wimminz need to be managed.

    Really, I’m surprised they haven’t sprung Tom Delay for a run.

    Just envision another 4 years of Barack Obama, in a second term where he doesn’t have to even think about what other people think…..

    This is what the Republican party will be giving us.

  36. Uppity,

    Your list just scares me to death… it shows that we could have BO again. Aaaaaack!!!! 😯

  37. Very spot on roundup Uppity, but just so depressing. Why? Why do political parties do this? Jeebus, putting forward the stupidest of stupid, or the most corrupt – it doesn’t make sense. Perhaps that is the explanation. Common sense has gone the way of the Dodo bird.

  38. Perfect descriptions, Upps. As bad as the 8 you list are as candidates (you have two #7’s btw), they still are a step up from the man who stole the job in 2008. I can vote for a can of beans over bo.

  39. We will also send the cards! Happy to do it. Sophie, great letter. I got that email from Boxer also, would it be ok if I send a similar response?

    Its a pity they are thinking of cutting veterans benes. I was really lucky with my Dad. Becuz he was a WW2 thru Korea vet, he got a $1644 monthly pension, free medical appts, free drugs, including his expensive alzheimers drug, and a free Honors funeral with the 9 gun salute. It always made me sad, when I’d be sitting in the Drs waiting rooms at the VA to hear young vets trying to make arrangements with the clerks to pay their Rx bill a bit at a time so they could keep on their meds. A lot of them were unemployed. They make so little as it is…the whole thing stinks.

  40. Uppity, love your list. Its perfect. Also like your comment about Cain, Fuck off Pig. Exactly what I thought when I heard his latest. Between the molested women, “Princess Nancy” and laughing about Anita Hill, how can any thinking person not realize he is one of the biggest chauvinist pigs around? I never liked him btw, or Perry either. God, what a horrendous lineup. The only one I think I would like is Huntsman.

  41. Uppity, how did the Theraflu work for you? We’re stickiing with Alka Seltzer, booze, some homeopathic pills, herb teas & vapo-rub around the nostrils.

  42. Socal, if you or laker have sinus problems then I really recommend Eucalyptus drops in boiling water with a towel over the head. Inhale deeply. You can get eucalyptus oil at a pharmacy. It works (it stinks but it works) much better then vapo-rub. Bless you all, and I hope you get hale and healthy really soon – like now. Give Laker a hug for me please and thanks

  43. Huntsman could maybe get my vote.

  44. HT, he sends a hug right back & so do I. I do have eucalptus essential oil & I carry the bottle around & sniff it occasionally, but you’re right, its better to do the hot water, towel tent treatment, which I’ll do tonite. Laker seem to be all better, lucky him! I’m probably at the end. btw, speaking of the steam-towel tent treatments, I put a large spoonful of Swiss Kriss (an herbal laxative you get in a health food store) in some boiling water & steam my face clean. Its a nice natural facial.

  45. Huntsman could maybe get my vote.

    He can’t make it past the clinically psychotic, obsessive-compulsive wing of the party.

    Actual primaries might yield a different story once the mentally stable majority of the party gets to vote.

  46. Good ideas about ways to send good wishes to the military members!

    UW – good rundown list on the republican slate, but wow is that depressing when you lay it all out like that!

  47. Uppity, how did the Theraflu work for you?

    It was a big waste, socal. I’m back to Nyquil, which I took late this afternoon, and it put me to sleep. I also took pseudophendrine because it always helps my sinuses. At least the Nyquil helped me and I didn’t have to sit here drinking some vile tasting crap that smelled wonderful but tasted like I bit into a tylenol. So now I’m wide awake and will take some more later tonight. To be honest, I just can’t clear this thing up once and for all. I may have a sinus infection on top of it. I just can’t believe what a Hanger On this thing is.

  48. Your list just scares me to death… it shows that we could have BO again. Aaaaaack!!!!

    To be honest Goofsmom, I think Obama has it in the bag, considering what seems to be making it through the holes in the nets. Seriously. Romney might emerge, but the truth is the man has the personality of a bagel. He is lving proof that people can have a charisma bypass and carry on. Very boring, very nondescript, reminds me of some pod thing that hasn’t finished developing yet. He’s boring and he stands for everything and nothing. I still don’t know what he really thinks about ANYTHING, but hate to admit it’s an improvement next to the other people in that rancid field, who have no problem telling everybody what they think, and what they think tells me that being a woman or gay under these meddling theocratic animals is not going to be pleasant. So, the only real attractive thing about Romney is he seems to want to mind his own damned business when it comes to women’s lives. That’s a huge departure from the meddling right wing panty sniffers who just can’t stop trying to beat out the Muslims in creating a woman-controlling theocracy. And unfortunately, he also seems to be a gentleman, even if sometimes has a chalky undertaste to it…..but Barack Obama is no gentleman. Running against him is like running against Al Capone. There is no honor outside the Familia. He’s a gangster and he’s going to run like a gangster just like he did last time.

    I also can’t shake the vision of Romney strapping his dog to the roof of an SUV and driving on the highway. It’s just a horrible sign of a man with no conscience or consideration for living things. Or wose…….no good sense. Still, Obama is so odious, I would find myself voting for Romney if I had to,, because Obama is that much worse in total. It is possible that Huntsman might do much better once they get into the real primaries where normal Republicans without borderline psychosis and obsessions over other people’s lives get to vote.

    My God, is this the best an ENTIRE party can come up with? this is pathetic.

  49. Overall, we have to ask ourselves who among this motley crew would the LARGE number of Independents vote for. That leaves pretty much Romney or Huntsman. The other pushy, social obsessive clowns don’t have a chance. And Herman is doing what it wasn’t hard to predict: He’s self-imploding. Good riddance, because as a woman, I see a piece of garbage being put out in the trash now.

  50. My God, is this the best an ENTIRE party can come up with? this is pathetic.

    The good ones refuse to go after the nomination. The ‘lie down with dogs, get up with fleas’ thing.

  51. Folks, apparently Penn State isn’t just a great place to go work if you like molesting boys, it also has an interesting history with regard to the handling of women rapers on campus. Really, the stench eminating from this school is positively steaming.

    from comment section, (Minx)

    Team 4′s Jim Parsons reported Thursday night that a women’s rights group filed a lawsuit against Penn State University on behalf of an alleged rape victim at the same time the university was investigating allegations against former assistant coach Jerry Sandusky.

    “The thought that the very week that we filed our complaint in the Jane Doe case a child was being raped in the showers is shocking and horrifying to me,” said Sue Frietsche, of the Women’s Law Project.

    According to a grand jury report, it was the first week of March 2002 when a Penn State graduate assistant saw Jerry Sandusky allegedly sexually assaulting a 10-year-old boy.

    The Women’s Law Project sued Penn State on behalf of a former female student who went to police in 1999 to say that she was raped by two university wrestlers, identified as Jean Celestin and Nate Parker.

    The female student also said the two men began stalking her.

    “They followed her. They called her names. They publicized her name. They tortured her. And the school’s response was a slap on the wrist,” said Frietsche.

    The university allowed the two men to remain in school and as members of the wresting team under scholarships.

    Both men were charged. Parker was acquitted, but a jury found Celestin guilty and he was sentenced to six months in jail after receiving letters of support from university administrators.

  52. Allie, I think the loud and dominant minority of that party drives people away from running.

  53. Sheesh Upps, there’s a world of difference between a “conservative crank” and a right-wing nutcase. A world. And, as I said, I’ve often been called a conservative crank and don’t find it insulting.

  54. I can vote for a can of beans over bo.

    I concur.

  55. It really is pathetic. It’s like the better candidates didn’t have the guts to run against Bam. That eff’er was born under a lucky star, no question.

  56. No, that might only be a small part of it. I think candidates are blocked from running because, if they aren’t obsessive social conservatives who like to meddle in other people’s lives and business, the crazy wing of that party crucifies them. They are letting that PIG Cain laugh at women daily and still run to their cheers, but they stifle Huntsman because he doesn’t appear to have an interest in sewing up vaginas, torturing gays and otherwise telling people what to do and how to live. This is all that matters to these theocratic lunatics who have NO BUSINESS making these things the business of government. They intervene early on and every potential candidate knows it.

    It’s not obama’s lucky star. It’s the fringe of that party that destroys all hope for anybody who doesn’t toe their line.

  57. That list of yours nailed it Upps. I still don’t quite get why Cain is doing so well. He’s a can of beans I don’t think I could vote for. I’m sure I’m not alone. I read this in the paper today.

    I couldn’t get over the comment to that, most were in favor of Cain.

    There’s a guy at work that has always been very Republican, the way he talks and jokes around I thought he was a racist as well. He loves Cain. He’s been singing his praises even before Cain got in the race. His second choice is Newt. It scares me to think who the nominee might be.

  58. They remain in favor of cain, vivien, because, in case you haven’t noticed, women are dog shit to these people, possessions that require controlling. Let me tell you this. If Cain were a Democratic candidate these same supporters would be all over this guy like flies on shit.

    But to these right wing lunatics, he’s their wet dream.

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