A New Funeral Generation

Okay I promised I would do this post about wierd funeral viewings and I suggest you brace yourselves, because if you think you’ve seen some wierd things happen at funerals, you ain’t seen nuthin’ yet.

Apparently, there is a new fad out there regarding dead people. Now, I know people generally have wishes they pass on to others in ‘case’ they die, like strange things they want in their caskets and things like that…..but wishes are wishes and wierd is something else altogether. Actually, I know a really hilarious first-hand “when I die” request story said in gest, but to be honest, it’s too gross to repeat it here.

First impressions in death are apparently extremely important now, along with the intense desire to be “original” even unto your own death.  Apparently, this has become a  Kind of a “Live Your Dream!” thing, which, when you consider the circumstances, is  also kind of surreal, if not anti-climactic. And the following people are no exceptions.

***Warning. You are about to look at dead people..

I want to call this one, “I ain’t gonna take this lying down”.

Apparently, this young man was killed in connection with some gang war. He was 24 years old and  someone found him dead under a bridge, as we all do.

Yes. He’s dead in this photo.

While he was alive, this young fellow made his wish known that he preferred to be viewed still standing, so to speak, complete in his favorite special occasion clothing, I guess. So in spite of the fact that someone killed him, he was officially standing at his own funeral. I guess he showed everybody…

There is this funeral home in Puerto Rico that specializes in this kind of thing, so he got his ‘wish’. and was propped up in the corner, fastened to some kind of pedestal. He stood there like that for three days.

People walked by his body in the typical funeral wake line. I had a video from youtube about it, but the one I had seems to have disappeared and what’s left isn’t worthy of a post. I’m sure you aren’t crushed though. Very wierd.


Now, not to see the other guy outdone, you have got to check out THIS dude. 

Spurred on by the fad the standing guy started,  his  personal funeral video is appropriately entitled, “Dead Man Ridin'”.

Yup, that’s right. He’s on his motorcycle at his own funeral.  He was also found shot dead in Puerto Rico, so I can only assume the same funeral home fulfilled his wish as well.

If you think this photo isn’t really a dead guy, don’t believe me: Here’s his own special video for posterity.


Okay well, some people just can’t go and die without trying to outdo simply everybody else–albeit on a very low budget. So check out this old dude, will you?

To quote I own the world,  “This must have sounded great on paper”.

Ah well. At least the old dude is  almost lying down.

…Or to quote a commenter at I Own The World,  “Man, his old lady must have really hated his guts“.


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  1. What a great idea!!

    Making plans right now to be taxidermied in a bathing suit wearing my white raybans with palm trees on the sides (the ones I wore for the rapture that never happened), a bong in one hand and a martini in the other!

    My dying wish is to be placed by the entrance to the pool at the Hilton in Ocho Rios, so I may greet guests for eternity

    Either that, or a viking funeral in the Hudson….

  2. You post made me think of a line from this movie. “When I die, don’t tell nobody, just bury me in the back yard, and tell everybody I left ya.”

  3. Party time – Weekend at Bernie’s.

  4. Get on up!

  5. Some time ago, I read that in nineteenth century America the dead were photographed sitting in a chair. Can’t remember if it was the Shakers or some other group.

  6. No wonder the rapture never happens. Jesus looks down at weird stuff like this, shakes his head and turns around.

  7. Weekend in Hawaii – let’s party!


  8. “When I die, don’t tell nobody, just bury me in the back yard, and tell everybody I left ya.”

    Shouldn’t that be prefaced with:

    “Honestly officer, his last words were . . .”

  9. O/T cept that some of the OWS women may as well start planning their funerals since every rapist in the country has basically been told they’ll get a free pass if they head on over…

    A generation that seriously lacks ethics, brainpower and common sense and they are ENEMIES OF WOMEN!

  10. Honestly I do not find this weird or any weirder then stuffing them and plastering make up on them and putting them in a box on display. I am not a funeral person and will no funeral for me. Kids know it. I do not care for them one bit and find it easier to grip the fact one has dies by not viewing them. I do not have to see someone dead for it to sink in. Mom and pop got picked up cremated and we had no service. I was just fine with it. I think funerals are a waste of money and prolong ones pain of loss. I could not handle all the folks showing up when in reality you just want to be left alone.
    I already have my cremation paid for and the kids are fine with it. No body like to lose a loved one but to me to have to go through three days of sad music and wailing is silly.
    Death is a part of life and how one wants to have their good bye is ok no matter what they choose after all , it is their funeral.

  11. I’m putting this up. This is bullshit.

  12. Me too, Utah woman, its all arranged, bought and paid for cremation. In addition, any bits and pieces that can be useful, such as skin for burn victims, will be removed from my carcuss before cremation. Ashes to be scattered on Camel’s Hump, Vermont’s lovely mountain for the flora and fauna.

    I also have a bit of cash set aside for the survivors to buy goodies, beer and whatever, and have a grand celebration.

  13. I just had a visual of your wish, Anthony.

    Helllllllpppppppppp! I’m blinddddddddddd!

  14. Yes I see Obama is so upset over the pedophilia at penn state that he needed to jet off to Hawaii to rest.

  15. Have already told my husband and kids if they cremate me to expect serious haunting. I have no wish to be burned up. And NO SAD MUSIC allowed!

  16. My grandfather told me that when his uncle died, the family sat around his coffin in gloom for an hour or so till they couldn’t stand it any longer. They broke out the booze, started singing all the old guy’s favorite songs and then someone decided that old dead uncle ought to have a drink, too, so they took him out of the coffin, stood him up in the corner (with chair backs and curtain ties to keep him in place, put a drink in his hand, and then they felt he had joined the party so they all got drunk and had a swell time talking to him about what a crazy old coot he was! They laughed and cried and sang and danced. Old Uncle’s wife said it was a great party and she had the biggest laughs of her life!

  17. I ought to have mentioned that these were actually what was called in those days, (c. 1910) respectable family people, devout Catholics not much given to drink.

  18. No wonder the rapture never happens. Jesus looks down at weird stuff like this, shakes his head and turns around.


    AMEN, Mom!

  19. hahaha islander! Too funny!

    I remember when I was a young girl, a relative died who was nothing but a major bragging drunk. He would brag on his camp and boat which were really a tent in a tin camper and a row boat. anyways, when he died, nobody much gave a crap, but everybody went for his wife, whom he treated like dog crap. We were all pretty happy that she was free of him and thought it a good fortune for her that he dropped dead young. Anyways, he had this long lost sister or some such crap who showed up at the funeral home and threw herself on his body, yelling in this gutteral voice, Herman!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Herrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr mannnnnnnnnnnnn!!!!!!!!!!!! Wake upppppppppppp! and she was shaking the corpse and it was bouncing all over the place. The thing I remember most is my cousins and I all looking at each other and covering our mouths because we were laughing so hard we were crying.

  20. cremation then .. dig a hole in the front yard and plant a tree..
    along with the ashes. 🙂

  21. Is anybody besides me having trouble getting wordpress to move today? I couldn’t even get this post up. It took like 45 minutes. And the blog just hangs.

    Anyhoo (tm, JWS), I remember my first funeral wake. My mother had this idea that if I saw a dead person I didn’t even know, I could tolerate it and learn the funeral ropes. So she took me with her to this wake of this old lady I didn’t know. Up front were all those Italian professional mourners and the whole thing was comedy gold to me. I took a look at the dead person and said in my own inimitable way, She looks dead to me. Why would they want to hang around looking at her dead? My mother shrugged and said, Don’t ask me. It’s what they do. We’ll go out to lunch after this, okay?

  22. Yes UW. Having a horrific time with WP. Can’t even get to my comment section.

  23. PMM, I am picturing you ashes following your husband around like metal shaving follow a magnet. Some trailing but catching up the minute he stopped walking. Poor guy.
    For me, just plant me in a meadow and let me feed the flowers.

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