Occupy Portland: If you see a rape, don’t report it to the police; she’s also a ‘survivor’ not a victim now.

Now I just KNOW this makes all you wimminz want to RUN, not walk to your closest OWS location! And by the way, if you get raped, you are NOT a victim any longer. You are a “survivor”. So just be glad you are still alive after that rape, mmmmkay?

Raping is just a trauma for a guy, girlz! Have a heart! Boyz will be boyz! We’ll handle it!

……and just remember, girlz,  OWS is your friend. That must be why you are finally seeing a  female of the species taking the bullhorn just for this  very “special” occasion–giving you your instructions and then telling you that  “You don’t have the need to know” pretty much anything else.


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  1. Down twinkles

  2. When the learning disabled woman was raped in cleveland, a teen-age female spokesperson said they were going to appeal to their community for counselors so that they could “immediately prevent” this from ever happening again.

    They just might be just a tad delusional about the real world but hey, they are learning daily and their wimmenz are fleeing for the malls.

    Notice it is one bald headed woman and a whole flock of horny young men who seem so happy there will be no police involved if they rape?

  3. Yes I noticed she was surrounded by spittled strapping young men getting their boners ready. But it’s not really rape-rape, you know.

    Did you see Murphy’s post on this, where these little pigs declared that

    Sexual abuse and assault are dehumanizing acts for the survivor as well as the abuser.

    No kidding. These little bastards said that. Poor dehumanized CRIMINAL. The girlz? Eh not so much. I mean if you didn’t have a vagina you wouldn’t be raped so stop complaining.


  4. Uppity- “Down twinkles” = the hand sign with the fingers flapping down signifying unhappiness or disagreement.
    I seriously wish to take every one of these young women who shave their heads and give them a history lesson. Shaving the head of a woman was done to shame them.
    Rapists are criminals. Period. And should be treated as such. If OWS does not watch out there will soon be vigilante patrols of females taking control of the offending parts.
    I mean- if the penii are removed it makes it a tad bit harder to rape.
    The Occupy camps need some well trained dogs. To control the human variety.

  5. I know no one gives a rats ass, but here are some of the hand jobs they use.

  6. Sorry Utah but I had to trash that. Just the kind of comment that gets an IP request. Now if you had said if they tried to rape you, you would shoot their balls and dick off, well that would be exactly what the little bastards deserved. Women should go there armed because it looks to me that they are nothing but meat in that movement. Progressives! MY ASS! One would almost have to go over to Iran to get rules like this one they are making. Rug sweeping is what it’s called. Next thing you know, it’s her fault. These people are acting like jungle animals.

    Same deal at penn state, rioting over a coach who enabled a pedophile and threatening the LIFE of the assistant who turned Sandusky in to coach Joe years ago–and he chose to do NOTHING. Animals, that is what they are.

  7. Ah so THAT’s “down twinkles”. I nearly forgot that OWS is a only slightly advanced version of Romper Room.

    To listen to that guy you would think these characters have actually achieved something other than to make new rape rules and throw paper airplanes at Wall Street.

    Oh yeah, and levitating the Georgia Pacific building.

  8. Did they show Consensus and use Robert’s Rules of Order when they decided not to report RAPES to the authorities???

  9. I volunteer my dog. Any women who want to be safe in my tent can come there and we can all wait for my dog to rip the balls off of the first poor misunderstood little shit who enters without in invite or with his dick hanging out. Then I can just give her a bowl of water and she will be good to go for the next visitor.

  10. That was very funny Viv, but it had to go too. lol.

  11. hope you are feeling better Upps. 🙂

  12. Perhaps they want history reversed and pin a new *Scarlet Letter* on any non-complying female. I suggest a big U with huge,tearing teeth – then the sports out there can wear the letter R [4 rapist] to cover their blood and torn flesh.

    *[a la Nathanial Hawthorne]

  13. Thanks. I got a good laugh.

  14. Thank you for this post. I love how rape is seen as the rapist’s “cry for help”. He’s the victim! Lord almighty. This is so reminiscence of the Peace movement decades ago and frankly ’08…these are the guys who approved of “SP is a C—” tee shirts and made thier girlfriends wear them. In that case, they said ” SP is a c–” ( or whoever is the target of the moment )…but they mean all women. The lie is : oh no it’s just that woman …of course Hillary came in for that treatment as well….and so many years. Any woman that demands person hood and won’t give out on demand , that is . These are the guys on the Left…Funny how my two recovering Obot friends don’t think much of OSW ( “what are they doing besides camping?” ) But many who avoided Barry’s siren song in 2008, think it’s great.Yet it’s the same group called Obots in ’08…imo. Just that now the Hillay /Palin hate is openly for us all
    and Barry’s ties to Wall St are disappeared

  15. I love how rape is seen as the rapist’s “cry for help”.

    I know a quick cure. One treatment and they’ll never rape again.

  16. Yes Yes! Myiq. There IS a cure for rape. It definitely works.

  17. This is disgusting. I bet if Loreana Bobbitt was running through OWS camps doing her businesss–the National Guard would be called out to stop this outrage against humanity. But I guess that is where we are making our mistake, ladies. We keep thinking that we are human beings, when our countrymen think that we are slightly superior to domestic animals because we have linguistic abilities.

    According to Justice Scalia, women are not covered by the equal protection under the law clause of the consititution in the 14th amendment. Having read the amendment, I am trying to figure out if I am not a person, a citizen, or a person subject to the laws of the United States. Wish I knew so that I could pay taxes based on my lesser status.

    Let’s face it, neither party has any respect or regard for women, they just express their contempt and revulsion for us in different fashions. The republicans think that we are nothing more than brood sows and do not have the moral or intellecutal capability to have control over our reproductive functions, and the democrats buy into the Stokley Carmichael scenario of women being free only to be sex objects. It is high time we give them the same respect they give us.

  18. Clue to phony OWS concern trolls re: Survivor vs Victim.
    When you undergo successful treatment for cancer, you are a SURVIVOR. Of an illness.
    When you are raped by a psycho piece of shit whose mother should have had oral sex instead, you are a VICTIM. Of a CRIME.

  19. AnnE re: Scalia..what can you expect from a greaseball who is the spawn of one of Il Duce’s most ardent followers? Furthermore, one look at his pit face and you just KNOW he wasn’t exactly Mr. Popularity with the women. I’m sure he has a lot of angst over that.

    Proper photo near definition of Greaseball in dictionary:

  20. When I heard the assistant coach had left Penn State , was under armed guard and in fear of his life, I thought, Wow people are pissed off he didn’t beat the crap out of that guy right then and there…then in horror I realized: No, it’s not that at all. He is in fear for his life because he said ANYTHING ..help. We look down on ancient societies that sacrificed children as part of thier religion…how are we diffrent?

  21. When you undergo successful treatment for cancer, you are a SURVIVOR. Of an illness.
    When you are raped by a psycho piece of shit whose mother should have had oral sex instead, you are a VICTIM. Of a CRIME.

    Well said.
    WTF are the OWS women thinking, advocating this non-reporting of crimes?! Women can’t help being their worst enemies, it’d seem. And, the woman with the bullhorn should be doubly-ashamed…she’s either a lez or a young Sinead O’Connor…she should know better.

  22. When I heard the assistant coach had left Penn State , was under armed guard and in fear of his life, I thought, Wow people are pissed off he didn’t beat the crap out of that guy right then and there

    Paper doll — that’s exactly what I first thought. Truth stranger than fiction!

  23. Paper Doll & Uppity: can you provide a link(s) re the grad ass who walked away from a 10-year old being raped by the dirty ugly “_____” getting threats cuz he told on dirty ugly? I haven’t seen anything that detailed the WHY of the threats…

    I think so many ppl find it unfathomable that he, big strong young man that he is, didn’t wallop the SHIT out of the pedophile. I’m under 5 ft and I would have!

  24. Well, I didn’t watch the vid. It is just way to depressing how far backwards women are going. It’s like a majority of women are suffering from Hellsinki syndrome.


    As far as Penn State, my heart is breaking for the children that were abused. As for the students that rioted, these are the future Obots of 2012.

    OWS needs to be called something other than Occupy Wall Street. I’m trying to come up with another meaning for the acronym.

  25. NES actually I think he is being threatened because he told the authorities that he told Joe P what he saw back in 2000. This looks very bad for the coach. And yes, paper doll, it’s hard to believe he didn’t gut the guy right there in the shower. But you know what? I believe it because it’s sports. And sports and the Team means more to these people than even little molested children. There was a cover up here. A Look The Other Way and let the CHILDREN take one for the Team. It is obvious to me. The coach is valuable. Children are not. Not to the Team.

    T, I can’t remember his name, it was Mc something or other. He was a 20 year old at the time on some internship when he saw that filthy animal raping that little boy in the shower.

  26. Oh joy: http://thehill.com/blogs/ballot-box/polls/193193-poll-obama-disapproval-rating-on-economy-hits-record-high
    Arguably, this kind of poll — on the economy — is the only one that matter in assessing whether Zero is reelected.

  27. A source told ESPN that Paterno recalls McQueary “vaguely” referencing “fondling” or “touching” or “horsing around” by Sandusky and a youth. But Paterno never had the understanding that McQueary had witnessed a “sodomy” or “rape.”

    I don’t give a rat’s ass how beloved this guy is. He’s a tool.

  28. Re that Obama poll…

    Republican voters said by a large majority that Romney was the most electable candidate in the field, but almost six in 10 voters said they cared more about backing a candidate who shared their views than one who could beat Obama.

    Just to reiterate what morons these people really are. Controlling women and harassing gays is more important to them than the salvation of America.

  29. NES I know you know what I mean when I say that some women, far too many, will do anything for male approval.

    She’s surrounded with all that approving patriarchy. They let her use the bullhorn! she’s In now. For now. What does that tell you?

  30. I bet Sandusky offs himself.

    Boo freaking Hoo. The world will be a better place without him. There just can be no sympathy for a pig like this.

  31. It tells me a lot, Upps…none of it good.

  32. Even if Paternoster were credible on this point — and he’s decidedly not — whatever made him think it was OK for a man to “fondle” or engage in “horseplay” with a young kid. I also have to wonder at the apparent acceptance of homosexual behavior (Sandusky’s) in the football world that this incident indicates — one would’ve thought that homophobia alone would’ve sent the coaches involved running to the university authorities. (I’m not implying that this is standard homosexual activity, of course — it’s child abuse, period — but the point is that Sandusky was clearly displaying man-boy-eroticism ‘tendencies’ and these coaches weren’t freaked out by it.) It’s puzzling at that level too. Was it because they accept that men are just animals and will poke anything?

  33. Gricar failed to prosecute Sandusky for sex crimes in 1998, and later disappeared without a trace.

    Earlier this week, Pennsylvania Attorney General Linda Kelly indicted Sandusky on 40 counts of sex crimes against young boys. According to the grand jury report, there are eight victims who were targeted between 1994 and 2009.

    Just one more argument why we should all be voting for female judges and DAs REGARDLESS of party.

  34. Is that freak Sandusky in jail or is he out on bail? Anybody know?

    If he’s still in jail I hope they let him keep his belt, the bastard.

  35. Sandusky faces 460 years in jail. Cripes, they will have to pay to feed this swine.

    Photo of swine

  36. NES I suspect it’s not that they ‘accepted” what that pervert was doing so much as they didn’t want to rock the boat and Sandusky was sacred. In other words, a couple of boys’ ruined lives just weren’t as important as Sandusky.

  37. Off topic, but just how ludicrous and obvious is this?

    The Securities and Exchange Commission disciplined seven employees over their failure to stop Bernard Madoff’s Fraud, according to The Washington Post.

    The agency didn’t fire anyone, the WaPo reports, but another employee resigned before the SEC took disciplinary action. The punishments included pay cuts, demotions and, in one case, a 30-day suspension.

  38. Sandusky’s out on 100K bail.

  39. So UW, the meatball doesn’t fall from the meathook? I wasn’t aware of the il Duce connection Scalia’s family or is that a facist joke? But still can’t reconcile myself to the fact that I am not a person, but IBM and Alibaba are.

  40. OMG. Taylor Marsh has written an *e*book about Hillary. Bills herself as a “recovering partisan”. Hmmppff. I suspect that just means she’s following the money again. That woman doesn’t even deserve to utter Hillary’s name out loud.

    I took out the “http://” (no www)


  41. Silencing victims of rape and sexual assault at OWS;
    Covering up priests’ pedophilia;
    Covering up the pedophilia of this college coach;
    Historical “blame the victim” in rapes of women (she’s to blame because of her manner of dressing, her audacity to walk down a street at night) and some cultures’ response of forcing women to sit behind men in mosque, wear head to toe coverings….

    These examples all have their own individual contributing factors (eg, the “importance” of male sports, the money in higher level male sports, the misogyny in society, etc), but a really strong common component I think is – the “right” of men to be able to satisfy their sexual desires, however they see fit.

    I’m not talking about every man, but the “culture of masculinity” says that men can’t control themselves – but “men are strong” – so this inability to control themselves isn’t a “weakness” of course – so men’s strong, impossible to control sexual urges are just very “natural” and some kind of “positive” thing.

    Well, I’m not saying it very well, it’s just percolating in my head, but it really feels like this has something to do with men’s rights to sexual satisfaction of impulses that “can’t” be controlled per the culture of masculinity… better to directly or indirectly silence their victims than to reduce the importance of virility and sexual conquest in their masculine identities….

  42. 100K? That’s it? 40 counts of perversion also known as pedophilia and rape and he shells out 10k to a bondsman?

    Hopefully somebody on the street will take care of this bastard, probably because he messed up the team.

    Yes, AnnE, he hails from a bona fide Fascisto family in Italy, Mussolini lovers.

  43. Hey, maybe sandusky will give up some of those wealthy names he pimped to for a deal. That would be sweet.

  44. Catching up.

    Thanks for the address. I have had my box of cards out on the dining table and will get them out post haste.

    Alka-Selzer Plus (tablets)
    I would second the recommendation. I too bought it by mistake, I had a really crappy cold and was doing an online order (they store shelves were bare that year) and thought they were capsules. But they fizzy things worked fast and I have used them since then. The orange y/ citrus taste is fine. Not yummy – but not off putting. Good replacement for when you cannot get to the pharmacy to get real decongestant (pseudoephedrine). It’s one of over the counter “new” formulations that actually seems to work.

    Litter & Cats
    The original Glamour Kitty is free of sodium bentonite but it has become hard to find i this area. Also, best to avoid clumping style litter for kittens altogether.

    And yes, our rescue volunteers just roll eyes over the insistence of friends and family in buying cat and or dog related items.

    Words fail me. All those years of trying to remove the stigma of woman reporting such crimes flushed down those portable camping toilets.

  45. Great hashtag lorac! Looks like it’s catching on! I can’t write what I’m called, I’ll be thrown off twitter.

  46. I’m thinking you’re right Upps. He offs himself before it goes to trial. It’s coming out how more and more people knew, but kept their mouths shut. I know McQueary’s being treated as a whistle blower, I’ve got some questions about that. Why did he wait so long to blow the whistle? And boy, he sure did step into a gravy job after he went to Joepa. There were talks of him taking over as coach one day. He’s done.


    BTW, they did lose their game today.

  47. From a link (http://www.guardian.co.uk/world/2011/nov/05/women-bloggers-hateful-trolling?INTCMP=SRCH) in the article I posted about female bloggers being threatened in comments:

    “The deeper question is the disenfranchisement of men who find themselves in such depraved circumstances that all they can do is expel the fury that’s inside of them on to women. The reaction these men are having shows they are very, very threatened by something and that threat is to their masculinity.

    Well, I wish this person had addressed the fact that if society’s concept of “masculinity” didn’t include feeling superior to women, they wouldn’t have to feel threatened by women expressing their thoughts or being successful….

  48. Herman is claiming that God told him to run for President. I wonder when God is going to tell him to keep his hands to himself?

    Why doesn’t God talk to me?

  49. Oh Puleeze. Poor poor victim! REAL MEN don’t attach women’s intelligence to their own dicks because their dicks aren’t dysfunctional.

  50. Viv, yes he’s done and so is Joe. They are all done, the whole lot of them. And I suspect more names will be surfacing.

    He waited to blow the whistle because NOT blowing the whistle benefited his career, obviously.

  51. South Carolina college discloses abuse allegation

    CHARLESTON, S.C., Nov 12 (Reuters) – In the wake of the Penn State child sex abuse scandal, The Citadel military college in South Carolina said on Saturday it had investigated accusations against a camp counselor but took no action.

    The man has since been arrested on separate charges of molesting five boys in Mount Pleasant, South Carolina, near Charleston.


  52. 13 year old pervert rapes 5 year old girl in McDonald’s play area.

    And of course he will be back on the streets because he’s ‘underage’. Plenty of rape years ahead of him. His items should be removed now.

  53. Citadel. Cripes. That’s a military school. Very structured. I have a relative who graduated from their Engineering college.

  54. […] Occupy Portland: If you see a rape, don’t report it to the police; she’s also a ‘survivor’ n… Now I just KNOW this makes all you wimminz want to RUN, not walk to your closest OWS location! And by the way, if you get raped, you are NOT a victim any longer. You are a “survivor”. So just be glad you are still alive after that rape, mmmmkay? […]

  55. Pastor charged with sex with 15-year-old girl

    A Southern California pastor has been charged with having sex with a 15-year-old girl he was counseling at a Riverside County church.

    Prosecutors say 41-year-old Matthias Anderson was charged Thursday with 34 sex counts involving a lengthy sexual relationship with the Murrieta teenager. His arraignment was postponed to next week.

    He faces multiple counts of lewd acts with a child, statutory rape and other sex offenses dating to 2008.

    If she’s fifteen now then he must have started when she was twelve.

  56. Oh super. Maybe he could hold seminars for boys like that 13 year old who raped that 5 year old. He could call it Rape for The Lord.

    Now I don’t care. People of the clothe who do this kind of thing should be executed.

  57. 3 decades ago it wasn’t safe to take your eyes off your kids. People were wary about babysitters, neighbors, other kids who bully and or can be violent. I was lucky, my dad retired when my daughter started kindergarten so there was someone to get her every day at 3pm. I got home from work and dad had dinner with us. He loved being with his little angel and I was worry free when he was there with her.

    And even then you did not leave your kid in a McDonald’s play ground without watching them like a hawk. Child abductions and injury are just two reasons, but so much more. Another normally innocent child can get frustrated and push your kid, etc.

    These parents trusted Sandusky to take their sons to out of state games. He must have been a very good con-man according to the people who knew him well. Many of his team members are shocked. They spent time with him and were never approached in any way. He went after the vulnerable kids. Smart perv and opportunist.

  58. can’t trust anyone these days.
    we have sunk that low in moral decay.

  59. @ noemptysuits who wrote: “I also have to wonder at the apparent acceptance of homosexual behavior (Sandusky’s) in the football world that this incident indicates — one would’ve thought that homophobia alone would’ve sent the coaches involved running to the university authorities.”

    Never underestimate the secret lives of men OR the corrupt ways of “educational systems”! I remember a male high school acquaintance complaining about the coach grabbing his butt. The same coach who told me he should kick my ass…and thus I quit the long distance running team despite all my fantastic potential…

    As for higher ed: It’s as corrupt as it gets. And now the good citizens of PA will bleed for it cuz this is going to run up millions in lawsuits…

  60. “People of the clothe who do this kind of thing should be executed.”
    Too expensive and drags out for too many years. Just put them in the general prison population. A few years ago a convicted child raping Priest managed to survive 14 months in prison.

  61. As you might guess, the anti-gay groups are out in full-force saying things like, “See, this is why we’re against homosexuals adopting children.” As if that weren’t stupid enough, they are most afraid that the victims will now think they are gay themselves! (I’m not linking to any of those kinds of sites, but f you google “sandusky gay” you can find them yourselves.

    Sandusky is not a gay man. Raping children is not an attribute of gay men–it is an attribute of pedophiles and sexual predators. Rape is a crime of violence, not an expression of sexuality. One thing that that’s hard for people to get their heads around is that pedophiles with obsessions for you males can be (and predominantly are) straight men.

    I am pissed that the likely outcome for this horror is that the school will adopt a policy of refusing to hire gay coaches, just like the Catholic church blamed their nightmare on gay priests.

  62. This reminds me of Michael Jackson. Sandusky lured children with gifts and trips and the glamor of college football world. MJ lured them with gifts and spending time at his “Neverland” Ranch which was his own personal “amusement” park.

  63. OBlamer is at it again, criticizing the American people: http://www.latimes.com/news/politics/la-pn-obama-lazy-business-20111112,0,7516042.story?track=rss
    It’s amazing that he’s too politically tone-deaf to see that these kind of pronouncements are political poison. And the gall of it — the eff’er is the laziest person.

  64. I want to know about Sasndusky’s wife I would have had a huge problem with the spouse visiting the basement bedroom for long periods of time.

  65. SophieCT – we all knew that was coming re “gays” and it’s disgraceful. Sandusky was married for 40 some odd years – ie he was a hetero with a prediliction for young boys – not men, but young vulnerable boys. And how do these einsteins explain that 1 in 3 girls are molested, while the stat for boys is 1 in 5?

  66. Finally, something we can agree with Bachmann on!

    Bachmann on football coach accused of abuse: I’d want to ‘beat him to a pulp’
    By Josh Lederman – 11/13/11 11:41 AM ET

    GOP presidential candidate Rep. Michele Bachmann (Minn.) gave a visceral and passionate rebuke to the sex abuse scandal engulfing Penn State, acknowledging having violent feelings about the former assistant coach accused of abusing young boys in a locker room.

    “This is so horrific — on the level of a parent, I think about my children, if that was my child, and I think my automatic reaction, even though I’m a small woman, I’d want to find that guy and beat him to a pulp,” Bachmann said on NBC’s Meet the Press.

  67. NES: His remarks show (yet again) what a stupid a$$wipe he is. A bigger problem than not enticing external businesses to come here, it’s how extraordinarily difficult it has become to create and sustain new businesses here. Banks aren’t lending to small businesses AND each major industry has the full power of the government to squash any new business that might compete with them. (That was the beauty of tech, while it lasted–BigAg, FIRE, and BigPharma et. al. weren’t in that realm.)

  68. Agreed on businesses here, SophieCT.

  69. I agree with not labeling Sandusky (and other child molesters) as gay if the victim is the same sex. We should punish the crime and not try to make general assessments about the predilections of the perps, let alone fashion laws or policies excluding certain groups from certain occupations or rights.
    Having said that, however, SophieCT, I have to wonder if, in fact, it’s true that a straight man would have lust for a boy. If he’s really an equal-opportunity molester, wouldn’t one expect to find some girls in his group of victims? Is it easier to find boys because parents are less protective of them? Are boys less likely to tell? Maybe…I just don’t know. I know it’s not PC to wonder at these things, but I’m among friends here and I really want to know. Curious to know what others think.

    Also, as my donna just noted, it’s beyond ridiculous for anti-gay bigots to say this is a reason why male gays shouldn’t be allowed to adopt. By their flawed logic, straight men shouldn’t be allowed to have or adopt girls since there’re so many more instances of men molesting or raping females than men doing the same to males.

  70. NES: their logic assumes that gay men are sexual deviants by default and that straight men are not until proven otherwise. That’s how they rationalize it and for some reason, no one challenges the conventional folly.

  71. You can’t link Sandusky to homosexuality. Sandusky is a pedophile. Pedophilia is some sick shit. It doesn’t come close. NAMBLA try to say they’re gay. That’s bullshit!

    I’ll bet Sandusky’s never had sex with a grown man. That man is sick. The only thing that will cure him is to make sure he’s never around children again.

  72. I found this link over at Sky dancing. This might answer why so many people turned a blind eye to what was going on.


  73. vivien2u, so true with one exception. Even ensuring he’s never around another child will probably not cure him. These men (and a very few women) are admittedly very sick. I doubt whether there is a cure.

    NES, paedophiles have preferential victims – that is they glom onto the ones they want. Unfortunately there are so few statistics because until the last 20 or so years, no one was gathering them – which is exacerabated by the fact that the statistics rely on successful rates of conviction in the case of the “known” and the rate of reportage for the rest. People do not report their children have been raped by and large – they tend to gloss over and cover it up. Paedophilia is not a sexual orientation issue, and as SophieCT indicated earlier, the majority of paedophiles are hetero and married. They are sickness personified, and we need to get past labeling them and concentrating on capturing and convicting them.

  74. You know HT, I really wanted to say a few other things, but I didn’t want Upps to delete me. I really do know a sure cure. lol

  75. Yep, Vivien, I think that’s it — black or hispanic youth. Can’t imagine McQueary being so blasé about seeing a little white boy being anally raped in a shower.

  76. …the majority of paedophiles are hetero and married.

    HT, agree that we should get past labeling and just focus on punishing the criminal conduct. But, I don’t know about your statement above. just because a man is married and has children with his wife doesn’t mean he’s hetero. Lots of gay people, especially men, even now, have hetero marriages because they’re closeted. Goodness, where do you think gay kids got their gay gene from?

  77. Chit Vivien, our Upps is forever calling for that ‘cure.’ You’d never get deleted for that… honored maybe.

  78. NES, I’m not sure what you are trying to imply? Do you honestly think gay men are more apt to commit sex/power crimes against children just because they are gay? Of course lots of gay men have hetero marriages as do gay women because that is what society expects and they want to function in society. Are you possibly suggesting that gay men and women are more inclined to commit sex/power crimes against children while being safely closeted for over 40 years, because they are gay? Could you clarify your thinking on this? I’m a bit unnerved.

  79. I got this from commenter Helen @ Crawdad’s. This reminds me of GW’s Flight Suit/Mission Accomplished moment. If this isn’t a campaign ad disguised as a “Presidential Address” I don’t know what is….the advantage of incumbency….he can use the whole armed forces and military complex as props…

  80. Well, it looks like the perv’s wife knew about the pig. What is worse is that he adopted son tried to kill himself months after moving into the savage’s home.


  81. Goddamn he’s an ugly man. I’m sure that family has some stories to tell.

  82. NES, Upps only deletes people to protect them. I don’t know about you, but I don’t want DHS, or the FBI knocking at my door. Sometimes I don’t think clearly before hitting the post comment button.

    And what do you have against gay men?

  83. Vivien, thanks, I thought I was the only one.

  84. NES, the percentage of pedophiles, regardless of the gender of their preferred child victims, is high 90s percent straight. If they were actually all gay, they would just have male adult partners. Or they could have the sham straight marriage, and go out with gay men on the side. Choosing male child victims is a whole lot riskier, it’s illegal, it’s MUCH less accepted than having an adult gay partner (well the kid route isn’t acceptable at ALL of course). Basically, when a pedophile is attracted to an adult, for 90+ percent of them, they choose a female. And most pedophiles are attracted to female children. Some are attracted to only male children when their adult preference is females. Some like either gender, as long as it’s a kid. The primary ingredient for most pedophilic attraction seems to be, regardlesss of gender, that the sexual object is pre-pubescent (sick, sick, sick)

    The troubling issue of many men, of all ages, preferring 18-20 year old women is a separate problem of course! (I always feel ready to blow a fuse when I hear middle aged men saying that they don’t want a woman their own age because they’re wrinkled, or flabby, or whatever. Like THEY aren’t. Pffftt)

  85. Interesting comments of course!
    OT- this will blow your mind. Coddling- that’s all I can say about this program.

    “Failure to Launch”?
    I call it abject failure to parent.

  86. Oh, poor Herman. He’s losing the conservative women (and good for those women!)


  87. lorac, old fithy excuses for men going for young women have nothing to do with the Sandusky issue, although I get your meaning. Sandusky was and is a pervert, his enablers are scum, but that does not and should not reflect on people who are of same sex orientation, no more than it should relect on people of hetersexual orientation (although most people who commit these crimes are categorized as heterosexual). These people are very sick, although they don’t think of themselves in that way. They are neigher homsexual or heterosexual. They are just sick. preying on children, forcing sex on children – sick.

  88. HT – no, I don’t think old men going for young women is pedophilia or has to do with Sandusky – that’s why I mentioned it at the end as a separate issue 🙂

  89. Oh FCS, HT! Don’t pull that outraged act with me…I am a lesbian, after all. I don’t need a lecture from you.
    And, of course that’s not what I’m implying. What I am wondering is if a Sandusky character, who appears to be turned on by young boys, can be accurately characterized (other than in the throes of PC’ness) as “hetero” or straight. I think it’s a question worth asking.

  90. NES, I’m not lecturing you – why would you think I was? I asked you a question earlier . You have not answered. Whey on earth would you think I was doubting you?.

  91. Just the thought of a middle aged man sleeping with someone his daughter age turns my stomach. That’s maybe a small step away from pedophilia.

    PMM, you weren’t trying to change the subject were you? I tried to read it. I only got about half way through. Rich people not knowing what to do with their kids. Life is hard for them. Now you don’t have to live with the monsters you create. You can send them to camp.

  92. Thanks for the stats, lorac. Interesting. Nice to get an explanation without the PC hysteria I got from some here.

  93. HT – no, I don’t think old men going for young women is pedophilia or has to do with Sandusky – that’s why I mentioned it at the end as a separate issue.

    Indeed. I think HT is having some reading comprehension problems today.

  94. occupy Philly rape.
    she called cops , cops got rapist,
    the way it should be handled


  95. NES, I’m not lecturing you – why would you think I was? I asked you a question earlier . You have not answered.

    And, what question would that be? You asked more than one. And, I believe I answered them. But, let me be more explicit: gay men are NOT more likely to have sex with little boys simply because they’re gay — that would be and is empirically and logically absurd. But, I do think that men who are sexually into little boys tend to be gay, not straight. But, I may be wrong (that’s what’s implied by my saying I “wonder” as opposed to I “know”) — I’m willing to reconsider and be persuaded by statistics and arguments, of the type lorac offers. But, I am not willing to be swayed by PC hysteria and righteous indignation, of the kind you, HT, offer.

  96. NES is just askin’… and NES, folks are just askin’ why you’re askin’.. I think it’s valid to ask and explore and we all walk away more informed. Here’s a Psychology Today article:

  97. If you’re getting a reaction from NES, you might want to go back and take a look at your comments to see why.

  98. NES, put it down to the fact that we will probably never agree. you have your opinion and your ideas, I have mine. I’m a fiscal conservative, a liberal socalist. I would never in this life attribute paedophilia to gay men without doing a great deal of investigation – and from my investiagation – it’s not a sexual orientation thing. Perhaps that’s my problem. BTW, I have no reading comprehension problems at all. I read it as it was written. Now if you had suggested that pehaps I did not comprehend the satire, or the double entendre intended, you might have been correct. In which case I apologize. I don’t happen to think that that double entendre or satire is funny. I’ve lost so many people I love to gay bashing – both male and female over the years – that I don’t have a funny bone left.

  99. NES – I understand, you’re asking a question, you’re wondering. I mean, in those stats are some gay men, yes! They’re in the minority, though. And they’d be choosing men when they do choose adult partners. I suppose Sandusky could conceivably be in a sham marriage and actually be gay and also a pedophile, I don’t know that much about him.

    But from what I understand, the key characteristic of pedophiles is that they can’t or don’t want to handle an adult (read: more equal?) relationship. And they mostly prefer kids who haven’t sexually developed yet – maybe that’s why a lot of them like either gender in a child.

  100. @lorac who wrote: “NES, the percentage of pedophiles, regardless of the gender of their preferred child victims, is high 90s percent straight. If they were actually all gay, they would just have male adult partners.”

    Have to disagree with this. First off, there are more straight pedophiles simply because there are more straight ppl. However, to say “If they were actually all gay, they would just have male adult partners” is to say “If they were actually all straight, they would just have female adult partners.”

    See the problem?

    I don’t know when ppl started denying that gays can be pedophiles, but I’ve heard the arguments before. Fact is, some gay men are pedophiles. MANY gay men LOVE YOUNG MALE BODIES. Ever look at gay porn? Gorgeous young adult guys and lots of VERY young guys. Male gayness (not lesbian) and the worship of young and very very young perfect male bodies are often coupled.

  101. Uppity, I read that you and NES have a special relationship and I appreciate that – however if it has become a situation where NEs is always right regardless, and everyone else is deluded or wrong…..well so long, thanks for all the fish.

  102. Everyone should read Sophie link.

  103. T, with all due respect, NOBODY here is denying that gay men can be pedophiles.

  104. Oh bullshit HT. You get this way every now and then. Bossy and welll…………kind of mean. And quite rude, actually.

    You implied that she was implying something and then you proceded to tell her how she “unnerved” you. It was a goddamned academic question not the end of YOUR world. You over react and when you do it, you accuse. You get yourself into some serious trouble when you do it and then stomp off and play the victim. So try tempering your bossiness and chalky undertones to people and this won’t be happening to you.

  105. That’s a good article, SophieCT. Thanks. Quite persuasive — in any event, informative.

  106. Got it, lorac. I believe the Psych. Today piece SophieCT linked upthread makes the same point. Among the more persuasive points that that article makes is the one about ease of “access” to kids. Certainly, Sandusky, as one of the co-founders or early supporters of the Second Mile, a support organization for underprivileged kids, had easy access to young boys and they were certainly primed to see him as a father-figure/mentor.

  107. T, the point I was trying to make was that “gay” and “straight” have to do with adult relationships. Typically pedophiles need prepubscent youth, of any gender. If they DO have adult relationships, it’s more likely to be with a woman than a man. Therefore, they’d be considered “straight” in the gay/straight paradigm, even if they’re drawn to male children. But their “orientation” is really “pedophile”.

    NES was wondering if someone like Sandusky might actually be gay. No, because his adult relationships were with women. If he were gay, he’d be attracted to and going out with gay adult men.

    That’s probably the best I can explain it lol

  108. While I think psychology today has become a disgusting rag that trolls for ways to be kinky and exploit women, I kind of was thinking what that article said. What I think is, pedophiles have a proclivity toward young flesh. The vast majority of them are heteros, if we wanted to greatly reduce pedophilia then we would be keeping all male heterosexuals away from children. Anyways, I believe pedophiles choose fields and organizations that allow them access to that young flesh. I am sure a homosexual person can be a pedophile just like a heterosexual person can be a pedophile. It’s a perversion that isn’t dependend on sexual preference, it’s dependent on a preference for young fresh meat. It bears some resemblence to a rapist to me because I also think it’s about power and control. I think the reason there are so many incidents of pedophilia in the catholic church is because pedophiles gravatate toward the priesthood in order to access children in an element of parental trust. This is what pedophiles do. They want to live near the school, they want to teach those young ones, they want to have that daycare. in the vast majority of the big cases, you can see that pattern clear as day. Sandusky started a program that appeared to be altruistic, but the TRUTH is he wanted access to little boys. I highly doubt that he even gives a crap about sexual relationships with adults, men OR women. His bag is his perversion, which is a proclivity for children. It’s hard to tell if he would do the same with little girls, he would have been suspect if he started a program for little girls, it’s a far better coverup to be a ‘role model’ for little boys and allow their parents to hand their kids over to him and worship his wonderful work all at the same time.

    And of course, if a homosexual is a pedophile it gets way more extended press because homophobics can’t wait to point it out. And point it out. And point it out.

  109. Male gayness (not lesbian) and the worship of young and very very young perfect male bodies are often coupled.

    T. — I think this statement – but including your qualification of “often” – appears to be true. I think one is willfully blind if one ignores this fact.

    Mind you, the virtual worship of very young male bodies by older men was, by all historical accounts, prevalent in Ancient Greece, and, presumably, they weren’t all homosexual. Generally speaking, and allowing for all exceptions, I do think men, gay AND straight, are just less discriminatory about how they get their rocks off. For evidence on this point, see websites or mags about men eff’ing melons (I kid you not).

  110. I call it abject failure to parent.

    Exactly what it is PMM.

  111. As for old men being attracted to young women, I don’t see a correlation to pedophiiia at all. It’s just an ego trip broken down old men go on, deluding themselves that some young beautiful woman actually wants them and that they are virile and sexy. You rarely see this situation among men who don’t have a lot of money, because the truth is, they bribe women to pretend they care about them. It’s laughable, really, but it’s what they do.

  112. vivien- lol- no I was not trying to change the subject- just every once in a while I run across something I think is totally batshit crazy and I have to share with the sane community.
    Hell- if the parents had done their damn jobs when the kiddies were- well- kids- they would not be shelling out $350 A DAY for these grow the hell up and get out of my house camps. The camp makes the same mistake the parents made. “Get up. Or Don’t get up” “Your choice” WRONG! Get up, make your bed, get your own damn breakfast and get cracking on your chores!
    They are in all probability throwing good money after bad. I could probably make a bundle doing that. Charge them 350 a week. See how long the lazy little good for nothings last around me. The whip would be cracking at o dark thirty every morning.

  113. Last time I post. Uppity you believe in people, for for that I cannot disagree, however sometimes the people you believe leads you into areas that you would not otherwise go. YOu have made your decision and I respect that, just take care and be on your guard. I do have the uptmost respect for you and I would hate for your site to be anything other than what you want it to be .

  114. Uppity said

    You rarely see this situation among men who don’t have a lot of money, because the truth is, they bribe women to pretend they care about them.

    Yup. Think Hugh Heffner- the man who all alone keeps viagra manufacturers in business.

  115. SophieCT linked to an excellent article from Psychology Today. I thought this quote was particularly insightful:

    ” Rarely does a pedophile experience sexual desire for adults of either gender. They usually don’t identify as homosexual – the majority identify as heterosexual, even those who abuse children of the same gender. They are sexually aroused by youth, not by gender. “

    I don’t know how to put the above quote in a block. Maybe someone could do it for me? Thanks.

    Good discussion, btw.

  116. Wow…looks like this is going to be a good 60 Minutes segment on Congress-critter insider trading…

  117. Oh for Christ Sakes.

  118. Grrrr! I just lost my whole comment I was writing!

    I’m going to write it shorter then lol

    1. IMO, gay men and gay women are very different
    2. IMO, gay women are a lot more like straight women than they are like gay men
    3. The gay man’s culture (not all gay men though) prize young bodies, yes
    4. The bodies they like are, let’s say, 18 y/o buffed young men – not prepubescent boys.

    5. Gay men love men’s bodies – and although prepubescent boys have a little dangler, they’re not particularly masculine
    6. So, yes, the gay male culture deifies the 18 y/o guy – but the straight male culture deifies the 18 y/o female
    7. Being entranced with (non-child) youth is more of a guy thing than a gay thing

  119. …however if it has become a situation where NEs is always right regardless, and everyone else is deluded or wrong….

    OK, that’s truly hilarious. Obviously you, HT, haven’t been around any discussions of illegal immigrants and OWS here, where I’m decidedly in the minority of opinion and Upps and I disagree (albeit respectfully and with humor). I love — and am often edified by — the debates here. I took offense at what you were implying about my view of gay men and at your saying you were “unnerved” as if I’d said something outside the bounds of civilized discourse. It was an academic question — I’m a libertarian on social issues and don’t think there’re opinions out of bounds.

  120. You know, it wasn’t that long ago that, when young people went on trips (which were rare, actually), parents went along as chaperones. And it was always the same parent who went along either. Sending kids off somewhere with someone and no parental presence is not exactly smart.

  121. UW, yes, whenever I see an older man with a woman half his age, I always think, “either you have a lot of money, or she has a daddy issue”…

  122. I can buy into all your 7 points, lorac. But, it’d be more accurate — in point 6 — to say “16 y/o guy” and “16 y/o female”, doncha think?

  123. SophieCT we’v e suspected congressional insider trading for a long time. If you notice, they are making money by the fistsful in this horrid market. They make the laws that effect the things they can invest in. If that isn’t a stacked deck I don’t know what is. THey know what’s coming down and they invest accordingly. You can bet these pigs invested in green energy and CFLs etc, long before they dropped laws upon the subjects. In the real world they would be indicted for their manipulations. I remember when Bill Frist suddently scurried off into the sunset, coincidentally right after his “blind trust” got uncovered. Putting this thief in charge of medicare reform when his family owned a gaggle of private hospitals and was fined three quarters of a billion dollars for medicare fraud should have been a tipoff. But not in Congress. No sir. They are exempt from those laws that put pigs just like them, such as Bernie Madoff, in jail.

  124. NES, maybe… but that would be illegal, so they definitely wouldn’t admit to it lol

  125. NEs is always right


  126. UW, you have it all wrong. It’s all just a coincidence. Nancy Pelosi said so.

  127. UW: Indeed! I know we all know this and have discussed and re-discussed it. 60 Minutes did a good job with the segment. I am frankly surprised that this got on the MSM.

  128. CBS is trying real hard not to be compared to the MSM. It’s a start.

  129. NES is NOT always right. If she were, she woudn’t be with that… that… *sputter*…. OTHER woman!

  130. FF is working too hard.

  131. Oh yeah lorac. Nancy belongs in jail with the rest of them.

  132. NES is NOT always right. If she were, she woudn’t be with that… that… *sputter*…. OTHER woman!


  133. I remember when all the priest pedophilia was coming out, and everyone was calling them gay. Some of them may have chosen that field because they couldn’t handle adult relationships and were pedophiles, but some of these pedophiles may have taken advantage of situation in front of them with the kids – meaning, it happened they were all boys, no girls. But that’s the nature of the Catholic Church, as I understand it. They have a special boys’ choir (in which they sound just like girls, but we can’t use girls, can we?), and the boys do the altar duties. It was all boys available to them. That didn’t make the priests gay! But everyone was screaming “gay”!

  134. Bwahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahh is RIGHT, vivien.

  135. Ha! on the “other woman”! She’s the right-est thing I ever did, lorac’ers.

    Btw, if FF is “working too hard,” it’s cuz you haven’t made her breakfast in a looooong time.

  136. NES after you go Italian, there is no turning back.

  137. So true, Upps. Mr. Uppity and I were just sayin’ that the other day.

  138. I think NES is so right all the time, that I bet with her that she’s off her rocker and get to supplement my income regularly because of it.

  139. that I bet with her that she’s off her rocker and get to supplement my income regularly because of it.

    True that!! I have to bloody well work 3 jobs just to pay off on my bets to Uppity!

  140. Keep your ideas comin’ NES. I need some new furniture.

  141. Ah so you’ve been commisserating with Mr. U. This explains some of his recent proclivities.

  142. Keep your ideas comin’ NES. I need some new furniture.

    ROFFLL. Hey, it takes considerable skill to be wrong so consistently!

  143. LOLOL. Just wish I could get that wager on OWS. But I think that burn I gave you on Rick Perry is just too fresh.

  144. HT: I’m a fiscal conservative, a liberal socalist.

    HT, I was going to tease you, and I forgot! So I went just back up to find it –

    So, does socal know that you’re a “socalist”? 🙂

  145. “UW, yes, whenever I see an older man with a woman half his age, I always think, “either you have a lot of money, or she has a daddy issue”…”
    Pretty much my though when my wife asked me out on a date ten years ago. My first comment was “Are you out of your mind? What is your problem? Why do you want to f*ck your father????

    Turned out that other than having “alphamegamia”, she is quite normal.

  146. Hey, darn tootin’ on no wager on OWS. Not till those potheads and kids get their shite in order, anyway.

  147. Hahahahaha SHV!

  148. Gotta love how dear lorac’ers always tries to mediate ruffled feathers here….it’s cuuuute. Such a natural therapist/shrink you are, lorac!

    Hey, I think you should shrink us all. I’ll go first. I’ll pay you in PIE.

  149. Yeah SHV but you ain’t exactly Rush Limbaugh.

    Who the H would date that obnocto but for money?

  150. I myself like younger men. They do whatever you tell them.

  151. LOL NES, but do you notice that she always intervenes at the point during which we all just want it to go away?

  152. Not till those potheads and kids get their shite in order,

    That should happen around the next time Haley’s Comet rolls around.

  153. It’s a wonder SHV’s wife lets him hang out with us, really.

  154. “It’s a wonder SHV’s wife lets him hang out with us, really.”
    The Alphamegamiac has no choice, I’m kicked back, blogging with the Kittez and she working her ass off, operating on stabbings, gunshots, and car wreck victims.

    (My first chance to use alphamegamia on a blog)

  155. SHV, I love when you use us to blow the dust off a vocab word.

  156. stabbings, gunshots, car wrecks. All the easy stuff.

  157. Rofl Upps, I have noticed that’s oft the case. Dear lorac’ers.

  158. http://www.urbandictionary.com/define.php?term=alphamegamia

    Hey SHV, thanks for the new word. I love ‘collecting’ words…few things give me more joy.

  159. Odd that the urban dictionary link was the first one that Google threw up.

  160. Did someone mention PIE?

  161. Yes and you will notice they have a similar word for us women who like us those younger guys too.

  162. Are you a cougar (vis a vis Mr. Uppity), Upps?

  163. I could tell you but then I would have to kill you.

  164. Also in the Urban Dictionary:

    5. ILP
    An acronym that stands for I Love/Like Pie/Pudding.

    Chef: “Who wants pie for desert?”

    Billy: “OMG ILP!”

  165. Here’s a quick wiki guide to sexual preferences based on age: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Chronophilia

  166. Anililiphilia? Or something to that effect?

  167. HA!! I’ll ask Mr. Uppity then.

  168. ILP?!? Now THERE’S real perversion. Do you prefer underage, adolescent, age-appropriate, or geriatric pies?

  169. Whoa, one can see SHV and his wife in his gravatar! Proof positive of craddle-snatching!

  170. I am non-pie specific. Just so long as it has a fluffy crust….I’m good.

  171. Oops, make that “flakey” crust….silly me…hehe

  172. Yes, nice photo of Mr. & Mrs. SHV!

  173. ROFL! An “Occupy Honolulu” singer “crashes” Obama’s event to sing a protest song!

  174. Ok, imust probably posted the pie thing in the urban dictionary. We all know that she is on a pie mission.

  175. PIEbots will do anything to advance the cause.

  176. Yes I am aware of the aggressiveness of the Pie-ers. i sat next to one in local pie place. Tried to force strawberry rhubarb on me. Very aggressive.

  177. I tell you I saw a pie in a local bakery the other day and didn’t dare buy it. It was coconut cream and gorgeous. I knew if I brought it home with only two people here, we were going to have to eat the whole damned thing. You can’t freeze that kind of pie very well. i LOVE lemon merangue but it’s the same deal there. Can’t have one unless I am having company or we will gorge ourselves. Not healthy.

  178. Yes the SHVs are indeed a lovely couple.

  179. Wow imust. Thanks for posting that video. He said something towards the end that made alot of sense.

    If that’s what we’ve come to in the world, where were afraid to say certain things in the company of certain people, I think that’s a dangerous place to be.

  180. Hell is breaking loose in Portland. Anyone know what’s going on?

  181. Viv,

    Portland issued eviction notice on protesters, then moved in arrested 50 people and fenced off the locations…

    Portland police arrest over 50 as protest camps cleared

    PORTLAND, Ore (Reuters) – Portland Police arrested more than 50 people on Sunday as the authorities cleared out and blocked off encampments of the Occupy movement that has been protesting nationwide over economic issues.

    The Portland actions were among several by authorities around the country over the weekend to try to close down encampments occupied by demonstrators for weeks


  182. The rhubarbbots can be a little rough. The fruitbots are sweet though and the creams….well they’re just softies.

  183. Cain’s wife defends him…hmmm…..Maria Shriver defended ARRnold in much the same way and we all know how that turned out.

  184. Thanks goofsmom. I found a live feed over at susie’s. There doesn’t seem to be much going on now.

  185. That doesn’t surprise me about Cain’s wife. Now if Sandusky’s wife comes out and defends him, now that will surprise me.

  186. The SHVs look nice, average and normal. imust is however a total babe. Perfect color on a crunchy crust with a hint of fruit peeking out.


  187. Yeah karen, I hear ya. She makes my mouth water. I’m dying to know what flavor she is.

  188. vivien2u Sandusky’s wife made a call to one of the victims. It was a very important call a few weeks before he got popped.

  189. Whaaa??? Do tell.

  190. Mrs Sandusky, 68, attempted to call one of the victims in the weeks leading up to his testimony, despite the fact the now 26-year-old had cut off all contact with Sandusky two years prior.
    She left a message on Victim 7’s phone saying the matter was ‘very important’ but the man, who told the Grand Jury that as a ten-year-old in 1994, Sandusky hugged and inappropriately touched him, did not return the call.

    We’ll never know.

  191. NES and UW – oh my gosh, what are you guys talking about? There’s a time limit on “smoothing feathers”? And I always do it late….? Ack, I think that’s just made up! But…. wanting it all to just go away rather than “better late than never” smoothing might just make the feathers on ONE side of the bird happy 🙂

    SHV – wow, that was wierd seeing “SHV” speak as a male. I see her (an MD’s wife) posting on other forums as a woman. Then her MD husband pops in lol

  192. Sorry mcnorman. I didn’t read your link earlier. I couldn’t get past the mans picture. It’s funny, I googled and found the same story you linked to.

  193. Ok so we get Mr and Mrs. SHV and never know which. Seems like fun. SHV likes goofing on us. What better place to goof on people than here?

  194. I see that Mrs Cain says Mr Cain couldn’t have possibly done all those things because he, like, totally respects women. There that’s settled. Must be why he insulted Anita Hill the other day. You know, the black woman who testified against the black man? That was rayyyyyycist.

  195. Judge who let Sandusky go free is a woman. What the hell is wrong with women judges lately? Remember the nut in Australia?


    Also, I had a conspiracy theory thought…what if they let him free becuz they’re hoping someone will off him? Huffpo reported theres a rumor that he pimped out these boys to rich donors. They’re not going to want him to open his ugly trap and name names for a reduced sentence.

  196. lol lorac. It’s kind of like having a pimple on the butt. You want it to go away, it starts to feel better and then somebody asks you how that pimple is doing. But hey, you folks in the head shrink business love bringing old stuff up. It’s kind of like job security, right?

  197. Well the system does say you are innocent till proven guilty, so they set bail. He didn’t commit murder, just ruined a whole shitload of lives. That doesn’t count in a system that is more concerned for perps than victims. I think his bail was too low though.

  198. lorac said: “SHV – wow, that was wierd seeing “SHV” speak as a male. I see her (an MD’s wife) posting on other forums as a woman. Then her MD husband pops in lol”

    Lorac, I think you have it backwards. The wife is the surgeon. The husband stays at home and plays with the cats. Perhaps he is a retired doc himself?

    He said about his wife: The Alphamegamiac has no choice, I’m kicked back, blogging with the Kittez and she working her ass off, operating on stabbings, gunshots, and car wreck victims.

  199. Hell is breaking loose in Portland. Anyone know what’s going on?

    They deserve to have hell break loose after that DISGUSTING rape edict.

  200. This thread about Portland started because of the rape edict but before the cops closed them down. My sister lives on one of the Portland parks they occupied a few weeks ago. After music, drumming and bullhorns at all hours of the night the residents of the Pearl district got them moved right quick to downtown. The latte liberals want their latte in peace. How do you think retired people feel when they wake up after 40 years of hard work and see a bunch of a-holes banging drums under their windows?

  201. My candidate is still “the marijuana guy” and I don’t even smoke it!


    He will not win New Hampshire, but he is trying to, one person at a time. Walk, run, hike, bike across the state shaking hands and talking to people. Go Gary – lol. Okay, I can really pick ’em, can’t I.


  202. As with all regular people, Johnson doesn’t have a chance. You have to be wealthy and well connected to join the ogliarchy of the USA and become President. Or you can be a pretend-puck who sells his soul, such as the current occupant. But make no mistake, he will leave the white house VERy wealthy as a reward for fucking the middle class.

    ..just like every member of congress leaves wealthy for the same reason.

  203. The judge was a volunteer to the charity. That tells me that she, like so many others want to help but are clueless to the muck within. I’m sure that her work with them helped at election time.

  204. The latte liberals want their latte in peace.

    Isn’t that the truth?
    Limo Liberals love them the poor and downtrodden, just so long as they aren’t too close to their palaces.

  205. The perverts at occupy (city public park) campgrounds are one step from a flash mob or bonnaroo type event. They are innocently groping each other in public. Kissing and light petting encouraged. Is orgy on the lawn far behind? I’ve never heard of a cuddle puddle or cuddle party but basically it is the cure for all the years these kids spent on facebook virtually dealing with their peers. Now they reach out and touch someone.



    No showers. I hope they have lots of purell.

  206. mcnorman, yep. He should have at least had an ankle bracelet. One of my co-workers had one for a few weeks here in a hick town in PA for public drinking violations. She tried to hide it but it was summer and somebody noticed it when her light weight pants rode up.

  207. The rioters have smashed a “Whole Foods” store windows, can their sainted Starbucks be far behind. “Free coffee or we trash the place.”

    One of the sites had a sympathetic street vendor with his little cart of food giving out free samples to some of the kids out of kindness. It was cutting into his supplies and his profit (the reason he spends days standing on his feet in all kinds of weather cooking for people) and he stopped the freebies. They trashed his cart. The cart vendors have a lot of expenses. They pay the cities for spots, insurance, taxes, licenses, fees, etc. They don’t just buy food and sell it for a profit.

    The vendor was not in the 1 %.

  208. @ karen
    He has an ankle bracelet karen. I’m wondering if the guy will do himself in over the holidays. I read somewhere that the grandkids would no longer be accessible.

  209. Yes karen, too much time on FB without human touch makes for lots of want now.

  210. mcnorman, he has no bracelet. All the news articles list that the judge let him go with no strings at all attached. Second Mile judge who does not really care about kids at all.

    “Judge Dutchot ignored the prosecutors’ request for $500,000 bail and an electronic ankle bracelet. Instead, she freed him on $100,000 with no strings attached. She ordered that he “pay nothing unless he failed to show up for a court hearing.”

  211. Pay nothing? Rank Has Its Privileges, even if it’s a pervert!

    I am sure he has his child pornography to keep him busy and ‘out of trouble’. Pedos usually have that disgusting crap for backup.

  212. Nothing????? Oh gawd. That’s unbelievable.

  213. I don’t know why male pols have to have their wives defend them against sex harassment charges. With all due respect to Mrs. Cain — and she looks like a wonderful woman — how the hell does she know what is or was going on at Herm’s workplaces. It’s not like a guy harasses a woman at work and then rushes home to report it to his wife. It’s necessarily something he’s going to keep under wraps. This marching the wife out as ‘cover’ has to stop. I was thrilled that Huma Abedin never vouched for the crotch-twitter.

  214. Yeah karen, I hear ya. She makes my mouth water. I’m dying to know what flavor she is.

    I think karen and vivien are joining our community, SophieCT and lorac. Welcome on board, girls!

  215. Gross on the Cuddle Parties.

  216. yes, NES, wemusteatpie. You do mean we’re joining the pie people, right? PIE. Just say PIE.


    NES, Sophie, Lorac… hey, wait a minute?

    I don’t know about vivien, but I like pie more than wimmen or men!

  217. Who needs anything else when you’ve got pie. I love pie.

  218. Hahahaha, karen! Membership card will follow in the mail.

  219. Wow, I have never in my life heard so much talk of penis chopping. Do you realize how barbaric it would be to actually chop someone’s penis off? That would be considered torture, something outlawed by a little thing called the Geneva convention. Not to mention an act that is irreversible in the case that the mob (you all) might have got it wrong when rushing to chop a penis off at the first sign of an accusation of rape.

    I think rape is an awful crime and should be punished severely, but never by torturing criminal in such an inhumane way. It is terrible that OWS is trying to sweep rape and sexual assault under the rug but that doesn’t make it ok for you ladies to joke about chopping off penises, it makes you sound like savage animals.


    You didn’t have to tell us you are ” A MAN”. Trust me, we would have figured it out all by our dumb little selves based on your comments. Now we realize that your penis is more important than ruining a woman or a child’s entire life. In fact, we realize that your penis is more important to you than anything. That’s because you have never been a raped woman or child. I do hope you don’t have any daughters, but then again if you do, you might change your mind pretty goddamned quick when it happens to her and you get to see the devasation first hand. We have a justice system that excuses or releases rapists constantly, This blog is full of these disgusting stories. This is because of people like you and your important penises, who are more concerned for the rights of rapists and perverts than you are for their victims. So let me put it this way, asshole. Don’t be coming near us and our daughters with your attitude about how raping a woman or a child is an “awful crime” but cutting the pervert’s penis off is “savage” and much worse than raping a woman or a child.

    Rape isn’t an “awful crime,” you buffoon. It’s a lifetime of pain and hell. Guys like you are the problem because you just don’t think rape is all that horrible, so maybe one day somebody will stick a broom up your ass and you will get it about being violated. Meanwhile, if some guy with an important “little” geneva convention penis like yours decides to have his way with one of us, either our dogs are going to have him for a snack or we are going to turn him into a hen with one shot. Gun sales to women aren’t on the rise for nothing. The internet is riddled now with stories of women who fought back and won big–and the geneva convention never entered their minds, nor did it have to. If you think that’s harsh, it’s because of guys like you with your cavalier attitude refusing to support women against this ongoing horrific assault that is on the rise daily. We understand we are on our own now and we are adapting accordingly. So don’t be coming here chastising us and telling us what to think, Skippy. You aren’t man enough to bully us. Now get the hell off this blog. ****

  220. Those freaking saudis are animals.

  221. WOOT! Get em Uppity! Don’t let needle nose near him. She might get some horrible disease!

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