Live Stream, Zuccotti Park Police Eviction Of Protesters.

Live Stream (Revolution)

Live Stream CNN (Better audio and video)

New York City police began clearing Zuccotti Park of the Occupy Wall Street protesters about 1 a.m. Tuesday, saying the camp would be “cleared and restored” before the morning and that any demonstrator who did not leave would be arrested.


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  1. Any down twinkles?

  2. If they rush, they can fit in a whole bunch of rapes before they leave.

  3. How ironic. The demo’s were allowed to continue because the authorities expected November cold and wet weather would result in a natural, occupation-termination of the OWSers – a kind of spontaneous abortion.

    Instead, the warm and mostly dry weather kept many there along with a constant increase in the germs and crud of unwashed civilization and even added to the numbers of participants.

    City Hall vs Mother Nature – no contest.

  4. I guess the rapists will just have to go find victims the old fashioned way now that they lost their stash.

  5. AARRGGHH! Stuff always happens while I sleep! The rigatoni were so good I just had to go sleep it off! (or was that the two glasses of wine?)

    Is that penguin protecting Bill from the turkey? Why?
    FF is a genius!

  6. My God, look at the CNN link. zuccotti part is a FILTHY MESS. They show some of the cleanup. I mean we are talking HORRIFIC. Those guys need hazmat suits.

  7. I’m not sure with the header what’s going on. Only FF knows. lol. But I have to say that is the cutest pic of bill’s face evah.

  8. OT- should Hillary be Time magazine’s person of the year? You can vote here,28804,2098471_2098472_2098502,00.html

    Hell of a way to pick huh? So OFA can pack this poll just like they did the caucuses? Oh wait- maybe it’s practice for 2012?

  9. This is hilarious and on point. And by the way, Roland is sure eating well isn’t he? A few more hot meals and we will need a bigger TV to see him.

  10. They act like they didn’t know the cops were coming. What a mess.

  11. Whose jail cell? OUR jail cell!

  12. I was up most of the night watching live streams. I kept hearing them talk about police brutality but I couldn’t find any.

  13. Whose jail cell? OUR jail cell!


  14. Seriously though. If I thought this movement was achieving anything helpful other than costing taxpayers a fortune cleaning up after them, and if I didn’t think Barack Obama’s fingerprints were all over it, and if I thought that these people even remotely appreciate the beauty of a Republic vs a socialist republic, and if I believed that they didn’t simply want to trump the greed of the rich with their own greed, and if they were standing collective in front of Barack Obama’s house and congressional steps, where it would matter (since they are the enablers), I would support them. They are none of these things.

  15. Someone at another blog is concerned about where the poor protesters will go.

    How about home?

  16. I recommend going to 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue. I hear there’s a nice garden there chock full of arugula.

  17. Time magazine, I think it was, suggested the city provide them with more suitable living quarters. Like yeah, let’s build them homes FCS. Zuccotti looks like their mother’s basements on steroids.

  18. Yes in the beginning, around 2 AM they were streaming text on the live stream about tear gas. Then a few hours later they ‘corrected’ that there was no tear gas. Ditto on pepper gas. But I will say this, when I saw the aerial shot at CNN of all the cops I thought holy cripes, they have a BOATLOAD of cops in the city.

    I also was wondering how it is they expected cops to defy orders and be unemployed along with them. Police are paramilitary organizations and you take your orders and that’s that.

  19. I was also reading their chat text and that was freaky too. Discussing destroying the unemployment system so everybody gets nothing and shows up to protest with them. talk about stupidity. As IF they could ‘destroy’ it for starters, and wanting millions more to be unable to buy food is unconsienable. They keep saying they are the 99 but I don’t know a single soul who thinks like they do or wants most of what they want. The people are know are not the top 1%, they are the middle 50%, working and paying taxes and doing what they have to do to get by. Some are unemployed and busy looking for work or looking for ways to earn in the interim. They have families to support and can’t enjoy the luxury of a wish list of unattenable things. I know EEs working at home depot, so who are these kids who get fresh out of college with some fairly useless major, expecting the big bucks and waiting for that ship to come in NOW.

    I’m thinking OWS made a dent in the NYC budget by many millions already. Who do they really think is going to pay for that? Wall Street? Nope. Working stiffs with a property tax increase.

  20. imust, if they went to DC and barnstormed collectively, they would have my interest. Otherwise, wall street couldn’t care less. It’s got to be a joke to them. All they are doing is destroying local businesses who are ANYTHING but the top 1%.

  21. I saw a CNN photo in their photo ‘documentary’…holding a ‘funeral’ for wall street greed. One of the freaks was dressed as the rabbi. And this is something I REALLY find odious. their abject hatred of Jews, bordering on another halocaust wish.
    I can’t support savages who want to commit genocide in their hearts, just like Ahmadinejad. That’s just plain mentally ill. Somebody taught these kids this sick shit from childhood.

  22. OT but just one more sick bastard in the USA. Sandusky admits he…….are you ready? He ‘Horsed around”. But he’s ‘innocent’.

    And check out this old interview with him about his program. Puts a whole new spin to this sick bastard.

  23. PMM-

    I voted and it’s 2 to 1 against her. Could they possibly have found a more unflattering picture of her?

  24. I want to know if OWS @ Harvard is going to go. Apparently, it was a sculpture without occupiers (just tents).

  25. You can always count on Time to find a really bad photo of hillary. Their obviousness is the major reason nobody reads them any longer. They dare to call themselves news. They are nothing but biased manipulators. Last year’s pic of her was even worse.

  26. OWS harvard has no one there because they are all busy going to class.

  27. I voted for her too. But, it’s not going to matter: the picks are going to be made by Time’s editorial board. Im guessing it’s going to be Jobs or OWS/99%. It won’t be Barky, for sure.

  28. NES- I read your link and at first I was laughing too- and Hillary seemed to get a kick out of it.
    The I had a big WTF moment.
    How did that guy get by security? What if he wanted to harm her or the other guy?
    Not good.

  29. I guess the rapists will just have to go find victims the old fashioned way now that they lost their stash.

    The new OWS theme song – “Give rape a chance”

  30. Good point on security, Mom.

  31. NES- I am such a debbie downer party pooper – but stuff like that makes me wonder. Does she not have a Secret Service detail? Should there not be pretty tight security when there is a meeting of heads of state?
    Sorry to rain on the parade. Just a paranoid bitter clinger.
    sigh 😦

  32. Hillary’s laugh photos. Hilarious.

  33. I VOTED. 🙂

  34. I’m monitoring live stream. Someone did a restraining order to declare the eviction illegal. Police not honoring it. It’s privately owned property and the owners want it cleared. The owners of Trinity real estate has told them they are not welcome. They were seeking refuge via Trinity church. Denied.

    They are now saying Triniity church refusal not confirmed.

  35. Haters of religion seeking church help. No irony there is there?

  36. It’s getting bad folks. Click on the feed.

  37. They need to stop riling the cops. It’s getting bad. They are arresting people and not gently.

  38. These are the kids we busted our asses for to send to college? These are the kids we tried to impart a sense of responsibility to?

    Worse are people in their 40’s/50’s who are stupid enough to support this.

  39. Worse are people in their 40′s/50′s who are stupid enough to support this.

    Did you call, Anthony?

  40. Trinity church has told them they are not welcome in their parking lot. Apparently, there was an appeal to the injunction to allow them to return to Zuccotti. Not sure how they got an injunction, since the park is private property. But that’s all the info I am getting.

  41. “Did you call, Anthony?”

    Certainly not specifically or intentionally to you, but you know what they say – ‘if the shoe fits…’

  42. NY is a disaster waiting to happen. Far as I can see, the protesters are physically non violent, but they are using some pretty harsh language, using words like Fucking and Pigs…. and I think the cops are getting agitated.

  43. These are the kids we busted our asses for to send to college? These are the kids we tried to impart a sense of responsibility to?

    If you were a 60s activist, Anthony, it’s likely your parents said the same thing.

  44. Yep, thought you’d say that. Perhaps you should remember that next time you are inclined to take personal umbrage over a general comment I make on anti-OWSers.

  45. Ok you two, go to your corners. I don’t want to see either of you comment for ten minutes.

  46. All we need is some beefy rednecks in hard hats to launch a counter-protest.

  47. Hearing in progress as to whether OWS can occupy Z Park again while appeal is in process.

  48. Watching the livestream is making me seasick.

    The audio is even more annoying.

  49. Can’t they come up with some clever and original chants?

  50. I just do wish the woman running the camera would shut the fuck up. She’s giving everybody a headache with her constant screaming.

  51. The young woman screaming in the live stream is going to end up with a very sore throat if she does not learn how to properly project her voice. And take it down an octave to make it more pleasant on the ears imo

  52. She’s on a power trip. She just won’t shut up and in between screaming loudly she forces everyone to hear her conversations. I wish she would focus on keeping that camera steady instead though. She’s got some great shots.

  53. Some narrative would help too – like where they are, where they’re headed, etc.

  54. NES – Relax.

    You lobbed something at me, and I lobbed it back. Nothing more, nothing less.

    FYI, I’ve only responded directly to your comments where you quoted my words. When you said we (who didn’t support OWS) sounded like a “bunch of cranky rednecks” (or something similar), I certainly didn’t interpret it to mean you were referring to me (mostly because I know I don’t sound like that).

    And yes, I did take part in a hell of a lot of activist movements in the 60’s, and no, my parents never had reason to say that. They let me know they might not agree with me, but also let me know they were proud of my passion and commitment to participating in focused movements that had actual goals. Also, I made sure I paid my own tuition, even though they had more than enough resources to pay it for me.

    They had to bail me out of jail for protesting in Boston, D.C. and New York. They didn’t like it, but again, were proud that I was part of a movement that had an actual agenda.

    Don’t take my comments so personally (unless, of course, you have some personal axe to grind with me for some reason)

    No offense taken or intended.

  55. Okay, they’re at the park but the cops won’t let them in

  56. No offense taken or intended.

    Same here, Anthony. All’s cool.

  57. Oh good. You both get a piece of candy. Aunt uppity lovez youse.

  58. Hate candy. Got liquor?

  59. Here’s another woman screaming, pointlessly and to create a distraction:

    Pelosi has another thing coming if she thinks calling it “a smear” is going to make the issue go away. After all, it’s 60 Minutes blowing the whistle, not Faux Noise.

  60. Yeah, me too. Scotch or bust.

  61. Yes Beata lotsa loving words, but they tossed them from their parking lot.

    As for Nancy, I guess it’s never fun being shown for the criminals Congress critters are. Smear my ass. Tell them to open up those “blind” trusts. I’ll just bet, for example, they all invested in CFLs before they passed their mercury poisoning law. They control the companies they invest in via laws. Therefore they are inside traders.

  62. Yup, got liquor, A.

  63. And didn’t one of Nancy’s relatives just get a green grant???

    These people all belong in prison.

  64. Anthony! Hate candy???? How about my home made truffles- with liquor? lol I have made them with Chambord, Grand Marnier and a variety of other “flavorings” – Rum is always good!

  65. LOL Nancy, ABC doing a “right wing smear”. ABC is right wing. Who knew?

    The problem here is ABC acted like journalists. This is foreign to nancy.

  66. Yup Uppity- I do believe one of Nancy’s relatives- possibly a brother? is/was involved with Solyndra. Or maybe it was the other one that got the big green grant for the project up in her BFF Harry’s state? They are all so inbred on these deals it is hard to keep track.

  67. Lovely chat room on the live feed

    1:37 PM revoltlution: yeah, surround the police and usher them out of the park, prod the cattle with a rod if you must to herd the pigs back into their pen.

  68. Yeah I gave up reading that chat, Mom. They are nutcases.

  69. You guys want to check out imust’s first post. It’s up.

  70. You’ve been making the insider-trading point forever, Upps. Once again, your ThirdEye reigns.

  71. That law they want to pass that makes insider trading illegal (as IF it isn’t already!) should be retroactive and the whole lot of them should be investigated. All of them. One by one.

  72. Wait, is it ABC? I thought 60 Mins. is CBS….

  73. It was another green CA company, Mom, not Solyndra.

  74. Mom, we had an oxblood cherry tree. Every year my mother would have them picked on just the right day and then proceed to lock them in jarks with brandy for several months. Then around Christmas, she would make dark chocolates with the brandy and a cherry in them. Oh man!

  75. You’ve been making the insider-trading point forever, Upps. Once again, your ThirdEye reigns.

    Thank you! Now I hope something gets done about it.

  76. Oh yeah it is CBS. I gotta stop drinking my lunch.

  77. I gotta stop drinking my lunch.

    Pass it over here.

  78. At today’s noontime Holy Eucharist at Trinity Church-Wall Street, the priest talks about OWS in his homily ( around 11 minutes into the service ) :

  79. I made brandied peaches and pears one year. Gave them out at Christmas. And peaches with Chambord are the bomb!

  80. PMM, my mouth is watering……

    Will give (your) candy another chance.

  81. Upp, do you have a link to show that Trinity Church has tossed the protestors from church property?

  82. Anthony- YAY! Chocolate goes with EVERYTHING! It really should be it’s own food group! And it is good for you too!
    Fudge- dark chocolate – sub liqueur of your choice for vanilla, Fast and YUMMY! Truffles are just hopped up fudge lol!

  83. No I don’t. I heard it directly from liason at the live feed site, which i have been following. Mic check! And then blah blah blah. The words that were relayed were “not welcome to occupy the parking lot”. Immediately after that, OWS went on the move, headed presumably toward Z Park again.

  84. Anthony, I thought you would see the Candy Light after the brandy story.

  85. Anthony, just FYI, the remaining cherries were always used in Manhattans.

  86. Oh Mom, I bet that fruit was perfect in an Old Fashioned. Not to mention on ice cream. Oh…oh….sputter…

  87. LOL Uppity- yup- that fruit was just wonderful! Though my sister in law was sort of mad at me. She is a teetotaler and thinks everybody else should be as well. Not my fault she did not read the label- which clearly stated “brandied peaches.”

  88. Oh tell her to get over it, Mom.

    You mean candy isn’t in the four food groups? Sugar, caffeine, starch and fat?

  89. LOL- she did finally get over it Uppity- it was pretty funny to tell the truth. She sort of pigged out on them on the sly. Did not want to share. Just goes to show what happens to greedy people. (She is the worst cook evah! So if it is a food gift she (used to be) all over it)

    Nope- chocolate is not a food group. I cracked up laughing when that medical group declared chocolate is good for you. Well DUH! I’ve known that all my life.
    Never met anyone who dropped dead in the road eating a Hershey bar- but plenty- including the father of jogging- who keeled over from exercise.

  90. “Anthony, just FYI, the remaining cherries were always used in Manhattans.”




    Are you trying to kill me????

    I still have two more assignments to write…. Good for me that keyboards can’t slur

  91. Dear Anthony,

  92. Ahh, Adbusters tells their minions that they will have to wait until spring to continue the uprising in zzoocati park.

  93. Are they serious? ROFL. OWS gets a semester break. lol.

  94. Yes, a winter break. lol

  95. Good thing too, since the judge ruled that they can’t go back in. Back to the basements it is.

  96. If OWS takes off a semester in response to Adbusters’ suggestion (directive), I’m going to be ordering up some crow to eat. Utah, you got those pots firing?

  97. How do you “wind down” a protest supposedly fueled by intense anger?

  98. How do you “wind down” a protest supposedly fueled by intense anger?

    The cannabis will take care of that. Or valium.

  99. Sorry NES, I am sorry that I had to break the news to you this way. I find it very interesting that Adbusters is Canadian. They were among the first to lead in the crowd.

  100. How do you “wind down” a protest supposedly fueled by intense anger?

    You move back into your parents’ basement.

  101. You move back into your parents’ basement.

    I’m sure that all basements have been fumigated, and they are ready to be considered living spaces once again myiq2xu.

  102. Occupy Phoenix is going to protest on the Light Rail about town.

    Yeah. Um. It sucks as it is, and you’re going to screw it up more.

    I am immensely happy that the Phoenix City Council stuck to their guns and told the OP idiots they may NOT camp and they may NOT stay in CC park permanently. They’re smarter than New York by a danged sight.

  103. Hey mcnorman, if you’re really sorry, you’ll buy me a nice bottle of chianti to go with the crow and mushroom stew.

  104. How do you “wind down” a protest supposedly fueled by intense anger?

    You send down the local OFA guy to say, “Alright gang…that’ll do, for now. See you in the Spring. OOBAHHHMAAA!”

  105. you’ll buy me a nice bottle of chianti to go with the crow and mushroom stew

    NES you got it!

  106. Hey NES I bet you’re glad you didn’t wager with me. Damn. I coulda racked up.

    So the CANADIAN anti capitalist who pimped this whole global thing says Vacation! Translation: We blew this round. Let’s try again next year.

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