Thousands of OWS adult dependents return home to their parents’ basements

Parents recognize some of this stuff.

Okay I’m a little late with this post, but I didn’t want to interefere with the Lorac Wednesday post. I know you would be disappointed if I didn’t add my take on OWS NY City.

Stripped of their free tents-ordered-to-specs, their free buffet table and their free rape stash, OWS NY City has been pretty much dismantled. As of yesterday, a dozen or so protestors remained and  pretty much all the others who were participating in the Zuccotti Park Revolution seemed to have been raptured or something.

After the city evicted the occupiers and cleaned up what looked like a very disgusting Zuccotti Park, Supreme Court Justice Michael Stallman denied a request to allow them to return as campers AKA occupiers of private property.

After the ruling came down, protesters were allowed to reenter the park, albeit without any bulky items or large backpacks.

This meant that many of them couldn’t cart their ipads, ipods, Kindles, Nikon camera equipment, camcorders,  blackberries and other assorted  staples/necessities-of-life back into the park.

Shortly after the eviction, there was a  collective plea to religious leaders, churches and synogogues to provide refuge to the same protestors who revile Christians, think the entire concept of God sucks, and despise and blame Jews for every form of greed — and for pretty much everything else bad that has ever happened since the Big Bang occurred.

Following the eviction, members of the movement gathered on the edge of nearby Chinatown, where a group of interfaith leaders called on churches, synagogues and other houses of worship to take in protesters displaced by the court order.

There was no irony there, was there? So, as it usually does, “You reap what you sow” applied here.

Oh yeah. It only seems fitting and right that a synogogue offer support to this sweet trust fund baby.

Or her.

Ironically, the protestors were very happy that they were at least allowed back into Zuccotti and regarded this as a Win, until they realized that they couldn’t camp there or even nap there. The crowd thinned by the end of the day and the protestors headed back to wherever they hailed from.

For some parents, luck was with them and their daughters didn’t get raped. But for most parents of  these dependents who are pushing 30, this is probably not an auspicious occasion. However, at least they can say that they were finally able to clean their basements, have the sticky floors scraped, and remove that mysterious musky scent reminiscent of  the marrying of Cheetos and bodily fluids — which often wafted upstairs whenever the basement door was left open for too long.

Some of these rotten baby boomer parents, also known as walking ATM machines, even had their couches in the dens fumigated or replaced.  Many found that their food bills were drastically reduced in the absence of their adult spawns who have proven time and again that 25 is the new 15.  Their water and electric bills were much lower. In fact, they were actually able to save some money for a change.  Though they weren’t able to save nearly enough to replenish the life savings their little prodigies have already depleted, at least it was something. However, Skippy’s birthday IS coming up and there’s that new ipod he’s been coveting.

When you consider all the Service Master basement cleaning contracts that were paid during this occupation, OWS was good for the local economies. However, when you consider how quickly this bunch folded like an automatic umbrella once their free buffet and sleeping gear were cut off, you kind of have to wonder exactly what they were committed to besides a good destructive party and occasionally tossing paper airplanes at Wall Street. Just saying. It was as difficult to figure out exactly what these protestors wanted on the day they left as it was on the day they arrived. To quote The Pointed Man (see Harry Nilsson’s The Point), “A point in every direction is no better than no point at all”.

As always, the President they all enthusiastically voted and worked feverishly for was right there for them in their greatest time of need, speaking up for them. Well okay, he wasn’t exactly right there. He was in Hawaii. OWS: Barack says Aloha! Did you really expect him to  seriously risk “Down Twinkles” from Goldman Sachs or Bank Of America during the height of his fundraising efforts? Which brings me once again to why in hell, if these people were serious, they weren’t camped out in front of the White House and the Capitol steps collectively–considering these are the people who enable Big Banks, Goldman Sachs and other corporations to own America through their generous campaign donations.

But take heart! Even Revolutions get to go on vacation now, just like Barack! The instigator of the Global Revolution,  an anti-capitalist anarchist in Canada, whose name I am not going to waste my time looking up, says everybody should stop protesting and start-up again in the Spring. I know this will be taken very seriously by politicians and bankers the world over.

And everybody gets a trophy for showing up, just like in school!

But the only real winners I could find at OWS, were the two rational beings below. Somebody should have put them both in a room and ironed things out. To be sure we wouldn’t have heard the F bomb come out of their mouths every 15 seconds, no bongos, no misspelled signs, no drugs, no greed and no abject stupidity. In fact, this was the only productive conversation I witnessed in all the OWS videos.


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  1. ¡Viva la Revolución! ¡Hasta la Victoria Siempre!

  2. Yes, it’s really me – I’m in disguise today

  3. ROFL! I just knew you were working up a good post on the children!
    Wonder how many locksmiths got extra work the past six weeks?

    myiq- that was quite startling. Why are you in disguise?

  4. I’m trying to infiltrate the revolution

  5. We love you Che! You murderous bastard hero you!.

  6. Priceless comments at the youtubes in response to the video of the guy pointing out all the corporatation OWS supports daily.

    Ok genius, where we can get the job if there is not jobs in our country.. You have an enormous talent talking shit. What you will do, if you don’t have enough money to buy the market for your family ??????

    To which a commenter responds..

    Being able to write a coherent sentence is a tremendous asset when looking for a job. Or should the evil, greedy rich just hire you because you are such a special little snowflake?

    But the real winner is….

    All the companies you mentioned have nothing to do with the corporate greed. The movement has been against the banks who got bailed out such as goldman sachs, boa, citi etc. Sure many people are confused about corporate greed just as you are, but companies such as samsung, apple have nothing to do with the corp greed. how can 20% unemployed get a jobs that don’t even exist?

    Yes that’s right. the CEOs of samsung, apple, or any corporations an OWSer patronizes are not part of the 1% because special little OWS people patronize them, even if they do produce their products in sweat shops in China with 12 year old workers, thus taking the very jobs away from the USA that OWS is complaining “don’t exist”.

  7. No no NO Uppity! Not THOSE corporations! It’s not like any of those companies actually- yah know like- got money- like from the like greedy evil banks!
    You are cracking me up today.
    Hint to OWS children. Stores are hiring for the holiday rush. Hint. Take all the metal out of your face, cover your tattoos and body parts best seen only in your shower and bedroom AND bring your own damn pen to fill out the application.

  8. I see Ms Poppins is getting ready to prepare Thanksgiving dinner the old fashioned way!

  9. Videographer says he filmed for 18 hours and then shows us 3 minutes of the bad police and the sweet protestors.

    If I ever go to youtube and find an objective video on anything, I may have a stroke.

  10. I forgot about the tats, Mom. So many of these people who have defaced themselves will never get the jobs they want, even with a degree. Nobody wants to hire a freaky looking tatooed person with punctures all over their faces where the rings were the day before the interview… unless it’s for a job back in the stockroom where nobody can see him. What were these people thinking wearing their angst on their bodies?

  11. Eh myiq, he was just blowing smoke. He looks like he can’t organize taking a crap much less organize the destroying of NY City.

  12. OT but this is some funny chit.

  13. Police refusing to let them march on Wall Street – they don’t have a parade permit.

  14. Taking a step back to review…

    How can the rights to free speech and peaceful assembly be exercised if one must first apply to the government for a permit?

  15. If it were me that spawned one of these dill weeds I would have taken the opportunity to have rented out my house and left leaving no forwarding address while my demon seed was away.
    Guess I am lucky or was the type of parent that taught their young at 18 I no longer owed them a thing and to work. They both do fine in this world and thought the OWS crowd was a bunch of kooks and were or are wondering like I am how much all this will cost us home owners on their next tax bill. Someone will have to cover the cost of repairing the damage to the lawns, sprinklers etc and clean up and I know it wont dare fall on the shoulders of the ones that actually did the damage.

    Got to run now I have some tasty crow cooking .

  16. Uppity- is that pic up top a shot from that show- Hoarders, Buried Alive? lol
    I think the city should have a gigantic auction for all that stuff they collected. Put the proceeds towards the bill for cleaning up and the OT paid to the cops.

  17. Sophie:

    “Time, place and manner” restrictions are legal as long as they are content-neutral.

    The government can’t use TPM as an excuse to block all protest.

  18. Okay, so we don’t still have Paris.

  19. OT- Just lovely- a computer with data on 4 MILLION patients stolen. That computerized medical data base thing is just great- right? RIGHT? Having your doctor type away on the laptop is a good thing?

    SACRAMENTO, Calif. (AP) — A Northern California physicians network says a computer stolen last month contains personal information on more than 4 million patients dating back to 1995.

    The Sacramento Bee reports ( ) the database includes the names, addresses, email addresses, birthdates, telephone numbers and insurance information of 3.3 million Sutter Medical Foundation patients.

  20. Well yes, that is an interesting question Sophie. I would say they do it for two reasons. 1) for the fee and 2) To be alerted just in case violence breaks out. Just my guess. In any event, there was one real problem here and that is, nobody has the right to occupy someone else’s private property. Unless of course it’s the government and they decide to eminent domain your ass right off your own property.

  21. Utah, cook that crow slowly, we don’t want NES eating tough meat.

  22. I find it interesting that marches and sit ins are scheduled for the same morning that Steven Chu is the guest of honor before the Republican Energy committee. The news networks will be busy covering the mob instead of a hearing on graft and fraud. I wonder what the story behind the timeline of announced hearings and announced anarchy might be.

  23. Mom the potential for abuse of all medical data protected by a government that can’t even keep is own intelligence data safe, is huge. Insurance companies will be scouring that data to decide who they are going to insure and how. Employers could forget to hire people with illnesses. It’s a hotbed of horror for the people.

  24. ROFL! Got chalk? Occupy your sidewalk!
    Seriously- this is on their “actions” you can do to participate.

    I’m sorry. I left the sidewalk chalk with the people I bought it for. My grandchildren.
    Ages 7 and 11.

  25. Mom I think I read somewhere that they were separating stuff that is saleable. They also did let a few protestors recover their stuff before they shut that down due to what they said was too much broken glass.

  26. I’ve been watching the OWS live feed this morning.

    They just don’t make police brutality like they used to.

  27. What? What was that? NO! Don’t look! No no no! Don’t look over there! You might see there is another Solyndra hearing today!
    Funny- did we not just recently do a two blog live thread because something was distracting from an important hearing in DC?

  28. Yup. My memory served again. It was Oct 14th. We had an OWS live blog here and the Solyndra hearing over at my place.
    I am SURE it is just a coinkydink that there is another OWS distraction today. None of this is coordinated to keep our eyes off the scandal ridden oministration.

  29. Oh laura! Ye of little faith! It’s a coincidence that anarchy is always scheduled during solyndra hearings, or during gun runner hearings and other silly unimportant stuff.

  30. They just don’t make police brutality like they used to.

    no kidding lmao

  31. No no no. No tough crow served here. And with tons of garlic a touch of this and that smothered in a good gravy with tons of mushrooms and some good wine and crusty bread on the side it aint too bad lol trust me I have had to eat it more then once myself lol. I said the USA was not so ignorant as to elect Obama and well let’s say the crow was not all that bad.
    Someone uses that sidewalk chalk on my walks if they can find them under the ice out there they are going to regret it.
    I went by the SLC park these dirty slobs had used and they were using bull dozers to clear out the crap. The grass is gone in what was once a beautiful family park. Ogdens is not too bad but mayhap there are still some sane folks that think having a job is more important to daily life then making a statement.

  32. LOL I’m over at the occupy revolution live feed and listening to this guy talk about needing emergency housing for OWS.All righty then.

  33. Uppity Woman, on November 17, 2011 at 9:12 AM said:

    I’m just a silly old wonk. I seem to think fraud hearings are more exciting than occupiers. Wall St is blocked off by the cops so they can only harass the people trying to walk to work. When they start blocking off the subway then the public will fight back (or take the bus).

  34. I am SURE it is just a coinkydink that there is another OWS distraction today.
    Thanks for pointng that out. I tweeted that thought.

    Btw, just noticed Mary Poppins in the header with an axe! LOLOLOL.

  35. There’s a video on CNN of the OSWers being arrested. One guy keeps hollering back to his friend….”Take care of my stuff!” “Watch my stuff!” LOL!

  36. Dog and Pony show. The whole thing was one big fiasco. They must first learn to do without, then they can accuse others of having too much. If the whole purpose was to party and get paid for it, then they succeeded. They didn’t work and got tons of free food and equipment. Some of them were staying at hotels in the areas and were paying over $130 a night. How do they afford that? When I travel I camp out or stay at a Motel 6 type place for $40 or so.

    But then again, my parents never had much to give me so I worked for everything just like they did. Maybe they learned to see what absolute hypocrites they are.

    myiq: I posted that video here a few weeks ago and think he is bang spot on. Corporate products bought up by these little street urchins pretending to be better than everybody else. Love the irony.

  37. oh and Uppity, thank you for taking the time to write your version of the circus show. Wonderful, as always.

  38. Laura, in response to your question, today is the two month anniversary of OWS. So, the date shouldnt be a mystery.

  39. Ha! You’re all wrong about the timing.

  40. Laura don’t mind NES. She is losing a bet and grasping at straws.

    ………ducking and running.

  41. Oh, great insurance information stolen. My clinic requires me to show my insurance card and my drivers liscence when I go in for any kind of appointment because people are stealing medical services.

    They occupied a B of A in SF yesterday. It seems as if their refrain comes from the Cybil Shepard/Bruce Willis sitcom of the 1980’s Moonlighting–“Pay and No Work.”

    Interesting how this protest has morphed from protesting against the banks and corporates into screwing the little people, the small businesses, small investors, etc. They plan on occupying wall street today– I see violence and an excuse for the government to intervene in a heavy handed way, and so the cycle begins.

  42. Good vid at 6:50 am, SophieCT. Nice to see vids not culled for viewing by Fox, Breitbart, velum serum, and the like ‘media.’

  43. How can the rights to free speech and peaceful assembly be exercised if one must first apply to the government for a permit?

    Precisely. Like they’d ever have been given a permit to disrupt biz on Wall Street. It’s ridiculous to have a “Police Checkpoint.” Or for the cops to have knocked down a guy for planting an American flag.

  44. First, y’all criticize them for not doing anything but camping. Now, y’all criticize them for trying to march. A bit inconsistent, nay?

  45. Votermom posted this over at Crawdad’s- hysterical!

  46. They didn’t get a camping permit either.

  47. Aw NES just because you were wrong doesn’t mean we don’t love you! Truth is, nobody pays attention to OWS much anyways. You would think, though, that Solyndra would be important to them, considering they purport to be revolting against greed and fraud..

  48. Ok Ok, repeat after me Uppity. Stop teasing NES.

  49. The republicans ARE out to screw us, as that song goes, Mom. And so are the Democrats. The most amazing thing about Obama is he is right in there looking to screw everybody and he pulls off this class warfare thing as if he hasn’t been front and center in the screwing for three whole years. The Audacity of Bullshit is amazing, really.

  50. Well I just took a tylenol 3 and will probably be in lala land soon. My mouth is killing me. just shut up with the puns on that one. Play nice. I am going to go pack my face with ice.

  51. Wish tylenol worked for me- alas- that and ibuprofen are the most useless drugs on the planet for me. And am allergic to codeine. Can’t catch a buzz.

    NES- I was quite happy to see somebody SAYING they were going to protest. Unfortunately, they never, imo, got to the heart of the matter. Wall Street is not going to change until the laws change. If they ever get some true leaders and start in to protesting in front of the White House and halls of Congress- I will be there. If I have to crawl.
    As for this being the two month anniversary- true. And Congressional hearing schedulers know that. IMO it is just too coincidental that these hearings get lost in the noise from OWS. If OWS is not timing it, somebody is using it, imo.

    I was listening to the live stream this morning. There was a young man narrating and doing an ok job of letting the viewers know where he was and what was happening. Unfortunately, as evidenced by his running commentary and things heard in the background, there was piss poor planning by the marchers. Nobody seemed to know where to go or what to do next. Seemed to me they were being herded around and around the same blocks.
    LOL though- every time they came to a barricade it took quite some time for them to decide where to go next. And every time it was “Left! Go Left!”
    Well – I thought it was funny.
    But you know how weird I am

  52. Occupy SD held a moment of solidarity and silence with the White House shooter.

  53. Oh laura! Ye of little faith! It’s a coincidence that anarchy is always scheduled during solyndra hearings, or during gun runner hearings and other silly unimportant stuff.


    “You never want a serious crisis to go to waste. And what I mean by that is an opportunity to do things you think you could not do before.”

    However, it’s such a waste of time to watch another episode of our legislators a secretive society grandstanding to enhance their image and justify their existence.

    In the end, we’ll get a gang-like “stacking” handshake – a wink with that slap on the hand, followed immediately by a pat on the butt.

  54. Like they’d ever have been given a permit to disrupt biz on Wall Street.

    Why should they?

    Would they give a permit to disrupt business at an abortion clinic?

  55. love that vid.and it,s the seasoning for the crow. 😆

  56. WTF? Solidarity with somebody who shot at the white house? Why does this seem odd for this bunch? Oh nevermind.

  57. Why does this all remind me of the Truman Show?

  58. Well, I can say one thing about OWS’ efforts, verses how I handled my anger about the disenfranchisement of the American voter.

    Their disruptive protests got a lot more public attention than my PUMA email stationary.

    just sayin.

  59. Obma’s 2012 Stealth Opposition How they (Obama, in this story – but both parties do it) control the narrative on what’s “news” and “facts about an issue, pursuant to their agendas:

    WASHINGTON — In a bare-bones room on the second floor of an office building blocks away from the Capitol lies one of the more influential political operations in Washington D.C.

    Roughly forty staffers sit along white tables in the room, only a handful of whom even the biggest political junkies would know by name. They work in relative silence, staring into one of the two computer monitors in front of them, headphones covering their ears. On the walls are mounted a dozen 42-inch televisions turned to one of the three major cable news networks. Pipes are exposed in the ceiling above and the cement floor below has no carpeting, revealing painted instructions for future movers. Off to the side, a server gives off a heated, humming sound.

    It is in that server that the one of the largest collections of campaign-related video footage will soon to be stored. American Bridge 21st Century is a relatively new Democratic operation — conceived by David Brock, the founder of the highly successful progressive media tracking organization Media Matters, and run by former high-ranking Hill and campaign staffers — but its ambitions, as exemplified by plans for that server, are far-reaching: The group aims to redefine the art of opposition politics.


    “The mothership, if there is one, is the Center for American Progress. The powerful D.C.-based organization founded by former Clinton Chief of Staff John Podesta in 2003 is a think tank combined with an advocacy group, equipped with a blog and rapid-fire twitter feed. Its capacity to produce narrative-changing news — whether through its own trackers or investigative researchers — is envied even by seasoned political reporters. “They break more stories than we do,” one conceded.”

  60. Here is a story for the Uppity’s to dig in to- teacher allows students to buy “improved” grades.

  61. Post should have been entitled: Obama’s 2012 Campaign has created a stealth operation in “the art of opposition politics”

  62. Can anyone enlighten me on how this ‘wealth redistribution’ works ?
    In the future, will American babies go on SSI from birth ? That would be helpful, since those training sessions for fake ADD are such a drag.
    Do we all go on Soc. Sec. at 20?? Who will pay for all this wonderfulness when the hated “Rich” run out of money ? Just trying to follow the logic here.

    OT but yesterday’s post included some apple pie recipes, while a firm traditionalist about holidays, once I discovered this one, which is simplicity itself, and actually Tastes Fabulous..I became a believer in the idea that the ‘hard way’ is not always the best way..Try it, your guests will love it..

    French Apple Tart..

    1 sheet store bought puff pastry…{I just use Pillsbury Refrigerated Pie Crust }
    6 Golden Delicious apples ..They really seem to work the best. Peel, core, and slice 1/8″ thin..Who measures this stuff? Slice fairly any rate.
    1/4 C sugar
    1/2 stick cold butter, sliced thin.
    1/2 C apricot jam, heated and strained

    Roll out dough on a floured surface to a 13 in circle, fit into a 10 inch tart pan. Arrange the apples decoratively on the pastry. Sprinkle the sugar on top. Place in the middle of a 375 pre heated oven and bake for 45 min. or until crust is cooked through and apples are golden.. Brush with the hot apricot jam while tart is still hot..Whipped cream optional when serving..
    This looks so professional when done, but tastes way better than a bakery or frozen pie..I served it last year to a friend who is a chef, and he demanded the recipe.
    For the best pumpkin pie I have ever made or tasted..
    Google “Berkshire Pumpkin Pie” Trust me..

  63. Pie recipes? I missed pie recipes? Damn it! Now I have to go back!
    I love the sound of the puff pastry one- will definitely give it a try- not a big fan of golden delicious as a cooking apple- but will try.
    Going to go find that pumpkin pie one now! Thanks!

  64. French tarts?

    Oui, oui!

  65. Mygod, Pat McAlister looks like one of those pig-faced people form The Twilight Zone.

  66. ANDY: did you get my message last time you were here.

    FF: stands for Freedom Fairy

    ALSO: NES: You are not alone here, I stand with you on the OWS: I am really hoping something comes out of this. I realize we are the minority at UW’S, but WTH—-it gets boring if we all agree around here.

  67. well, at least they won’t have to pay off their HIGHER ED DEBTS

  68. Their disruptive protests got a lot more public attention than my PUMA email stationary.

    just sayin

    The main difference being you are still around. You didn’t pack up and go home at the first sign of push back and distress. You remained to issue a thousand more pin pricks.


  69. Speaking of desserts, when I was sitting in the dental terrorist’s office yesterday waiting to be assaulted, I was forced to watch Paula Dean clog her arteries tasting her own recipes. She made this pumpkin cheesecake that definitely got my attention.

    I was wondering though, for those who watch her, what’s up with her and that son of hers. Judas Priest they were groping each other and tossing inuendoes throughout a whole segment, which ended with them kissing on the lips. Really wierd and way past uncomfortable to watch.

    Mom, agree on the delicious apples. I would definitely pull a switcharoo.

  70. Uppity- Northern Spy or Jonahs. Crispins. There are some really good antique apples for cooking. The modern types turn to apple sauce when you try to cook with them. Granny Smith if a good, old fashioned hard apple is not available.

  71. HA! More stuff lost in the OWS/OFA fog.
    House approves bill averting government shutdown

    And as DE pointed out the debt hit 15 trillion. Anybody hear anything from OWS on that?
    I thought not.

  72. michelina51, no worries I promised NES some nice wine to compliment the stew. She is cool like that.

  73. Occupy Escalator

  74. Kerry Wills reports that the union-heavy crowd is “like a fair”, populated by musicians, peope in costumes, and dancers.

  75. Gosh darnit, myiq that is hysterical.

  76. UW, the shrink next door is gone for the week. I got to cut loose this time with no interference. 😀

  77. Hahahah McN. Damn I like it better when I embarrass you at work.

  78. Thanks, michelina51, I did see yr msg on the other thread. Freedom Fairy” doesn’t really fit her personality though.

  79. We’re newbies to the building so the guy next door really missed the howling this week. Don’t worry, he’ll be back next week.

  80. AACCKK! Mary Poppins is coming after the turkey with an axe! And a pengy’s trying to protect the turkey!! That pengy looks familiar…….whhaaat……..PENGY DON’T DO IT…MOMMY’S COMING!!!

  81. Why Not?, on November 17, 2011 at 1:02 PM said:

    The Center for American Progress is intertwined in Solyndra and and all of the green energy pay to play schemes of the WH, DOE, bundlers, and Silicon Valley venture capital hustlers. Carol Browner is CAP and was adviser in the WH with much contact with DOE and various contributors who were involved with investments with DOE loans. Steve Spinner was bundler, is currently bundling for 2012, was special adviser cramming loans through by hassling DOE, OMB, and Treasury in violation of ethics agreement because his wife’s law firm represented Solyndra for big bucks. He left DOE last year when questions started being asked and his contract at CAP suddenly ended when the hearings started. Van Jones is CAP and was the Energy Czar. Media Matters is an offshoot of CAP and has been the main channel for pro Solyndra information and talking points which were then spread throughout the MSM. The interconnections are creepy and providing hype to gin up these “stimulus” programs for Obama contributors and fees for CAP principles.

  82. Lookee lookee! Uppity got another link back from the Big Pink!

    Snowing here now. Forecast for 50’s over the weekend again.

  83. Yeah! Big Pink!

    You guys should click and read that post they wrote. It sums it up. I’m telling you that Obama has his fingerprints all over this thing from Day One. When you have unions showing up handing out fliers saying to support his Jobs Bill, who the hell are these people kidding?

    Look under your nose!

  84. imust, it does appear that the vegetarians on this board are about to witness a turkey slaughter. However, you never know with Bill. He may just rescue the dang thing and we will be stuck with a turkey along with assorted penguins.

    As for “your” penguin, he would probably rather risk the axe than come home to no ice.

  85. I would tread lightly Andy. FF is in charge of headers. She puts them up. She takes them down. Complete creative license. You could find yourself in a header.

  86. Laura or Why Not?, that’s very provacative information. I am interested. Do you have any links I can see that will help me piece this together?

  87. MOM I agree that Tylenol is essentially a useless painkiller. Never worked for me. I only took it because it was the codeine version for pain. Otherwise, tylenol by itself is a huge waste. Ibuprophen is a far better pain reliever than acetominophin IMO.

  88. Proud Mom…just saw your comment..I too, was skeptical about the Golden Delicious, but for some reason, they are perfect for this recipe.. Granny smith would probably work, but need more sugar..

  89. Uppity I just don’t get how to cross post. I’m trying to practice!! Where do I paste the link??

  90. Did you really expect him to seriously risk “Down Twinkles” from Goldman Sachs or Bank Of America during the height of his fundraising efforts?


  91. Well, as the OWS “movement” continues to deteriorate, I’m going to make some chocolate chip oatmeal cookies (with pecans). It’s been that kind of a day.

  92. It was as difficult to figure out exactly what these protestors wanted on the day they left as it was on the day they arrived.

    They just wanted to moan and whine. And point fingers at everyone but themselves. Funny how you can either be part of the problem, or part of the solution. Those out there working like animals have obviously not been part of the problem.

  93. Yum Allie. I love pecans mixed with chocolate.

  94. imust I will email you.

  95. I noticed yesterday that Mary Poppins had started holding an axe. It made me very worried! But I just realized, she has dropped her umbrella! She needs that umbrella to fly! She’s right now in the process of falling flat on her face, so she can’t hurt the poor little turkey!!!! lol

  96. lorac, we don’t know that only the umbrella makes her fly. Maybe the axe makes her fly too.

  97. lorac, what if she lands on the turkey with the axe? Or your penguin?

  98. imustnotchangetherulesofthefairytale!!! lol

    UW – oh great. Now I have to worry again! (yes, I suspected it was my penguin when I saw it protecting the turkey lol)

  99. Did anyone catch the license plate of that speeding Laura?

    Laura, are you a lurker? Come back! We love information! We love dirt on the bad guys! You should talk more often!

  100. Well imust says it’s HER pengy.

  101. I hope she does kill the turkey. I’m hungry, dangit!

    //just ignore the pengy, Miss Poppins…

  102. Hey! The penguin’s flipper is arched back protectively around the turkey!

    Oh, no. He’s all exposed. He’s going to sacrifice himself to save the turkey. FF and Mary Poppins are going to serve us penguin for Thanksgiving! OMG, it just keeps getting worse and worse! lol

    When is FF going to come out and play again? I can’t even wait for her on the bench outside of Best Buy, because the Occupy Florida protesters destroyed the bench. It’s all in pieces on the ground, and it looks like they were defecating on it.

  103. It can’t be imust’s penguin, I don’t see any evidence of pie around its mouth!

  104. Hey! Doncha think I’d recognize my own…..[hic]……pengykid? Anyway, I thought we were all having…..[hic]…..crow for Thanksgiving?? Where’s my ice?

  105. OMG, this video from Jon Stewart about OWS that is in new H44 article is HILARIOUS!

  106. Your Pieness,, how’s about cross posting the Skim The Swamp post here for the AM?

  107. Okay Uppity.

  108. Why should they?

    Would they give a permit to disrupt business at an abortion clinic?

    No, they wouldn’t, myiq, and that’s the point — a protest can’t wait for a permit.

  109. Hey, Michelina. Fist bump! We’re the 0.1% here.

  110. That’s a fine chianti, mcnorman.

  111. NES, I am more impressed with OWS trying to shut down and “Occupy” the actual Wall Street instead of a park. I wish they had done that from the beginning. Why did it take 2 months for an Occupy Wall St. movement to go to Wall St.?

    Uppity, I saved the post in drafts, but didn’t hit publish. I know there’s a way to time the post to publish at a certain time, but I don’t know how to do it!

  112. Ah imust, everyone’s impatient, everyone’s a critic. Why ask why it took so long? Why not ask why people are still sitting on the sidelines or in the peanut gallery? Besides two months is nothing in the life of a movement. It took ages for the inchoate movements of the 60s to reach boiling point, but that’s all forgotten.

  113. Well, I’m thinking optics. 2 months of squatting in a park that isn’t Wall St. calling themselves Occupy Wall St. beating drums just looks silly. And even a “leaderless” movement should have been able to organize a visit to the actual Wall St. faster than 2 months. They waited until they were kicked out of the park and had nowhere else to go.

  114. both of you have good points, NES & imust. laker & I are sympathetic to the OWS, just becuz they are at least trying to get something going. Hubbie is in Uppity’s camp. I was busy all day & couldn’t watch any of the protest. I just heard that 272 were arrested.

  115. Whose jail!
    Our jail!

  116. When you interfere with and block the conduct of a private business (including that abortion clinic myiq mentioned) you are arrested. Period. When you block traffic or otherwise interfere with the freedom of others to use public thoroughfares, you will be arrested. Period. That’s the law. That’s with or without a permit to show up. You can’t just impose mob rule on others. That’s why we are a republic instead of a ‘democracy’. It’s all very simple, really. If they all want to hang out in jail, it’s their choice, but far as I can see they’ve achieved nothing by doing it. Anarchy is not well received in the USA. It never was. It’s not well received when the right does it and it’s not well received when the left does it either. Far as I can tell, they’ve overstayed their welcome in the minds of America. They are appearing to be not only ineffective, but destructive to private and public property, costing others millions in the tax money, and i don’t mean Goldman Sachs. And still, nobody really knows what their actual specific goals are.

  117. Recreating the 60s, or, more accurately, a bad imitation of the 60s, may seem exciting to these people. But somebody forgot to tell them about the cracked heads and the deaths as things escalated. If they keep it up, it will come to that and frankly, so far the police have shown comparatively remarkable restraint. That won’t continue on forever. One day, some governor will call out the National Guard.

  118. You’re scheduled, imust.

  119. Uppity, I do not think I am a lurker but rather a reader of blogs when I have time. I am fairly moderate left of center politically and a voracious reader. I will try to put some links together to see if I can show the interconnected CAP, DOE, WH and Democratic party. One of my favorites to read about Solyndra/DOE loans has been Center for Public Integrity Integrity’s Iwatch News.

  120. Damn!!! I missed a great post.

    Poor NES, it’s time to stick her with a fork. utah is looking out for her. A good wine, crusty bread, and all that garlic. It sounds good, but no thanks, I will pass. utah’s not making it for me.

    FF, what in the world??? I tried looking at the header while I was stoned, I still don’t get it.

  121. Whose jail!
    Our jail!


  122. Laura, on November 17, 2011 at 8:46 PM said:

    “Media Matters is an offshoot of CAP and has been the main channel for pro Solyndra information and talking points which were then spread throughout the MSM. The interconnections are creepy and providing hype to gin up these “stimulus” programs for Obama contributors and fees for CAP principles.


    Like 2008, you are providing more than information on “interconnections.” Your comment is prescient.

    The machine is far more dangerous than the man it has been created to protect – and they are digging in.

    “Who” is the nucleus behind it all? And what is the end-game of the direction they are controlling with such a “propaganda” machine?

    (Uppity: My dear friend on hospice finally passed away this week, and I am back home, so I will have some time to dig and send some links – but Laura has provided some cracks to a very complex shell – of which I hope she can provide some direction for us all.)

  123. P.S. IMO.

    Clean energy projects are to “job creating stimulus plans” what sub-prime borrowers were to the housing “boon”.

    Political kabuki cacalaca.

  124. P.S. IMO.

    In this case, YO is MO.

  125. Oh Gawd! Shelby Fluffy, Norman Foote and a reading from the Obama Scriptures!

  126. The Book of Fallopians. ROFL!

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