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There’s GOLD in them thar seats!  Congressional seats that is!

I'm gonna be RICH!!!

A report on CBS News’s “60 Minutes” alleges top leaders in Congress, including Speaker John Boehner and Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi, are getting rich by trading on information gleaned from their congressional duties.

A new report out Sunday from the CBS’s news program “60 Minutes” alleges that top leaders in Congress are getting rich by trading on information they only have access to by way of their positions — a congressional equivalent of “insider trading.”

Gee…didn’t Martha Stewart have to go to prison for that?  Martha’s mistake was instead of crafting the perfect PIE……

The best part can bake a file in the PIE for your next prison sentence!

….she should have been crafting the perfect legislation.

“The people who make the rules are the political class in Washington. And they’ve conveniently written them in such a way that they don’t apply to themselves,” Schweizer says in the report.

I don’t know…..where’s the proof?  It’s not like they’re creating laws that benefit corporations so their stocks will rise and then….like…. they go out and buy stock in that corporation and make tons of money!!  That would be so obvious!!!

Schweizer and “60 Minutes” claim that during the 2009 debate over healthcare reform, Boehner bought health insurance stocks in the days before Congress conclusively nixed the “public option” — a government-run insurance option that could have siphoned off business from insurance companies.

Okay, so maybe they do.

“I have not made any decisions on day-to-day trading activities in my account. And haven’t for years. I don’t — I do not do it, haven’t done it and wouldn’t do it,” Boehner said in his weekly news conference when confronted by CBS news correspondent Steve Kroft.

Richard Nixonmustbelaughinginhisgrave!

But even I wouldn't try anything THIS crooked!! LOL!

The report also alleges that in 2008, Pelosi, who was the House Speaker at the time, benefited from an initial public offering from Visa — at the same time that the House was considering a bill that would have posed problems for the credit card industry.

But Pelosi said she had never acted on an investment based on information gleamed from her congressional duties, pointing out that the legislation didn’t pass until two years later, and started out in the Senate.

It was just a coinky-dink!

“I will hold my record in terms of fighting the credit card companies as speaker of the House or as a member of Congress up against anyone,” Pelosi says in the report.

Uhh….Nancy….I wouldn’t use the words “hold” and “up” in the same sentence if I were you….just sayin.

I just want to the people!!

**UPDATE** Uppity thinks that I should update the post with the the net worth numbers from the comments below. Imustagree!
I can’t tell which year this link is. Has to be after 2008 because O’Bozo is mentioned. So these people are worth more now. My Doodness, being a limousine liberal and championing green causes sure is profitable.
Issa (R): $251,025,020
Harman (D): $244,796,667
Kohl (D): $214,570,011
Kerry (D): $208,801,275
Polis (D): $158,173,566
Rockerfeller (D): $94,306,010
Lautenberg (A zillion years old) (named but no number)
Feinstein (D): $72,380,637
McCaul (R): $69,619,248
Grayson (D), thrown out on his ass): $54,451,020
Risch (R): $53,325,524
Corker (R): $52, 345, 517
Maloney (D): $36,751,045
Pelosi (D): $31,378,542
Darrell Issa (R-Calif) $195,400,035 $448,125,017 $700,850,000
Michael McCaul (R-Texas) $258,618,051 $380,411,527 $502,205,003
Jane Harman (D-Calif) $160,085,503 $326,844,751 $493,604,000
John Kerry (D-Mass) $181,469,521 $231,722,794 $281,976,067
Mark Warner (D-Va) $76,372,212 $192,730,605 $309,088,999
Herb Kohl (D-Wis) $88,228,026 $173,538,010 $258,847,994
Jared Polis (D-Colo) $57,944,127 $143,218,562 $228,492,998
Vernon Buchanan (R-Fla) $-50,724,701 $136,152,641 $323,029,983
Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif) $5,946,075 $101,123,032 $196,299,990
Jay Rockefeller (D-WVa) $61,632,019 $99,057,011 $136,482,003

Now….imustgotowork to pay the taxes that pay the salaries of these multi-millionares!fine public servants!


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  1. I think we should immediately go to New York City and camp out in a park until things change!

  2. The hypocrites in DC are legion!
    Laws for we the people. Not for them.
    Why can the voters not wake the hell up and realize it is up to us to put an end to the lifelong seat warming, money collecting?
    Congress will NEVER vote for term limits. It is up to US to kick them all to the curb after a max of two terms.

  3. Mom – Sadly that won’t happen either. They cheat in the polls and “Break the Roolz” when the Real Rules are inconvenient for them. Something will change – someday – and I am afraid it will not be pretty when it finally does.

    People are sick of the crap Congress does. They have a NINE PERCENT approval rating and they don’t care. They just are stealing faster.

  4. BTW – Imust – those numbers for Nancy are C R I M I N A L

  5. LOL myiq! This is why the OWSers should have been camped out on the front steps of the Capitol and the WH lawn!

  6. Hillary Clinton is doing amazing work as SOS, I just can’t stand that he gets to send her to the ends of the earth whenever he wants and then take credit for her hard work!

  7. Speaking of The Swamp –

    Senator Bill Nelson of Florida and his Pal Dick Durban are investigating potential “Voter Disenfranchisement” in Florida due to laws passed by the (eternally) Republican Florida Legislature:

    “Dear Friends,

    Late yesterday, I received word that a congressional panel has agreed to my request to investigate new voting restrictions passed earlier this year by Florida’s Legislature. Florida’s law cut early voting days and limited voter registration drives, among other changes. Some believe its passage was part of a broader voter-suppression effort in more than a dozen states that passed voting limits this year.

    Sen. Dick Durbin, the Illinois lawmaker in charge of the Senate Judiciary subcommittee, said in a letter to me yesterday he’ll hold an investigative field hearing in Florida, in part, because Florida’s new law “will almost certainly disenfranchise a wide swath of the state’s young, minority, senior, disabled, rural, and low income voters.”

    “In a democracy as vibrant as ours,” Sen. Durbin wrote, “there is perhaps no right that is so sacred or fundamental than the right to vote. I am deeply troubled by the disenfranchising impact of these recently passed state voting laws.”

    You can click here to read his letter and my letter requesting the investigation.

    I’ll be sure to let you know when and where the hearing will be. Thanks for your interest in this issue.”

    My reply:

    Dear Senator Nelson

    I am glad voter disenfranchisement is being investigated.

    I find it ironic NOW – after the 2008 Democratic Campaign for President – where the Democratic National Committee not only disenfranchised the Primary voters in our state but FAILED TO REPRESENT the VOTES OF THE PEOPLE by unanimously pledging the state’s delegates to Senator Barack Obama instead of the RIGHTFUL AND LAWFUL WINNER OF THE PRIMARY OF FLORIDA – Senator Hillary Clinton.

    I realize you were a supporter of Senator Clinton but as our elected representative in the Senate of the United States you FAILED to stand up for the choice of Florida’s Primary Voters at both the Rules and By-Laws meeting AND at the Convention. I attended both and was completely disgusted at the process.

    You speak NOW of the tricks of the Florida Legislature – yet in 2008 it were the TRICKS of the DNC that failed to allow Florida citizen’s voices to be heard.

    The irony is ripe. Is it now only when you are afraid of losing votes for what WAS the Democratic Party (Now OFA) that voting rights mean anything to you and your friend Senator Durbin? Perhaps you should search your soul and speak out again about what the DNC DID TO US as voters. We will never forget – and we will never forgive the DNC for handing the nomination to Senator Obama, when in fact, he lost the State of Florida and the State of Michigan.

    In the words of Lanny Davis – the process was HIJACKED – and I am afraid your fears now fall on deaf ears. The entire system is rigged – and both parties are the problem.

    Have a great Thanksgiving.

  8. Just to confirm how PATHETIC the USA is with respect to women’s equality, BURMA…….yes that’s right……BURMA is presumably making strides toward democracy –such that O-Lazy-ass is sending Hillary there to check out their reform progress and consider putting them back in the loop. And a WOMAN yes that’s right, a WOMAN (gasp! sputter!) is running in the next parliamentary elections.

    USA, pathetic.

  9. FF Nancy’s numbers are no worse than the REST of that den of thieves. I have a post here somewhere on their accumulated wealth..will find it and update this comment.

    44% of congress creatures are millionaires.

  10. Obscene, just plain obscene.

  11. I can’t tell which year this link is. Has to be after 2008 because O’Bozo is mentioned. So these people are worth more now. My Doodness, being a limousine liberal and championing green causes sure is profitable.

    Issa (R): $251,025,020
    Harman (D): $244,796,667
    Kohl (D): $214,570,011
    Kerry (D): $208,801,275
    Polis (D): $158,173,566
    Rockerfeller (D): $94,306,010
    Lautenberg (A zillion years old) (named but no number)
    Feinstein (D): $72,380,637
    McCaul (R): $69,619,248
    Grayson (D), thrown out on his ass): $54,451,020
    Risch (R): $53,325,524
    Corker (R): $52, 345, 517
    Maloney (D): $36,751,045
    Pelosi (D): $31,378,542

    Darrell Issa (R-Calif) $195,400,035 $448,125,017 $700,850,000
    Michael McCaul (R-Texas) $258,618,051 $380,411,527 $502,205,003
    Jane Harman (D-Calif) $160,085,503 $326,844,751 $493,604,000
    John Kerry (D-Mass) $181,469,521 $231,722,794 $281,976,067
    Mark Warner (D-Va) $76,372,212 $192,730,605 $309,088,999
    Herb Kohl (D-Wis) $88,228,026 $173,538,010 $258,847,994
    Jared Polis (D-Colo) $57,944,127 $143,218,562 $228,492,998
    Vernon Buchanan (R-Fla) $-50,724,701 $136,152,641 $323,029,983
    Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif) $5,946,075 $101,123,032 $196,299,990
    Jay Rockefeller (D-WVa) $61,632,019 $99,057,011 $136,482,003

  12. It’s time for a post.

  13. @ myiq

    Is this what you meant when you said that police brutality is just not what it used to be?

    Yup, those were uglier times.

  14. Top industries these swine invest in while making laws ‘regulating and reforming’ them and giving breaks to them.

    Real Estate $388,758,854 $1,149,123,688
    Recreation/Live Entertainment $264,740,627 $289,638,618
    Misc Finance $131,581,350 $178,702,303
    Securities & Investment $109,595,706 $332,483,321
    Electronics Mfg & Services $57,328,502 $80,249,430
    Oil & Gas $45,574,392 $125,859,854
    Commercial Banks $38,830,068 $133,319,483
    Crop Production & Basic Processing $38,755,755 $148,087,649
    Misc Manufacturing & Distributing $30,114,689 $93,930,206
    Computers/Internet $29,566,131 $74,290,420

  15. WHOA Freedom Fairy! YOU GO GIRL!


    Laura! Please keep this crap coming!! SOme very big people belong in the slammer.

  17. FF! DAMN Girl! You rock!
    If I was a gazillionaire I would take out and ad and post your letter all over every newspaper and tv station in the land!


    Unpredictable, emotional, rash, self-centered, naive, spoiled, even lovable (to some), Occupy Wall Street has come to play a role in this city not unlike the role an emotionally explosive child plays in a caring and concerned home.

    For a long time, city leaders were indulgent, hopeful that an explosion could be avoided by allowing the mood to play itself out. Like good, progressive parents, they thought their calm condescension (masked as concern) would win the day.

    But when it didn’t, when the child was finally putting itself and others in danger — and when other parents were making plain their irritation at the indulgence being shown — Bloomberg and his people finally had to show some tough love.

    Rules were established. No more nonsense. It was bedtime.

    Of course, the child wasn’t going to be happy. A tantrum was in offing for yesterday. And so Bloomberg & Co. stood guard, not entirely clear about how bad the tantrum was going to be but fearful it could be really, really bad — violence early in the day, shutdowns of bridges and subways during rush hour.

    What purpose would a riot serve? What would making a scene in subway stations and destroying the commutes of hundreds of thousands of people accomplish?

    Nothing, but then again, accomplishing something is not what a tantrum is for.

    It is not purposeful. It is raw negative emotion. It is about itself. It accomplishes nothing.

    It is collective narcissism at its most unattractive.

  19. Yeah that was the 60s and these babies need to see what it was REALLY like to be a ‘hippie’ protesting. As with everything in this narcissistic generation, they are a bad imitation and they cry like babies when they get taken by the arm and get arrested. This is what I meant when I said these cops are showing remarkable restraint by comparison. Be careful what you ask for, hippie wannabees!

  20. Freaked me out, I thought I was reading UW. lol

  21. imust, you should consider updating this post with numbers in the links here. We can republish it under “NEW AND IMPROVED AND SICKENING”. It’s STARTLING! We could look at their most favorite investment areas and SEE how they took advantage of the system while everybody was tanking! Tanking was GOOD for THEM.

  22. Thanks Uppity, I got arrested in the Sixties, considering my Catholic School upbringing, I even went to a Catholic U..I do not look back on the experience with fondness..Even though I believed our cause, ending an illegal war,was just,the only thought that ran through my mind at the time, was that I was jeopardizing my scholarship..
    Reality walks in the door, ideals fly out the window..

    Someone upthread commented on Hillary’s good work, and heavy travel schedule: I believe Bo is trying to keep her out of DC, as he suffers gravely by comparison.. I have even wondered if he is trying to cause her ill health.. It may sound silly, but is there anyone here who wouldn’t believe him capable of such actions ?

  23. Freaked me out, I thought I was reading UW. lol


  24. Sophie let’s just say mace has seen me and i have seen it.
    Thank heavens they didn’t have tazers, eh?

  25. Great letter to Nelson, FF!

  26. Waving to NES…


  27. There’s no evidence Upps didn’t write that NY Post article, mcnorman. After all, we don’t know her other pseudonyms, let alone her real name.

  28. Alas I’m just a commoner….

  29. Good Solyndra ad, myiq.

  30. Even this hillbilly knows that almost all the folks that we elect, leave office richer than when they got there. Thing is, they don’t get promotions or bonuses. We can vote them out, but hey have rigged their districts, almost guaranteeing re-election. And Madhoff is in prison and they are not?

  31. Damn right, John!

  32. Way to go on the update, imust! You’re a find!

  33. You certainly have a point there NES. 😀

  34. imust – you would figure out a way to put pie in the political greed story.


    Maybe Poppins is going to carve a pumpkin pie with that ax?

    For What Its Worth -Nov 15, 1969

    This followed a bloody ’68. Hunter College was the only time I was maced or hurt. I was quick to run when the man came and I was 100% respectful and non-violent. I followed the advice of MLK in all things in life. Makes me want to puke when they compare the charlatan in the WH to a real leader.

  35. bringing this up from downstairs. Too good to be missed. Freaking funny and it sheds light on the hypocrisy:

    lorac, on November 18, 2011 at 12:58 AM said:

    OMG, this video from Jon Stewart about OWS that is in new H44 article is HILARIOUS!

  36. Great letter to Nelson, FF! and love the header. 🙂

  37. I must have been channeling JWS today, because we were both thinking of the exact same thing. I posted the above comment and went to his site to catch up on his latest comments and saw he quoted MLK about demonstrating. Brilliant and unfortunately a once in a lifetime man who was so powerful and righteous he shook the earth.

    Dr. King: We don’t have to argue with anybody. We don’t have to curse and go around acting bad with our words. We don’t need any bricks and bottles, we don’t need any Molotov cocktails, we just need to go around to these stores, and to these massive industries in our country, and say, “God sent us by here, to say to you that you’re not treating his children right. And we’ve come by here to ask you to make the first item on your agenda–fair treatment, where God’s children are concerned. Now, if you are not prepared to do that, we do have an agenda that we must follow. And our agenda calls for withdrawing economic support from you.”

    Amen. Then and now.

  38. FF, great letter but the person who said it was hijacked was Ickes.

  39. From a yahoo news poll in sidebars on some of the yahoo
    pages (therefore no link)

    What is your top issue this election?

    Education (5013) 4%
    Environment (2556) 2%
    Foreign Policy (3973) 3%
    Health Care (11107) 8%
    Immigration (10691) 8%
    Income Inequality (14613) 11%
    Jobs (46717) 34%
    Role of Government (24238) 18%
    Standard of Living (8634) 6%
    Taxes (10127) 7%

  40. Poppins has something in her left hand that is under wraps. It looks like a bird cage shape to me. But that may be because I have a parrot, albeit with a giant cage…

  41. Heh. Child killer removed himself from death row and the gene pool. Saving taxpayers untold amounts of money.

  42. Baby shield

  43. This POS murdered a 9 year old in a freaking rest room. He hung himself. Boo freaking hoo. They should give all the POS’s a belt to “wear” and a hook on the ceiling.

  44. Yes NES, you have a point there. But if you come your hair it won’t show.


  45. Interesting, albeit not surprising, poll, karen. The only semi-surprising thing is “Role of Government” taking second place. I’m assuming that that’s shortform for gov’t being too big/too regulatory; if so, that means the TP influence is still strong.

  46. But if you come your hair it won’t show.


  47. I meant comb.

    I fixed it. Now you look foolish. Bahahaha.

  48. Freudian? Geeze I hope not.

  49. Bill has that header look that says Geeze, glad I’m not in the axe line!

  50. Apologies if these questions have already been asked: What is BO’s net worth today as compared with, say, his days as a Chicago “community organizer”? Or, as compared with his days as an IL State or U.S. Senator? If laws are now being proposed to make Congress subject to the same insider trading laws as everyone else, what about POTUS, WH staffers, cabinet members, agency heads (Solyndra)? Gotta buy it today: Schweizer’s book, “Throw Them All Out.”

  51. CJK, according to that older link I posted early up in this thread, he was worth 1.5mil in 2009. Have no idea what it is now, bearing in mind the guy gets everything free, travel, food, you name it. His net worth will skyrocket when he leaves office for the tour. That’s how it usually is with presidents in general. I have no idea if presidents have blind investment trusts like the congressional theives do.

  52. You want to get rid of all the greedy thieves? Make it law that congress critters have to divest themselves of their stocks and not make a single purchase during their tenure. Bet that would slow them down to a screetching halt, and I bet we won’t even NEED term limits.

  53. Geeze, I’m a thread killer!

  54. I just posted Barry’s “possible” 1st ever tv appearance vid. It was from 91 and it is a Black History Month PSA on PBS. His teleprompter is there too!
    After reading this fine post UW. One of my favorite tunes from Jerry Reed came to mind.

  55. bet we won’t even NEED term limits

    I’m sure that this would become the best deterrent(similar to Raid for cockroaches).

  56. Time to feel sorry for Joe Paterno…he has lung cancer.

    Can you tell I’m shedding tears here?

  57. Yeah my heart is breaking.

  58. There is zero excuses to not have stopped that monster years ago. Jo Pa did not help the kids that needed him most.

  59. You mean to tell me people are actually getting rich in this recession?

    This is a pretty good post. imustsay, this is the kind of stuff that needs to be on the front page of the newspaper. Give these ows’ers something real to protest. I’d get on board for that.

    Martha’s pies are not just perfect, the recipes I’ve tried were to die for. Yum!!!

    Don’t break your heart over Joe. The family is expecting a full recovery.

  60. I couldn’t believe it when Martha Stewart went to jail. Sure, she’s annoyingly perfect at household stuff, but that’s hardly a felony offense. 😉

    What she did was nothing compared to what the Congresscritters, lobbyists and their BFFs in Wall Street and the Insurance industry. Yet she was a wimminz, so she went to jail.

  61. Hey Upps, you see where they are reopening the Natalie Wood case? I read somewhere earlier that the boat captain is talking.

  62. It costs us over $1 million a week for the care and feeding of backtrack,
    I want my money back

  63. Martha’s little trip to jail made her a better person, in my book. Maybe Nancy should try it.

  64. vivien2u – I’m not paying for Nancy to become a better person. Let her spend some money on an “Eat Pray Love” vacation. 😉

  65. $1 million a week? Damn!! I didn’t know kobe beef cost that much.

  66. That’s right madamab, I wasn’t thinking about the tax dollars being wasted. I don’t want to pay for that either. lol

  67. Yeah they used Martha as an example because she was a successful woman and they hate that. She went to jail for lying about a conversation with that broker I think.

    Yes Viv, I saw where the natalie wood case is reopened. Funny, I always thought he killed her.

  68. I had a friend in high school who was obsessed with natalie Wood and her untimely death. I have to admit Robert Wagner’s story never added up to me.

  69. Even with “comb” I don’t understand it. Haaaaalp.

  70. I fixed it so I don’t “look foolish.”

  71. Let’s “shower” him with sympathy.

  72. Joepa’s pulling a Mubarak.

  73. Throw in the lobsters and organic arugula, viv, and you’re up to 1 million/wk.

  74. Joepa’s pulling a Mubarak.

    Ayup. No takers here.

    I fixed it so I don’t “look foolish.”

    I knew that was coming.

    Even with “comb” I don’t understand it. Haaaaalp.

    The point’s on your head.

  75. Not just lying about her conversation with the broker, but lying to the FBI. I think it’s outrageous when one can’t lie when one isn’t under oath. WTF!

  76. Madamab, it’s too bad she didn’t kill him instead since she had all the talent in the family.

  77. The boat captain thinks Wagner could have prevented her death. msnbc sure has changed the story since this morning. I hate when they rush to press, then two hours later it’s a whole new story.

  78. The point’s on your head.

    Sheesh, UW, you’re speaking Mandarin. Come (sic) clean.

  79. Darn tootin’ on Martha, madamab! How’re you doin’? Shall I drop by for a scotch this evening?

  80. It’s just part of my mystique, NES, darling.

  81. Viv, eh, his lawyers probably threatened them. i always thought he killed her.

  82. Not just lying about her conversation with the broker, but lying to the FBI. I think it’s outrageous when one can’t lie when one isn’t under oath. WTF!

    The gasbags in DC lie all the time. Look at Holder lying about the guns he authorized to be sold to Mexico to kill border agents. Is he in jail?

  83. Thanks for the subliminal cut NES. I think I will have a scotch right now.

  84. It’s back to being come your hair. WTF? I didn’t get it either.

  85. NES, my name is….my name is…
    geeze, I gotta go.

  86. Did someone mention scotch? I’ll bring the ice!

  87. Scotch rocks. Bring lots of ice. That poor pengy protecting the turkey looks like he could use some. Does it look like he’s sticking his tungue out to anyone else?

  88. Yeah — darn Holder was under oath too!

  89. the subliminal cut NES

    Sheeeeesh, I meant NO “cut,” “subliminal” or otherwise. But, have a scotch anyway — it’s good for the soul.

  90. imust will, again, pull the ice out from under her pengy’s a*s.

  91. ewww!! Is that where she’s getting it from? I don’t need ice, make mine straight.

  92. I still have to drive home. I’ll pass this time.

  93. NES subliminal cut is a term used in advertising when you flash a pic in front of someone so fast, they don’t know you did it, but they think of the thing in the pic. Like popcorn during intermission. Thus you made me think of scotch.

  94. Holder is a true POS.

  95. Oh hell yeah. Everyone stop by for a drink in the Lounge, then come back here when you’ve been sufficiently liquored up. 😉

    I had me a Glenlivet myself.

  96. Glenlivet. Putting my jacket on right now…

  97. Eat your hearts out. I am right now soaking chicken in buttermilk overnight and tomorrow we are going to test our arteries and make alton brown’s fried chicken. It’s delicious, but you can only eat it once in a blue moon, unless you don’t care if you die.

    The spice mix is hungarian paprika, garlic powder, salt, and cayenne pepper or ground red pepper. Dredged in flour, but I use self rising flour like a southern woman told me to do.

  98. Go Gabby! That’s the stuff!

    Oh Upps, I have the whole bottle. There’s always an extra glass for you, especially if you are going to talk foodie to me. 😉

  99. Oh damn. Do you brine it as well? An old friend’s mother showed me how to fry chicken. Two day brine, then soak it in buttermilk for a day. The only way to fry it, is in a cast iron skillet. Yum!!

  100. I don’t know what I did. Upps could you fix me? First one has a typo.

  101. No. I haven’t started drinking yet.

  102. hee hee hee vivien2u, must be catching! (hic)

  103. madamab, for Glenlivet, I’ll rip out my secret family recipes!

    No viv, no brine. Just a full 24 in the buttermilk. Required. And yes, cast iron.

  104. Aha, Upps. Most excellent term then — I shall use it.

  105. Aha! We have found Uppity’s Kryptonite.

  106. Oh yeah I love me my scotch.

  107. must not be defiled. Ice only.

  108. NES I remember in the drive in theaters, at intermission, they would do subliminal cuts of popcorn, candy, soda. Very fast and then you would see everybody heading for the concession stand. It’s powerful stuff, subliminal cuts.

  109. vivien I think that’s the pengy’s beak.
    (now that’s a weird sentence taken out of context)

  110. Viv, here’s alton’s recipe. I’ve been using it for a few years, but i use self rising flour. Also, there is way too much salt in this recipe, so cut it down to a third and taste the spice mix. You can always adjust by adding more of the other spices in proportion. You have to have some salt, but his measurement is just way to much for me.But the mix of spices is outstanding. Ina Garten takes it a step further, although I don’t like her spice mix. She fries for 3 or 4 minutes on each side and then bakes, to reduce the grease. Frankly, I think the chicken is nice and juicy but just not as finger lickin’ good as going all the way with frying. You can save a batch of the spice mix in a bottle for next time.

  111. Pengy’s Beak. Sounds like the name of a kinky bar.

  112. Hey madamab, could you imagine what a kick it would be if we lived next door to each other?

  113. OMG Uppity, I would never get any work done. And I’d be fat. And drunk.

  114. This is all true, madamab, but you would be happy. Honestly there is no end to my culinary expertise. I hid it for years so as not to appear too domesticated, but there you have it. You feed me glenlivet, I feed you food.

  115. Yes now that I think about it, I think the blog bar should be named The Pengy’s Beak.

    I hope Bill goes for it.

  116. Oh, I never said I wouldn’t be happy. Best. Neighbor. Evah!

  117. Seriously. I bring food to my neighbors all the time. And there’s this senior couple, well she can bake things that would make you cry. I’m not a baker, a chef yes. I make a few good desserts but I prefer cooking.

  118. When I was young in an apartment i had this Italian landlady who loved me and she would bring me dinner and I swear I had to sit quiet while I ate it. It was that good.

  119. She was a riot too. One year, we had a rare earthquake. I remember my bed moving and the glasses rattling in the glass case. Next day she thought I had wild sex. I laughed my ass off and told her it was an EQ, but thank you for your vote of confidence. She was laughing so hard she almost hit the floor. I cried for days when that woman died.

  120. Next time i get to the city, I’m looking you up. Make NES mucho jealous.

  121. Anything chocolate and you’ll have me weeping like Obama at the end of a vacation in Hawaii..

  122. Oh I have my mother’s scratch chocolate cake recipe. Major dark and moist.

  123. You’re Jewish right madamab? What is it with jews that they always know where to find the best italian food? My parents’ best friends were Jewish and I tell you they knew Italian better than I did.

  124. Here’s a recipe for the signature drink of “Pengy’s Beak”:

    Penguin drink recipe

    Ingredients to use:
    0.75 oz Benedictine
    0.75 oz Cherry Liqueur
    0.75 oz Gin
    Directions: Fill a shaker half full with ice cubes. Pour all ingredients into shaker and shake well. Strain drink into a Cocktail glass and serve.

  125. Hee hee hee Uppity! You’re welcome any time. Just give me a heads-up when you’re coming.

  126. Oh Uppity, you have me swooning! The darker the chocolate, the better. 😆


  127. Hell no madamab. I want to catch you in your ripped PJ’s. Heh.

  128. I could write that cake down for you too, M. No problem. She generally put a butter cream frosting on it. But the base cake is major dense and dark. I like it that way too.

  129. I don’t like the clear stuff, imust. can you make one for us non ginners?

    To me, gin and vodka are for a watermelon carved out, cut up, dumped back in with the vodka. On a hot day, you get smashed in about 15 minutes.

  130. Here’s teh cake, M. It’s called a Dump Cake.
    2 C flour, fluff in bag before measuring but not sifted. You can sift but you won’t get as dense a cake.
    3/4 cup cocoa
    2 C sugar
    2 teas baking soda
    1 teas baking powder.
    Mix it up and then add:
    1/2 C oil
    2 teas vanilla
    2 eggs
    2 Cups HOT water

    Beat it together and bake in greased pan 350 for 30-35 min.

    This makes a large sheet. You can cut recipe in half and do a square pan for a smaller one.

  131. No Uppity, I am a Virgo. I don’t do ripped PJ’s. Too immodest. And messy. 😉

  132. The recipe: Stolen!

  133. I’m a Taurus. I do whatever the hell i want. Anybody got a problem with that?

    Recipe not stolen: Shared. That’s an old one. How they made it in the old days. They made a frosting with spry in it. no kidding. And if you don’t listen to your arteries, it’s delicious.

  134. One more thing. When you measure that flour after giving it a fluff, don’t pack it. Dump it in the measuring cup and level it.

    This is a dark chocolate cake in every way. I personally use unsweetened cocoa. You got plenty of sugar there.

  135. imust i’m drinking your drink and just pulled out a penguin feather. How many times do I have to tell you to stop snatching that ice?

  136. I’ll put up an open thread now. This one’s getting too long.

    Edit: New post up.

  137. Uppity…you’re supposed to STRAIN it!!! 🙂

  138. Listen, I am tired of your recipes with penguin feathers in them. They get caught in my throat!

  139. Thanks for fixen me Upps.

    I’ve never used self rising flour on my fried chicken. I do a double dip. In the flour mixture, then eggwash, then flour mix again. I will be trying that cake. I’ve had a thing called a dump cake, but it wasn’t anything like yours.

    imust is already coming up with drink ideas for the kinky new bar. You have lots of ice, right? STRAINED, not stirred.

  140. imust, great job! But boy, is this info infuriating! I knew they were millionnaires, but I had no idea how MUCH!

    FF – great letter!!!!

    Karen – I, too, liked MLK’s peaceful ways – but I’ve always been disturbed by his sexism and womanizing. Funny how great people want equality for everyone, but always forget about women….

  141. Hell no madamab. I want to catch you in your ripped PJ’s. Heh.

    Kinky! Lorac is going to be soooooo J.

  142. Dang, how many Virgos are in here?

  143. NES, you know I’m only J of that other woman!

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