You open thread and chicken lays a kitten.


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  1. LOL! Which came first….the kitteh or the egg?

  2. Just goes to show you a kitten will do ANYTHING for body warmth.

  3. Hell no madamab. I want to catch you in your ripped PJ’s. Heh.

    Kinky! Lorac is going to be soooooo J.

  4. Short video of Hillary on Penn State scandal (she has two family members who played football there) and her reaction to that naked runner in Hawaii

  5. Just hope the idots who made that vid had the decency to quickly put that very young kitten back with its mother after getting their kicks.

  6. Wow Maxine. And then she talks about the ‘unfairness of the system’ after just about saying that those damned raped women are a distraction from something more important than they are. Honestly, you would think they would take that bang and shut the hell up.

    If you had any lingering doubt that the New Democratic Party is POISON for women, this should settle it. How Disgusting, Maxine. Simply disgusting.

  7. twandx, looks like a farm situation. I saw a whole bunch of vids similar to this, with the mother cat nearby in the barn. You would see chickens with kittens under their wings. Chickens with eggs being broody and a mom cat ten feet away with her kittens. A broody chicken will nurture anything I guess, especially if its near the eggs. I don’t really think anybody put that kitten there, but I could be wrong. There was also this duck rescue vid where the duck took to five abandoned kittens and they were all over her. Apparently the rescue saw it as warmth for them while they bottle fed and found a nursing cat to help out. Kittens need that warmth, and it did appear to me that the kit was either under its wing or behind its butt. Of course I could be wrong and I’m sure Mom will tell me so if I am, and I will have learned something different!

  8. Well what a crock of crap between that article implying she supported the rioters over Joe and her possible “backlash” and the ACTUAL video of what she REALLY said, which was basically, she understood the “heat of the moment” when they “didn’t have ALL the information,” but now….”.

  9. LOL on the chicken and the kitteh. If the cats are in the barn all the time- the kittens could get in the nest without sending the broody hen into a rage. The kitteh wants warm and the hen provides. And the kitten will help provide warmth for the eggs when the hen goes for food and drink.
    We had a broody hen a few years back. We had an old grain bin we used as a communal laying box for them. The broody hen made her nest in one end – and as soon as the other hens layed an egg and left- she would go over and steal the egg to add to her pile. Rolled them right over in to her nest. We had to wear gloves to get anywhere near her lol!
    Broody hens are worth money now- that trait has been bred out of them. For once they start setting a clutch – they stop laying.
    Big Ag sucks.

  10. I see we now have a Syracuse U asst coach suspended pending investigation of molesting ball boys.

  11. So was I right, Mom? This kind of chicken, kitteh thing can and does happen? I would hate to think this was an abusive situation.

  12. Yes Uppity- It can happen lol. I doubt the hen would let an adult cat or dog near the nest- but if they have grown up around the barn kitteh- chances are the kittens would be tolerated. The hen probably took cat hair into the nest. Dog hair and horse hair too if it is available. Our barn kitteh has a very healthy respect for the chickens. She ( barn kitteh) kills mice, shrews, moles, chipmunks etc. Very very rarely kills a bird. And we have plenty of birds around here lol!
    Hell our barn kitteh drinks from the water dish in the hen house and will occasionally curl up in there. The chickens don’t mind her. Even Aladdin does not bother the chickens- they peck around his area under the two pine trees. I think he knows they eat fleas and ticks. They drink from his bowl and will clean up any dog food that escapes his attention. They wander in and out of his two dog houses as does the cat. And the goat. Which is pretty damn funny to see the goat trying to play with the dog.

  13. If any of you have “grown weak” and against your better selves eaten at McDonalds again, here’s a reminder why MCDONALDS SHOULD BE BOYCOTTED INTO PERPETUITY:



    If we want eggs we should harvest them ourselves!!

  15. Well there’s nothing like an animal abuse video to completely physically destroy my day! In case you didn’t know, or care, this kind of stuff does that to some people. As in physcially and emotionally destroyed for the entire day. So Thanks! I appreciate it. Most people here know it but I guess you don’t. You do now. You have fucking ruined my day. And I am not kidding. And I don’t even eat at McDonalds, mainly because, even without eggs, their food is crap.

    McDonald’s fired this producer. That’s because when you hit them in the wallet, their hearts and minds follow. But i guess you don’t know that either.

    Jesus Christ.

    As for zoning laws, well there’s nothing like thousands of chickens running loose in an urban area. And all that traffic making road pizza out of chickens. Clean too! Yessir. We can’t even get people to take care of their pets! You haven’t even imagined abuse until you let any old asshole get some chickens and forget to feed them today’s garbage–and then loses them. All those loose pitties and chickens too. It’s a match. We’d need a whole new humane society just for poultry. I think they call this “ramifications” of badly thought out kneejerk ideas.

    If I sound a little harsh I suppose I should apologize. But you just LITERALLY ruined my day so you will have to excuse it. We don’t post animal abuse here just for effect. Instead we spend every available dime we can and we spend every moment we can in real life helping them. I am not alone.

    Gotta run and tend to my special room full of abandoned rescues now. Our best good deeds for animals are done quietly.

  16. Mom, here’s that duck rescue org with the abandoned kittens they rescued that I mentioned earlier.

  17. Ladies and gentlemen, Congress is about to screw you by screwing small local meat farmers, by removing funding for anti trust reform in the meat industry. Once they can’t be cited for antitrust violiations, Big agra will do what it does best: wipe out your local meat supply, you know, the supply without the antibiotics and hormones, the ones that operate free-range?

  18. imust, he won’t make it to trial.

  19. I agree Uppity. Do you think he’ll make it to the end of today?

    Asked about guarantees of Saif al-Islam Gadhafi’s safety, Mliegta said he would be treated in the same way as any other detainee.

    He’s a “dead man walking”.

  20. Evil OWS provoking the police and getting what they deserve:

  21. animals are more humane then humans. 🙂

  22. Uppity and Mom –

    I grew up on a farm and even now have both “free range”chickens and cats/kittens. I’ve seen really great “mothering” go on between different and same species. I’ve seen nests with eggs that hens built outside their hen house with its special nest boxes. Also a nursing cat may tolerate and nurse other species, even mice.

    Anything is possible and I have been wrong a time or two in my life. Perhaps I’m too intolerant having seen so much cruelty to animals and how little our society does to outlaw it and punish the offenders.

    IMO, that vid was staged [as are many now on the tube]. The “nest” was more like a human arrangement than one constructed by a hen – it was wide open in front obviously [to me] so the video camera person got their clear shot., Hens do not leap off their nest, they go carefully so not to break their eggs. This hen was scared off her nest on cue – she went like a bat out of hell which suggested to me she had been restrained.

    A kitten in the nest with chicks? Sure, that happens, but with eggs? My credulity just won’t stretch that far.

  23. NES.

    “Police came and brutalized them and tore their tents down and all that stuff. It was really scary. It felt like there was anarchy everywhere,” said student Hisham Alihbob.

    Police told Sacramento’s KTXL TV station that the students were given until 3 p.m. Friday to remove their tents from the campus. When students refused, police arrived at the given time. Students sat down cross-legged and locked arms when cops showed up and the pepper spraying began.

    As opposed to the police showing up and saying, Oh! You’re still here! We’ll be back later, okay? Don’t forget to take down your tents!?

    Imagine if we had no police to follow up on laws, wishes of private property owners (think Zuccotti) and the public at large. Imagine what people would do to each other with unbridled power. I suggest that this is why police react accordingly when warnings with notice have been issued. These students had to know they were in for a push back. They sat there and defied the earlier wawrning, which I suspect didn’t come from any of those cops there, but instead from campus officials in conjunction with police. In short, they wanted them out of there. We have no idea why because the article says nothing of what led up to the demand that they leave. In short, too much of this story is missing. Since as far back as I can remember, sitting down and locking arms and refusing to leave an area appears peaceful but is in fact a deliberate defiance. They could have been carted off right on the spot and arrested. Perhaps that’s what they wanted. We can’t always get what we want. It was probably politically safer to pepper spray them than to arrest them so the rest of the crowd could go wild.

  24. Appreciate that input twandx. I’m on the fence now, whereas when I first saw it, I just figured it was real. Got a few more like it but have no way of knowing. Would a chicken harm a kitten if it was contrived, or would the chicken just tolerate it?

  25. The businessweek article Uppity posted reveals one reason why chickens are abused (which congress continues to support):

    “Congress also barred the USDA from changing the so-called “tournament system” that chicken companies use to pay their farmers. Poultry companies rank chicken farmers against each other based on how efficiently they can raise birds using the feed the companies provide. The companies penalize less efficient farmers by paying them less money.”

  26. Mom interesting to hear your take about the chickens. I always thought they were pretty mean creatures.

    T, I’m sorry but I don’t agree about zoning laws for chickens. I buy free range eggs that are locally produced & if I had a big piece of property, I would be happy to keep a few myself, but right now I live in a townhouse. I don’t want to come home tired after a long day and open my patio door and smell chicken shit and hear that infernal noise they make. I’m happy to let the small farmers in my vicinity make money for their hard work. It takes a village, you know.

  27. T, then now, with the cutting of the antitrust reform funding, it will get worse because all bets will be off. This could be the end for a lot of small, humane farmers. Because THAT would be “less efficient,” meaning they produce less using, most likely, better feed.

    Now with respect to eggs, unless Eggland’s Best is handing the public crap, they use local and regional farmers, which they certify and inspect regularly, and the eggs are distributed within that region, which means you get eggs that didn’t travel half way across the country. But Eggland’s does cost a bit more, but not a LOT more. They do very well, but I have no idea of they sell to franchises. I think they just sell to the consumer.

    When I see chickens in the cases at supermarkets, I cringe. They are FULL of fat. I never remember chickens having so much fat on them. You have to cut it all off before prepping it, they are that fatty. This apparently is ‘efficiency”. The other thing they do is stuff two necks into the chicken to add weight. Never saw a chcken with two necks.

    So basically, congress is now making sure big agra has their way. Gotta love those big campaign contributions. God knows what’s in that feed

    Congress seems rather fond of antitrust violations. They have let health insurance companies get away with it for DECADES with “waivers”. We know the result of that. A few providers dominating regions and setting premiums to their liking.

  28. I like Egglands Best. If they are lying, they’ll be caught eventually and then probably get sued. I doubt if they are though, becuz their eggs are really fresh. When you crack them in a pan, the whites are very thick, they don’t spread out thin like old eggs. They’re also guaranteed to use vegetarian feed. They’re about a buck fifty more where I live, but worth it. I buy them when I can, & if they’re not available, I get another brand from a local farm.

  29. Upps, agree about cheap chicken at regular stores, very fatty and abnormally soft. I buy natural chicken from a nearby farm and its leaner and a little tougher, I have to pound it (if using boneless) and usually marinate it for a day or two, but it comes out great & is worth the extra work to not have the hormones & antibiotics and whatever else they put in them at the factory farms. I do really hate big agra.

  30. Sorry to desert the thread- anniversary.
    My hens make nests in the weirdest places- and of all shapes and sizes. lol
    IMHO, if that kitten was put there and the hen did not want it- there would have been a huge racket and the hen would have pecked the kitten- repeatedly. I will have to watch again- but saw no aggression on the part of the hen- and the kitten seemed upset when she got up off the nest.
    I had a cat- I think I have told this story here- that raided a rabbit nest. To bring all the baby bunnies back to “her” nest in the garage.
    I swear it is true! My daughter and I laughed so hard watching that cat retrieve the bunnies as they hopped away! I don’t think I have ever seen anything so funny in my life. Though my husband’s pet turkey “Chuckles” hatching baby chickens was pretty funny. Until she let us know in no uncertain terms that approaching within 30 ft of “her” baby would result in your imminent death by wing beating. lol Nothing meaner than a mama animal protecting her young.

  31. Mom, you have great animal stories. Is it your anniversary?

  32. I’m sorry, Upps, that’s a bridge too far for me. Spraying sitting students, offering no resistance other than linked arms, like insects is not excusable. It’s use of excessive force, period.

  33. And, yes, the alternative was, and should’ve been, to arrest them and cart them off. Too bad, if it’s more work for the police…First Amendment, and all that.

  34. I have a chicken story, although I may have already told it here. I was in my 20’s & living in Wash State. My mom & stepdad lived on a big piece of property and had a hen house and coop & kept around 20 chickens and a rooster (they had all different kinds including the cool French ones that laid the blue eggs). Anyway, when they were off traveling, they asked me to stay at their house to take care of everything, house, pets, my teenage sister & step sister. My sis called me @ work one day, crying hysterically and screeched at me to “come home at once!!!” I said “whats wrong?” but she hung up, so I raced over there and found that most of the chickens were dead, scattered all over the property, a few had survived and were hanging out in their little nesting house. Being a dumb city slicker, I immediately assumed that some asshole person had killed the chickens for fun & called the police! They actually came out and my sister & I started carrying on, telling them we thought this was probably an evil joke by my rotten step brother & his criminal friends. The cops took one look & started laughing, then they picked up a chicken & showed us the marks where a weasel had bitten them in the neck and sucked out their blood. I felt like such an idiot! The cops thought it was hilarious though & probably put it down to dumb California girls not knowing anything about animals.

  35. NES, I agree with you that that was excessive force and unnecessarily cruel.

  36. Happy Anniversary, Mom!

  37. The cop who did it should be disciplined. Excessive force begets violence.

  38. Interesting link, especially coming from Bloomberg. Agree with you also that its way too early yet to judge this movement.

  39. Socal- yup- my anniversary- all these years and he is still alive. lol
    NES- thanks! Going out to a local restaurant here in a bit.

    Socal- 😦 on the weasels. We don’t have any of those (that I know of- thanks be to god!)
    I think the chickens that lay the blue eggs are Auracanas. South American. My older sister got some years ago- and had every kid in a ten mile radius convinced she supplied the Easter Bunny.
    I had some of those when we first moved here- the roosters are beautiful birds- but the nastiest, meanest, most aggressive birds I have ever encountered. We had to have a friend come one night and take them away in a burlap bag.
    Tasty though.

  40. Ah, ok, I remember he had several kinds, maybe it was the bald neck ones that were “french”. They laid white, brown & blue eggs. It was interesting, anyway.

    HAPPY ANNIVERSARY! And many more! Hope you have a great night out!

  41. ooops. Meant to say that all of his chickens laid the white, brown, & blue eggs, not just the french ones.

    After the great chicken massacre, my step dad bought a bunch of chicks to take their place. They were so cute. They had to live under heat lamps & we had to feed them some kind of special mush or something. Then they grew up to be mean old chickens!

  42. Yeah and when the arrests start that’s when the violence starts. It’s a given. I will say that this was a BOATLOAD of pepper spray, giant economy size.

    Whose pepper spray!
    Our pepper spray!

  43. Uppity – It is hard to tell. People with vid cameras are all over the place trying to create shots that will spark on the web. If it looks contrived, it probably is. It’s rare in nature that everything always stays in focus.

    As for your question re chicken harming kitten or tolerating it. I’m thinking it would depend on the chicken and age of kitten. I have 5 Black Stars now all from one clutch. Three of them would try to run off the kitten. The other two would ignore it. This is my guess from observing them with chipmunks that try to take a share of the food I scatter. I’d never have a kitten that young outside – it belongs in a warm and protected place.

    Just like people, there are chickens who not only will not share but will chase away any other chicken, animal or bird that wants to eat. A kitten too young [like the one in the vid] could not get away and might well get pecked – not good.

    The other two chickens peck away at the food, cheek by jowl with the chipmunks, sparrows and chickadees sharing the seeds, looking for all the world like mama chicken and her baby chicks with one or two weird ones with four legs and a bushy tail.

  44. Ha, myiq!

  45. Socal wrote:

    “I don’t want to come home tired after a long day and open my patio door and smell chicken shit and hear that infernal noise they make.”

    Pigs usually get the bad press regarding smell and I guess most people do not realize that if pigs are kept in proper surroundings, they are one of the cleanest animals. It’s hard to be clean and neat when one is forced to wallow about in one’s own shit.

    Chicken pens, chicken houses that are NOT kept clean, do have an odor. With care and proper ventilation, there’s nothing smelly about chickens. Chickens make very little noise – I have close neighbors on three sides who seldom hear a peep. Roosters cause all the ruckus – I’d never keep one – hens really appreciate not being jumped on all the time. Roosters eat, cost money, strut around, have mean tempers and don’t lay eggs.

    Quite frankly, the stink of most of the women I pass by in the store who apparently pour whole bottles of perfume over themselves, gag me, not the wholesome smell of chickens.

  46. twandx, I would HOPE the people involved with that video knew they were selecting a nice chicken. there would be no way to run off that kitten, he is far too young to move that fast. Agree about the kitten needing warmth and thinking Mom is nearby and that she’s a barn cat. If the mother is around, I would bet she objected to the removal of that kit from the litter. Very young. Bit I’ve seen mother cats do some remarkable things with their newborns outside to keep them warm and protected. strays and ferals do it all the time. Normally the litter all hangs out together for group warmth. I’ve seen it with the rescues even as adults. they will use each other’s body heat to keep warm even in the most inclement weather. I have a rescue room for semi-ferals that show hope of taming. I have three siblings there, adults and they have been together for three years and are finally actually tame. I felt they were worth working with and I was right. Still, they have a room well heated in winter with blankets and chairs and I often see they have left the room and hang out togehter on an outside chair, cuddled, by choice. They can go into their heated large basement room via trap door anytime they want, yet I have seen them hang out on the land in the cold plenty of times. Go figure. But they are always together when they do it. I guess they just want to take the air or something. I’ve lifted cats from the most impossible situations in winter and wonder how they did it. Cats are amazingly resiliant and resourceful, especially when they have kittens. So I’m guessing this kitten was ‘lifted’ from a barn cat litter.

  47. Socal when I was a kid it was the fad to get baby chicks at easter. As I look back it was a travesty for these poor chicks. Kids and their parents didn’t even know what to feed them and most of them would just die. Everybody would get a baby chick from this one place that sold them. They would handle the hell out of them too. Very sad. It was as if they weren’t even living things. However, my brother got a baby chick and you can bet my mother took care of it. It grew up into the meanest damned chicken. One day it was gone and Mom said she gave it to the zoo. I was kind of afraid she gave it to my grandfather who owned a fish and poultry market. Years later, I tentatively asked her if she really did that or if we ended up eating it or something. She told me she really DID give it to the zoo. However, this was the only easter chick I knew of that I saw again as an adult. Eventually, this habit of Easter chicks for kids became illegal thank God.

  48. This website examines the demands of OWS – makes them clearer, evaluates their likelihood, rates how easily they could be accomplished…


    ****Note: Remove the x before the com and put the link in your url line if you want to go there. We don’t give this miserable guy traffic. Love, UW.

  49. Mom the burlap bag brought back a memory. I think I posted about it awhile back, about when I was a kid and we would go to camp on weekends. We would get our eggs and chickens there from a farmer. I remember how we got the chickens. In a moving burlap sack. Then my grandmother would take it out back and we would have chicken for dinner. Shiver…

  50. UW, I’m glad you had a mom who didn’t want to hurt the chicken – and who wouldn’t feed your pet to you. But I’m not sure that zoos display chickens or other animals easily seen on an American farm – maybe back then they did, though. Nowadays I think they’d just use them to feed live to the snakes or something…

  51. NES that’s not excessive force, they didn’t force them, they subdued them albeit kind of…overspray. Excessive force is hitting them on the head with a club and dragging their asses away.

  52. Happy Anniversary Mom!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  53. socal I agree about Eggland’s Best. Those eggs are delicious. And to date, they have not been involved in a single recall. Apparently they have this whole system and a bunch of huge hoops farmers have to jumpt through in order to get that little red stamp on their eggs.

  54. This article seems to have been written by the writer who started that twitter hashtag (I don’t do twitter, I hope I used the terminology right!) about female bloggers being harassed online

    She refers to herself as the italicized segment below. Does anyone know what “cisgender” woman means? I’ve never heard of that.

    I’m a white, thin, cisgender woman

  55. OMG LORAC! Politics makes for strange bedfellows, BUT there are limits. Posting a link to Tamerlane’s site (Liberal Nexus) here is a serious offense. He hates and ridicules and tears the backs off PUMAs. To say he’s a misogynist is an understatement.

  56. Shiver is right!

  57. Lorac our zoo has always had a free range thing going on for ducks, chickens and other fowls so it’s pretty safe to say the chicken wasn’t used for food.

  58. I know NES, but the reality is, every chicken we eat has been slaughtered by somebody. It’s just that you don’t know how LONG ago it was slaughtered when you get them at a supermarket. Chickens don’t just drop dead for us. lol.

  59. I live in SoCal, twandx. As you know, we don’t get a lot of rain, & becuz 90 gazillion people have moved here over my lifetime, we have to watch water usage. Most areas have low water landscaping. How would someone with a patio & chickens running & pooping all over it, keep it clean everyday without the unnecessary usage of water? Seriously, what would they do? Bend over & pick up every tiny piece of crap? Our area has regulations about water useage & the place we live gets fined if they water down the pool area too often. Also, what if the chicken owners are sick, or away and can’t clean up the chicken crap everyday? I don’t agree about their noise, either. I love to listen to the variety of birds I have here, but chickens make an annoying, gaggy type sound. When you live in apts, condos & townhouses, like we currently do, you have to consider your neighbors. I appreciate chickens but they belong in rural or suburban areas with large properties.

    Same thing with pigs. I’ve known several people over the years who have had pigs as pets (one very famous) & I know that a well kept pig does not stink. Their poop is quite another matter.

    Upps, I know what you mean about the Easter chicks. We had Easter ducklings one year when I was only 2 years old. I accidentally strangled mine from holding it by the neck. My older sis still scolds me for that! Agree with you that its a dumb idea.

  60. YOu Tamerlaned us???????????????????????
    I had one exchange with His Meanness here and it was the last one. You can read when he showed up on his bulldozer flashing his humor bypass in the comment section here.

  61. Oh, sorry you guys. I just followed a link there – I don’t know who he is.

  62. That’s not what the law says, Upps. Excessive can include pepper spray, and whether it’s excessive depends on the circumstances. This was excessive under the circumstances.

  63. Haha! I was just gonna tell lorac that you wouldn’t appreciate that link, NES. lorac, you shoulda seen this guy go after NES & me some of the other women over at the next door neighbors.

  64. NES, admittedly it was a LOT of pepper spray.

  65. Okay here’s the definition of cisgender. I think….

  66. Once a year my stepdad would slaughter some of his chickens, & my mom would freeze them. I never was around, so fortunately didn’t have to help but my younger sis did and was grossed out by it. My step sis (who is a crazy, demonic kind of person) seemed to enjoy it! My mom had to stew those chickens a long time, they were very tough.

  67. socal the old Italians also kept pigeon coops and would slaughter them and make pigeon soup for medicinal purposes. I don’t think I ever had pigeon soup. Far as I know, but then who knows? Both sets of my grandparents were from the old country so I ate some pretty interesting things.

  68. Well, I’m 100% with you all, I have zero tolerance for misogynists.

  69. Thx for the definition, UW. I wonder if it just gets more complicated though, as gender roles are largely culturally determined. A person born female and who identifies as female may be very feminine, very non-feminine, or on one of many points in between. I wonder if they’re all considered “cis”. I can tell I’ve changed as I’ve gotten older – I’m not so interested in navel gazing and dissecting things (which to me often just seem unending and non-productive, such as I see with endless discussions about “intersectionality” on some feminsit blogs) – I just want ALL women to achieve equality. Big academic discussions and dissections now just leave me feeling like the participants are more interested in patting themselves on the back for how smart they are, instead of getting something done. (This is not directed at that writer – just my musings on excessive developing of “categories” – I’m really glad this writer is talking about the treatment that women get on the net.)

  70. Hahahaha, looks like lorac tried to talk sense to that rude eff’er Tamerlane back then. I got this from the Sept. 2010 thread Upps linked:

    tamerlane, on September 2, 2010 at 2:06 AM said: Edit Comment

    My apologies. I did not know this was yet another echo chamber. Blayder!

    lorac, on September 2, 2010 at 2:57 AM said: Edit Comment

    It’s not an echo chamber, tamerlane. We have differences about things – for example, most people here are pet lovers, but I’m an animal lover and I also love TOFU!!!! So I get given a hard time about tofu. But there are also many other things that people don’t always agree on. We do agree on no bots, though.
    I think the issue, though, was perhaps your approach, the accusations. Maybe try reposting the same comment, but this time from the “I” perspective, rather than in an attacking “you” perspective….? Do you know what I mean?
    Just share your own point of view, and give your reasons. Some people may not agree with you, but they shouldn’t get pissed at you. We all have the right to our own opinions. We just have to share our opinions in a non-accusatory way.

  71. Ha! I’m not an attorney, NES. I don’t remember details very well lol But even if I had remembered his name, it’s not like it’s front and center on that website…

    But that’s kind of weird you went looking to see if I “knew” him! And it’s funny, because I actually thought of you when I followed that link – I thought you might appreciate the calm and practical look at OWS that it presented!

  72. So cute. Yeah, now tell me it was too late and actually stirred the pot lol

  73. Ooooh, Ani has a new post up. Haven’t read it yet, but I’m sure it’s great!

  74. But that’s kind of weird you went looking to see if I “knew” him!

    No, no, not at all, lorac. I was just reading the thread, as Upps wanted us to, and happened upon that interchange. Never thought you’d recall the eff’er. The Web is, after all, full of insufferably rude and pompous guys like him.

    By coincidence, he just today, an hour or so ago, bulldozed in a pile of rudeness at the neighbor’s place.

  75. Sweet. It was sweet.

  76. xxoo

  77. This is the chicken I buy. I buy it in the family size pkgs, so the price is reasonable. Why can’t all farms be this way? Big agra, besides the animal cruelty, is destroying the topsoil.

  78. Thanks for the link to the Ani post. Hubbster & I watched the 60 minutes piece. Its obscene that our government is so corrupt.

  79. NES, I just read the post you were just talking about. I don’t think I’ve seen such a hateful, insane spiel. And the last part was just incomprehensible.

  80. Technically, the trick worked:

  81. Tried to get ani to do some posts here. She was going to but I guess she’s not. Or something. Love that gal.

  82. Yeah well I don’t have lorac’s patience with jerks. I just called him an asshole. Seemed fair. His IP landed in the trash can. And in response to his “apology” I said No I apologize. I had no idea you had a humor bypass.

  83. Loved this comment over there.

    I love Christmas lights. They remind me of the people who voted for
    Obama. They all hang together; half of them don’t work, and the ones
    that do, aren’t that bright

  84. lorac, re: the definition…all I know is I am a heterosexual and will probably be considered an artifact in the near future.

  85. No, UW, you’re not going extinct. There will just be a hundred new names for “different types of expression” of heterosexuality lol

  86. I don’t know about that video of the little kids with the tablecloth trick. It seems odd that the smaller once stands directly behind the one doing the trick. Why stand right behind him, he can’t see anything from there. Might be staged!

  87. omg, myiq, that kid vid was funny, but I hope to God that kid was ok. We have always had our bookcases screwed into studs in the wall, so they can’t flop forward like that.

  88. lorac, I think it must have been, why would it fly forward like that just from that tiny kid backing into it? On the other hand, who would risk a kid getting hurt? Maybe it was a fake Hollywood stage piece and made of balsa or something.

  89. Poor myiq, it’s going to get increasingly difficult to find silly clips belittling OWS and try and pass them off as representative. Good luck.

  90. Poor myiq, it’s going to get increasingly difficult to find silly clips belittling OWS

    Has the show been canceled?

  91. Has the show been canceled?

    They are “attacking” the SEC now – and will no doubt be throwing stock certificates, rolled to look like diploma scrolls.

    …I tell ya, it’s gonna be another war zone of passive aggression.

  92. Eh, I don’t even look for OWS clips. I think the whole thing is silly, ineffective, and most of America hardly even thinks of them unless they are a lucky parent on vacation from their 25 year old dependent, or they happen to piss you off and block traffic when you are on your way to work. Seriously, I rarely cover them because I just think they are achieving nothing. I really mean this. I can’t think of one thing they have changed in two months. Not one thing, unless you include the cost to property taxpayers of cleaning up after them and policing them in any city they descend upon. I really am not trying to needle you NES, you know that. This all reminds me of a bunch of kids throwing themselves on the floor in the candy aisle. The only people who can stand them are the parents stuck with them as they drag them out of the store. Furthermore, the cavalier way in which they treated rape simply disgusts me and I cannot support anything that treats a horrible thing like rape of a woman as Just One Of Those Things that had best not get in the way of Important things. To me, women’s issues are first, that puts OWS last in my book.

  93. Big agra, besides the animal cruelty, is destroying the topsoil.

    They are also destroying people’s health, and sometimes they even murder them with their diseases caused by filth.

  94. @socalannie: I didn’t expect anyone here to support my views, no need to apologize.

    I did hope that ppl would be open-minded to other opinions, but have since chucked that hope. Even here I was shot down for being the messenger of bad tidings:

    “But you just LITERALLY ruined my day so you will have to excuse it.”

    I am fully aware that McDonalds fired the “producer” but that’s no reason to trust or even forgive McD’s. They clearly don’t care enough to check the conditions of the source of their “produce” and undoubtedly get meat from all kinds of animal torturers (this is not the first time they’ve been exposed, not to mention deforesting… ) Most fast food producers are guilty; remember KFC.

    I am very interested in the idea of people keeping a few chickens and have looked into the subject a lot. There are wonderful people out there with a few chickens — they also keep the many varieties of chickens alive — and there are great ways to keep them that don’t disturb anyone. Some ppl even keep them in their homes — you can buy diapers for chickens online! Just like anyone who has any kind of animal, including pets, you’ll have those who are responsible and those who are not.

    Local small farmers are great, and that’s who I get my free-range eggs from. But that’s nixed if you don’t have access to local farm products or if they’re too expensive. I’d rather have my own chickens, but zoning laws prevent it. So once again, I remain dependent on someone else for those few eggs I need. AND I don’t get to crack up at my own (would be) pet chickens’ antics!

    Of course the less we educate, the less we trust each other, the less we give ppl credit for having brains — and even good intentions — the less freedom, independence, community & diverse lifestyles we will have. Scr*w the anti-chicken-keeping zoning laws!

  95. Good Morning Uppityites! PMM has a question on the UC Davis pepper spray incident.
    I have watched the clip(s) of the incident at three places now. Some short, some long. In all I see the same thing. A line of children sitting down and a policeman walking down the line spraying what the videos claim is pepper spray. Then walking back down the line doing the same thing.
    Why is it that NOT ONE of the protesters is writhing on the ground after purportedly being sprayed directly in the face with pepper spray?
    One video posted at the neighbors was over 8 minutes long. After the first minute it was all video of the police surrounded by protesters chanting “Shame on You” over and over and over again. Also one girl shouting “Does anybody have water” and the requisite “Mic Check”
    Not one protester OR bystander in any of the videos is showing any reaction whatsoever to the massive amount of product released by the officer.
    I say “product” why?
    An idiot rent a cop once accidentally set off his pepper spray in the restaurant. Three dining rooms AND the kitchen were so bad we had to evac the restaurant and air the place out for 6 hours.
    So how is it that that amount of “pepper spray” directly in the face and wafting over the bystanders did not cause flailing and screaming and crying?
    Maybe there is a video someplace that shows the expected results- but I have yet to see one.
    (ps- I did see the elderly woman that got it in I think Seattle and THAT one I believe is real.)

  96. PMM, I thought the clip was a little odd. What kind of pepper spray was that? It didn’t seem to faze them. If they had just used some good old fashioned brute force to move them, there wouldn’t be all the fuss.

    They’ve been using pepper spray in the schools here to break up fights. It’s getting alot of press. The parents are pissed about it. The school board decided the other day to keep doing it. One of the story’s I read said they’ve been using it since 1997.

    As far as chickens in my yard. Hell no!! There is a reason they’re called fowl. They are foul. I have a friend that has chickens, she keeps them all the way on the other side of her property. My grandpa used to raise chickens. I remember going out with him to collect the eggs, that was a good little hike. Nowhere near the house. Hell, it wasn’t even close to the barn. They are nasty. I can’t believe I eat them.

  97. Has the show been canceled?

    Hhahahahahaha, myiq!

  98. That’s a very odd question, Mom, because not even the police (or the campus police) are denying the use of pepper spray. This story — — typical of others I’ve seen on the incident doesn’t have any law enforcement authorities denying the use of pepper spray. Let us know if you see a piece involving a denial the use of the spray.

    Check out the second vid on this piece:
    Love the university’s Chancellor’s walk-of-shame.

  99. T — Uppity wasn’t criticizing you for voicing your opinion on the McD chickens — she was objecting to the posting of animal-torture vids. And, people here have discussed the issue of domestic chickens many times. True, the prevailing opinion, including mine, is overwhelmingly against allowing it in urban areas, but that doesn’t mean people are close-minded. Open-mindedness doesn’t mean everyone has to agree.

  100. Thanks for clarifying NES. I don’t think it’s close minded to think an idea through for its downsides and dangers. I think it’s sensible.

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