Open thread and a well-balanced dog.

Check out that face.


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  1. My dog would be drowning the floor in drool by about the 5th one.

  2. Oh good, a doggie post. That is one smart golden. I’m not saying my dogs are dumb, I couldn’t get past their mouth to put anything edible on their snout.

    Another smart dog.

  3. That video is a famous ACD named Skidboot, Vivien, he died several years ago. The story of him is amazing and touching.

  4. That was beautiful. Thank you.

  5. Oh, that makes me miss my Golden Retriever soooo much! I used to do the same thing (though with only ONE biscuit at a time). In fact, I’ve recently trained one of my client’s dogs to do the same trick (my shop is a dog-friendly place–I just tell people that if the State Board examiner comes in, start acting blind). Biscuit on the nose–wait 5 seconds–then say “okay!” and watch her flip it up and catch mid-air. She only gets 3, because by then, the floor needs mopping from all the drool, lol.

  6. just beautiful . Thank you. 🙂

  7. Damn Upps, where’s everyone at?

    I’m not leaving, I’m going to go make some banana bread. I found this kick ass recipe, it’s called (Best Ever Banana Bread.) It’s like nothing else I’ve ever made. Buttermilk is the secret ingredient.

  8. You are welcome. Skidboot was in a class all his own and it was almost spiritual to know his story and what he achieved with an owner who was just an old horse shoe guy who got this gift of this dog…and the dog got the gift of him.

    ACDs are amazingly brilliant dogs. But they aren’t for everybody. Very strong willed dogs and would do anything for their master, including kill. They have extreme brains, as you can see. But they should be owned by people who can handle them and spend the time with them. They must have a job or can be a problem. Thus, many are abandoned. And then there are people like our own Utah, who rescues them just inches from the needle, and gives them a chance to be all they can be. When you hear her talk about her “Wrecking Crew” she speaks of her ACDs.

  9. Irlandese, my needle nose will do one also and she sometimes actually catches it when I say OKAY!. Okay is the word she must hear before she can eat anything, including dinnner. So we use the same word! This is a great way to keep your dog safe so that they don’t pick up something and eat it and then it kills them, and they don’t take shit from strangers that could harm them. Anyways, with her snout, she could probably hold that many but I never seem to be able to get past one without it falling. She will also pick up a biscuit and bring it to me to give to her, but only about half the time. LOL. The rest of the time she can’t resist. Poor thing drools like a faucet when sh ehas her cookie involved so I have eased up on her waiting some. She does this one thing where she sits and puts her paw on me when I’m sitting, and I put the biscuit on her paw. But her drooling makes me feel sorry for her and she probably knows it. hahahaha.

  10. I always see you and utah talking about ACDs. I googled it one day just to see what kind of dogs y’all were talking about. I didn’t realize they were high maintenances dogs.

    Here’s a link to that banana bread recipe. I highly recommend it.

  11. Vivien, I want that banana bread recipe, please. Put it in the recipe tab.

  12. I wouldn’t call them high maintenance Viv, just very VERY smart and dominant if given the chance. Like all herders, they need a strong owner who can direct their attention and behavior, but ACDs are Smart-Plus. High stamina. VERY loyal dogs! And you wouldn’t want to be breaking into the home. lol. You’re gonna leave on a stretcher. They were developed with a cross with Dingos.

  13. Dang! My two dogs are definitely slackers!

  14. The Keystone Kops of the Obama Admin. are at it again!

  15. I’ve got two watch dogs. Timex, and Rolex. He’ll sleep through anything. Her, not so much.

    It’s in there.

    imust, maybe your dogs just need a job. You can get them to moderate your pie blog.

  16. LOL Imust! you’re slacking with them! Gotta give em a job. Dogs LOVE jobs!

    I would love to use my dog for tracking. She’s got it. I just know it. I can put a biscuit anywhere in the house and tell her Find The Biscuit and that dog will find it, and it won’t take too long either. She sticks her nose in the air and it’s amazing to watch. ditto for outside. I think this is her biggest skill, seriously. Well, that and trying to herd cats.

  17. Viv, what do you use, three bananas? banana bread is so tricky because you want it moist, so I can see where the buttermilk would help. You bake a banana bread two minutes too long and it’s over. I like walnuts in it.

  18. I’ve got two watch dogs. Timex, and Rolex


  19. All four of my dogs are slackers! I just adopted another pup that I found at school. Part pomerinian, part pain in the rear. She weighs about 9lbs. Here name is Millie, then I had adopted Hazel a year ago last March. Both these dogs were less than 4 months old when they wondered onto my campus. I never call the pound on a puppy. Heck, I very rarely call them at all. Then I have Lucy the Great Dane, and Dude the Mastiff. Dude is getting close to retiring to Heaven. That Mastiff is the most loyalist, kindest, protective pup pal I have ever had. And this hillbilly has had a lot of mutts.
    Like my dad said. ” The more I see of my friends, the better I like my dogs.”

  20. Two large ones, or three small ones. This is the first time I ever tried pecans in banana bread. I’ve always used walnuts. The pecans give it a different twist. If you’re into trying new things, I say try the pecans. Oh, it’s a very moist bread. Yum.

  21. Don’t know how to post this vid but here’s the link – great fun for cat lovers on a cold and blowy November day.

  22. Pomeranian, John? Shiver! Only dog I ever got bit by was a Pom. Mean little bastard. I had to send him sailing on the end of my foot, sorry to say. I still have the scar.

  23. Don’t know why this came to mind but when I was about ten, a loose Doberman flew into my backyard. In those days Dobes were considered killers out of the chute. Anyways, we were out there BBQ’ing and the dog ran at me and knocked me flat on my back. My mother was screetching and my father grabbed the bat out of the shed. When he got to me, the dog had me pinned to the ground and was licking my face all over.

    Anyways, because of his good behavior, we hung onto him and tried to find the owner. It took about a week and, I tell you, when they came to get him, I cried for two days. I didn’t think he wanted to go either.

  24. ” The more I see of my friends, the better I like my dogs.”

    Wise man.

  25. Newt says the OWS kids should go get a job right after they take a shower. I don’t know. All the pics I saw were full of middle aged people and I am guessing that those who do not have jobs have been looking and applying and doing everything they can to get a job…..which is kind of the point of them being out there in the first place. But then Newt has always been a major a$$hole.

    In other crazy republican primary news, Ron Paul is now neck and neck for the lead in Iowa. I am starting to think they really do want to re-elect Obama.

  26. twandx, simon’s cat is a youtube sensation. He’s got a whole hilarious channel. We try to post them all, usually Casper reminds me when a new one is out. Original first Simon:

  27. I like Ben Stein’s take better. He says you don’t get anywhere by banging a drum and leaving your feces on the ground.

  28. My mom sent me this:


    After three weeks in the Garden of Eden, God came to visit Eve. ‘So, how is everything going?’ inquired God.

    ‘It is all so beautiful, God,’ she replied. ‘The sunrises and sunsets are breathtaking, the smells, the sights, everything is wonderful, but I have just one problem..

    It’s these breasts you have given me. The middle one pushes the other two out and I am constantly knocking them with my arms, catching them on branches and snagging them on bushes. They’re a real pain.’

    And Eve went on to tell God that since many other parts of her body came in pairs, such as her limbs, eyes, ears, etc She felt that having only two breasts might leave her body more ‘symmetrically balanced’.

    ‘That’s a fair point,’ replied God, ‘But it was my first shot at this, you know. I gave the animals six breasts, so I figured that you needed only half of those, but I see that you are right. I will fix it up right away.’

    And God reached down, removed the middle breast and tossed it into the bushes

    Three weeks passed and God once again visited Eve in the Garden of Eden.

    ‘Well, Eve, how is my favorite creation ?’

    ‘Just fantastic,’ she replied, ‘But for one oversight. You see, all the animals are paired off. The ewe has a ram and the cow has her bull. All the animals have a mate except me. I feel so alone.’

    God thought for a moment and said, ‘You know, Eve, you are right. How could I have overlooked this? You do need a mate and I will immediately create a man from a part of you. Let’s see….where did I put that useless boob ?’

  29. Congress has declared pizza a vegetable in St. Ronni Reagan style. They have declared it a vegetable because it has tomatoes on it. Only nobody told our dumb shit congress that tomatoes are actually fruits, considering their makeup. They have not bothered, however, to mention that pizza is also a carbohydrate that can make you fat in large quantities. The truth is, these morons want to dictate what kids can eat in free lunch, but it’s just too damned expensive to be giving kids arugula, which they wouldn’t eat anyways. So, in true Reagan fashion, they have followed the Ketchup declaration and modernized it with tomato paste. However, also true to the meddling Progressive movement, they also declared potatoes, which actually ARE vegetables, baaaaaaaad for you and in some quarters these actual vegetables are already banned in schools.

  30. They say vegetables are good for you but I figure why take chances?

  31. Remember the outrage when Reagan declared ketchup a veggie. Bet you won’t hear that now since a bunch of democrats voted for it. meanwhile, the country is going to hell in a handbasket and they are jerking around with school lunches.

  32. When I was a kid they always served vegetables with our lunch but we never ate them.

    We occasionally had food fights with them though.

  33. My sister, the teacher, was telling me that yesterday. I thought it was a local thing, it’s nationwide? You really have to wonder who cares about the kids anymore.

    Man, I hope I didn’t screw up my banana bread. I greased the pan, but forgot to grease the parchment paper. I found another recipe while I was looking for that one. It’s a Banana-Blueberry Buttermilk Bread. Very yummy. The recipe doesn’t call for walnuts, but I add a cup anyway. I’m going to put the link in your recipe tab

  34. Does anyone know whats going on with the cryptic header? Is Pengy protecting the turkey from Mary Poppins with a hatchet?

  35. What an adorable dog. Our family’s smartest dog was my brothers Doberman, which he trained from a puppy. My mom always said he had a crush on me (the dog, not my brother!). I would sit in a chair and fling my hair, which was very long at the time, over the back of the chair, & the dog would stick his face into my hair & close his eyes, or he’d put his huge head on my lap & roll his eyes up at me. He would also take my nightgown from under my pillow (I read a lot of old English books when I was young & went thru a weird phase of folding my nightie & putting it under my pillow when I made my bed), take it into the living room, make it into a nice fluffy pillow & lay down with his face in it. I would have a fit when I’d get home & find out about it, or my mom would wash it before I got home. I guess it liked the way I smelt or something. Once I was having him pull me when I had on roller skates & I fell and sprained my wrist. It hurt so bad I couldn’t get up so I told the dog to run home & get my mom, and to have her bring the car. A few minutes later my mom pulled up in her car to get me, following the dog who was running down the street. She said she knew something had happened from the way he acted and he kept running to the car and barking at it. Also, she had known I was going out with him on my skates so she figured it out.

  36. John, my mom adopted a little dog last year that is part Pom, part Papillon. I think that is the latest fad in dog breeding. He’s a cute little thing, and very friendly, loves to play, but was a lot of work for her to housebreak (why the previous owner didn’t train him escapes me, but apparently, it was a bad owner, since it gave it up).

  37. Viv, how did the banana bread come out?

  38. teresa, I’ve despised eye-of-newt ever since the 90s. No amount of showering will ever wash the stench of corruption and dirty dealings from him. I think eye-of-newt should shut his ugly trap and have the decency to disappear from public life.

    I think you’re right about the repubs wanting to reelect barky. They seem to have lost their minds this primary season.

  39. myiq, hilarious!

  40. Stick a fork in the super committee, they’re done.

    Who here predicted they’d be a super failure?

    Show of hands: 100% of Uppityites

  41. Obama took a hands off position while he ran around Hawaii on his reelection campaign stop and trying to look presidential by hanging out with other leaders, like Hillary.

    Note to Barky – you can’t copy her homework anymore, she is basking in her own glory and you cannot steal her limelight, this time.

  42. I just sliced the bread in half, it could have cooked a little longer. One little spot in the middle wasn’t done. I’ll eat around that. This is the third time I made it, cooked the same time, but I only made one loaf. The other times I made two loafs. I didn’t realize that would make a difference in the cooking time.

    socal, I enjoyed your doberman story. You do tell some good ones.

    karen, they can just chalk that up as a loss. Add it to his jobs bill, and all his other failures.

    In public, however, the official administration stance is that failure is not an option.

    That’s funny.

  43. where did I put that useless boob ?’ 😆

  44. Ben Stein is a horrible human being: He’s another guy who was born in to power, influence and money and thinks he’s a self made man. Blah blah blah Ben

    From wiki:

    Stein began his political career as a speechwriter and lawyer for President Richard Nixon, and later for President Gerald Ford. On May 3, 1976, Time magazine speculated on the possibility of Stein having actually been Deep Throat. Stein responded over the years by not only denying he was Deep Throat, but by going further and accusing journalist Bob Woodward of falsifying the famous secret source. In the May 14–21, 1998 edition of the Philadelphia City Paper, Stein is quoted saying, “Oh, I don’t think there was a Deep Throat. That was a fake. I think there were several different sources and some they just made up.”[12] After Mark Felt’s identity as Deep Throat was revealed, Stein stated that Richard Nixon would have prevented the rise to power of the Khmer Rouge if he had not been forced to resign. For his actions leading to that resignation, Stein said:

    If there is such a thing as karma, if there is such a thing as justice in this life or the next, Mark Felt has bought himself the worst future of any man on this earth. And Bob Woodward is right behind him, with Ben Bradlee bringing up the rear. Out of their smug arrogance and contempt, they hatched the worst nightmare imaginable: genocide.[13]

    In 2005, Stein said in the American Spectator:

    Can anyone even remember now what Nixon did that was so terrible?

    I remember, and I bet Hillary remembers she was in the room during the watergate hearings……Nixon tried to use the office of the Presidency to cheat his way back in to office. He sent his people to get information his campaign was not entitled to and he did it with tax payer funded government workers rather than campaign staff.

  45. viv, well, better a little underdone than overdone, I always say. I want to take a look at your recipe. Hubbie loves a pistachio bread we always buy when we go to a deli in our area. Very moist & yummy.

  46. socal, Upps had me put it in the recipe tab. It’s called Best Ever Banana Bread. I took half the loaf, minus the uncooked part over to my folks. I have a weird feeling I’ll be getting a phone call from mom asking why I didn’t use walnuts. Maybe not. Her favorite PIE is pecan.

  47. Hmmm- just what I need- a new banana bread recipe- I have been making the same one for- ARGH! can it really be FORTY YEARS? When the hell did I get so old? (And no wonder that old standby Betty Crocker cookbook is falling apart lol)
    Banana bread can be tricky because a lot of it depends on how ripe the bananas are when you use them. Under ripe will require you add a bit extra liquid.
    I have all those bananas in the freezer that I picked up on sale last month. And baking season starts on Friday. Will definitely be giving the new recipes a try! Thanks for posting!

  48. vivien- I made my old standby banana bread with butterscotch chips in it last year for fair and won a blue ribbon. lol. I ran out of chocolate chips- which is what I usually put in the banana bread instead of nuts.

  49. Oh well if it’s in wiki, it must be true. lol.

    My my my teresa, you are just a bundle of good cheer.

  50. Yup sounds like that Dobe had you as his person, socal. Lucky nobody tried to mess with you because that dobe would have ripped them to shreds. As it should be.

  51. Leaders of the finance committee of OWS staying at $500/night hotel instead of in a tent

  52. Tweety doesn’t have a thrill up his leg anymore? Or he’s just selling a new book….

  53. PMM, thanks for the tip on the bananas. I didn’t know that.

    You should try the other recipe as well. It’s a little more work than the first one. I didn’t know bananas and blueberries went together so well.

  54. Priceless, lorac. Simply Priceless.

  55. lorac, I heard it was $700 a night. They’ve got all that money in the bank, they’ll have to spend it on something.

  56. The story came from the NY Post. I’m not saying it’s bullshit, just consider the source.

  57. Yum, banana bread with walnuts. Nothing like it.

  58. Agree, NES. I tell you, it’s torture waiting for those bananas to turn black.

  59. Wow!!! That clip of Tweety’s gave me a thrill up my leg. Can we bring the curtain down on the MSM’s ObamaBlowing?

  60. Yup on bananas and blueberries.I put them on my cereal together all the time. And crushed walnuts.

    They make a good smoothie together too.

  61. Did the hotel have a flushing toilet?

    It’s a cardinal rule of life — people love spending other people’s money. No discretion required because it’s ‘free’ money. Hypocrites.

    But, of course, that doesn’t taint the movement, just its finance cmte.

  62. Hahaha Karen, Supercommittee punted. Losers.

  63. Chris Matthews is selling a book??? Who would want to read that crap? I couldn’t read it. I hate to be interrupted while I’m reading. haha.

    Walnuts, pecans. I like it both ways.

  64. I sympathize and emphathize on the timing of the banana bread, Viv. One more minute and the damned thing would be dried out. Damned banana bread is an art.

  65. Hey, I’ve stayed at that hotel! I guess that makes me a 1%-wannabe….

  66. Actually, the 1% would stay at The Peninsula, The Mandarin, or the like. The W Hotel’d be slumming it for them.

  67. Who here thinks that Natalie Wood was killed by Robert Wagner?

    Also, since I haven’t been following this story, does anyone know why the case has been resurrected now? What about the captain’s story wasn’t, or couldn’t have been, previously disclosed to the DA in question?

  68. Whoa vivien…do I detect a sign of sympathy for OWS?

  69. Oh, MyIQ has a whole thread on it

    Dear myiq won’t be satisfied until he drags OWS into that alligator swamp on his site and the ‘gator makes a snack of them.

  70. I posted last week about reports of OWS protestors coming out of hotels they were booking for $130 a night. They are staying at the Hilton and complaining about corporations? LAWD. The hypocrisy is unreal.

    I swear to God, I stay at Motel 6 or the equal because I cannot afford much more with my budget. They stay at the freaking Hilton. I work my fanny off. They play drums in a park and collect money for doing freaking nothing all day.

    Where is that “I don’t want to work I want to bang on a drum all day” video. It deserves to be repeated.

    I know, they were just showing solidarity with Paris, right?

    wall, head, wall, head, wall, head.

    It is my day off work – maybe I should go stay in some corporate hotel for free and use some donated money for some hot gourmet food. And a laptop. I work like a dog and don’t have one. And a cell phone.

    I marched and volunteered for YEARS every single day – winter, spring, summer and fall – cold calling for donations, stuffing letters, putting up posters, going to the post office with giant boxes, answering calls, providing information, standing on corners – every freaking day for years.

    One other thing I did as a volunteer – match families with found dog tags. The army didn’t have time to do that or the desire to. I did it. For free. Before there was an internet. NOT ONE PENNY from the DNC, SMC, NYPAC, GreenPeace, NOW, or any other org. I helped organize some of the marches and was in the DC National Offices and the NYC main offices with top level people all day. They didn’t get paid off either. We donated to our organizations and all the money went to true expenses.

    But then again, we were the real deal. We truly had beliefs and we had goals that were clear as day.

    Head exploding. We sure as frack didn’t stay at the freaking Hilton.

  71. It was really moist. The last two times I cooked it, I let it set overnight before cutting it. The women at work tore it up. One of them keeps telling me I need to add chocolate chips. Maybe next time. Better yet I might try PMMs butterscotch chips.

  72. Yeah the one ows group put their wads of cash into a Wells Fargo branch that they had defaced earlier in the month. They hate banks.

    I put my paycheck in a bank automatically. I pay my bills. I have a car loan with my bank. I have a debit card and a credit card. I am not charged.

    I earn points on my credit card and debit card and can get gift cards.

    I have not problem with my bank. They are a small local bank. The tellers are all nice. The atm is in good working order.

    This reminds me of when Jerry Rubin left the Yippies and started working on Wall Street decades later. These kids are going to be putting in their resumes to these same companies they trash.

    We all live and learn.

    Now pass me some of that banana bread.

  73. Easy now, karen. You might blow a gasket.

    OWS isn’t taking away from your past activist glory days. Why does there have to be a competition?

  74. Even with cute accents, they still hate women…. (or rather, like them in one role only….)

  75. You know NES, it seems that it’s becoming a sore subject with you. My stand on ows hasn’t changed. I don’t need to talk about it. We cool?

    karen, you can have all the banana bread you want. Just don’t eat the piece in the middle.

  76. So, there we have it: proof that OWS is not anti-capitalist and not anti-corporate, merely anti-1%, (you know, the greediest of the greedy that add nothing and suck the life out of everything they touch).

  77. I don’t know what to think about the Natalie Wood story. I’ve called the L.A. County Sheriffs Dept the “sheriff’s to the stars” for years becuz they will do anything for celebs. However, the boat captain and others now bringing this up seem fairly shady. The boat captain says he heard Natalie calling for help and didn’t go help her? He also says the fight between her & RJ was that RJ was jealous of her & Walken, but I have always heard that she caught Walken & RJ together and was furious (RJ has always been rumored to be bi & it is said thats what broke them up the first time), they had a huge fight, and she took off in the dinghy to get away from them for awhile.

    I’ve been out there on boats many times, the water going over can be quite rough, but in the cove, its usually pretty calm; however, I don’t know what it was like that night. The woman who wrote the book says she has proved that down jackets float (I think she jumped in her pool with one on); the LA Coroner (I don’t trust them either) said her jacket was soaking wet and weighed around 40 lbs. Still, if her jacket acted as a life preserver, why didn’t she scream for help or tread water over to the nearest other boat, if the creeps on her boat wouldn’t help her? A woman on a nearby boat says she heard a woman cry for help, now she is saying she heard the woman say “help I’m drowning”. So why didn’t this woman tell the someone else on her boat, why didn’t they go up on deck and see if they needed to jump in and save the person? A bizarre story, and many contradictions. Still, if RJ murdered her, or let her drown, I would like to see him caught.

  78. You know NES, it seems that it’s becoming a sore subject with you. My stand on ows hasn’t changed. I don’t need to talk about it. We cool?

    I was just kidding, vivien — it was in response to your caution re the NYPost piece (but obviously it wasn’t a good joke…). So, yes, totally cool…but, there was no need to ask. And NEWSFLASH — I don’t actually care what any of you think of OWS…it’s a ‘eat crow’ joke here, that’s it.

  79. Two well-known dems are asking for Obama to step down and let Hillary be the 2012 nominee

  80. Oops SophieCT, careful now. OWS is apparently “a sore subject” here with some. Take it to Riverdaugher or the neighbor’s place, will ya?

  81. Thanks for the download on Wood and RJ, socal. Trust you to have the Inside Hollywood skinny. It’s all very mysterious. (I’d heard those rumors about RJ and Walken too.)

  82. NES, you keep referring to “the neighbor’s place” – can you say what that is? I don’t know which site it refers to…

  83. lorac, it’s the smart place.

  84. Sorry NES, just one more shot. This was in the comments over there.

    This should be the theme song for the Occupy America people.

  85. Interesting, lorac. I don’t know about Doug Schoen’s status, but I can’t believe that Pat Caddell is in good standing in the Dem Party. He’s always going on Fox to trash Obama and the party.

  86. Ahahahahaha vivien. Fair shot.

  87. I’ll tell about the first time RJ came to the country club I worked at, this was a few years after Natalie died:

    His agent called and asked if RJ & a bud could come out and play. I said sure no problem. (celebs usually would call themselves btw, not have a mgr or asst call for them. They also usually asked for me instead of talking to the starter, I don’t know why, but I was usually the one who had to deal with all the celebs.) Anyway, I was at the front desk when RJ arrived and two other employees were nearby, doing other things, one of them opened the door for him & said “Good Morning Mr Wagner”. He then walked past the 2nd one who also said “Good Morning Mr. Wagner”. No response. He then walked up to me where I was standing behind a counter & I said “Good Morning Mr Wagner”. He put both his hands on the counter, leaned forward towards me, put on his big movie star smile and said “Hi! I’m Robert Wagner!” I shit you not. I was speechless for a few seconds. His eyes were glazed I remember, also, he was actually tall, most actors aren’t. Anyway, his subsequent visits went pretty much like that one.

  88. UW – thanks for setting the record straight over in the comment thread at His44. I read that article that was linked, and I knew I had read an article with it in context. Then a few comments later, there you were, making it all right!

  89. NES – ok now I get it lol

  90. Vivien- I am going to try both the new banana bread recipes.
    PMM secret solution to bananas. Want to ripen them on the hurry up? Put them in a brown paper bag with an apple overnight. Instant ripe! The apples emit a gas that causes other fruit to ripen.
    I just pitch them in the freezer and pull them out as needed. If I leave them out to ripen we eat them all lol.

  91. Mom, do you peel them before you freeze them?

  92. NES: As you might imagine, I’m well aware of the lack of love for OWS here. Still, I like this place and am very fond of the folks that frequent it. For the most part, people here can tolerate some dissent. I like to think that I’m keeping folks honest, but that could just be self-delusion.

    I’m not totally on-board with OWS, but I am not against them either. I don’t agree with a number of things I hear coming out of there but I am also not willing to indict a whole movement based on the actions of a few. They are the only ones speaking truth to power right now. Still, I am waiting to see who sent them and what they become.

  93. NES we cool. It’s all in good fun. We’ll keep it a crow joke.

  94. On a COMPLETELY different topic, any one here ever get a Bourbon Red heritage turkey? If so, what are the differences in cooking them?

  95. socal- nope- leave the peel on em- just pitch them right in the freezer in the wrapper nature gave them. Take them out a couple of hours before you want to use them. I usually take them out the night before.

  96. You leave the peel on? don’t wrap them in anything?

  97. Wow, Mom…gaseous apples!!

  98. imustbesick! Having chicken noodle soup……no pie for me 😦

  99. I was just kidding, SophieCT. I got a little grief about OWS shortly before you posted, and that inspired my comment to you…. But, sheesh, I’m zero for two on kidding tonight, so I’ll quit while I’m behind.

  100. “Crow joke,” yum.

  101. Sophie- where did you manage to get a heritage turkey? Have never cooked one- but I understand it is very different- especially if they were free range raised. Less breast meat and less fat I think.
    I did a quick search and found this link for you

    I caution everybody to totally disregard the govt BS about cooking poultry to 180 degrees internal temp. Do that and you are going to be eating sawdust. It makes absolutely no sense. The same govt idiots will tell you that salmonella and e-coli are both killed at a temp of 165 so there is no reason whatsoever to go the 180 route.
    Me? And old restaurant manager? When I cook at home I use old fashioned common sense and old fashioned techniques taught to me by my foremothers.Wiggle the leg of the bird- if it moves freely it is done. It works every time. And I stuff the bird. Not “dressing”- Stuffing. Inside the bird. Sucking up all that lovely moisture and flavor.
    The only thing I use a thermometer for in my kitchen is for candy. No sticking anything in the meat that is going to allow the juices to run out and dry out the meat,

  102. Mom, you should do ads for freezers. I’ve never heard of anyone putting them to as much use as you do. (Now, Upps is going to try and claim she uses them as much or more….)

  103. imust, no pie soup? Get well soon, Your Pieness (h/t Upps).

  104. Bourbon Red heritage turkey

    Does one take that neat or on-the-rocks?

  105. Wiggle the leg of the bird- if it moves freely it is done. It works every time.

    Perhaps the GOP should use this method to thin out their field of candidates.

  106. socal- just the peel. Why waste more plastic to end up in a landfill? Nature put that peel on there- and it works just fine. lol

    imust- you feel better! There will be pie this week! Apple, pumpkin and my husband’s favorite- little mini pecan tarts. My least favorite of all- I detest all that sugar in the pecan pies. blech.

  107. NES-

    Perhaps the GOP should use this method to thin out their field of candidates.

    ROFL! They seem to be doing a fine job of cooking their own goose of the month!

  108. NES, I am sorry if I came off the wrong way. We’re cool. I know you’re playing. And you’re not 0 for 2!

  109. NES- you’re funny. Ads for freezer lol! We just have always had one. And you really have to keep them full. They work better that way.
    Hell, who wants to be making jam and jelly when it is 90 degrees out? Throw that fruit in the freezer and pull it out for jam making on a cooler day. By the time our fall meat is processed I have all the fruit made up in to jam and that space comes open.

  110. PMM: Thanks for the link. I’m going to pick up the turkey tomorrow at a farm in Pleasant Valley NY. I do a local Thanksgiving every year. I have a choice between the Bourbon Red and a broad breasted white. All free range, etc. I’ve done local, free-range broad-breasted whites for a few years in a row and I’m thinking of getting daring. (I also Identify with a creature with smaller breasts and larger thighs.)

  111. Hmm- I went back and reread my wiggle the leg comment. Would it make more sense if I told you to wiggle the leg of the raw bird so you know the difference when it is cooked?
    Nah- all the Uppityites knew what I was talking about right?

  112. SOPHIE! ROFL! The farm should be able to give you some hints then. Let us know- all the Uppityites are foodies as you know!
    Has anyone else signed up for the food networks 12 days of Cookies? A new cookie recipe every day- I have tried some good ones in years past.

  113. XO XO to my cool sistahs, vivien and SophieCT.

  114. I’ve never heard of that kind of turkey before. Sounds interesting. I generally get a Sheltons Turkey from Whole Foods. Sometimes I get a Gelsons turkey, their meat is supposed to not have hormones & antibiotics.

  115. On the wild boars — that’s causus belli! Now Perry (Yosemite Perry — h/t imust) is going to want to invade Mexico right away!

  116. Mom, did you see the comments on that article you linked?

  117. NES, ROFL! Also loved you ex-cathedra comment on the neighbors site the other day.

  118. All but me, Mom. But, then again, when it comes to turkeys, I’m a lost cause. (Love to eat them on Thxgvg tho’!)

  119. Thanks socal.

  120. Oh, I knew about wiggling the leg. My Mom & Grandma taught me that.

  121. The Bourbon Red Turkey sounds very interesting.

  122. “OWS isn’t taking away from your past activist glory days. Why does there have to be a competition?”

    Glory days? Bullshit. My friends were dying in a bullshit war and I spent a lot of time feeling helpless and crying and the only thing that made the pain go away a little was when I’d go do something about it. If you call those days glory then you weren’t there. They were hell. All the glory days were brought to us every single night by the glow of the teevee and the body count.


    The ows people are the biggest bunch of phonies I’ve ever seen. Every new video exposes them for fools. They are occupying buildings, abandoned but owned buildings, and they are protesting being evicted.

    No competition. We knew what the hell we were doing. These fools are just anarchists – rebels without a clue.

  123. Ad on the TeeVee just said that KMart is open on Thanksgiving Day. How crappy it must be to be a KMart employee. So glad they must be to give up a relatively non-commercial holiday and time with their families to help improve the quarterly $$$ for their overlords.

  124. lorac, thanks for all those links. Especially the one making an excellent case for obama stepping down and Hill stepping up to a sure win.

    Only problem with that article is that Reid and Pelosi are joke-bags just like the person they finagled into office.

  125. It took tingles all this time to get diagnosed and figure out obama was just a pain in the ass.

    Sciatica is pain, weakness, numbness, or tingling in the leg. And the sciatic nerve passes over the butt.

    bo must go.

  126. I’m gonna wait till Momma Mia makes the banana bread recipes and reports in, because I know she’ll tweak them and they will be perfect.

    Our turkey comes from the same farm our chickens come from. Fresh and free range. I never buy chickens at a supermarket. Bleck all that fat.

    lorac, re: H44, yes, I felt they needed to see the whole video of what Hillary ACTUALLY said about Penn State, instead of the shit that weasel as weaselzippers posted, conveniently leaving out the whole statement and with a photo of Hillary that was, to be expected, revolting. WHen I see the source, I always go on the hunt for the reality. You can bet that weasel’s weaseling was cross posted all over the weazel interweb, starting with the weasels at Freeper Repubican. Believing these people is like believing Daily Kos or Move On. Same slanted bullshit, different cliff.

  127. Sophie i am not part of OWS’s version of the 99%. I am part of the more like 50% that ends up paying for them crapping all over everything when cleanup time comes. The 50% that is paying for all the overtime for the cops. It’s called a property tax increase. These people are NOT the 99% because the 1% aren’t paying for their shit, literal and figurative.

    I went to the website they were pimping for Bank Transfer Day. Funny, but their listing of where i should go seemed to list all those union credit unions first and, even funnier, my LOCAL, SINGLE BRANCH BANK that has been around for nearly a hundred years and serves the community in a zillion ways, wasn’t listed. Funny, that.

  128. FYI, everyone. Congress will be letting the bushie tax cuts expire because the fake committee is punting. This is good right? Well yeah, if you aren’t the rich. However, if you are the middle class, YOUR tax cuts will expire too. As I am reading it, the Fake Democrats figure they can let it all expire and then go figure out how to put the middle class cuts back in ‘later’. That means never. Good luck with that!

  129. It took tingles all this time to get diagnosed and figure out obama was just a pain in the ass.

    He knew all along what Obama was and choose to lie like a thief to cover for him. His entire being was focused on wanting obama in a big way, and in every way. He lied to America daily, he maniuplated daily and the only reason he’s saying things now is he doesn’t want to be on sinking ship. To choose to believe that he is doing anything now for any other reason than to save his own scheevy ass will be foolish.

  130. Socal- no had not read the comments on my link- will go back and do so. thanks
    karen- just could not do the tingles thing- I refuse to listen to that pig. Anybody got a link to a transcript?
    And I know from sciatica. Horrible horrible thing. Trust me- I know- one wrong move and that nerve is all inflamed again.

  131. Re wild boars from texas in mexico. I have an idea. Ship the illegal wild boars back to those morons in Texas who brought them there, and then take back your 12 million illegal immigrants who have overrun our country. Seems like a fair trade. Then we can close that border and you won’t have anymore wild boars and we won’t have anymore wild illegal aliens. Those cartels left on our side can just be mowed down. Like wild boars.

  132. […] story just has too many witty responses to let it go! I posted the link at Uppity’s last night and Socal asked if I had read the comments! Oh MY! Some of them are over the line but […]

  133. Uppity- ayup! You have mail.
    Socal- went back and read the comments- some of them are pretty damn funny! (Some are sick- but that holds true for every article on the intertubz it seems)

  134. from that wsj article:

    Her election would arguably be as historic an event as the election of President Obama in 2008.


  135. Mom, please check mail I need some help and can’t mention here because nobody would believe it.

  136. Yeah, Sophie, didn’t you hear? Us wimmens are not as historical as a historical half black man. Hill doesn’t do hype and manipulation on the public. So it won’t be a big thing to have the first XX chromosome leader.

    If she lowered herself to tout her boobs maybe she would have won? She could have had ads of wimmenz with sex appeal, legs, baking pies, nursing colds, and used her being a wimmenz as a tool the way obama used his half-blackness. Well, no. She wouldn’t do that. She has class.

  137. […] story just has too many witty responses to let it go! I posted the link at Uppity’s last night and Socal asked if I had read the comments! Oh MY! Some of them are over the line but […]

  138. And Uppity, you’ve said it a billion times. The third wave is giving away every single thing we worked hard for. We suffered for our dignity and respect and equality. Why are they allowing themselves to be walked on?

    The doormat generation of wimmenz is back. Big time.

    I Cave men days are back: “Now shut up, go cook some grub and wash yer hair pretty like, I feel a boner coming on.

  139. NES and others on Natalie Wood:

    NoEmptySuits, on November 20, 2011 at 7:42 PM said:

    Who here thinks that Natalie Wood was killed by Robert Wagner?

    Also, since I haven’t been following this story, does anyone know why the case has been resurrected now? What about the captain’s story wasn’t, or couldn’t have been, previously disclosed to the DA in question?

    Here’s why – an author’s investigation of the case and ultimately uncovering the coverup – filing these “eyewitness” affidavits to lobby the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department to reopen the case.:


  140. P.S.

    Who here thinks that Natalie Wood was killed by Robert Wagner?

    I do. Always did think he knocked her off the boat in a domestic quarrel over Walken – who was HER co-star at the time.

  141. I always thought it was murder.

  142. Here’s a longer version of the Tingles interview. Interesting stuff re the Obamas disliking being in the WH, not being grateful to the American people for putting them there (unlike WJC, he notes). I think he means it all.

  143. The Bush tax cuts don’t expire until 2013, right? If we have a Reep prez by then, he’ll try to extend them as one of his first acts.

  144. Thanks, WhyNot.

  145. Newt Gingrich is ahead in the polls and is getting ready to offer his alternative plan to social security.

    Guess it’s his turn to be toast.

    I once singed my hair when checking my electric lighter on the stove.

    The thought of 2012 has the same effect on me as smelling my own hair on fire.

  146. Yeah I am sure that morally bankrupt pig Dick Armey wrote The Plan too.

  147. And then people tell me I shouldn’t stay home in 2012, and should just go ahead and vote for the Republican bastard, whichever one it is. There is NO WAY I am voting for a pig like Newt Gingrich.

  148. I’m with you Uppity. So far I have not seen a serious contender for my vote. As for that vile newt- if there is any one candidate the repukes can put up that will GUARANTEE a huge D turnout- newt is it. There are millions upon millions of people who would turn out to vote against that slimy pos.
    Not me- not holding my nose anymore, Ever. Not voting for teh fraud, not voting for his mirror twin Obromney. Not voting for a candidate ever just because someone says “The other guy is worse”
    And it is ALWAYS a guy. Which – imo- is a HUGE part of the problem Too damn much testosterone. Dog pissing contests.

  149. I’m rolling my eyes over Matthews suddenly saying something nice about the Clintons. He did nothing but spew bile at them all of 2008. Chris matthews should be pulled off the air with a hook for the crap he pulled to get Obama elected, and the even more vile crap he pulled during the primaries. I wish him everything he deserves in life just so long as it’s not good.

  150. Mom I’d vote for Mittens, not because I think he’s all that and a bag of chips, but because I think he will do less harm than Obama has done. And also because i just don’t think it’s in his gut to be obessomg over other people’s bedrooms or women’s vaginas.

    I can’t say either of these things about the other candidates.

    As predicted, NEWT has moved into his arrogant mode. Obama would like nothing more than for the R candidate to float ‘alternatives” to social security so that the seniors will vote for him.

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