Mexico’s plan to deal with “illegal” Americans!

This story just has too many witty responses to let it go! I posted the link at Uppity’s last night and Socal asked if I had read the comments! Oh MY! Some of them are over the line but some are just too damn funny!

Mexico to cull 50,000 wild boars from US invasion

Mexican officials have unveiled plans to slaughter some 50,000 wild boars that have crossed the border from the United States and now threaten agriculture in Mexico


“We must get rid of these European wild boars because they sleep overnight on US soil during the day and cross over to the Mexican side to feed,” Ignacio Legarreta, a state official, told local media.

If you need a hearty chuckle this Monday morning- head on over and read the comments. Here are a few to get you started!

They’re not “wild”, they’re “undocumented”.

has the economy gotten so bad even our pigs are leaving?

I am apalled at this gross injustice to immigrants! These hogs are not criminals, and are only trying to better themselves. How dare the unfeeling Mexican government propose such draconian schemes to enforce their borders. Perhaps the hogs could get green cards to go over to Mexico to feed, then return to the US. They should also expect free education, health care, and food stamps if they decide to stay in Mexico..legally or not.

no PETA freaks in Mexico?

So Mexico has some problems with boarder jumpers too …??

(Caution- some of the comments are quite inhumane- as with any article found on the internet these days. You have been warned!)

I just love a good laugh! This is not quite as good as OFA’s failed “AttackWatch” twitter hashtag cluster- but it is pretty damn funny! Take our laughs where we can get them!

And from our own NES when I posted the link over at Uppity’s last night

NoEmptySuits, on November 20, 2011 at 9:34 PM said: Edit CommentOn the wild boars — that’s causus belli! Now Perry (Yosemite Perry — h/t imust) is going to want to invade Mexico right away!


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  1. They can’t get our US holidays right. They’re trying to make some extra cash selling our own food back to us.

    We do the 50,000 hams at Easter not Thanksgiving.

  2. My comment from the previous thread stands as follows:

    Re illegal wild boars from texas in mexico. I have an idea. Ship the illegal wild boars back to those morons in Texas who brought them there, and then take back your 12 million illegal immigrants who have overrun our country. Seems like a fair trade. Then we can close that border and you won’t have anymore wild boars and we won’t have anymore wild illegal aliens. Those cartels people left on our side distributing drugs can just be mowed down. Like wild boars.

  3. Hey Mom, about that little problem, the UWers wouldn’t believe it, right?

  4. No Uppity. Not a chance. That crap only happens to me. lol

    Karen! ROFLMAO!!!!!!

  5. Mom, especially after the conversation we had yesterday about that very topic in a city.

  6. has the economy gotten so bad even our pigs are leaving? 😆

  7. Wait til these poor boars drink the water! They will be squealing from bothe ends! The Mexicants’ governemt should look at it as a free food shipment.

  8. Ok, UW and Mom, I’ll take the bait: what wouldn’t the UWers believe?

  9. don’t get me started.

    spent the afternoon at the park, surrounded by multiple, non-English speaking families – all but one with pregnant teens with toddler(s) already in tow…

    …with a guaranteed future in the building industry and college educations?

    Wish we could have put signs on those hogs that say: IRS Agent.

  10. NES:

    I left you a comment at the bottom of the previous thread about Natalie Wood – with a link to a PDF of affidavits from “witnesses” ignored or silenced – who are calling for reopening the case.

  11. Oh John. Hahahahahah. Montezuma’s pig revenge!

  12. OMG! Bacon!

  13. ROFL on the Montezuma pig revenge!
    Myiq! Bacon! and pork chops, and roasts. yummy! I LOVE pig!

    Hmm- here’s a random thought.
    Maybe it is a well developed plot to keep the islamofascists from coming through that section of the border?
    That has to be it! Self replicating anti terrorism border control!

  14. Beatcha to it myiq, and posted that dolphin video about a year ago. Heh.

  15. Yeah maybe we could use them as border control. Those wild boars are very mean.

  16. I saw that WhyNot. Thanks.
    Look forward to reading the link tonight.

  17. Poor boars. Such inhumane treatment. They are just seeking a way of making a living.

    Where’s the United Nations on this???? When is Barry going to weigh in on this atrocity????

  18. I think that Mexico should think of this as just another friendly food gift.

  19. TC- Indeed- where is the UN? Where is Barry?
    After all this is RAYCIST! How are muslims bent on sneaking over the border supposed to get by all that swine? If they go ahead and slaughter them the desert will be contaminated forever and unfit! Tsk Tsk!
    Mcnorman- are the hogs genetically modified? I think that is what we export no? Or is it the good stuff we send out and the GM stuff stays here?

  20. I lost most of 2009 due to a bad case of drunken haze and nightmares that George Bush had been elected to a third term.

  21. Nah PMM, we genetically modified them to be meaner than a two headed viper. Tasty, though.

  22. maybe wild but they are Tasty, though.yum!!! 🙂

  23. Some of them weigh 500 pounds. And they have no problem charging at people either.

  24. They are classified now as an invasive species. They can destroy a farmer’s entire crops.

  25. I wonder if they’re secretly drug mules. Who would suspect them?

  26. PMM: I got my turkey today and it turns out it’s just an ordinary broad-breasted white, not a heritage breed. I need a 20 lb turkey and the Bourbon Reds are in the 13-15 lb range. I guess it just wasn’t meant to be. Still, this is a free-range, well-tended, no hormone, no antibiotic, etc, etc, bird and locally raised by a delightful farm family, so I am happy.

    This being a family-oriented blog and all, I’ll refrain from commentary on the bird’s name.

  27. Mom, hilarious post. Thanks for the laughs.

    Re: the Natalie Wood thing, I had already read it. I can believe anything of Wagner (I made a comment about him on the last thread), but highly doubt if the Sheriffs-to-the-Stars aka the Los Angeles Country Sheriffs will go after him. Also, the people making the statements in the affidavits are so sketchy, I think a good defense atty would eat them for lunch. Check out the Captains interviews, esp the 1st one he did on (I think) Good Morning America. I also read this morning that Lana Wood (who has a reputation of being a highly disturbed woman–I have heard first hand stories about her from my friends who saw her do crazy ass stuff) is now changing her tune & saying she doesn’t think RJ killed Nat, but that she just wants to know exactly how Nat’s accident happened. Please. As far as the woman who heard Natalie crying for help, when I read her affidavit, all I could think was, are you fucking kidding me? First of all, her story has changed, secondly, like all the other screwballs in these affidavits, she keeps making it about herself, and mostly, as I read it, all I could think was how horrified I was that her & the guy she was with could listen to someone crying for help for 15 minutes, close by, and not do something about it??? She says the guy told her not to jump in the water to go help the person becuz it might be dangerous?!?! wtf? Then why didn’t they get in their dinghy (no one boats without at least one dinghy…NO ONE) and go see what the hell was going on? Instead, they went back to bed…disturbed??? Its the law of the sea fcs, you do not let someone drown nearby. I don’t know anyone who would act this way, and I went yachting with some crazy folk back in the early 80’s, some of whom were in the entertainment industry and most drank a lot and did drugs. For several years, I went boating to Catalina and the Channel Islands with friends, more times than I could ever remember, sometimes we would go weekend after weekend. I even sailed home from Santa Cruz Island once in a gale (the boat broached twice). The boat flew across the channel and we only had a storm jib up. My Mom had the Coast Guard out looking for us, I remember, and her & my grandma burst into tears when I got home. So I am well acquainted with what it was like in that scene back then.

  28. I finally got a chance to watch that Chris Matthew’s video. I can’t believe I’m agreeing with the guy. I also can’t believe it took him this long to figure out something we all knew from the very start. It wasn’t like Obama’s disdain and contempt for actual people was a well kept secret.

  29. “…secretly drug mules” ROFL!

  30. Thankfully, I don’t feed that crap to my dog.

  31. Look how destructive they can be. Listen to them and imagine them on a farm at the crops. And EEK listen to their roar.

  32. Those things are scary. And gross.

  33. Socal:

    All I know is

    1. Domestic Violence is all about power and control and women are “accidentally” killed everyday
    2. Alcohol was involved – everyone was impaired
    3. Being on a boat with a drunken, arrogant a$$hole is as dangerous as being with one in a car.
    4. The woman on the other boat says she heard the cries and a man’s voice say “oh hold on, we’ll come get you” and the cries stopped shortly thereafter
    5. The woman says they called the Island’s rescue office and reported her distress cries – and no one answered – they had recently cut back hours and would not open until 5:00 AM – which was collaborated by the man in charge
    6. The missing pieces didn’t add up 30 years ago – the timeline of not turning on the boat’s lights or calling the coast guard when she went missing – on a woman terrified of the water – is cruelly telling.
    7. The skipper was under RW’s employ at the time – confidentiality, loyalty and keeping secrets are what keeps one employed to the “stars” – of which there are too many to list who met their demise under such veils of secrecy – famous and not.


  34. Here’s an interesting piece:
    I thought I better post it before someone else does and invites me to eat crow.

  35. Teapigs.
    (Just kidding…I actually like the Tea Party, quite a bit.)

  36. OMG! ROFLMFAO! Drug mules! HAHAHAHA
    and this is priceless!


    Even NES is going to laugh at that one!

  37. That was very funny, PMM. Our clown takes a backseat to no one in the humor department. (Also, in opposition to the OWSers….) I never turn down an invite to a laugh. No sacred cows!

  38. Remember when Megan Cleary’s brother, Stu, was killed by a wild boar? I know, I know…it’s fiction. But we all saw it or read it; right?

  39. Eh to me the tea party is just the other side of the asshole spectrum. But hey, that’s just me. WOuldn’t be caught standing next to either side. Bunch of greedy people wanting their own greed to take the place of somebody else’s greed.

  40. Like I said, I remember Wood’s death and I thought he killed her. He has no talent. Never did. She had it all. He always struck me as an egomanic albeit a cute one. And Walken, he’s a scheeve. Bet he’s even scheevier looking now.

  41. Those things are scary. And gross.

    And very big and very cranky.

    But definitely a nice big ham!

  42. I say tell texas to turn a couple of thousand of them on the criminals that cross back and forth every day. Use them for border patrols. That should slow everybody down. A couple of tusks through a few guts and things will definitely look differently.

  43. Sorry sophieCT, looks like you landed in spam twice today. Must be your turn or something. If you’re on a different computer or have a different IP today that would do it.

  44. I finally got a chance to watch that Chris Matthew’s video. I can’t believe I’m agreeing with the guy. I also can’t believe it took him this long to figure out something we all knew from the very start.

    He knew. He just went ahead and covered for him. That is why I wouldn’t spit on him if he were on fire.

  45. Remember when Megan Cleary’s brother, Stu, was killed by a wild boar

    No but I do remember Richard Chamberlin nekkid with the towel. does that count?

  46. Yes, it does count. He was hung like a boar, right?
    Btw, Chamberlain was gay. (He’s mort now, I think.)

  47. NES- you are such a good sport! We luvs ya!
    Yikes on your link! That artist! Geez- I did not think Obummer could be any scarier.
    I was wrong.

  48. Spam? Moi? Must have something to do with the wild boar. I’m using ole reliable and have the same IP as usual (I think–one never knows when the cable co does a random refresh). Anyway, thanks for fishing me out. I’ll reimburse you for the latex gloves.

  49. Excellent idea on letting the hogs patrol the border Uppity! They are cheap. Difficult to buy off. They reproduce in huge numbers- so no worries on replacing the things.
    If a few get slaughtered by the hungry people down in Mexico- well BONUS!
    You are right- let a few illegals and their coyotes get gored and they would think twice about so cavalierly strolling across the border.
    And as I mentioned above- no islamofascist would cross anywhere the pigs are or have been.
    Works for me!

  50. no islamofascist would cross anywhere the pigs are or have been.

    Talk about bonus!

  51. I just checked your last ten comments, Sophie and you do have the same IP. Go figure.

  52. Yeah Chamberlain was looking pretty good in the buff.

  53. Newts Plan:

    Privatize it for younger people – employers’ contribution continues to fund seniors. As usual, short on details.

    Give it up Newt – they ain’t gonna vote for ya!

  54. Rush Limbaugh Says First Lady Was Booed Partly Because NASCAR Fans Hate Her ‘Uppityism’


    What an insult… to this site. lol.

  55. Oh, here’s the link:

    Rush Limbaugh Says First Lady Was Booed Partly Because NASCAR Fans Hate Her ‘Uppityism’

  56. In Conservatives Without Conscience, John Dean had nothing nice to say about Newtie.

    The important thing you have to understand about Newt Gingrich is that he is amoral. There isn’t any right or wrong, there isn’t any conservative or liberal. There’s only what will work best for Newt Gingrich. He’s probably one of the most dangerous people for the future of this country that you can possibly imagine.

  57. Who cares what that big slob thinks anyways? How many wives has HE had now? Only reason he ever gets a woman is he buys them. He is gross. Seriously gross and he has a horrid personality besides. Not for anything, either..but if NASCAR people loved me I’d worry too. Aren’t those the people who drink beer by the case and fart alot while inhaling fumes from cars and playing country music on their boom boxes?

    Oh wait! That’s John! heh.

  58. The scary part of privitizing social security for ANYBODY is you just KNOW it’s another opportunity for wall street to steal it from them after they build up their fund, just like they did to seniors’ savings in 2009. But these young people are so fracking stupid, I am not even going to waste my time on them. They will be the most poverty riddled old people ever and they are too stupid to think ahead beyond tomorrow morning. So let em eat cake. They think they’ll never get old. They might be right because if they don’t pay attention, this bunch will arrange for them to die young.

  59. Go read the rest of this WSJ piece over at JW Smart’s!

    Even though Mrs. Clinton has expressed no interest in running, and we have no information to suggest that she is running any sort of stealth campaign, it is clear that she commands majority support throughout the country. A CNN/ORC poll released in late September had Mrs. Clinton’s approval rating at an all-time high of 69%—even better than when she was the nation’s first lady. Meanwhile, a Time Magazine poll shows that Mrs. Clinton is favored over former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney by 17 points (55%-38%), and Texas Gov. Rick Perry by 26 points (58%-32%).

    But this is about more than electoral politics. Not only is Mrs. Clinton better positioned to win in 2012 than Mr. Obama, but she is better positioned to govern if she does. Given her strong public support, she has the ability to step above partisan politics, reach out to Republicans, change the dialogue, and break the gridlock in Washington.

  60. I can think of about 535 wild “bores” we could send over the border. Drain the swamp.

  61. LOL imust!

  62. Why Not?, are you suggesting that I was defending Wagner? I made it quite clear in my posts that I wasn’t defending Wagner & believed him to be capable of anything. Also, although I’m not a domestic violence victim myself, I do know all about it, thanks.

    Furthermore, my post was about the genuineness or validity of the people who wrote the affidavits, and my points are true and have been discussed by others all over the web. The captain was/is a sleazy drug addict/dealer/supplier. I watched his performance on GMA & it was pathetic. I have no problem with believing he was a spineless sap who would do whatever his celeb employer would tell him to, becuz I have seen a lot of pitiful people act that way over my lifetime, having known quite a lot of celebs. However, the point about him is that he’s not gonna look too good if Wagner was charged with anything and his defense attys grill him on the stand. Also, he let Wagner support him for some time after the incident. Lana Wood as I pointed out changed her story today, one has to wonder why & if she accepted more $ from Wagner to shut up. Some of my friends and relatives have seen her acting like a total psycho, I could spend an hour here talking about her. She’ll be another brilliant witness for the prosecution. Also, the woman who heard cries did also change her story, from back in the 80’s to now, becuz I remember reading it, being very interested in the case at the time becuz a) I loved Natalie and have seen most of her movies & b) knowing people who knew them well and who had given us the “real scoop”. Furthermore, having dived off a boat myself in those same waters to assist drunken morons who were in trouble, while my boyfriend brought his dinghy out, and helped or saw many others being helped over the years I yachted out there, I can tell you firsthand that the woman who heard the cries and did nothing is going to be reamed publicly for admitting she heard cries for help for 15 minutes and her & her date did nothing.

    Lastly, I have been posting here since soon after this site was started. Any of the old timers know how I feel about the L.A. Cty Sheriffs and Coroner. I can’t stand them, and I have seen them do anything for celebs and nothing for regular people (like me) all my life, and it especially hit home for us when my step son went missing and they refused to help us, but were daily sending out half a dozen cars full of deputies to escort Paris Hiltons parents to the cty jail parking lot to visit her.

    I would love to see justice done for Natalie and see those jerks on her boat that let her drown get what they have coming to them. Do I think it will happen? I doubt it, becuz the LA Cty Sheriff will bend over backwards for any celebrity, anytime, anywhere. And even if by some miracle, Wagner is charged with something, I doubt if the witnesses would hold up well under a court examination, and if they did, there is still the sad fact that Calif juries turn stupid when the defendant is a celebrity. A very sad fact, that embarrasses many of us socalians.

  63. imust, perfect idea, LOL!

  64. btw, why not?, thanks for the uppityism link.

  65. What’s a good Monday night drink?

  66. Hahahaha.

    Hey don’t slam NASCAR people — I bet they’d love Hill.

  67. Someone posted that Hillary link here yesterday, methinks.

  68. A Manhattan.

  69. Good plan, imust! Can we also include one former senator from IL?

  70. A Manhattan is a good drink on any night.

  71. why not?, I believe that what the witnesses are saying is fundamentally true, but I wish they would keep their traps shut & quit making public statements. I wonder if Wagner pushed her in and then untied the dinghy & pushed it towards her, and said here, get lost or something. The coast guard guy who found her said he thought she had been floating for a long time clinging to the painter. Its hard to imagine that she started out in the dinghy and then fell out. I’ve never seen anyone fall out of a dinghy. Just speculating though.

  72. My parents drank Manhattans and Whiskey Sours when they were young.

  73. NES; I can’t do a Manhattan. Love the city, detest the drink. I’m a Scotch person, not a rye/bourbon/whiskey person.

  74. I can think of about 535 wild “bores” we could send over the border.

    Imust get out of my head.

  75. Imust, you must be feeling better…getting that spunk back today. lol

  76. Oh my goodness – all this makes me think about is there must be a big area without a fence!!!!

    I wonder if they’re coming from AZ or TX. See, the fence would be humane – it would save all those wild boars – (and accomplish something else, as well!)

  77. I’m a scotch person too, Sophie. However, I am not adverse to expanding my horizons for a manhattan.

  78. Now whiskey sours I can’t do.

  79. What’s up imust, honey? You got that nasty flu?

  80. UW: My horizons are expanded! I like gin, rum, tequila, beer, wine, several aperitifs, and more! I just cannot deal with rye/bourbon/whiskey (or vodka for that matter). It’s not like I refused o try these–au contraire! However, I think there’s enough in my “like” column to work with.

  81. Anyway, I went with a nice rum toddy: hot spiced cider with gold (not spiced) rum.

  82. imust check your feedbacks! I didn’t see it if you sent it to me before! Only remember part 1. Part 2 is A RIOT!

  83. Well there ya go sophie. I hate hate HATE beer, despise gin, never drink tequila, but love my wine. Vodka. Bleck.

  84. Uppity! Thanks! I have a problem though…I’ll email you.

  85. Okay, disregard something in the email. When you click on the link it no longer goes to the post, but the link is still there. That’s not so bad though. I was worried it would be released too soon!

  86. See email. I’m going in

  87. Don’t you wish WordPress had an admin chat page where all the authors and editors could talk to each other?

  88. Big Dawg is the guest on the Daily Show tonight!

  89. Well you can kind of make a private chat page or tab if you need to. Anything private can only be seen by mods/

  90. God, he is so in command of the issues. (Not something you see every day.)

  91. Good idea, UW–I didn’t even think of that!

  92. SophieCT, I’ve made that same drink several times the last couple of weeks as we’ve had colds here. Heated fresh apple juice with a cinnamon stick and a few cloves & added gold rum. My husband has to have whipped cream on it also.

    I don’t like most gin, but like the new Tanqueray in the green bottle, the lime one. It smells lovely. Most liquor gives me a stomach ache & I can’t drink much or I get sick. My kid finds that really embarrassing.

  93. UW – I posted that Hillary piece yesterday here on your website before John ever did! lol

  94. socal – it seems like I know Robert Wagner from a tv series – maybe a husband and wife detective series….? It’s driving me crazy. Do you know what I mean? (or maybe my memory is totally wrong!)

  95. I’m still trying to finish Juan Williams, and now Bill Clinton’s new book “Back to Work” just came in the mail! I might have to switch to Bill Clinton first! (it’s only 5 CDs, only 5 hrs of Bill talking, so that’s not very long for a book on tape)

  96. lorac, I think you’re thinking of “Hart to Hart”??

  97. Yep, Hart to Hart with Stephanie Powers.

  98. Oh, yeah!!! I remember I liked it. Of course, I was a kid 🙂

  99. You know, the more I think about it – Mary Poppins appears to be looking way off in the distance to our left – way past the turkey and the penguin. I think she’s coming down to protect all 3 of our friends from someone ELSE! Maybe she’s serving pilgrim for Thanksgiving!!!!

  100. Drinks? What about hot chocolate? With or without embellishments.

    Thinking of a grasshopper, margarita, mai tai…

  101. I put a little cognac & a little cointreau or amaretto in hot chocolate.

  102. Hmmppfff. All Dr. Pepper needs is a straw…. 🙂

  103. Wow, what a goodlooking kid! Just saw Diane Keaton talking about her new book. She said it was really easy and fun to work with Woody.

  104. I’m sorry, I think Mia Farrow stepped out on Woody. That kid is good looking. I can’t believe it’s his son! (I’m not a Woody Allen fan – I watch more than a few minutes of him, and I’m ready to commit suicide!)

  105. More unimportant trivia: the Beatles song Dear Prudence is about Mia’s sister Prudence.

  106. lorac, I had the same thought, that kid is too gorgeous to look like Woody. He’s lucky he got his looks from his mama.

  107. From the comments at His44:

    THE NEXT STEP FOR EUROPE: Merkel Will Press Obama And The Fed To Help Bail Out The Eurozone to the tune of $1 trillion.

    Wow, he better not do it. Jeebus, why do we keep borrowing money from China to give to other countries? Let the Europeans just borrow it directly from China, leave us out of it! What possible point is there to us being the middle man? Merkel’s smart, she can look up China’s phone number!

  108. socal – yes, and those blue eyes are so brilliant!

  109. From His44 comments:

    Be warned that this is a disgusting story. Hazmat had to be called to the Santa Cruz squatter camp to remove 200 pounds of feces. Two Hundred Pounds!

    I can’t even imagine how the place must smell.

    And why should anyone have to clean up after them? Let them shovel up their slop themselves!

  110. Re: Woody Allen’s son. Scuse the pun, but to twist the quote from Rosemary’s Baby….
    “He has his mother’s eyes”.

  111. yep, socal, and “sexy sadie” was the maharishi. John did not agree with George about the hypocrite so-called religious leader. I loved them both. By far my two favorite Beatles, but John was always there in person for a cause. Yoko too. She stood in the rain and never complained and wanted peace as much as the rest of us.

  112. karen, good comment & agree; although, I’m a little pissed at yoko right now. I keep trying to book the Lennon bus for my homeschool group and they keep blowing me off! (Not really Yoko’s fault, just jokin’)

  113. Uppity, ROFL! I wish I would’ve thought of that!

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