Annual Turkey Testicle Festival

It seems that the 2011 Annual Turkey Testicle Festival hasn’t made it to the youtubes yet! So I am forced to use last years’ fesitival coverage. Yum!

……..proving my theory that, if you deep fry it and serve it with enough hot cocktail sauce, some people will eat anything.

This video comes with some very helpful comments to round out your viewing experience, such as “I’m glad they’re not juicy“. And as one muncher pointed out, “It’s better to go for the smaller ones”.

I don’t think you’ll need to make reservations.

Just remember that in GoatGanistan, Turkey Testicles are regarded as an aphrodisiac. I know you are all just dying to go there on your next vacation.


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  1. The wonderful thing about Newt is, nobody has to do a thing to help him implode. He’s so arrogant, bossy, mean-spirited and self -impressed, he does it all by himself.

    Newt declares Child Labor Laws Stupid.

    “You’re going to see from me extraordinarily radical proposals to fundamentally change the culture of poverty in America,” he added.

    Are there no workhouses????

    Walmart would be very excited about this. Then they wouldn’t have to pay fines again for minors wielding chain saws.

  2. Where’s the option, I’ll try anything once.?

    OT/ At my DMV, people can register to vote.

  3. With a post like this, how do you stay on topic?

    Walmart, for your every need.

  4. DMV voting has been around for a long time in NY.

  5. Newt is a man of ideas.

    Unfortunately most of them are bad.

  6. It’s been here for a while too. The Democrats fought long and hard to get it. The Republicans didn’t want it to be that easy for people. The DMV here doesn’t test for AIDs. I’m just sayin.

  7. I see herroyalpieness is on the mend! Excellent! Is she not in charge of the black Friday live blog? Or is it Lorac?
    This waking up at odarkthirty sucks! But my bathroom is all spiffy for the holidays! Kozmoe is pissed off- literally. Good thing I do not have a short fuse- the little bastard urinated in a basket of clean clothes- right in front of me!
    (No worries- he has done this occasionally forever. When we visited in Alaska, I had packed everything up the night before we were to leave. I left the suitcase open so I could throw in the toiletry bags in the am. NEVER EVER leave luggage open around this cat! I think he hates travel so much he makes a preemptive strike. I sometimes hate male cats)

  8. Paul Krugman said that Newt is “a stupid man’s idea of what a smart man sounds like.”

  9. HAH! PA does the DMV voter registration. And the welfare dept. And ANY kind of social services.
    Hah- at least at the DMV the thing actually accompanies an- you know- ID?

  10. Male cats are my favorite. Mom, if Koz is doing that, there’s a problem, could be a urinary issue. Seriously. Also, he lost his companion so it also could be an emotional issue, but I would check with a vet first. Male neuters are very prone to FUS, especially if they are overweight.

    As for travel, I used to travel sometimes for work, and always when they came to pick me up and bring me to the airport, i had a cat who would puke in front of the door so I couldn’t open it. So it’s possible Koz is attaching an emotional issue to traveling and you could be right.

  11. Testing for aids at a DMV is ridiculous. It’s just getting worse in the USA. Drug stores amd supermarkets giving flu shots, Walmart wanting to open clinics. Next thing you know, people won’t even need a license to practice medicine. Seriously. I was horrified when I saw a sign at a supermarket for shots.

  12. Damn, myiq, you are really starting to screw up my posting plans. I had a turkey fire one to put up.

  13. Delete away

  14. Nah. Nobody died.

  15. LOL Uppity- nope- no urinary problem. We give him only spring water as our water is extremely hard and he can not tolerate it. lol. We have him checked every year. I was cleaning and opened up the storage room to prep to get the Christmas stuff out. First of all- he got mad cuz I took the bath mats and toilet tank covers to be washed. He likes to curl up on the top of the toilet cuz it is right next to a radiator. lol But he does not like to lay on the porcelain. Second- the luggage and the cat carriers are in that storage room with all the Christmas stuff.
    His litter box is fine- no change in the amount of urine or feces. Being a military brat cat, he has moved quite a few times. He absolutely loses his mind if he sees the cat carriers. My bad for not putting the laundry away before I started in on the cleaning. You would think I would know better by now!

  16. The poll disappeared and I can’t get it back. WTF.

  17. Can you all see the poll now?

  18. somebody please answer me.

  19. They don’t get FUS from water though, mom. It’s from ASH in their commercial food. Tuna is a huge culprit. And sometimes it’s hereditary.

  20. May I have some more Mr. Gingrich?

  21. LOL Uppity- the water here is incredibly hard- full or iron, calcium, ( or lime if you will) and sulfur and all kinds of things. It just does not agree with him at all. So we give him spring water. There is a spring nearby – tested twice a year. Free to all comers. So that is what the cat gets.
    Now tell me I am not totally crazy about my cat lol! Spring water! Which my husband, bless him, hauls in for us!
    Kozmoe would not touch tuna if he was dying of starvation. He is not a big fan of fish at all. Once in a while he will partake if I am making fresh haddock. He loves him some chicken and steak. Pork chops too.
    ME? Spoil a cat? NAH.

  22. Yeah you aren’t alone. I give my pets bottled water too. lol. Public water is sometimes very nasty too.

  23. Perfect, imust! Apparently, his tude is a rerun of 17 years ago. This is a 1994 Time magazine cover. Ebenezer Gingrich. The only difference between now and then is his wife count.

  24. Hey maybe this is what Mary Poppins is doing in the header! She’s coming for that turkey’s…….run Tom, run!!!!

  25. Ha! Breaking Tiny Tim’s crutch! I think Newt referred to that cover recently to prove how mean the press had been to him over the years and that’s he’s already vetted and time to move on…ya-da ya-da ya-da.

  26. Yeah and he’s doing the exact same thing!

    The first thing I thought of was scrooge with the workhouses.

  27. Let the children clean up their school and fire the janitors. Hilarious. I can just see them all chomping at the bit to clean up when some kid pukes all over the hall. They could pull em right out of class. lol.

  28. Monsanto will love him though. Remember that post I did about the children they hired who lost limbs in machines?

  29. Later we could put kids in cots above the factory. Just like China! THEN we can compete! Yayyyyyyy!


  31. I do not see the poll in this post in firefox? Anybody else like me?

  32. I see the poll Uppity! I use firefox too.
    Yeah- our horse were a pain in the ass when we took them to fair. Would not drink the city water. Guess they did not want to drink bleach lol. We had to haul water to them every day.
    Sick. I am just a sick pet owner. What I won’t do for my masters! ROFL!

  33. Yes Mom, most cities use bleach and soda ash in the water to kill things in the aged underground pipes.

  34. As for cats with FLUTD (the new term for FUS = feline lower urinary tract disease), stress is a huge component. Make sure there is always a clean litter box (ideal number = number of cats + 1), and that the litter is acceptable to the cat(s). They have definite ideas about what type of litter they prefer and may refuse to use a new type. Also make sure the box is accessible – older cats may need a box with lower sides and may not be able to access covered boxes with smaller openings. Cats should have things to do during the day when you are gone: toys, open windows to look out of (but only if there aren’t any mean neighborhood cats outside taunting the indoor kitties), maybe a radio playing, etc. I am a big fan of the Feliway diffusers. They contain feline pheromones that have a calming effect. You just plug them in at a central location (each one covers about 600 square feet) – each refill lasts about a month, and there is no noticeable odor. I use one for my FLUTD cat, and he hasn’t had a problem since I started. (I can tell when it has run out because he gets more vocal, so that’s when I replace the refill.) And of course, use an enzymatic odor remover (eg Nature’s Miracle) to get rid of the urine smell so that they aren’t attracted back to the same place. Remember, though, that while younger cats rarely have bacterial UTIs, older cats are much more susceptible – so if your cat is a senior, it would be a good idea to have him/her checked for an infection. Worst case scenario is medication like Prozac or Elavil which we try not to use due to side effects. But environmental management works a surprising amount of the time.

  35. It will always be FUS to me. God knows I’ve seen enough of them with it. Feliway has some seriously mixed reviews. It didn’t work on a cat I had who was afraid the first half of his life that I was going to give him away. I found a home for him as a kitten and he was bonded to me I think. I opened his eyes. Anyways, he stopped eating. I took him back and he was fine and found another home. Same deal. Finally I just kept him. He finally got over his fear of me giving him away but it took years.

  36. sleepyhead- lol on the cat having things to do! Kozmoe is a cardboard box fanatic. I have a supply I rotate for him. And plastic bags. He LOVES to lay on plastic bags. If I don’t give him one he will get one from the bag of bags.
    He has lots to do- rotates through the windows in the house watching the chickens and wild birds. He is not much for playing with toys unless I take the fake mice and seal them up in the catnip bag. Then he rolls on them and hugs them.
    He is really quite the crazy cat. And he is almost never alone as husband works third shift and is home during the day if I am out.

  37. Watch those plastic bags. Poke holes in them and remove the handles. I’ve seen some very scary things. But you probably already do that, as you’re a smart cat person. Cats LOVE boxes. Whenever I get a big box item, I leave the box out till they obliterate it.

  38. lol- I never leave him alone with a bag that has not been “modified”- he just LOVES to lay on them. Not sure what that is all about. And the boxes- what a riot! He never destroys them- just hangs out in them. When he gets tired of one- I put it in the closet and bring out another. I have a few I rotate for him.
    Geez- will you listen to me? I sound like a crazy woman!

  39. Ha ha ha PMM – I am a cardboard box rotator too! I also have a huge basket of toys that Humphrey ignores. His favorite thing is a soda bottle cap.

  40. Kozmoe was very sad when I cut my hair. That was the one toy he would play with- he LOVED my braid! He would “sneak” up on it and pounce on it, bat it, bite it, rub it.

  41. DMV voting has been around for a long time in OHIO too.

  42. I voted in the poll.
    you go first. 😆

  43. Have any of you checked to see what your cat is up to at night? After seeing this vid of Simon and his real cat – I decided I didn’t want to know;

  44. Twandx! ROFL! I can see where the cartoons come from! And it looks eerily similar to what Kozmoe does to me if I don’t get up on time.

  45. Q Tips! Cats LOVE Q Tips.

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