Newt wants to know where the workhouses are!

Tis the Newt season again!

As other Republican candidate creatures drop around him, Newt is ‘rising’ by default. What a great way to get a candidate, don’t you think?  The Last Crackpot Standing?

This is a Time Magazine cover from 1994–Newt is snapping Tiny Tim’s crutch in half.

Recently, Newt suggested that schools fire janitors and have the poor kids clean up the school for pay. He says Child Labor Laws are “stupid”.

“You’re going to see from me extraordinarily radical proposals to fundamentally change the culture of poverty in America,” he added.

Oh, we don’t doubt it one bit, Newt.

With Newt, some great ideas just remain great in his head. Even after 17 years. Newt is brilliant. All you have to do is ask him. Perhaps we can set up children in cots above the factories, just like China! Then we could REALLY compete!

No doubt, that other bastion of integrity, his sidekick Dick Armey, is writing up the social security Privatization Plan for him–so that Wall Street can do a repeat of 2009 in 30 years or so.

There is one major difference between Newt Then and Newt Now, though. That would be the number of wives he’s accumulated.

Perhaps he could get his mother to go on camera and call Hillary a Bitch again. That would round out the deja vu.

Nice ciggie on camera, Mrs. Newt. You got a lotta class. I can see how Newt turned out as nice as he did. (h/t video, Karen For Clinton).


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  1. Newt Bashing area is here.

  2. I’m still holding a grudge for the heartless way he divorced Wife #2… that hits a lil’ too close to home!

  3. Is Newt going to introduce another “Contract On America”….oops…I mean FOR America?

  4. Well perhaps THIS will explain his annoying ability to return like a bad penny!

    They have the ability to regenerate limbs, eyes, spinal cords, hearts, intestines, and upper and lower jaws. snip

    Many newts produce toxins in their skin secretions as a defense mechanism against predators. Taricha newts of western North America are particularly toxic. snip
    The only predators of Taricha newts are garter snakes, some having developed a resistance to the poison.

    SEE? Snakes are resistant. Which explains why all the other pols aren’t dead by contact.

  5. I remember that “eye of newt” used in potions of some sort or other PMM. Multiple uses for that critter. There are smooth newts vs. lumpy, bumpy newts. Would that make a difference in a potion? How much potion poison would that Newt make?

  6. I’ve said all along if he is the last one standing, I am staying home.

    Burn or drown. I will not pull the lever for him.

  7. Newt? Really?? That hypocritical lying thieving cheating arsehole. And those are the nicer things about him. Gingko Biloba supplements, anyone?

    If GOP’ers put him up against Barky, I swear I’ll stay home like I did in ’88.

  8. If you held a gun to my head and told me to choose between Newt and Obama I would tell you to pull the trigger.

  9. Ditto myiq. NO WAY I am voting for those two fools. I would prefer huntsman but he’s buried in the crackpot noise. He might pull out when actual primaries occur and NORMAL people get to vote. Beyond that, there’s Mittens. I suppose I could hold my nose and vote for him, since I don’t think he will be meddling into other people’s lives and crotches.

  10. I just gotta add that Mrs. Newt video to the post!

  11. Myiq- same here- shoot me cuz I am not voting for either one. They actually both have certifiable cases of CDS. Both seem to hate the poor.
    Save me the misery and just kill me.

  12. MyIQ: ditto.

  13. I pulling for Huntsman & Warren/Franken. I didn’t say I lived in the real world but then neither does Newt or Perry or Cain…

  14. Got you out karen. I work for chocolate.

  15. “eye of newt”
    Granny of Beverly HIllibillies, for one!

    I’d forgotten about newt spelled this way – was thinking more of gnut in referring to the Republican bain of the 1990’s, but there’s no such word.

  16. Newt Bashing area is here. 😆

  17. from Macbeth –

    2 WITCH. Fillet of a fenny snake,
    In the caldron boil and bake;
    Eye of newt, and toe of frog,
    Wool of bat, and tongue of dog,
    Adder’s fork, and blind-worm’s sting,
    Lizard’s leg, and owlet’s wing,—
    For a charm of powerful trouble,
    Like a hell-broth boil and bubble.
    ALL. Double, double toil and trouble;
    Fire burn, and caldron bubble.

  18. well well well. Rezko and Blago and Bama were together every day and were all bestest buds. Who would have imagined that in Chicago the corruption is rampant. Everybody here knows obama was in it up to his eye balls. I was hoping Blago and Rezko would rat him out. Maybe someday we’ll learn the whole story. He’ll have lots of time to write a tell all book in jail.

  19. Thanks Mom. What kind of chocolate? Do you prefer it baked in a cookie, brownie or cake? Softened into a whipped pudding? Hot Cocoa, chocolate milk shake? Bar candy? Chips tossed into other concoctions?

    All of the above?

    Every now and then I get myself a snickers or milky way bar. There must be some nutrient in them I crave… ooooh, also peanut clusters – goo goo.

    How about fancy-schmancy? Cadbury, Perugina, Godiva?

  20. oh ha ha ha. The link says he is sentenced to 105 years instead of 10.5.

    105 would scare some would be crooks into going straight.

  21. karen- lol- dark is best.
    Here is an interesting tidbit. The Occupy Boston dissidents are suing one another over-
    Greed is only greed if it’s the other guy right?

  22. karen, very interesting Venn Diagram. Most (not all) of the common issues between the two movements are things that the majority of the populace could sign off on.

  23. oh mom, that is right up their alley. They are greedy capitalists at heart. The one guy was writing a book on revolution. (without a doubt his writer’s studio was his parents basement right next to his mom’s indoor clothes-line for her work hand wash only clothes.

    “Carnes said he took the legal step to protect the business entity known as Occupy Boston to stop the other faction from getting too much power.
    Carnes, 27, said he is living in Dorchester and was writing a book on revolutions when he first learned through the Internet hacking group Anonymous about the Occupy movement.”

    Well, when you are involved with internet hacking groups and are planning a revolution, you should be the one to handle all the money. It will help pay for those $700 a night hotels those little bullshit artists deserve.

    Or a jail cell for stealing all the cash. “The entity Occupy Boston shouldn’t have too much power” *holding my sides laughing too hard*

    They are soooooo full of themselves. Now what is it they are trying to do again? I forget. I’m sure they know what they are doing. Right?

    Is the money in an evil bank?

    cue “money” by pink floyd.

  24. My voting game plan for next year is against all incumbents. I know not everyone will agree.

    I changed my registration to Unaffiliated, which we can do in CA and will only change to a party of my choice for the primary, if necessary. I could vote for Huntsman but everyone else sucks.

    If the Dems decide to run someone against O in CA primary, I will register Dem just to vote against him.

    Frankly both major parties suck!

  25. Obama will pardon rezko and the band plays on.

  26. The thing is, exactly what kind of mind imagines that most Americans want to pay off their college loans for them any more than they want to pay Wall Street bonuses. Robbery is robbery.

  27. karen- lol I just got done reading the pie link! That is one pie crazy lady- indeed! But I thought imust was younger than me?
    Years ago I became the designated pie baker for family Thanksgiving. Apple, pumpkin, squash, mincemeat, blueberry, – I baked ALL the pies for our huge gathering.
    Which brings up the story of the year I had finished the baking and ran to the grocery for a few last minute items. When I got back- the dog had eaten the filling out of every single pie!
    No i did not kill him.

  28. Just because it goes with the post

  29. THis should be helpful to the economy, and for continuing employment of people who actually are working.

  30. The thing is, exactly what kind of mind imagines that most Americans want to pay off their college loans for them any more than they want to pay Wall Street bonuses. Robbery is robbery.

    Seems to me that most folks think their pet projects should be financed by other people’s money. It’s cultural. So, to answer your question about what kind of minds? I think the same kinds of minds that think we should pay for corn subsidies and private school vouchers. I think all four are robbery. I am sure there are more examples. Oh, and paying for one family’s private vendetta and calling it a war against terror is probably another example.

  31. upps, omg. you just know that is going to end in a liberation of expensive ticket items from those stores by the greedy little liars.


    I can see them now taking bath tubs out of a Home Depot.

    Nothing says “Christmas” like cops bashing heads at the mall.

  32. Black Friday puts me in a black mood. Have never and will never shop on that day.
    And I try my best not to patronize any business that is open on holidays. Way back when, in the dinosaur age, when I first started working in restaurants- they were closed on Thanksgiving and Christmas. Not anymore. So the poor working class slobs give up their family time for corporate greed and lazy people who can’t seem to find their own damn kitchens. But what the hell- as the president/CEO told us- you can celebrate another day. Yup- let’s just have the whole famdamily rearrange their lives and celebrate another day. Oh but it will have to be a day in a different week because there are NO REQUESTS OFF allowed on Thanksgiving week or weekend. Everybody works. SO when is the “another day”? I’m sure the church will be happy to have a separate Christmas Mass on another day too.
    It would be nice if there could be a few days when everybody got to rest.

  33. Obama will pardon rezko

    Care to place a small wager?

    Obama’s people might tell Rezko “after the election” but it will be a lie. Rezko is of no further use to Obama and at this point he’s no longer a threat either.

  34. Occupy 7-11:

  35. I hate eye-of-newt. I remember that video of his lovely, gracious maman. {{Shivering}}

    I don’t know, if it were eye-of-newt vs barky, I might have to vote barky. {{slapping myself}}

  36. myiq, funny krugman quote on other thread. What is that vid above? Is it occupiers shoplifting at 7/11?

  37. Goofsmom, I’m a Decline To Declare in CA. My experience has been that I can ask for either party’s ballot before the election. I plan to vote for Romney, unless Huntsman shows he has enough votes to possibly capture the nomination (I don’t think he will survive NH tho’). But, I’m with you on the option of voting against Bam on the Dem ballot if anyone challenges him in the primary.

  38. NES,

    Hmmm… I thought we would have to register for the party before we could vote in it’s primary. I’ll have to go check now.

    I had also heard that there was a Dem movement in CA to challenge Bam bam. We will have to see if anything happens. I agree with you on Huntsman, I was just thinking to register Dem and write in Hillary just to mess up the “O”‘s numbers.

  39. Good point, SophieCT.
    Someone’s going to point out that those beneficiaries, unlike OWS, aren’t protesting in the streets and the public squares. And the answer is: they don’t have to because they can afford K Street/lobbyists to push their cause, and much more successfully.

  40. FCS myiq, your hatred of OWS is getting irrational.

  41. I does not appear to be The Occupants in the 7-11. Here’s AOL’s article on the flash theft in Silver Spring, MD.

    I did a Google search on “50 people rob 7-11” and was amazed at how the group changed based on the orientation of the link.
    • 50 youths rob 7-11
    • 50 teens and young adults rob 7-11
    • 50 blacks rob 7-11
    • 50 dimocrats rob 7-11
    • 50 Amish yutes rob 7-11

    (If that worked, blame Fredster.)

  42. Here in PA you must declare- so you can be unaffiliated if you wish to vote only in the GE. I know each state has its own rules. I remember way back a long time ago living in MA- there was a kerfluffle over the designations. IIRC- one used to be able to register “independent” meaning no party- then some group registered as the “independent party” and tried to suck us all up as members. It was quite the little battle lol!

  43. PMM,

    I feel the same way about Black Friday. Never went even when I had money to spend. Only helps the retailers make ends meet, causes hardships that arent’ necessary on their employees and makes normally nice people act like A-holes.

  44. goofsmom- I always feel bad for the employees. And it seems to me it has gotten completely out of control. It used to be they opened at 9, then it was 6, then 4……
    Now they are opening at 10 and 11 pm on Thanksgiving itself.
    Seriously? The stores are going to run out of goods by Friday at noon?
    I can understand opening on Friday- the stores would be open any other Friday as well. And if people want to deal with the madding crowds- alrighty then.
    I detest shopping anyway- so no skin off my nose to stay home lol. God bless em if they have the money and fortitude to shop til they drop.
    I’ll stay home and make soup and eat a piece of pie for breakfast and a gobbler sandwich for lunch! Curl up on the sofa and relax!

  45. I’ll stay home and make soup and eat a piece of pie for breakfast and a gobbler sandwich for lunch!

    The perfect Black Friday!

  46. PMM,

    Sounds like you have a wonderful day planned. 😀

  47. Sophie and goofsmom- it’s perfect for me. So many years in the restaurant business- this having holidays off is WONDERFUL!
    And the soup actually gets started right after dinner on Thursday. I break the turkey down so I can fit it in the fridge- then the carcass goes right in the big stock pot- with onions, celery, carrots. Cover with cold water. And let it simmer all night long! (Never ever boil the stock- it makes it cloudy lol)
    Turkey stock! Soup! Gravy! Pot pies!

  48. NES! A glimmer of hope? Occupiers protest Obama?

    The Occupy movement trailed President Obama to New Hampshire today, where protestors briefly interrupted his jobs speech at a Manchester high school.

    Using the so-called “human microphone” method, protestors shouted Obama down just minutes into his speech, calling attention to the arrest of peaceful protestors at Occupy movements around the country.

    They were quickly countered by students, who began chanting, “Obama! Obama!”

    Now that I would have liked to see- repeat after me and all!

  49. SophieCT, I’m pretty sure myiq wasn’t under any misapprehension that that thieving flash mob was part of an Occupy movement. He was just taking a cheap shot, which is too bad.

  50. Thanks for that link, Mom. It’s a glimmer of hope, as you say, but not more than that. They were being a little too polite and non-confrontational for my taste. Also, they note implies that he could be on their side — they need to id. him as a big part of the problem instead.

  51. NES- agreed- but that they were willing to confront him on ANY issue shows progress!
    I do wonder how the hell they got in though- what with the usual penchant he has for adoring masses. I did see that the link had a vid- ABC so no embed- and the look on his face when they started up with mic check was startled. So if they startled him- GOOD! Knock him out of his complacency!
    Too bad they did not get to the meat of the matter. And if they think he is going to help them- they best look under the bus. He will only embrace them if he thinks it will do something for him. Maybe if he rejects them they will get a much needed eye opening!

  52. FCS myiq, your hatred of OWS is getting irrational.

    FYI – I love OWS

    They are comedy gold, and a neverending source of blogging material.

    WATB rich kids complaining how unfair life is.

  53. PMM: I scoured the recipe section here and did not find your pie shell recipe. Is it top secret or are you willing to share.

  54. And if they think he is going to help them- they best look under the bus.


  55. Aw he got baby-heckled and then the other ‘side’ came to the rescue for him. Another Almost But Not Quite uncomfortable moment for Barack…..And never is it TOO uncomfortable for him is it now?

    I said it before and I will continue to say it. You all know what a sleeze this man is and what a bigger set of sleeze’s his Axelrod people are, these people and their main squeeze haven’t got an honest bone in their bodies….and yet you actually think that silly little heckle was real life.

    Barack Obama’s fingerprints are ALL over this movement.

  56. One day a flash mob will meet up with an automatic weapon and then flash mobs won’t be so popular any longer.

  57. Do you think The Occupants will take the Thanksgiving holiday?

  58. Sophie- nope not secret at all.
    For a 9 inch double crust
    2 cups all purpose flour
    1 tsp salt
    2/3 cup plus 2 tbsp shortening
    4 to 5 TBSP ICE COLD water
    Mix the flour and salt together. Cut in the shortening thoroughly-( they say pea size- but I find that too big- I cut it in very very fine- until it is almost like a rough breadcrumb size)
    Sprinkle a TBSP of the water over the four/shortening – incorporate until the liquid will absorb no more. Continue one Tbsp at a time, until pastry just forms a ball. Do not be afraid to use more or less water- it will depend on the humidity and how dry the flour.
    Divide into two roughly equal discs- flatten and wrap in waxed paper. Let rest in the fridge while preparing the pie filling.
    The resting in the fridge is important- it chills the shortening- when the shortening melts as it cooks it releases steam which is what makes the crust nice and flaky.
    Sometimes I will use apple cider as part or all of the liquid. I have been know to grind nuts and incorporate those in the crust as well.

    I like to work with my shortening chilled as well- but it is essential that the liquid be ice cold. And the resting and chilling part too! Some like to roll the dough out before chilling it- and that is ok as well. Some find it easier to roll when it is not chilled.

    I don’t think there are any secret recipes here lol! We all share!

  59. And for the apple pie makers- if your apples are not fresh from the farm- in other words if they have been in some storage facility- they are going to be dry.
    What the hell is she talking about you say?
    When you mix your peeled and sliced apples with the sugar- after a few minutes the sugar should start drawing the juices from the apples. (I mix the filling then roll the crust- the sugar should start drawing in that amount of time) If there is a lack of moisture- add some liquid- some apple cider, or a few tbsp of apple cider vinegar- or a liqueur if you are adventurous. How much depends on how little moisture the apples contain. A few tablespoons should do it!

  60. Thanks PMM. I shoulda figured you did real shortening crust and not cheater butter crust!

    And my Northern Spies have been in the freezer since you gave me that great tip! (I guess should defrost them now if I intend to bake the pie tomorrow!)

  61. myiq — Ha! I know you know what I mean, clown.

  62. Text from SophieCT’s link. (To watch the vid, you have to access the link).

    I think it’s good that OWS — having been de-camped — are now harassing the politicians from both parties. Hopefully, soon they’ll get a clue and take their real gripes (not camping-related ones) to Congress and the WH.

    Occupy Protestors Heckle Rahm By Marcus Riley

    The Occupy protesters aren’t making very many political friends these days.

    Protesters interrupted Mayor Rahm Emanuel’s remarks Monday at a news conference to announce new holiday lights in the Loop.

    The boos and jeers began as soon as Emanuel was introduced, and he appeared to cut his remarks short.

    Occupy protesters had hoped early on to have an ally in the Chicago mayor, but were disappointed when he didn’t intervene and allow them to set up camp in Grant Park after hours.

    Emanuel said late last month that he was bringing various groups together to discuss a permanent location for the Occupation’s home base.

    Over the weekend, Illinois Rep. Joe Walsh criticized the Occupy movement, calling it “un-American” and consisting of “generally spoiled, pampered, unfocused clueless young people.”


  63. PMM: I need to confess that I normally do a butter crust. I have cried over shortening crust that I couldn’t lift without tearing, once rolled out.

  64. Sophie- roll the crust out on wax paper- then transfer it to the pie crust via the wax paper- flip it right over and peel the paper off. No problem!
    I have never used butter- my sister does though. I have used lard- my Nana always used it. I only use it for meat pies though.
    I do confess I have a marble rolling pin that keeps the dough really cold too- I use it if making a pie in the summer months.
    Share back- what is your recipe for the butter crust?

  65. socal — Sorry you got hit by the hallucinating one at the neighbor’s place today. I think the posse got him tho’.

  66. PMM: Funny you should ask, because I suspect I have a typo. I compared this recipe to others and I think I don’t have enough butter. I’m seeing other recipes with 1/2 cup more flour and twice as much butter. That’s why I asked about yours.
    2 c. flour
    1/2 c. butter (unsalted) frozen and cut into chunks
    1 tsp salt
    1/3 c. ice water

    I make it in the food processor. I spin the salt, flour and butter chunks until the pea-sized thing happens, then add the water all at once. Then, I hang onto the food processor with both hands until the dough forms a ball.

    This makes two crusts, or a top and a bottom, if that’s whatyou’re doing.

  67. Not sure Sophie on the measurements- off the top of my head I would think the butter would be the same as shortening proportionally? Maybe check a recipe site? Or Land O Lakes?
    I am going to give it a try and see how it turns out. Love how it says frozen butter. Yup. Makes a difference. COLD ingredients.
    I took a class a long time ago and Jaque Pepin came in and did a guest lecture. We made a tart tatin. Uppity would DIE for it! Cast iron skillet, butter and sugar to make caramel, lay apples and walnuts over the caramel and then lay the crust on top. Bake it and when it comes out, set the bottom of the pan in an ice water bath for a minute. Then flip it out onto a plate.
    Ooey gooey caramel drenched apples with a buttery crust! YUM!

  68. OMG–YUMMM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    PMM, I have been looking around…everyone has something different! in fact, I’ve seen recipes with sugar IN the crust (1 Tbsp).

    I wish I could find the instructions that came with my Regal La Machine I (it pre-dated the Internet by a hundred years, so there are no online PDFs, unless I want to buy it from Amazon!)

  69. Oh wow, I forgot all about that! Such a sweetheart, Mrs. Gingrich. Yeah, this blackhearted bast@rd needs his own bashing zone. Thanks, UW.

  70. imust check emails ASAP. Need a tweak for timing.

  71. OMG that apple tart!!!! Must have it! RECIPE!

  72. LOL Sophie- yup- some people do put a touch of sugar in the crust.
    If you have had good luck in the past with your recipe- go ahead and use it! You will know by the feel if it is not right.
    I never mess around with the tried and true on a holiday. I do experiment- but not when it counts so to speak.
    I looked on the Land O Lakes site- and their proportions are closer to mine- but it does not call for a food processor. Not sure if that makes a difference- or why it would if it does.
    Then I found this one that calls for a food processor

  73. Eh Rahm is nobody now in DC. He’s safe to heckle. Exactly how is he going to do a thing for the OWS cause, once OWS actually has a cause? This is all playing around the edges.

  74. If i’ve told ya once I’ve told you too many times, gang. You post a recipe in any old thread and NOBODY cand find it again. This is why we have a recipe TAB.

  75. I KNEW I could get you to come back and play Uppity!
    That was the best tasting thing for sure! Butter and sugar. Apples. More butter! Maybe Paula Dean took lessons from Chef Pepin!
    I googled it for you- this is not the exact one he did that day- but damn close!

  76. What timing! Robert Wagner is a guest star on NCIS and there’s a dead body in his car trunk!

  77. Heh- I just went back and reread the chef’s recipe. He is getting soft in his old age- or adapting the recipe for the younger generation that is afraid of cast iron lol. But he added apricots to this version. And made the caramel with – EEK- water! Butter is better lol!

  78. PMM: I found these and they show me be way under buttered:

    I was looking for a better recipe because my crusts seem to brown before the insides are done. But I would think that additional butter would make the crusts brown more. hmm.

  79. Oh my that does look like something I could force myself to ingest!

  80. Halllp…last comment went into moderation because I had one too many links…hallp–it’s dark in here…

  81. Thanks!

  82. Sophie- no- the crust may be browning too fast because there is not enough butter believe it or not. The butter keeps the flour from drying out and scorching. Counter-intuitive I know.
    If your crusts are still overbrowning- cover lightly with foil the last ten minutes of baking- shiny side facing out to deflect heat from the crust.

  83. Uppity- I will see if I can find the original recipe. I think it was for a 9 inch cast iron skillet. The trickiest part was the caramel- have to have a shallow pan of ice and water to shock it – or the caramel can burn because the iron retains heat. That thing was DELICIOUS! Deep and gooey.
    Must be low calorie though- only one crust lol. Right?

  84. PMM: I have a special aluminum round thingy that goes over the crust like foil. Still too brown. Imagine that–could be the butter!

  85. Sophie – I have the same thing. To this day I want to spit every time I use it. I tried to talk my Dad and then mu husband in to making something along that line for years and years! Remember the old days when we crimped tin foil around the edges? Then poof- one day they were all over the place in every store. Oh well- somebody made money on it!
    And where in the oven do you have your rack? Important that the top of the pie be as close to the middle of the oven as possible.
    I have used the trick of covering the whole pie with foil the last few minutes if it is getting too brown though.

  86. PMM: You might want to consider doing a Thanksgiving Help line on your blog for a PayPal fee!

  87. Aww- Thanks Sophie! Good idea! Think I could outdo the butterball and FDA turkey hot lines? lol

  88. Head/Desk Head /Desk
    So let’s see if I interpret this correctly. If I walk away from my mortgage and go join Occupy LA I can get FREE FARMLAND? WTF???????

    It just does not pay to try and be honest. To work. Just go shit in a park or public square for a while and all will be given unto you.
    Truly I am disgusted.
    And just where is this “free” farmland coming from that LA is giving away?

  89. PMM: You don’t get free farmland, per se. You’d have to share it with the other Occupants. It’s not like you could build your farmhouse and barn and tell everyone to get off your property. I don’t know why farmland is part of the deal. Maybe the authorities want them to feed themselves. I guess they heard that the OWS folks are getting fresh, local, organic produce.

    Maybe someone figured if they were farming they would have any time in the day to do anything else!

  90. Sophie- well that is true- if they are farming they will be too damn tired for shenanigans.
    Still. It is just plain wrong. Where is this land coming from? Who is paying for it? Will they be paying property taxes?
    So much of it grates on my nerves. They sit around in a park- and get it handed to them? I worked my ass off to get this bit of land. As did so many many other people.
    Like I said- it just does not pay to be honest and try to work hard.
    The F*&^in system is rigged against us.
    Great- just great. The entitled generation has yet one more thing handed to them. They learned when they were little that temper tantrums work and now the govt is reinforcing that lesson.

  91. I can’t believe there is another Rep debate. 😯

  92. And just where is this “free” farmland coming from that LA is giving away?

    Monsanto will be contacting you about the details PMM.

  93. Debate? What debate? We are all here doing prep work for turkey day!

  94. mcnorman! ROFL! leave it to you to chill me out with a laugh! My head was about to explode!

  95. We must laugh PMM. I have to face the airport TSA tomorrow. Better laugh tonight alot.

  96. PMM, that recipe is sooooo good.

  97. mcnorman- TSA? Ugh. Should we put NES on speed dial? Set up a bail fund?
    As for the pumpkin cheesecake recipe? Why I just happen to have plenty of that pumpkin I processed a few weeks ago.

  98. Yeah, calling NES, paging NES. lol

    You should make that cheesecake. It is a perfect dessert for this time of year.

  99. I was watching Paula Dean on Food channel at the dentist’s office waiting room and, in between what appeared to be some very unnatural fondling between herself and her son, she made this pumpkin cheesecake that made me concurrently drool and wonder if my arteries could harden just by watching.

  100. PMM: I really don’t think they intend for those guys to farm the farmland at all. I think they offered an indoor space and an outdoor space and that between the two, they’d get the Occupiers away from City Hall. I think the farmland is supposed to appeal to the people who like sleeping outside in tents.

  101. That “farmland” is the ground under the high voltage power lines.

    Not bad if you don’t mind cancer clusters.

  102. They want them to go to farmland so they can destroy it and crap all over it and nobody will have to put up with their filth. They won’t have a clue how to work the land or do much of anything, and I’m sure whatever land they are handing out has no use to someone productive. Stick em all in a commune and let them play adults and they will give up soon enough when they find out they have to work to eat and live and nobody is going to pay them for it but themselves. Sounds like a plan. They can twinkle together and play bongos and shit and stop bothering normal people or people who need to get to work. Also saves money because nobody has to bother cleaning up after them and they can only spread disease to each other.

  103. Uppity- I have often wondered if arteries can harden just watching that woman cook. Butter and cream. Cream and butter. My kind of cook lol!

    Sophie- it will be interesting to watch it play out. I stand on my opinion that it is just plain wrong though. Why should they get ANYTHING for free? Or, to be precise- why should they get free use of farmland and/or office space for $1 a yr? Hell, how many hard working people, small business owners, contributing to the tax base, would LOVE to have their rent reduced to $1 a yr?
    Giving in to temper tantrums is never a good idea. One cookie before dinner leads to cookies FOR dinner. In other words, soon the child has taken over. Free office space or farm land now. What next? Free tractors? Seeds? More camping equipment? Barns? Building material?
    Slippery as hell slope.
    If the city wants them gone- serve them with papers and get them gone.
    Or offer them free land on Alcatraz.

  104. It’s official. Wherever OWS goes, the grass dies.

  105. Myiq- seriously? Is it really near the high voltage lines? Or are you just clowning around?

  106. Whose mudfarm! Our mudfarm!

  107. I don’t think that drumming will bother anyone on Alcatraz.

  108. Mom, giving the unworked land is a good reality lesson for them, they want everything in life to be free. Now they will see what you can get for free when you aren’t willing to go get it yourself.

  109. PMM: One day we’ll have a conversation about how butter and cream are really good for you! People managed to do just fine for 10,000 years with animal fats. Our dietary problems are relatively recent, like the last 50 years.

    As for the farmland, between the humanure and the energy field from the high voltage wires, they’ll have crops in no time!

  110. LOL! Mcnorman- exactly. Ditto the stench.
    Well tomorrow is the official first day of baking! Open season on pies, cookies and breads! I will be up and at em early!
    Catch up in the am.
    Mcnorman- good luck with the TSA- make sure you have us on speed dial. Are you going to visit the daughter? If you are headed north- it is cold and rainy here! Dress in layers. Oh wait- TSA- never mind. Bring layers. Happy Thanksgiving to you!

  111. Hey myiq, won’t those powerlines interfere with their ipads?

    Nice farmland! Hey! Where’s the wireless network??? Ooops, I guess we’ll just have to …..sputter……talk to each other!

  112. McNorman, if you really loved us, you would live blog your TSA experience!

  113. Pumpkin cheesecake sounds very interesting. We can’t decide what to have for dessert.

    Mom & everyone, thanks for all the great foodie tips!

  114. Happy Thanksgiving to you as well PMM. Yeah, I heard your weather was quite unlike mine. We’re still wearing shorts.

  115. Give OWS some wilderness. Let them fight it out with the Boy Cub Scouts.

  116. Just saw the last comments from Uppity and Sophie! Agree on both counts! Butter and cream (and chocolate) are better for us than all that highly processed fake food. Moderation- all things in moderation- including moderation itself.
    Hah on the reality lesson for the OWSers Uppity. I fear they will want more and more free. Free expert consultants, free farm equipment, etc etc.
    Work? Not so much.

  117. You are exactly right Sophie. They do all this bullcrap about things being bad for you and then they change their minds. They tipped the whole damned food pyramid upside down after decades of pimping it! In 20 years we will all hear about how people are suffering from cholesterol deficiency. I never pay attention to their “studies” which are always sponsored by an industry that benefits from the ‘results’. It’s all a crock. Nothing is bad for you unless you eat too much of it. I remember when they were pimping margarine FCS. All fat. I could do hours on their bullcrap about diet. My grandfather ate the worst diet on earth and smoked two packs of Camels a day. We are talking grease here. And raw eggs sucked from the shell straight out of the chicken’s butt. And lard. Lots of lard. Fatty meat. Organ meat. You look up the list of everything you are told not to eat, that was his diet. Anything but mayonnaise. He wouldn’t touch it. He made wine that would take the rust off your car. He died just short of his 97th and I knew of at least two of his doctors who died before he did. He didn’t have an ounce of fat on his body. Put a roof on his own house at 87. He did this really odd thing! He moved between meals!

  118. I am against the alcatraz idea. We might have to support them.

  119. McNorman, if you really loved us, you would live blog your TSA experience!

    Yes, that sounds like a plan. I know I am going to get Hell from them because I have one carry on filled with facial cleanser product. I Fedexed my luggage last week. Let’s see. Single flier, no check in stuff, wears comfy, but baggy clothes. Yup, recipe for disaster.

  120. They can grow pet rocks.

  121. Uppity: Your grandfather’s diet sounds like mine! Seriously though, they ate real food back then. None of it was bad for you, including the lard, because it was real and uncontaminated. I use lard in cooking, not Crisco, and I get it from pastured pigs. We would all do better if we ate what our grandparents ate and not what our children eat (metaphorically speaking, since I don’t have any).

  122. Sophie, there isn’t anything I don’t eat, except I am not fond of fast food like Mickey D’s and stuff. But I never ever pay attention to the bullcrap and I don’t ingest all those powders and vitamin pills either. I eat what I want. I was a runner till I hairlined my foot. The only thing I do is make sure I don’t overeat and I watch my weight. Beyond that, I just think it’s all a crock and don’t buy into any of it. I also scratch cook. The oldest generation in the USA never fidgeted about their food and they have lived longer than any generation, plenty of people pushing and reaching 100. Our biggest food problem is all the chemicals and hormones and crap big agra is sticking in our food. So I buy meat and poultry locally from small farmers and local butchers. Ditto for produce. Beyond that, I pay no mind to all this fanaticism.

  123. Can you pick out the kid in that photo who is a spoiled little pissant with an entitlement attitude?

  124. hahahahaha…could be anyone of them UW. Let them take on OWS. I think that the Cub Scouts will probably win.

  125. Look again McN. Who has the perfectly pressed pants just the right length and the expensive newish shoes and the hair cut that doesn’t look like a haircut but really is, while he posed himself in the most flattering of ways for the camera. This fashion plate doesn’t get himself dirty. The other kids look like they rolled around and had some kid fun without regard to a grass stain potential.

  126. He might be a decoy. Nah, you’re right…that’s him. lol

  127. Night to all. I’ll be sure to report on the insanity tomorrow. 😀

  128. Nite McN. Travel well!

  129. Bon voyage mcn! Have a great trip!

  130. Aww. Cute little cub scouts. I just got back from shopping for our turkey dinner. It was so nice, everyone was friendly & in a good mood, picking out their turkeys. Still can’t decide on a dessert. Hubbie likes the idea of cheesecake.

  131. Uppity, your comment about Paula Deen was so funny. I’ve never actually watched her.

  132. NES…”socal — Sorry you got hit by the hallucinating one at the neighbor’s place today. I think the posse got him tho’.”

    I know, my god, could you believe that? Laker wanted to tell him off, I said no, so he showed it to hubbie, who was quite alarmed. Hubbie thinks hes certifiable and doesn’t want me to respond to him anymore.
    You’re right the posse was still telling him off the last time I looked. 🙂

    reminds me, has whynot? been around today? Hope I didn’t scare her away. I was too harsh to her in my comments, didn’t mean to be but had a rough afternoon trying to get the paperwork for laker to get his drivers permit. Kaiser creeps lost the paperwork and were so snotty I was actually in tears. The Dept of Motor Vehicles was also really snotty, but since I was crying, they broke down and gave us extra time. I had to get all new paperwork & have to drive it down to L.A. tomorrow! This is becuz laker had that seizure a couple of years ago, a Dr has to sign off on him that he’s ok to drive.

    So anyway, whynot? if you’re lurking, I’m sorry for being abrasive, so do come back.

  133. “Workhouses”???

    Come over to my house AND my work, Newt! Where working to the bone is “The Rule.”

  134. UW, there isn’t anything ya don’t eat? How about a brewski with pretzels? Tostadas with margaritas? Cookies with milk?…

  135. Well crier, I don’t drink beer but only because i’m not crazy about it, otherwise I would drink it. It’s good with corned beef though. Not big on pretzels but I would eat one, just wouldn’t buy them. Ditto for mararitas. What I meant was I don’t reject things because some moron tells me I should and later changes his mind after the funding runs out.

    If I were to say there is one food I HATE, it’s apricots. I just hate them. Fuzzy disgusting things. Even peeled they taste like crap to me. And Tofu. Bleck. Like eating an eraser. But I don’t reject them because somebody tells me they are bad for me. That’s what I meant.

    Oh and I like cookies and milk all right, just not what I would go for first for a snack. But I wouldn’t throw a good cookie out of the house. lol.

  136. towncrier: I pick C. (See yesterday’s thread!)

  137. Ummmm, butter and cream. Have some every morning in the coffee. Throw caution to the wind. Indulge your tastebuds and health. The forebears certainly didn’t have any problems with it.

  138. And lotsa butter on toast. With eggs.

  139. socal if you ever get a chance to see her when her son is on, it’s a really scheevy feeling, though. I mean they kiss each other on the lips and fawn over each other like lovers, with innuendos besides. It’s really disgusting.

  140. A real pleasure to sit with pals at a German pub, imbibing, snacking, and singing.

    Just like here at UW’s.

  141. Oh goodness! Apricots, UW??? The ones that used to come one of our trees as a kid were the absolute supreme. Have yet to ever taste them like that since that time. Maybe we need to grow you nice apricot tree, bake you some nice big bread-like pretzels,…


  142. SophieCT, is that cookies??? Some nice richly buttery ones?

  143. pass on the apricots. I hate them.

    Soft pretzels. NOW you’re talking. Those I like a lot.

  144. Soft pretzels. Fresh out of the oven…. ahhh

  145. Eww, that is creepy.

    I liked apricots in the olden days when they were sweet. My grandma had an apricot tree and made yummy pies and jam from it. I rarely buy them nowadays, they always taste bland or sour.

    I never acquired a taste for beer, but like pretzels. Hubbie took me on a date to a Japanese restaurant a couple of weeks ago & I had a sake margarita and it was delicious, and didn’t give me a stomach ache like a regular one with tequila.

  146. Hahahaha, arrogant Dobermann takes on Bloomberg:

    Consider this your punishment.

  147. Hey, I want a FARM too! WTF.

  148. Maybe they’re putting them out on a farm so that no one can hear them scream once the cops are sent there…. Also, pepper spray dissipates better in the countryside, eh?

  149. I’ve got TSA under an advance cease-and-desist order, mcn. Never fear.

  150. Hey, NOT Alcatraz. It’s a beautiful national park now.

  151. Whose mudfarm! Our mudfarm!

    OK, that’s really funny!

  152. Isn’t there a “Gimme Land, gimme land….” song?

  153. They’re being prepared for work in the Obama Potato Fields. Just like Mao decreed.

  154. Apricots and tofu, Upps.

  155. TC, you in Germany?

  156. The Dobermann vid was wild. He was almost hysterical. I didn’t know some of those facts though. They arrested reporters in a church?

  157. How many times did he shout Goddam Batman Movie?!?

  158. karen thank you for the compliment, but I’m sorry to say that am not the prolific holiday pie baker of the Slate article. However….my identity may soon be revealed…..stay tuned………[cue maniacal laugh]

  159. Apricots and tofu, Upps.


  160. socal, that douche at the neighbor’s place was at it again.

  161. He’s positively TESTERICAL, socal.

  162. Keithy actually did a good job on that piece! He didn’t sound like the snotty asshole of MSNBC. He actually smiled a few times and his timing, tone and pantameter were different from the old arrogant asshole I stopped watching long ago.

  163. Really on Keithy? I thought he was his usual a-hole self….

  164. Los Angeles City council in “negotiations” with OccupyLA on an “endgame”

    The council endorsed the protest early on and some members, including Councilman Richard Alarcon, have spoken out strongly in support of it.

    But Councilman Bernard C. Parks said Tuesday that he is “concerned with the precedent it sets.” Other protesters in the future could employ tactics similar to the Occupy group — and expect to win similar favors from the city. “With the next group of protesters that comes in, do you up the ante?” he said.

    He said he wondered whether lawmakers would be equally tolerant if anti-abortion protesters or a Neo-Nazi group set up camp outside City Hall.

    But protester Pete Thottam said the city’s proposal of office space and other enticements to leave has strengthened the movement’s bargaining position. “We’re not in the defensive position that we were,” Thottam said.,0,7529592.story?track=rss

  165. I clicked on it & saw at the Recent Comments sidebar that Tamer has now dived into the fray. I can’t take anymore today. I’ve been thinking about my bro today, all his life, he’s always helped people out for free, fixing their houses, cars, helping out in every way, especially women and kids, but even homeless vets, giving them work, food, letting them sleep in his basement or RV. He was almost killed saving a teen from a gang a couple of years ago, had blood clot in his brain that went from ear to ear & was in the hospital for 10 days. Another recent one was he saw some guy beating up a woman in an alley when he was leaving a restaurant in Seattle. My bro didn’t hesitate, dove right in and saved her. He is such a good person, that sanctimonious creep isn’t fit to tie my brothers shoes. Imagine insulting me and my brother over and over about that stupid wood thing. And I think he’s serious, not kidding around. He’s fucking nuts.

  166. socal people like that can’t thrive unless you let them. Treat them like dead people. It not only works better for you but it sends THEM over the edge. When nobody reacts or responds, they spit dries up.

  167. cute cubs upthread mcnorman!

  168. But protester Pete Thottam said the city’s proposal of office space and other enticements to leave has strengthened the movement’s bargaining position. “We’re not in the defensive position that we were,” Thottam said.

    Horse crap. That’s not the case at all. What it does show is that these are people looking for freebees who wouldn’t turn down a good bribe, especially if they can ‘negotiate’ a bigger bribe.

  169. Eh maybe I was being charitable for Keithy NES, considering he’s on Current Tv now where not all 200 of their viewers get to see him every week.

  170. Hey, NOT Alcatraz. It’s a beautiful national park now.

    They specialize in turning beautiful parks into barren wastelands covered in sh!t.

  171. What we see here is a bunch of people who want to trade wall street greed for their greed. Put simply, if you gave every one of them a million dollars, they would leave and never whisper a word about banks or wall street again. Instead, they would go home and look for ways to get out of paying taxes AND their school loans.

  172. Okay, how can you resist clicking on a link that says this?

  173. We took care of him, socal. Don’t waste any more energy on him. He’s a vicious jerk.

  174. I won’t thanks! xoxo

  175. Laker just found out he got one of the roles he tried for in The Winter’s Tale. He’s going to be Prince Florizel. Florizel falls in love with a princess that doesn’t know her identity and is being raised by a shepherd. His father forbids them to marry, so they run away. Sounds like fun for him. He’s actually more excited about the play being set in the 50’s & 60’s! He gets to dress like a hippie! I have to find some good hippie duds for him.

    Its not my favorite play, but this is lakers last year with this group. He’ll move on to college Shakespeare next year.

  176. Eww. Nancy is on John Stewart. Big Dawg was on last nite.

  177. Go Lakerdude!

  178. Stephen Colbert just did a funny attack on eye-of-newt. Apparently newt went on a luxury cruise around Greece and called it a fact finding mission.

  179. When I first heard all this I did a double take. I know some Right Wingers are bad but this is beyond the pale.

    Let’s hope Newt will kiss his GOP ass bye bye.

  180. Isn’t there a “Gimme Land, gimme land….” song?

    You mean besides This land is your land, this land is my land?

  181. ROFL! The song is called “Don’t Fence Me In”

  182. Barbara, long time no see.

    Newt is banking that the entire country forgot what a sadistic clown he and his sidekick Dick Armey were. He imagines that declaring that it’s all in the past makes it okay. He will be seriously trashed in the next weeks and he deserves every bit of it. this is a megalomaniac who wants to replace a narcissist. This country can no longer afford these mentally ill presidents.

  183. Why do you insult clowns?

  184. Yes, Mom! That’s the song!

  185. NES- you are welcome! Cooking and singing- it’s what I do – oh and ferreting as needed!

  186. What a great way to get a candidate, don’t you think? The Last Crackpot Standing?

    lol…Newt is the GOP flavor of the week…it’s gonna be Romney, who will lie down for Barry…all this clown car stuff is to give us a sense of choice….I see the supposed OWSers who heckled Obama, rushed up to shake his hand afterwards….his come backs were too good not to be staged kabuki…if they were real hecklers, he would have sulked per usual… I’m afraid they will have to come up with something better if they want to pretend OWS isn’t OFA 2012

  187. Here’s my problem with OWS. I paid for my kid’s tuition. I worked for everything I had and no one gave me a doggone thing. I served my country honorably.

    Funny how so many folks lost jobs and small businesses closed during OWS. These are the same people OWS claimed to help. No one on Wall Street lost jobs.

    It really pissed me off that OWS was compared to the Civil Rights movement. Big difference. The Civil Rights movement actually accomplished something and people died as result. National Guardsmen occupied our neighborhood..

    Just sayin’.

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