Live Blogging at Walmart Pre-Game Show

Only one more day!!  Ever since Uppity Woman asked me if I could “live blog” from Walmart this year, I’ve had mixed emotions. Excited…but nervous. Uppity’s “Live Blog at Walmart” is, as everyone knows, a classic! Would “Live Blogging Walmart 2” be like painting an “imustache” on the Mona Lisa?

I'm not a quitter...but sometimes it IS better to quit while you're ahead...just sayin'

Well, as they say, whoever “they” are, “Quitters never win and winners never quit!” So, if Uppity believes in me….. Imusttry!! Here I go!

I’m eager to get an early start. Retailers know that as the Obamoconomy worsens, they will be vying for fewer consumer dollars. Wait a minute! What am I saying? This is America! Land of the Free….Home of the Consumer!! People will be literally falling over themselves (and everyone else) to score the latest electronic “imusthave” made in Chinese sweat shops. Aside from the huge profits Walmart will make, this is like their “Superbowl”. And the Pre-Game show and all it’s hype keeps getting longer…and longer. Walmart used to open at 6am Friday morning….then their competitors started opening at 5am….okay we’ll open at 4am….Ha! Then WE’LL open at 3am! We’ll show you…Midnight…..whatcha gonna do about that??….Oh yeah?? We’re opening on Thanksgiving Day!! WemustbeFIRST!!!!

Hmm….they sound a lot like Iowa, New Hampshire, Michigan and Florida fighting over caucus and primary dates! Anyway for the executives flying around in their corporate jets to their yachts docked in the Cayman Islands…it’s all good.

More $$$ and more CEO entertainment value, what’s not to like… woo-hoo!!

What time does the game start now?

So the ads have already started……


Where to start? First, the basics, I’ve got to get that song outta my head! Okay, moving on now. As I already feel like “Robin” to Uppity’s “Batman” a Superhero sidekick costume is definitely in order. Okay, so maybe it’s more like “Jimmy Olson” to Uppity’s “Lois Lane”…..but I still want a costume!! Since capes make me look fat, (don’t ask me how I know that) I’ve scoured my closet for the perfect sidekick attire. Lucky for me, I saved my old Girl Scout uniform. The perfect outfit since Girl Scouts are always prepared!! Here I am….how do I look?

And you thought I only liked PIE.....did someone mention cookies?

Okay, now that I see myself on the blog…..maybe that’s not such a good choice. I know! I’ll consult the experts. There are lots of websites devoted to planning for Black Friday. Here’s a video that helps shoppers plan and find the perfect Black Friday outfit:

Okay, I got it now lady in the “” t-shirt. 1.) No 4″ platform shoes…check! 2.) No sleeveless shirts or dresses…..check! 3.) And most importantly, no undressing or stripping while shopping….(unless I want a REAL deal from those male sales clerks at Walmart, right ladies..wink-wink!) I do hope our FLOTUS heeds this advice when she goes out to mingle with the commoners do her shopping at Target, especially number 2….well number 3 too. Okay, so comfy clothes, shoes, (preferably running shoes), and layers. Now, what else do I need? Imustconfess I’ve never been shopping on Black Friday, and I have never set foot in a Walmart in particular….but I have heard rumors. I’ve been told that the shoppers are a lot like ZOMBIES!!!!


So in addition to my not-so “fat wallet” I think I’ll also bring my “Zombie Survival Kit”. I never used to believe in zombies. But then along came the 2008 presidential election season. Those strange Obot creatures chanting…YES WE CAN! YES WE CAN! Well, let’s just say it doesn’t hurt to be prepared.

The bat looks like it could be especially useful.

I’ll need a few more things. Time to go to the internet. According to this Slate article, “The Ultimate Black Friday Survival Guide”, the key is to not be a “noob.” I don’t know what a “noob” is….but I don’t think I want to be one:

Don’t be a noob; do your research. If you’re only just now thinking about going shopping on Friday morning, you’re already late to the game. Black Friday enthusiasts have been planning their retail sorties for weeks, if not months. They’ve been monitoring sites like and for early word on the best deals; they’ve scoped out opening times and crowd-management systems for all their nearby retail meccas; they’ve compiled in-store maps and spreadsheets outlining their Friday morning routines; and they’ve spent hours on online forums discussing Black Friday strategies.

YIKES!!! Spreadsheets? Management systems….research!!! That’s too much work!! I know…I’ll get an app! There’s an app for that! Whew! The app will even make all those pesky decisions for me!!!

Get this app! It's better than thinking! is kind of like ShopSavvy, but with a focus on electronics. In addition to listing nearby and online prices, this app goes a step further and tells you whether to buy a product or wait for either a new model or a lower price. For example, when I searched for “Eee Pad Transformer,” the app told me to hold off–good advice given that the quad-core Transformer Prime is coming soon. The app is free, but unfortunately, it’s only available for iPhone.

I think I’m ready for my first live blog from Walmart!! Put me in Coach…er…I mean Uppity!!! Wait what’s that you say? ….Uppity, you want me to leave now and hold a place for you in line? Sure! What’s a sidekick for?! I’ll wait, no problem.  Besides, the doors are set to open at midnight Thanksgiving night and I want to be one of the first suckers customers in! You promise that you’ll be there to wait with me in an hour or so? Okay, can you bring me something from Starbucks? Thanks! Yay! Here I go……

It's r-r-r-r-eeally getting c-c-c-c-ooold out here....Uppity?....Uppity??


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  1. ROFL! An auspicious beginning imust! Can’t wait to read on Friday. I think our Target is opening at midnite. Good grief.

  2. Demonstrators Plan to Occupy Retailers on Black Friday

    Some demonstrators are planning to occupy retailers on Black Friday to protest “the business that are in the pockets of Wall Street.”

    Organizers are encouraging consumers to either occupy or boycott retailers that are publicly traded, according to the Stop Black Friday website.

  3. imust! ROFLMAO! Good one!
    Now if only there was an “app” for all this baking…..

  4. Imagine a bunch of Occupiers linking arms in the center aisle of Walmart at the opening of Black Friday.

    I’d pay to see that.

  5. myiq- or locking arms in front of the entrance! BWAHAHAHA!

  6. That would reduce their numbers considerably.

    All those broken cell phones! No ability to communicate! Cut off from civilization!

  7. For those wondering why the pregame is up today, imust is going to be heading for wally’s after she has thanksgiving dinner and midnight strikes. Wally is not open on MIDNIGHT Friday. Which is kind of like late tomorrow.

  8. You promise that you’ll be there to wait with me in an hour or so? Okay, can you bring me something from Starbucks? Thanks! Yay!

    Yeah I’ll be right there with ya, imust! You should leave now. Who wants a crumby thanksgiving dinner anyways, right?


  9. Hey- as long as imust is there- can we send our shopping lists?

    Don’t worry imust- if you get trapped I will bring you a gobbler sandwich and some pie!

  10. Last night Sophie suggested I open a cooking and baking help tab. Thanks Sophie! (No paypal- yet lol)
    It is now open for your cooking and baking questions!

  11. PMM! Can you send that Gobbler sandwich with Uppity? I just traded the sandwich I brought to a guy for a Hershey bar, a pair of nylons and this can of food…..

  12. PMM: Did you know there was an 800 number on the Cool Whip container? I don’t use it myself, but I have relatives who do and being the label-reader that I am, I came across that phone number and I’m thinking, Why?

  13. ROFL sophie. Who knows? What is that commercial? “Cream? or Oil?” I know Butterball has a turkey hotline. Maybe it is a cool-whip hotline? Blech on that stuff! Whipped cream is so easy to make- why pay for whipped oil and god knows what else they put in it?
    Why am I getting auto play of all the videos all at the same time? Who is messing with my mind? Hearing Newt’s Mom and commercials and crazy stuff when I open the home page!

    Imust- rofl! What no modern MRE’s? Do you have a can opener?

  14. Oh good- the auto play feature stopped! That was freaky- hearing Newt’s mom, black friday commercials and ROy Rogers all at the same time. lol!

  15. LOL imust!! Is the sodium nitrite part of the natural juices?

  16. Did that C-Rat come with smokes and a John Wayne?

  17. Hysterical. Since you’re on line and already risking your life, can you pick up a few things for me? Wal-mart has giant pickle jars for the same price as regular stores tiny little jars. Yes, they are considered haz-mat if they break, but I only need 3 or if you have room in your cart, 4 to last me for a year or two. Can you also pick up a few dozen rolls of toilet paper? I’ll drop off my $1.00 off coupons at uppity’s (when I am there raiding the fridge) and she can bring it to you with your now freezing Starbucks.

    I am not greedy. I will eat the pickles with Cheeseburgers. The toilet paper is a gift. I intend to drop it off at my local OWS out of pity for them.

    I hear they are just so full of chit they are drowning in it. Poor zombies!

    Do you have purell? You might want to pick some up as you run with those big screen tv sets to the two hour long check out line.

    Brave girl imust. Brava comradess.

  18. oh, and imust, please watch out for Imelda. She might be doing a photo op in the footwear dept or picking up some broccoli to put in the WH garden to pretend she grew it all herself with her two dozen attendants.

    Snap a pic if you see her. I think she deserves a special spot at that site that has funny pictures of walmart shoppers. Her wardrobe will fit right in.

  19. Mrs. Newt. Roy Rogers. And black friday vids. What a bad trip!

  20. She’ll be going in before midnight after thanksgiving dinner. There will be alot of people with gas pockets there….

  21. Uppity- did anybody else hear the same thing? Cuz I would hate to think I am losing it the first day of baking season.

  22. mom, put down the bottle, you’ve had enough to drink.

    I’m going to Judy’s for Thanksgiving. I was going to take imust but she is on an important mission. II have a few shopping bags tucked into my purse for left overs. Here is the list to read from your comfy sidewalk at “occupy walmart”, imust:

  23. I hate to tell you this, Mom, but i didn’t hear it.

    Perhaps a visit to an exorcist?

  24. HAH! Exorcist! Every body duck and cover! I’m sprinkling the Holy Water

  25. Black Friday at Walmart is the 1st of every month where I live.

    I’d wager that the best Black Friday CASH ONLY deals can be found in the parking lots at your local electronic stores – those Food Voucher “Credit” Cards will be going for a song.

    I kid you not – while volunteering recently at the food bank, keeping the fillied to capacity recipient waiting room organized – an unexpected announcement from one of the dock food truck un-loaders:

    Whoever is driving the new BMW – dealer plate ### – and the new Mercedes – license plate ### – you are both blocking the driveway to our dock and we have two delivery trucks waiting to get in! That’s our dock – not your reserved parking space! Move them now or get towed!

    Yep, both proud owners were there to receive food aid.

  26. Whew! Finally finished dipping the silver (old and not expensive–don’t even get excited. It was my grandmother’s). I hate that job–the dip smells awful.

  27. Brilliant and hilarious, imust. A++.

  28. So is there an app for pushing our retail requests to imust and where can we download it? Or are we just supposed to Tweet #imusthaveimustgetthisthingforme?

  29. Sophie- ROFLMAO on the hashtag! As for the silver- I use toothpaste. Never those smelly chemicals. Store the silver in velvet and it won’t tarnish so fast.

  30. Toothpaste on silver? Does one apply it with a toothbrush? — soft, medium or hard?

  31. imust DOES have a twitter account. You might want to inundate her. Just sayiing. Heh.

  32. BMW. Mercedes. Priceless. Simply Priceless.

    I do know that food stamps are often sold by recipients too. 50 cents on the dollar.

  33. Well Mom, if your head spins around and you start spewing pea soup, we’ve got a hit.

  34. OT but my dog makes such an excellent foot rest!

  35. NES I use toothpaste on jewelry too. It REALLY makes a diamond shine big time! Yup, with a toothbrush.

  36. Gotta run to buy some wine for tomorrow. See yas.

  37. PMM: are you gonna post that pea soup recipe over at your place? Do you use a ham bone?

    BTW: Food network is running a Thanksgiving Live thing (it was on the other day, so it’s can’t be live today, but whatever). Anyway, they got nuthin’ on you, Mom!

  38. Smart of Romney — at least he sees the benefit of having a woman on his ticket.
    I think he has to choose a woman VP to get significantly ahead of O. Women, particularly Indy women, are going to find the prospect of voting in a woman VP to be irresistible.

  39. Yep Uppity, .50 on the dollar is a steal of a bargain to some around here.

    I know seniors, however, “laid off” before they could retire, that seem to “make do” on their SS income. Interesting, isn’t it? A dying breed – literally – of dignity, know-how, frugality and self-sufficiency.

  40. Still here. Sent the better half out for the wine. Made believe I have a headache. lol. Just kidding.

    Yes NES, I agree that Romney would be very smart to pick a woman and he agrees too, which is why he is mentioning it NOW. Very smart. Newt, on the other claw, will pick himself as his VP.

    Now onto another nice teenager. This one dragged a kid hanging from his car to his death. This little shitbag will be let out of prison in not very long so he can contribute some more crap to society while we will probably be supporting his sociopathic ass.

  41. Sophie- I will post the pea soup after the holiday if you remind me. Yup- the ham bone gives it all the flavor!

  42. Target is opening at there!!! 🙂

  43. OT- but I just cracked up laughing when I saw this! An Illinois R wants to separate Chicago from the rest of the state!
    Hell- separate it from the country! Then barry could go be emperor of Chitown and leave the rest of us in peace!

  44. It would work for me if they were separated from the country. But first we have to get Leslie the hell out of there.

  45. Oh yes Uppity- all our friends can come ‘south” – they probably don’t want to live there if Emperor Obama takes over anyway. Can yo imagine? It would be just like olden times- with rahm and axelrove taking baksheesh for access.
    Wonder what they would name it?

  46. LOL Scumball.

    Former Oakland County Democratic party official Jason Bauer pleaded no contest Monday to five felony charges related to an alleged 2010 plan to place “fake” tea party candidates on multiple election ballots in Michigan, the Detroit Free Press reports.

    Under the alleged scheme, dummy third-party tea party candidates would help siphon conservative votes away from Republican candidates.

  47. UW@12:54 Why do we effin bother? There are precious few Democratic politicians worth our energy. And yet, every time I watch one of those R debates, I cringe.

    One of the things that made me wary of Obama early on was when he admonished people for being cynical. I thought that reflected a complete disregard for the seven years we’d just been through after we’d endured investigation/impeachment-gate and a stolen election. Because if we weren’t cynical then, we should be now.

    **Sorry, had to edit you

  48. Chicago had more votes than people who lived there so clearly the place has magical powers and is just like Disney World.

    call it:

    obama-daley-rezko-rahm-ayers-farrakhan-wright-pfleger-oprah-meeechele-blago—- ville.

  49. imust,

    Thank you so much for your bravery and making me laugh!

  50. We could buy a Greek island and move Chicago to it.

  51. oh and add axel to that list too.

    Michigan is a close second to Chicago. Conyers and company. ick.

    Did you guys see this? Horrific. Reminds me of the movie Sophie’s Choice. Marry her rapist or stay in jail with her baby or be killed by her family. What a choice. What a change we made in Afghanistan…

  52. The Greeks have enough trouble!

  53. Oh yeah, Afghanistan is a great place to vacation now!

    And that Viagra our government gives those goatfuckers for intelligence helps out a lot too.

  54. Well we can send OWS over to the Greeks to make them feel better.

  55. Speaking of OWS – did ya here they are coming out with their own beneift album?

  56. Well for people who hate capitalism, they sure are capitalizing on it aren’t they?

  57. They are learning from Michael Moore well. Scream UNFAIR and then enrich yourself. It’s only unfair if it’s not yours.

  58. Maybe we should redistribute their profits.

  59. Yep the irony is astonishing.

  60. I want the ows album for free. Don’t all those kids pirate professional music off the internet? They don’t buy music, they steal it.

    Abbie Hoffman might have been a great big joke in many ways but at least he wasn’t a hypocrite. When he did write a book he called it “Steal this Book” and people did just that. I had a hard time keeping copies of it on my shelves at home. I’d go use the bathroom and the book would be gone! It was filled with free ideas – cable spool furniture and crate chairs for example. Of course they all grew up and realized there was no such thing as a unified society in the making anytime soon.

    We were the silent majority – 99% is the exact same idea.

    Free music, free farms, free buildings, free everything – just go liberate it.

    This is not going to end well.

    Free turkey and pie from a gourmet chef to them too. They have it good. It cost me and all of you, a fortune to buy our food for tomorrow.

  61. Stealing is a way of life and cheating. They cheat through school too and see nothing wrong with it. I have survey links that say nearly 70% of them admit to cheating in school and see nothing wrong with it.

    And then there’s this.

    And then they want to cheat their way out of their own loans.

  62. I maintain that if you gave every OWS person a million bucks, they would pack up and you would never hear another word from them about wall street or anything else. Then they would spend their time looking for ways to evade taxes.

  63. Steven Colbert went after eye-of-newt last night. Scroll down & watch the vid. Hilarious!

  64. Pumpkin pie done, apple in the oven, pecan tarts next………
    This is actually pretty strange- we are not eating til 5:30 tomorrow- so I am not rushing. I don’t have to get up at odarkthirty to prep and make the stuffing and get the bird in on time.
    Whatever shall I do with all this extra time?

  65. Biting the hand that feeds them:

  66. Anthony, you mean PRETENDING to bite the hand that feeds them. It was very lame and about as staged as it comes.

  67. hard to hear my sarcasm when I’m only typing…….

    How are you and all the Uppity’s? Been working like a demon, and my “date” (of more than 2 decades) broke his humerus, so I’m now Nurse Ratched on top of everything else

  68. Upps, which vino did you buy me?

  69. Humerus! Not very funny!

  70. I’M COMING OVER, MOM!!!!

  71. Have you grown. or otherwise obtained, Nurse Ratchet’s big you-know-whats?

  72. NES
    barton-guestier Pouilly-Fuisse and Beaujolais-Villages. That should keep people happy, right?

  73. Right. But, what did you buy ME?

  74. Rothschild Chateau Mouton 1959?

  75. A steal at $2500. Happy thanksgiving!

  76. It was that or a pound of that civet shit coffee.

  77. Send address.

  78. Nevermind, I’ve got it here on Google Earth. Do you ever take in your trash bins?

  79. If you want to see the pie- send me instructions how to post pics in the comments lol

  80. Zooming in on that front window…

  81. Stock market has been in the crapper ever since this creepy president was inaugurated.

  82. Wow, thanks Upps! A boatload of jewels are headed your way.

  83. I was thinking you would serve a 1978 Domaine de la Romanée-Conti Montrachet. Fine by me since I don’t care for Chardonnay so I can’t even imagine the bestest chardonnay evah.

    I got a nice local Cab Franc.

  84. The thing is most people who enjoy wine but don’t have a fanatical attachment to it like Chardonnay, which is why it’s so popular. No sense of wasting money on something they aren’t going to notice, you know?

    They are usually the same people who like Merlot…sputter. And white zinf. So they wouldn’t appreciate a $5000 bottle of chardonnay and would be just as happy with a california chardonnay made last year.

  85. Yeah I’m zooming in on your house right now NES

    FF does it again!

    Here is another chuckle for you

    blech on Chardonnay. Just blech!

  87. And that’ll be the day I buy wine that costs thousands of dollars. Bloomberg probably buys it and puts ice in it.

  88. When my sis was in Germany she brought home some great German wines. Nice stuff. Can not get the same quality here in the States- even the imported German wines can’t hold a candle to what you can get over there.
    White Burgundy or White Bordeaux I can do occasionally.
    Some of the Australian wines are nice too and not too pricey.
    But I am just a bitter clinger with no money to develop a palate lol!

  89. stopping by to wish you all a great Thanksgiving. Kids are arriving soon so will have a house full to help break in or destroy which ever comes first , the house, new furniture and new remolded kitchen lol. Have a fantastic day all with friends and loved ones. I am looking forward to the chaos so I can truly appreciate living alone afterwards .

  90. PMM: Same deal with Italian wines over in Italy. I had some wines there that were delicious (according to my uncultivated palate) and they were very inexpensive but you don’t even see those brands over here.

    There are 30 vineyards on the CT wine trail. Some of the wines are not bad at all, a few are quite good, and some are like a science project gone bad. The joy is in the journey, as they say. The bonus is that you can buy wine on Sunday if you buy it at the vineyard. (It’s part of some agricultural dispensation.) Otherwise, there’s no alcohol buying at all in CT on a Sunday. Even the beer is covered with curtains in the grocery store.

    Okay, off to make pies. Please pray for me to the Deity of your choice.

  91. Unfortunately, I’ve never had a NY wine I liked. I have had some really decent California wines, and some of them have dumped all over France in competitions.

    Mom, I’ve had some very decent Australian wines.

  92. I am looking forward to the chaos so I can truly appreciate living alone afterwards .

    ROFL! That’s so YOU.

  93. Burgundy should be red. End of story. lol.

    I like to cook with burgundy.

  94. Eat your heart out, Mom, I have a stash of venison coming my way.

    An excellent argument for burgundy.

  95. imust drinks box wine.


  96. Utah, Thanksgiving greetings to you too.
    (Can I please have some turkey with my crow?)

  97. Is it a pie box?

  98. Happy Turkey Day to Upps and all Uppity-ites, former, present and future.

    Speaking of former regulars here, I hope Papoose will drop by to greet us, as she is wont to do.

  99. Did Utah shoot the venison deer?

  100. Gulp…NY and CT make wines?

  101. Anyone here who likes white wines should try wines from the Republic of Georgia. Quite good, really.

  102. Screw the venison, Upps. I would’ve thought you’d shoot your own wild turkey. (The hills where I live are silly with wild turkey at this time of the year. One has to take curves slowly to avoid hitting them.)

  103. If imust is sick, why was she sent to Walmarts? Is it cause we don’t give a pie when it comes to our entertainment?

  104. I am looking forward to the chaos so I can truly appreciate living alone afterwards.


    Hey, Utah, there’re some OWSers headed your way to occupy your dining table. If you maim or kill any, call me and I’ll post bail.

  105. Uppity check your email, the one I use for ya.

    Sorry I haven’t been around much but by the time I get over here the thread are so loooonngg I take up all my time just reading!

  106. I’m not crazy about wild turkey, NES. I have a friend who has them on her land allllllll the time. Kind of nice to watch. But I never think I want to bag one. Besides, who’s gonna clean it? To hell with that crap. I know a poultry farmer not a half hour from you. You go there. You order a bird. He whacks a bird, runs it through a machine, guts it and hands it to you.

  107. Yes NES, NY makes shitty wine. GREAAAAAAAAAT hard cider though!

  108. NES, Utah has bagged a few deer in her day. But no, she’s not giving me the venison. My plumber is. He’s a young guy I found a few years ago when he was starting out, got him a slew of customers. He thinks I’m his mother and loves me. So he brings me cool things like venison. He was here the other day to change a valve and told me he bagged a doe and would be bringing me some packages once it’s all butchered. I am salivating.

  109. Hey Fredster, it’s good to see you though, man!


  111. Waving to Casper!

  112. Simon’s cat. Hilarious. Again.

  113. Hey Uppity…… A huge Wave back….. 😆 😆 😆 😆 great to see you…..have a wonderful and peaceful Thanksgiving….. Casper

  114. NES, got a particular recommendation on Georgia wine?

  115. You too Casper! Keep the cat off the table!

  116. Let’s see if I can get casper’s link to show up.

  117. Mom I had that link up and took it down. It shows your name!

  118. Let me know if you want it back! It’s in trash. I don’t want you assassinated!

  119. Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

    Hey Fredster! Will be rooting for Tigers!

    NES, interesting about what you said upthread about turkeys. When I was very young I dated a man that lived in Mill Valley.

  120. Anybody seen Uppity? Oh well, I’m sure she’s on her way. If you do see her, let her know there was a little “incident” here. My laptop went missing. I should have known something was up when I heard, “Whose laptop? Our laptop! Whose laptop? Our laptop!” No worries though I used Uppity’s credit card numbers to buy a new one from a very nice gentleman in the parking lot! Great deal too! Oh, MKBill gave me the credit card numbers, he said Uppity wouldn’t mind…’s one of the perks of being an editor and he does it all the time! Isn’t that nice?!! Tootles!

  121. Good catch Upps.

  122. Thanks Uppity! Yikes! I don’t want any owsers here shouting “Whose Pie? Our Pie”
    imustmakeimusttell me how to post photos in the comments! She will if she wants to see the pie!

  123. Hi socal! Where’s my laker dude?

  124. Hey imust if you are still out of jail, can you help MOM to post her pie pic in comments?

  125. Poor imust, huddled in the cold at Wallys. imust, are you well yet? We’re still a little sick here.

    btw, did anyone catch the clip of Huckabee making fun of the women that charged Cain with sexual abuse? It was so lame, some stupid spiel about the women that work at Popeye’s Chicken sexually harrassing him by calling him “honey” & “sweetheart”. Ugh.

  126. Okay, I’ll give it a try. Mom’s pie.

  127. Is someone holding a PIE hostage?

  128. laker is skipping out on housework and hanging with his buds! He wants to go to Target at midnite tomorrow to see what its like! I wonder who put that idea in his head???

  129. imust- you have mail!

  130. Yes I can’t understand where he would get such an idea…..

    …..whistling……..looking down…

  131. Huckabee. Is he still around?

  132. Haha! Yes I pictured you with a wide eyed innocent look when you made that comment!

  133. “Huckabee. Is he still around?”

    I know, its hard to imagine how these jerks keep getting airtime. For myself, I still can’t get over that scheevy creep Snewt running for prez again. I hate that arrogant hypocrite. I happened to click past the Colbert show last nite and he tore Snewt a new one. It was so nice.

  134. PMM check your mail!

  135. Now I’m just showing off……I’m shameless that way! I’m lovin’ my new laptop!! Bought some stuff for a few of my new BFFs I’ve met here in line! I know your cool with that right Uppity?

  136. Mein Gott! I just got back from the restaurant where I was picking up my smoked turkey and sides. There’s a bank next door to it and they had those huge worklights on like the cops do with a crime scene and traffic was backed up in that lane so I wondered if maybe the damned bank got robbed. Hell no! It was people lined up, sitting in their cars waiting for the Birmingham News to be delivered there so they could get the Thurs. edition early with all of the sales ads!! 😯

    By the time I left Jim n Nicks and went across to Murphy to buy smokes, I’m guessing that line must have been a 1/2 mile long.


  137. Hi ya’ll. No live blogging for me. The cat took my adapter out before I left. Completely uneventful and dull travel day. Perhaps the return will be interesting?

  138. uneventful sounds good when traveling mcn. Glad you’re safe and bored!

  139. Thats wild Fredster. Lining up for coupons???

    Are your guys playing Arkansas this weekend?

  140. NES, thank you for your Thanksgiving contribution to Bill’s out of control addiction.

  141. The cat took my adapter out before I left.


  142. I never understood the concept of smoked turkey. It tastes like ham. Why not buy ham.

  143. imust, youmust stop hanging out with Bill!

    I get online notices from my charge cards. Did you just buy two surf boards?

  144. Jaysus. She just bought a dozen boxes of Godiva chocolates for a bunch of Walmart slobs. Can’t you just give them a bunch of twinkies for chrissakes?

  145. I’m good with buying them some of those dogs whose heads bob up and down for their dashboards, imust, or fuzzy dice, but Jaysus, surf boards?????

  146. Wishing Barack Obama a Happy Thanksgiving from Russia….

    Did this Russian TV news host give Obama the finger?

    The host of a Russian television news channel has caused international stir over a video that shows her giving the middle finger to the camera while mentioning President Barack Obama during a newscast.

    In the video–which aired earlier this month on REN-TV–the host, Tatyana Limanova, reported that Russian President Dmitry Medvedev had been named chairman of the Asia Pacific Cooperation, a position that “has (previously) been held by Barack Obama.” Limanova was then shown looking down and raising her middle finger.

  147. Hey imust,

    Do you think MKBill would like you to buy Goof some of that really fancy catnip? 😀

  148. It’s not even black friday yet and she’s running my charge card.

    I’m going to kill that cat.

  149. Yup that was the Russian raspberry all right.

    What’s with the steel plated bra that woman is wearing?

  150. Goof! Jayyyyyyyyysusssssssss!

  151. Passing the hat here. Can you guys spare a dime?

  152. 😀

  153. OMG. She bought two dozen tube tops in tent size.

  154. Quick uppity call the Credit card company, I’m sure they’ll understand. MKBill might be upset to be cut off though… hmmm..

  155. Surfboards? Silly Uppity! Shuffleboards!! We gotta keep busy out here doing something!! And the tube tops ARE tents! We made a shuffleboard room right here on the sidewalk!


  157. Hey but at least you’ll have a couple of nice shuffleboard tables!

  158. Hey imust, clear the nip shelf. I’m gonna invite everybody on the blog’s cats to a partayyyyyy.

    Get the dog some of those cheap milkbones. I love watching her throw up and then eat it.

  159. Yikes!!

  160. My mom was just looking for some spoof of Herman Cain she saw on tv and we saw a utube of him singing John Lennon’s Imagine, but he was singing Imagine there’s no pizza! BLASPHEMY! Yoko, go after that douche!

  161. Calling the credit card company is of no use goofsmom. Bill added his name as a second card user long ago.

  162. imust & Upps, ROFL surfboards and tube socks!

  163. Laker!!! Save me!

  164. Darn! Glad Goof hasn’t figured out how to do that yet. I do hide my purse from him after he used the key remote to turn on the car alarm a couple of time…

  165. FYI Uppity, MKBill has been posing as an OWSer to get the free gourmet cat nip. He’s been trying the same scam here at Walmart asking for handouts. He says he saves the credit cards for big ticket items….big ticket items? For a cat?

  166. @MKBill…catnip? You got it Bro!

  167. The tape on the box is a nice touch. Little bastage.

  168. I hired a DJ for your party too……hope you don’t mind.

  169. Did you hire the Clash Kittens?

  170. Bill said he got that duct tape from your basement when you stocked up after the Tom Ridge warning.

  171. Hey yeah! Those cats rock!

  172. Yeah I really got suckered by Ridge. Taped the whole damned house up and couldn’t get out. But the color codes were cool! He was worth every penny of that $250k salary. I bet nancy bought duct tape stock.

  173. Hey gang. remember, this is just a PREVIEW of what imust is about to do on Black Friday. She’s practicing!

  174. Goof sends Bill a high five. Now that he knows Bill is sending it Goof will be bugging me every 10 mins to put his leash on and walk him out to the mailbox.

    Sigh, naughty kittehs

  175. Uppity I’m not sure, but these MAY have been put on your charge card….

  176. Love the I LOVE TUNA stickers on the turntable.

  177. Glad Goof hasn’t figured out how to do that yet.


  178. Click on bill’s name link and see his disgusting website.

  179. ROFL!! Bill! I thought nip was his only vice!!

  180. OMG Uppity… and he’s loose with your credit card!!!!

  181. Bill don’t you go giving Goof any bad ideas, he doesn’t need any help…

  182. Yes he’s particularly interested in the Meet Kitties In Your Area.

  183. All I can say is if I have to stay out here in the Walmart parking lot, I’m thankful that MKBill talked me into ordering this nice tent!

  184. :::::THUD:::::

  185. imust, the tent is for you and 100 of your closest friends… 😯

  186. Ummm… does anyone have some smelling salts handy for Uppity?

  187. I told you I made a few BFFs in line! I didn’t know the Black Friday Walmarters could be so fun!! They grow on you!

  188. someone get Uppity a cognac.

  189. Here! MKBill & I got this for his party….but Uppity can have a sip. For medicinal purposes of course..stat!

    Uppity it probably won’t show up on your card until tomorrow.

  190. Wow, imust! I never wanted to go to Walmart but you and Bill make it so compelling.

  191. You know SophieCT….I really have gotten to know a different side of MKBill. He can really class-up a place!

  192. Like for example; did you know that MKBill has a delicate palate? He only goes to the finest restaurants!

  193. Here’s one of his banker friends….yes…MKBill is a 1%er!

  194. Socal said: Thats wild Fredster. Lining up for coupons???

    Are your guys playing Arkansas this weekend?

    Yep, that we are on Friday. And don’t you know the hawgs are using the death of that poor Arky player as a rallying cry to beat us. 👿

    Also, Bama plays Auburn in the Iron Bowl Saturday so root for Auburn, heh, heh.

    Uppity: I dunno about the smoked turkey tasting like ham, it tastes like turkey to me and I still tend to pass out watching football from the tryptophan in the turkey.

  195. Pierre is one handsome cat!

  196. Okay, so who has the credit card that’s being passed around?

  197. WHOA! Im loving imust’s new laptop!

  198. oooooo…..Bentley! You have good taste Fredster! MKBill prefers Rolls Royce. He gives them to the girls he’s the most fond of:

  199. Oh, the laptop is nice NES, but it’s the laptop BAG that really sets it off:

  200. You’re most welcome, Upps. Thxx for not raking me over the coals for it. Btw, MKB sent me an email saying it wasnt near enuf to support his habit….

  201. Wow! I could grow to luuuuurve the Rrraaaahhhhhssssheeuhns!

  202. It’s not even black friday yet and she’s running my charge card.

    I’m going to kill that cat.

    I guess you can’t go to sleep tonight, Upps.

  203. Whose litter box?
    Our litter box!

  204. NES I think she’s already keeled over. The tent did her in. And I haven’t even told her about the heaters and champagne fountain, go figure.

  205. F*ck Dior, imust! MKB NEEDS PRADAS,

  206. Imust…I was trying not to be too greedy so I figured the Bentley would do fine by me.

  207. oooooo…..Bentley! You have good taste Fredster! MKBill prefers Rolls Royce. He gives them to the girls he’s the most fond of:

    Now, if only Cain had done that, he’d still be leading in the polls.

    MKB, remember your lawyer when you hand out those Rolls.

  208. One can’t go wrong with PRADA, imust!

  209. awww…Fredster that so sweet. But don’t worry, get what you really want….Uppity won’t mind, MKBill told me!

  210. Imust, if you see any gourmet crow seasoning, pls grab a gallon bag. Thxx.

  211. Well hells bells it’s a Rolls for me then!

    No, no…changed my mind. I want the Mercedes S Class, the S65 AMG.

  212. What a great gig for imust & Bill. Can I do Black Friday next year?

  213. Oh socal: You asked about the line for the newspapers…a friend sent me a link that said the paper with all of the Black Friday ads weighed five pounds! 😯

  214. I still liked the funny or die video.

  215. Fair enuf, Fredster. For me, it cuts too close to the left’s over-the-top attacks on conservative women like SP. After the left savaged Hillary in the primaries and SP in the general, I lost any stomach for their brand of ‘satire.’

  216. Hey, but you’re still my favorite tight-end-lover.

  217. Imust, if you see any gourmet crow seasoning, pls grab a gallon bag. Thxx.


  218. I’d be a feminist but the women in my family were too busy picking cotton. Of course the women spent time sleeping with massa.. That’s when the men weren’t being lynched .

  219. candymarl, all the more you should be a feminist and insist you will not take any bullshit from anybody. It appears that your ancesters gave at the office already. Truth is, nobody gets freedoms until they take them, unless you are a WASP male.

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