America’s Finest: The 99% show up at Walmart

Post your Black Friday videos in this thread.

This fight is over 4 Gigs of memory. Mic check!

That was even better than last year’s fight over a Crock Pot.


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  1. OWS makes another huge impact by occupying apple pie on Thanksgiving. I know this will change everything…
    And to think everyone is worried about FEMA camps.

  2. Fight over the Very Important X Box

  3. This mob was competing to buy TOWELS.

  4. There’s another one in the other thread. I think they finally arrested her. Hey, she wanted to be furst! These people are amazingly crazy and we are going to redistribute our wealth to them?

    A woman wildly pepper-sprayed customers dashing for doorbuster bargains inside the Porter Ranch Wal-Mart Thursday night just 10 minutes after the store opened.

    A fleeing victim cried “My eyes, my eyes,” according to a witness sending a Twitter message. The fight was reportedly over an Xbox 360 video game.

    “This was customer-versus-customer ‘shopping rage,’” Los Angeles Police Lt. Abel Parga told the Los Angeles Times.

    Los Angeles firefighters came to the aid of 20 injured customers, LAFD spokesman Shawn Lenske said. Injuries were minor, he said.

    “A woman with two children in tow became upset with the way people were pushing in line. The witness said she pulled out pepper spray and sprayed the other people in line,” NBC4 reported. Police were said to be reviewing security tape.

    “The female suspect was waiting with other shoppers for some items
    wrapped in plastic to be released for sale at 10 p.m.,” Officer P. Rimkunas told City News Service. “At 10, when the plastic was ripped off, she sprayed.”

  5. hey My, did you see the video of OWS changing the world by occupying free turkey?

  6. The people still occupying the encampments are just the usual homeless.

    The “real” OWS are cozy and warm at home, waiting for Spring.

  7. I feel so full of Christmas spirit now.

  8. I was full of Christmas spirits last night but now I’m hungover.

  9. LOL good to see ya k!

    It just fills your heart doesn’t it?

  10. Shootings, tramplings, mobs- what a hell of a way to start the holiday season!
    The pepper spray thing is unbelievable!
    I’ll stick with my tradition of staying home on Black Friday, eating pie and making soup!

  11. Occupy and Fertilize LA has eviction notice with Monday deadline.

    Occupy Philadelphia has been issued an eviction notice by Mayor Nutter.

  12. I can’t believe they were fighting over TOWELS, FCS! TOWELS!

  13. Occupy and Fertilize! ROFLMAO!
    So the shopping season begins and the eviction notices are rolling out huh?
    Can’t have OWS interfering with the shoppers and sight seeing! Though I am not sure how many people actually shop in the major downtown areas.
    When we were little, it was an annual tradition for my Mom to take us all in to Boston at Christmas time. We would go to Santa’s Village at Jordan Marsh (long since bought out by Macy’s) and stroll the shopping district on Washington Street enjoying the beautifully decorated store windows. In those days, there were no malls and the stores downtown made a big effort to enhance the entire area.
    For us children it was a huge thing to anticipate! And when we got old enough- perhaps 9 or 10, Mom would take us to lunch – gasp- at a RESTAURANT! Where we had to display our best manners and there were actual napkins on the tables!

  14. Yes I remember when “downtown” was where everyone went and it was packed at Christmas time. It was packed ALL the time, especially on Saturdays, because it was a time when most people worked during the week. It was a very social thing and fun. Even in the cold. That’s all gone now. What there is instead are these scheevy big box stores and stampedes of nasty creatures who never learned manners or what’s really important in life.

  15. There were Men’s Shops and Ladies shops and leather shops and kitchenware shops. And shoe stores. Gourmet food stores. Jewelry stores. Etc Etc. There were even card shops. Record shops. Music stores. You name it, there was a shop for it. Every business had its niche and they REALLY shared the wealth through good capitalism. And people actually…gasp…walked from one store to another. Now it’s all under one scheevy umbrella with stampeding animals fighting their way through aisles.

    And at places like Walmart, one family gets the wealth along with some stockholders, instead of many business people and customer oriented employees who got to know you. This is what has happened to the USA and largely why nobody but the big boys have a chance any longer. The same people now own everything. And they aren’t local.

  16. Gee UW: Keep talking like that and folks will think you’re one of The Occupants!

  17. Nah they won’t think that, Sophie. I mentioned Work. And the good part of capitalism.

  18. People, LOCAL people, ran the businesses. Employees worked in the same shop for decades. You knew them. They knew you. Face it, it was most definitely a better time.

  19. PMM: Bringing up my late comment from downstairs, since you mentioned it.

    There is a Facebook page called Pie For Breakfast Day

    Reclaim “Black” Friday in the Name of Pie! The Friday after Thanksgiving is hereby declared Pie for Breakfast Day. Friday, November 25, is Pie for Breakfast Day 2011!

  20. Shoe stores! Yes, that was an adventure as well! We got new shoes in the fall for school and in spring for summer. Mom took one or two of us at a time to the shoe store. Where an employee actually measured our feet. We learned to take care of our shoes too- there were dress shoes, usually Mary Janes or a similar style- for school and church. And sneakers for after school. We wiped our shoes every day after school and polished them on Saturday morning.
    Shoe stores now are few and far between. As are cobblers. Kind of hard to repair a shoe made in china that just has glue holding it together. Hah! I can remember the cobbler putting new soles and heels on shoes and boots!

  21. Sophie! LOVE IT LOVE IT!
    Pie for breakfast! Good idea! It has fruit and nuts and grain (flour lol) so it is healthy right?

  22. Take walmart. It’s a disgusting place that turns humans into co-dependent disgusting mobs. It removes the human parts of them completely. In the process, they take all the local money and ship it somewhere else. At the same time, small businesses go OUT of business because Walmart wants to own the sales of EVERYTHING. America has been Walmarted by the Walton family who are sitting in their penthouses right now laughing their asses off. It wasn’t so long ago when local money went to local stores and the economy not only thrived but there was a sense of community. Families ALWAYS put their families first but they didn’t do it by expecting somebody else to pay them for breathing. OWS is walmarted too only they pretend they are not. Their behavior is no different than Black Friday. And neither is the behavior of flash mobs. Animals, all of them.

  23. I live in a community where there is still a shoe store, a music store, a card shop, a kitchenware shop, a ladies’ store, a men’s store and many other small businesses. When we had a power failure during the freak early snow storm, our local yarn shop had power, and the owner called her regular customers to invite us to bring our families in to get warm, use the microwave, make a pot of coffee. The thing is that there are lots of people out there who want to own their own small business, but the only way that they can stay in business is for us to patronize them. If they go away because the WalMarts of the world run them out them out of town, it’s our fault. They can’t compete on price with the big box stores, but they can provide us with much better service if we’re willing to pay a little more for it. It’s really our choice – not WalMart’s.

  24. PMM – I used to get 4 pair of shoes a year – 2 pair in fall and 2 pair in spring.

    1 pair of dress shoes and 1 pair of sneakers.

    It was always a race to see what happened first – would I outgrow them or wear them out?

    I used to get pants twice a year too, and if (when) they got holes in the knees my grandma would patch them.

  25. Some grandfather was knocked down in a black friday event- “police brutality” – can’t get the vid as it has been flagged for over 18 and everybody would have to go over there and log in.

  26. Ellie- speaking of small business- today is Small Business Saturday!

  27. Myiq- ROFL! Same thing in my family. My poor sister – she got all my hand me downs. Of course I was not immune either- I got some of the cousins hand me downs. And nobody thought a thing of it. Same thing was going on in every family we knew. If a cousin had a particularly nice dress or sweater, we were secretly praying she would have a growth spurt!

  28. Violence during Black Friday 2011 includes a report that a Buckeye, Ariz., police officer slammed a man to the ground after he placed a game in his waistband to lift his grandson out of a Walmart crowd.

    KSAZ Fox 10 News, the Phoenix Fox TV station, reports that witnesses said a police officer slammed a man to the ground while he was shopping with his family Thursday night. The grandfather, who was not identified, had put a game in his waistband to lift his grandson out of the crowd at a Buckeye Walmart.

    Yeah, I always tuck merchandise into my waistband while I’m shopping.

  29. So did you folks get this stuff from the people of Walmart website? Passive agressive notes web site is too funny==probably dreamed up by Uppity and her crew!

  30. Myiq- lol- yup- had the same thought- but what the hell ever happened to them taking shoplifters to the office out back and getting to the bottom of it out of sight of other shoppers?
    Maybe this is the next reality show? Black Friday live?

  31. Alison was in the local Walmart, for the first time in months, and sent me a picture of “THE CLINIC at Walmart”. I guess that they are now officially in the medical bidness.

  32. PMM – You have to get them to the security office first.

    Supposedly for no reason the cop just tripped the guy and slammed him to the ground. I kinda find that unlikely.

    I did retail security for several years. We only beat up old women.

  33. (Not really)

  34. The woman speaking in the first video was right. They make chaos. Gather the masses and put just a few sales items in front of them and then watch them fight over the items. It’s like a sick, out-of-control, game of musical chairs. You can almost picture the Waltons kicking back somewhere with their biggest stockholders watching this whole scene, munching on popcorn and laughing their you-know-whats off.

  35. All the more reason to stay home and eat pie on Black Friday.

    This is all vintage. I’m not looking, I just ran across this.

  36. It’s entertainment for the Waltons & Friends. Mix perceived scarcity with induced need and a certain amount of status for winning the competition and gaining the prize. Feigned achievement.

  37. “They” are still out there, I hear.

    But, I made an appointment for today for new tires. Hopefully, tires are considered an unpopular necessity and I won’t be perceived as a threat on the roads to Black Friday Weekend infamy.

  38. Okay, now I am looking. I don’t remember seeing this one yesterday. The cops are using the pepper spray.

  39. Myiq, that reunion video was great!

    (The Clown’s heart is showing)

  40. Pie for breakfast! YUM!!! 🙂

  41. Myiq- love the dog vid!
    And I don’t dispute your instincts on grampa got run over by black friday. My point was just to show yet more of the insanity called Black Friday. If it was me (which would never ever happen I boycott black friday) first of all I would not bring a child. If I did have to pick up my child or grandchild to get them out of the fray- I would drop whatever useless trinket I had my clutches on and get the important thing- the child. It would not occur to me to stop and “think” about how to keep hold of the prized, one of a kind, can not be gotten any other day piece of chinese made junk!
    The stories abound every year of Black Friday insanity. Makes me wonder what the hell people are thinking? A few too many eggnogs at dinner or what?

  42. A woman who allegedly fired pepper spray at other customers during a Black Friday sale has surrendered to authorities, Los Angeles police said Saturday.
    Police Sgt. Jose Valle said the woman who allegedly caused minor injuries to 20 shoppers at a Los Angeles-area Walmart turned herself in Friday night.
    She is currently not in custody but could face battery charges, Valle said. The woman’s identity was not released, but police said they plan to release more details Saturday morning.
    The attack took place about 10:20 p.m. Thursday shortly after doors opened for the sale. The store had brought out a crate of discounted Xbox video game players, and a crowd had formed to wait for the unwrapping. Valle says the woman began spraying people in order to get an advanta

  43. There’s just no stopping some people.

    Occupy SF activists had hoped to keep shoppers out of downtown San Francisco stores to protest corporate greed, but no matter how hard they yelled, shoppers shoved right on by.

    Two dozen Occupy protesters began marching around downtown at sundown, chanting protest slogans. They’d hoped to make their anti-consumption point at the annual Christmas tree-lighting ceremony in Union Square, but the crowd was so massive they couldn’t get near.

  44. vivien that is too funny! Nothing will stop a Black Friday shopper on their appointed mission!!!


    this is one reason there are fewer small business now.
    In my little town more and more businesses are closing one reason is walmart and another is the costs of running a business today

  46. I just read in my local paper that employers in my town will no longer e-verify employees because the local law would be against the new law enacted by Jerry Brown

  47. Lovely doggie vid, myiq.

  48. imust some of the comments over there are just way too funny.

    Wow, these OWS idiots surely know how to dig their own ditch! GET THE F out of the way, people have lives to live.

    They’re just lucky they didn’t get trampled by Black Friday shoppers rushing to get into the stores. Now that would have been a sight to behold!

    So did you hear where the rest of the IWON (Idiots Who Offer Nothing) protestors were during the supposed retail shut down? Yeah, that’s right. They all went home to mommy for some home cooked Thanksgiving dinner. When they walked in the door, mommy said, “Oh, my God! Have I ever failed in my parental role. You look like scat and you smell like it too! Off to the shower with you and then back to the basement and no more video games or Doritos for at least a week!”
    They’ll be back next week when time out is over.

    Did Upps write that last one?

  49. ROFL vivien! That does sound like Uppity!

  50. I don’t know how to post pics so here are links to the downtown festival of lights in my hometown. There are no box stores in downtown it’s a revival downtown center. We had the lighting ceremony last night.

    The most historic building is the Mission Inn, it was decorated with 3.5 million lights.

    There are singers, carriage rides, etc.

    I never attend as I don’t like crowds, last year there were 350,000 people. 😯

  51. Harumph! I represent resent that statement!

  52. Oh Man Goofs! That is so cool! I’ll bet nobody saw a bunch of kids with their ass cracks showing either! My dog and I would have LOVED to be there.

  53. Upps is right. Just another reason no one reads this crap.

  54. LOL Two dozen of them. They are lucky they weren’t flattened and didn’t have their carbon footprint reduced to road pizza. And I’ll be every one of them has an X box.

  55. It is beautiful, I can post the link for the official vid. Just skip to 11 min to get past all the back patting to see the fireworks show. If you don’t want to see the whole fireworks show skip to 16 min and they show you the crowd and the entire Mission Inn…

    The vid is half way down page and starts playing immediately, so turn you speakers down some….

  56. My dad always made mac and cheese at thanksgiving. Potatoes and yams too. I never thought it was a black thing. I think they need a delay button over there for when Pat says dumb chit.

  57. What a major asshole pat robertson is, really. The world is not a better place with him in it and it’s just too bad he doesn’t get his own rapture wish ASAP. He epitomizes the mental illness known as religious fanatiscism — including the hypocrisy

  58. Now I’m wishing for some macaroni and cheese.

  59. macaroni and cheese is a staple for the poverty stricken. You can buy on sale for 25 cents for generic store brands and the good stuff for 57 cents if you watch the sales.

    Just goes to show Robertson only cares about the rich donors to his exclusive club and not the people that could really use some support and prayers from him… A-hole

  60. I’m hungry for the good home made kind. You know, the kind you bake until it’s crispy around the edges. I didn’t make any for thanksgiving. As soon as I found out mom and dad were going to sissy’s for dinner, I took it off the menu.

    Pat’s an asshole. He’s an old asshole too. We can only wish……I have to drive past his kingdom everyday on my way to work.

  61. I ate so much mac and cheese when my kids were small cuz we were poor as poor can be. The church mice boycotted me fcs! Mac n cheese with hot dogs, with burger, with tuna.
    Never did like the stuff and am still not a fan. But hey- it is a staple for the poor.
    Robertson is an ass. I wonder what he would think, say or do if he actually was transported back to Jesus’ day and saw them gleaning on the Sabbath and eating with OMG! WOMEN! And consorting with tax collectors, Samaritans and other unsavory types.

  62. Man collapses and dies on Black Friday; unfazed shoppers step over his body

    It happened at a Target. Walmart shoppers would have stole his wallet.

  63. Forget all that MOM, he got caught with a charter plain with ‘supplies for the poor’ on it for a trip to Africa. Only the ‘supplies’ turned out to be mining equipment for his diamond mine. He was writing off these ‘missionary’ trips.

    They should throw his mangy ass in a dungeon and only give him generic boxed mac and cheese for life. And tap water.

  64. Yes Vivien, the home made kind. That bubbles in the oven. With three cheeses.

  65. myiq, they stole my brother’s wallet when he died. They ran his charge card while we were burying him. He wasn’t at Walmart though. He was in a hospital emergency room.

  66. That is just awful Uppity. There must be a special place in hell for people who steal from the sick and the dying.

  67. UW, that is even below a rat’s integrity.

  68. The holiday shopping does seem to bring out the worst in people. Here’s a more hopeful story:

  69. OWS Black Friday stole from Big Pink MIC check at WalMart

  70. 2 Men Accused Of Taking Dead Friend Out For Night On The Town

    The worst part- they made the dead guy pick up the tab.

    PS: Sorry about your brother.

  71. Drinks with Bernie.

  72. I’m flipping useless channels and just caught a glimpse of Huckabee…and it looks like he’s gaining back all his weight. Living in NY gies him plenty of hot meals.

  73. NES that is just so sweet. Dogs are crap in Goatfuckistan. Just like women. And that woman who escorted both dogs back to the marines who befriended them is truly a woman of wonderful heart. Those two dogs looked so sweet and you could tell they knew they were in for something better.

    That dog her cousin adopted looks like part black mouthed cur. I love those dogs.

  74. Those dogs definitely got very lucky, Upps. And, they know it. They’re awfully cute.

  75. Tragic about your brother, Upps. Awful that someone can steal from an ER, of all places.

  76. These creatures are wild animals.

    He’d heard stories about Taliban fighters shooting dogs that Americans had befriended and said the idea of leaving her behind was horrifying.


    Van Alstine made dozens of calls and finally secured a spot for Chloe in the Nowzad kennel in Kabul just as he was leaving the country. He had to leave Chloe at the base and hope she would stick around long enough to be rescued. It was one of the most difficult times of his life, he said.

    “I got up extra early and just hung out with her for about two or three hours,” he said. “It was a sad day because I was really worried that something was going to happen after I left. She definitely knew something was up. She put her head in my lap and just laid there with me. When I got in the truck, she just went right back to her spot and looked at me. It was hard.”

  77. AWWW Nice new header! Cuz our Uppity is the gift that keeps on giving!
    But is that a paw i detect over on the right? Is MKBill going to open the gift early?
    No peeking Bill!

  78. Wolf gets a bit paranoid, but some food for thought:

    In other words, for the DHS to be on a call with mayors, the logic of its chain of command and accountability implies that congressional overseers, with the blessing of the White House, told the DHS to authorise mayors to order their police forces – pumped up with millions of dollars of hardware and training from the DHS – to make war on peaceful citizens.

    But wait: why on earth would Congress advise violent militarised reactions against its own peaceful constituents? The answer is straightforward: in recent years, members of Congress have started entering the system as members of the middle class (or upper middle class) – but they are leaving DC privy to vast personal wealth, as we see from the “scandal” of presidential contender Newt Gingrich’s having been paid $1.8m for a few hours’ “consulting” to special interests. The inflated fees to lawmakers who turn lobbyists are common knowledge, but the notion that congressmen and women are legislating their own companies’ profitsis less widely known – and if the books were to be opened, they would surely reveal corruption on a Wall Street spectrum. Indeed, we do already know that congresspeople are massively profiting from trading on non-public information they have on companies about which they are legislating – a form of insider trading that sent Martha Stewart to jail.

  79. Newt Gingrich’s having been paid $1.8m for a few hours’ “consulting” to special interests

    Not just any Special Interest…Fannie Mae!

    Congress controls what’s legal and what isn’t. Inside trading is illegal, except it’s not illegal for Congress, since they have exempted themselves from their own laws. In otherwords, they legally enrich themselves every single day, while impoverishing us.

    Congress is a Morally Bankrupt institution. It’s official.

    Article wonders if Black Friday can get any crazier.

  81. Right, Upps.

    But, what do you think of Wolf’s thesis about why the DHS got involved with city govts in dealing with OWS? That’s the potentially paranoid part I’m curious about and want to get your view on.

  82. To be honest, NES, I am jaded and I wouldn’t put it past Barack Obama to encourage anything that stimulates anarchy. OWS simply isn’t violent enough for him.

  83. It is a battle in which members of Congress, with the collusion of the American president, sent violent, organised suppression against the people they are supposed to represent.

    …..collusion of the American president???? Is this the same Naomi Wolf who said Obama was Christmas, Hanukkah and New Years combined??

  84. Naomi wolf is such an idjit, nothing surprises me from her. What a terrible example of faux feminism for young people. Her hijab story was all I needed to know about her.

  85. Besides it’s a little late for her to start admitting what a POS Obama is, when she declared how he was Christmas and New Years Eve and Fourth of July all rolled into one.


  86. Good grief I just saw a Rick Perry ad, the guy is an idiot. He said something about if congress doesn’t do the right thing we will cut their salary in half. Oh really, Rick? I had no idea a president can set Congress’ salaries. Yup, you’re a liar too. you fit right in.

  87. Scary isn’t it Uppity. So far the Perry is the only one airing around here (for which thanks be to God!) I am NOT looking forward to non stop ads. By the time PA gets around to voting in the end of April it should be all decided. Interesting how Ohio goes last. Methinks that this time around it is going to be over by then. And being so close to the Ohio border- we will get the ads early and late- because they will go to the damn bitter end.
    Maybe the tv will die and I will have to wait for next years black friday sale to get a new one. It will all be over then!
    Oh chit! It will be over barring hanging chads and butterfly ballots and gawd knows what other methods they can find to mess things up.

  88. FF & UW, a festive header, indeed! 🙂

  89. Wow! Fabulous header. Really festive in an oh-so-Uppity elegant style.

  90. Steve came by with exactly the same message at JWS’s. Just a coincidence, I’m sure.

  91. Ah. Pimping his blog. I’ll take care of it. How damned rude is that?

  92. Thanks for looking out for us, NES. You is da bestest.

  93. Yes it does appear that Bill is beginning his Christmas Season header sequence. I wonder what he has planned this year?

  94. First the dog vid from myiq got me all choked up and then the story from NES about the two dogs did me in. There is nothing more emotional than a good animal story, especially dogs.

    I laughed and cried at that video. So heartwarming. I sent it on to friends.

    Thanks, NES and myiq

  95. The uppity header looks like a box of chocolates. Well, you all know what Forest said… ha ha ha. Sometimes life is like a box of chocolates…

    A box of chocolates to wash down all the pie.

  96. Even if Perry could cut their salary in half, they would not give a rats ass. They make so much more than that in bribes from lobbyists, book deals, quid quo pro, influence peddling, endorsements, insider trading, gifts and perks and lifetime of power and pissing on the commoners.

    They would work for free. They’re all filthy rich from all their entrenched greed and wheeling and dealing.

  97. Yeah but what’s up with texas? Their last two governors had the IQ of a baloney sandwich. I can’t believe they picked these two corn dogs after Ann Richards. Seriously.

  98. Sigh. I miss Ann Richards.

  99. But isn’t governor in Texas largely ceremonial? I always heard that the lt. governor wields all the power….?

  100. UW, I’m trying to add a jpg to my post, but nothing is happening. I even pasted the text into a new post to see if that would help, but it doesn’t. Also, instead of having two icons (one for video and one for photo), it just has one now for “add media”. How do I make it work? When I click on the now-one icon, nothing happens – no usual box for me to use to move forward….

  101. Governor of Texas is a part-time position.

  102. lorac, I’m not sure this will help, but have you tried the “from URL” tab after clicking on the “add media” icon? After clicking on that you can choose photo or video.

  103. imust, after I click on “add media” – nothing happens – it’s as if I never clicked on it at all. In other words, usually other options appear, and they don’t 😦

  104. Oh I see lorac. Then I guess you’ll have to wait for Uppity, sorry I couldn’t help.

  105. Uppity said: Yes I remember when “downtown” was where everyone went and it was packed at Christmas time

    Yes, and you got “dressed up” to go downtown. I don’t mean designer labels or anything but you didn’t wear your grungy stuff when you went.

  106. Welcome, Karen. I felt the same way.

  107. Anytime, Aunt Upps.

  108. Another take on Black Friday is here. Apparently for a 2 dollar waffle iron. Consider yourselves warned if you enlarge the pic on the site.

  109. Hey Fredster! Congrats on your Tigers! Are they playing ‘bama next? USC had their last game tonite, 50 – 0 against the UCLA Bruins. JWS must be delirious with joy!

  110. “Yes, and you got “dressed up” to go downtown. I don’t mean designer labels or anything but you didn’t wear your grungy stuff when you went.”

    Exactly. We were the same, and in fact, we still dress nice when we go downtown.

  111. Socal: Next we have to play Georgia in the SEC championship game in Atlanta. By beating Arkansas we won the SEC West. Georgia won the SEC East division. We play that game on Dec. 3rd. My friend chatblu of The Widdershins is a Georgia alumna and we pretty much agree that the Tigers will beat the Bulldogs and that will ensure our entry into the BCS Championship. And sadly it does look like we will play Alabama again unless something extremely odd happens with either VA Tech or Oklahoma/Oklahoma State. But after coming back from 14 pts behind in the 1st qtr to win 41-17 against Arkansas I’m pretty confident about our Tigers. I really don’t think they will be stopped this year. Another thing is that playing in the Superdome is like having home field for the Tigers. So if Bama wants it, bring it on and we’ll whup ’em again. 😆

  112. Ok, we have all assumed the Tigers will be in the BCS Championship. Anyway, thanks for explaining that to me. Laker & his dad are always up on all of it, but I’m kind of dense when it comes to football, and need extra explanations! 🙂 Its certainly been a great (LSU), interesting (USC) & horrific (Penn State) year for college football in any event!

  113. Oh yes it has been great for LSU. When they played Oregon the first game and won and then had WVA next and beat them I sort of had a feeling this might be a good year but it’s been beyond my wildest dreams. From what I was reading with all of the BCS *stuff*, even if we lost to Georgia we would still be in the BCS game because of all the prior wins this season and how points are calculated.

    I’m sure John was ecstatic over the USC game and he’ll have more to look forward to next season after they come off of probation.

    The Penn State mess…I don’t even want to go there. It’s beyond me how that could have gone on for so long.

  114. Laker & my hubbie are also big Trojan fans. They’re also looking forward to next year when they’re off the probation, but they’re afraid the quarterback, Barkley, who has been great this year, will go pro at the end of this school year. Hubbie thinks Andrew Luck (Stanford QB) will win the Heisman this year. What do you think? Is it LSU that has 2 QB’s?

  115. If I had to guess, I’d go with Luck for the Heismann.

    Yep, LSU has 2 quarterbacks. Jordan Jefferson was the starter and got into a barroom brawl with 2 or 3 other team members when they snuck out after curfew. Miles put JJ and the others on suspension until the thing was resolved and Jarrett Lee was the starter who was doing great until the Bama game and he threw 2 int’s. Jarrett was good but didn’t have the mobility of JJ or the physical strength. Since the Bama game JJ has been the starter. Also, JJ can run, say if the pocket collapses, Jarrett not so much.

  116. I clicked on the $2 waffle iron link. Holy crap. Black Friday is insane. And that crackpot who pepper sprayed people cuz she had little kids with her. Who the hell takes little kids out shopping at midnite? Losers.

  117. JJ & Jarrett!?! Well that’s cool! btw, the comments on the waffle iron were pretty funny…well, some of them were pretty gross.

  118. Luck seems to be a person of character, a good sport & all around nice guy.

    We went out to lunch today (sick of turkey) with an older couple we’re friends with. He played football @ USC back in the 50s! He said they had to play both defense and offense back then, that they didn’t have half as many players as now. I guess that was before it was big money. He played fullback & I forget what on the defense.

  119. Heh it’s easier to type JJ instead of Jordan Jefferson every time.

    Did you click on the pic in that article? Let’s say, the woman had a crack problem! LOL!

    Oh Lordy! It’s 4:00 a.m here. I need to call it a night or a morning.

    I’ll see ya here or over at John’s. Nite!

  120. My my my- you all were up very late last night! lol

  121. And at places like Walmart, one family gets the wealth along with some stockholders, instead of many business people and customer oriented employees who got to know you. This is what has happened to the USA and largely why nobody but the big boys have a chance any longer. The same people now own everything. And they aren’t local.

    Which is why we need to redistribute, not the wealth, but the opportunity. There is no way we Americans should be way down the list of nations where social mobility is possible.
    Now be careful or we will take up a collection and buy you a bongo and a hand knitted skull cap for those long nights at Occupy WallMart.

  122. I think Walmart is one of the places that should be protested. Walmarts do run mom & pop shops out of business with artificially deflated prices and sub par wages for less than full-time work. They sell products made overseas with slave labor when their original slogan was “made in the USA”.

  123. Well said teresa & imust! I hate freaking Walmart. There isn’t one in our town, or the immediate area.

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