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Just an open thread. Sometimes the old lessons are the best ones. I think the owners of a certain huge box store took the lesson from Old Man Potter.

I prefer George Bailey’s lesson!


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  1. OMG that is us vs soros

  2. This is day three of Eat Pie for Breakfast Day. I am not fitting into anything anymore.

  3. I love that movie! Makes me cry every time.

  4. it is a cold and cloudy day but I have sun in my heart. 🙂

  5. Sophie, I am so glad I am not alone. I wore sweat pants to work last night. They were the flair bottom dressier style, and in black so they kind of blend in, but nevertheless fully accordion style stretch.

    I had a 4 slice of pie day. It must all go and then I need to eat nothing but lettuce for several years!

  6. 4 slices! Holy Cannoli!

    Truth is, if timed right, I could do that!

  7. I am making stuffed calamari today with some linguini on the side. I don’t suppose I will have many bidders, but we don’t care. The tubes are all stuffed and we are anticipating.


  8. LOL you were right on that Uppity- I don’t do calamari. Liguini yes.

  9. That’s because you never had it prepared right, Mom. It’s addictive if you do.

  10. MMMkay. I think not. Squid is bait in my world. Good for catching stripers and blues.

  11. Hey I ate that stuff in the North End of Boston- aka Little Italy. And at Italian homes populated by little old ladies right off the boat. Because my mother taught me to be polite and eat what is served when you are a guest.
    All I can think of when I see them is all those tentacles- squeezing the life out of things.
    And even the little old Italian ladies could not make them taste good to me.

  12. Although I rarely post, I enjoy this blog daily. Happy Holidays to all.

  13. I’m bidding on the calamari!

  14. No way, Mom, the tentacles are the best part!
    I miss Boston’s North End. I was quite a fixture there when I was in college.

    Now, I know it’s not in the North End, Mom, but do you recall a place called the No Name Cafe (in the harbor?)? Great fresh and cheap seafood.

  15. Eh you don’t stuff the tenticles of calamari, Mom, they are too small, just babies, really. Now the bigger octo tenticles are delicious sauteed in a a garlic sauce, but nevermind.

  16. Piper, thanks for letting me know you are there and glad you think enough of us to stop by daily!

  17. I’m bidding on the calamari!

    I just KNEW this was coming! The woman, she knows her food!

  18. I’ll email you my recipe, NES. It’s not so hard!

  19. Mmmm, calamari is yummy. All the more for the rest of us. Wish I could get my hands on some fresh stuff around here so I could make some. Closest place that has decent calamari is all the way in Portland.

    I get to prepare my Thanksgiving meal today. The buffet didn’t work out so well. I was lucky to have found a small 10 lb. turkey the day after T’giving, and get it defrosted in time.

    Enjoy your Sunday, Uppityites!

  20. I loved my grandmother’s calamari in a red sauce (on Christmas Eve)–tender and delicious. Unfortunately, my mother’s calamari is not my grandmother’s. The best fried calamari I ever had was in Venice. They totally ruined me for everywhere else. I’d like to give Uppity’s a try. Do I have to wrestle NES for it?

  21. K, Upps.

  22. NES! The NoName Cafe! YUM! Fresh fresh fresh! With the long tables with the newspaper covering them!
    Fried Clams to die for, Fried fish heaven!

  23. Wednesday is scheduled as a “day of action” – the demonstrators intend to shut down part of the District of Columbia, in protest of the congressional super committee’s failure to reach a deficit reduction deal.

    NES, do you think they mean to pass Obama’s “jobs bill”? Or if they’re speaking to just the work of the “super committee”, do they protest the complete lack of leadership on the part of Obama that lead to the formation of the “super committee” in the first place? Until OWS takes even one complaint to the doorstep of 1600 Pennsylvania Ave., I have no faith in their credibility, but rather see them as a distant arm of OFA made to distract and deflect any criticism of Obama for the upcoming 2012 election. Sorry.

  24. Imust, they’re clearly not there yet, and may never get there. That’s why I put in the ?. But, it’s a geographical move in the right direction.

  25. Aaaaaargh! Terrible development for Mittens: http://www.unionleader.com/doclib/2011endorsement.html. This is the most coveted endorsement in the GOP primary and gives Gingrich’s candidacy massive credibility.
    Eff! That Obama is a lucky devil.

  26. I agree on the geography NES.

  27. Saw that this morning NES on the NH endorsement. I had a feeling- Mitt believe it or not- is not popular with the people of the Live Free or Die state. They are a breed apart those Granite Staters. Yankee, but not too liberal.
    IMO Mitt is seen as that “fake republican” who screwed MA with romneycare. Those in NH know all too well what is coming down the pike with ocrapcare- they see what happened in MA. Doctors refusing to accept new patients, waiting times of MONTHS to see a new doc if they are accepting new patients. Costs skyrocketing. The old time Yankee independence is alive and well in NH. Romney might do well in other states- but I don’t think he is going to run away with the neighbors to the north!

  28. NES, do you think they mean to pass Obama’s “jobs bill”?

    Imust, I don’t think that’s what they’re interested in. But, obviously, I can only speculate at this point in time.

  29. Ok I’ll just put the recipe over in the recipe tab for whomever wants to expand their horizons. lol.

  30. I’m not worried about NH. This primary is going to go pretty far. The days of the first few states deciding that race are gone for now. I don’t thing Newt will go the mile. He implodes too easily. In fact, I wouldn’t be surprised if he implodes before NH comes around. He gets cocky when he thinks he’s riding a wave. He can’t help himself. He is a congenital asshole.

  31. Silly Geese, of COURSE its about Obama’s Jobs Bill.

    Shaking my head that the obvious is not obvious.

  32. Shouldn’t you be shaking a crow instead, Upps?

    To be fair to imust, I think she too thinks, like you, that that’s obvious (and was just being kind in posig it as a question).

  33. Although I do think that it probably is the “Job’s Bill” that they want passed (ie: help poor Obama), I do value your opinion NES and I wanted your take on it. The hands off attitude of the OWSers with regard to Obama is what makes me suspicious.

  34. I’ve never had any calamari that I liked either, but I would be willing to try Uppity’s. Of all the repub candidates I hate Newt the most. Look how he trashed up the country during the 90s. Going after Clinton for Lewinsky when he was cheating around himself. Wasting tax dollars, gazillions, not just on his petty war with Clinton, but all the pork his repubs packed on to everything. And the tone of the country got really ugly, I know that was the fault of a lot like Fox, but he certainly helped it along.

  35. Hey Upps & cooking fans, do any of you have a recipe for l’orange sauce? I feel like chicken l’orange & wild rice, but lost my recipe. We’re heading over to malibu, its the most perfectly gorgeous day, going to picnic. bbl

  36. It is a perfect day for the beach socal! Should be close to 80 degrees today! Enjoy!

  37. The hands off attitude of the OWSers with regard to Obama is what makes me suspicious.

    Fair enough, imust — that makes me highly suspicious too. But, I’ve decided to wait and see if there’s any hard evidence of that — which, concededly, is a bit unlike me in these sorts of matters. If I’m wrong, there’s always a delish crow 4-course banquet waiting.

  38. Calling all cooks… My oven is broken and would like receipes for skillet bread, not corn bread. I have looked up on net but it is simply boggling and would like a tried and true receipe.

    Many thanks…

  39. Goofsmom- lol- haven’t made skillet bread in years! Used to do it when camping. No clue where I put that recipe- though I think you could use any biscuit recipe.
    I looked around and this looks pretty close to what I remember- hope it helps

  40. I think I made skillet bread twice in my life. I was trying to remember the ingredients, Goofs. And this recipe looks very similar to what I remember.

  41. If my oven or stove were broken I would slash my wrists. lol.

  42. Thanks PMM and Uppity…

    I’ll try them out. The only thing working is the stove top and the broiler. I know broiler is out for bread so figured I would try the stove top.


    Uppity, hubby is the baker and is threatening mayhem on the oven. Yikes he wants to swap the broiler igniter out for the oven one.

  43. goofs-good luck. I have a gas unit so even if the igniter goes(please no God- not at baking season!) I can light it the old fashioned way with a match.

  44. The whiny character played by Jimmy Stewart in “It’s a Wonderful Life” drive me nuts! Can’t stand to watch this film, although I appreciate it’s message and sentiments. Hubby and I started out our Xmas movie season with “The Long Kiss Goodnight” starring a very bad-ass Gena Davis and the ever-cool Samuel Jackson. It’s an entertaining conspiracy film which pre-dates 9/11, I believe.

  45. [i.e. “drives me nuts….”

  46. Uppityites, as you know, lorac got bumped by Thanksgiving. You will enjoy lorac Wednesday of last week on Monday of this week, as in Tomorrow.

  47. OOOOHHHH Does that mean we get a double dose Lorac week? Monday AND Wednesday?

  48. Yes it does appear that you will feel the joy of The Lorac twice this very week! Be grateful!

  49. I was thinking of Lorac yesterday when I saw this preview. I saw Hugo with my sister’s kids. It was excellent.

    Looking forward to a double-lorac week!

  50. That didn’t display like I intended…I need a fixit fairy.

  51. Yes, I was wondering when lorac was going to post again. Will look forward to it tomorrow.

    imust, we just got back from the beach half an hour ago. omigosh, it was perfect. Temp about 78 or 80, hardly any wind, barely a breeze, so astonishingly clear you could see Catalina off to the left of us and Anacapa Island off to the right. And best of all, not even remotely crowded The tide was way out so we walked far out. Beautiful afternoon. The drive out was beautiful also, crystal blue sky and everything green from the recent rain.

  52. Is Hugo a kid movie, or would my 17 yo like it?

  53. Ah man you give any of that Calamari away I am going to seriously get even unless that give away is to me. NES keep your hands off !!!!!!!!
    Octopus is great especially as Sashimi !
    Darn I wants me some. Hope everyone had a great holiday I sure did and am more then enjoying the peace and quiet right now. Have 4 pies left, the kids forgot to take the things. Going in the waste can. I just can not get into eating pie. Now that gingerbread I made well that is another story.

  54. Whoa! No throwing away of pies, utah! How will you face imust in the morning?!
    As for the calamari…Upps already sent the dish to me. (I’ll route it to you if you agree to disguise a duck or a pheasant to look like a crow.)

  55. imustbeenvious of socal! Socal I spent a good part of my youth @ Zuma Beach…..zipping through the canyon in my VW bug…ah…the memories!!! 🙂

  56. Hey Utah, try my recipe, it’s tried and true and you will LOVE it. And those tubes are cheap because most people are too stupid to know what to do with them!

    Hope you had a great holiday and that you didn’t have too big of a headache with all those people hanging out at your otherwise peaceful abode!


  58. You beach people in November really fry my ice. I was thinking how lucky we were that it reached 60 today. I hate you all. Harumph!

  59. NES are you……. sputter …saying you just might have been a tad bit wrong about , LMAO OWS ??? Ah NES NES dear one I will see if I can fix you a tasty meal of Cruck. I am sure you can really get into that lol.
    I just found out the wrecking crew like pie. Mayhap they will get a bit before it gets scrapped.

  60. socal, it’s an All Ages movie. Scorsese said he did it because his wife asked if he couldn’t “make one effin movie that the grandchildren could see.” The grandkids are the ones that wanted it in 3D. It is definitely interesting enough for a 17 year old.

  61. I like the tubes Uppity. Send recipe to me I never get enough squid. Yummmmmmmmmmmm.

  62. Hey I used to roam Zuma Beach in my young wild surfer days too. Was raised on Redondo Beach.

  63. tasty meal of Cruck


  64. Hey NES, at least they aren’t calling us Heckle and Jeckle. But why don’t we wait and see what actually goes down before we concede. I mean, no reason for us to act like Obama and capitulate before the game is over.

  65. Err ah Sophie Heckle and Jeckle were a couple of Magpies. I hear tell they do make a tasty pie if you are into meat or pot pies Lmao………..

    imusthavepie, on November 27, 2011 at 9:34 PM said:

    Ayup that would be me. Two apple and two cherry. Yuck. I did however eat the filling out of the last pumpkin one. I like the lemon and pumpkin filling but hate crust no matter who makes it. Never liked pie though even as a kid.
    I do like a cake from time to time without frosting. Do not care for sweets.

  66. Oh no, SophieCT, not capitulating (yet). Just trying to see if a better deal may be available/finagled.

  67. utah: I thought Magpies were crows. Okay then, we’re ravens. (I can hear NES in the distance. “Nevermore. Nevermore.”)

  68. Poe and Pie?

  69. Holy pot pie Batman it is a conspiracy. I think the OWS crowd has taken over pies and thinks we all must have them lol. Or is it you pie lovers must give them up. I’m so confused. I had 8 grand kids here this week. I might need to go to a sanitarium to get well.

  70. Dear Utah, knowing you as I do beyond this blog, I can only say…


  71. Utah I posted the recipe over in the Recipe Tab today. It’s all yours, girl. enjoy!

  72. Wait, wait, SophieCT, maybe we can get away with Magpies. Utah, how ’bout it?

  73. No magpies. Crow is Crow. I have spoken.

    You sure you don’t want to make another wager, NES? I could use the extra money. Heh.

  74. And we are including the crow’s butt too. Right Utah?

  75. ACDs eating pie. I would hate to be around for THEIR sugar high.

    Utah likes to stay in shape imust, so she would throw out a pie rather than ingest it, methinks. We could send Karen over though.

  76. Speaking of dogs, my dog almost ate a JW today. Fortunately, the moron was smart enough not to finish climbing the steps to the door before she went thru the storm door glass. they must have lost their notes. i got rid of them for a few years since that day they had the audacity to walk into my yard with the dog there. Scared em off for about three years. Hopefully, today will be good for another three. Morons.

  77. How about this Uppity ? I mean if pieisamust ( no pun intended) then when serving NES crow and of course Butts inc.

  78. But why don’t we wait and see what actually goes down before we concede.

    Let’s face it. These protestors are not high achievers. They have changed/impacted exactly…….nothing. Unless you include their fertilization skills.

  79. The crew only got a taste Uppity. I am worn out. Maybe tomorrow I will give them pie and strap on my roller blades. I am telling you I am nutty today.
    Ah well tomorrow is another day lol. Oh how wonderful the quiet is.

  80. Hmmmmm. Crow pie. I approve, Utah. Could use some red pepper though.

  81. That could be very bloody, Utah.

    It’s pretty much the case anywhere. A person enters your property uninvited and you are posted, they eat their own damage. If they live.

  82. Another wager? NFW (this year), Upps!

  83. Speaking of dogs, my dog almost ate a JW today.

    Jesus would’ve saved them, right?

  84. Chit! Crows have butts????

  85. NES if they didn’t have butts they would be even meaner than they are.

  86. Jesus would’ve saved them, right?

    No but the archangel would definitely have been blowing his horn.

  87. Yes I understand why you wouldn’t want to wager with me again. You would need a second job. And it’s not even tax deductable.

    A couple of hundred and a dream! Just like the lottery!

  88. Chit! Crows have butts????

    Yes. Butts. And Chit. Lotsa Chit. Lots and Lots of Chit.

  89. Hahaha aha…on both the archangel and the feathered butt.

  90. imust, we were at Zuma today.

    Thanks SophieCT!

  91. soo “J” socal!

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