Chinese Vaccines! Coming soon to a clinic near you!

Get your vaccinations! From China!

BEIJING (AP) — The world should get ready for a new Made in China product — vaccines.

The world should get ready for a new Made in China product — vaccines.

China’s vaccine makers are gearing up over the next few years to push exports in a move that should lower costs of lifesaving immunizations for the world’s poor and provide major new competition for the big Western pharmaceutical companies.

Lower costs. Yup- that’s the ticket! Will the vaccines be produced in the same sweatshops used to make all the toys and tv’s? By the same child laborers?

The World Health Organization has approved- so we have nothing to worry about – right?

Chinese vaccines. Let’s see how many things we can find wrong with that. Oh wait- the article names a few.

China’s food and drug safety record in recent years hardly inspires confidence: in 2007, Chinese cough syrup killed 93 people in Central America; one year later, contaminated blood thinner led to dozens of deaths in the United States while tainted milk powder poisoned hundreds of thousands of Chinese babies and killed six.

Oh but I see the UN will be approving the vaccines.

For China, the next few years will be crucial, as biotech companies upgrade their facilities and improve procedures to meet the safety and quality standards — a process that is expected to be costly and challenging. Then they will submit vaccines to the U.N. health agency for approval, which could take a couple of years.

Well then. The UN will make sure all our children, seniors and our troops will be safe from poison vaccines. They do SUCH a good job at everything they oversee- right?

And China taking over the vaccine market should surely solve this problem- because the parents will jump right on cheaper shots from China right? Maybe there will be specials on Black Friday?

Vaccines for kids shirked in eight states

Jeebus. Why don’t they just kill us all and get it over with?

Was this in the bill we had to pass to find out what was in it? Wonder if the Wal-Mart clinics will be buying vaccines from their BFF’s?


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  1. Isn’t this rich? And congress made it illegal to get medicine MADE IN AMERICA from CANADA???

    No irony here, is there??????????????

  2. With all the things that have been contaminated in Chinese production facilities? Baby formula, pet food, cough syrup- the list is endless.
    People do not want to vaccinate their kids now.
    But the Wally world clinics will make a “killing” I’m sure.

  3. Really?? Congress has pretty much told us to bend over. And I don’t mean backwards. I heard the other day that congress is going to allow robo call on our cell phones. Why do they hate us so? Is money that important to them?

    Oh yeah, don’t let the door hit Barney. They all need to go.

  4. Is money that important to them?

    You gotta ask?

    Watch that buffoon Barney declare he’s running for president. As if we haven’t got enough embarrassments in DC.

  5. The Herminator should be toast. But take a look at California- AHHNALD got away with it. As a matter of fact, lots of them get away with it. The boyz club thing. Makes you all manly if you have lots of excess testosterone to deposit hither and yon.
    Notice the lack of women politicians being exposed for this kind of behavior?
    Course if it WAS a woman- they would whip her in the stocks right before submerging her in the duck pond.

  6. Hey- I just had a thought!
    Nancy’s grandchildren should be the first in line for the Chinese vaccines! And the Walton progeny as well!

  7. Hey did you all see that three guys won the $256 million powerball lottery? Poor babies are asset managers living in Greenich CT. Obviously they were in great need. It’s always good to se a Riches To Riches story…

  8. I don’t know which is worse…a teenager with a mouth like a logger, or a 1st amendment hating governor who flags children’s tweets about him he doesn’t like and reports them to their principals.

  9. The poor, poverty riddled 99% spend $52.4 billion on black friday.

    I spent $0 on black friday, and my bills are all paid up. Is there perhaps a correlation here?

  10. I was watching some new game show last night where they give you clues and you have to guess the answer. The more clues you get, the less money you win.

    One question, the subject was “Who?” and the first two clues were:

    Top five on Twitter

    Basketball player.

    I guessed Kim Kardashian.

    I was close – it was another famous-for-being-famous celebrity named Barack Obama.

  11. I am I guess past the point of being stunned as to what our government approves or disapproves next.
    You can not smoke anywhere these days but we will shove a needle full of God knows what into our babies bodies and that is ok. Eh got to say I am glad I am not a kid in this world we have today.

    I spent $0.00 on black Friday as well and everyone that knows me knows I do not go whacko over Christmas. I always am amazed at how many folks get so wrapped up in it they blow money they do not have to look good on one day then worry for the next two months of what they will do to pay the bills.
    Bills first and if you have $$ then buy. Do not charge. It always seemed dumb to me and in today’s world it seems more so. Banks encourage this as well then cry when folks do not pay the cc they maxed out. Back when banks were half way responsible they had Christmas Club accounts. I still follow that policy and put money away each month to my Christmas fund only. It is always under $ 500.00 but I use that and that alone for gifts. Most often I give books. I am sorry but I do not subscribe to giving the latest and greatest. Thing is both my children love to read and so do their children.
    In the Utah household Christmas is family, decorations, good food and loads of fun.

  12. Watch that buffoon Barney declare he’s running for president. As if we haven’t got enough embarrassments in DC.

    Crap, that one caused me to fall out of my chair lmao. Then I thought about it, and it could happen. ACK!

  13. Myiq- hilarious! Celebrity president.

    Utah- love those Christmas Clubs. I can remember having one as a kid. We would put part of our allowance and babysitting money in every week,

    Uppity- saw that on the lottery winners- also heard or saw a blurb this morning that they may not be the actual winners- but are “managing” the money for the real winner. If I find a link I will post it.

  14. Breaking news! Iranian students storm British Embassy and ambassador’s residence in Tehran

    TEHRAN, Iran (AP) — Hard-line Iranian students stormed British diplomatic sites in Tehran on Tuesday, bringing down the Union Jack flag, burning an embassy vehicle and throwing documents from windows in scenes reminiscent of the seizing of the U.S. compound in 1979.

  15. Britain has an embassy in Iran?

    Here’s that powerball story.

  16. MO’s New Lobster Tank.

    DING DING DING — Give WhyNot the prize!

  17. Go Iran! Our president left these people to die last time, apparently because the Brotherhood wasn’t in charge.

    This time Ahmadinejad is weakened. I hope they take their country back and I hope America has better sense this time and helps a country that actually DOES want freedom, including freedom for Theocratic Psychopaths.

  18. Oh yeah McN, if Barney ran, all those Movey Ony nutbags would just love him. The nutroots would go..well…nuts. The good news is Obama would bleed out some more “supporters” since he’s done nothing but trash them since the day he got in office.

  19. Uppity- Seems the Iranian students are on the side of the mullahs. Shouting Death to Britain and torching embassy vehicles. Though of course Iran sent in their riot police to “take back” control.
    Shades of the Jimmy Carter hostage crisis.

  20. But the Wally world clinics will make a “killing” I’m sure.
    what is the charge for getting killed these days?

  21. myiq2xu, on November 29, 2011 at 8:54 AM said:

    I was watching some new game show last night where they give you clues and you have to guess the answer. The more clues you get, the less money you win.

    One question, the subject was “Who?” and the first two clues were:

    HA! Was at a friends and saw that!

    The other clues were:

    “Best Selling Author”
    “Leading Man”


    I got it at “#44” – h/t the Big Pink.

  22. NoEmptySuits, on November 29, 2011 at 11:30 AM said:

    MO’s New Lobster Tank.

    DING DING DING — Give WhyNot the prize!

    lol! How about a Lobster – before they’re all gone?

  23. @ UW
    Let’s hope that Barney has no plans for a WH run.

  24. Is this Barney WH run even half-serious? I thought it was a joke.

  25. There’s another twist to the powerball.

    A local shop owner told ABC News that a sanitation worker said he had bought a ticket with the same winning numbers.

    “He says it’s his number, but he can’t find the ticket, lost the ticket. So I don’t know what to say,” Suni Patel said.

  26. PMM:

    Unbelievable. I wondered why all of the big pharma layoffs and drug shortages these past two years.

    Jeebus. Why don’t they just kill us all and get it over with?

    “Oops” is the new pandemic – made in China.

  27. Who didn’t see this coming?

    Herman Cain’s troubled presidential bid is looking shakier after a morning conference call in which he told his staff that he was reassessing how to proceed with his campaign.

    But he didn’t do it. lol

  28. Herman Weiner.

    The good news and the BAD news: This woman will have “intimate” details that we’ll probably have to endure.

    Unbelievable. It’s: “I got 99 problems, but a bitch ain’t one.” all over again.

  29. Melamine in baby formula–check. Melamine in pet food–check. Melamine in vacines–check.

    Thank God for globalization–the bringer of bed bugs, crazy ass notions about women, the decimation of the American middle class, and melamine. “The future is so bright I need to wear shades.”

  30. NES, I don’t know. I think that that there is nothing that is beyond what Barney wants. You just never know these days.

  31. Melamine, yum. What’s next?

  32. Why Not- are you thinking of Chicken Tettrazinne? (sp?)

  33. @WhyNot?

    It’s going to get really ugly for the Weiner.

    As proof of the lengthy relationship, Ms White offered her mobile phone, which has Mr Cain’s private number.

    Ms White also showed mobile phone records dating back four months that have 61 phone calls and text messages to or from Mr Cain as early as 4.26am and as late as 7.52pm.

  34. It’s only a matter of time before we get a POTUS candidate porn video. We already have a senatorial centerfold.

  35. Vaccine’s from China? Not a f’in chance. laker got whooping cough from that damn tpd vaccine when he was a baby, so I didn’t give him vaccines for over a decade, then I let our dumb Dr talk me into giving him the chicken pox vaccine a couple of years ago & he had a bad allergic reaction including jerking seizures. A few months later he had a grand mal. And you can’t sue anyone. Our delightful govt has it rigged in favor of the drug companies. Apparently you can file a claim with some govt agency and get a pre determined settlement. I need to look into that.

    btw, the mfg of our drugs has already been outsourced to other countries, like Mexico, India, Thailand (lakers anti-seizure meds come from there). And they don’t have to batch test either. The drug companies own our govt.

  36. NES! ROFL- good article! Thanks! Uppity is going to get a kick out of that one!

  37. Isn’t this rich? And congress made it illegal to get medicine MADE IN AMERICA from CANADA???

    Like you say, you can’t make this shit up.

  38. Another issue with all of these generic international drugs…they can be 20% off either way; in other words…20% too strong or 20% too weak.

  39. Outrageous as this is, and it is, you know the majority of American consumers still would choose the cheaper Chinese-made vaccine (even if they suspected or knew it was inferior) than a more expensive American-made vaccine. That’s how our consumers are: short-sighted.

  40. The whole drug thing drives me nuts- there is so little I can take- either I am allergic to it in some way or the side effects are awful.
    Leave it to the damn UN to give China the go ahead. In ten years there will be no vaccines made in the West.
    Think about that from a national security perspective.

  41. Think about that from a national security perspective.

    Indeed. Think about all of the things we count on other people to make and do for us from a national security perspective. It is downright bone-chilling.

  42. Sophie, agree with you that we’re short sighted as consumers, still, I doubt if some of the places that dispense the vax will offer consumers a choice. I was never offered a choice of American or foreign for drugs or vax. When laker was a baby, I insisted on the “dead” polio shot instead of the “live” sugar squirt in the mouth. Both the Dr. & the nurse actually mocked me for this & told me they would have to order it and it would cost me an extra $40. I said fine, & paid the extra. In 2000, the CDC outlawed the “live” version & went back to the “dead”. I wished back then I could’ve rubbed it in that Dr & nurses face.

    btw, the difference in price for lakers anti seizure meds: generic is $10 per month; name brand is $340 per month!!!!! Its really so much tougher being a parent these days than when I was a kid.

  43. A few years ago this may have been considered biological warfare.

  44. The cost of medicine is crazy I agree.
    But I also think Americans are over medicated. We want a pill for everything, right now, this minute. How many people are on how many pills every day?
    Of course I am not advocating people with seizures like our Laker- or those with Diabetes- go off their medicine. There are necessary medicines that do wonderful things.
    Then there are the medicine shoppers. Who want every new thing they see on tv. Like a certain relative of mine.

  45. socal: I don’t think they will offer a choice either. I was just making an observation that IF they DID offer a choice, side-by-side, people would choose the cheap stuff.

    Heck, there’s American and Chinese produce side-by-side in the supermarket, and consumers by the cheapest thing. Even though they’re going to put that in their mouths!

  46. If you love Barney, you’ll hate this piece (and vice versa, for all of us!)

    Will Rogers noted that the problem with Congress was that, when they told a joke, it became a law; and when they passed a law, it was a joke

  47. Most excellent observation by Will Rogers. lol
    Actually, I like the piece. snicker

  48. Barney Frank- PFFFFTTTTT! Just another crooked POS out to enrich himself and his friends.
    It took moving away from the Bay State for me to finally recognize how insane the voters are in that state. They keep electing the same people over and over and over again. (See Chappaquiddick Ted)
    PA is marginally better, but only marginally. Look how long Specter was around. and {shudder} this is the home of Santorum.
    The PA voters might be getting a clue though. Dahlkemper was elected in 08 and gone in 2010. Why?
    The voters in this district did not and do not want ocrapcare. She gambled and lost. To a used car salesman.
    See why I said marginally better?

  49. Still laughing NES.

  50. ROFL mcnorman. And all these years Barney thought we were laughing WITH him….

  51. Ooooohhhhh noooooo NES. I’m happy to laugh at him.

  52. Sophie, totally agree with you. Americans buy cheap and dumb. We’ve bought ourselves out of jobs. The shameless adventures of Black Friday are another example.

    Mom, also agree with your comment about drugs. We are hoping to wean laker off his meds in the near future. I hate him being on those things. I’m planning to try alternate therapies, like Cranial Sacral and/or acupuncture on him when we do.

    NES, fabulous quote! So funny…and true!

  53. NES, that article in the herald was mindblowing. I never realized he was that bad. Geez. Chappaquidick Ted & Barney & his law breaking boyfriends. Term limits, please.

  54. imusthavepie, on November 29, 2011 at 7:56 PM said:

    A few years ago this may have been considered biological warfare.

    No kidding. And that WAS a good one, imust. lol!

  55. socal, if Tedward’s corpse were to run for senate in Mass again, he would win.

    LOL on that Climate Religion article, NES. And where in the world IS Al? I know it takes a lot of time to count a half billion dollars in income but geeze, at least show your face now and then so people can snicker at you. You came so close to completing your scam.

    But he IS busy making the People’s Car. In Finland. On American grant money. Using non union labor. For 100k a car. Typical Limousine Liberal. Just saying.

  56. I’ve never understood what they saw in him (tedward). I was only in Mass once, but I did enjoy it and thought the people were nice and down to earth.

  57. Mass has some real beauty. And some great seafood! You take a trip. You enjoy it, just like Barack and Michelle, only on your own money instead of taxpayer money. Then you go home. But I wouldn’t live there, it’s expensive enough living in NY, another place I wouldn’t live if I had it all to do over again.

  58. Kidnapper sues the couple he held hostage for $235k.
    Bags of shit like this swine get away with trying this kind of crap in our current travesty of justice system.

    In his lawsuit, 25-year-old Jessie Dimmick of Aurora, contends that after breaking into Jared and Lindsay Rowley’s Topeka-area home while fleeing police, he and the couple reached a legally binding, oral contract that they would hide him for an unspecified amount of money.

    I’d love to let my dog give him an oral contract. If he broke into my house, he wouldn’t be serving his term yet because he’d still be in the hospital.

  59. OMFG! Now vaccines from China? (I know the topic went back and forth b4 I got here). Shit! I’m just now getting used to the fact that some of my generics come from India or Indian companies here in the U.S. Some time back I picked up a refill of a script and on the front of the printout it was highlighted that the manufacturer had been changed for the drug, thus the different shape, etc. but it was the same med. Sooo, googled the manufacturer and it’s a company in India but they do make the damned things here. I asked the pharmacist about it and he said they haven’t had any issues with them But I have to draw the line at any crap coming from China. Hell! they had problems in Louisiana, Miss. and Florida with chinese drywall!! 😯 People were having problems with it corroding electrical wiring, just ruining plumbing and creating horrible, terrible smells. it seems that a lot of the homebuilding stores, Home Depot, Lowes, etc could not keep up with the need for sheetrock so companies turned to the Chinese. All of it had to go to the courts and finally people got the money to rip out their walls (again!) and start all over. So when it comes time for a flu shot I’ll ask where it was made. If all they got is the chinese shit I’ll pass. If enough people do that (refuse the injections) maybe they’ll stop importing them here.

  60. Fredster, the sheetrock is inferior because they’re using the plaster in milk to increase the protein content.

  61. A contract to break the law is void

  62. Speaking if Crow – Dr. Oz was right, after all.

    Arsenic in Juice: New Study Prompts Action

    An investigation into trace amounts of arsenic found in bottled juice has prompted advocacy group Consumers Union to urge the Food and Drug Administration to lower its standards for arsenic levels in juice drinks.

    The results of the study released Wednesday indicate that 10 percent of juices tested had total arsenic levels greater than the FDA’s standard for drinking water of 10 parts per billion (ppb), while 25 percent of juices also had lead levels higher than the FDA’s bottled water limit of 5 ppb.

    Consumer Reports tested 88 samples of popular brands of grape and apple juice sold in the United States, including Mott’s, Minute Maid and Welch’s. Most of the arsenic detected in Consumer Reports’ tests was a type known as inorganic, which is a human carcinogen.

    Crow eating Videos at abc site are good –

  63. ProudMilitaryMom, on November 29, 2011 at 1:18 PM said:

    Why Not- are you thinking of Chicken Tettrazinne? (sp?)

    No, darn it! It had a different name in the old cookbook, which I realized even back then it was something special.

    It wasn’t like a casserole – but a delicious baked chicken, white wine sauce dish – with spaghetti on the side.

    “Chicken _______ ” I drive myself crazy over this every few years – and now I’ve done it to you. lol.

    i.hate,,thief – and myself – for not copying it into a recipe file.

    It’s probably out there, under a more common name, but… THIS ONE WAS “SPECIAL” don;t you know? lol.

  64. mcnorman, on November 29, 2011 at 1:21 PM said:


    It’s going to get really ugly for the Weiner.

    mcnorman: Isn’t this rich – the latest:

    White said that Cain flew her to Las Vegas for the boxing match between Mike Tyson and Evander Holyfield in 1997. “I went on several trips with Herman. One particular trip was the Mike Tyson-Holyfield fight in Las Vegas,” she said, according to Politico. Tyson bit off a piece of Holyfield’s ear in the match.

  65. @ Why Not?

    Cain is a dumbass. Did he honestly believe that he wouldn’t get cooked? Baptist minister, uh huh….just like Rev. Wright (a man of the cloth). Bwhahahahahahha

  66. (a man of the cloth). Bwhahahahahahha

    More like “a man of the dress.”

  67. @ NES

    More like “a man of the dress.”

    I’m dying here!

  68. d) A reminder of how lucky I feel that I don’t have twin babies in this house.

  69. Having a particularly busy week so sorry I’m not around. Carry on.

  70. Yours and the apple juice, boggle the mind. Hopes RD sees this one. Sends Holiday wishes to all for something good, ala soon. ps: watched a funny video on somebody called Reverend Billy in the youtubes you will like!

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