Inside Bill’s brain – part 2 – voter ID

Bill addresses the issue of voter ID in his book.  I must confess, I really don’t get what the big deal is about requiring photo ID to vote – especially in light of all the fraud we saw in 2008 (of course, not requiring proper ID not only led to caucus fraud and voter fraud, but also to a certain candidate allowing illegal donations on his website by dismantling the software which checks “ID” so to speak).  Well, first of all, elections don’t come out of the blue – they’re rather regular activities for the last couple of hundred  years.  They’re not going to be a surprise – you have time to prepare!!!    Wisconsin even provides FREE photo ID cards for voting purposes!  Nikki Haley, republican governor of South Carolina, set up a program to provide free rides (including using handicapped vans when needed) to the DMV for people to get photo IDs for voting – only 25 people in the whole state took her up on the offer.  Many more than that 25 called for info, but then proceeded to get themselves to the DMV to get their photo IDs.

Forgive me for being blunt, but they always say it’s the poor and minorities who won’t be able to vote.  So, then aren’t they on welfare, food stamps, have a bank account for the direct deposit of their SSI check, etc?  You need photo ID for these services!  There are homeless people who live part of the month in hotels until their SSI runs out, then go back to the street.  Guess what you need to rent a hotel room, even in many SROs (single room occupancy – ie, hotels often used as “residences”) – a photo ID!  Not many poor are not on any governmental assistance.  So, this argument seems partisan, disingenuous, and manipulative to me. 

It would make far more sense to put money into getting IDs for the few people living at the top of mountains (or wherever these people are who have no photo ID and yet somehow survive in the modern world) than to thoroughly let voter registration remain so full of huge holes that a million obots can drive right through them to subvert our democracy (again!).  Bill, what’s so hard to understand about that?  I mean, we’re not talking about illegals who have no ID because they’re illegal and aren’t going to be voting anyway – right?  RIGHT, Bill????

In 2011, 14 states in which republicans held governorships and legislative majorities, imposed new restrictions on voting rights, including photo ID requirements, restrictions on voter registration drives, the elimination of election day registration, and fewer days of early voting.  According to The Brennan Center for Justice at New York University, these new laws could make it especially harder for more than 5 million eligible voters to cast ballots in 2012.  Most of them young, minority, disabled, low income, and the elderly.

Gosh Bill.  How about all the people who are disenfranchised in caucus states, even withOUT the cheating?  Many people can’t make that specific 2-3 hour window for the caucus on that specific date – they’d probably prefer a whole day during which they can dash to their polling station, run in and vote, and get back to work!  How many million people are being disenfranchised in all those caucus states?  Many more than 5 million!

Now this next blurb really blows me away.  I really feel this statement is also partisan and disingenuous.  I don’t know what needs to be shown for a concealed weapons permit (some info here), but isn’t Texas one of the states that lets illegal immigrants attend college? Even a legal immigrant who is just here from Saudi Arabia to study before moving back home will have a college ID!  And besides, a concealed weapons permit must be overseen at either the state or the federal level – that process strikes me as having far more rigor than some college-run ID program!  Here is Bill being facetious (and possibly seeking a certain effect by blowing the “gun whistle”):

My favorite is Texas’ new law, that accepts as proof of identity, a concealed weapons permit, but not a University of Texas student’s college ID card.

From a non-official DMV site which lists information for all the states:

Having some form of photo ID is critical in our world today; you need to be able to prove you are who you say you are in many situations. You’ll need a picture ID to board an airplane, get a job, set up bank accounts, and in order to make certain purchases.  You may need one to rent a DVD, enter a nightclub, to see certain movies, applying for volunteer opportunities, to purchase alcohol, to cash a check, to enroll in school…

I put this graph together with information about state issued photo ID cards (for those who cannot or do not have a drivers license):

State     Fee  Renew in Seniors Free ride to DMV disabled  Low income
Alabama   $23   4 years        
Alaska  $15   5 years        
Arizona   $12  No    expiration Free if 65   Free if on SSI  
Arkansas   $10   ?        
California  $26  6 yrs free if 62 y/o or if lost DL due to medical condition     $7 reduced fee for lower income
Colorado  $10.50  5 yrs free if 60      
Connecticut  $22.50  6 yrs?        
Delaware  $20   4 yrs        
Florida  $25   8 yrs        
Georgia   $20/$32   5 yrs/ 8yrs        
Hawaii  $15   6  yrs $10 if 65      
Idaho   $10/$20  4 yrs /8 yrs        
Illinois  $20  5 yrs Free if 65   Free  
Indiana  $13  6 yrs $10 if 65   $10  Free
Iowa  $5  5 yrs        
Kansas  $18  6 yrs $14 if 65      
Kentucky  $12  4 yrs        
Louisiana  $21    ?  free if 60      
Maine  $5  6 yrs        
Maryland  $15  5 yrs Free if 65      
Massachusetts  $25  5 yrs        
Michigan  $15  4 yrs free if 65    free  
Minnesota  $18  4 yrs $11 if 65    .50  
Mississippi  $14  4 yrs        
Missouri  $11  6 yrs        
Montana  $8  4 yrs        
Nebraska  $26.50  5 yrs        
Nevada  $12  4 yrs  $7 if 65      
New Hampshire  $10  5 yrs        
New Jersey  $24  4 yrs        
New Mexico  $10/$18  4 yrs/8 yrs        
New York  $10/$14  5 yrs/9 yrs  $6.50 if  62; valid 10 yrs   $6.50 if on SSI; valid 10 yrs  
North Carolina  $10  5 yrs        
North Dakota  $8  10 yrs        
Ohio  $8.50  4 yrs        
Oklahoma  $10  4 yrs        
Oregon  $44.50  8 yrs        
Pennsylvania  $13.50    ?        
Rhode Island  $26.50  5 yrs Free if 59      
South Carolina  $5  5 yrs      yes    
South Dakota  $20  5 yrs        
Tennessee  $12.50   ?        
Texas  $16  6 yrs  $5 if 60      
Utah  $18  10 yrs        
Vermont  $17  4 yrs      $10 if on  SSI  
Virginia  $10  5 yrs        
Washington  $20  5 yrs        
WashingtonDC  $20  8 yrs Free if 65 or released from prison last 6 months      
West Virginia  $5   ?        
Wisconsin  $28       (free on    request)  8 yrs        
Wyoming $10 No expiration        

So, the current population of the U.S. is about 311 million*.  Bill projects that 5 million people will not be able to vote if people can’t register to vote the day of voting or must have a photo ID.  By my figuring, 5 million is about .016, or 1.6% – I hate to sound like an old grump, but after what we saw in the 2008 primaries (can we PLEASE outlaw caucuses NOW?), I just don’t feel 1.6% is worth allowing huge loopholes through which, as we have seen, wicked people will subvert democracy. 

I think the answer will be better found through enabling that 1.6% to get with the voter ID program – although I think we’ll find that many just aren’t interested.  Even with all of our already registered voters, our turnouts are typically pretty dismal.  But when I look at the chart above, the most expensive state is blue Oregon (I was sort of surprised by that!), but even that averages out to about $5 a year to have a state issued photo ID card.  And many of the states already waive or reduce the fees for low income, disabled, or the elderly.  And as mentioned above, many, many, many everyday activities need a photo ID.  Not many things in life are this cheap.  So I’m not all that convinced that some hardship in getting photo ID is what is keeping some people from voting.

We all make priorities in our lives, and for some, voting is not a priority – and I have a sense that this may be a factor in our 1.6%.  So the solution to Bill’s concern may NOT be keeping voting rules all loosey-goosey – instead, the solution may be his accepting that not everyone wants to be the type of citizen that Bill wants them to be…..       (and really, after the cheating he saw employed against Hillary, how does he even go there…..?)

Your thoughts?

PS.  I still love Bill.  This is “tough love”!

* I realized afterwards that the 311 million population statistic I found is for ALL people, not just people of voting age, whereas Bill’s number of 5 million is specifically for people of voting age.  So that will affect my percentage – but I stand by my point!  🙂


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  1. I’m guessing that the vast majority of people who can’t be bothered to get an ID or register to vote in advance also can’t be bothered to vote.

    Look how many people have ID and are registered but still don’t vote.

    Not only that but in many of the places with voter ID laws the elections are rarely close anyway.

  2. I agree Lorac. This is one area where Bill and I do not agree. There is absolutely not one thing wrong wit requiring ID to vote. For all the reasons you mention.
    Voter ID would have put a big crimp in OFA and ACORN’s ability to bus their thugs hither and yon to vote in as many precincts and states as possible.
    And while we are at it I would also like to do away with “mail-in” voting. IMO that is just a HUGE invitation to fraud. How in the hell do they verify that the ballot was filled out by an actual registered resident? And I don’t want to hear about how it would disenfranchise the disabled. That’s what absentee ballots are for.
    Same with the bs of registering and voting on the same day- needs to go.
    I can’t help but think of the Iraqi’s and their purple ink fingers. I do not recall hearing of any of them complaining about how hard it was to vote.
    Here in PA if you miss a certain number of elections, you will be asked for ID. And the computer generated polling lists the workers use have a certain number of random voters selected for ID checks. It can not be raycist because the machine generates it. Some years my husband gets selected, sometimes it is me, some years neither one of us will be asked.
    As for the TX situation. Well ANY student gets an ID from college- including foreign students. A permit to carry – as far as I know- is only for citizens. And the process to obtain one includes verifying ID.

    Nope, Bill and I will just have to agree to disagree on this one.

  3. Lorac-

    THANK YOU for this post. I have never been able to understand why requiring a photo ID to vote is considered to be racist, classist, and all around evil by most progressives/liberals . As you pointed out, we have to show your ID for almost everything that we do in our culture!

    Agree that caucuses are the ultimate in voter disenfranchisement.

  4. I agree. Photo IDs for voting should not be a big deal in this day and age. The only barrier I see is the fee for the ID which could be easily waived for the disabled or indigent.

  5. Obama “disturbed” by the Iranian storming of the British Embassy.

    Wow, he can really work up an emotion!!

  6. I worked some overtime and had things to take care of here, (new cheaper propane company installed a tank, etc.) so I have yet to read Lorac’s part 1 and PMM’s post, let alone this one.

    When I clicked on the computer I saw pics of LA and Philly garbage trucks and cops in riot gear hauling garbage. Dick’s Sporting Goods is going to make a large donation to their best customers. OWS is making their stocks soar. As Uppity would say: Whose tents! Our Tents!

    Why don’t they buy camper vans with lots of bumper stickers about “whirled peas” and distribute them. It would be cheaper than buying new tents for every park they seek to selfishly destroy.

  7. I’m going to chime in on this ID thing because I COMPLETELY agree with lorac.

    It has never seemed to be a problem when people are required to ID themselves to get SSI, SSDI, Social Security, WIC and pretty much any other $$ that are issued by the government. The reasons are OBVIOUS! You never hear anybody complain that it’s unfair to anybody under these circumstances. You can’t even get your own social security money without producing a birth certificate! So why is it unfair for voters to prove they are actually citizens of the USA, are not felons and are old enough to vote… in order to enforce voter laws? Why is it now a problem to CONTINUE to require a social security number before starting your very first job or get your driver’s license? To take college or graduate entrance exams? It was ALWAYS that way, why is the law ‘waived’ now so often? The concept of being required to satisfactorily identify who you are and your citizenship status has always been with us and nobody EVER complained about it in any significant way. Until Now. Why is this same requirement, that worked for decades suddenly an awful thing?

    The word “Why” is used here for filler only. We KNOW Why. If you are born here or naturalized you have a trail that sooner or later identifies you. If you don’t, you weren’t born here or weren’t naturalized. That would mean you can’t vote. Or you have your felony to hide. Period. Even a homeless person didn’t get to be his age without a trail of ID. Nobody is born homeless. Sooner or later between birth and adulthood, you have to be ID’d. Produce it!

  8. Out here the latest on the OWS crowd is to take over homes that are in foreclosure to stop the banks from making money on them.
    Are these idiots for real ? Banks lent money albeit at bad rates to folks that could not afford them but none the less that was money these borrowers owed and now they want to stop the bank from recovering ? I bought one of these homes and trust me the bank did not make back it’s money. They are letting them go for pennies on the dollar.
    If these OWS’ers do this I think demolition companies will prosper because if they leave these homes like the parks they will have to be torn down.
    Now my question is if these homes are bank owned do not the banks have the right to have them arrested for trespass and for damages ?
    I think these morons are really stepping in some of their own fecal matter.

  9. Another thought if they are doing drugs in these homes can’t the government seize them ? WTG OWS help out the real ones ripping you off.

  10. It is funny to me that we now think ID is wrong. Seems to me if a cop stops you and you do not have an ID and said cop is not sure you are giving him/her proper information they can and do arrest you.
    If we do not need IDs to vote then why bother to go down and register ? In fact let’s just stop having elections and allow these two parties to fight it out and declare a monarch and free up the tv space. Sheesh

  11. Penguin alert! Is MKBill dragging it by the ribbon on the gift?

  12. I’m right behind lorac and UW. Getting a college ID is really easy. Fakes are very common, particularly in Austin. Getting a gun permit, not so easy.

  13. Why such a big problem with an ID? After witnessing what the caucuses are all about, I say abolish them and never look back.

  14. Utahwoman:

    I live in the middle of Foreclosureland in Central California. We have vacant houses everywhere – I can see four of them from my front porch.

    A friend of mine was paying her rent every month but her landlord stopped paying his mortgage. She found out when the bank served eviction papers on her.

  15. Obama “disturbed”now that is an under statement. 🙂

  16. Listen, if someobody with a HORRIBLE credit history and no job and a pimple of an income, I would give them a horrible rate on a loan too. Especially if I was told I was breaking the law if I didn’t give them the loan. Please do not tell me you would just trust this loan. Just saying.

    I wouldn’t even rent to people with that kind of credit. It’s a bad risk that can cost you a loss for a whole year. I am not an uncharitable person and have cut plenty of slack. I am not uncharitable, but I am also not a fool who wants to go down.

  17. OT but Paula Dean video on a dessert that should be named Coronary Thrombosis. You know you want it! Her son is there in the video but at least they aren’t fondling each other indiscriminately this time.

  18. Obama “disturbed”now that is an under statement

    Who knew?
    I mean, besides 18 million of us.

  19. The first time I saw this video I was in love:

  20. Lorac speaks for me! Excellent post!

    BC is my favorite President – but WTF? I don’t get it. “No ID” is an open invitation to commit downright election fraud.

    Of all people, he knows how that chaos works in third-world countries?


  21. I hope Egypt enjoys surviving without tourism any longer, if The Brotherhood is going to turn women into one step below a goat and start arresting visiting women for not covering themselves with hefty trashbags or talking to men. Just saying.

  22. 52 congresspersons and 1 senator have asked for Holder to resign – all republicans – per the news right now.

  23. OT but very interesting poll regarding PA. Obadonothing is in big trouble here.

  24. If this is an animal abuse link I will not click on it. I have a strict policy about animal abuse links as they make me PHYSICALLY sick and RUIN my day. I have mentioned it many times, and still…..

  25. lorac, I swear I found the first two paragraphs of that piece so offensive I clicked off. So right wing insulting typical of IBD. Seriously. The description of the Democratic party as nothing more than the party of “fading unions” and the wonderful, delightful and Sunshine-emitting Republican party as the ‘party of struggling families”. I am insulted that they generalized me into part of a mass insult. Then came paragraph 2, where they paint a glowing picture of Cain as the guy who has been married to one person of a different gender for 42 years.

    How could I possibly get to paragraph three with these swine?

  26. Ted Koppel said it’s deja vu all over again in Iran. And that, ironically (he allowed), we should be cheering for Ahmadinnerjacket to win the struggle he’s having with the clerics.

  27. It’s not a mystery why WJC is against voter-ids. He’s a loyal Dem-party-man (unlike all of you), and he knows that voter-id requirements will result in the Dems losing a sizeable (not necessarily controlling) percentage of the vote.

  28. Gingrich is trouncing Mittens in the FL polls. A large double-digits lead. This is serious.

  29. I’ll bet you’re out there in Scranton to hear Bam today, Mom…. Hahaha.

  30. Then came paragraph 2, where they paint a glowing picture of Cain as the guy who has been married to one person of a different gender for 42 years.

    And, Cain has been harassing people of a different gender for 42 years. Hallelujah.

  31. Why such a big problem with an ID? After witnessing what the caucuses are all about, I say abolish them and never look back.

    The Dem Party believes it gets several votes from people without an ID — either illegals or just marginals who can’t/won’t be bothered to get one or keep one current.

  32. Well the dream is coming true for people who work horses nearly to death and then want to dump them when they can’t cut it any longer. Congress has made it possible for you to get your horse meat at the supermarket in the near future. Aren’t they swell?

  33. NES- hahaha- fortunately Scranton is WAAAAY over on the other side of the state. The side of the state that should really be in NJ or NY.

  34. NES, I agree that Bill doesn’t want to lose dem votes – it’s his “solution” that I don’t like, and that I can’t believe he still agrees with, after what he saw done to Hillary. If he thinks that small percentage is important, then IMO the solution is to do more outreach, not make the rules easier for the slackers, which also makes it easier for the cheaters.

    Ultimately, as I mentioned in the post, I really do think he just needs to accept that not every one in the country is going to be the type of person he wants them to be. You can’t force everyone to be an organized, full participant in the system.

    And when I hear people (not you) saying that voter ID is racist, etc – all I can think of is that the SPEAKER must be racist, they apparently think people with more color in their system are inherently incapable of taking care of themselves, can’t even get their lives together enough to get a little ID card.

    There are millions of people who have ID and who are even registered to vote – who don’t vote! But we don’t have any special programs or want to somehow make it easier for THEM. It just makes me a little suspicious that there’s a different reason for wanting the loophole, the no-ID required rule. Whether it’s for illegals, or for some more cheating, I have no idea. It’s just so commonsense to require ID, it’s not hard to get, and there is plenty of time to prepare to get one (and on top of all that – most people (including poor and minorities) already have a photo ID in the first place!)

  35. Sorry the article was offensive to you, UW. It made me laugh through the whole thing.

    I guess I just expect that stuff now that I’ve seen the light. Both sides frame language as if they’re the moral, well meaning party of the people, of the “real Americans”, and paint the other side as some extreme opposite. It still makes me mad sometimes, I guess, but mostly now it just makes me laugh. They can’t trick me like that anymore, so now I just find myself laughing at their earnest self-importance!

  36. NES, I was over at Real Clear Politics earlier (I followed some link to a story there) and they have several state polls in the right hand column of their main page with Newty far ahead of Mittens. Either one makes me shiver. This is going to be a long year.

    Fingers and toes crossed that a miracle happens.

  37. On a lighter not, some fun cartoons:

  38. That was supposed to be a video. Here’s the url:

    Joe tells Mika to stop apologizing for Obama lol

  39. Mika is that islamofascist loving ZBIG’s daughter, so what else is new.

  40. You laughed, I wanted to rip their throats out, lorac. You’re a better person than I am for sure.

  41. Hey Mom! We’ve got enough problems! Don’t be giving us Scranton!

  42. Either one makes me shiver. This is going to be a long year.
    Fingers and toes crossed that a miracle happens.

    Crossing with you, karen. I’m determined to do maximum damage to BO’s reelection prospects by pulling the lever for the Reep, whoever he is. True, I hadn’t counted on pulling for NewtZilla, but I made a commitment to myself. I’m still going to vote for Romney in the primary though to see if I can help fend off Godzrich.

  43. Oh no, lorac, I definitely don’t think voter-id is racist. It’s all a question of party advantage. Should the GOP ever make substantial inroads into the Hispanic vote (rather than just dreaming about it), they’ll be less vociferous about vote-id laws. It’s how they roll. Don’t expect integrity in politics unless you hold a large volume of stock/shares in Disappointment, Inc.

  44. When anything can walk into a voting booth without possessing the rights spelled out by election law, the circle of election corruption is completed.

  45. Well Uppity- I think PA should give Philly to NJ – they are ideologically closer to them than to us small town bitter clingers. And upstate western NY I think belongs over with us.
    Scranton- what a weird place. IIRC Hillary’s family is from there – but Biden has ties too? Maybe PA should keep Scranton for its historic ties to Hillary.
    Anyway if we work it right all the common sense bitter clingers will be here in PA and all the limo liberals will be in NJ.
    Here is a piece about bo’s troubles here in PA- notice the reference to the bitter clinger comments of 08. PA WILL NOT FORGET!

  46. I agree with you, Lorac. If someone wants to vote, they should get an ID. I think President Bill is thinking back to time when getting such an ID was a significant burden.

    I also agree that caucusing should be outlawed. It was a debacle in Texas in 2008.


  47. And we thought 2012 couldn’t get any worse with Obummer running for a second term.


    I cannot believe I have to even consider the possibility of a choice between Oblowhard and Newt?

    I can’t do it. I would have to cut off my arm to vote for either one.

  48. OMG! Just got another email from OFA- titled
    “I’m Bringing Michelle”
    Donate three bucks and be entered to win dinner with them. You can bring a guest!
    Where oh where is that extinguisher? I believe my hair is on fire.

  49. Is it:

    a.Two twins discussing how to get mom to make them pie for dinner
    b. A Democratic and Republican Congressmen discussing how well they played their roles in the super-congress
    c. Two Obama campaign volunteers bragging about how much they look and sound alike

  50. While the thought of Newt Gingrich is frightening, I’m not worried about it. Why am I not worried, you ask? You are asking, right?

    I am not worried because Newt is an arrogant, self-impressed ass. He’s the smartest man in the world. You can confirm that by just asking him. Because of his …um….megalo affliction, he tends to say bizzaro things. The more powerful he feels, the more radical he becomes, until he self-destructs. Newt will do just that. He will implode and his head will explode everywhere. Bet on it.

  51. I got rid of OFA and the DNC but deleting the email address they got from Hillary. Life is good.

  52. Now if you could just figure out what we could delete to get rid of Obama himself! lol

    (and if you sold the answer, you’d be rich!)

  53. Obama is completely ineffective anyways, he doesn’t do anything and he can’t get anybody to do what he wants them to do. Four more years of him is at worst four more years of barren nothingness. He will go down in history as the president who achieved nothing but enjoyed Martha’s Vinyard a lot. Seriously, the guy is a bust. and if he finagles four more years, expect the entire country to be on stall. And probably a war, since he enjoys killing people and he thinks it’s all a video game anyways. And also the draft will be the only way he can reduce the unemployment rate, so all his worshipping OFA children will be lying in the sand hoping some islamofascist doesn’t kill them. And their cell phones won’t be able to be recharged either. OWS camping out will be good experience for them.

    The country’s malaise will make the carter years sound like a day at the beach too.

  54. I pick a.)

  55. Did one of them say “Mic check?”

  56. There are lots of things we could do to increase voter turnout in this country. Off the top of my head:

    1) Make Election Day a work holiday. No one should have to choose between voting and getting paid.

    2) Make it easier to vote. I think this is where Bill is coming from, but I do think photo ID is a no-brainer. We should require it for voting.

    And the most important thing of all:

    3) MORE POLITICAL PARTIES FOR FSM’s SAKE!!! I predict the lowest turnout evah in this year’s election. Functionally, the difference between Obama and Romney is 0. Romney may actually be more liberal, scary to say. Neither one will be getting my vote.

    And no, Gingrich won’t be the nominee. Please, it’s not 1994. The guy has been irrelevant for 17 years. He’s not about to pop back into relevance now.

  57. madamab- yup- no difference between the two. Selectee and selectee apparent.

  58. “Obomney!” 😆

    I called them “ObamaRomna” but I like your name better. 😉

  59. I love when you talk like that, Upps.

  60. Obomney is brilliant, Mom.

  61. It’s Lorac Wednesday!

    I don ‘t get Bill’s tenacity with the Voter ID thing either. I’m for voter ID and I’m for banning caucuses. Quelle surprise.

    I wonder if it’s a 60s era boomer thing, for activist college students who went to the south to register voters. Or is simply not wanting to yield at all, lest the slippery slope go into effect. Idunno,

  62. lorac, excellent post. Really enjoyed reading it and wholeheartedly agree.

    Love Obomney! and Obamaromna!

    I’m a hopeless dreamer, but am still hoping that the other quacks in the R lineup self destruct & we get Huntsman, or better yet, barky gets a serious case of golfnvacationiits and has to step aside for Hill for his own dear sake.

  63. I see Obomney and think: lobotomy
    I see Obamaromna and think: Rosannadanadana

  64. re: Uppity’s comment around 3ish or so.

    Yep, you’ll soon be able to get a choice cut of the horse that finished last in the Kentucky Derby. I see that Obama was for the slaughtering of horses too. Must taste like wagyu beef. I for one will not be partaking.

  65. Michael Goodwin? Oh puhleeze! 🙄

  66. Phew…that was exhausting. Fighting off an Obot invasion at the neighbor’s place. Thanks to the Uppityites who showed up there to kick him out. The PodPeople have been reactivated for the 2012 Heist.

    I dunno, SophieCT, if that fellow was representative of an OWSer, I’m ready to eat crow. Utah?

  67. lol Here we go again! I don’t have the foggiest who MIchael Goodwin is.

    I pulled the article over because he was calling Obama out as being a do-nothing president, which is the same sentiment that many of us here share. I imagine it’s a good thing if more than PUMAs see this fraud for whom he is….

  68. NES – are you talking about the guy who took the blog discussion and made it the point of his own next blog post?

    If so, I posted that he’s not even worth the trouble, IMO. The idiot wrote that we’re disgrunted because Hillary was “entitled”, so we FEEL that the election was stolen. Shows me how little in touch HE was with what was going on in that election. FCS, part of it was shown live on CPAN. It was stolen, it was factual, it wasn’t a bunch of girlies getting all upset bedcause they didn’t win….waaaah. I think tht guy is a putz.

  69. Re: the obot. I thought he was mildly entertaining yesterday with his defense of OWS, but didn’t mind him much til he morphed into O-BOT. When I clicked on the neighbors site this evening & looked at the comments list @ sidebar, I was surprised to see everyone still on that thread, so I clicked on your comment NES, & read what you wrote about his article. Gosh, that was bizarre. Almost reminded me of the summer of 08 @ NQ. You got him goooood, btw.

    I read his article. There were no comments at all, poor dumb ass.

  70. lorac, feel free to keep this series going. About Bills book I mean.

  71. Yep, lorac, I was talking about that guy. Can you believe his cheek — using us as lab rats for his thesis about OWS.
    Love the fact that he has zero comments. Maybe he’d do better if he changed his blog name “Tragic Putz.”

  72. Thanks socal. XO

  73. Rofl, the putz is back at the neighbor’s. Saying he’s going to duke it out with all the Hillary-bots if he has to.
    He’ll be mince-meat by tomorrow, I predict. The neighbor isn’t going to ban him though, so it’ll be difficult, but maybe this is a valuable dry-run just in case our Hillary fantasy comes true in ’12.

  74. I just went over & looked. He made a bunch more comments. I think he likes it there! He’s lonely at his place so we may get stuck with him. Thank God for Uppity’s oasis!

    Good point about him being a valuable dry run!

  75. socal – what a wonderful thing to say! I will!

    The first one had more of his quotes and less of me ranting. The one had fewer of his quotes, and more of me ranting. I’m going to try to balance that out! lol

  76. Or, I might also try shorter posts, but with 2-3 different bits from his book at a time – to give people more of Bill’s thoughts to respond to, pro or con….

  77. The rant was right on target!

  78. It makes me wonder how he thought we were all “liberal” (a far side of democrat) – and must have assumed we were all Barky’s Boys? Because he sure was surprised we are Hillary supporters. I wonder how he found John’s site in the first place, not even knowing what it was.

    Or, maybe the surprise at the Hillary big was all feigned….

  79. I dunno. Maybe he’s a regular lurker there. The title of the post was just Failure, not OWS Failure, so not sure how else he would find it. He seems to be enjoying all the attention he’s getting. Poor lonely little bot!

  80. Oh, NES, you invited the bot to stay! Because he likes OWS? Don’t you know any vampire stories? If you invite them in, they come in an bite your neck! lol

  81. lorac: No harm or anything intended about Goodwin. I’ve read his columns some and he’s just kind of a jerk in my opinion so I was just expressing that.

    Nes and socal, who y’all talkin’ about? Someone over at Smart’s place? I did my little vote thing but didn’t check anything else out.

  82. fredster, right place, wrong thread. Look on the Failure thread. There’s a newbie there that turned out to be a bot. It was kinda funny.

  83. I found it. Ewwww. and he just gave NES a big eff u. My Lord that thing when to over 400 comments! I hate to get into that thing since I missed out on the bulk of it but I’ve got an eff u I could whoop on him.

  84. Chit lorac, that was before he came out of the Opod Closet!

  85. That’s sweet, Fredster. I took care of him.

  86. I have a graphic “da fingah” that comes out nicely on most blogs. Can’t put it here or Uppity would keel over in a dead faint. LOL!

  87. Lorac, I think the putz probably does daily googles for stories about OWS. Also, the neighbor ranks fifth in the listing of a google search for “horizontal decision making.” Quite a feather in the neighbor’s cap, eh? So, I’m sure he’s come to the attention of OWSers. If I start to be convinced that OWSers are Obots, I’ll go into full battle mode (crow feathers hanging from my mouth).

  88. YOu have to watch out for obots. They are like cockroaches. You accidentally bring on in on your shoe and next thing you know, they multiply.

  89. LOL on the bot roaches Uppity. Though I have always thought of them like fleas- nasty little things, biting and carrying plague wherever they go.

  90. Somebody pimped their blog and you guys let it happen.

  91. Upps, you are so right. There is nothing worse than obot shit getting tracked in.

    lorac, you have done a nice job on reviewing Big Dawg’s book. I’m kinda glad there’s more to come. He’s loyal to the party, and the party wants to count on all the illegal votes they can get this time around. This is not the book I thought he’d be writing. Maybe he’s saving that one for another time.

    I never knew there were states that would let you register and vote on the same day, until 2008. And without an ID? Bill will have people wondering what era he’s living in. I didn’t think you could breath without an ID.

  92. Dear NES,
    Crow. It’s what’s for dinner.

    I just regret there is no wager money involved.

  93. A surprise for all the Uppity Poverty Recipe fans!

  94. @ NES

    fend off Godzrich

    I don’t know NES, it’s getting more difficult by the minute to decide how much to drink before hitting the lever. I think that I’m going to have to wear black and be sloshed on that day.

  95. @PMM

    “I’m Bringing Michelle”

    Be afraid, VERY afraid.

  96. Thank you PMM.

  97. mcnorman- If he brings her there will not be any Kobe or Lobster for the guests! She will probably feed everyone Arugula from her heavy metal garden!
    I would take the needle before you could force me to spend one second in their presence!

  98. I hear there are several politicians in PA that are “busy” for that particular show. lol

  99. PMM:

    Wow! The Poverty Recipe Index format is GREAT!

  100. Hope everybody finds the Poverty Recipe Index helpful and easy to use. I will be adding recipes from the tab here a little at a time.

  101. I can’t stand the stupidity of the bots. There is nothing more frustrating than BLIND FOLLOWERS OF HISTORICAL LIARS.”

    They are the equivalent of radical islamists, imo. They will commit suicide in support of an “ideology” that THEY mean nothing to.

    Something is seriously wrong with them.

  102. “OBAMNEY” Perfect. lol.

    Uppity, I hope you’re right about Newt. Well, actually, I am no longer angst, because you are usually right about a lot of things. lol.

  103. Interesting- ten lessons not learned. Does not hit hard enough imo- but a start

  104. NES you will have to wait on the crow. I am rather tied up today. We are having winds from hell. 96 mph gusts and it is tearing my place as others around me all to hell. Saw the neighbors awning fly by a couple hours ago. Some sign flew and lobbed into my truck now I just watched a few shingles fly off my roof.
    Naturally I am in the only county in Utah being pounded like this. I 15 has trucks laying on their sides and it is hell. Neighbors house ( they are ok) has 3 huge pine trees on it. Going to miss those trees. Anyway my son is coming over and we are going to try to move my shed back onto its foundation . Foundation in back yard shed is now in the front yard.
    This is going to go on all day sheesh. I am not real happy right now. If I wanted cat. 1 hurricane winds I would be living in Fl.

  105. Utah- I would say take care and be careful- but I know you are going to do that anyway.
    So I will just lob some prayers and positive thoughts your way. Kiss the dogs for me!

  106. Well well well. This certainly clears up Barney’s “retirement.”

    Massachusettts Democrats left reeling by Barney Frank’s unexpected retirement announcement Monday are seeking to take advantage of a political brand that’s very familiar to state residents, and recruit Robert F. Kennedy’s grandson Joseph P. Kennedy III to run for Frank’s vacant 4th District seat.

    Kennedy, a 31-year-old prosecutor for the Middlesex county District Attorney, is the son of former Rep. Joseph P. Kennedy II. He passed up a bid for the state’s 10th District House seart last February of last year citing a desire to build his law career. But this week, he revealed to news outlets that he is considering running to succeed the long-serving Democratic House member.

    So glad we cleared that up. MA just MUST have a Kennedy in Congress. It’s a rule.

  107. @ PMM…Is this what started the flames in the hair?

    If you win a seat at the next dinner with three other supporters and me, you’ll get to bring a guest.

    I thought I’d bring one, too — so I invited Michelle.

    She’s in.

    Donate $3 or whatever you can to be automatically entered to sit down for a meal with Michelle and me.

    Michelle and I don’t get to spend as much time as we’d like with the people who are building the 2012 campaign.

  108. Oh yes mcnorman! And I just got one from her royal snottiness saying she wanted to meet me! ME!?!?!?!

    She may want to reconsider and walk that back.
    I would not give them three dog turds never mind three dollars.

  109. Gosh, she wants to meet you? I do hope you have gone out to Goodwill circus wear and purchased something quite similar to what she usually wears. Her handlers would approve of circus wear.

  110. Tedward is not even cold yet. How could they?

  111. Wow Utah, sounds serious and scary. Stay safe. XX

    (Phew…the winds will blow the crows away.)

  112. Jesus CHRRRRRRRIST!

  113. Michelle and I don’t get to spend as much time as we’d like with the people who are building the 2012 campaign.

    One hour in four years ain’t bad…

    We appreciate all the workers so much, you have to pay to get into the drawing.

  114. Holy Chit, Utah!

    You wanted to move that shed anyways, right?

  115. Utah:

    We got some of those winds here (opposite side of same LP system)

    I no longer have to worry about raking leaves. No one on my street does. Our leaves are two blocks downwind, piled like a snowdrift on cross-street neighbors’ yards.

    Dust storms here in Central Valley – CHP hasn’t closed any roads yet but they are running slow-speed convoys through some areas.

    It’s been a few years since we had a 20-30 car pile-up due to dust storms.

  116. There’s no shortage.

  117. PMM: Thank you for that recipe index site. All of the goodies in one convenient location.

  118. Fredster! You are more than welcome! I am having a wonderful time reading the recipes and the comments! That Poverty Recipe tab is one fun page!

    OT- just picked up this link at Crawdad’s- hysterical board game!

  119. RATS!

  120. NES lol! Sky Rats perhaps?

  121. Bloody hell — our dear locac’ers got the race card pulled on her by ObotPutz at the neighbor’s in the wee hours of the morning. Needless to say, all the regulars there have been kicking his (now departed) ass about it.

    He’ll be back, I’m sure…that’s what makes them bots, right?

  122. Crows are flying sh!thouses.

  123. Sky Rats perhaps?

    ROFLL, Mom. I’ve heard pigeons called “flying rats” though…have you?

    Utah promised me UTAHAN crows in my stew; now vivien is trying to suggest that the crows can be obtained from elsewhere. Only UTAHAN crows, please. And, and,…they must be ORGANIC. (SophieCT says, “That’s not [expletive deleted] negotiable. Fuhhgedddaboutit!”)

  124. NES@7:27: I didn’t see that. Putz is too nice a word for him.

  125. I just read the putz’s comment. When all else fails, pull out the good ole “R” card. How predictable.

  126. Oh yeah. The race card. That’s new.

  127. Now the putz has moved over to crawdad’s place.

  128. Traffic pimp. And you guys are helping him do it. Stop giving the traffic pimp his clicks. I’ve had this happen to me. I have no links to that blog. It’s gone now. You DO NOT give them traffic. Nobody would read him if it weren’t for JWS people giving him what he wants. Stop it.

    Disable his link in a blog and see how long he comments.

    Owseys are all back in their mother’s basements looking to be the next Obots for 2012.

  129. Much worse — The Putz is now showcasing and commenting on lorac’s comment of wee AM hours. He’s pretending to be all concern-trolled about the anger of Hillary supporters. Rage in the middle, or something. Is that a kosher style of blogging? I just don’t know…but, this is now the second one. First he made the neighbor the posterboy for his why-liberals-fear-OWS piece, and now lorac’s his postergirl. He’s major league CREEEEEEPY.

    Upps and lorac, you have mail.

  130. crawdad/myiq knows his tricks.

  131. Stop obsessing over nobody and making him somebody.

  132. LOL Uppity! What was it we used to say? Don’t feed the trolls? Why oh why engage them?
    It’s cruel to have a battle of wits with an unarmed person.

  133. They don’t make it past spam here. So why are you giving him publicity. Move on. It’s just a silly blog. Who cares?

  134. Mom, just looked at your new recipe index. You’re a doll! I don’t know how you find the time to do everything you do.

    Utah, take care! And any other Uppityites in the wind path. We were told it was coming at midnite last nite & battened down the hatches, but nothing much happened.

  135. Got it, Upps. Wise.

  136. Socal- ROFL! Time? I have WAAAAYYY too much time on my hands. This disability thing SUCKS! It just is not in me to sit around!
    (And part of it is selfishness and maybe just a bit of laziness- now they are at my fingertips!)
    There are more to come!
    And of course we can just keep adding at will!

  137. Concern Troll is Very Concerned.

  138. Hopefully FF will find some time to make a sidebar link to the recipe blog.

  139. Can’t wait till Why Not tries the pot roast. Her head will explode. lol.

  140. Will WhyNot be having ribs on the side?

  141. FF has abandoned us. WE MISS HER SO.

  142. Yeah that’s what happens when you are successful!

  143. Concern Troll is Very Concerned.

    Eh?? From whence are you observing said Concern Troll?

  144. Why Not will have to try my ribs recipe next. The food one. It’s a natural progression.

  145. Eh?? From whence are you observing said Concern Troll

    I’m not. Have never even clicked the link. that’s just a saying about concern trolls. There are cartoons out there with that expression on it.

  146. The food one.

    Why do you limit her thus?

  147. Exactly, Upps, that’s why I’m always holding myself back.

  148. Not limiting her. It all happens with my recipes anyways. Ribs make way for……..ribs.

  149. You would imagine I work food into things. lol.

  150. Exactly, Upps, that’s why I’m always holding myself back.


    Eh, it’s the right thing to do. it ain’t worth it. I know this. Balance. It’s the answer.

  151. I tell you, that stuffed calarmari I made last week went a long way.

  152. I see. You know, I missed that whole cyberbot attack thing during the primaries because the only place I commented was at your (bot-free) place. And, I’m glad I missed it…it takes too much time and energy to deal with bots. Mind you, I debated many a bot in person in ’08, but it’s easier in person. And, quicker.

    I realized last night that I’d interacted with an OWSer (who was also a bot) for the very first time. (I’m assuming he is a genuine OWSer [although one can never really know with the internet].) And, now the OWSer and the bot are, naturally, linked in my mind, and that link is going to be hard to sever. So, I’m thinking I should just have the crow as soon as Utah nails her kitchen down. What do you think?

  153. Gotta go fold a boatload of laundry and drag the thousand pounds of dog food out of the trunk. See ya later.

  154. It all happens with my recipes anyways. Ribs make way for……..ribs.

    Yeah Tita! Let’s make sure WhyNot knows to have protection on hand. She probably doesn’t want to bring a child into the encamped world of OWS.

  155. Mr. Uppity told me you do.

  156. Mr. Uppity was seen in church, offering up novenas to calamari.

  157. NeedleNose can fold the laundry.

  158. The dog folds the laundry?? Uppity sure has her pets well trained!

  159. Obama sings with Santa
    Love the photo caption: Barack Obama, (far right)….yeah we’ll be getting Obama and Santa confused.

  160. Hilarious, imust!

    Btw, did you get a load of that delicate gloved hand…so gaaaay.

  161. Hey NES: At least he didn’t have a monocle and walking stick.

  162. He does in his down-low chambers, Fredster!

  163. Needlenose runs off with the socks.

    Yes, yes. The Calamari god.

  164. yeah we’ll be getting Obama and Santa confused.


  165. Obama loses the equestrian and PETA votes: he lifts ban on slaughter of horses for meat.

  166. He does in his down-low chambers, Fredster!


  167. I sometimes let an Obot loose so everyone can have some fun playing Whack-the-Troll.

    It’s part of our fitness program.

  168. Hope you whacked him but good, myiq.

  169. Yes and horse meat will now be legal in your supermarket. Obama is such a swell guy isn’t he? god knows what he does to that dog.

    imust, I’d love to put that santa photo up with the caption.

  170. @ myiq2xu

    It’s part of our fitness program.

    Sport and fitness. Great combo.

  171. Did someone mention “Ribs”???

    That’s the third recipe of Uppity’s that I’m trying because…. I’m a VIRGIN cook. lol.

  172. After you’ve had that Triage of recipes, Why Not, you will not be a virgin any longer.

  173. Not sure you will make it to the ribs. When you try the pot roast, your head may explode.

    When you start baking my bread, we’ll know you’re a member.

  174. WhyNot should have the pot roast in bed.

  175. Jon’s got him some good looking daughters.

  176. Hey! Newt’s got all those wives. Did he ever have any kids or is he shooting blanks?

    I would think an egomaniac like himself would want to reproduce himself often. If he could.

  177. Nah NES. Lobster in bed is best. Much more succulent. And all that drawn butter!

  178. Ok. I followed the ENTIRE comment thread at the neighbors. Wow!

    I refrained from publicly commenting – because I was cursing like a madwoman the moment I read that typical BOT Hillary attack: “Hillary voted for the War and NAFTA” bs.

    That’s all “they” got. That’s it! Zip! Nada! Sh!t for Brains!

    (The climatic moment for me was when myiq posted the F*ck You, sign language youtube – ROTFLMAO!)

  179. Obama ESCALATED war.

  180. oooooh buttah. That’s more like it!

    That thread on the “mayo” just didn’t ring true for me either, Uppity.

  181. Mayo. No. Butter. Yes.


  183. Breaking News! Obama has a new campaign phrase:

    Change is… blah, blah, blah… (his “accomplishments”)

    At a fundraiser Wednesday night in New York City, the new line was on display, with the president deploying the phrase “Change is” on a dozen occasions.

    “Change is the first bill I signed into law — a law that says you get an equal day’s work — somebody who puts in an equal day’s work should get equal day’s pay.”

    Well now. How about a counter called TRUTH IS… ?

  184. a law that says you get an equal day’s work — somebody who puts in an equal day’s work should get equal day’s pay.”

    ….and all you have to do is take five years or so within the legal system to prove it, while a team of corporate lawyers harrangue you mercilessly.

    Hey wait, that’s the way it was BEFORE obama “changed” the law! Only now there’s no time limit on how long you can take to prove it in court. Cool! Another worthless barack obama moment.

  185. Change is making everyone’s health care insurance premium double through ‘reform’.

  186. Change is cutting medicare payments to doctors to the point where they are dropping medicare patients.

  187. Change is requiring credit card companies to give you notice before they stick it up your ass and raise your interest rate.

  188. Change is selling guns to shitbags in Mexico so they can kill border patrols, and then pimping what you did as a good reason for more gun control laws.

  189. Change is routing half a billion to a bogus green company whose lobbyists visit your white house regularly, and speeding up the money delivery to avoid the bankruptcy rush.

  190. Change is telling the Dalai Lama to leave via the back door with the garbage.

  191. Change is holding a state dinner for the leader of the communist country that is the biggest threat to the USA, and clapping when they play a song that has lyrics discussing how they hate America.

  192. Change is implementing yet another job-bleeding free trade agreement.

  193. Change is doing everything to the economy that makes it possible to put three times as many people on food stamps.

  194. Change is giving the British P.M. a set of DVD’s as a state gift (when the p.m. is blind in one eye and England uses a different system for DVDs) and toy models of Marine One for their boys, taken from the White House gift shop.

  195. Do we hear a “rip him a new one” over “Change Is” post coming?

    I, for one, hope so. Unbelievable. Liar-in-Chief – Liar’s Campaign II.

  196. Why Not said: Do we hear a “rip him a new one” over “Change Is” post coming?

    Sounds good to me!

  197. Change is 9.2% unemployment, extending the Bush Tax Cuts and a 7.7 Trillion Dollar Bailout Package that Mr. Transparent failed to mention.

  198. Wait wait wait! Let us remember the first change
    Change is taking delegates from the rightful winner and giving them to a guy who was not even on the ballot.
    Change is installing the DNC’s pre-selected candidate.
    Change is not having a floor vote at the convention.

  199. Newt’s the real Mormon in the race.

  200. Yep, WhyNot, that FU vid myiq posted was really something. And, the Bot re-earned it when he pulled the race card on dear lorac’ers.

  201. Change is relabeling unemployment as a “job.”

  202. Change is turning AF1 into a limousine ride.

  203. Wait wait wait! Let us remember the first change
    Change is taking delegates from the rightful winner and giving them to a guy who was not even on the ballot.
    Change is installing the DNC’s pre-selected candidate.
    Change is not having a floor vote at the convention.

    Mom, you’re such a bitter clinger!

  204. NES

    Mom, you’re such a bitter clinger!

    That’s PROUD bitter clinger!

  205. This is a really wonderful pos!t!! Linking to it now.

  206. Yeah I notice he dropped “hope” though.

  207. ………waving to my femisex friend!

  208. USA Today editorial strikes a welcome cautionary-to-negative note about the Newt:

    (Upps is too much of a snob about USA Today, but, I’m telling ya, regular folk read it nationwide (which is all that’s important, vote-wise.)

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