Weekend open thread and Simon’s Double Trouble.

Been here.  Seen this. New addition at Simon’s Place.


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  1. It must be Caturday

  2. I am alive. Just finished cleaning the debris up and tarping my roof where it blew off. Roofers coming Monday. Looks like a war zone out here. Very nervous because it snowed last night and the winds are kicking up again. Still have no TV but unlike my neighbors I do have power. We got cat. 2 hurricane winds and it really put a world of hurt on so many here. They clocked gusts of 121 MPH in many places.
    The one thing we did not need is more wind to finish ripping up what it did not Thursday.
    What I do hope is it blew the OWSers and Obamabots into another state lol.

  3. sending sympathy your way Utah.hope it doesn’t get ant worse for you.

  4. utah, hang in there. Spring is coming right behind winter as always. We make it through and are rewarded with flowers.

  5. Wow Utah! Glad you made it through! Just hope the winds do not blow the vermin our way! As far as Chicago would be ok!
    Baking cookies for the sons boxes and listening to Christmas music! BBL

  6. Utah,

    Glad you made it through. I heard that this was the worst windstorm we have had out west in a generation. I thought that my roof was going to go sailing off–I spent most of my time in my basement family room. Something unnerving about wind….

  7. Utah and all western Uppityites,

    Another windy day out this way. Please stay safe and warm. We call them Santa Ana winds and yep this has been a bad one.

    Sending you all good thoughts.

  8. Uppity,

    Thanks so much for Simon’s cats… Love ’em. Goof is not getting a little brother, my foot is down, one is enough… 😉

  9. Cain is on live – speechifying ahead of his announcement.

  10. Well our holidays will not be keeping up with the Obama’s. They are spending 17 days in Hawaii… at their fav retreat home.

    Show how in tune to the publics pain they are!!! @ssholes!!!

  11. Cain suspends his Presidential campaign…

  12. goofsmom, one cat is never enough. they are far less destructive and far more fun in pairs. and they need companion to snuggle with near the heat vent. it’s a And for swooning during co-grooming. Rule.

  13. That’s odd- he says he is suspending- but he will be endorsing a candidate? Sounds more like he is ending his campaign.

  14. Utah, you are a brave woman. I would be hightailing it the hell out of there.

  15. LALALALALALA I can’t hear you! I am NOT getting any more pets! NO!
    Damn the rules! Full speed ahead!
    I put up a very small table tree (fake) (not putting up a big tree anymore- 300+ ornaments and countless lights YIKES) So we have my daughter’s Christmas village set up, a few Nativity sets, and on a card table- the little tree. With the presents all wrapped.And one string of lights with a few miniature ornaments. Looks nice.
    I come back from the kitchen this morning and there is Kozmoe- all curled up amongst the presents.

  16. Cat with no companion. Travesty.

  17. Cain has dropped out.

  18. Harry Potter fans…family channel is running the entire series.

  19. LOL Uppity. Koz is having a grand time talking to barn kitteh. And being King of the universe! Barn Kitteh lives on the front (enclosed) porch- and she and he talk back and forth. It is nice out today so I have the inner door open.

  20. Not good enough! Harumph!

  21. Starting now: Book Three.

  22. Uppity,

    You will just have to forgive me for it… between goof and cobe the homeless kitteh, I have enough. 🙂

    PS I changed Avatar lets see if it works

  23. Never mind the avatar is working now

  24. lol Uppity not so much bravery here. I hate wind more then snow. That was one of the biggies to leaving So. Cal and Nevada. Too darn many winds. The Santa Annas were bad but trust me these were Fl. Hurricane winds. I do not live there for a reason and it is called hurricanes. They say this was a freak event and let me tell you it was quite unnerving. I live on the mountain and when I went outside the wind was coming over the top of then and swooping down into the valleys . It never does that. It shrieked not a howling wind but a sound like Banshees or like in the mythological sounds of the sirens for hours on end. Very high pitched and ear shattering shrieking. Only thing that interrupted it was the sound of the neighbors awning coming by or other debris. I am just grateful I did not end up in OZ. I believe the wicked witch of the west would have been better to deal with then me if I had to fly home via TSA.lol.
    Glad I chose a brick home, at least I have no siding to replace.

  25. Utah, hang in there and hold onto something bolted to the ground!

  26. How ridiculous: http://www.wsoctv.com/news/29910470/detail.html

    Chit, I’d never have graduated school if this standard were applied to me!

  27. goofs, cobes wants In. See to it.

  28. Utah, hang in there we are sending good thoughts. 🙂

  29. I’m glad to hear you’re okay utah. That was some crazy chit. I live on the east coast, and have seen a few hurricanes, but I cant imagine what one would be like in the mountains. Stay safe.

  30. I’m trying to get the xmas tree up today. Wish me luck.

  31. Uppity,

    I’ll try and get a pic of cobe… he’s very shy. He was the neighbors cat and when she lost the house, she didn’t take cobe with her. Her reasoning was she wouldn’t be able to keep him in the house after the move because of her 3 dogs. He was so attached to all the people on the cul de sac and last but not least he wouldn’t come so she could take him.

    Cobe had actually been hanging out at my house for about 6 months before she had to move. She had been drinking heavily and he didn’t want to hang out. Cobe is about 15 years old and doesn’t want to come in the house because of Goof. So I have a pet door in the garage and he can come and go. He has 3 different kinds of beds and more than one food dish.

    He still won’t let me pick him up, but will let me hold him on my lap if I’m sitting on the ground. Sigh… Poor little old guy… 😦 Was a big change for him.

  32. Ah poor ole cobe. He’s very lucky he has you or he would be long gone. I’m glad he has shelter and his owner is a POS, I’m sorry but that’s the truth. Because of her dogs?

    She adandoned him and i hope she’s paid for it in one way or another. How sick. Cobe knew she was about to dump him so he moved over your way before she had the pleasure. He wouldn’t come to her because he knew he was better off hanging out with you. Cats are smart that way.

  33. Incidentally, the Goofster is a good looking dude! But he already knows that.

  34. Thank you Upps,

    Yes, she was a POS… she knew it was coming and did nothing to prepare or stop it. She just drank, morning noon and night. Some people can’t deal with stress but to take it out on the poor lil’ ol’ guy really pissed me off.

    He now comes running when I call him and dances for rubs, wants to drink water out of my glass and begs for treats. Trying to keep him safe and comfy. 🙂

  35. Tee hee hee… yes I think Goof knows he’s cute. He uses as a weapon when he wants something… naughty kitteh.. even his dadyz can’t help but respond when Goof is being cute.

  36. Utah, sorry to hear about your damage and all. We didn’t get the horrible winds, but we have Santa Anas today. Hate Santa Anas. They are responsible for a lot of fires, and damage. Also, make you dry and itcy, allergy-ish, static electricity in hair & clothes, grumpy & give people like me migraines. They generate positive ions, which oddly enough make you feel bad. Negative ions (made by waterfalls & waves for example) make you feel good.

  37. He now comes running when I call him and dances for rubs, wants to drink water out of my glass and begs for treats.

    Several cat compliments all rolled into one. He’s telling you that you are a good soul and he’s glad he stuck with you. His sense of wisdom was On Target. Too bad he won’t come in though. But obviously, he IS happy.

  38. 😀 Thanks Upps.

    P.S. Hubby calls be Ellie Mae.. 😉

  39. oops… me… hubby calls me Ellie Mae.

  40. Uh oh. Fredsters beloved LSU is down 9-0 in the 1st quarter.

  41. We’re going to see Timothy B Schmidt tonite! He’s the cute guy with the long hair from the Eagles & Poco. Hubbie is giddy with excitement!

  42. Goofs, I’d say that being picked up has a bad connotation for him. Probably means he’s going to be ‘thrown outside” like her previous POS owner did to him . that’s why she gets ON your lap on her own but doesn’t like being picked up. If she were indoors, he would hop on your lap. I have a cat who stiffens like a corpse when I pick her up. I’m sure there’s a story there. But all I have to do is tap the seat where I am and she hops right up.

  43. NoEmptySuits at 3:36 PM

    Are you familiar with Ode to a Gym Teacher by Meg Christian? Was she singing about you?

  44. I saw that, about the kid being suspended. Freaking ridiculous. I was suspended once in High School, for nothing. My Dad went ballistic on them, and they treaded lightly around me after that; still I hated my HS experience (horrible stuff, got beaten up by two jealous girls, hit on by teachers, got beaten by a gym teacher…with a cane), so I got myself into a special program for gifted kids and did my last two years of HS in another schools library. I had to sit in front of the librarian and do all my assignments, but I could come & go as I pleased and did 2 years of work in 6 months, with great grades. I didn’t even go to my graduation, told them to mail me my diploma.

  45. That boy should have never been suspended. Ludicrous. Simply ludicrous. Kids talk about which teachers they think are cute all the time. What exactly is the big deal? For Chrissakes.

  46. I had to look that ode up, of course. Apparently there’s a story to it as well. All righty then.

  47. Occupational hazard for teachers, lol.

  48. fredsters team is going to win! lakerwade says Hooray! for fredster.

    We’re heading out. Hope you all have a splendid weekend. See you Sun nite!

  49. OMG! I just had a taste and I’m telling you now, Uppity, that the Pot Roast is PHENOMENAL – because my date is arriving at 7:30 and I plan on having plans the rest of the weekend!

    My house smells like I am an incredible cook – again! (and, the Chianti doesn’t lie) lol!

    Thank you!!! I’ll report in… and tell you all about desert. lol!

    Gotta go – I am soooooo excited!

  50. Ah. My pot roast. Gets em every time.


  51. I just read this and it scaaared me… Eeeeek!!!

    “A Des Moines Register poll released late Saturday found Gingrich leading the GOP field with 25 percent support among likely caucus goers. Texas Rep. Ron Paul had 18 percent support and Romney, who began campaigning in Iowa in earnest only recently, had 16 percent.”

    Yikes… Ron Paul??? What are those Iowan’s thinking.. 😯

  52. Paul’s crazy sycophants will see this as Paul will be the next president. Seriously, those people are out of touch with reality. They keep thinking paul is ahead and will just skip right over the candidacy thing and go right to President.

  53. Good luck with the date Why not. I’m going to need to find that receipe, sounds nummy.

  54. Paul’s followers are very scary people. I ran into a couple of them and they have the strangest look in their eyes. Seriously.

  55. Socalannie, I remember the Santa Anas well – I was on the firefighting end of things so we could chase those fires for days on end. Utah, hope you get things patched before the next big whopper. Here, we’re supposed to get down to freezing from that low pressure trough swinging through, something that normally doesn’t happen until January or February.

    Not that I’ve had time to enjoy any sort of weather… Dad fell and was admitted, and when digging around for the reason he was having tachycardia even with the pacemaker, they found a partial occlusion in one of the three coronary arteries. Got a stent. Glad it was caught before big damage but still… can do without drama. I’ve lost a week. 😦

  56. That’s “swinging” through, not swining, dear Fixit, dear Fixit…

  57. Did anyone watch the Republican debate? Nah, me neither.

  58. WhyNot – we just want to hear the details about the RIBS! lol

    And UW – maybe what was a hazard of the teaching profession to you, was a cute benefit (not requited!) for others?

  59. Where, oh where, in the world is our FF? It’s just not the same without her! I know she’s busy working, but… maybe she has a new girlfriend!!!! FF, you can tell us! 🙂

  60. Late night lorac? Me too. At least FF still works on the headers!

  61. lorac, cute is one thing. Getting frequent anonymous calls late at night and escalating unsigned love letters is not. After all, you can never really be sure if it’s just some smitten kid from class, or Jack the Ripper…or Jack the Ripper’s spawn. And kids at the high school level have a very active imagination. By the tenth one, it’s not cute anymore.

  62. Did anyone watch the Republican debate?

    It’s what we all live for, isn’t it?

  63. Another debate?
    Are the ratings for these things that high? I can not see the various networks hosting this many of these things if they were not getting the ratings and the advertising dollars.
    Masochists. We live in a country of masochists!

  64. I can’t believe a debate came and went and I didn’t even know about it. I am so crushed.

    UW: I was trying to be subtle… 😉

  65. They have a lot of debates because it’s sport for the far right. They love hearing as many awful and mean ideas as possible.The worse it is, the more the applause, like that time they cheered when it was suggested that uninsured sick people would die. It just gets them so excited. Perhaps last night someone suggested utilizing all poor people as an alternative fuel source.

  66. I wonder what that debate was like without the 999. I thought 999 was gonna fix everything. Bwaaaaahahahahahh

  67. Apparently, Newtie found out what every Democrat already knows: appearing with Nancy Pelosi will not help your career. (P.S. Newt: appearing with B0 is just as bad.)

  68. Yeah. Didn’t he do some global warming Tee Vee ad with her?

  69. This gets me crazy. I lived on Long Beach island (near JFK airport in NY) for years and had lots of little old Jewish ladies as neighbors. They all flocked to Florida for the winter in their retirement/widow years and were known as Snow Birds, affectionately. I can picture this woman and what a horrible experience this was for her. Shame on the TSA for not having the profiling up for a woman who did this trip annually for ages. Bastards.


  70. This is OFAs plan to make up for the loss of the working class. They’re working on the northwest. OFA has been recruiting people from CA to come over to NV and AZ to help with voter registration drives.

  71. Lorac – if only I had a new GF – or even an old one for that matter, I might be a more sane woman.

    To be honest – yes I have been busy – but I just really needed a break from the politics. I cannot stomach these bastardi running (and ruining) this country and that includes the media and more than most of the internet sites (with several exceptions – obviously Uppity’s and anyone who posts here and of course Big Pink.) My head was getting very near exploding all over my office so I needed to take a break for health reasons.

    More than anything, I cannot stand the “Identity Politics” that the Current Democratic Party promotes. There IS NOT ONE OF THEM who promotes a “United States” but instead has to partition and segregate and pit one group against another in order to achieve their goals. And the Republicans? They are just horrible.

    I have been watching a lot of historical documentaries lately on Netflix. Things like “The Monarchy”, “The Medici”, “The Tudors”, “The Great Famine” (of Russia in the early 20th Century) and not ONE DAMNED THING HAS CHANGED in essence. We are all, still, the world over being ruled by elitist despots who believe God Is On Their Side and will destroy anyone who says otherwise, if possible. As a matter of fact, at the moment I feel as if we are choosing between electing Pope Leo X and Cotton Mather.

  72. Uppity Woman Pot Roast on First Date Report:

    If you’re single, be very selective in the use of Uppity’s Pot Roast recipe; it can create a Love At First Bite transference issue. lol.

    Seriously, Uppity – it is as good, if not better, than you profess. Had a wonderful evening and we are taking leftovers to friend’s for lunch-football, by “request” – aka begging on bended knee. heh.

  73. Lorac: Try Uppity’s Pot Roast. We ended up watching The Notebook. 😉

  74. Apparently, Uppity’s pot roast should come with a warning label…….;)
    FF I recommend Uppity’s pot roast for what ails you. And good to “see” you btw!!

  75. So if I make Uppity’s Pot Roast, point the fan at the stove and open a window, will I get a GF?

  76. Now I want Uppity’s pot roast.. Why Not, lorac is a vegan or vegetarian, I’m not sure. She’d have to make Soy Roast.

  77. FF, it couldn’t hurt. Of course you could also end up with all the stray dogs in the neighborhood scratching at your door!

  78. Is there a dedicated Tab for Uppity’s Pot Roast? I have been scrolling backwards thru the Poverty Recipes and now I’m all dizzy.

  79. “Of course you could also end up with all the stray dogs in the neighborhood scratching at your door!”

    Why do you think I’m single? It seems that’s about all St. Pete has to offer these days…..


  80. I’ve been a documentary woman myself, FF. You have to give them your phone number first. lol.

  81. Whoa!!!! WhyNot got laid!

    And, great to see you again, FF! Missed you.

  82. FF- You cam just run over to the Poverty Recipe Index-
    But cuz I luv’s ya- here ya go

  83. You can get it from Uppity, WhyNot? LOL

  84. Thanks Mom!

    An Index! What a novel idea!

  85. FF- lol- I know all about getting dizzy on the recipe tab! There is SOOO much good stuff there! So I organized it. Merry Christmas early to the Uppity’s!
    Still have quite a few recipes to copy and paste- but it’s a start!

  86. Thanks NES, thanks Imust….

    now I am off to the store. See if the Produce Aisle lives up to its name!


  87. Wow! PMM! You.Are.Amazing! Can you come over and organize my house?!! How fitting that my only recipe is a “mock” apple pie! LOL!

  88. Imust- lol- I just had to include it!
    This was actually an easy project- which I have been promising myself I would get to for quite some time. All I did was copy and paste!

  89. So if I make Uppity’s Pot Roast, point the fan at the stove and open a window, will I get a GF?

    ROFL…I was wondering that myself. As for your chances, you had me with the headers!

  90. Sophie – the Headers are the product of some very disturbed thinking. Are you free on Saturday? LOL

  91. I gotta try that pot roast.

  92. My pot roast. Dangerous. Dangerous, I tell you.

    FF we really could use a sidebar thang for the recipe site. per favore?

  93. The Notebook! That pot roast is more dangerous than even I imagined!

    Which one of you is senile?

  94. FF we really could use a sidebar thang for the recipe site. per favore?

    Heh. You’ll be saaar-eeee. Will get to it.

  95. FF: I’m usually here at Uppity’s on Saturdays. Make of it what you will!

  96. LOL!! I just looked at Uppity’s pot roast recipe. It looks fabulous (and remarkably similar to how I do mines)!

    In New England, where I live, Yankee Pot Roast is a popular dish. Unfortunately, the region caters to what they call the Yankee palate, which translates to rather bland food. I brought pot roast in to work once and everyone oohed and aahd, never had pot roast like this before, and so on. I told them I broke the Yankee pot roast rules because I use three ingredients New Englanders don’t in their pot roast: tomatoes, garlic, and wine. I am so thrilled that you do that too, UW!

  97. “make of it what you will’

    now that sounds exciting. LOL

    Uppity – the roast smells great. No single women at the door yet, but it is wafting down the driveway. As for the wine, I only had a bottle of Rothschild Bordeaux left. Wonder what I should do with the rest of it……

  98. I guess everyone must be at FF’s, enjoying that roast!

  99. Sophie- I am not enjoying the roast! I am here trying to coherently categorize my skills for a new resume. Going through my day to day activities as a restaurant manager. Human resources, inventory control, training, public relations, data entry, cash handling and analyzing P&L and Food cost summaries.
    Jeebus- I was seriously under damn paid!

  100. PMM – Thank you so much for the index. I was scrolling thru the tab the other night, you index makes it sooooo much easier. 🙂

  101. I’ve got two back to back busy days tomorrow and tuesday so if any of you lovable contributors have anything to put up, have at it!

  102. PMM: Don’t forget to add Fact Ferret and Recipe Curator.

  103. Goofsmom! Glad to be of help. I thought the Uppityites would enjoy it!

    Sophie- ROFL! I wonder how I can fit that in the new resume? Skills and accomplishments? Able to ferret out information hidden in the vast intertubes at a moment’s notice?(I am so not giving credit to Al Gore) Inventoried and organized recipe collection, created and published user friendly index including links and references to original material? ROFL!

  104. The Notebook! That pot roast is more dangerous than even I imagined!

    Which one of you is senile?

    I can’t remember. I’ll find out, as soon as my date stops reading me the recipe for pot roast, as if it’s a love poem, for the 9th time.

  105. 60 Minutes is doing a segment on how none of the movers and shakers got busted for the financial meltdown. Listening to some of these guys, I can only say, What a bunch of weasels using weasel words! I mean, talk about your passive sentences…
    Decisions were made..
    Risks were taken…
    It was thought…

    LOL! Who decided? Who took the risks? Who thought?

  106. …and the phone number is….? I can think of something to do with that Rothschild Bordeaux.

    Lorac will be so “J” 😉

  107. I’ll find out, as soon as my date stops reading me the recipe for pot roast, as if it’s a love poem, for the 9th time.


  108. I had a couple of other recipes in mind, but I’d better stop before this place turns into a pick up joint.

  109. LOL Why Not? and don’t worry – Lorac blew me off after a few emails. Skyping with NES was apparently SOOOOO much more fun. As I said, Uppity (and PMM for that matter) can point you in the right direction. Imustsayhowever, although I am loads of fun, generous to a fault, a real talent, nice looking and a good cook, I am a bit squirrely. LOL

    Uppity – no dates for me (as I had to cook for Charlotte) but if it’s a decent consolation prize, I asked Charlotte if she wanted the homemade Italian Chicken Pot Pies from Mazzaro’s or The Roast tomorrow. She said The Roast.And then she said she “could eat that every night.”

    Thanks for making my life easier babe! Cook it here, serve it there, and tomorrow we have leftovers! LOL

  110. Hey if it keeps the old girl happy, FF, you’re welcome. Man oh man, that pot roast got itself a lot of mileage in 24 hours!

    And NES only skypes with me.

  111. “And NES only skypes with me.”

    probably best that way.

    Anyway – going outside to watch the stars. Having a big fight w/ a friend on Twitter – a FORMER Hillary Supporter who swallowed the Kool Aide from the back of a tanker and who lives on “identity politics”

  112. Oh man, I could spend a half a day in Mazzaros.

  113. Uppity – we go and get lasagna by the slice and sit outside with Italian bread, Brie and Orangina. YUM~! The place is da bomb, for real.

  114. FF their prices for some great stuff on the menu are REALLY low too. And their shop is fantastic. I was checking out the gallery of photos. My kinda place.

  115. lasagna and Orangina.


    But I know what you meant. lol.

    To not have wine and peaches with brie is a felony isn’t it?

  116. Quick lorac, go here right away! http://www.menusearch.net/menus/7646general.pdf

  117. Order the brie and Orangina, lorac! And sit outside.

  118. Dearest NES, do you confirm that eating brie without peaches or strawberries or pears and wine is a felony?

  119. I could go for some of that sausage and peppers and onions with some crusty bread and some red wine.

    Edit: I’m going to modify this because that’s how I am. I would add some home fries. But that’s just me.

  120. To not have wine and peaches with brie is a felony isn’t it?

    I tried peaches and wine over the summer. I let the peaches soak for several hours. I got rather inebriated fairly quickly. Obviously, it was because I didn’t realize I was supposed to have Brie with it.

  121. Hey don’t knock it. My grandfather sat me on his knee and peeled fresh peach slices into his home made wine and fed them to me. Then I took my nap with no fuss at all.

  122. Really the peaches shouldn’t be soaked for hours. We just drop them into the wine, talk a little and then eat them.

  123. Oh my! I was on the phone – did I miss an opportunity to get an invitation to star gazing with a fun, generous, talented, attractive, wee bit, squirrely woman?


    (I’m telling you, Uppity, there’s something about the Pot Roast that you’re not telling us – lol!)

  124. Ah Why Not. You’ve come to know me! Some of my recipes are….magical.

  125. brie without peaches or strawberries or pears and wine is a felony non-eventful event.

    I’m a Boursin Cheese and Wine woman, actually.

  126. Hey I’m fun, generous, talented, attractive and squirrely too! The problem is, I am the last remaining heterosexual woman on earth, which makes me essentially useless on this blog since there isn’t a blogger on the net who attracts lesbians better than I do. Go figure.

    In fact, when the weblog award setup was occurring, there was a lesbian blogger in my category mix, who took to defending me when the wonkers when after me with their votes. She was shocked to find out I had more lesbians here than she had on her own blog. Hilarious.

    So what is it about my place, anyways? I mean it kind of mimics real life in my case. I have more gay and lesbian friends than hetero friends. I think it’s because I am entertainment for them. You know, the last hetero couple on earth or something. But hey, what do I care? The food is always great!

  127. Well, it’s Ribs next weekend.

    God, help me…

  128. Oh, she’s going for the rib recipe. Heaven help her.

  129. Yeah, what’s up with that. I can’t imagine why a lesbian would click on a link saying, Uppity Woman. /s

  130. Ah so it’s the title!

  131. Make extra rice, Why Not. Leftovers are great the next day.

    Seriously, do not serve this without that rice. The sauce! The sauce!

  132. You are an iconic enigma, Uppity. You have it all, share it with great pleasure. while commanding respect for the value of such a gift.

    That’s my take – on why you are a lesbian’s dream. lol!

  133. Ah so it’s the title!

    Well, that’s what gets you to walk through the door. Then once you’re in, there’s all kinds of magical surprises inside, so you stay. It kind of goes with the old joke:
    Q: What do lesbians do on a second date?
    A: Rent a U-Haul.

  134. Why Not. Corp America people get hooked on brie. It’s always there at the gathering. That big block of brie practically running off the plate, surrounded by all those succulent fruits and gourmet crackers and the chilled bottles of golden nectar. Oh…oh…

  135. Yes, sophie, our members do indeed offer some magical surprises, this is true. I do get a sense that these are people I would want to go on a picnic with.

  136. Why thank you, Why Not! I shall cherish your assessment and let it go directly to my head!

  137. Seriously.

    But, others can probably elaborate with greater insight, than I.

    I’m just sucking up for the recipes. lol.

  138. Whether or not you like fish is completely irrelevant. You may want to consider my stuffed sole with crabmeat and melted swiss. Just saying.

  139. Yes, yes… THAT brie – with “the secret is in the sauce” Worcestershire – for that corporate, tie-died look?

  140. stuffed sole with crabmeat and melted swiss

    OMG! Is that in the Poverty Recipe tab?

    If not, see comment at December 4, 2011 at 10:45 PM:

    You are an iconic enigma, Uppity. You have it all, share it with great pleasure. while commanding respect for the value of such a gift.

    For that recipe, I can do better.

  141. Well in that case, I do believe the stuffed sole is in the recipe tab.

    I believe Mom can provide testimony.

  142. Oops, I thinks it’s A-1 Sauce on brie in the south – whatever it is – I’m just not a fan of saucing up the brie.

  143. Saucing up brie should be punishable by death.

  144. I was just looking – I remember seeing it now – but was going for the top three suggestions.

    I’m in for the Stuffed Sole – In fact, I think I’ll do that next.

    All of the recipes under the tab look so wonderful – and so well instructed – I love the way PMM is indexing them. I have no hesitation in trying them all.

    Truly, the two so far have been just incredible.

  145. Well it’s probably much easier to snatch them off her site. We need to get a sidebar up on that one.

  146. Saucing up brie should be punishable by death.

    …saith the brie.


    Well, I have an early day. Goodnight.

  147. A sidebar would be so much fun, generous, attractive and require a real TALENT to make it work. 😉

  148. Whoa! Wait, wait…you’re a lez too, WhyNot?

  149. Wow a lesbian on UW blog. That’s new.

  150. Gotta rise at 5 AM. So I had best hit the sack.

  151. Oh, wow I’m cleaning the house, and I come here, and FF is saying I didn’t answer enough emails so I’ve gotten the boot? And WhyNot and Sophie are trekking a path to her door! Not fair! I didn’t know the rules! 😦

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