Open thread and blog members show up at Uppity’s house for dinner



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  1. I thought those were the Paulies at the debates begging making all that racket.

  2. Beef it,s what’s for Dinner. 🙂

  3. LOL that was a good one. Annoying snots, aren’t they, though?

  4. The kittehs were clamoring for some more crow. The ows supporters dumped their bowls under the table when nobody was looking.

  5. The kittehs can’t possibly be OWSers. They use a litter box and bury their waste.

  6. Has anyone here ever heard of a Tomato Soup cake with Peanut Butter icing? We’ve been making it in my family for over 60 years every Christmas. Sounds weird but is yummy.

    Anybody want the recipe? Sugar, flour, a can of tomato soup…

  7. That settles it, Karen. Now I am absolutely certain you will eat anything!

    I’m gagging here!

  8. No they are far cleaner than the ows campers. The cats just wanted some more crow. Utah is quite the cook! Crow left overs.

  9. UW, the cake is moist and delicious. My relatives want me to send them some and my life long friends mention they too make it and have passed the tradition on from my family to theirs. My grandmother was an expert chef. So were her parents. They cooked for the king and queen in the old country and she could make a feast out of scraps.

  10. Ah you’re just pulling my leg, Karen. Nothing made with tomato soup and peanut butter could possibly taste that good. It’s like an April Fools’ joke, right?

  11. Strangely, I’m hungry.

  12. Did someone mention tomato soup cake?

  13. Oh lord. E tu?

  14. Naw….it just seemed like the appropriate thing to say. 😉

  15. In keeping with the theme of the post and adding karen’s comment, how about “Kitty Litter Cake?”

  16. Kitty Litter Cake
    1 pk Spice cake mix
    1 pk White cake mix
    1 pk White sandwich cookies
    1 sm Package instant vanilla pudding mix
    12 sm Tootsie Rolls

    Prepare cake mixes and bake according to directions. Prepare pudding mix and chill until ready to assemble. Crumble white sandwich cookies in small batches in blender. They tend to stick, so scrape often.

    When cakes are cooled, crumble into a large bowl. Toss with half the cookie crumbs and the chilled pudding. Gently combine. Pour into a clean kitty litter box.

    Put unwrapped Tootsie Rolls in a microwave safe dish two at a time and heat until soft and pliable. Shape ends so they are no longer blunt, curving slightly. Repeat until you have nine, and bury them in the mixture. Sprinkle the other half of cookie crumbs over top. Heat three more Tootsie Rolls in the microwave until almost melted. Scrape them on top of the cake and sprinkle with cookie crumbs. Serve with a new pooper scooper.

  17. well, no takers on the recipe, but since UW doesn’t believe me, here is the proof. Delicious. Seriously. Better than fruitcake or peeps. 🙂

    You may not want this messing up your recipe tab… ha ha. gag you say?

    Would I lie to you? They call it “surprise cake” so people will taste it the first time. People always like it and ask for more and the recipe. Really.

    Tomato Soup Cake with Peanut Butter Icing

    Cream together:
    1 cup of sugar and 4 tbs of Crisco

    Then add and blend in:
    1 egg
    1 cup scalded raisins
    1 tsp cinnamon
    Dash of nutmeg (freshly grated bit or powder)

    Then combine this mixture and blend it into the above:
    1 tsp baking soda
    1 can tomato soup (no water)
    2 cups all purpose flour

    Bake in two round pans at 350 degrees for 30 minutes
    approximately. test for doneness till a toothpick
    dipped into the center of the layers comes out clean
    and dry.

    1 cup confectioners sugar
    3 tbs of butter
    3 tbs of peanut butter
    ½ tsp vanilla

  18. Dang. The only thing out of order in that recipe is the tomato soup. But there’s enough other stuff to mask it. It might work. But why include tomato soup?

    Anybody besides karen want to try this and report back. Let us know ahead of time so if we don’t see you for a few days, ….

    And lol on the litter cake!

  19. LOL no clue why they would use tomato soup. Though the baking soda neutralizes the acid. The acid in the tomato juice reacts with the baking soda to create the gas that causes the cake to rise.
    Any idea on the age and origin of this recipe karen?

  20. Can’t be any older than canned tomato soup Mom. Just kidding.

  21. Well, My mom was born in 1923 and grandma was born in 1901 in the Northeast Pa area. They made it every year at least since the early 1950’s, of that I am positive. Where it came from beyond that, no clue. I can tell you though that my grandmother cooked fluently in a dozen nationalities. She could make sauerbraten with dumplings and lasagna in one meal. I think you now know where my love of food was fueled. When I walked into my grandmothers house, I’d give her a hug and kiss and then walk straight to her fridge – God’s honest truth. Always left-overs to die for.

    Not tomato juice PMM. It has to be a condensed soup like Campbell’s.

    You can taste the tomato but it compliments the sweet sugar and confectioners sugar with peanut butter and the nutmeg – vanilla taste. It looks like a more orange version of spice cake. The raisins are a nice touch too.

  22. Nice foodie heritage karen! lol
    My error- I did read tomato soup but typed juice. Same thing though- the acid and the baking soda are what makes it rise.
    I have been know to sub out ingredients when I am out of something- but never in a million years would I have thought to use tomato soup! Though I have made pumpkin spice cake.
    The soup seems to take the place of some of the butter and eggs too.

  23. Ok mom, try the recipe and report back.

  24. When you consider that tomatoes are actually a fruit, Karen’s recipe starts looking better. I mean, most people find zucchini bread delicious.

  25. A few years back our local Garden Club had a program called “Totally Tomatoes”. We had a panel taste/judge over 20 varieties of tomatoes, and a pot luck . The foods brought to the pot luck had to have some sort of tomato as an ingredient.

    I made a tomato soup cake (mine had no peanut buter frosting), and it was delicious. I think mine had a cream cheese frosting.

  26. Agree, zucchini bread is pretty good if made right and not gritty. Looks like I’m the odd one out here on the tomato cake.

  27. No you’re not, Upps. I like my cakes with fruit flavors, alcohols, frosting or glaze, no canned soup & no pnut butter. Also that kitty litter thing…eeek!

  28. Whew! Thank goodness somebody is with me on this tomato thing!

  29. Ooops. That was me, not laker. Altho laker was just here, listening to the kittehs. He said, “I thought kittens were supposed to be cute.”

  30. Hey listen, I don’t care who it is. I was hanging alone here!

  31. Laker wants me to make the kitty litter cake & send it to his Dad’s work! He also said the cat in the kitty litter cake pic looks freaked out.

  32. I hate peanut butter. Ladies , please don’t ruin any good cakes with peanut butter. It’s rat food.

  33. Aw pb ain’t THAT bad. Just not with tomatoes! But it IS good rodent trap food!

  34. ROFL – I will give the soup cake a try- after the holidays- if someone reminds me. Not sure I could stomach it knowing what is in it!
    Peanut butter as rat food! ROFL! Well yes- it will attract rodents to a trap but still. Back when peanut butter was still just a food and not a politically incorrect lunch bomb- I survived on that stuff. It used to be a cheap protein.

  35. I can’t eat it, am allergic to it. It makes my throat swell up and get raspy. My Dad loves it though. My Mom eats almond butter occasionally, which looks and smells just like peanut butter.

  36. I watched the Ron Paul ad. omg, it was hilarious. It was so he-manish, and opposite to the rather high voiced Paul.

  37. Laker- sorry! I love peanut butter! Ah well, I have hundreds of recipes without!
    Socal- I am going to try your baklava this year! Wish me luck!

  38. Upps, just read & laughing my ass off at your response to the pompous one over at the nice neighbors! God, my highlight of the day!

  39. Yeah he objects to ‘troll’ after calling half the world much worse.

    What scares me is he didn’t see the irony in my response.

  40. Baklava is scary. I can just about handle spanakopita. Working with those sheets is an art. And you don’t have a hell of a lot of time to get it right.

  41. omg, he actually said he’s not a fan of schoolyard bullying or name calling!?!?!?!?! w t f? He attacked me for days, stopped, then brought up the subject again with no provocation whatsoever and lambasted me for another couple of days. After breaking it off with him, I noticed that he got up at 5 in the fricking morning to attack my family again. Hubbie was totally freaked out and begged me to never talk to this guy again. Hubbie was so paranoid that this guy had it in for me (cuz the other people there were attacking him back) that I deleted my facebook acct. Which I never used & didn’t mind doing. Anyway, so fun to see the pompous one get the snappy comebacks he so richly deserves.

  42. Re Paul. Nothing like following a leader who says it’s no big deal if Iran has nuclear war heads since they can’t reach the USA. I mean the thought that a seriously crazed bunch of clerics could level the entire middle east and wipe out every Jew in the vicinity doesn’t cross his mind at all. As in Eh! That’s Life!

  43. Whoa laker, that’s the start of a serious allergy. Please be careful of nuts.

    Anaphalaxis is death. I know this for sure. My brother died that way. So please be very very very careful if you are swelling when eating ANYTHING. Just stay away from it. Forever. I myself am allergic to bees and once got right out of my car in heavy traffic when one flew into the sun roof.

  44. “What scares me is he didn’t see the irony in my response.” Exactly! so bizarre. Is the pompous bs a coverup for an inferiority complex, or does he really believe he’s way above the rest of us in every way.

    btw if you don’t want these comments on here, feel free to scrub them!

  45. Mom, good luck with the baklava! My dad always had a helper, me or one of my sisters or my mom. Its a lot of work.

  46. Nah, I just think he lives life about to jump from a ledge. This is a very very unhappy guy. And probably kind of lonely because of his demeaner. Just guessing of course. Yeah we shouldn’t be talking about it here.

  47. Socal= I know it is a lot of work- but way out here in the boonies if I want baklava- I will have to make it. I could drive all the way to Pittsburgh- but that is not a driving friendly city at all.
    The sheets are a touchy thing. I do Spanikopita a couple times a year. I am going to give it my best shot!

  48. That’s so sad about your brother, Upps. I’ve seen that before, when I worked at the golf course. A Dr cut the mans throat and put in a straw. I almost fainted. Eventually an ambulance showed up. I would like to get one of those shot things that you carry around, just in case.

  49. Mom, if anyone can do it, you can. Hubbie is begging me to make a tray now for his work. He does’t want the kitty litter cake! Awwww! Well maybe laker & I will take it on in a few days.

  50. Uppity, my bee stings used to swell up badly when I was a kid & my mom took me to the ER a couple of times to get a shot. Then once I got stung at the beach when I was a teen and the lifeguard poured ammonia on it and it stopped the whole allergy thing. It was so great. A few years ago laker got stung & started swelling up at our local botanic gardens & the workers came running out to help & I asked for ammonia, which they didn’t have, but they did have the old fashioned windex with ammonia, so I put that on his sting and that helped a lot also. Ammonia seems to neutralize it.

  51. Uppity, do you carry an epi pen?

  52. socal & upps: Are y’all talking about zee at the neighbor’s ?

  53. Yep. Hey fredster, been meaning to tell you congrats on your big win from me & hubbie & lakerwade! So you guys & bama in the title game! Awesome. btw, my hubbie doesn’t like the bama coach.

  54. socal: Thanks to all of you!

    Yep, it’s us and Bama again. It really should have been Oklahoma State, but I’m confident we’ll beat ’em again. I could barely stand Saban when he was at LSU and damned sure don’t like him now.

    Poor zee…he talks about having a b.f. but I wonder. I don’t think anybody could put up with him for that long! 😆

  55. Yeah let’s all cool it on the Z thing. He’s not here to defend himself and he’s not going to be here to defend himself. So The End.

    Socal, when I was a kid I was constantly getting stung. It was horrible. I couldn’t even tell you how many times I landed in the emergency room. Wherever I got stung, it would swell to mutant proportions. If I stepped on one, I couldn’t walk as the entire foot would swell clear up past my ankle, stiff as a board, like a club. If it was my face, it mutated. I never had signs of anaphalaxis however, the stinging was so frequent, they worried about it escalating to worse reactions. Lots of Benedryl or its equivalent around. My parents made a serious effort to be on Bee watch and so did I. The idea was to stop being stung so frequently so things wouldn’t get worse. It’s what you did in those days. I did carry an epi for a long while but it’s highly possible that I am no longer in danger as I haven’t been stung in decades. However, I don’t give them a chance to sting me, let me tell you. I suppose I should carry one as the only way to find out is to get stung, but because I never had breathing issues after a sting that I can recall, i somehow am not that worried. I went to school with a woman who died from a bee sting. Terrible. But an allergist told me that my reaction would most likely be the same as it always was at worst, unless i got stung but a lot of them at once. Chances of that are pretty slim. So no I don’t carry one any longer, but I do have the option. I do keep benedtryl handy though at all times. i try not to be paranoid about it because that can ruin your life, and I’m pretty aware if they are around, so I don’t take chances. My brother died in the allergist’s office during the scratch test.

  56. Incidently, I have a similar reaction to spider bites, only I actually get ill besides, especially if they bite me in the head or neck area. My neck glands swell something horrific too.

  57. Okay upps, was just curious.

  58. MOM, I do spanakopita too. I love that stuff.

  59. Yeah well this doctor intubated my brother too. Into his stomach. He didn’t have a chance. They had left him alone and by the time they heard everything crashing in the room from his panic, they were totally inadequate. There was no epi pen on the cart. You get the picture.

    You don’t want to be using an epi pen unless it is really needed.

  60. Dear Fredster,

  61. My youngest brother has bee sting allergies. Poor kid- (lol he’s not a kid anymore) When they did those scratch tests he turned out to have a gazillion allergies- but the bee and wasp ones were the life threatening kind. They tried and tried for years to desensitize him to no avail. What a nightmare- going back to the doc time after time after time to get stuck with the stuff. He had horrible reactions to the minutest amount of the serum or venom or whatever it is they used.
    I have only had a few stings in my life- two of them when I was in Louisiana this past summer. Nasty little wasps they have down there and the fire ants are EVIL!

  62. Uppity, so sorry you lost your brother. That is so sad.

  63. Fredster is not feeling too well here. Last night I started with tooth ache pain (or gum pain?) on the left upper side. When the dentist filled one tooth he said one of them was pretty deep and would probably end up being a root canal and crown. A few days ago one of those teeth was “twinging” and I thought “ah nerve” but it passed after a couple of seconds. Well last night was a whole lot different. It seemed like it hurt from the back teeth all the way around to the front ones. I brushed, gingerly, and saw it looked like the gums were inflamed. I took 1/2 of a vicodin and then took the other half later. Should have taken the whole thing at one time. It has been better today but I’m being very careful. Called the dentist’s answering service and he called me back and said just to stay with the vicodin tonight and then call the office first thing in the morning.

    Last night I had gotten things worked out with the friend who was going to drive the uhaul to nola and we set it for Monday the 19th. And now this! I was hoping I’d be able to get this work done with my former dentist in nola. So I’m hoping maybe this one here in Bham can get me on the antibiotics if needed and maybe do the root canal. Then I can get the crown in nola.

    I hate this sh!t. 😦

  64. Get that root canal fast, Fredster. The pain when you need one can get really bad suddenly. Been there. Done that. When it really heats up it is brutal pain, so don’t wait. If you go to an endodontist, it will be painless. 20 minute root canal, $2k. i know, I have a good friend who does them. I had two of them in one sitting and I went to a huge meeting 3 hours later and felt fine. If it’s a simple root canal your general dentist can do it, but if he or she has to have you come back several times to complete it, hightail it to an endo. Seriously. Then comes the crown later so save up!

    If you don’t get the root canal fast enough, you will have an abcess and that makes matters worse. So don’t put it off.

  65. Thank you socal, it was a bummer. He was in his 40s. My father died less than 3 months later. he couldn’t live with that senseless death of his son. It was a bad year.

  66. On deck for tomorrow: McNorman’s post entitled, Veggies, Women and Crackpots on Parade.

  67. Uppity,

    I sent a request to follow Bill on twitter… under one of my many sock puppet names. Goof wants me to make sure you know it’s us. Liz.C

  68. PMM,

    So sorry about your brother-in-law. Sending thoughts and prayers to you and your family.

  69. Karen,

    Hmmmm…. Tomato cake… interesting concept… uh… maybe try it later… sometime next year… yeah, that’s it… 😉

  70. Which name are you under for Bill, goofs?

  71. SoCal, Laker and everyone,

    Be careful with those allergies! I have food allergies and they are the pits. I’m allergic to pepper, needless to say it’s hard to go out to eat dinner. 😯

    My sister in law made a fruit salad for a family gathering one year and I woke up at 2 AM covered in hives from head to toe, even inside my ears… Had to go to urgent care for epi shot and steroids. Then spent the next week taking oatmeal baths and covered in benedryl. Icky!

  72. Liz.chatte

  73. k I don’t see that name up there under followers. You shouldn’t have to request, just click on bill’s place and hit “Follow”. He will follow his goofbuddy back.

  74. I may set up a twitter just for goof… I had tried it before and it said that I was blocked. That’s why I did the request thingy. Give me a little and I will set up another twitter.


  75. Okay they are all set up to chat. Naughty kitteh, now I’ll never get him off the ‘puter.

    BTW – Told hubby (the baker in the house) about Karen’s Tomato cake… he said it sounded interesting and he might try to make it. He also said that nothing beats a great chocolate cake!

  76. I don’t think I will try the tomato and PB thing. Just does not sound good to me.

    Allergies ugh . This is always a rotten time of year for me. I am allergic to Pine. Bad ! All stores have pine cones, boughs or trees or some type of pine and I get sick and I mean sick. Right now I am hacking my lungs up and feverish after going out to get some shopping done. I try to sit out the season but unfortunately you have to go grab groceries.
    Every year as a child I was too sick to enjoy Christmas and finally found out why when I was 12 and landed in the hospital. We always had a fresh tree and bam I went down. Now that stores start the madness in October I am doomed.

  77. BTW restaurants ought to warn folks when they use pine nuts in something. Had a dish once was was darn near my last.

  78. utah,

    Yep, try to get restaurants to cook without pepper! Sigh….

  79. Uppity@9:21: I’ve had a couple of them before but they were simple one visit things. This time he may have to take a look tomorrow, write a script for the antibiotics and then come back to do the r.c., I don’t know. Luckily, the one thing I *do* have is dental ins. Got a plan from Delta Dental and it pays fairly decently. I’ll keep my fingers crossed that this will be a simple one.

  80. A good one (shamelessly lifted from elsewhere):

  81. I see Huffblow has yet another piece written by Mark Madoff’s wife, like the poor baby committed suicide after the entire family lived the high life on $50 billion stolen from innocent victims, some of whom also committed suicide. Boo Freaking Hoo. What the hell is the matter with Huffpo? Nevermind, they are AOL now, a match made in heaven. I just can’t believe these sappy pieces, like we are all supposed to feel sorry for the Madoffs and nary a mention of the victims who also were forced to commit suicide. Really, all this painting of this famil as victims just makes me sick. Boo Freaking Hoo.

  82. I agree Uppity, I just don’t get it. This family directly benefitted from Madoff stealing, lying and impoverishing other families and we are supposed to feel sorry for them. NOT!!

  83. Utah, you would lose your mind on my property. I have pine trees everywhere.

  84. I would have them logged. I can handle Cedar or Spruce seems not to bug me but pine especially when cut or burned make me so ill a bullet to the head is something that sounds good. When burned I will cough up blood it is that bad.

  85. FYI to those with food allergies- all restaurants will provide you with a list of items containing your allergens. Good, customer service oriented ones will prepare your meal leaving out the hazardous ingredients. Most of the big chains will have a sheet or webpage where you can look up the ingredients.
    I had a family that used to come to the restaurant for which I worked. They would call me a day ahead so the meat cutter could prepare steak for them without the marinade. They would come and then the grill cook on duty would clean off a section of the grill to cook their steaks.
    I know how hard it is for those with allergies. So many ingredients- and then there are the ingredients IN the ingredients.

  86. I mean, most people find zucchini bread delicious.
    YUM!!!!! 🙂

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