How to wrap and how to not wrap a cat for Christmas

Do you remember the famous youtube cat, Flippy? He made hundreds of videos, most of them revolving around his owner  laboriously creating awesomely elaborate domino art and then providing the falling chain reaction with  Flippy walking over them at the end. For example, this one. Sometimes Flippy himself got to knock the dominoes down too.

Old Flippy passed on last year but his fan base still hasn’t forgotten him. Here is a Flippy dominoes tribute.

To show you what a sport Old Flippy was, here’s How To Wrap a Cat For Christmas, in classy Flippy style.

Note: Do not try this at home. Trust me, your cat is NOT Flippy.

Now, I TOLD you not to try this at home. See what you get?


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  1. Hi UW: Flippy looks like my Pita. my kitteh that died the day before I had my stroke—she died of a stroke to,buT she was 19 and i was 52–I guess I took care of her better than myself, I didn’t die though–and not true–I came through a Major stroke with minimal repurcussions, my baby was too old to do that——

    The black one (all black) looks like my soul mate kitty —-MICKEY–GOD I LOVED HIM—so much–IT’S BEEN 12 YEARS he’s been gone (kidney disease) and I still cry like a baby at christmas time—it was late Oct I lost him—he was the BEST kitty EVEH

    Pita was a rescue, Mickey came right from his mother–sorry for the tears—-vids brought back memories

  2. If I tried to gift wrap one of my cats I would meet Santa Claws.

  3. (((UPPITY”S)))) I have a question on the last post, if you could go back amd read the last two entries and give me some suggestions, I would apprecaite it–either here or there

  4. Hi Myq: why up so Late / early–which ever it is

  5. Mickey would have put up with it—she’s like my Michelina–I could pick her up by the legs swing her over my head–and when it is done and over she would look at me and say “now what mamma”—-

    best dog and kitteh EVAH—Meeka is still with me though

  6. PITA—NO WAY HOSE—-worst kitteh eveh—but I loved her to death anyways

  7. WOW: my next name is going to be BLOG HOG—I’m done till later

  8. Once you’ve wrapped your gift cat, you’ll need a reliable delivery service.

    This is NOT one of those. :mrgreen:

  9. As the owner of two cats I can really, really appreciate these cute kitty wrapping videos. Thanks for posting these fun utubes. This is a great way to start the day.

  10. I had to cats that resembled Holstein cattle, you know, the Ben and Jerry’s cows. They were the best cats I ever had. For one thing they talked like crazy and always had to have the last word. They always knew how I felt. The last one, Moo, would play fetch. When he was little he would climb up on the back of my computer chair, put his front paws each on one shoulder, peer around at my face and MEEEEEEEEEEEOOOOOW to get me off the computer so I would play with him.
    I could throw his toy in the air and he would catch it and if I threw it over his head he would do a back flip in the air to catch it. Amazing cat.

  11. Michelina, here are my answers to your dog questions from the other thread.

    Michelina, you can train Davey to give up that ball by offering her a better alternative for which she must use her mouth. She brings the ball to you, and you should want her to Sit. If she sits, she calms down more. If she isn’t sitting, you should first get her to answer your sit command. After awhile she will do it automatically. Okay, so she brought you the ball and sat in front of you. So you show her the liver treat or whatever, and she wants it. To get it she has to git rid of the ball, so this is the point at which you quickly use whatever command you use for her to give you the ball.
    You don’t SAY anything about the treat because eventually there will be no treat. She sits, you swiftly make sure she sees the treat while saying give me the ball, which you will take with the other hand, then you give her the treat while heaping huge sums of praise upon her.

    Do it exactly the same way each time. After she gets the point that she fetches, brings and gives, you can start giving her the treat every third time, always heaping praise upon her perfect and brilliant self. Eventually you drop the treat idea and she now associates good things with bringing mom the ball and giving it to her.

    Also, you should own a tug toy for Davey, one Davey associates with Let’s Tug. That way she will learn that if she wants to play Tug, she uses that. If she wants to play fetch, she uses other things. They sell these tuggers made of firehose material that a dog can’t kill. At least my dog can’t. They also sell those tug ropes, whatever floats your boat. I call my dog’s tugger “Pull-Pull”. I say go find Pull Pull and she knows she can get a good game of tug out of me. When she brings me the tugger when I don’t request it, I say Ok so you want to play Pull-Pull. My dog knows every one of her toys by its name. This comes in especially handy not only when you want her to get a specific one, but also in teaching the dog to put her toys away. And also if you want to teach your dog to learn to identify and bring other things. Such as Remote Control. Or Screwdriver. It’s all related. See?

    When I want to fill her Kong with treats, I am not about to go searching for where it is. So I just tell her Bring Kong while I head to the kitchen. She knows EXACTLY what that means and believe me, she is behind me in a flash with it. If she doesn’t know exactly where it is, she finds it in a REAL hurry. lol.

    Also I never tell my dog to DROP the ball. I tell her to give it to me. I reserve DROP IT for things she should not have! This comes in handy when she’s got something in her mouth that is wrong or bad for her. So DROP and BRING means two different things to her. And LEAVE IT means don’t pick it up at all. I taught her LEAVE IT using something she wants and rewarding her big time for waiting. SHe will stare at it and stare at you, in alternate fashion, and drool all over the place, but she is not to take it till you say so. In this way, some day when she is heading for some splintery chicken bone on the ground or something, you can say LEAVE IT and move on.

    Utah is a far more experienced trainer than I am, so she might have something to add or correct.

  12. LOL Uppity- I just chimed in on the dog thing on the other thread. You, of course, gave a much better answer!
    Sick as a dog- three days running with a monster headache- and other symptoms- lots of sleeping. And very weird dreams- where is our Anthony/Sybill?

  13. Hahaha I moved my answers here where she would be sure to see them. Oh my dog definitely knows KITCHEN. lolol.

    Yes I agree it’s important to be able to take ANYTHING out of your dog’s mouth. God knows, I’ve done it. Also, food aggression is generally a VERY bag sign in a dog. I know they use it when they evaluate rescues. A dog that is snapping and growling over the food bowl when you reach for it it a dog getting ready to eventually hurt somebody.

    Doesn’t sound like fun having your symptoms Mom. And the dreams probably mean a fever.

    Let’s keep all the dog answers in this one thread before we both go mad.

  14. I will close comments on the other thread for awhile so the dog answers don’t get lost there. Michelina has a lot of information here from us, should help her.

    I’n sure Utah knows even more. You don’t rescue and rehab ACDs without a LOT of training and behavior modification skill.

  15. Uppity your answers for teaching are spot on. Training is repetitive and you have to do it daily and never more then 10 minutes or so and soon your patience pays off big time.
    An untrained dog is the main reason they end up in the pound. The other is they got old and needed meds or help.
    There are no stupid dogs but there are many a stupid human. Some dogs learn at a slower pace then others but learn they will if the human will take the time to teach.
    Kahlua is one of my many rescues who I took out when the Las Vegas shelter put down over 1800 dogs and cats. I and my co-rescuers managed to save 400 from death that time. One or two dogs had distemper in the pound so they decided to kill all the animals in it. None of the ones we got out became ill.
    Anyway I kept Kahlua because she was a maniac. A 6 to 8 year old untrained ACD. They are easy to train as babies but an ACD that had been devoid of human attention and training and allowed to act like a wild Dingo is a nightmare! She with work , patience and love has turned into one of the greatest ever. Sadly she also came with a heart condition that might have lead to this stroke. She seems to have a bit of paralysis on her left side and getting up and walking is very hard but she does it. If I know her she will make a full come back and the vet thinks so too. She is such a determined soul.
    Anyway Michelina take time daily and work Davey. It pays off 100 times over. Uppity is dead on by using the treat. Make it one they can not refuse. Be sure to use a word while offering the treat you want to be known for dropping the ball. Praise and repeat. I use drop and the wrecking crew know drop means anything they have in their mouth good or bad. Anyway got to run Kahlua has to go to PT.

  16. Must be nice to have pets that will obey your orders. I know my cats have been enjoying that status for years.

  17. NES, I heard them talking about that on NPR the other day. They said he has something to run on now.

    Isn’t the pull out part of Bush’s time line for withdrawal? So he’s really keeping one of Bush’s promises. Now that would make a great ad.


    I don’t think this Dem strategy will work against Mitt. Would be interested in hearing a contrary view.

  19. I can see it now, “I kept one of GWB’s promises, that’s why you should re elect me.” That would be funny.

  20. Hilarious Vivien! Hadn’t realized that was W’s timeline. Can this guy do anything original?!

  21. I agree with the POV of this article:
    O doesn’t get the USA at some fundamental level, and I hope that’s his downfall.

  22. NES:

    Excellent article clarifying most (polled) Americans’ view of balancing inequality as “equality of opportunity” rather than “equality of outcome.”

    Of course, NPR is a a perpetual, O-Friendly guiding light on tweaking his message to fit public sentiment, via polls…

    In short, a 2008 election widely regarded as heralding a shift toward the more government-friendly public sentiment of the New Deal and Great Society eras seems to have yielded just the reverse.

    None of this is to say that Obama can’t win next year. Indeed, if the economy grows a bit more quickly and unemployment falls farther than the standard forecasts predict, he may well prevail. It is to say that a campaign emphasizing growth and opportunity is more likely to yield a Democratic victory than is a campaign focused on inequality. While the latter will thrill the party’s base, only the former can forge a majority.

    Link @ NoEmptySuits, on December 17, 2011 at 11:18 AM:

  23. Ok, Why Not a Party of Realists?

    Liberally speaking…
    Conservatively speaking…
    Realistically speaking…

  24. UW, PMM & UTAH: thank you so much for your help, I do do the training every day for at least 10-15 minutes,so I have that much on my side.

    The treat thing works–
    I am making a bit of progress with her with that at least.


  25. Each NPR and MSNBC story on Obama:

    “It is a tale Told by an idiot, full of sound and fury
    Signifying nothing.”

  26. absolutely wonderful advice on the training. 🙂 side note.
    this also works with kids and significant others 🙂 🙂

  27. Sick as a dog- three days running with a monster headache- and other symptoms- lots of sleeping. And very weird dreams

    I’ve been going through the same thing off and on for three weeks now.

  28. Why Not. Now there’s a party I would happily join.

  29. Oops – please close the tag

  30. Hey Michelina you have my email address so don’t be afraid. But mostly, this advice works. Dogs have a remarkable ability to learn words and what they mean. It’s just our job to do the connect for them. Once we do the connect, we must not change it, though. So decide what words mean what and stick with it and Davey will do just fine.

    Also if you want to do herding and/or tracking, or just for everyday life, I suggest you teach an emergency recall. This is a word or phrase you ONLY use in EMERGENCY. It tells your dog to get back here NOW, no STOPPING, no HESITATION. This goes many miles to keep your dog safe!

    My emergency recall is RED LIGHT! I say RED LIGHT and she comes running from wherever she is. You must practice this until Davey is PERFECT at it. Ater that do no use it unless it’s necessary. Practice it once in awhile just to refresh, but after that do not use your recall unless you really need to. Overusing it will make it not as important to her.

  31. WLM, thank you for your paypal donation to Bill’s catnip habit!

  32. absolutely wonderful advice on the training. side note.
    this also works with kids and significant others


  33. O doesn’t get the USA at some fundamental level

    I think he gets it. I just think he doesn’t like it and somehow imagines he can change it just because he’s president. He’s wrong.

  34. socal – from your comment on the last thread – I believe those dolls were always called “bobo dolls” – but for sure they were when they were used in some landmark social learning experiments in the sixties by Bandura about children learning aggression. More recently, a neighbor kid told me that “bobo” means “stupid” in Spanish – but I have no idea if that’s true!

  35. Must be nice to have pets that will obey your orders. I know my cats have been enjoying that status for years.

    I’m dying here!

  36. Okaaaaay…
    Tell me that Marine is not sooo gaaaay. (Fredster, bear me out here!)
    (Bam can go out with Reggie Love the night of the ball.)

  37. Just saw a pic of Malia (Obama) at a Christmas gala. She’s grown into a beautiful young woman. I have to say, she takes after her dad.

  38. Why don’t they Obama’s bring his Hawaian family to DC for the Holidays instead of taking two huge planes carrying a total of four people on the taxpayer dime. His ‘family’ could fly in coach.

  39. Katherine Heigl works with a group that helps animals, one of the causes is helping to get dogs neutered – this video ad is hilarious!

  40. Unfortunately my adblock program won’t let the video show up, lorac. I note that there is a beacon this site is trying to dump into my machine, so that explains it. Beacons AKA tracking bugs are inexcusable spyware.

  41. Here it is at youtube. Safer than that web site.

  42. There ARE prosthetics though.

  43. Our speuter program tries to get as many female cats as possible spayed. The idea here is you can neuter ten males today but one female will meet up with a male who’s not neutered and carry a litter. If every female were spayed the males could just go hump a tree because the females will beat the crap out of them if they even **think** about mounting them.

  44. ummm…. off to run some clean up programs just in case lol

  45. I don’t think MO likes the Clinton’s very much. 😆

  46. males could just go hump a tree because the females will beat the crap out of them if they even **think** about mounting them.

    Yeah, most all Cats seem to have a “No!” gene – programmed with “no second chances on No!, dude”. lol.

  47. Why Not, I’ve seen females in heat and a bunch of toms hanging around waiting for her to pick while she kicks the crap out of them. They’ll stay there with her and follow her around for days, they won’t eat or sleep. You pick her up and spay her and the toms hardly even know what to do with themselves. lol.

  48. That’s okay foxy. I don’t think the Clintons like MO much either. Her problem is she knows they are smarter in their sleep than her husband is on his best day. He looks like what he is next to Hillary. Mediocre.

  49. UW: thank you —I will use it If needed, (e-mail)

    as far as the emergency call I’ve been thinking about How to go about it–with one person doing it–any pointers??

  50. myiq- ack! I can not do three weeks of this. I got as far as taking all the baking ingredients out of the cupboard and on to the table.
    Any hints on what works? I mean- I have some heavy duty pain drugs for emergency- and they are NOT working!

  51. Just got this in a e-mail – thought you all would enjoy
    “Political correctness is a doctrine, fostered by a delusional, illogical minority, and rabidly promoted by an unscrupulous mainstream media, which holds forth the proposition that it is entirely possible to pick up a piece of shit by the clean end.”

    – Winning entry in the annual contest at Duke University for the most appropriate definition of a contemporary term.
    This year’s term was “Political Correctness.”

  52. Mom, I’m home sick also. Sore throat, fever, splitting headache, all over my head. This is my third day. And I just heard one of my nephews is on his way down here. Did you ever make the baklava?

  53. LOL on the political correctness.

  54. “Political Correctness…”

    DING! DING! DING! That made my day! LOL!

  55. socal- daughter is coming Wed to help with the baklava! Sorry to hear you are sick 😦 This is the worst week of the year to be sick- baking, rehearsals……..

  56. I know, I’m usually sick for Christmas, hopefully I’ll be well in a few days. Hope you’re feeling better soon.

  57. Michelina, I taught my dog the emergency recall in an unorthodox way. Basically I would have her playing hard and getting all goofy outside an when she was bolting toward me I yelled RED LIGHT! Then when she got to me I told her what good girl she was and how she did RED LIGHT! I did this with her about five times and then we just hung out. Then I yelled RED LIGHT when she was a decent distance away. And she ran to me. I did this with her for three or four days in a row. I can now yell RED LIGHT anywhere and she sees it as Get to mom Fast. I got to test it when she got loose out the front door one day in pursuit of some leaves. Dogs do that sometimes, you know? I just said strongly RED LIGHT and she turned right around and came to me. The second time came when we were hanging out in a field and I saw a racoon in broad daylight. This scared me, since they are usually nocturnal. She was up ahead and I did the RED LIGHT and she came to me and I hooked her up to her leash and took off with her. Red Light also came in handy last summer when we got attacked by the two POS “Sweet” pit bulls, and my neighbor came out and cracked one of them over the head with a bat (which he broke, ouch, too bad you POS freak of dogdom) and grabbed the leash of the other POS pit bull and yelled for me to get my dog inside. My dog had wisely literally parked herself during this time for a rest after all that time outsmarting the Tyson’s of the dog world (lotsa brawn, no brains), and I yelled RED LIGHT and she came right to me and we went inside the house. So you see, an emergency recall is always a good thing to have in your bag of tools. In fact, it can turn out to be the most critical tool of all.

  58. Okay… here’s one for the “Attention Abuse-That-Leg-Up Walmart-Shoppers!”

    My Time at Walmart: Why We Need Serious Welfare Reform

    I spent hours upon hours toiling away at a register, scanning, bagging, and dealing with questionable clientele. These were all expected parts of the job, and I was okay with it. What I didn’t expect to be part of my job at Wal-Mart was to witness massive amounts of welfare fraud and abuse.

    From the College Conservative

  59. I guess if the person hadn’t used the name COLLEGE CONSERVATIVE, which seriously suggests an agenda, I might regard that walmart story with less of a jaudiced eye. It’s kind of like a kossack saying he got attacked by a Tea Partier with no witnesses.

  60. Yeah Uppity, she’s getting a lot of attention for being “A Food Stamp-Welfare, Anti-Abuse/Reform “Reporter”

    She wants to be the next “Ann Coulter.”

  61. Here’s my idea on how to stop a lot of that abuse and create jobs:

    1. Create a grocery chain called something like “Eating Well… the Taxpayer’s Grocery Store.” (Not exactly – but you get the idea)

    2. Open them in every neighborhood – in an existing space where a grocer has closed (jobs)

    3. Stock one side of the stores with Approved Items only.

    4. Card holders must show ID when completing their purchases (would stop a lot of selling card benefits to 3rd parties for cash)

    5. Offer cooking clinics on buying and preparing healthy foods, thus maximizing use of the card benefits

    5. Stock the other side with non-approved items (more jobs)

    6. All profits would go back into a program administrative fund (more jobs)

  62. I read some of the comments, most of which agreed with her. One annoying man screeched about getting rid of ALL “entitlements” like foodstamps, welfare & of course, social security. That “entitlement” that we all pay into our whole lives.

  63. Thats a good idea whynot.

    Uppity, the title College Conservative struck me also.

  64. That barky throw on the last post is truly putrid.

  65. Well isn’t this lovely:

    blockquote>The National Enquirer is reporting that John Edwards has asked Rielle Hunter and their campaign-destroying love child Quinn to come live with him in his gargantuan Chapel Hill compound.

    BTW NES, I think you’re right about the Marine.

  66. Aw shit! Uppity, pls fix above!! Thanks.

  67. I wonder if yelling “RED LIGHT” will bring the lurkers to you?

  68. Here’s something Fredster posted elsewhere:
    Query: Are there any straight Republican politicians??????

  69. NES, I love our lurkers. It tells me that there is a certain degree of comfort coming here and just reading, kind of like sitting home quietly with somebody you love and not needing to say anything to one another in order to communicate. And when one of them pops up once and tells me he or she is here, it’s a very warm and fuzzy feeling.

  70. Awww, thats nice!

  71. What the heck is with the gay repub politicians? They disapprove of their own lifestyle?

  72. Upps,

    Taking the liberty to speak for all my mostly silent sisters and brothers…

    Your lurkers love ya right back. We ARE here.



  73. Did anyone see the flap about Lowes pulling their advertising from some drecky reality show about muslims in Dearborn and now liberals are screeching for everyone to boycott Lowes?

  74. Vet, I will never forget how much I enjoyed publishing a certain post, largely due too your most delightful and creative depiction of MK Bill’s ancestor, “Sergeant William,” who served with you during Washington’s famous Delaware crossing!

    Everyone, see Vet’s delightfully creative account here. Don’t miss it1

  75. Uppity @ 11:19: My Gawd! I did not know of MKB’s illustrious background and pedigree! You keep that plastic handy for Bill, he’s entitled to no less.

  76. That woman who wrote the Walmart article isn’t named The College Conservative – that’s the name of the website. I clicked on “about us” and “writers” and there are dozens of contributors, she’s just one.

  77. 4. Card holders must show ID when completing their purchases (would stop a lot of selling card benefits to 3rd parties for cash)

    Ooooooh, that’s RACIST!

  78. Dammit Lorac!

    It’s “Bitter-Clinger-Won’t-Fall-In-Line-For-Barack-Obama-Which-Makes-Me-RACIST-In-Everything-I-Do-And-Say!”

  79. 4. Card holders must show ID when completing their purchases (would stop a lot of selling card benefits to 3rd parties for cash)

    Ooooooh, that’s RACIST!

    Ok. 4.a. …Unless Card holder is here illegally, and/or sharing their card member benefits with twenty other card holders in the same household – or not in same – and/or doesn’t want to show ID and can scream “That’s Racist!” in the checkout line and dial ACLU lawyer at the same time.

  80. Most heart-warming story of the whole year, imo:

    ‘Anonymous donors paying off K-mart layaway accounts.’

  81. From College Conservative:

    Maine has some of the highest rates in the nation for food stamp enrollment, Medicaid, and TANF. Nearly 30% of the state is on some form of welfare.

    Apparently Ms. Rousselle is in college but she hasn’t learned one thing when writing something like this: back it up with some numbers. Your saying it does not necessarily make it so.

    One possible reason, off the top of my head, for those numbers *might* be that Maine, like south Louisiana, has a large number of fishermen/women. Those peoples’ incomes naturally rise and fall with the fishing seasons. Just a thought.

  82. Oh and from Ms Rousselle’s source, the “about” page:

    The Maine Heritage Policy Center researches, educates and advocates innovative and proven conservative public policy solutions for Maine in five general areas

    (bolding mine)

    Ms Rousselle might want to read this too:

  83. Why Not @2:57: You are right, that’s delightful.

  84. I hope his goat doesn’t get jealous:

  85. Last night was so good, the camel wanted seconds.

  86. Why Not, when I read about the kmart thing I felt compelled to go pay off a kmart bill.

  87. Yes, dozens of “college conservative” contributors. To me that’s like going over to Kos or pajamas media and reading a personal account of something that just happens to match up with their agenda. They are all fleas on the same dog.

  88. Fredster, yes indeed, I had no idea Bill came from such a distinguished line of kitteh patriots!

  89. when I read about the kmart thing I felt compelled to go pay off a kmart bill.

    I felt compelled to go to Kmart and put some stuff on layaway.

  90. when I read about the kmart thing I felt compelled to go pay off a kmart bill.

    I felt compelled to go to Kmart and put some stuff on layaway.

    Yeah that’s what held me back. I was afraid I’d get your bill….

  91. Realistically speaking, from the Party of Realists:

    We are a nation with a history of people with determined self-sufficiency.

    We are a nation with a history of neighbors helping neighbors and generosity toward the Poor.

    We are now a nation, struggling under the weight of those who view the “land of the free” as a government system to exploit, at will.

    There is a BIG difference in being “poor” and being one who works the system, because one can.

    Whatever her “conservative” agenda, the woman who wrote that story is telling the truth about what is happening all over the country, everyday of the week.

    It is the truly poor who, for many reasons, either don’t know how to work the system or can’t – who need our compassion and generosity – who are getting hurt the most.

  92. No Why not. It’s those of us who have to pay for it and can no longer afford it that are being hurt the most. To be sure, these things happen and have been happening. I just question the story coming from the author is all. I live by an old corporate saying which is basically, Never make a decision based on the input of someone who has something to gain or lose. That’s just who I am. You don’t give me facts, and I consider what you’ve written as not the Truth, but an editorial opinion. Doesn’t matter to me which side it comes from. It’s how I roll. It keeps this blog from getting burned, save for the few times it has happened. Works well in real life too!

  93. k. Uppity.

  94. k. Uppity

    k Why Not.

  95. Uppity@1:00 pm. That’s why I wrote the comment. I couldn’t see anything unbiased that she based her piece on..

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