Good Morning from Mozart

You need this.


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  1. Cross your fingers- I think the Koz is fully recovered- he came upstairs and woke me up this morning! I have been waiting for that! If he tries to trip me down the stairs tomorrow I will be sure!

  2. Yayyyyyyyyyyyy Koz!!! Trip her!!! But only a Little!

  3. Don’t laugh mom, but I trained my cats to Kitty’s to the Left, People To The Right when going down the stairs. Seriously. It’s easy.

  4. Thanks, Uppity. Enjoyed this, especially the close ups on the musicians.
    On another note (excuse the pun), how in the world did you train a cat? I have two and can’t image how to train them.

  5. lol Uppity- I wish I had the patience- but remember we got him when he was already ten. He walks in front of me- but he stops and looks back to make sure I am following as ordered. If I keep talking to him he goes right along-
    At this point I will take the usual morning dance down the stairs!

  6. PMM: Fabulous news about Koz! It’s great when they return to their old selves–the good and the not so good.

  7. Oh and forgot to mention- this crazy old house! The top of the stairs the handrail is to the right as you are going down. After the turn at the landing the banister is on the left. LOL just easier to keep talking so he keeps moving!

  8. The way to train a cat is to observe what they expect you to do, that is, let them train you. If one relies on having “successfully trained a cat” one can trip on it and fall. That is because circumstances change for the cat awa us tall, 2 legged people.

    My Sophi is a dependable wall hugger, never weaves, but if there is a sudden, unexpected sound, she leaps to investigate it, even if it means going through me. I have learned to stop at any sound and follow her lead.

  9. Ok believe me or not I do not care. I also have my pets INCLUDING CATS trained for Fire Drill. If you want to know how I did it you will have to pay me handsomely.

  10. WLM, training a cat requires nothing more then repetition and a bit of coaxing. For example, in the morning, on the way down the stairs, with a thunder of cats along with me, I would say without fail, Kitties To The Left, People to the Right, while gently shoving them to my left. If they ‘forget’ I stop. They don’t like me to stop on the way down the stairs because this means, you guessed it….a delay in feeding. Cats will do anything if there is something beneficial in it for them.

    Seriously, a stairwell isn’t that wide that you can’t manipulate them with your legs until they get it. I swear to you, when I descend the stairs, cats to the left and that’s that. Unless of course they run up ahead, which is okay.

  11. My mother had a cat who shook hands with every single guest who ever visited. Without fail. He had his own chair near the dinner table too. And he sat there. if his chair wasn’t placed, he would stare till it was. He did not disturb the people or the food. He just sat there like he was part of the conversation. Occasionally he got some food, but only if he chirped, which meant whatever we were having seemed tasty to him, in which case he would get a bit of it. He invariably wanted his chair near me when I was there, mainly because I fawned over him. He was very polite at the table too, unlike my lardbutt who would just as soon hop on the table and drag off the entire chicken if he could.

    The only explanation I have for my mother’s cats, who did all kinds of things including bringing her mail, albeit mangled, was that she always had the ability to make people behave. lol.

  12. One of my mother’s cats died of depression when she died. He spent his remaining days sleeping in a box I set up with her clothing in it. The other lived for six years and carried on her habit of bringing me mail, and other things, while singing. I have no idea how or why she leared it but she did it up to a few days before she died. She brought me CDs. Pens, slippers, you name it, but ALWAYS some mail.

  13. wonderful.PMM: news about Koz!

  14. Upps said.
    Unless of course they run up ahead, which is okay. 😆 hungry

  15. Never bought into the fact a cat can not be trained and that they train you. If that was true why would anyone own them ? Why have an animal that runs a muck in your home crapping where it wants and doing damage ?
    I hated cats on tables or counter tops. Mine never went there after it was ” off limits to them. Can not handle the fact one just stepped out of a litter box then jumped up on my counter.
    I have had multiple cats in the past and not one of them went where they were not allowed.
    I do not have them now for two reasons
    Allergy , my hubby is extremely allergic to them and I no longer want a litter box anywhere in my home. It seems no matter where I go and someone has a cat I smell the litter box and these are very clean folks.

  16. Vaclav Havel, RIP. A great man.

  17. I’m making chicken soup. I will be adding orzo to it and little baby meatballs, and some fresh spinach. and the tips of green onions atop.

    Any bids?

  18. For those of you who do not know who Vaclav Havel was, here is a very compelling video from CNN Prague. It pretty much says it all.

  19. ymmm on the chicken soup. I have a pork roast in the crock pot that I hope will become pulled pork after several hours. We’ll see–this is my first time attempting this feat.

  20. My outdoor kitty Amos, is now an indoor kitty, thanks to him getting his nads lopped off! He is now a huge country and western music lover! He told me to post this for you UW:

  21. As always, excellent commentary from Rev. Amy over at NoQ. obot heads are once again spinning like linda blair.

  22. Okay, so let me get this straight. There is an AP story as follows:

    Obama raises Russia election flaws with Medvedev
    Dec 16, 4:34 PM (ET)

    WASHINGTON (AP) – The White House says President Barack Obama has raised questions about Russia’s disputed elections in a phone call with President Dmitry Medvedev (dih-MEE’-tree med-VYEH’-dyev).

    Obama also welcomed Medvedev’s commitment to investigate the allegations of problems with the elections, and he praised the response of Russian authorities in allowing demonstrations to occur throughout Russia. Obama told Medvedev that it’s an “expression of civil society” that is consistent with Medvedev’s goal of modernizing Russia.

    A fraud-tainted parliamentary vote Dec. 4 has sparked the largest public outpouring of anger that Russia has seen in a generation.

    According to an account from White House press secretary Jay Carney, the discussion between the two leaders occurred Friday when Obama spoke with Medvedev to congratulate him on an invitation to join the World Trade Organization.

    So, bo, the Chicago Way guy, is lecturing another world leader on fair voting practices? Too freaking funny. He is also lecturing him on allowing demonstrations as we see our own country hauling our own protestors off to jail. The world is a complicated place and bo has no answers and comes off as a huge hypocrite who thinks he knows it all. But then again, we all saw him for a bamboozler from the get-go. What a marooooon.

  23. Hey, way to go with Amos, John! I love a guy who rescues kittehs. What happen to Amos’ littermate. If it’s a bad story, just ignore the question, please.

  24. btw – Sometimes protestors need to be hauled off. When they cut the fence at Trinity freaking historic church and demand to occupy the lot, repeatedly, for months, despite large Private Property – No Trespassing signs, even the bishops want their whiny little asses in jail.

  25. Well Karen, what can you expect from a generation that grew up not respecting other people’s property or lives, are self-absorbed, have no problem cheating their way through school and think they are entitled to anything that actually belongs to somebody else, even if somebody else worked for it?

  26. Oh cats can be trained for sure. That was part of how I knew Koz was so very very sick- he got up on a counter and would not budge. He never, ever gets on the counters- not allowed. He knows he is not allowed on the table or counters.
    The Fire Drill thing sounds awesome! Wish I had thought of it!
    Kozmoe comes when he is called – but that was easy, can of food, tap fork while calling his name. He learned that really really fast. If I want him and can’t find him I holler “SNACKS” and he comes running!
    Back to the sofa for more rest.

  27. Christmas dinner shopping, part one (non-perishables) is done. I’m doing ‘Margaritas and Mistletoe’ – all homemade Mexican spread (even the taco shells – prefab taco shells are disgusting) with a healthy dose of margaritas and Coronas to go around.

    Doing for dessert; MIL is making the cookies that go along with the recipe. Can’t wait to make it.

    (I’m closing my ears to all DC based bullshit this week. It’s MERRY CHRISTMAS, not OMG-the-country’s-going-to-hell Christmas.)

  28. The fire drill thing isn’t too hard either. Like I said, all you have to do is show them there’s something in it for them. Buy some deli roast beef, or in my case, it’s ham. They love ham. Get whatever they love that can be doled out in instalments.

    So you hang out near the front door till one of them comes by and yell FIRE DRILL! and give him some ham. Then leave. Keep doing it as one of the comes by. Then leave. Don’t give them any ham anywhere else in the house while they are i training. Keep doing it. Do it the next day again. Then the next day. Then vary it like this: Wait till you see them in the vicinity and dangle some ham and yell FIRE DRILL! For each cat, do this for a day or two every now and then. Eventually FIRE DRILL! means WANT SOME HAM? From then on, hold fire drills with ham. May the day never come when it’s real, but if it is, they will come for the Fire Drill. At that point, ham won’t be an issue.

  29. I’ll have a (big) bowl of the soup.

  30. Back from church. Uppity, unbelievable about your Mom’s cats. She just had a knack. How cool and what good memories you have of your Mom and her little critters.

  31. Thanks for the link, Upps. I love me my anti-communist warriors. (The one thing I hate more than O and Obamaism is communism.)
    By the way, isn’t it ironic that Havel never won the Nobel Peace Prize, but Obama did?! Shows you how morally bankrupt and politically-tainted that far-left Nobel Committee is.

  32. Twas the night before Christmas
    And over at uppitys place
    Several Uppityites sat at a table
    With strange looks on their face

    The table was set
    All festive and bright
    with crow napkins,plates and cups
    giving the guests quite a fright

    When out in the kitchen
    the aromas did rise
    leaveing the guests
    to wonder about their holiday surprise

    When what to their wondering eyes did appear
    Utah with a platter of crow fingers
    in a batter made with Hillbilly beer

    Then came the soup
    and as everyone knows
    after crow fingers
    comes soup of crow toes

    Out came the entree
    Roast crow feathers and all
    With a wicked glint in her eye
    All knew Utah was having a ball

    Utah and Uppity watched with glee
    Knowing each guest just wanted to flee
    But with their honor at stake they sat and ate
    all of the crow on each and every plate

    What next NES did say
    Utah responded why of course crow inards pate’
    While hearing the groans of the guest abound
    Uppity was heard saying there is more then enough to go around

    Desert was of course
    Crow pie mixed with cherry
    and served up by none other
    then our own Freedom Fairy

    When the dinner was done
    and the guests asked to leave
    That is when they discovered
    Uppity had a trick up her sleeve

    she made her way to the kitchen with haste
    wanting to Leave nothing to waste
    Doggie bags were made
    and given with a quart jar of crow Kool-aid

    The guests all left in quite a hurry
    Afraid Utah had made some crow curry
    We heard the exclaim as they drove out of sight
    Piss on OWS and supporting OWS wasn’t so bright.

  33. Utah,

    That was so funny… Bwahahahahaha. (Glad I didn’t bet!) I’ll bring my video camera if you would like something to remember the event. 😀

  34. ROFLLLLLLLLLLLLL UTAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Eat everybody! Eat!!!!

  35. NES the soup was simply awesome. Had two bowls. I would say overall, it’s the best chicken soup I ever made.

  36. But not to worry NES, honey. Utah has some soup for you.


  37. You know, gang. Allie has a point here.

    I think the blog should be Christmas week. What do you think?

  38. Good idea with the camera goofs, you can be the official historian and record the event. The rest of us will be too bus falling on the floor holding our stomachs, laughing. Just please remember not to record any hurling.

  39. One the first day of Christmas Utah gave to me
    A plate full of crow curry

    On the second day of Christmas Utah gave to me
    two pickled crows feet and a plate of crow curry

    On the third day of Christmas Utah gave to me
    three fried crow wings,
    two pickled crows feet and a plate of crow curry

    On the fourth day of Christmas Utah gave to me
    four sauted crow gizzards, three fried crow wings,
    two pickled crows feet and a plate of crow curry

    On the fifth day of Christmas Utah gave to me
    Five golden orange glazed crows,
    four sauted crow gizzards, three fried crow wings,
    two pickled crows feet and a plate of crow curry

    On the sixth day of Christmas Utah gave to me
    Six crow sundaes, five golden orange glazed crows,
    four sauted crow gizzards,
    three fried crow wings , two pickled crows feet
    and a plate of crow curry

    On the seventh day of Christmas Utah gave to me
    seven crows a sizzling, six crow sundaes,
    five golden orange glazed crows
    four sauted crow gizzards, three fried crow wings,
    two pickled crow feet
    and a plate of crow curry

    On the eighth day of Christmas Utah gave to me
    eight crows in wine sauce, seven crows a sizzling,
    six crow sundaes
    five golden orange glazed crows
    four sauted crow gizzards, three fried crow wings,
    two pickled crows feet
    and a plate of crow curry

    On the ninth day of Christmas Utah gave to me
    nine crows in plum sauce, eight crows in wine sauce,
    seven crows a sizzling
    six crow sundaes, five golden orange glazed crows
    four sauted crow gizzards, three fried crow wings,
    two pickled crows feet
    and a plate of crow curry

    On the tenth day of Christmas Utah gave to me
    ten crow cakes, nine crows in plum sauce,
    eight crows in wine sauce, seven crows a sizzling
    six crow sundaes, five golden orange glazed crows,
    four sauted crow gizzards, three fried crow wings,
    two pickled crows feet
    and a plate of crow curry

    On the eleventh day of Christmas Utah gave to me
    Eleven crows flambe, ten crow cakes
    nine crows in plum sauce, eight crows in wine sauce
    seven crows a sizzling, six crow sundaes,
    five golden orange glazed crows
    four sauted crow gizzards, three fried crow wings
    two pickled crows feet
    and a plate of crow curry

    On the twelth day of Christmas Utah gave to me
    twelve crow pies a squawking, eleven crows flambe,
    ten crow cakes, nine crows in plum sauce,
    eight crows in wine sauce, seven crows a sizzling,
    six crow sundaes, five golden orange glazed crows…….
    four sauted crow gizzards, three fried crow wings
    two pickled crows feet
    and a plate of crow curry

    and just when you thought you were safe
    along came Uppity with mason jars of home made crow whiskey……

  40. ROFLMAO!!!!

    Uppity, I’ll be there and promise on keeping the video free of urps. 😀

  41. I agree on the Christmas posting. I have had all the political ranting I can stomach for awhile. I am sure that there is still some good out there and some happy or funny stuff. I need to laugh.

  42. Yeah goofs, it came to mind because late last night I watched 40 Year Old Virgin and there was that car scene I forgot about and it made me sick.
    Utah on a roll, noticing that NES et al, have suspiciously disappeared. You can run, but you can’t hide!

    Yes- do let’s have a Christmas fun week. And let us not forget Vivaldi’s Winter this week!

  44. Shhes here I slave cooking all this and they duck out. Ok no problem I shall return with more lmao

  45. I want my lawyer! NES!!!!

    I thought the crow dinner was IF OWS is a front for OFA. Looks like people are counting their crows before they’re hatched. I didn’t see any proof of a connection. Sure there are people who supported both but there are also people formerly known as PUMAs participating. And while I wouldn’t go as far as to equate the movement with The Last Temptation of Christ, I still don’t think they’re led by the anti-Christ.

  46. Vivaldi scheduled for the 22nd, which is the official 2011 first day of winter.

  47. Of course there are innocent people participating. There always are sincere people who show up, where else would they get the suckers?

    They are far too lame for the anti christ, methinks. The anti christ wouldn’t wrap it up for the winter because it gets cold out, although ripping down a church’s fence and demanding refuge pleases him I’m sure, especially given I would bet what little is left in my 401k that the majority of the people at the fence are front and center demanding nobody practice their religion anywhere near them. No irony there, is there? Whose church! Our church! Now get those crosses the hell out of here!

    What’s next, asking a synagogue to help out, given those lovely videos they spawned about Jews?

  48. You’ll have to get another lawyer, Sophie. NES is hiding. She had a few epiphanies along the way about OWS and knows sooner or later it’s crow for her.

  49. Jingle bells Jingle bells
    NES has run away
    I guess off to OWS she went
    and ducked into ones tent

    Jingle bells Jingle Bells
    she wont stay gone for long
    I know it is just hard for her to admit
    when she is wrong

    Dashing through the crowds
    she trys to get away
    Utah on her heels
    With a plate of crow Pate’

    Chants of OWS in her head ring
    It really makes her mad
    She thought it was a good thing
    Now she knows it’s bad

    She grabs the crow Pate’
    and an OWS dad
    she stuffs it in his face
    and says thanks for making me look bad

    Oh jingle bells jingle bells
    Nes is on her way
    to Uppitys table
    to have some crow buffet

    loves ya NES

  50. No I thought the crow was if OWS turned out to be a bust and it has.

  51. How low can you go? This low! Bullying a Church to give up their PRIVATE property.

  52. Besides Sophie NES cheated me out of my time with the diva dog when Uppity got raptured. I have a vendeeta here lmao

  53. Y’know, there was a bishop and some clergy attempting to occupy Trinity as well and the bishop got arrested too. Bishop Sisk did issue a statement saying Don’t, but the NY Diocese of the Episcopal church is not of one mind on this. There’s a decent article here with both side and a good comment about the Episcopalian mindset regarding conflict.

    Oh, and in real life, whose church? MY church! I know Bp Mark Sisk (and his wife) from my clergy spouse days. Mark is an incredibly reasonable man and I don’t know the inside details about this particular lot. By the way, Bp Sisk and his wife both love both Clintons but they did get aboard the Unity Pony in the end.

  54. Well hey anybody who wants to give them their land to use has every right to do so, but by force is simply unacceptable. And just so long as anybody who gives them another encampment doesn’t expect the city to pay for the shithole they turn it into. This is costing regular taxpayers a bundle, NOT wall street.

    Speaking of religions, I have been reading that there are concerns for Joseph Ratzinger’s health. Maybe soon they will blow some smoke and get a pope with some human DNA like they had last time.

  55. Utah, I wouldn’t worry about Needlenose and NES. Just as soon as those tumbling tumbleweeds of coat blow start clogging up her house, she’ll pack it in. Especially when she realizes that she is going into court with a half a pound of fur stuck to the back of her Italian silk suit. Besides, she’s not an experienced trainer and alpha, so you and I both know Needlenose will be walking all over her by the second day.

    ……ducking and running.

  56. ROFLMAO OK somehow picturing NES all bound up in one of those sticky tape hair removers is just too funny. On the other hand seeing the poor Diva dog with a poodle hair do makes me shiver

    ………….ducking and running out too.

  57. Yeah I was thinking about those masking tape rollers while I was typing. LOLOL.

  58. By Day Three, the dog will be sitting at the table for roast beef.

    Poodle cut won’t work. All the parts that will be left are the parts that shed most.

  59. I thought they put him in as Pope because they did not expect him to live as long as he has while they took some time to look for a more fitting one. They need to get one that can come along with the times a bit seriously.

  60. Yes but NES would not know a poodle cut wouldn’t work lol until now lol.
    When I had my Collie I swear I thought all other dog owners took their dogs shedded hair and dropped it off at my place. Just never believed a dog could leave all that hair and not be bald. ACDs are not much different other then the hair is shorter. Plugs up a vacuum in two sweeps. never have I gotten an 8th of the room done before dumping the container.

  61. I would have supported OWS if they had been ODC and gone after the real ones that have allowed this country to fall into a sink hole. Ones like Dodd and Barney Franks and the scores of others who have taken bribes or money for votes if you will to bilk citizens out of their money.
    Wall street was never the problem until politicians allowed them to do wrong things and nor were banks until they lobbied to be able to screw its customers.
    OWS is just a group of loud mouthed foul anarchists that have personal agendas and no one true complaint and are taking over private places and not hurting the ones they claim to be after but hurting honest hard working tax payers by them having to clean up their messes.
    They have no right to go in and occupy a foreclosed home and leave it a shattered mess. They need arrested and pay restitution for the damage they do.

  62. I admit that the Occupiers haven’t managed this well but I still think the 1% are slimy scuzzballs and need to be taken out. I am fed up with what has become of this country. It’s because of the 1% that our homes are worth less than we paid (yes, even people who did the right, honorable things with respect to their mortgages are Effed), we have contaminated food and Franken phood, 401Ks that are worth less (worthless), corporate persons buying our representatives and writing the legislation they want, crappy lead-tainted junk from China in place of “goods,” a worse-than-miserable job market, stagnant income for those with jobs, and so on. The politicians couldn’t do the right thing even if they wanted to because they are owned and there’s no way to get in unless you are willing to be owned.

    I would rather have the OWS occupy a foreclosed home than allow the bank board it up and let it compost. (I would rather have had the original occupants of the home get an opportunity to make good on their contract, but that didn’t happen.)

    I don’t know what to do and do not have the means, an organization, nor the organizational skills with which to do it. Still, something needs to be done. I am less inclined than most folks to criticize the only people I see trying to do something. So what if that makes me “not bright.” Putting my hope for the future of America in the hands of that slate of misfits called the Republican candidates is not even reasonable.

    If anyone has a better idea of how to get our country back, I’m listening.

  63. Sorry but I blame the free trade agreements for that. If we charged like China for imports and went back to what it was before NAFTA we would have work and all other things. Again OWS is going after the wrong ones. The real 1% is the crap heads out asking you to vote for them and it is not just Republicans.

  64. Sorry if I pissed you off but really this was between me and NES and she said she was ready to eat the crow. It was a joke.
    And now back to your regularly scheduled programing.

  65. Utah, I know the crow thing was a joke. But outside of the fun we have here at Uppity’s, the country is a freakin’ mess. I didn’t mean to imply that it was solely the R’s fault–only that I don’t expect any of the current crop to be any better than the a$$wipe we have, so there is no solace there. I see lots of “Hillary” blogs trying to reconcile and rationalize them, but it just isn’t working for me. Even Huntsman, “the good one.”

  66. Wall street is only a problem and they only own everybody because our elected officials let them. They take big bucks from them and sell America out for a re-election pot. The real culprits are in the White House and our lawmakers who not only make laws that they pretend benefit the people but have loopholes big enough for their owners to drive through, but who also make millions themselves investing based on future laws they plan to pass. Or not pass. These are the real culprits and there are A LOT of them at this very moment.

  67. honk, moan, honk, moan.

  68. What a beauty.

  69. I ran across something funny. thought I’d share.

    “During the holiday madness we should try to slow down our lives”, a wise old guru said to me. “To have inner peace, we should always finish things we start and we all could use more calm in our lives”. I looked around my house to find things I’d started and hadn’t finished… so I finished off a bottle of Merlot, a bottle of Chardonnay, a bodle of Baileys, a butle of wum, tha mainder of Valiuminum scriptins, an a box of chocletz. Yu haf no idr how fablus I feel rite now. Sned this to all who need inner piss. An telum u luvum.

  70. Good one Viv,

    I’m emailing that to some friends right now that could use some holiday cheer. 🙂

  71. goofsmom, this place looked like it could use some holiday cheer. I’m still looking. I’m sure I can find some more.

  72. Thanks Viv,

    I know I could use the break! 😀

  73. I found this on my fb page this morning.

  74. Wow vivien, that was cool. I hope it goes viral for him.

  75. You know Sophie, I was thinking the same thing. That video was made two years ago.

  76. I did need that! Thanks Uppity!

  77. Utah – Ouch!

  78. What a gosh darned shame! I just talked to my Mom & she told me I’m deathly allergic to crow! What a pity! I’ll come by & bring baklava instead.

  79. lol good one, socal!

  80. Those darn allergies. socal you should get a pass.

  81. What a gosh darned shame! I just talked to my Mom & she told me I’m deathly allergic to crow! What a pity!

    Get your affairs in order.

  82. No pass???

  83. Check out the header. Bill’s under the mistletoe.

    *Kisses Bill*

  84. Breaking:

    Kim Jong Il is dead.

  85. Thanks anyway, viv!

  86. Kim Jong Il is dead.

    Boo F*cking Hoo.

  87. Kim Jong Il is dead.


  88. New post up on Kim. You know you want him.

  89. I have to wonder how long he was on ice before they finally made the announcement?

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