It’s Christmas Week! Santa! Baby!

Sicko Kim Jong il is dead. Big deal. I ain’t letting no dead munchkin despot in a polyester leisure suit  ruin Christmas Week. Not gonna happen! You can leave your condolences in the post below this one, along with……well, along with pretty much nobody! Except maybe some deranged Obots who think Stalin  and Marx were cool guys too.

Now onto better things. And I don’t want to hear about how W’s face is in this video. He may have been a moron, but at least had had parties with normal looking people in attendance, and performers that didn’t get busted for drugs and rape on their way out to their cars after the party.

The legendary Eartha Kitt lives on! She was 79 when she did this. You only hope you look like this at 79! Rest Well, Shining Star! You can’t Rap to this song. It actually requires talent and a voice!


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  1. Love her! She looks better in that video at 79 than I do know at 55!
    Ah yes- talent and a voice! Not like today when all it takes is a full complement of swear words and (perhaps) some sex appeal and a video of half naked women.

  2. More talent and voice! (Looking for a Julie Andrews- I just love her voice!)

  3. Hey, I am in big trouble if I ever look like her! 🙂
    Off topic: You might like this recipe:

  4. her music will live forever. 🙂

  5. ROFLMAO! You just have to love Karma- shoplifters leave store to find out their vehicle has been burglarized! ROFL!

  6. Hellloo Uppity’s———–LOL LOL LOL


    You all crack me up—-I love this place



  8. Got this one in an email. Had heard of the group before but not this song. I figured this went better here rather than in the sketchy Santa thing.

  9. That was very cool, Fredster. Eye candy too. I would go see them.

  10. Fantastic video. Eartha looks great and sexy at 79. my God. RIP Eartha purrrr

  11. Uppity@7:05: And they’re wholesome, coming from Indiana! LOL!

  12. Love her! Its so sad, all the really talented people are dying off. Now they use some electronic gizmo in both the studio a n d live that keeps these no talent famehoes (eg britney) voices to pitch. Everything is so fake. Here is classic Eartha:

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