Santa is starting the snowball rolling!

This is an open thread – happy happy happy – as Santa fills our orders, and we all dance to Jingle Bell Rock!


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  1. Please note this is a lorac post!

    I refuse to take responsibility for cornball country music!!!

  2. HA! I don’t even know who that guy is (but I thought he might be hard rock, shows what I know lol)! But it was that, or an old (nice) version, but it just played with a still picture, or else Hall and Oates and a goofy video…

  3. LOL! Though I do have a preference for the original Jingle Bell Rock.

  4. PMM, I think I do, too – if you find it, post it here! (it’s my favorite Christmas song, out of the “fun” category!)

  5. Go leave your comments to a ratf*cker calling other people ratf*ckers here.

  6. Well our blog redneck will enjoy that video and give me a headache by posting more.

  7. ok everybody, we need counter videos. You know, stuff that isn’t shit-kickin’.

  8. Ever seen something like this come out of Islam?

  9. Oh Geez Uppity! ROFLMAO! When I saw that I thought of mcnorman’s post about the vegetables! No way would the imam’s allow Trombones (or trumpets, flutes, oboes etc) For sure all those instruments would remind them of penii!

  10. Mom, not to mention wishing people they want dead a Merry Christmas.

  11. Bless their hearts

  12. Incidentally, so much for our accuser’s ‘research’ ability. All any fool has to do to see where the hillary2012 tweet site hails from is look at the zip code at the top. Kentucky. I found more out in 30 seconds, and I’m not even busy dreaming up or pretending I know who’s behind it.

    Furthermore, if it hurts obama, I’m glad. I am NOT ready to make nice. I’ll stay home first.

  13. PMM, I think that all musical instruments would be banned accordingly by size and shape, don’t you?

  14. I don’t think we should discriminate against little instruments. They try harder.

  15. Hey! Great post lorac! And Santa is a woman! And yes! Hillary for Prez is my Christmas wish!!! I believe!!!!!

  16. If bigger instruments are better how come nobody solos with a tuba?

  17. Not for rednecks: Dame Kiri

  18. Beata! Beata! Beata!!!!!

  19. My goodness, Your Pieness, that certainly…….sputter……is…….gasp……a big…tuba!

  20. How about a lot of tubas then??

  21. In my misbegotten youth, I played the tuba. I switched from flute to tuba because our school orchestra needed a tuba player. I volunteered. Not one of my better life choices. I was 5′ 4″ and weighed about 100 lbs. The tuba was bigger than I was.

  22. Headline:


  23. OMG there’s a BUNCH of BIGGGGGGGGGG Tubas!

  24. I didn’t realize you liked tubas so much Uppity!

  25. Well, um, actually I’m more the clarinet type.

  26. Or trombone. Yeah that’s it. Trombone. lotsa vibes.

  27. Santa plays the tuba….

  28. ROFL! What the hell did we start Uppity? Mcnorman- I am sure the fascist imams would ban all instruments if they could. Those perverts see sex everywhere!
    Sorry to be so scarce- the baking marathon started yesterday and I am elbow deep in flour, sugar and other assorted goodies. Fudge, peanut butter kiss, Oatmeal choc chip, date/cranberry/orange bars and the sugar cookies are done. Oh and raspberry chip brownies.
    Rugelah dough is in the fridge. Teacakes yet to make- plus the banana and pumpkin breads. And to top it all off- gonna take a shot at Socal’s Baklava. Not going to make the breads til Friday so they are good and fresh Saturday.
    Oh- plus rehearsal for two hours last night- again tonight and dress rehearsal Friday.

  29. Chocolate and raspberries. I’m IN.

  30. Party at PMM’s house!!!!!!

  31. LOL- well you might want to hold off Uppity- the rugelah is going to be filled with strawberry jam and chocolate.

  32. Aw Gawd.

    You light a tuba match and then run off. Then you return only to torture us with words of Foodness.

    I think Shelby Fluffy would use the word Foodness.

    And FCS Pieness! Don’t invite Karen before the rest of us get there!

  33. No worries- I will be popping in and out. And hey- YOU posted the video! Isn’t it our job to take it places no one thought it would go?????LOL!
    I’ll be back in a little bit! I tried to get a cookie exchange going here- no takers- so imustbake!

  34. Trombone. Good vibrations. Very important.

  35. the rugelah is going to be filled with strawberry jam and chocolate.
    YUM!!!!! 🙂

  36. I once dated a guy who was a trombone player. Great kisser. Now he’s an OB/GYN.

  37. ROFL!

  38. Liking tubas is a sign of lesbianism.

  39. Mom, I’ll sample your baking wares.

  40. A trombone player would be a good kisser. And, also a great……

  41. ” Liking tubas is a sign of lesbianism. ”

    Link? LOL.

  42. Yup. NES is here.

  43. A trombone player would be a good kisser. And, also a great……


  44. ” Liking tubas is a sign of lesbianism. ”

    Link? LOL

    Cracking up, here.

  45. Merry Christmas Uppity and Co! xxoo!

  46. Same to you, valentine!

    And would somebody please keep NES busy on skype or something?

  47. Well, gang, it’s Scare Your Ass time again, so you won’t notice what your shitty president and congress are up to now.

  48. NES is a bad influence on me. Sorry Upps.

  49. Smithfield. Aren’t those the hams paula dean is always pimping?

    On the heels of animal abuse allegations at one of its hog farms, Smithfield released a new series of online videos that provide an in-depth look at pork production at the company’s Murphy-Brown livestock production subsidiary, based in North Carolina. The Humane Society had said the rosy picture painted in the video series contrasts sharply with the results of its own undercover investigation of a Smithfield facility in Virginia.

    A year ago, the organization released photos and video showing about 1,000 large female pigs crammed into gestation crates. The investigation also uncovered other alleged abuses, including a pig being shot with a stun gun and tossed into a trash bin while still alive and prematurely born piglets falling through gestation crate grates and dying in manure pits.

    Looks like the real pigs are the smithfield people.

  50. What did NES do? Stir the pot and leave?

    She’s the smart one.

  51. There will be Punishments.

  52. You are right about Paula Deen. Smithfield gets alot of bad press around here. NC has some eff’ed up hog farms. PETA has exposed a few of them. The one good thing that came out of it was an animal cruelty law was changed from a mistermeaner to a felony. That was before PETA got caught dumping dead dogs in the dumpster down there. For every one good thing PETA does, they get caught doing twenty bad ones. They get alot of bad press here too.

  53. PETA has molted into one deranged bunch of crazy-asses.

    And they have the highest Kill rate of any shelter bunch anywhere, ever. They love killing them those rescues.

  54. lorac, I love Santa is a woman. I really like that Santa suit.

  55. In some cases they don’t wait till they get them to the shelter. I can’t find the original story, in the end these f*ckers got off with a slap on the wrist.

  56. I lived in eastern Virginia for several years. PETA is not at all what they “market” to people to get donations. They don’t just kill the animals they have “rescued”. They want to do away with all companion and working farm animals (no pets, no dairy cows, no plow horses , no herding dogs – nothing). They also do not like people. At all.

  57. FF! Results from your doctor?

    Boo HIss- I do not get to make Socal’s Baklava- not a one person operation and daughter is sick with some kind of sore throat thing- which I do not need or want- not with all the singing this weekend.
    Shoot. Maybe next weekend- or for Valentine’s Day.
    Rugelah in the oven.
    I did my part on the dirty stuff- I connected the dots from the imams to the instruments and vegetables. LOL

  58. O/T Thanks for all the kind thoughts. Had Mom up to PA for a short visit this past weekend. My brother starts chemo this week. One good thing, he is responding to family and old friends reaching out. He and obot girlfriend had cut off ties to just about everyone over the years (and letting people know, in the most obnoxious way, that the were just not up to snuff in the process) and are amazed that support and help is there even when you have acted liked dipshits.

  59. Mt.Laurel, you forgot about the fish. No fishing allowed. That’s kind of hard here at the beach.

  60. Vivien. How could I forget the fishers and the crabbers.

    Does Imelda know that PETA has designs on her lobster and wagyu supply?

  61. Love is a powerful thing. It’s lacking in the obot mentality.

    Good for you Mt.Laurel.

    FF. ??????????????

  62. Ding ding ding! Give myiq the microwave!

  63. I predict that our Laker is going to win the microwave at the end of the day.

  64. Jeebus NES, the guys next door must think that I have drinkin’ since yesterday. Howling here.

  65. Uhm NES- are you by chance standing by a punch bowl of spiked eggnog? You are on a roll!

  66. Hahahahaha mcnorman and Mom. I’m just punch-drunk at the reprieve I just received. Thought I was going to be tied up with a huge work project through Friday, but have scored an extension. What can I say…Christmas came early!

  67. Had fun? Good! Now for the cleanup in Aisle six.

  68. OMG … I’m dying here reading these dirty jokes. And I’m at work too. Here’s a mild one —
    Santa: Some of my best toys run on batteries, honey!

  69. HEY GANG, lissen up…how about we show Our Glorious Blogmaidchen, Frau Uppity, how much we love her by sending Bill whatever ‘nip dough we can afford. I’m hitting Paypal now. Kaching….

  70. Trying to buy off the punishments! Oh NES. You’re good!

  71. Many, many years ago I was employed as an exterminator. It was about this time of year when I went to service one of my residential accounts. I had called ahead the night before and left a message on their answering machine to let them know I would be there the next morning so they would leave the gate unlocked.

    Imagine my surprise when the lady of the house answered the door in some sexy lingerie! Without a word she took me by the hand and led me to her bedroom where she made love to me.

    Afterwards while I was getting dressed she opened her purse and took out $1 and gave it to me. I asked her what it was for.

    “Last night I told my husband you would be here today and I asked him if I should give you a Christmas tip.” she said. “He told me ‘Fuck the exterminator. Give him a dollar.'”

  72. Y’all get in the corner. And don’t come out till I say so.

  73. Why is Santa so jolly?

    He knows where all the naughty girls live.

  74. That’s enough out of you, turd stirrer. I’m gonna getchu for today.

  75. Heck Upps, selling indulgences is a time-honored (Catholic) tradition. Like in the old country.

  76. Nice work NES. Mention paypal and kill the thread. Hahahahaha. Happens every time.

  77. Indulgences. ROFL! I forgot about that. I saved a lot of money leaving the Church.

  78. speaking of naughty girls….

  79. NES, is this like passing the basket? And will we have two passes if we can fit them in?

  80. Now i remember belonging to a parish and receiving those daunting envelopes in the mail for the year. I just knew every one of them had to be filled. Or else God was gonna get me.

  81. Yes, kinda. I’m going for max. passes.

  82. Looks like you just contributed for the whole blog. Thanks! Bill should remain shitfaced through the end of the year.

  83. WLM paid Bill a visit too.

  84. Anything for my man Bill.

  85. Who’s WLM?

  86. You guys are too funny! The kitchen is closed for today- more tomorrow, and finish on Friday! The make up all the goodie bags.
    What? You didn’t think I was going to eat ALL of that did you?

  87. Frequent reader, sometime commenter. Lovely person.

  88. Well Mom is you aren’t making the baklava, I’m not coming over.

  89. Sorry, I was off the radar yesterday. Lots to do with the feasting coming up. I was asked

    ProudMilitaryMom, on December 20, 2011 at 11:01 PM said:

    Allie! Myiq was asking earlier- there was a story somewhere about the Hillary robocalls and who is/is not really behind them! Do tell all! I am heading for bed- but will be sure to check in tomorrow to hear all about it!

    –by Mom and others about details and the answer is, they called themselves a part of to “draft” her to run. When I told my husband about it he said, “I had no idea she was running. Can she unseat Obama for the nomination?”

    That’s an excellent question.

  90. AWWW Uppity! Not even for the raspberry brownies and raspberry fudge and the rugelah with strawberry and chocolate? Did I mention that the strawberry jam is the stuff I put up myself from local berries????
    Well, I am sure karen will be pleased to have your share lol!
    Off to rehearsal. If the soprano does not show up tonight I am going to have to go the hot lemonade with whiskey and honey route. Better buy some breath mints.

  91. AWWW Uppity! Not even for the raspberry brownies and raspberry fudge and the rugelah with strawberry and chocolate? Did I mention that the strawberry jam is the stuff I put up myself from local berries????

    Okayyyyyyyy. I’ll make the……sacrifice..

  92. Anything like this coming out of Islam? Oh no, that’s right. They KILL Christians so they don’t have to wish them Merry Christmas.

  93. Bibi Video taken from that other ratfucker…

    ….Who, just like this Ratfucker, has a problem with sending hundreds of billions of dollars to support “revolutions” dominated by sexually obsessed perverts, that result in sharia law, which in turn results in imprisoning women after some goatfucker rapes them, or burying women up to their necks and stoning them to death while a bunch of these savages and their young sons stand around and watch without so much as a wince. Or hanging them from their necks, shooting them in the head, or setting them aflame, or throwing acid in little girls’ faces for attending school, or burning down the school while they are in it. Or gang banging them for fun. Or just plain treating them like they are one step below the goats these savages so love. Or honor killing women and girls, and spreading that savagry right to our own shores, and then pretending none of this happens every single day. I have a problem with these things, but then I’m a woman, so I OUGHT to have a problem with it–EVERY woman with any sense in this country ought to have a problem with it– unlike people who call me a Ratfucker – people who think lots of cartoons of women with big tits give them the right to try and dominate and degrade others who are without the same little penis. Yes, I have a problem calling such a stench an “Arab Spring” and then actually discussing emulating it here. I guess I should want to look forward to such treatment, and therefore I am a ‘Ratfucker’ for not thinking all of this looks really great to me. I guess it’s a character flaw I have, hey?

    I guess I also have a problem with a countries that want to wipe an entire ethnic group “off the face of the earth,” ala Pre World War 2. Shame on me! Read comments at youtube and other blog comment areas and get the stench in even the USA of pre-WW 2. I have a problem with all of these things. I guess it’s a character flaw on my part, hey?

    I have a problem helping to “free” people who want to kill homosexuals just for existing. Call it a character flaw a ratfucker like myself has.

    So who are the ratfuckers again? Sorry! I won’t be walking 20 feet behind YOU any time soon, you POS. You LIED about this blog off the top of your little head and we are NOT going to forget it.

  94. Obama advertising shopping for at Best Buy and Petsmart. What? No Target?

  95. How come the Obamas don’t go to a kmart and pay off some of those layaways that people they have fucked will lose as Christmas draws near.

  96. I see the kool aid is flowing again. I take it this time around they are going to try and force it down people even if they do not want to partake. I see a lot of comments about bloggers attacking others again and it seems a bit too orchestrated. OWS has not produced the expected results so they are back to same old same old. Those who are not in step with the Empty Suit and his rack of gangsters will be harassed (oh wait – is this not one of Moo Moo pet projects or was that before she decided she wanted to hug the military to death?)

    Oh and look who they are busy throwing under the bus:|main5|dl10|sec1_lnk2%26pLid%3D122171

  97. RIGHTEOUS RANT, Upps. But, who’s it directed at? Who’s the “POS”?

  98. See the women of Egypt risk their lives for the simple demand of being treated like human beings. Also from the other “ratucker’s” site.

    You go girls! Don’t expect any help from Barack Obama and his misogynist sycophants though. They want for us what you are fighting against. And if we don’t like it, we are “Republican ratfucking operations”.

  99. My sicko accuser, NES. Uncalled for and inexcuseable.

  100. I know some around here think my source for news sucks, but this is just beautiful.

    “It’s a time-honored tradition at Navy homecomings — one lucky sailor is chosen to be first off the ship for the long-awaited kiss with a loved one. Today, for the first time [according to the Navy], the happily reunited couple was gay.”

  101. The sicko has made a comment at the “neighbor’s place”. Jeez, what an ego. I get such a bad vibe from his comment. Not so much what he said….how he says it. No point in responding to him, and sorry to bring it here Uppity…I just feel so “icky” after reading people like that. Sometimes it’s hard to just shake it off. I’ll delete this comment if you’d like. Just had to vent.

  102. Well according to the financial reports Best Buy needs free advertising. Not sure Barky and the kids pretending to shop there is going to help. Oh wait again – is this not where they got that DVD set for the Prime Minister (you know with the wrong region code and for a man who is blind).

    As to Petsmart, Imelda shopped at Petco around the time she was also acting up a storm for Target. Perhaps, Petsmart was “offered” protection and this is their thank you for your prompt payment.

    I am sure Lowes is being shaken down as we speak. They seem to have angered the obots.

  103. I saw it. And of course it had nothing to do with his LIE. Instead, it’s all about him. And a diversion. He was over the line. Period. He had no right to attack this blog that NEVER hurt him. EVER. Not Once. Screw him.

  104. Mt. L. they can shove it this time with the kool aid. I’m not playing. I’m fighting back. I’ve had every threat to my life imaginable on this blog and I’ll be damned if I am going to sit back and take this shit again from the remaining members of the fake party that was once the Democratic Party.

  105. Petsmart sells crap pet food. You can’t get a single back of premium food in that place in my city. Unless you include that overpriced bag of corn known as Science Diet.

  106. OMG! This “journalist” has ODed on kool-aid!! She thinks Hillary should step up as VP to help Obama if Gingrich gets the nomination. Get a load of THIS!

    At 69, Biden is a caretaker vice-president, probably too old to run for president in 2016.

    Enter Hillary Clinton as the new No. 2. If she can avoid stepping all over Obama’s toes for the next four years, she’ll have ample on-the-job training and another shot at the presidency.

  107. “stepping all over Obama’s toes…”????
    “she’ll have ample on-the-job training…….”?????????

  108. lol considering the age of most of the obots and their perpetual dependence on their parents, I don’t think lowe’s has anything to worry about on the bottom line.

    Chalk this one up to another propaganda show in the same vein as “Sister Wives”.

  109. I saw the comment. Totally lame. Upps is right, all about him and what others have done to him, not what he did to others. He has a response.

  110. Both myiq and I have answered his diversionary comment.

  111. Poor John. LOL. I shall have to buy him a present.

  112. Uppity Woman, on December 21, 2011 at 7:31 PM said to Cannon, Obama, the DNC the Republicans – and everyone else who is screwing this nation blind :

  113. Aha, I figured. Go join battle with him at the neighbor’s. He showed up there this afternoon with some b.s., victomhood statement.

  114. Yeah don’t you love these victimhood people? They attack somebody by pulling something out of their asses, then their target fights back and then they declare themselves The Victim.

  115. Floor me, viv! Wow, that photo quickened my pulse, big time! Thanks … you made my evening. (I have to have a cig now.)

  116. We should blanket that ridiculous reporter with hostile comments. What a jerk!! This is EXACTLY why I’d hate it if Hillary ran as his VP, or showed even the slightest interest in the job. All these bastages would get to slime her again with their condescending B.S. It’ll give me a coronary before the first quarter of the year!

  117. lorac, SophieCT, FF, Senneth…other lezs tuba-lovers here…make sure you see that first-navy bouche shot that Vivien linked to. Opens up all my arteries.

  118. Were you guys talking about the Lowes thing? There’s a call for people to boycott them becuz they pulled their advertising on some tacky “reality” show. Lowes is one of the few corps that supports the Muscular Dystrophy Summer Camp program. Why shouldn’t they pull advertising on a faked show that lost half its viewers in the first month? We’re supposed to be concerned that they’re racists or bigots? What about TLC? Why dont they also provide reality shows about Jewish communities in America? Or Russian, Italian, Greek, Hispanic?

  119. Beata, that is one of my favorite carols. Judy Collins did In the Bleak Midwinter with Tyne Daly singing harmony. I looked for a you tube or other link to post here but could not find one. If you get a chance to hear it, do. Very, very beautiful also.

  120. I put something down his Cannon-hole too, Upps. (Sheesh, the ugliness of the intertubes is one has to interact with these scheeevy guys with too-big egos and too-small dicks.)

  121. Thats nice about the Navy women and the kiss. A long time coming.

  122. I felt the same way when I found it on my fb page.

    About time. I’m sure it would have happened with or without Bo. I don’t want to give that man credit for anything.

  123. Just ran across this set of photos of occupiers in the Capitol. It is a few weeks old- I missed it when it was “fresh news.”
    A few things I found odd- 1. all the photos are captioned as Occupiers outside the office of so and so Republican from… I did not see one photo of any outside a D office. What Nancy and Harry don’t get protested.
    2. Check out the lovely printed t-shirts. Somebody paid for those

  124. What is the TC blog?

  125. socal, it’s The Confluence, run by Riverdaughter

  126. lorac, go to jws and see the last comment.

  127. I saw it Uppity. Typical egomaniac, pathetic fool.

  128. No he just made another bullshit comment. see the bottom of the thread.

  129. Now he’s having a senior moment. No cigar. I am not forgetting this. I want an apology in block letters.

  130. What a lying jerk. I’m going to walk my dog. It’s more fun that reading this lame shit.

  131. HAHA I just read that! He doesn’t know who UW (the republican ratf*cker) is!!!!! Oh, wait, correction!! Stop the presses! He likes her and her little penguin, too!!!!! I’m cracking up here!

  132. You were right Uppity – I should have just ignored him.

  133. That guy is an idot. He likes the penguin? THE PENGUIN? So he likes the pretty pictures. Did he read ANYTHING here?
    It is just too damn early in the election season for the bots to be going on like this. They must be really really worried.

  134. I really don’t like when people equate the history of PUMAism with the history of the confluence. Some people say a commenter on confluence came up with the acronym, although at the same time a young black guy writing for the online Examiner in San Diego came up with it, and there are also people who say it was coined at the convention before these two even got it. Who’s to say. And of course later someone else changed it to the more polite People United Means Action and ran with that

    But even if it started by a commenter at confluence, MOST PUMAs didn’t hang out at the confluence. We were everywhere. We were at NQ (before it became republican), we were at Taylor Marsh (can’t remember the timing of PUMA and when she flipped), there was

    PUMAPAC website, there were lots of other websites as well. Many of us never looked at confluence, or would maybe once a month.

    So while it possibly may have coined the word, it was NOT the hotbed of PUMA. So the history of confluence is NOT the hsitory of PUMA. (Just kind of burns my something – I was big on PUMA, NOT big on confluence – and I won’t say anymore about that lol)

  135. Condescending SOB.

  136. Yes, I started at a site called “Hillary Speaks for Me.” It was a place to upload home made videos about Hillary. I also read No Quarter and Taylor Marsh at that time. Found Uppity at NQ.

  137. PMM – I don’t know who is orchestrating the draft Hillary movement (and could be more than one group, too). But the people who would join would be Hillary lovers. I’m starting to suspect, though, that people ARE getting nervous. They want to b*tch about Obama, but are going to vote for him, and want him to win. They’re trying whatever they can to knock this down – and it’s just a little shoot that’s gotten a tiny bit of airtime. Yes, I think some people ARE very worried. Very interesting. So, I’m not even sure they really don’t know that we’re not republicans. Perhaps “republican ratf*cker” is the new “racist”! Whatever they can do to shut us up. (They don’t know us, do they? LOL)

  138. imust, that was YOUR site??????

    OMG – I LOVED that site! It was a work of genius!!!!

    OMG, give that woman a million pies!!!!

  139. Everybody has their opinion. I am not citing TC here. She didn’t do a thing to me. This is Cannon’s baby. All this other talk about other things is all a diversion. I’m all for getting right to the point, which I have done. He knows what I think. I never shoot first. You know that. But if I’m going to be shot at, somebody had best make sure I’m dead because i’m on my way in your face.

  140. No, no, no…I started AT the site….as in commenting, blogging….I didn’t start the site! I wish!!! Here’s their video intro….

    They had me at…..”If Hillary Clinton can be president…we can be president too….”

  141. Some men can man up, myiq. you just did. Now we will see if he can man up and stop this diversionary bullshit. He owes an apology, not only to both of us but to our readers, who are more pissed off than we are.

  142. Oh, that’s still good enough for me, imust! Did you ever post your own video? 🙂

    Oh, don’t tell me, your face was a pie? lol

  143. Yes I remember that video.

  144. Actually my first hillary blog was JWS. I wasn’t even blogging then.

  145. Wherever PUMA started it went viral within days and there were lots of people PUMAing in their own ways. TC was one of many strands. Nobody spoke for all the strands.

    As for TM, she was pro-Hillary until the convention then she flipped. By then all she had left was Hillary supporters and when she flipped she lost them too.

    Since then she’s been flip-flopping like a fish out of water.

    What I find really amusing (and frustrating) are these people with grandiose dreams of building a political movement who can’t stand to be around anyone who doesn’t totally agree with them on every issue.

    If you can’t get along with people you agree with 99% of the time you’re doomed to be a party of one.

  146. That was when NQ was a Hillary site. And before Hillbuzz pulled the Whitey Tape con. I was blogging and they carried much of my stuff.

  147. No lorac, I didn’t post any videos, just commented. I commented a lot on you tube videos too. Especially the Shut the Freud Up ones that were crawling with Obot misogynist pigs.

  148. Shut the Freud up was fan freaking tastic!

  149. Shut the freud up.

  150. The web exploded with PUMA type sites. That’s when the Obots went into full gear and started taking over names of Hillary bloggers and flagging pro Hillary sites and you tube videos to get them off the net.

  151. I also object to people saying that PUMA “failed”. PUMAs were Hillary voters who refused to vote for Obama – they stayed home, voted 3rd party, wrote in Hillary, or voted for McCain. We accomplished that. (I imagine some PUMAs caved and “had” to vote dem anyway, but then by definition they can’t be called PUMAs!)

    I heard someone once say PUMA meant we were going to force the convention – I never once heard that before or since – and frankly, it doesn’t even match the name “party unity my a**”. Bucking party unity meant not voting for the candidate they had selected, which matches the definition of PUMA I have always heard.

    So while I don’t feel PUMA failed, there were other ways we could have succeeded, but we didn’t have the goals. But what we did was very revolutionary – in these days of strict party allegiance, who doesn’t vote for their party? IIt was only ater us that the Tea Party started bucking their own candidates, and only after that that OWS started bucking hygeine.

    I believe UW has said in the past something to the effect of, why don’t women storm the White House?, and it’s an important question. I suspect it may be partly because since the 70s, women haven’t really had the experiencing of marching together, as women, for themselves. We work for others, but we don’t demand in big displays for ourselves. (Yes, luckily we had lots of men in the movement, but it was primarily women). So I think, too, we didn’t know exactly what to do – it really was seemingly so new in many ways. We did things to make our PUMA feelings known (I remember sending sneakers to the White House for a “walk in my shoes” statement that someone orchestrated).

    But it was all new – who knew, before May 31, 2008, that OUR party was also a cheating, sucky party – all our lives, we had known it was the republicans. It was truly traumatic to so many of us to learn this. How do you fight back when your “friends”, and who are in high places, are openly stabbing you in the back? So it was new territory. I don’t believe we failed. I think we did a good job. And next time we’ll know more!

  152. Oh that Shut the Freud Up video took me back! I went to youtube and found some of my comments on that video!

    I feel that this is propoganda, when very short clips are strung together and made to tell one story…is that not the typical idea? And I had a pulse at the time, so I too watched it. And yes, she and Obama both agreed not to campaign in FL and MI under the presumption that it would not count. Then sunddenly Super Tues….now Hilary has a problem with it.
    ElysiumsGuitar 3 years ago

    That’s the point Ely, she did “have a problem with it”. Just because you say something over and over doesn’t make it true! I listened to the NPR interview where she was asked about MI and it was clear she DID “have a problem with it” and that’s why she kept her name on the ballot, she knew it was wrong, she knew it would be (or thought) rectified…did you listen to the NPR interview when she discussed this? NO, you just listened to your Obamabully talking points.
    Imustprotest 3 years ago

    Such a baby in the woods then….sigh….

  153. Yes imust, they started commenting at blogs as us. I remember I had to go to TC and tell her that the comments weren’t mine. Slime. These people were slime. And yes, they flagged all the blogspot sites, including mine and I did a huge post on it and helped dozens of bloggers leave the COMPLICIT blogspot. That’s how we got to WP.

  154. PUMA was involved in one success – getting Hillary’s name on the convention ballot.

    Obamanation wanted a coronation. They rigged the roll call vote and Hillary never did get full credit for all the delegates she won, but if Obama had is way he would have been the only name on the ballot.

  155. lorac, women don’t use power of numbers and barnstorming any longer because NOW is a phoney appendage of the Obama party. The third wave has about as much pull now as a rubber band. They have let their rights be whittled away and are too busy worrying about breaking a fingernail to protest their own slow demise.

  156. By the way, they won’t have the same ‘luck’ with WP that they had with blogspot. WP doesn’t shut you down without checking first. WordPress doesn’t send you to a form that lands in a black hole they will ignore. They are run by real people who know bullshit when they see it.

  157. Pie:

    It wasn’t up to Hillary anyway. Florida and Michigan held official state-sanctioned primaries. People voted and delegates were assigned.

    It wasn’t up to Hillary, Obama or the DNC to disregard the will of those voters.

  158. The Denver Group, Heidi Li and Rubin something raised money and ran full page ads to get her name on the ballot. I remember sending them money.

  159. Right myiq, that’s why she kept her name on the ballot.

  160. Well cannon got down the the sexist remarks. Frankly I expected it sooner.

  161. But myiq, Obama and the DNC did disregard them – they let them vote, then gave a bunch of Hillary’s votes to Obama, and gave him the entire “other” category (but I know you know this). So true, it wasn’t up to them, it was even against DNC rules, but they did it anyway. Obama took his name off the ballot with Edwards to curry favor with Iowa voters oh, well, they made their bed (until the DNC made it back up for him, anyway). Hillary was the only (top tier) candidate who did NOT disregard those voters.

    Hmmpphh well at least the ratf*cker charges are stirring up our fighting spirit, getting us primed!!! lol Although, I have to say, IMO, calling someone a “republican ratf*cker” is not the same as simply “throwing partisan labels around”

  162. I saw puma as just a lot of people who wanted Hillary to be the candidate and got sick of the cheating. That’s it. I didn’t look for any other common denominator. Sorry but that’s the truth. It wasn’t all that complex to me. I had no idea how it got started. I just agreed on the common denominator.

  163. That was sweet, imust.

  164. I saw that, Upps.

    Let’s go get him, gang! Take testicle clippers.

  165. Now he’s got his post for tomorrow. And he can comment to himself in different names. Jesus, what a cockroach. WHo the hell pretends like that and gets through life?

  166. He’s a legend in his own mind Uppity.

  167. Who is cannon?

  168. Well I didn’t shoot first. Next time he makes remarks about shrinks I’ll just give him to our blog lawyer. I’m tired of jerking around with idiots. I NEVER shoot first. You tend to your own blog. I’ll tend to mine.

  169. my paraphrase: “Oh, UW, you’re so hysterical and weird. What has brought you to this point? Oh, you’re upset because I don’t know you and don’t read your blog” ROFLMAO

    He is still just digging deeper.

    John doesn’t seem too perturbed by people being called republican ratf*ckers. Cannon is a stand up guy. Guess John’s lucky he’s the one who escaped the republican ratf*cker label! lol

  170. So FF never checked in about her MD appt, did she? OR did I miss it somehow?

  171. lorac,

    FF checked in but didn’t say anything about her appointment. I’ve been watching for her too.

    Thanks for the songs… there were a couple I hadn’t heard yet.


  172. Well, that’s reaching about far enough down into the barrell lol

  173. FF is fine, she will tell you what she knows when she knows it. Tests take time. Just give her a hug and she’ll get better.

  174. yikes… hope ya don’t feel bad if I don’t listen to them all… 😯

  175. ((((FF))))

  176. What’s with all the revolting videos?

  177. sorry but the jews one…….i don’t even know what to say.

  178. (((FF))))

  179. yikes… hope ya don’t feel bad if I don’t listen to them all

    Cheer up goofs. i didn’t listen to any of them.

  180. Who can pin the tail on this donkey? lol

    There apparently is a residual PUMA underground which maintains an altar dedicated to Saint Hillary. It’s a cult of sorts. The cult no doubt receives covert funding from the Republican party, just as Democrats used to toss a little money each year at the Libertarian party (which siphoned votes from the Republicans).

    Darn. I didn’t get my money from those republicans! Ooops, maybe they found out I didn’t do my part giving some to the Liberatarian party!

  181. Well, I’m sure there are people out there who got a chuckle! Not everyone is into Opera! lol

  182. I was promised a pony!

    No wait…that was barack…

  183. I thought Obama was gonna pay my mortgage? And my gas?

  184. I’m another one that found Uppity originally on NQ in 2008. Sigh… it seems like a life time ago. Ya hooked me with your no nonsense writing style. 🙂

    PS… Lorac, reindeer farting is not opera!. 😉

  185. I can post more tuba videos if you’d like Uppity.

  186. Nah I like trombones.

  187. Liking trombones is a sign of bisexuality.

  188. Santa did bring me a present this year… Ron Paul’s newletters have resurfaced as an issue. Yippee 😀

  189. goofsmom – oh so you’re an opera officianado now! I suppose you’re one of those elite types who are into that high-falutin’ parrot farting music! lol

  190. NES… what??? I hate to find out what it means if you like the piano!

  191. Gather around and be sooooothed by the dulcet tones of Bill Clinton.

  192. NES – your charm school evidently had a lot more diverse education than MINE did – when we took music appreciation none of these things were ever mentioned! I guess they were keeping us sheltered! lol

  193. lorac… of course parrots have better pitch..

  194. How about Bill Clinton and TUNES NES! Not the tuba….trombone….but the saxophone!!!

  195. Liking trombones is a sign of bisexuality.

    I always admired bisexual people. How do they find the time?

  196. Wow – here’s the original Michael Jackson (ie, young) singing – with no accompaniment. He could sure hit those notes.

  197. Liking piano means you’re into three-ways.

  198. Oh, this one is so cute! Janet Jackson and Randy Jackson (on the Carol Burnett show)

  199. Liking saxophones is a sign of heterosexuality.

  200. sensenbrenner caught talking about Michelle Obama’s ass.

    Seriously, he should talk. his whole body looks like the blob.

    Sensenbrenner, coming out of his skin. His two chins together look like somebody’s ass.
    I hate this sexist shit.

  201. Oh, NES – what about people who like strings? Or drummers? Oh, what about the person in front waving the wand?

  202. As I look at that pic, it does appear that sensenbrenner is growing another face under that one chin.

  203. $10,000 question now, NES: What instrument would Obama play (if he ever bothered to ever get experience in ANYthing!)

  204. Obama would blow a whistle. Obama blows.

  205. BO would play the Oboe..

  206. Just spotted at the non-relative’s site:

    Well yeah, you accused HIs44 of being a Republican site, which it’s not. So they responded. What do you expect?
    posted by Anonymous : 8:42 PM

    You bet your ASS it’s a Republican site. If you’re too stupid to see that — if you can be fooled by such a transparent ploy — you’re so dumb you could drown in a bowl of soup.

    All further commentary from anonymous cowards will go unpublished. posted by Joseph : 9:04 PM

    the guy needs no further help from us. He’s just sinking himself.

  207. Or, maybe he would pretend to play whichever instrument he thought would get the most applause from whichever audience he was in front of. Probably played the flute in Detroit, then told the tuba players in Canada that he was just faking the flute for the campaign lol

  208. He’d play an instrument you could fake playing.

  209. yeah well go there and count up how many times my blog was mentioned in that comment section, all those times he didn’t “See” it.

  210. People like that are the reason others NEED to be anonymous.

    secondly, what’s the difference if you use anonymous or make up a name? Yeesh.

  211. On his site, you either need a google ID, and “open ID” (whatever that means), or a url – or your other choice is anonymous. So everyone who doesn’t have one of those things has to do anonymous. But sharp guy that he is, he’s realized what it REALLY means it that all anonymous bloggers at HIS blog (they’re not anonymous on other blogs) are shady, sneaky characters, SOME kind of ratf*ckers!

  212. Coming in late as usual…jaysus, all that crap being dragged out again. ‘Right-winger’, ‘rat-fucker’, and my personal favorite from the DNC PartyBuilder site: ‘Rush Limbaugh Operative’. Me, a life-long (still-registered) Democrat, but my continued support of Clinton-style Democracy has earned me these epithets. Isn’t it a hoot? Except that it isn’t. People with ginormous egos just cannot STAND to be wrong, can they? They’ll make up the most outrageous stuff just to keep themselves relevant. And they hate what they fear.

    Good to see you in fighting mode, UW. Our voices might have been scattered 3-4 years ago, but not anymore.

  213. Well said, Irlandese.

  214. (in my best whiney voice) Gosh, I hope that more than two people watched my silly little video at the top that I slaved over a hot stove all day for! lol

  215. I watched it, Lorac!!!

  216. Yay!!!!!! 🙂

  217. I watched the video. It was very cute!

  218. And completely O/T, but my guy? plays the tuba in several ‘silver bands’ in England. Nerdy as hell, but secksy. 😀

  219. Is it just me or does Santa Baby have fangs?

  220. I took that presidential candidate test. Looks like I should be voting….. for myself! hehehe

    Huntsman came up first for me, way more than anyone else.

  221. I noticed that, too, myiq – she must just be a seasonal worker – works Halloween, too….

  222. I can always count on socal 🙂

    (Hey, what am I doing, responding to myiq, that republican ratf*cker!!!!)

  223. Matter of fact, myiq, you’re probably a RACIST republican ratf*cker!

    What’s with the alliteration? RRR? KKK?

  224. “…secondly, what’s the difference if you use anonymous or make up a name? Yeesh.”

    Exactly. I posted @ cf once, 2 or 3 years ago. He was pissed at all of us who used anonymous, like we owe the jerk our names & addresses or something. I just finished reading the comments at the neighbors. What a jerk. Why label 3 websites as repub rfers if you don’t even know the sites? His Drs must have recently switched his meds.

  225. Here’s my christmas song, The Twelve Yats of Christmas. People in nola will go around and if they see a friend ask “Where y’at?” in this almost Brooklyn Accent. It’ done by Benny Grunch and da Bunch and was written/recorded waaay before Katrina, however it’s still a New Orleans favorite. Covers places like McKenzie’s bakeries (gone), Schwegmann Supermarkets (gone), the 9th ward (mostly gone), K&B drugstores (bought out), Dixie beer, but it’s funny as hell.

  226. In that vid you see the people grabbing for the French Bread. New Orleans French Bread gets stale by the next day. So what you can do with the stale bread is make pain perdu or Lost Bread. It’s a nola variant of French Toast.–lost-bread-aka-french-toast-recipe/index.html

  227. Just my two cents…

    I have only just now had a chance to read the comments here, and over at JWS, so I was unaware of what transpired earlier regarding Cannon.

    I will say, there was a time when I would visit his blog occasionally, over the past few years. But, I was warned about him early on by a friend who, as it turned out, was correct in her judgement. This latest incident has only confirmed to me that I made the wise decision to abandon him forever, which I finally did, some months ago.

    The final straw was the “Weiner” controversy. He spent a good deal of time on his blog attempting to refute the authenticity of the infamous “photo”. His arguments were compelling and he made a interesting case. Then, Weiner himself came out and confessed. But, even so, Cannon simply refused to back down. He continued to believe that the photo must be a fake, and was in fact the product of Republican ratfucking. EVEN THOUGH WEINER HIMSELF CONFESSED. Some of Cannon’s readers asked him, begged him, to just man-up, and admit his mistake.

    But, he could not. He would not.

    That’s when I left him for good. It became clear to me that he suffers from that all-too-common fatal flaw that inflicts too many men…

    He is incapable of admitting when he’s wrong.

    Such behavior is often a sure sign of insecurity and immaturity. And it becomes particularly obscene when coupled with the fear of any trace of female empowerment. And no lame excuse about advanced age, nor any feigned ignorance, can hide the painfully pitiful truth…

    Joe Cannon is still just a little boy. He is not man. He is a sexist, who I think not only fears, but secretly enjoys exploiting, women.

    Now, if he just happens to read the explicit insults that I am hurling, and if he has any personal problem with me, then I will gladly meet him more than halfway to answer for myself.

    Whether it be keyboard to keyboard, or fist to fist, I am willing to settle this matter with him man-to-man, as it were. You see, I feel equally confident in my abilities to wield either pen or sword as instruments of intellectual or physical destruction.

    Anyway, the upshot here is: This thread plainly shows that nobody fucks with Uppity Woman and goes unchallenged.

    Got that, Joe? You wretched little punk. For once in your pathetic life, be a man. Just admit your mistakes and apologize.

    Finally, although I may be mostly a lurker here, I am a LOYAL lurker. Since the corrupt (S)election of 2008, I have remained steadfast to only a few “Puma” type sites, and this Blog is certainly one of them. (PumaPac is another, since I was there from the start.) I will stand-by and defend those few brave voices that continue to expose and sing out the TRUTH about the plight of our once great Democratic Party and, more importantly, our beloved Republic.

    Here again, I say…

    Never Forget. Never Forgive.

    P.S. Given the infrequency of my posts, I do hope that the undo length of this comment will be forgiven, Madame Upps.


  228. I watched your video too, lorac, and enjoyed it thoroughly!


  229. I wouldn’t be too worried about the flaming cannon slinging his balls at ANYONE… especially his criticisms of HRC… “my former respect for Hilary has diminished to a considerable degree …”

    Supported Edwards, defended Wiener and voted for Obama???

    “Hero worship is always to be disdained.”

    Gee, which end of the turd should I pick up?

  230. P.S. My past experience of him is, when you call him on his sexist crap. he squeals like a pig.

  231. Indeed, Why Not. He probably doesn’t even recognize his own sexism:

    when the wife of a two-term president runs for president herself — well, it seems too much like a cheap attempt at a constitutionally-forbidden third term.

    As if Hilliary doesn’t have her own mind, her own aspirations, and wasn’t (God forbid), ambitious! As if she wouldn’t have made a great President in her own right. But because she’s married to a former President, any thing she does is really an extension of him. Give me a break.

  232. Thanks for your support gang. No sense of wasting your time on such bullcrap today. It was what it was and is most definitely the very first time I confronted this kind of shit. I can take a lot from squirrels but enough is enough. There is no way I am tolerating a rerun of 2008, where people who yell “slander” a lot commit it themselves. In the end, a lie was told, a lie was oddly denied , yay, a lie was not ‘remembered,” and a lie was written down for all to see. We can move on from it now, unless of course there is another repeat performance, in which case I am prepared to handle it and protect the truth in any way necessary. It is very unfortunate when people do this kind of thing and then won’t own up to it. A simple,” I was wrong and I am sorry, and I will fix that right now”…. would have gone a long way. Let that be an example for all of us not to ever be that way. The internet may have its freedoms but always remember, these are real people out there when you attack them — and there is a line that no one has a right to cross without someone taking huge offense sooner or later, especially with respect to their integrity and personhood. I have never taken money or compensatiation of any kind for this “non-ratfucking” operation and that is that. Considering the skewering of the Republicans (and Democrats!) I have provided on plenty of occasions, that can’t be anything but obvious. These two hijacked parties make me puke.

    I’m closing this thread. It’s Christmas week and nobody should ruin that. I played a part in ruining it by responding, but I am glad you understand why. It falls into the category of Enough is Enough. We all have our limits and I reached mine. You can sure tell that another presidential election is on its way, though, and it promises to be as sickening as the last one.

    And Rev Vet…if I’m ever in a bar room brawl, I want YOU by my side. I love REAL progressive men and, speaking of fakes, I also know Fake Progressives, also known as Regressives. You can ferret them out in ten seconds.

  233. Cute vid, lorac!

  234. Mittens came up for me, lorac, with Huntsman a close second. I guess it’s Mormon boys for me. I should convert.

  235. That quiz didn’t list my answers. I was forced to pick answers that did mean what I want. Just to show you, I came up with three Republicans in this order: Obama, Gingrich and Huntsman. I really detest polls that don’t offer what people are REALLY thinking. It’s pretty interesting though …that Obama would be listed with Gingrich. Since they are the same bag of crap.

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