Vivaldi – Winter, and why Santa never really visits places without snow.

Some prefer the dullness of the same season over and over and over again. And then there are those of us who appreciate the beauty of the four seasons.

Winter.  When you can stick out your tongue and catch those snowflakes, where Christmas is White, just as it should be. When the darkness falls and your home feels insulated and quiet because the snow is out there, muting all sounds for you. You set logs on the fire and it is a time to be together and cuddle and things….

…..Then in the morning, you awake, look outside, try to shove your door open,  and can’t find your car –and your neighbor just had a heart attack shoveling his driveway and there’s a  freshly dumped six-foot snow-plow cliff at the driveay entrance as a reminder of the futility of his efforts. It’s  also a time when you can ski in the refreshing snow until one day you wake up at 5 AM and ask yourself what kind of nut gets up at this hour to freeze her ass coming down a hill on two boards? Vivaldi didn’t cover these things , but nevermind….

It’s still worth it at times like Christmas, when you are in awe of the wonders of winter–which has now officially begun. And this is also why Santa never really visits places like Florida and California. The reindeer require snow. So these people  just pretend–and are forced to tell their children much too early that there is no Santa Claus, resulting in this sorry picture of a young sun-bleached permanently-affected child:

…..And now, onto Vivaldi and Winter:


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  1. Merry Festivus Eve!

  2. We need some of that winter here! How can it be that we have no snow here there third week of December?
    Perhaps Christmas morning I shall have to fire up the computer and find a you tube of falling snow!

  3. Well, perhaps the Santas have been having a little too much fun? Maybe that is why they don’t make it to where it doesn’t snow.

  4. The desert is supposed to get snow tomorrow. Guess Santa got past that hangover.

  5. Come to think of it, this post is kind of funny since there is NO snow here!

  6. Well welcome to Utah ! We have snow and I have humdingers of icicles that need to come down. In fact it is supposed to snow again today. Yesterday was windy and snowing. Guess that is why folks come out here for Christmas to ski. Colorado and Wyoming get that pleasure too lol.
    Cute post Uppity but you forgot to mention that by January you are contemplating murder of all plow drivers lol.

  7. Utah it’s been so mild here that we’ve all decided that January and February can bring what it wants becuase it’s already going to be a short winter. Unless, of course, it snows in May. And we both know that can happen. lolol.

  8. much as I hate Newt, you can’t blame him for a shitty father. But it might explain who he is today. We learn from our parents. When I saw his mother do her “bitch” interview with the cigarette ash hanging down on camera, the word ‘trash’ did come to mind as well. Newt obviously treats women as commodities just like his old man did, and I wouldn’t be surprised if his mother gave him an ear full besides.

    In any event, he is morally bankrupt, and this appears to be the only type of creature that is allowed to run for president these days.

  9. We rarely get snow here. Though last year this area saw more than it’s share. It even snowed on Christmas, real accumulation, not the dusting this area is used to. Three inches shuts the whole area down. I love snow days, but I don’t think I can handle it all winter long.

    Here’s a little something for those of you craving snow.

  10. Enfamil completes with Similac.
    Walmart pulls baby formula off the shelf.

    You remember similac’s recall right? Where they found beetles?

    Let’s see if I can guess which country they got their ingredients from…

  11. What do you do when China kills your pets and kids with melamine? Well! You get the FDA to name ‘acceptable levels’ of melamine.

    —>Mommy, I’m hungry, can I have more melamine? Sure thing, sweetie, because the FDA established that 1 part per million of melamine in baby formula is cool, as long as an additional chemical isn’t present.

  12. Since vivien brought the virtual snow….I’ll bring the virtual cozy fire…

  13. That’s nice. And a lot less work than chopping wood!

  14. Probably should throw in a cup of hot chocolate.

  15. “The Darkest Midnight” , a traditional Irish Christmas carol which traces its roots back to an earlier Winter Solstice festival:

  16. Uppity Woman, on December 22, 2011 at 11:00 AM said:

    That’s nice. And a lot less work than chopping wood!

    best part. 🙂

  17. Icicles, Utah? Ok then, I’ll take a crow-popsicle.

    Killer lyrics the other day, by the way. I howled with laughter.

  18. Is Huma still separated from her perverted hypocritical husband? Considering she’s too good for him in every way I can think of, I hope she dumps his ass in the trash.

    There is NOTHING worse than a guy who “ACTS” like he is the champion of women while secretly being a piece of shit.

  19. Huma’s baby should take his mother’s last name. The POS father doesn’t deserve to have a child named after him.

  20. Well thank God he didn’t have a daughter.

    His son can grow his fugly crooked dick just like him. How proud he will be to grow up knowing what a perverted hypocrite his father is. Fortunately, he has a good mother.

    I read where he’s been growing a beard and working hard to digsuise himself since he’s a disgrace.

  21. These Democratic men are no better than the Republicans when it comes to women. No wonder women are getting shafted. They pretend and they are just as sexist and disgusting as their R counterparts. When I think of the times I thought Weiner was a ‘champion’. It all reminds me of that other pig, Ted Kennedy, who also was a hypocrite.

    It’s high time women realized that this is NOT a party Of Women. It’s the same shit in another package, and even more disgusting because you can’t see up front what bastards they really are. Makes me sick to realize how the Democrats have jerked women around for decades. 2008 revealed the stark truth about the majority of men in the Democratic party, leaving the real feminist men in the cold. At least the Republcans don’t pretend they aren’t sexist pigs and assholes. Just look at all the scum they have attracted. All you have to do is remember the comments you read in 2008 to know these are depraved creatures. No wonder they support those phony “arab springs”. Women get the shit end of that stick, just like they wish they could have it here. You NEVER hear ONE of these D elected officials say a WORD about that.

  22. I didn’t know about the beard….don’t know if they’re still together.

    On another topic, Obama was interviewed by Barbara Walters and said this:

    As for what he would do differently in a second term, Obama suggested he would try to be a more effective communicator.

    Translation: MORE speeches!! Oh Noooooo!!!!

  23. Really? Doesn’t he know America wants him to STFU and actually DO something?


  24. Good idea Beata. But I don’t think Huma would do that, even though he deserves it. I imagine she’s crushed.

  25. I thought Barky was hailed as the greatest communicator of all time. I guess by more effective he means that too many are still bitter clingers.

    Oh, and I would like never ever to hear the phrase “teachable moment” again.

  26. Viva Vivaldi!

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