The Nutcracker was meant for Christmas Eve.

Christmas Eve is the very best time to listen to The Nutcracker, conducted by my very very very favorite Pixie Maestro, Seiji Ozawa and the outstanding musicians who perform joyfully for him.

Miniature Overture

March Of The Toy Soldiers

Dance of The Sugar Plum Fairy

Russian Dance

Arabian Dance

Chinese Dance

Dance of the Mirlitons

Waltz of the Flowers


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  1. I prefer Led Zeppelin

  2. Love this music! My daughter still remembers when we took her to see The Nutcracker in Boston! The tree growing to the ceiling enchanted her!
    Can’t say Merry Christmas to anybody yet- I have to call my sisters and wish them Happy Birthday first. My Mom had them two years apart on Christmas Eve- don’t ask me how she pulled that off lol!

  3. This is the best Nutcracker pas de deux ever, imo. It always gives me chills. Divine.

  4. beautiful Videos.thanks 🙂

  5. Wonderful, thank you Upps and Beata.

  6. Hello, Shalom, Merry Christmas, Hanuka, Festivus, Kwanza, Winter Solstice and bidding to you any other holiday you celebrate at this time of year.

    FreedomFairy Reporting in. Finally.

    Firstly, I want to thank you all for your great concern about me over the last several weeks. It really means the world to me. Thanks too to Uppity for keeping tabs on me via email and being “with” me over a few days that were extremely rough in my personal/emotional life.

    And for those of you who want to know, my health update is as follows:

    I am still engaged in pretty annoying and uncomfortable stomach/digestive maladies. I went to the doc and she ordered a CT Scan of my abdomen. I did that on Thursday. In addition, she gave me a medication that helps to alleviate the feeling that I am pumped up like a Macy*s Thanksgiving float all the time. It is working with about 60% success, and now I feel as if I am perhaps a little more like the Pillsbury Dough Boy than the Micheline Man.

    She has her suspicions, but there is clearly something more abnormal than IBS. After the CT Scan, the tech said if it was something serious, I would hear from the Doc that day. Since I did not, I can only ASSUME that there was nothing bad seen. (That, or she wanted me to have a last Christmas with no worry and will lay it on me on Monday! LOL!)

    She did not order and Abdominal CT with Pelvic, but I assume the Pelvic will be next, as many of the symptoms I have are ALSO associated with Ovarian Cancer. The good news is there is no cancer in my family, so I am no so concerned about that. My mother, however, died of a hereditary liver disease so she ordered an Amylase blood test as well which detects changes in the Pancreas. I know those tests are back as well and I have had no calls. So, in a word, right now, I choose to believe no news is good news. That being said, there still IS something up.

    Along with all this this week, I learned on Tuesday night(?) my ex and very dear friend in South Florida died. She was working and dropped dead on the floor from a fatal ventricular arrhythmia brought on by a mitral valve condition. Needless to say, it was a deep shock and very very sad to me. Peggy was 52 when she died and thankfully, never knew what hit her. I really loved her a lot and she was absolutely one of the funniest women I have ever known. She was a mortician. Dying at work would be just like her! We share the same tattoo. I feel as if I have lost a twin.

    I thank you in advance for you sympathies and I don’t want to bum out the thread or the holidays with all this, so just take it as being so. Please.

    I will keep you all informed as to the upshot of the health stuff. Between this, tons of work and Peggy’s passing, I have really been reevaluating what is going on in my life. And although I read here and a few other places, I haven’t really been up for commenting a lot.

    You are all important to me. Please know that. I will be back and in better form. Just for now, I am working in the yard a lot, reading and watching my banana tree about to bloom. And thinking about where to go next in my life.

    I’ll drop in in the morning. And who knows? MKB may have a few surprises under the tree!



  7. BTW – I’m with myiq – Bring on Zeppelin!

    For you! (it’s close!)

    [audio src="" /]

  8. XXXX,FF.

  9. Dear Dear Freedom Fairy, thank you for reporting in. I didn’t want to field questions on your behalf so you can see from comments that your loyal followers, including Bill, were very concerned for you. I have a strong feeling that you are going to be just fine! And Bill says he is willing to give you some catnip from his very best stash!

    We love you, Freedom Fairy. Very much. Where would we be without you. You’re just a joy to behold.

  10. Furthermore, I find a lesbian with a banana tree a hilarious thought.

  11. Okay this is my only concession.

  12. “This is the best Nutcracker pas de deux ever, imo. ”
    Beat me to posting that!!! :>) I hadn’t thought about Gelsey Kirkland in years; wondered if she had died….looked her up and she is doing well in the NY Ballet scene. Good for her!

  13. “Furthermore, I find a lesbian with a banana tree a hilarious thought.”

    of course you do!

    As for Stairway to Heaven – appropriate, true.

    But Battle of Evermore, with Sandy Denny is tied, IMO

  14. Furthermore, I find a lesbian with a banana tree a hilarious thought.

    I was going to say….

  15. Oh what the hell. When I saw him in concert I swear he was shooting shit in his eyes. But what did I know?

  16. Hey SHV! How the heck are ya! I was about to come get you with the hook!

  17. By the way Beata is on point with that video. I never post ballet videos because most guys hate it. I figure symphony will get our blog redneck to at least listen. But then i’m a symphony lover. I know you can’t tell. lol.

  18. Gotta put the raspberries on the cheescake. See ya later.

  19. Got one better, Ups

  20. Love Hendrix. Lucky you, Upps.

  21. Sending good wishes your way Freedom Fairy!

    Merry, Happy _______________[fill in the blank] to all Uppitites and all lurkers too!

  22. FF I have ARE YOU EXPERIENCED? in vinyl.

  23. Christmas week is the perfect week for this.

  24. Lurkers! Gather round the nondenominational holiday shrub with us!

  25. Wow NES is a Hendrix fan. Who would have guessed?

  26. (((FF))) With lots of good wishes.

    Upps, vinyl is making a come back. You know how the saying goes, everything old is new again. I was in Hot Topic yesterday, there were albums all over the place. New ones.

  27. myiq’s Santa photo.

  28. Yes! Everything old is new again. Which explains the big bucks I got for those extra wide hip hugger bell bottoms and those paisley tie belts, camera straps and guitar straps.

  29. FF: Lots of healing thoughts…. for what comes after these “semi-colons” in your life. Wish we all were there, there.

    Hope everyone has a festive tomorrow.

  30. Wishing everyone a wonderful Christmas and/or a Happy whatever!

    (((FF))) Keeping good thoughts for ya!

  31. Delurking to wish all a merry, happy and peaceful holiday! Thanks for being here Uppity, contributors and commenters, you always make me laugh.

  32. Former VA guv, Doug Wilder, thinks Hillary will run in ’16. He clearly greatly respects her.

  33. Sending good thoughts your way Freedom Fairy! 🙂

  34. Yeah NES, but Hillary Clinton doesn’t need a “stepping stone”. He’s so worried about Joe Biden? I’m more worried about Barack Obama!

  35. Wilder? I wish I could find the video of the sexist shit he said about Hillary in 2008. It was horrendous, right there on Fox, calling her a whiner in addition. A whole shitload of “girly” remarks. Screw him! What a bunch of shit this is. They want her to save that lazy bastard’s ass. If she runs with him I will lose all respect for her. Thsse SOBs skewered her in 2008 and suddenly they have ‘respect’ for her. They are probably afraid of the draft hillary thing too.

    As if this shitty presidency is Biden’s fault. They want to relegate her to going to lesser dignitaries’ funerals and shut her down.

  36. On our way out the door. have a good one!

  37. Didn’t know that about Wilder. Screw him then.

  38. LOL NES!

  39. A blast from the past…….


    Published: June 8, 2008
    Hillary Clinton’s campaign was done in by a sense of entitlement and hubris.

    Op-Ed Contributors: What Went Wrong? (June 8, 2008)

    There is no greater evidence of that than the fact that, three days after the final two primaries in the campaign for the Democratic presidential nomination, she had yet to gracefully acknowledge her defeat. By waiting so long, she threatened her future stature within the Democratic Party.

    The question now should not be, “What about Hillary?” but rather, how does Mr. Obama plan to win and to lead — with or without Mrs. Clinton.

    — L. DOUGLAS WILDER, the mayor of Richmond, Va., and the former Democratic governor of Virginia.

  40. Wilder is an asshole. He seems to think his endorsement will make or break a candidate.

  41. Wilder is an asshole. He seems to think his endorsement will make or break a candidate.

  42. Nuff said. lol

  43. Thanks FF. I thought I killed the thread.

  44. FF, good wishes your direction.

  45. FF – I’m so thankful the news is looking like it’s something on the “better” side! I hope they pin it down and get you some relief, soon!

  46. Merry Xmas, everyone!

  47. FF, so sorry about your dear friend, and hope your health issues will improve. I didn’t know people died from mitral valve problems, thats very scary. Anyway, our sincerest condolences to you.

    Laker is going to freak when he hears Uppity saw Hendrix. He’s interested in all 60’s & 70’s music now. One of his presents is a dvd of Hendrix @ Isle of Wight. Guess what we’ll be watching tonight. Well, he has taken good care of me and the house the past couple weeks, doing laundry and grocery shopping and housework. I still have this damned flu (next year, I am trying a flu shot) so we had to cancel our plans to go to Ojai to visit friends on their beautiful ranch. 😦

    Upps, when did you sell your 60’s stuff? I also bought laker a pair of bell bottoms (levis) on ebay! I mainly bought them for his next play though. They’re doing A Winters Tale and it starts in the mid 50’s and ends in the late 60’s.

    Anyway, want to wish all my beloved & beautiful fellow ratfuckers a peaceful, healthy & happy holiday! You people are the best!

  48. That is my favorite scene from All That Jazz!

  49. Luv all the videos. Merry Christmas and good cheer to all.

  50. Love the Nutcracker vids…’Dance of the Sugarplum Fairy’ is my all-time favorite. Thanks, UW.

    Merry Christmas and Happy Hanukkah to all……..

  51. More 2008 crap from that phony sack of shit, Wilder. Don’t kid yourselves folks, he’s only interested in saving Obama’s ass. This guy has NO respect for the Clintons whatsover. Just another Obama liar.
    Boy I wish I had that video of that sexist pig skewering Hillary. I was so pissed off watching him insult and make fun of that wimminz, I wanted to reach through my TV and grab his face. My memory is not that short, Mr. Wilder!

    NOTE that his threat to the Clintons is if the superdelegates intervene for them. No irony there is there? Bunch of slimeballs.

    Also, strikingly, he warned of “chaos at the convention” should superdelegates “intervene.”

    Which is exactly what they had the superdelegates do for Teh One. Pathetically hilarious.

  52. Your Pieness I need a link to that wilder op ed please.

  53. Another “Warning” from Politico here.

    Please note the LAST line. Interesting, that. Considering TWO of Clinton’s delegates died in the process of supporting her.

    And how many of Obama’s went to JAIL?

    OH, I cannot start this. It’s Christmas Eve FCS. I hope Wilder’s Egg Nog is warm and someone gives him a Fugly itchy wool sweater. So there!

  54. Uppity, here it is:

    It’s NYT, so I didn’t put the link in originally as I know how you luuuvvv the NYT!

  55. Thanks! I am collecting them on this cad.

  56. Wilder, 2008:

    Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign intends to go after delegates whom Barack Obama has already won in the caucuses and primaries if she needs them to win the nomination.

    Priceless, FF. Priceless.

  57. Merry Christmas, Uppityites!! Love the Nutcracker videos!

    We did our 7 fish and am feeling pretty lucky already.

    FF, I am so glad you checked in. I hope they find the root cause of your pain and you’re soon on the upswing.

  58. By request:

  59. lorac’s link to us news led me to a nice Christmas gift of a poll on that site. Step down you theiving fraud from hell.

  60. FF ~ I am sending my best hopes for your health. I’ve been following as much as I was able and have had you in my thoughts.

    Beata ~ Thank you for the pas de deux ever. That production of The Nutcracker is my favorite and the only one I’ll watch.

    Everyone ~ I visit everyday – well nearly – and I just wanted to say “Merry and happy and blessed and wonderful and peaceful and healthy . . . ” to you all.

  61. May you all have a delightful day filled with love.

    FF. Thinking of you and sending warmest wishes. I have received news on tests on Christmas Eve in the past if something needed to be acted upon asap, so hoping indeed that no news for you is indeed good news.

    And Bill and his bow are just so purrrrrrfect!

  62. A very Merry Christmas to all.

  63. OMG utah, that’s funny.

  64. Hello all, checking in late or early – take your choice.

    Hope everyone has had a nice Christmas Eve and that tomorrow or later today will be a good one.

    FF: So glad to see you here and hope all of your tests come back fine.

  65. Uppity said: Thanks! I am collecting them on this cad.

    Oh and I bet HRC has her own little catalog and notebook that she’s kept too! 😆

  66. Hilarious, Utah! You’re a real talent.

  67. Admit it, Utah. That poem is fiction. The truth is, Santa came down the chimney and your dogs ripped him to shreds.

  68. just watched the Nutcracker On Ice – extravagent production with the fab Oksana Baiul and Victor Petrenko… agreed, can’t think about the O’s today, but I did get a cool side-by-side pic of Moo Shell with her shock of hair blow’n high — it actually DOES match the Grinch’s do:)

  69. swap Anna, OMG, LOL.

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