Merry Christmas! Bill and I love yas!

As you gather around the non-denominational holiday shrub, have a joyous day. Don’t forget to over-eat. It’s a requirement. And Bill says don’t forget to give some to your cats! Or else!

Post your beautiful videos of cheer in this open thread for everyone to pretend they don’t enjoy.

Now those fundies might hate the Mormons, but they sure put on a better show!



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  1. Psycho-Newt compares his failure to get on Virginia’s ballot to Pearl Harbor.

    No kidding. You can’t make this shit up.

    10,000 signatures are required to get on the VA ballot. This is not a lot of signatures for a presidential ballot. Newt’s ground operation is a bust. Period. To call the petition process a ‘failed system’ is ludicrous. What failed was Newt’s operation. This means that either his volunteers AND the Republican party are lazy bums or Virginia doesn’t like Newt. Poor, persecuted Newt. He can’t understand that you don’t get on a state ballot just because you are Newt and can flap your lips every ten minutes.

    Also, dumb as a brick, Rick Perry didn’t make it to the VA ballot either. Apparently VA Republicans aren’t as stupid as he is.

  2. More on the sports perverts pileup. 7th accuser names sports columnis Bill Conlin, who seems to like little 11 year old girls. It’s about time sports industry (and that’s what it is, an industry) is taught the lesson that they aren’t untouchable, no pun intended.

    I am also thrilled as can be that the colleges in this country are exposed for caring more about their golden sports goose than they care about educating people, or keeping children safe.

  3. I feel so much safer knowing that TSA is on the job confiscating frosted cupcakes, don’t you?

  4. Hey! Looks like Bill has fathered yet another litter.

  5. I’d forgotten how much I love that beautiful Pachelbel piece. Thanks so much Uppity, for posting these great pieces.

    The cupcake thing is so absurd. I glanced at one of the comments and the person referred to TSA as “Take Stuff Away” people! When this crap about not carrying on liquids first came out, I started packing my toiletries in my checked bag. Then they would rip open my bags in their creepy bag dungeon, paw thru and steal my nice stuff, cashmere sweater, silk stuff, my good quality toiletries. This happened to me 3 trips in a row. I was afraid to complain, becuz I thought they’d put me on some list for being hassled, like my poor mom, who is flagged for extra security becuz her friend bought her a ticket to NY after 9/11 and misspelled her first name. Yeah, now they can hassle my little gray haired 80 yo mama to their hearts content. Pervs and thieves.

  6. Awww! Thanks FF! xxoo

  7. The Pope, adorned in some major superficial glitter laments over the superficial glitter of Christmas. Priceless photo.

  8. LOL Socal, the TSA person was wishing for a cupcake.

  9. How many religions offer musical entertainment?

  10. Also, loved the Newt clip! So funny! So deserved. I hadn’t even heard about the latest perv. Yes sports is a billion dollar industry. I old enough to remember when players received normal salaries and had character clauses in their contracts, and had to be clean cut looking. A family could easily afford to go to a game several times a year, no sweat. Now a family can go see the Dodgers or Lakers for $400 – 500 bux or more, depending where you sit. Fans and taxpayers are the ones getting screwed.

  11. In answer to myiq – well, off the top of my head, OWS people beat drums….

  12. lorac’ers, what are you doing up so early?

  13. Morning lorac.

  14. We just had a sudden power outage. Came back in a minute or so though. Scared the crap out of me. Thank heavens for computer surge protectors. I’m plugged in.

  15. Sports aren’t All American any longer. you have to have bucks to attend. The whole family thing got ruined by these greedy bastards long ago.

  16. Well a lot of churches do “entertainment” around the holidays, pageants, chorales, what have you. The mormons do it really well.

  17. myiq, I know one that doesnt. In fact in this religion, all joy is removed, except in secret, of course.

  18. Upps did you get your snow?

  19. I ate too much last evening. I pigged out on the lobster and sea scallops. You don’t do the Seven Fishes with me and show me lobster. It’s gonna be One Fish. I think I had a tad too much vino too. I crashed when I got home.

  20. No snow, socal. Nary a speck.

  21. Mmm. Lobster & sea scallops! I would pig out on that if I could. What kind of wine. You should write a post with vino recommendations. Some nice people brought us a small turkey dinner. I’m going to make something easy like stew or soup tonight.

  22. There were a couple of wines. I brought the wine, Sauvignon Blanc and Pinot Noir, although I never drink red with fish, but some people like it.

    The sauvignon was Barton and Guestier
    The Pinot was Berringer.

  23. The lobster was delicious. Big fat tails. We also had calamari salad, baked potatoes, asparagus, those big fat shrimp for an hour before we ate. With really hot sauce. Yum. And clams casino, appetizer. The scallops were done in garlic, butter and wine. Lobster was broiled. We opted for no pasta. We’ll have lasagna today.

  24. I’m plugged in. 😆 I,m always plugged in.saves the battery. 😆

  25. Santa was extra good to me.left me two lumps. ;lol;

  26. Delicious! What a feast! Happy for you! I’m gonna go back & hit the sack again for a while. Catch you all later!

  27. I stay plugged in too, foxy, except when i wander. I’ve written plenty of posts in the sun in summer and this laptop follows me to bed sometimes, and to the kitchen too. I beat the crap out of my laptops. I’m already due for another one. I kill them.

  28. The woman applying for a job in a Arizona lemon grove seemed to be far too qualified for the job.

    She had a liberal arts degree from the University of Arizona and had worked as a social worker and school teacher.

    The foreman frowned and said, “I have to ask you, have you had any actual experience in picking lemons?”

    “Well, as a matter of fact, I have! I’ve been divorced three times, owned

    2 Chryslers and voted for Obama.”

    (HT Town Crier)

  29. Two lumps! You must be really GOOD at being BAD!

  30. “Pope, adorned in some’ major superficial glitter” …and that’s his every week or so get-up….

  31. Newt has a crackerjack crew. First they screw up counting the 10k signitures then they announce they will conduct a write in campaign in a state where that is illegal.

    Keystone cops karma.

    oblunder the lazy vs mittens the morman. Wake me when it is over.

    Ps: I don’t eat seafood. Minestroni soup and chef salad for my eve supper. oddly.

  32. OMG!!! Whose that leave on the Va ballot? I plan to vote in the primary. No pigshit. What’s that leave? Mittens or crazy Ron. Hmmm, decisions, decisions.

    FF, I love that header. You can tell those are Bill’s babies, they look just like him.

    Oh, almost forgot, merry christmas.

  33. Best of everything to all this Christmas (there – I said it!) Season.

  34. I never embed correctly, but here goes:

    I am a sucker for John Denver and the Muppets

    PMM, what did you sing in church today? Last night?
    I didn’t go, have not been lately. Too many sick people in my life to take care of. I have to start singing again soon. Use it or lose it, right?

    Anyway, Merry Christmas, or Happy Holidays….whatever the season may mean to each of you.

  35. 😆 I kill them. fix or repair daily :lol;

  36. teresainpa I go to share options long copy and paste sometimes gotta copy a couple of times.hope this helps.
    they have changed things there.I used to just copy url but no more 🙂

  37. Thanks Foxy, all better now. So, you use long copy? I used to be on top of all of this stuff. Suddenly, about the time I entered my 50s I became one of those grey hairs who can’t deal with all the new technology and computer code. It’s kind of pathetic and fascinating at the same time.

  38. Top of the mornin’ to all Uppityites…wish you all have very Merry Christmas. A peaceful and joyous day to all.

  39. Uppity Woman, on December 25, 2011 at 9:11 AM said:

    The lobster was delicious. Big fat tails. We also had calamari salad, baked potatoes, asparagus, those big fat shrimp for an hour before we ate. With really hot sauce. Yum. And clams casino, appetizer. The scallops were done in garlic, butter and wine. Lobster was broiled. We opted for no pasta. We’ll have lasagna today.
    well thanks.I just spent the last hour cleaning the DROOL of my putter.

  40. teresainpa it isn’t you they changed things around. 🙂

  41. Two lumps! You must be really GOOD at being BAD!
    I practice a lot. :lol;

  42. A Very Uppity Christmas to all!

  43. I am making a pecan pie later. I can try to send through the tubes, but I am not sure it really works……sorry Imust.

  44. Merry Christmas Uppity and loyal readers! bytw Your bill looked like my Sheena.. miss her on the the holidays she was a great friend for 12 years.

  45. I stole this from Still4Hill….couldn’t resist. It’s by Boowitch.

    From Boowitch’s youtube upload:

    Uploaded by Boowitch13 on Dec 25, 2011
    The first thought of asking for a Democrat ballot after 4 years almost made me ill. I said I would never ask for one again but…. I am. Why?
    I’m writing in Hillary’s name. NH is Clinton Country and our country needs her NOT Obama & not the candidates that the GOP has to offer.

  46. Uppity said: We just had a sudden power outage. Came back in a minute or so though.

    That was all of the little house apes plugging in their shit they got for Christmas, at one time. That will pull down a section of the grid unless the utilities have made advanced preparations.

  47. For the people that *may* get snow. We got dreary rainy overcast day with temps in the 40s. Bleh.

  48. Okay, I’m done.

  49. Merry Christmas Uppity and to all you Uppity People! I been lurkin, lol, and the dirty posts only one day by our fair NES (who another poster called our troublemaker) scared me into continued silence. Mom was furiously baking and Uppity swooning over tubas. Y’all have a happy 2012, y’hear?

  50. Nooooo UW is straight! She likes clarinet players! lol

  51. I play clarinet! (or played) However, that doesn’t help Upps any. 😦

  52. Merry Christmas Uppity & Co & Happy however you are celebrating!

    from me!

  53. I don’t understand the concept of lurking. = )

  54. Former clarinet players are good Fredster, never could master those reeds without a wayward “blaaaat” myself. My forte was brass, esp trumpet, cornet, French horn, trombone. Would have killed to be able to play the yaketty sax like Bill Clinton. Oh well. Is Pete Fountain in the game then, Upps? Suggestive name that gusssh…. Fountain.

  55. Lurking occurs when you almost by not quite post a comment, teresa.
    In that way, it’s kind of like the art of brinksmanship= almost DOING something. Takes practice. Heh.

  56. My my Bill has been busy.

  57. And just for fun…

  58. Clarinet? That’s what I played. Wish I could play guitar as well as this guy.


  60. Darn looks like I had too much cheer lmao

  61. okay here is a question: if there is no one else on the ballot are the even having a democratic party primary? If they are then I have to change back to democrat so I can write in Hillary. It is not like there is a republican I want to vote for.

  62. This one is for Upps

  63. 2nd mvmt – adagio

  64. 3rd mvmt – Rondo

  65. You know what Fredster, I could never get my clarinet to work like that. I was told it was operator error. Whatever that is.

  66. Yay viv for bringing back guitar. Horns and woodwinds are great, but guitars are shaped like women! btw, the Taylor guitar the guy on the right was playing is a real beauty. I think its one of their presentation or anniversary line. I love me a good Martin, but I think I like that Taylor a bit better.

  67. imust, love the Uppity Christmas! Also enjoyed the vid from the NH foilks.

  68. fredster, laker & hubbie are wondering if you saw the amazing touchdown by the cincinnati bengal? He did a flip over the opponent into the goal zone and stuck his landing. It was astonishing.

  69. There was a huge black cat on our hill today. One of the biggest I’ve ever seen. He was all black but had white paws. What kind of cat is that?

  70. You know your guitars. I love Dave Matthews. Here’s another one for you socal.

  71. Some more Dave…

  72. Add some Carlos.

  73. I posted one earlier, I don’t know where it went. La la land maybe. It’ll show up later.

  74. vivien: I played the first mvmt of the Mozart Concerto for my college scholarship audition. I got the scholarship. 🙂

    Socal: We didn’t have the Cincy game here but I saw it on the NFL shows. Incredible! That guy should be in Cirque du Soleil !

  75. That Draft Hillary video was good.I hope it gets the ball rolling.

    theresainpa: that’s a good question:

    if there is no one else on the ballot are the even having a democratic party primary?

    Someone at the neighbor’s place asked me to call the CT Secretary of State and find out how my vote will be counted if vote uncommitted or write in a name at the Democratic Primary. I didn’t even know we were having one. I thought someone would have to challenge Obama for that to happen. So, I’m curious about how this works because I would be delighted for the chance to write in Hillary. .

  76. UW: Love you observation about the pope. from that HuffPo piece:

    The Christmas Eve Mass was moved up to 10 p.m. from midnight several years ago to spare the pope a late night that is followed by an important Christmas Day speech.

    Damn! They ruined a good joke:
    Q: How can you tell the difference between a Protestant and a Roman Catholic?
    A: The Protestants have to ask, “What time is midnight mass?”

  77. Haha! That is a good one! Well I was mostly raised in a Protestant church but did go to midnite mass with Dad @ Greek church on Christmas eve. Also, we celebrated Easter twice.

  78. Hey socal, I know you like Pachelbel, but you still might get a kick out of this. It made the rounds a few years ago.

  79. Merry Christmas to all at UW blog. Happy Hannukah and Happy Holidays to all!

  80. Black and white cat, or any cat of two colors, is called a “Bi Color”. In your case, a HUGE bicolor. lol. “Tuxie” is slang used for black and white cats with the white bib and a black and white “spot” body.

  81. No I didn’t watch the touchdown socal. I have no respect for our professional sports any longer. Bunch of druggies, steroid-pumped animal abusers, woman-beaters, killers, and other assorted liars and criminals who corrode our children’s minds and have them believing this is what a ‘hero’ is. And the cost of attending a real game of any type–as opposed to the boob tube — is now ludicrous to the point where it’s no longer an “All-American passtime”.

  82. Upps: You didn’t like your Mozart?

  83. Yes, when I first saw him, I thought a tuxie, but he turned towards me and no bib, only white on his paws. We didn’t watch the whole game either, saw the jump on the news. Agree with you that our sports are wrecked, but my dudes still like to watch. To their credit, they can’t stand the druggies & other criminals like Michael Vick either. Laker always wishes he’d grown up in our era. Sports have been really rough the last decade, which is really sad. Not like the fun sports of my youth.

  84. Fredster, very cool you play Mozart!

  85. Sophie, very cool! Guy was a hoot!

  86. Socal: I **played** Mozart. I had not touched my horn in years and then when we flooded from Katrina, it sat in 5 ft of water for a couple of weeks. Naturally it was totally ruined. There was no way anyone could repair it. That’s the part I hate, just losing it, even if I didn’t play anymore.

  87. Yes Dear Fredster, I not only like Mozart, but he’s my favorite. I just didn’t have time for the vids as I got home late, drank too much wine, and am only partially awake.

  88. Uppity: It’s not all drugs and stuff with the NFL and the players. Take a look at this guy from the Saints. He’ s an offensive tackle with team.

  89. Very sad about your house, fredster. I bet you played great in your day though! My Dad loved jazz and went crazy listening to it when he was in NOLA. He even bought recordings of the shows he saw. So much talent in NOLA. Have you ever heard of Robby Longley? Brilliant guitarist from NOLA, we’ve gone to his shows several times. I’ve started playing guitar again myself this past year, mainly to help my kid, but I’m really enjoying it, and its good for my brain! My hubbie just got me a nice present, a Taylor GS Mini. Smaller than a regular size guitar but huge, rich sound.

  90. And then of course, there’s my guy Drew. Who Dat!

  91. I have a 1970s yamaha acoustic. Also had a Goya classical that I recently gave to my cousin’s son, who makes very sweet music, to be sure.

  92. Kurt Warner (QB) is also a very decent person. We’ve heard a lot about him from people who know him, devoted family man, not greedy, works hard for disabled kids, etc. There are undoubtedly many more, but still, sports in general has become corrupted by greed, just like every other industry and politics.

  93. socal: No I have not heard of Robby. When I get back I’ll have to check to see if I can find him playing.

    There’s a station in nola that’s dedicated to playing jazz and other types of music, but mainly jazz. It’s WWOZ. I listen to it either on the web through the browser or with Winamp, a desktop music app. You can pick up stations that broadcast live. This is wwoz.

    That’s great about the guitar.

  94. Fredster, unfortunately, that player now falls into the category of the Exception, rather than the Rule. It’s unfortunate that we have to go find token players who haven’t become corrupted in one way or another. Yet.

  95. Okay Upps, the Mozart will be here tomorrow. LOL!

  96. Nice, Upps! I play a nice Yamaha classical when we go to the music store. I would like to have a classical, but will have to wait to see if I can improve enough to play it, and also earn the dough for it. Laker has a couple of knockoff electric guitars, and the only acoustic we had was my late step sons horrible big cheap dreadnought. A real junker, we’ve only kept it becuz it belonged to him. So anyway, laker & I are very happy to have a nice acoustic in the house now.

  97. Hahah Fredster, Mozart will ALWAYS be with us!

  98. Upps: Yeah, I know… but there are a few good ones out there. The Manning boys are very civic minded and do good works with charities, Archie and Olivia brought them up that way. Hell, after Katrina, when roads were open and stuff both Peyton and Eli chartered a 757 cargo jet and flew in supplies needed. And they both helped to unload the plane.

  99. Socal: I took class guitar in college and was horrible at it! Same for piano, had to take two semesters of class piano so that as a teacher I could kind of fake it if needed. Class woodwinds I was okay, could fake it on sax and do passably on flute. Did fairly well on oboe and bassoon. I had thought at the time of trying to add oboe as a second instrument for myself but it would have driven me nuts trying to take private clarinet *and* oboe and then having to do juries on both.

  100. Hahah Fredster, Mozart will ALWAYS be with us!

    You are SOOOO right!

  101. Classics and Tuxies go well together as we approach New Year’s Eve…Bill – with his red bow cap – could well add a Woodpecker to his Penguin collection, just for the week…my own Tuxedo, Valentine, has me trained to let him out the back door and let him in via the front door so while I’m up, I can get him his favorite treat, Friskies Party Mix…Chex Mix for kitties and cocktail party fare while he chats up the Woodpeckers and Cards out the window

  102. teresainpa, on December 25, 2011 at 4:08 PM said:

    I don’t understand the concept of lurking.
    me either I have to always add my 2 cents worth 😆

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