Lil’ Uppity’s First Rant!!

Thanks to the magic of the intertubes,  I’ve unearthed  this vintage video of Uppity’s First Rant!  You’d best not mess with this pint-sized pundit…..  Get ready to rock and rumble with the Preschool Uppity!

A Classic Uppity rant!  But you know, before I even saw Rantin’ Riley,  I’ve also secretly wondered if maybe our Uppity in real-life was this Uppity lady, Sarah Haskins — Target Women:

**Okay, so we’ll never really know the true identity of the famous blogger, Uppity Woman.    But I won’t get discouraged, Lil’ Riley and Sarah Haskins give me hope for the future.  Hope that some day, we will stop allowing ourselves to be manipulated by Madison Avenue.  Or that, there will come a time that we give up the stampeding and hurting each other just to buy the latest sneakers that some ad company said weMUSThave.   Could the age of the sheeple become a distant memory?  It will when the “Rileys” of the world stand up, like Gary Larsen’s famous cartoon and declare:

Wait! Wait!  We don’t have to be just sheep!

Maybe Riley and her friends won’t fall for the Hype of a political machine, and will instead, research and choose the best and most qualified candidates.   I would like to think that by the time Riley is a young adult, the idea that women’s rights are human rights will not be novel.   And maybe, just maybe,  Riley’s generation will finally elect the first woman President of the United States!

Even though the coming New Year, 2012 has been shrouded in the doomsday predictions of the Mayans…..I’d like to have a more optimistic view, not Mayan, but “Maya’s” if you will…… An Uppity New Year to All…..and especially to the young Rileys of the world!

Rise Riley, Rise!

**Uppity The Post Hijacker’s Note: Some do and some don’t!


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  1. Rick Perry in high school

  2. …so Robert Reich, former Clinton Labor Secretary and Hobbit of the Inner Earth, Berkley, is “predicting” (floating the lead balloon) that shoot-himself-in-the-foot Joe Biden has come to the realization that the job he THOUGHT he wanted (until the Edwards/Richardson/Biden cut-throat scandal of Iowa 2008) the Presidency, wasn’t the job he REALLY wanted after all. So he cut this deal with the “presumed nominee” to ace Hillary off the dream (for some) ticket and score the V.P. nod on her….. now, according to Reich, Biden has REMEMBERED that the Job he REALLY, REALLY wanted was and has always been SECRETARY OF STATE. Who knew? With all his scheming and gaming, Old Joe cut off the branch he was perched upon – bringing to the table as he does, all his “Foreign Policy” Creds – and played himself right out of his dream post.

    Not to worry: Cut Throat Joe is not above easing Hillary Clinton’s departure from State with reassurance that able hands will succeed her – all she needs to do is replace him at Number One Observatory Circle and the 90-rounds-of-golf-and-counting Presidency can rock on to re-election all the while his Oafs are concerned that she’ll poison “The President” and take the Oval Office by hook or crook.

  3. Riley is on her way to being an astute young woman! And kudos to her Dad for sharing!
    As for the hair thing- that is why I kept mine for years in a very very long braid- an occasional dead end trim and no worries. Even when I cut it last year I did not get some elaborate “style” that would require more of my time than I am willing to give. Wash it, let it dry. I kept it long enough to be able to pin it up with a minimum of fuss.
    But hey- I don’t do the make up thing other than a couple of times a year. Screw all that high maintenance bs to conform to somebody Else’s expectations. When I DO put on makeup it is just mascara and lipstick.
    (ps- I was the first on my block to have a GI Joe- goodbye Barbie and Ken)

  4. My cowgirl outfit came with a skirt! Blech. But my Winchester-style BB Gun was my F A V O R I T E thing! I played with the little green Army Men with my neighbor. Barbie was not my thing either. Guess the writing was on the wall early… LOL

  5. FF! ROFL! Yup- I out played the boys all the time. Climbed the highest in the trees, ran the fastest, oh yeah. I was the tom boy from hell. I remember getting in a fight with the boys- we were all playing a Daniel Boone type game and they tried to tell me I had to be a wife or daughter- BWAHAHAHAHA! Not happening. I shot back that it was a damn game- like ACTING! And actors can play any role. PFFFFFTTTT on them. I had the best strategies and could move through the woods much more quietly than any of the boys.
    Scalped Dan’l Boone in an “Indian” ambush. lol Dropped right down on him out of a tree while he was having a piss ROFL!

  6. PMM, I tell people that I spent too many years in the theatre putting make up on and now can not be bothered. The truth is that I do not like the way my face feels with make up on and since men seem to be okay with out make up I will be damned if I think my face must be improved before I go out in public. I do it once or twice a year too. I put it on if I am singing at some one’s wedding or something.
    As for my hair, for a long time I grew it figuring I would be one of those old ladies with the braid wrapped around my head lecturing all the kids in the neighborhood about acting like hooligans, but reading them books and feeding them healthy snacks like apples at the same time.
    However, most of us do get to a point where short hair just looks better. The older I get the shorter my hair gets. By the time I am in my 70s I am sure I will have a buzz cut.

  7. ChSWPAnnA,

    Check out picture Time Cover. I do not know how to post it here so just go to

    Those with nervous stomachs should bring a basin or lots of wipes.

  8. I change my hair style constantly. I think there must be a vain and shallow thing lurking somewhere there.

  9. A topic of conversation at a company dinner last evening was the open letter many journalists are signing to the New York Times publisher voicing their discontent with management practices, wages, retirement, etc…. An “Occupy New York Times” if you will. My colleagues were all very upset and troubled by the troubles the venerable Grey Lady is having and told of receiving appeals from the paper to not cancel subscriptions. I commented the only reason i maintained my weekend subscription was for the puzzle. My statement was met with puzzled looks from around the table. “But where do you get the real news?” Something happens almost every day that reminds me of what a watershed year 2008 was. I hate the New York Times.

  10. former Clinton Labor Secretary and Hobbit of the Inner Earth

    LOLOL. this guy was considered a joke in Corporate America. Back in the early 90s, W Edwards Deming was big. He was this 90 year old guy who was pestering us in the 50s about how we might not be the top dog in manufacturing one day, especially if we kept ignoring quality. I guess he wasn’t kidding, hey? Anyways, our brilliant government found him an annoyance, so they sent him over to Japan to help them out, since “Made in Japan” was a big joke to them. They paid him handsomely to help Japan. He taught them Statistical Process Control and introduced to Ishakawa and also to the concept of Internal Customer and striving for continuous improvements and giving the customer what THEY wanted, not what they wanted the customer to have. The rest is history for sure, because this is how Japan ate American motor companies’ lunch, along with pretty much every other lunch in manufacturing. By the late 80s, Deming was sought after in the USA, after the horses left the barn, so to speak. Only American corporations didn’t grasp the concept that it took decades for Japan to do what they did. They wanted Deming to come to their plants for a week and fix things.

    Anyways, Reich wanted to hang out with Deming so badly he could hardly stand it. He wanted to be identified with him, the little troll. The upshot was, he made this series of Deming videos where he interviewed Deming, who was not pushing 90 and laughing his ass off that the USA blew him off. So there was Reich interviewing Deming, but there was another creature in the room: A parrot with an Australian accent sitting on Reich’s shoulder. No kidding. You can’t make this shit up. This parrot would talk to Reich and Reich would answer. It was hilarious and I remember the entire series of VCRs being passed around from plant to plant for entertainment.

  11. Speaking of GI Joe, any of you heard of the bisexual GI Joe doll called GI Dunno?

  12. Audacity, NY Times is now owned by Mexican telecommunications honcho and arguably “richest man in the world”, Carlos Slim. He loaned them badly needed money at loan shark rates right after they got downgraded to junk bond rating. lol. NY Times is a sinking ship and it’s well-deserved.

    They don’t like paying taxes either.

  13. My letter going to the DNC chair today- after reading the Reich dribble!
    Dear Madam Chair,
    Float all the trial balloons you want, from as many “respected” ‘Democrats’ as you can find. The disgusting thought of the most qualified Democrat, Secretary of State Clinton, being on a ticket with the man who was carried over the finish line and used delegates stolen from her in the primary in which she won the most votes is just that- disgusting.
    I AM NOT voting for ANY ticket that has Barack Obama on it. Not in 08, not in 2012, NOT EVER!
    Get him OFF the ticket and replace him with the woman who actually WON the 08 primaries if you expect me to ever vote for the party of my parents and grandparents again.
    An OLD coalition Democrat

  14. Another YAY for PMM!!

    **Uppity….who knows your identity???

  15. Love how Riley refers to it as ‘pink stuff’—

  16. Right On MOM! Great article and comments.

  17. I could tell you imust, but then I’d have to kill you.
    Brought some friends along, ya know?

    Mom!!! You Rock!!!

  18. Mitt Romney leads Obama 45%- 39% in latest poll. “Mitt Romney has now jumped to his biggest lead ever over President Obama in a hypothetical Election 2012 matchup. It’s also the biggest lead a named Republican candidate has held over the incumbent in Rasmussen Reports surveying to date.”

    The DNC better do something and do it fast.

  19. I get it Uppity, people who already knew ya! Maybe we could worm it out of them….who are they??

  20. biggest lead ever over President Obama in a hypothetical Election 2012

    I thought 2008 was a hypothetical election?

  21. I kinda looked like little Riley when I was her age too. And I always hated pink. I was a serious tomboy, let me tell you. The only doll I remember having, myself and a neigbhorhood boy played doctor and operated on it. Slit the thing open. Is there an inner message here?

  22. Uppity sounds like you and PMM could’ve been friends as kids!

  23. Hip hip hooray, PMM! And boom-chicka boom-chicka boom-chicka boom! Did anyone else have that as a high school football cheer (think 1950’s).

    There’s a headline at The Hill: “White House casts Obama as warrior for the middle class.” I’m surprised WH has let the opening sentence stand for it is reminiscent of HRC’s 2008 observation “they’re just words” LOL! Here’s that sentence: “President Obama’s latest makeover casts himself as a middle class warrior, a campaign theme his team thinks will resonate with voters in 2012.”

    Some sarcasm there? His truth squad must be on vacay too! Think I’ll crank out a postcard linking the HRC thought with the article. tee hee

  24. Slit the thing open.
    Never knew, but not surprised lol.

  25. it was a male doll too,pamela. lol. We DID use ‘stitches’ though.

  26. -chicka boom-chicka boom-chicka boom!

  27. About that Mayan 2012 prediction – I have a friend who considers himself to be an enlightened old soul of the new age. Shortly after Hillary suspended her campaign in 2008, when we were discussing the various 2012 doomsday predictions, he said that he had read many books about the Mayan calendar and had discussed the issue with a number of scholars familiar with the topic. Based on his research, his opinion was that the change in 2012 actually referred to a global shift from masculine energy to feminine energy. He was certain that we were moving in to the “time of the woman”, that there was already evidence of this shift.

    Still pretty damn bitter from the 2008 smack down – in which ever effort was made to put Hillary Clinton and women, in general in their rightful place under the bus, I asked how the hell he figured that – in view of the the massive effort by media, the Dem party and others to take Hillary down. He had no explanation for this, of course – didn’t even know about it, really – of course. But he remained firm that by 2012 there would be an obvious shift, and women would come into their power, and assume leadership roles throughout the world.

    I have actively resisted buying any of the multitude of books regarding 2012. And, I’m not sure how much I trust my friend’s research or opinions. However, his theory is a hell of a lot more appealing than the death and destruction some people believe will occur.

    I would so love to think that justice and right will prevail, and that Hillary will become president in 2012, but, NOT VICE PRESIDENT. Hell no!

  28. Cenk Ungur at the HuffnPuff said ” Every time I think about the idea that President Obama might be against the establishment, I laugh and laugh and laugh. There is never been a guy who was this enamored with the establishment. If he had wrestling nickname it would be The Establishment.”

  29. WASHINGTON (Reuters) – Voter turnout will likely drop substantially in the 2012 U.S. presidential election, due in part to decreased interest among young people who flocked to the polls in 2008 to help elect President Barack Obama.

    Just like Uppity said, on to the next shiny object.

  30. Women in power would seem like the end of the world to a lot of people….

  31. Women in power! As my wise and wonderful Nana said- It’s too damn bad women do not realize the power they have and make use of it.
    Lots of conversations in that one little remark. About how we have the power to properly influence children, and later, when I was older, about how we have the one thing the menz want lol. About valuing ourselves, not giving away our own dreams in subordination of any man. Unfortunately, she passed away in 1978- when I was still in my early 20’s. What I wouldn’t give to sit and talk with her now! I am positive she would have a LOT to say about the current crop of faux dems. Ahead of her time she was!

  32. free spirit, I read a few books on Mayan culture and history. I’ve also traveled to three central American countries to visit ruins and museums related to the subject. At first, when I was younger, I too. believed 2012 meant the end times connected universally to all cultural belief systems. The Maya did not imply that at all. It is simply the end of their reoccuring long calendar and a new beginning. I do not know of any historical record depicting this new age to have femininism at the forefront, but it is certainly well past due time for that.

    Hillary 12/21/12 or any day will do – the gods have spoken. 😉

  33. ROFLMAO! I just read that the Venezuelan maniac thinks the US is giving Latin American leaders cancer. So many have come down with one form or another- it must be a Yankee imperialist plot. ROFLMAO!
    Hugo, hugo, hugo- Obama kills by drone not by cancer.

  34. Yahoo wants photos from the Iowa caucuses. Too bad they didn’t want photographic evidence from the Iowa caucuses in ’08.

  35. Is hugo still breathing? Give it up hugo, you thought you could be president forever. Just drop dead and free your oppressed people. Then we can all watch the USA elected closet-despot politicians– who thought you were the cat’s ass– go to your funeral and weep that they didn’t get the chance to do to us what you did to Venezuela, although God knows the keep trying.

  36. I know a couple that have five daughters and the world’s largest naked Barbie collection. Just a huge pile of naked (and often dismembered) dolls.

    I asked why girls do that to their Barbies and the mom said “It’s how girls learn to humiliate rivals.”

  37. When I was a kid, you had ONE Barbie and then collected outfits for her. Then if you were lucky, you’d get Barbie’s car or Dreamhouse. Now girls get a new Barbie for each outfit causing an overabundance of dolls.

  38. ROFL on the whole Barbie thing- I remember Child World having some promo- trade in your old Barbie for the “NEW” “IMPROVED” Bend at the Waist Barbie.
    You are correct imust- ONE doll- many clothes. My poor little sister- she had Barbie’s friend (Midge?) and then I think there was a Midge boyfriend and a little sister- maybe named Skipper?
    Once GI Joe came along- Ken and the other wimp got the crap beat out of them lol! Then Barbie and Midge took the GI Joe clothing and accessories. – and the guns and vehicles lol!
    Small wonder my sis joined the military lol!

  39. Just a dude huh? What “dude” do you know that golfs every other minute? That takes gazillion dollar tax payer funded vacations?
    Dude my ass- he’s a frigging hologram. Programmed daily.

  40. We need to hope for a whole generation of Riley’s. That global shift from masculine energy to feminine energy could happen. Right now the “princess” generation is coming of age. I have this friend at work, he was telling me he spent xmas with his now grown daughters. When they were younger he bought them both a dirt bike for christman. They finally asked him if he was trying to turn them into boys. I thought that was funny. I didn’t have a dirt bike, but I did ride my brother’s. That thing was fun, until I broke my arm.

    I’m vain I guess. I don’t leave the house without makeup. I never think to put any on if I’m not going anywhere. I don’t care who stops by. But the minute I have to go somewhere, the hair’s fixed, and on comes the makeup.

    imust say, this post is the cutest thing I’ve seen in a while. I just love Riley.

  41. Obama’s new slogan. He’s not Superman, he’s just a “dude”.
    Have they forgotten who the “First Dude” is?

  42. They could have had a Superwoman. Now we’re stuck with “just a dude.”

  43. He always was “just a dude”.

  44. I have two daughters. I never bought them Barbie dolls and if they got them as gifts they would bring them to me afterwards and announce that they didn’t play with Barbies. My sister once told me that they would grow up and resent what I had done ‘to’ them. They are now wonderful young women and they like me plenty.

  45. One of my nieces has the huge pile of naked Barbies. I always wondered about that. Thanks for clearing that up myiq.

  46. Here’s Sarah Haskins take on Barbie.

  47. I thought all of ya’ll knew who Upps was, except for NES.

  48. Whaaa? You know vivien? Hey, where’s NES? I bet she’s on a relaxing vacation.

  49. Chicka-boom (video). Was not known to me until now.
    Whole other meaning (I think.)
    What can you tell me about stitching boy dolls?

  50. Me??? No. I know some things. That ain’t one of ’em.

  51. LOL vivien! Well. of course this is all in good fun. Years ago NES, Papoose and I went ’round and ’round on this issue on Uppity’s “About” tab. She [Uppity] made her feelings very clear on this subject….[gulp]…very clear!

  52. Don’t they mean “Just a DUD”.

    Or perhaps they mean this type of dude (#1 fits to a tee – pun intended):

  53. Very clear huh. I like that about her. You know you do too.

  54. I had one of the Barbie’s with the bubble cut (ala Jackie Kennedy). In fact, my grandmother gave me that doll for Christmas one year.The business suit ensemble was included in the gift.. My dad bought me the astronaut suit.

    I have fond memories of my grandmother teaching me to sew using patterns (the she made) for Barbie.

  55. dude
       [dood, dyood] Show IPA noun, interjection, verb phrase dud·ed up, dud·ing up.
    a man excessively concerned with his clothes, grooming, and manners.

    Urban Dictionary: dude
    A word that americans use to address each other. Particularly stoners, surfers and skaters.

    Yep – He’s a “Dude” alright

  56. “Dude.” I have a friend that calls me that. I never thought about it, until now. Stoner. That sounds about right. lol

  57. Love this. Clearly his advance Spin Machine never uses Merriam Webster

    Related to DUDE
    Synonyms: beau, Beau Brummell, buck, dandy, fop, gallant, jay, lounge lizard, macaroni, pretty boy, toff [chiefly British]

    Beaurak Obama, indeed. Pretty Boy will do well too – in those Chicago Clubs with Rham. But isn’t he just like a Lounge Lizard?

  58. Lounge Lizard. I like it.

  59. Can’t tell ya much about the boy doll, Pamela. I was the doctor. He was the assistant (yes, I had that figured out young too), and i asked for the scalpeland then I removed the stuffing. We used some heavy thread for the stitching. I never bothered with the thing after that and I think my mother threw it out and knew I didn’t want some doll anyways.

  60. Oh of course, with family. As for the doll story….too funny! Any memories of what “ailed” the doll…as in the reason for the emergency surgery??

  61. Proper usage of “Dude”:

  62. imust I think at the time I declared it an appendix problem.

  63. imust check mail

  64. Or as Murphy calls it, “Planet Dude”.

  65. You found some Sarahs I never posted. I was on a roll with them for awhile then I forgot about her. She’s a riot.

  66. I never understood why anybody would want a doll. they don’t DO anything. All you do is dress them up and shit like that. They are boring. They have no purpose other than to just Be there. I believed this as a child and that was that. Give me something I could DO something with. I guess the idea was to tweak the Mother in girls as young as possible so that they don’t think of anything else. Or something.

  67. When I was little, I wanted, and received, a doll called “Baby First Step.” She really walked. Even though she, “did something”, she was still boring!

  68. I AM NOT voting for ANY ticket that has Barack Obama on it. Not in 08, not in 2012, NOT EVER!
    a lot of us feel like that. 😦

  69. Let us not forget Burqa Barbie!

    Click on murphy’s “Can I get that pretty doll in the beheaded version” link.

  70. Sarah Haskins calls the dudes “douch bags” when she goes after the Carls Jr. commercials. Carl’s Jr. might be a fast food restaurant that is only in California, but I’ve always hated their commercials.

  71. Me??? No. I know some things. That ain’t one of ‘em.

    Well now even I am curious!

  72. I could tell you Upps, but then I’d have to kill you. Hahahahh

  73. ROFL the scene with her and the burger and car! I’m dying here!

  74. lmao. I went to get a milkshake and I ended up giving someone a hand-job.

  75. Aw god, I can’t stop.

  76. I read that Sarah Haskins isn’t on Current anymore. Anyone know what happened to her?

  77. Doofy Husbands.

  78. Ah Keith olberman must have been offended by Sarah.

    The boys in marketing decided Sarah offended Wall Street’s Senses, I’ll bet. It’s hell being exposed for what you really are.

  79. Current probably couldn’t get any sponsors since Sarah stuck it to everybody who sells anything where women are wimminz.

  80. Questions about Burqa Barbie
    ■Does she come with stones?
    ■Does her head come off?
    ■Does she come with a tiny vial of acid?
    ■Does she need to be accompanied by a man in order to leave the store?
    ■Who gets flogged if she takes her Burqa off in public? Doll? Or child?
    ■Who arranges Burqa Barbie’s marriage?
    ■If Burqa Barbie is “honor killed” do I get a refund?

  81. I could tell you Upps, but then I’d have to kill you. Hahahahh


  82. Another question for burka barbie
    Who protects her from sexy vegetables?

  83. I found Sarah Haskins on twitter.


    Wiki says that according to her twitter, she’s having a baby.

  84. Well obviously Burka Barbie doesn’t get a car.

  85. Speaking of “Occupy New York Times” I just found two emails from them. Here I’m thinking, what do they want now. I quit them a long time ago. I’m glad I opened up the last one first. It saved time.

    Dear New York Times Reader,

    You may have received an e-mail today from The New York Times with the subject line “Important information regarding your subscription.”

    This e-mail was sent by us in error. Please disregard the message. We apologize for any confusion this may have caused.


    The New York Times

    I’m done with them.

    NYTimes, whose NYTimes? Not mine.

  86. I’ll never forget hearing my sister ask mom for a Barbie dream house. Mom’s response, “Barbie better get a job.” Leave it to mom. She always finds the right words to shut her kids up.

  87. Only 1 trojan, myiq? Yeesh what a dud.

  88. I was thinking the same thing Upps. What a waste of time. lol

  89. Viv – I too got the “Second” enail from the NYT. I did not get the first telling me they were dropping me, or charging me money. Some editor in the Subscription Department just went on unemployment, I am sure.

    I will NEVER pay for that rag. Neither will MOST anyone else – and they know it.


    Uppity – If I could speak to anyone on the planet via telephone right now it would be you (then NES, then Lorac, then Sophie and/or Whynot.

    I have a deep sadness unrelated to any thing but doing the right ting. I suppose expectations , even when not a reality, are always there.


    And no, email will not do. Too buzzed to type. Spaghetti does that. You ALL know (maybe not Sophie or Imust)how to call me.)

    Sorry about they typos. It’s a nice day for a “White Russian”

    To paraphrase Billy Idol

  90. Sigh – Imustgotobed.

    Morrow, friends. Too much wine in the spaghetti. LOL

    BTW – my nose suddenly grew by 12 inches!


  91. Aww…FF. I’m so sorry. Something must be wrong. I hope Uppity calls you. 😦

    Dare I share a NYT link?? It does have a juicy tidbit. 1st 2 paragraphs Obama confesses to calling Reggie Love because he, “misses him”. Oh-la-la!

  92. Where’s lorac???? lorac!!! Quick!!

  93. Oh here’s the snip:

    WASHINGTON — Air Force One had just landed in Manchester, N.H., on a brisk Tuesday morning last month when President Obama made an admission to Valerie B. Jarrett, his close friend and senior adviser.

    Mr. Obama does not spend much time at Camp David, instead vacationing with friends on Martha’s Vineyard or in Hawaii, above.
    “I just called Reggie,” Mr. Obama said. It was his first domestic trip without Reggie Love, the former Duke University basketball player who had been his constant companion and presidential “body man” until he left in November to study for his M.B.A. full time. “I miss him,” the president confessed.

  94. Queer. Straight men don’t put this “on the record”

    Just lost an entire post in the ether. Must be the pity party I am having! LOL~!

  95. It WAS “Imustgottobed”

    Off to dreamland – then this!




  96. G’night FF! Hope whatever is bothering you will be better in the morning. 🙂

  97. Obama’s gotta get his fix of “shave ice”. [sigh]

  98. That’s good to know.

    Sure is quiet tonight. Maybe this place needs some tunes.

  99. Okay, I’m looking for some disco now. Isn’t that what lorac likes?

  100. Are the people who are stampeding each other over sneakers mostly Democrats or Republicans?

  101. Libertarians

  102. I can’t find any of that disco lorac likes. How bout some jazz?

  103. Those stampeders looked like Independents to me.

  104. This just gets better. How long has this song been out? Already twenty people have covered it. This has got to be the best one.

  105. The stampeders couldn’t be Independents….they wouldn’t be able to decide on a shoe!

  106. You know imust, after I posted that comment, I thought, non voters. You know, the ones that won’t be bothered to ever show up to vote. Maybe even convicted felons. They don’t vote either. So I’m told.

  107. Hey imust, I’m still looking for tunes. Any request?

  108. I’ll take that as a no.

  109. Enough trashing the place for me. I think I’ll go wake someone up.

  110. I looooooooooooooove disco, and I love vivien for remembering!

    Wait, I mean – UW, it’s all vivien’s fault, she MADE me do it!

  111. Nice post imust! I love that little girls rant. Right on Riley! Laker liked it also, and totally “got it”. Well, one of the most important things we can all do is keep educating the youngsters. laker has had some great conversations with his friends and cousins about womens and gays rights.

  112. Jaysus. The place is a mess here…

    Can’t leave you children alone. There will be Punishments.

  113. Well I see I was helpful to FF last night.

  114. Romney calls Obama Marie Antoinette

    MASON CITY, Iowa — Mitt Romney on Thursday sought to portray President Barack Obama as out of touch with the struggles of everyday Americans — a charge he himself has often faced — by comparing the president to a former French queen who was overthrown during the French Revolution.

    “When the president’s characterization of our economy was, ‘It could be worse,’ it reminded me of Marie Antoinette: ‘Let them eat cake,'” Romney said, referring to the infamously dismissive remark toward the poor attributed to the queen.

    “This is not a time to be talking about, ‘It could be worse.’ It’s a time to recognize that things should be better,”

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