What are friends for?


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  1. The best part is the way he just calmly watches as you hear the crashing and banging below.

  2. Yeah like he wants to make sure it was effective…

  3. Is that Bill’s date for New Year’s Eve? He better watch his back.

  4. It’s good to snort first thing in the morning! LOL

  5. And I snorted with a mouth full of coffee!

  6. ROFL! Sort of reminded me of what the D’s did to us!

  7. I swear I think I have 10 new kittehs, not one. It seems no matter where I am in the house, Kat is there – when I was SURE she had been in the other room seconds before. One minutes she is in my lap at the computer (like now) and then I go to the back porch, the bedroom or the kitchen – and poof! She is there too! It must be those little Devil Tips on her ears!

  8. And I snorted with a mouth full of coffee!

    So it came out of your nose then! Touchdown!

  9. FF you okay? I swear everytime I leave this blog, a spell is cast on you guys! In addition to you being bummed, lorac and vivien misbehaved in ways that require Punishments.

  10. That’s a young cat. He will get smarter as he gets older. If he lives.

  11. The cat was just “helping” the other cat get down the steps faster.

  12. FF, I go through that with cats that are bonded to me. A bonded cat will ALWAYS be where you are. Like a dog only you can’t see them that easily. Obviously the cat adores you. No doubt when you are looking for the little chit you cant find her……because she’s right behind you while you search frantically. Laughing her butt off.

  13. Poor thing has a bell on his collar too, so the other cat will ALWAYS know where he is. lolol. No self respecting cat tolerates a bell, so you know right off he’s young and not too bright yet. I put a bell on my first cat. The bell disappeared. I found it in the litter box.

  14. LOL on the kitteh FF! Undoubtedly feels you need extra kitteh love!

  15. I’m alright Upps – thanks. Just a cocktail-induced pity party. And ya have to agree I have a crappy couple of months. Also, as I told Mom and Lorac – it’s now mid-life crisis. Don’t want to paint murals anymore but just found out the newspaper is going to do a story on me. Would it be appropriate to appeal for a new career in the article?!?! LOL

  16. As for Kat adoring me. It’s mutual. 🙂

  17. You mean if I did call you, you would have been drunk and not remembered this morning?\:)

  18. just found out the newspaper is going to do a story on me. Would it be appropriate to appeal for a new career in the article?!?!


  19. FF, now you will get calls to do what you don’t want to do. Priceless.

  20. “You mean if I did call you, you would have been drunk and not remembered this morning?\:)”

    quite possibly!

  21. Well I don’t feel so guilty then!

  22. Everyone should have their midlife crises early so they can get it over with. It’s so much work if you get older. I don’t think I had one. Ah well…too late. lolol.

    I have a friend who’s having one right now though. Boy is she ever screwing up her life.

  23. FF we need a photo of Kat.

  24. Who’s the most knowledgable cat person on this blog aside from me? I need to braistorm how to correct something that irritates me. Have email will brainstorm, pls.

  25. Here’s the deal. Male cat, female cat. She goes upstairs to sleep on the bed a lot. He goes up there with her and cuddles, etc. She’s a little thing. He’s bigger than a bread box.

    But every.single.time.she.comes.down.the.stairs…he follows her fast and grabs her neck scruff at the bottom of the stairs. He does not mount her. Just subjugates her.Dog breaks it up or I tell him to let go you big bastard. She runs to me.

    Rinse and repeat. EVERY SINGLE TIME.

    Note: In those times, I witness it in action, I tried the water spray on him. Nada. He finds it refreshing.

  26. LOL on the midlife crisis- mine was forced on me when I wrecked my back! On to new things soon I hope! New career, new life.
    Seriously, it sucks when life slaps you down and says No, sorry, you will not be doing what you have done ever again. Then you get forced to take a step back and reevaluate and figure out what exactly it WAS that sent you in to that career. And how can you take those things and rework them.
    When it came down to it- I had to sit down and start writing page after page of what exactly I had done in the restaurants all those years. Then neaten it up by sorting those things in to categories and skills. Twas a good exercise.
    Now to turn it into a new life’s path lol!

  27. Wow Uppity- not a cat expert for sure- I would not even begin to know how to stop that- other than to make him go down the stairs first.
    Will be interested to hear what the cat pros have to say!

  28. That doesn’t count as a midlife crises per se, Mom. That’s bad luck that forces you to adapt. A midlife crises is when you suddenly wake up and say WTF am I doing here! I think I’ll change everything! Even if it’s dumb!

  29. Mom, I can’t make him go down first. He’s up there. I’m down here. And he just waits for her to come down. I had another female, RIP, and he scruffed her now and then too. But not like this. And he didn’t DARE try it with my mother’s cat, since she let him know where the bear goes the day I brought her in here. So he’s only been around three females. He is not at all dominant with other males. And he’s a very gentle cat otherwise. He does get the best of the dog though and she’s female. Unlike some toms that will mount and then get confused when they are neutered, he doesn’t mount. Just subjugates. He’s a sexist pig!

    It has gotten worse since his (male) companion died in March.

  30. I know what someone is gonna say. He needs another male companion. But yeesh, two cats is enough. My poor dog….

  31. If this behavior only happens after a nap for both upstairs, just don’t let them go upstairs. The idea is to break the behavior cycle. You could let her go up and secure him in another room or crate.

    If he bullies her at any time, just grab him and crate him. Don’t yell, just do it every time. Cats do understand cause and effect.

    I had the same situation – a large heavy male and and tiny female brother and sister. However, she would fight him like a tiger. His M.O. was to hide and jump on her producing one hell of a racket.

  32. Force him to convert from his patriarchal religion.

  33. Everyone should have their midlife crises early so they can get it over with. It’s so much work if you get older.

    D*mn, that is such good advice. Too bad I was too dumb to have my midlife crisis in my 20s!

  34. Yeah, madamab …. exhausting, huh?

  35. It’s pretty hard to keep cats from going up stairs. If you block the stairs, they just hop onto the banister. House is far too open to pull that off, can’t block the foyer entrance, it just wouldn’t be possible. But it wouldn’t matter because I see him do it to her elsewhere too, just not like clockwork. I could do the crate thing though, if I could catch him. lol. He knows it pisses me off so he tends to blow town once I catch him. The dog does a good job of breaking it up. I just wish she would turn around and give him a major smack when he does it to her. But she’s a docile one.

    She’ll get on the couch with me and snooze and then he shows up. He makes her nervous of course. On purpose. It’s all kind of odd because there is NEVER a fight of any kind. And he snoozes with her up there, but down here, no. Even if i could block upstairs, up there is the only place she gets his attention and a hug from him. Downstairs, he sleeps near the vent or on the rocking chair where he and his companion always slept together, but she doesn’t go there with him. Wen they are downstairs, they really are never together. Just upstairs. He pays attention to the dog downstairs, but the only attention she gets is him scruffing her. It’s all odd to me. Frankly, i think he’s really missing his companion.

    I think I will try the crate thing on those times I can make it worthy of a connect in his head.

  36. LOL Uppity- well the bad luck certainly has forced me to evaluate a whole lot of other things as well. LOL For example- being forced to look at the clutter day in and day out for two years now….. Change is coming- one way or another! I thought of threatening him with a trip on to that hoarders reality show- but am just too old fashioned. Not going to put it out there for the world to see. One way or another – things WILL change!

  37. I thought of threatening him with a trip on to that hoarders reality show

    Oh man! I’ve seen that show! Hollllllllyyyyyyyyyy Chit!

  38. Oh yeah Uppity- oh yeah. I put my foot down on it being in the living area though. But the basement and garage? Yard sale anyone? Seriously- it is a two car garage- with a u-shaped walkway around the piles of junk. Floor to ceiling junk! The basement is almost as ridiculous.
    Wish he would go to FL in the warm months- cuz I would hire a dumpster in a heart beat. But I would have to pay them extra to take it four states away or he would just find it again lol.

  39. OT- looking for a countdown widget for WordPress- one that I can use to count down the days until the squatters are evicted from 1600. Anybody?

  40. If anybody can find it, it’s you, Ferret.

  41. TGIF!!!!!last one of the year.

  42. Upps, I wish I could help ya out with your cat problem. I do have a cat squatting with me, while his mommy’s out to sea. The first cat I’ve ever had. My baby’s are dogs. My vet lives next door, I could ask her what she thinks tonight when I get home.

    About last nite…… lorac just picked up where I left off. That was all me. Let me be the only one that requires punishment. I should have expressed myself differently. I’m sorry. What can I do to fix it? Oh, and again. Don’t blame lorac.

  43. Found a widget I like but have no clue how to put it in a sidebar nevermind in a post lol

  44. Upps, I don’t want you thinking I’m the big cat pushing lorac down the stairs. It’s not like that.

  45. The best thing about mid-life crises – you only go through them once!

    All I know about cats is, they are cute, and I’m allergic to them. Oh, and they talk funny. Not much help in that department.

    OTOH, if you need some help with your singing voice, or your SharePoint site, I’m your gal! LOL

  46. Why do blondes write TGIF inside their shoes?

    To remind them that “Toes Go In First”

  47. Vivien, lorac is guilty of complicity.

  48. Upp, the answer is to never get a male cat. ‘Nuff said.

    My cat problem: After my 21-year-old soulcat died last year, I got a new kitteh from the shelter. I love her madly but she thinks “meh” about me. How do I make her love me? I give her everything but she never wants to cuddle. 😥 I miss my old girl.

  49. Don’t blame lorac. She seemed to be very excited that I remembered she likes disco, and got carried away. My fault… really.

    lorac, if you’re reading this, I’m sorry. Double sorry to you Upps.

  50. vivien, maybe I tricked you, maybe I’m grooming you to be the new late-night cut-up! 🙂

    And UW hasn’t invited PMM with her whip in for the punishments, so not to worry!

  51. Re: The “water spray” punishment. It doesn’t work on my cat either. She actually seems to like it. Makes her purr. Strange.

    I think the crate idea makes sense, Upp. Cats do hate to be confined. Do it immediately every time you see him doing the nasty and he will get the idea. You could also try hissing at him since the little girl is too much of a lady to do it herself.

  52. What did I miss last night? Going back to find out…

  53. 5:00 am rolls around pretty early an the east coast. An upset stomach woke me. That doesn’t sound like a good excuse. That’s my story, and I’m sticken to it.

    No lorac, it was all me. I was trying to get you to come out and play. I had given up by the time you showed up. Could you imagine the trashing this place would have gotten if we were both here?

  54. Well, I had a male cat that did the same thing.

    It may sound harsh, but after many failed solutions, I finally tried turning the tables, which he figured out, after not more than a dozen times.

    When I would catch him doing his “You’re mine, Bitch!” I would do a “Yeah, and you’re mine, Dude!” and grab him by the scruff of the neck (not angrily) and hold him for a couple of minutes – or until he had had enough.

    He would always let go and “complain” really quickly, with some low growls, while I would say “No more, Sam! Be sweet to Kat” – petting Kat’s neck at first (she was a bit confused at first as well and wouldn’t leave immediately.

    (I think he actually started liking me “punking him” a bit, lol!)

    Seriously, after a couple of weeks, he not only stopped the behavior, he actually became more affectionate toward us both, turning his former behavior into licking and cleaning her neck and rubbing on me for attention and affection.

  55. OMG!!! Enough is Enough!!!!
    Newt Gingrich “cries” during interview. They’re calling it his, “Hillary moment!”

  56. Yeah hissing. That’s a good one. I hesitate on the crate thing because of the residual effects. I use a crate to vet him. He is a huge cat who is MORTIFIED to go anywhere, much less the vet. He literally moans, hyperventilates to the danger point, and does number one, number two and number three. One of the worst I’ve seen. It is a very traumatic experience for him. The only tolerable part is he goes into the crate with little stress. Once I use that crate for punishment, all bets might be off on that part.

  57. lorac,PMM is ALWAYS the whip handler. We’ve had our chat via email. There will be pain.

  58. Beata I prefer male cats. By miles. They come when you call them. Females take a message and get back to you. Males are more adaptable to bringing new cats into the home. And they are big chooches and I love that. I believe that if you put 20 cats in a room and only one of them is a female, you can pick her out. I’m not saying I haven’t had females that I loved. I certainly have. But I just find the goofyness of males and their size and temperament to be suitable for me. Overall, my Joe is a wonderful boy. This is just a kink in his road that I have to iron out. He did, after all, lose his beloved companion and I think this is at least part of his issue. Lost his brother and wants me to himself so he doesn’t lose me, perhaps.

  59. Gingrich crying.

    Oh for chrissakes. What a phony. I bet his tears burn holes in things when they touch them. Gingrich cries acid.

  60. WHY NOT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  61. Ah so you had an upset stomach and blew lunch all over the blog, right Vivien?

  62. Should have said: He would always let go really quickly – while “objecting” with low growls.

    My experience with male cats has been that most are very affectionate – often more than females and the “Tom” disappears once they learn it’s futile and unnecessary.

  63. Beata, on your new cat. I’ve been there. You must give her time. Her time, not yours. You have no idea what her start was in life. She’s watching you and deciding if she can trust you. It WILL work out. I once took a cat I rescued as a kitten back from the people who had her. What I did know was that she spent a lot of time in a basement with an unneutered male and she was pregnant at 8 months when I took her back. Bad choice of adopters. They didn’t abuse her physically, but just didn’t have a commitment. They didn’t vet her, obviously, either. Anyways, she had these fears. For example if another cat tried to enter my basement, she would howl and grab the cat by the scruff and drag him back. She hated having doors closed on her. And……she was standoffish. Pleasant, polite but not very affectionate. It took damned near two years but one day she just hopped on my lap and it was a love affair from that day forward. She had spent a LONG time watching me. She didn’t want to make a bad call. Where she was, she got affection and then lande back in the basement later. It was a bad connection for her. She just had to be sure I wasn’t like that.

    Your cat will one day decide it’s safe for her now and you will reap the reward.

  64. Maybe I should have gotten a male cat, Upp. I have heard that after neutering, they are more affectionate than females. I got another female because that is what I had for 21 years. I guess there is just no way to make her a cuddle cat. She is what she is. Very independent. I do love her.

    Sounds like Joe is still in mourning. Give him some time. Cats have very long memories.

  65. Beata, the cat i described turned out to be very loving. It’s just that the females are a bit more resourceful and when they haven’t had it good, it takes them longer to trust again. Give it a shot, be patient, think like a cat. OR…get a male companion for her and you will see how quick she wants your affection. Never fails.

  66. Newt cried? Over the ash dropper?
    Give me a BREAK!
    Pardon me while I hurl.

  67. LOL Mom, Newt crying over his lumberjack mother. Priceless.I mean look at this mess. I’d cry if I HAD her for a mother.

  68. You know, Uppity, I learned with cats, that emulating their Mothers, as well as, at times invoking a more dominant “masculine” persona (especially with males) brings out the best in them.

    I’ve been “lucky” with mothering cats – except for the saying goodbye part.

  69. Upp, I’ve had my new kitteh for over a year now. She was found wandering a downtown street one night and taken to the shelter. She was about 8 months old at the time. No idea what her past had been. I hope she wasn’t abused. She seems to have a problem with bonding. I hope you are right and she will come around eventually. I really need a lap cat at this time in my life. But as any “cat-owner” knows, it’s not about me and my needs, it’s about the cat!

  70. Beata at the age you took her, she had a history. She’s watching. It WILL happen. I’ve seen it time and again. Just keep sweet talking her. sweet talk her when you feed her. sweet talk her when you walk by her. You know what i mean. Also, I wouldn’t rule out adding a second cat to help with her comfort zone. WOuld have to be a male though.

    Yes WHY NOT. The saying goodbye is the horrible part. But still…..it’s worth it.

  71. Newt’s mother is a glaring example of the saying, You can’t make a silk purse out of a sow’s ear.

  72. aw now you see, Joe is right here on the chair, behind me on the back, purring in my ear. I tell you, visitors love him too. He’s just so sociable and friendly. And handsome. Except for that one thing I am about to have a talk with him about.

  73. Why’s he crying? I don’t want to look. Who cares?

    It was supper Upps. I skipped lunch. Tell me something. Who puts cayenne peper in potato soup? I’ve never had heartburn like that.

  74. I see the blog is going to hit 3 1/4 million soon! Nice way to start the New Year~

  75. Beata, I had a traumatized female cat (I rescued her when she was about nine months old) who would tear up book pages, shoes – lots of things – and hide in the closet and under the bed when I was around.

    It took patience, but I would just leave her destruction (acting out her anxiety), so it would hopefully lose its effect.

    Then, I would “share” her hiding places – like getting in the closet (for fifteen minutes, or so) even though she had fled – and putting lotion on my hands and rubbing the floor in the closet and under the bed.with my scent – along with “presents of cat nip toys that I would also leave.

    She seemed to learn, and rather quickly considering her abused state when I got her, that the things she tore up were not “helping her feel better” once the damage was done (I think – watching how she responded to the mess after days of it just laying there) and that I was a co-habiting, non-threatening “presence” everywhere. HER adjustments to me had rewards – like cat nip “hidden treasures” associated with my scent in her former “hiding” places.

  76. PMM, are you talking about a party? I’m not feeling that bad.

  77. Beata at the age you took her, she had a history. She’s watching. It WILL happen. I’ve seen it time and again.
    Our 2 yo female rescue, Lola, was pitiful when we brought her home; emaciated, fur falling out and most likely abused. She spent 8 weeks hiding in a closet and only came out, unobserved, to eat and use the cat box. After two months, she came out, meeoow’d and wanted her head scratched. After seven months, she is more interactive and doesn’t flinch when petted. It just takes time for a kitty to get it’s shit together in a new, friendly environment.

  78. What SHV said.

    It not only sometimes takes Time, but it’s time by THEIR measurement, not ours.

  79. Cats are not like dogs when it comes to a bad experience. A dog will give it another shot. You won’t see a cat go anywhere near the source for a long long time. So they associate things, and it takes time for them to determine whether the association is worth dropping. They process things verrrrrrrrrrrrrrry carefully.

  80. The header. Where did all the babies go? Well, that one little guy that’s left looks like he’s ready to party.

    It looks good FF.

  81. FF: A ‘little’ self-pity is often a necessary and valuable part in my healing and/or moving forward. Feeling “cheated” by events beyond my control – or even by my own mistakes – is an emotion I need.

    Getting hurt by loss or feeling let down only happens when one is fully invested in life, people and what one “does.”

    Conversely, acting out not giving a sh*t, for me, is inverted, useless self-pity that misses out on the comfort of love for myself and others, deepening my investment and outward expression of it.

    *Clink* to your humanity.

  82. Why Not, basically if we are careful enough, nothing bad or good will ever happen to us.

  83. Looks like Bill decided to keep one. Again.

  84. Yes. That’s it precisely. Know both sides, intimately well.

  85. the blog is going to hit 3 1/4 million soon yipee!!!!! 🙂

  86. What? Does he keep one out of every litter? You’ve got me thinking he’s building an army.

    Come on five o’clock….

  87. WhyNot – Uppity – thank you

    Uppity – if you were a real person (Heh) you would be wonderful to dump on now on the phone…..
    still a lotta sh*t going on. Disappointment in character, really. But hoping there is another reason. Can’t figure out how long to wait to ask.

  88. I had just seen that cat vid on youtube and put it over at TW with a caption: Wimmenz, is this what you feel like Obama and the Dems did to you?

    It *is* funny!

  89. UW, be nice to vivien, she has been spending some time at my camp site! And my cat Amos is officially in da’ house. He got his boy’s lopped off. He is putting on weight and sleeping a lot. But my question is; why does he still want to spray? The only thing I can think of is that he wants to be like his hero, me. He must watch me pee on the fence, the tree in the yard, and the bushes next to the house. A Hillbilly has to mark his stuff ya know?

    here is a connoli recipe for you.

  90. His M.O. was to hide and jump on her producing one hell of a racket. My daughter’s cats did that at night. We made videos of them being WWF competitors

  91. That stuff is looking good Hill Billy. I might give that a try.

    And Hill Billy, it’s all good. I’ll take my whippen, and come back for more.

    Boss Lady just told everyone they can leave early. Man, this had been a long day.

  92. Uppity – I note your more recent post speaks of your male cat having “had a companion.” Didn’t realize that at the time I posted. It could be he is “playing” as he might have with companion did it die or were they separated?

    Still, anything that will break a pattern will be helpful, but it sounds as if he needs a play pal and isn’t very adept at finding one.

  93. twandx I had to put his companion to sleep, he silently harbored PKD and I had no idea. It as all very quick.

  94. Only 8 lives to go.

  95. Halloo Uppityites! Just coming up for air for a bit. Really weird for the week after Christmas to be busier than the week before (which was pretty darn busy), but there it was!

  96. OWS occupies a big huge major multibillion dollar ..um…coffee shop in Iowa. And get their asses kicked out. Now why are they bothering small businesses? I hardly think the owner of this place is the illustrious 1%.

  97. Gag alert… Newtie is trying for the wimminz vote…

    GOP presidential hopeful Newt Gingrich is sinking in the polls but nevertheless said he would consider former Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin as a potential vice presidential running mate.


  98. Oh brother. And that’s supposed to get me to vote for him? He has got to be kidding.

    I’m done with her anyways. I posted about it long ago. Too many Hillary jabs and slams on women like myself to suit me. Screw her.

  99. My first thought was “Who is he kidding?” He treats his wives like an old pair of shoes and we are supposed to be impressed that he might let a woman run with him. pffffft.

  100. He’s a serious power whore.He’ll do or say anything for more power. His second wife fingered him for what he is.

  101. Goofs, did I mention that the Goofster is a VERY good looking fellow?

  102. Yep, and this is the best they can come up with to oust BO from office. I am so depressed!!! 👿

  103. Goofs says thank you. 🙂

    Of course I think he is quite handsome, he is also goofy and naughty. He is most adorable when he sleeps, which is when he is on his best behavior. 😉

  104. Yup and since he’s a cat, he’s on his ‘best behavior’ a lot,sleeping.

  105. They were staking out the coffee shop waiting for a candidate to arrive.

    The lady who owns the place had other ideas.

  106. Well she was within her rights. It was her establishment and she was wise to intercept an intent to create a ruckus.

  107. THey need to stake out one of those five star restaurants Obama goes to all the time. See how long they will last there.

  108. When I see them do to Obama what they did to gingrich the other day, then I’ll believe their not owned by OFA, George Soros the Tent Buyer, and Move On. SO far, they haven’t done a thing to prove any differently. Their ‘protest’ in front of Obama was lame assed bullshit.

  109. They won’t get anywhere close to Obama unless the Secret Service lets them. The one time they “mic-checked” an Obama speech they were behaving like tween girls at a Justin Beiber concert afterward, trying to get his autograph.

  110. Now Uppity, they can’t act that way with BO, they have hopes they can mold him… After all he is the only Dem candidate running in the primaries so far.

    OWS knows that they have no hope with the Reps because Reps are the 1%,,,

    OWS will learn the hard way that there is no difference between the parties.

  111. Those silly children. I hope they have a few billion dollars, because so far that’s all I’ve seen that is capable of “molding” him lol

  112. Goofs, lol like every Democrat in Congress isn’t a member of the 1%.

  113. Uppity
    Have you tried the old trick of shaking can with marbles/coins in it at Mr Tibbs showing his dominance?

    I have also used the scruff trick – but you need to know the cats temperament (some bite at this as adults).

  114. Mid life crisis. My older brothers have spent the past twenty years moving back and forth between second child hood and midlife chaos so I have had to be the adult – no time for crisis. Their crisis is always more important. Most of my friends/coworkers are the same way (male and female). No time to waste on a crisis. Finding time for a nap is hard enough. And no, life dealing you lemons and the resulting The occasional pity party of one as the sum of things before moving on – does not count.

    There are a couple that have gone off the deep end. It is not pretty.

    For instance, turn 50 and trying to “find oneself” by giving up a real job because you think you will make millions hosting Pampered Chef/Amway whatever parties (you know where you keep inviting friends/family/neighbors to the point where they no longer take your calls and block your emails and becomes former friends/neighbors and the family members want a divorce) all the while cashing on on the condo Moms and Dadums bought you to purchase an over priced mcmansion (better to host those parties and store all the crap bought as inventory from each of the failed pyramid schemes) right as the market is collapsing (and thinking you got a steal of a deal although you are underwater before you even move in) and then taking the money Moms and Dadums fork over to keep you afloat and using it to buy a brand new convertible (BMW not Beetle). Complete with an Hope bumper sticker. Not to mention the Botox sessions and shopping at Forever 21 because you think it enables you to look 21.

  115. Mt. Laurel, never known a cat that didn’t just cave when you scruff them. It’s a thing they understand from their mothers. Some aren’t happy when you let go, but they weren’t happy before you scruffed them either. They are usually feral and I wouldn’t try to scruff one of them unless there was a really lucky opening.

    shaking a can would be great if I were standing at the bottom of the stairs with a can handy when it happened. Most times, I am somewhere else and just hear her yell. And sometimes she says nothing so I don’t even know. I’m sure it happens more often than I get to see. And he isn’t a jumpy cat, so loud noises don’t bother him all that much.

  116. Mt. Laurel, re: your peter pan brothers, who are generally costly:
    Every family has one. lolol.

  117. Those silly children. I hope they have a few billion dollars, because so far that’s all I’ve seen that is capable of “molding” him lol

    Yeah like Barack gives a rat’s ass about a bunch of pissants who shoot paper airplanes at buildings that house people who donate millions to him.

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