New Year’s Eve Times Square Live Feed and Dear Dan

Watch Times Square crazies ring in the New Year. This is the best way to watch because you don’t have to worry about your wallet being stolen or anything.

LIVE FEED – TIMES SQUARE  (scroll down a little for different views)

But before the ball drops, hear Dan Fogelberg RIP, man — and remember which nerve Same Auld Lang Syne touches for you. We all have one of those memories Dan brings back to us, don’t we? Tonight, “Drink a toast to innocence”, and “Drink a toast to now”.

Love yas. And thank you all for being so loyal to me, warts and all, for what approaches 4 years in 2012. I feel like I know each and every one of you. And I like what I know.


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  1. TImes Square on New Year’s Eve CAN be fun. It just depends on where you are, and who you are with. And how many people are squishing you to death.

  2. Uppity – and All – I love this place. Cannot possibly last until the year changes, so the header is a bit early – but HAPPY NEW YEAR to everyone here and have a safe and peaceful (or insane) evening. Whatever your preference! XOXO FF!

    BTW – really nice champagne and an expensive Eye-tallian Pizza will knock your butt out every time!

    Will stick around as long as I can. Heh.


  3. Freedom Fairy, you are a dear dear woman!

  4. Wow, Bill’s tipsy, but the Pengy is a couple of sheets to the wind.

  5. “Freedom Fairy, you are a dear dear woman!”

    Deal With It…

    Off to lalaland now. Bill will drive from here. XO to all.

    Happy New Year to the Westies too!

  6. I love this song. Wishing all of you at Uppity’s a peaceful and prosperous new year! Thanks, UW, for providing this refuge for so long and with such amazing talent. (LOVE the header!!)

  7. No soup, thank YOU. For being here.

  8. Happy New Years to all! And to think, I could have gone down to Mobile AL to see the giant moon-pie drop from a building. 🙄

  9. Moonpie???
    WTF are those people on?

  10. Happy New Year all. I for one will be in dreamland long before it gets here. Never did like to be up and drinking when I could be sleeping safely in my bed. It never made a lick of sense to me to start off a new year with a hang over so enjoy all.

  11. Love the header! And all the decorations! Happy New Year Uppityland!

  12. Well hey you got less than an hour to fall asleep!

  13. Fabulous header, great feed and Dan’s the man. Once again, Uppity’s rocks for the occasion!

  14. I love Dan Fogelberg’s auld lang syne! But I also love James Taylor:

  15. Fogelberg wrote the song. That trumps everybody IMO.

  16. Thanks Sophie!

    But hey FF has full authority over headers. I see them when you do! I never know what’s coming or when — and that’s a blast.

  17. You can see what’s going on at times square right now, here. And scroll down for different views. Why wait till midnight

  18. TONS of people!

  19. I agree on Fogelberg, but still like my JT.

  20. Happy New Year’s to All you wonderful Uppityites!!!!

    I’m still 3 1/2 hours away but didn’t want the Easties to get the message late. 😉

  21. Love his Handy Man. But still mad at him for being divorced from Carly.

  22. Moonpie???
    WTF are those people on?

    Oh dear…you’ve never been to the South have you?

  23. OMG look at this. They were just kids.

  24. I have too! I drove through lots of times. lolol

  25. Love the header with the pengy streaming through the bubbly. Cheers all. mwaaaah. xxoo

  26. Okay, got JT! How about one of my other favs? Beach Boys Auld lang syne?

  27. JT and Carole King were on some show late last night, talking about the old days and singing together.

    It looks like tonight would have been the night to go to NYC–46 degrees. (And hey, it could be the last one evah.)

  28. I have too! I drove through lots of times. lolol

    But apparently you never stopped to get moonpie and an RC. Why they even have a festival for that and it’s apparently a suicide festival also if you happen to go there.

  29. 6 minutes until new years in new york! yay!

  30. imusthavepie, would a moonpie do?

    but upps you HAVE to watch that vid. It will bring up just about every Southern stereotype you can think of. :lo:

  31. I’m on central time so have an hr. to go.

  32. There was a dense fog advisory for nola and se La, so the fireworks they set off from barges in the Miss. won’t be able to be seen. Won’t matter much as most of the people in the Fr. Qtr. will be drunk and they’ll think they saw the fireworks.

  33. Mwaaah, Uppityites!!!

    Happy New Year!!!

  34. Happy, happy to the East Coasters.
    Not sure if I’ll be awake at midnight cst.

  35. Happy New Year!

  36. A moonpie will definitely do fredster!
    Did someone mention PIE?

  37. Sophie and Fredster both commented at 12:00 am! Good work!

  38. imust: We coordinated that! 😉

  39. Anyway, UW, back to Dan F–Back in the dark ages (the 70s) when we all had guitars whether we could play them or not, Part of the Plan</em/ was one of my favorites. I'm still waiting for "one day [when] we'll all understand."

  40. Prospero Año Nuevo!

  41. Happy New Year to Uppity and your multitudes of Uppity Followers!!!!!!!
    Love the hear FF….a knockout as usual. Speaking of knockouts, on Bill’s running Twitter account recently was written “How come they got Kim Jong Il’s dead butt under bulletproof glass? I mean it’s not like somebody’s gonna kill him.”

    At that time,you could scroll up to see Bill and his brood, ready and armed with champagne bottles, looking like tuxie mafioso and chuckled and thought “You mean THAT somebody?”

  42. Okay, so it’s 2am in NYC! But hey, it’s only 11pm here on the West Coast! We’re still waiting to ring in the New Year!!!!

  43. It’s midnight-thirty-four here in the almost left-coast… going to bed. Wishing all of Uppityville a joy filled new year!

  44. Happy New Year!!!

    imust, I’m trying… ten till three here.

  45. Well Peter pan brother numero uno got Ma all upset so for New Years Eve so I pulled out the Golden Girls DVDs to cheer her up. She entertained my friends by getting them all to take a sip of bubbly every time Shady Pines was mentioned. Bonus points for pop culture references (Sonny Bob is leading but then he and/or a facsimile of him appeared in more than episode).

  46. Thank you to all you East Coasters for “hangin’ in there!” Happy New Year in 5 minutes from California!!!

  47. Happy New Year!!!!!!!

  48. Another Sonny spotting:

    Happy New Year !

  49. Mt.Laurel, Ma sounds like the life of the party.

    imust, you still hanging in there? You go woman.

  50. I’m dancin’ every one thinks I’m nuts! Hey, I’m ready for 2012, what can I say vivien!

  51. The party is just getting started.

  52. imustbecareful….I do not want to trash the place and incur the wrath of Uppity!!!

  53. It can only get better, right?

    Some people like nuts. It’s all good.

  54. It has no where to go but up!!
    Come on 2012!!!!

  55. Don’t you leave me. I get in trouble when I’m here alone.

  56. I’m here! How’s this?

  57. Can’t get in trouble with somewhere over the rainbow…can you???

  58. Let see how many over the rainbows we can find.

  59. The original:

  60. We’re gonna get in trouble. Nora Jones…

  61. Hers sounds like Israel’s version.

  62. Nice. I haven’t heard a Nora Jones song in awhile.

  63. I think we’re okay. Uppity likes EC and Jimi…..Happy New Year vivien and UPPITY!!!!
    Have some happy new year pie…..:)

  64. Happy New Year imust. To you as well Upps.

  65. Hey imust thanks for the cool jimi and ec videos. Uppity, what was it like to see Jimi live? One of my aunts saw him, but she doesn’t remember much about it. It sux that he died so young. I’ve read a lot about him and everyone says that he was a nice guy.

    Wishing you all a happy and uppity New Year!

  66. Loved that Clapton vid, imust! I never knew he did that song. Beautiful. Really nice vids tonite. And of course Dan Fogelbergs auld lang syne is perfect.

    Here’s hoping we all have a healthy and happy New Year! Its nice that we all have another year together under our belts!

  67. Bill looks like he will be nursing a pretty nasty hangouver tomorrow.

  68. To our fearless leader, Uppity, and to all my fellow foot soldiers in the proud Uppity Army, who will never quit the good fight…

    Happy New Year!


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