Well it’s the last day of the year 2011

…..Otherwise known as New Year’s Eve. Tonight, I will post the Times Square Live Feed, of course, so you can count down together. Then we can all get drunk together and cry about shit that happened to us that shouldn’t have happened — and shit that should have happened but didn’t.

Meanwhile, how about some music? And what are you doing tonight, if anything?

Of course, my Great Room is open for comraderie 24/7/365, so today is no exception. So pop in when the mood moves you. Have some snacks. Try the crab dip.  Pet my cat. Try not to drop anything on the floor, but if you do, it’s all good because the dog will eat it.

This is an open thread.

….And this is Le Nozze di Figaro.

….And this is Candide and the inimitable Leonard Berstein, who really should have been granted the right to live forever.


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  1. Got any Disco music?

  2. Pamela- LOL that is STILL funny- sad and true- but funny!

  3. Only today the FBI will knock on your door for telling this joke. just saying.

  4. True, UW. I almost erased it for that reason, and if in your estimation it puts a pall on the thread, take it off. Sad that we’ve lost such freedom of speech. I’ve had much pleasure talking that way over the years, never intending any of it. Just funny for the shock value.

  5. Isn’t it the truth, Pamela. It’s actually revolting.

  6. Dogs know what’s important.

  7. This was one of the funniest videos of the year:

  8. Saw that new bone commercial for the first time last night-
    Yup- dogs know!

  9. I am out in Utah, watching my family ski. One of the best parts is that we can watch Times Square at 10 pm and wish everyone a Happy New Year and then go to bed. The bad part is that the wifi at the ski resort sucks and I can’t watch the videos. (My kids refer to that as a white whine.)

  10. Ah so you liked my dog’s smoking habit.

  11. I thought this commercial was hilarious.Something that moron Obama would suggest like he suggested putting air in your tires to fix things. I do envision the Goricle endorsing this though.

  12. I was flipping through the channels last night and watched a minute or two of Jane Fonda on CNN. She admitted being disappointed by Obama but said that she’d vote for him again. She said she was sure that he would, “do better in his 2nd term.” Now I read this:

    What about core Obama celebrity supporters Clooney and Winfrey? Far from being disillusioned with Obama, Clooney said recently: “I’m disillusioned by the people who are disillusioned by Obama.”
    “Democrats eat their own,” the actor said. “I’m a firm believer in sticking by and sticking up for the people whom you’ve elected.”

    Can these people get a clue? Why would he be “better” in a 2nd term? If anything, he’ll be worse!

  13. As I am quite sure to be sound asleep when the ball drops- here are my wishes for all the Uppitys in the New Year- and always!

    May your blessings be more
    And your troubles be few,
    And may want and worry
    be a stranger to you.

  14. imust: There’s nothing wrong with the reasoning of Winfrey, Clooney and Fonda from their own perspectives. I think it’s safe to say that their experience over the last three years has been different from that of the ordinary rank and file. Could it be because they are members of a single-digit percentile of society?

  15. Good point Sophie. 🙂

  16. Well I live in the “other” double-digit percentile of society and I say be wary of re-electing anyone who disappointed me. They (yes, there are more than one of them) will only lead to more and bigger troubles. Bless their heart. And the hearts of Jane, Oprah and George, too.
    I’m praying 2012 is better. (Be advised that my prayers are a bit ineffective.)

    Happy New Year, anyway.

  17. Aw, Upp deletes all the good stuff before I get a chance to read it. Life is so unfair!!!

    Happy New Year’s Eve, Uppityites! Get drunk and post, okay? Early and often.

  18. “I’m disillusioned by the people who are disillusioned by Obama.”

    First, this clown of hidden sexuality has it all wrong. We aren’t disappointed in Obama at all. He turned out to be exactly what we expected. If there is any disappointment it’s that we didn’t calculate that he would be even worse than we anticipated.

    Secondly, we don’t care what he thinks.

  19. Re Clooney. He was begging for Clinton Foundation the other day (12/29). Clooney began with this statement: “I’ve seen how just one person can change a community.” and it turned me off. Completely.

    Today another CGI solicitation. This from Chelsea. I gave immediately.

    Wonder what’s up with that sequence?

    My two cents (UW how does one type the cent symbol?????) about the 1% ers sticking with O, the man and all his cohorts including these people assured us he would be ready on day 1. From my perspective, it is going to take him the full first term just to begin to understand how Americans think, what they value. Look at what he’s doing now to get votes. Military this, that. Bothering to drop rose petals at PH on his vacation. He’s totally out of of his natural character. Give him a chance? Give America a chance.

  20. Secondly, we don’t care what he thinks.


    Pamela: Here’s my 2¢ – On a Win box, hold the ALT key while typing 0162 on the number pad (has to be the number pad), then let go. If you have a laptop, press the Fn key along with the ALT key and use the numbers over-layed on the letters. I have no idea what Mac people do.

  21. SophieCT. Many thanks. Always wondered why it could not be on qwerty.

  22. Pamela, On second thought, it might be even easier, blogs being html and all.
    If this works (if you see the cents symbol on the next line):
    then type an ampersand, the pound symbol, 162 and a semicolon.

    If you didn’t see the cents symbol, it didn’t work. 😦

  23. Whooo hooo!!! And not a moment too soon–I finally was successful at something in 2012!

  24. …. sheesh…was supposed to be 2011….
    back to my year of channeling Charlie Brown…

  25. Bwahahahaha…. good one myiq!

  26. ¢
    You can find the cent symbol and pretty much every other symbol you want on your PC Character Map. You get copy any character on the map by clicking on it and hitting COPY on the bottom. Then you can paste your symbol anywwhere you want.

    You will find your character map by

    After you pull it up, it will stay on display in your menu, you can see it by just hitting START.

  27. ¢¢¢ Thanks Uppity, that is way easier… 😉

  28. this is the best way 2¢ 😆

  29. Atchur service!

  30. Today’s moronic spambot, who really should fire his Fucked Up Translator.

    The thing i dont understood is due to reality how youre no longer really considerably more well-preferred than that you are now. Youre so intelligent. You intimately know thus considerably with regard to this topic, forced me to personally imagine it from your substantial amount of varied angles. Its like women and men don’t seem to be fascinated except it can be one thing to do with Girl gaga! Your own personal stuffs nice. Always handle it!

  31. ¢ OMG thanks. Will use Uppity’s way but all are appreciated.

    Happy New Year to all! See you next year.

  32. Die hards are hanging out at times square already.

  33. !@®©@ϴΩ™

  34. ROFL Bumper sticker removal kit.


  35. ÜPPIT¥ ŘU£E§!

  36. A couple of manhattans and I won’t even notice that looks funny.

  37. ooo….you’re having manhattans? Nice.

  38. Diehard Obamabots have become the new ‘bitter clingers.’

    In these days of jobs being scarce as hen’s teeth, who gets on the job training anymore ? The Presidency is the last job on earth that should be given to a novice.. Second chances are almost always doomed to fail, it’s all about leopards and not changing their spots..
    Who knew that many cliches would fit in one post ?
    happy new year to all.

  39. Pamela, all those symbols can’t be o QWERTY because, at two functions per key on the keyboard, most of the keys are already used up.

  40. Myiq asks about disco? Van McCoy (RIP) to the rescue on this fine NY Eve.

  41. Remember when the ¢ key used to be on the keyboard?

  42. Well typewriters didn’t have function keys, insert, delete, home, Page Up,, etc etc.

    Besides, you can write cents by using a decimal. SO it’s redundant. Or something.

  43. Disco one hit numbers. Name some. Here’s one. One song, nada after that.

  44. What movie used that song? Winner gets a penguin.

  45. Slow pokes. I get the penguin.

  46. My .02
    Typewriters had scroll buttons (electric machines). Teachers and job superiors would get mad if they heard you screwing around with the typewriter though.

    The really old ones had glass covered keys. My letters on the keys would probably survive if they were glass covered now. Or more durable than just glued on to plastic. It’s getting close to having to Sharpie them on.

  47. I have an old royal with glass keys. It’s beautiful.

  48. One hit wonder #2/

  49. Disco one hit wonder.

  50. Disco one hit wonder.

  51. Disco One hit wonder.

  52. Disco one hit wonder.

  53. Disco one hit wonder.

  54. Disco one hit wonder.

  55. And of course, Uppity’s favorite one hit wonder.

  56. I have an old royal with glass keys. It’s beautiful.

    Hmmm… Ok, she’s a writer because most Writers love having a classic typewriter. But, we know that she is a Writer!

  57. Those are some pretty good ones, UW.

    The Limelight remembers.

  58. Alas, twas handed down to me.

  59. As for the glass-keyed beauties, they are classics. Still useable. Kind of. As long as you grease them periodically and can find the ribbon. Saw some earrings and pins made from the keys once. Quite novel.

  60. Yeah they buy them on ebay for the keys.

  61. Those typewriters are very loud. lol. Clack Clack Clack!

  62. Yes. It made it hard to work at night. Even in the other room. Let alone next to anyone sleeping. Unless they snored louder.

  63. A teenager, his dad and 2 dogs were hiking along a cliff here in Los Angeles. The dad throws an empty bottle over the cliff and the dog goes over the cliff to fetch it! Then the teen goes after the dog! Both rescued by LAFD!

  64. Jayyyyyyysus. The whole family is dumb. even the dog.

  65. Well, the dog was a practically a puppy (1 year), I’ll give the dog some slack! I blame the dad!

  66. I blame the Dad also. He should at the very least get fined for littering. The poor doggy.

  67. Yes he was for sure the Chief Moron.

  68. ……and he spawned.

  69. Gonna put up the times square live feed.

  70. Happy Uppity New Year everyone!

  71. Okay, no one else is gonna jump on that. My penguin needs a mate. It was, “The Adventures of Priscilla, Queen of the Desert.”

  72. Darn. Does that mean no penguin?

  73. Gee. Hope that puppy gets to learn from someone smarter than his owner.

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