Happy New Year!

From several of Bill’s best friends.


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  1. Hey Bill! You should include me in your parties. I would love to get drunk with a bunch of cats.

  2. Here’s something funny I saw on another website.

    “Here’s to the end of another shitty year we’ll one day be strangely nostalgic for.”

  3. Brace yourselves, ladies. THIS is what Huffington Post has determined are the “50 Best Moments for Women in 2011,” starting with a video of how a woman’s brain lights up during…you guessed it…orgasm.

  4. I think we should compile a list of the 50 most moronic media moments in 2011.

  5. Better make it 100. There are so many media morons…50 just isn’t enough.

  6. Where’s Bill? Passed out behind the couch?

  7. Good Morning and a very very Happy and Prosperous New Year to all! Finally! A year in which I can actually keep a resolution! Well, we ALL can!
    I resolve NOT to vote for Obama this year.

    FF- saw you ? about the EQ in the other thread- I did not feel anything- and have not been able to figure out what time that happened locally lol! What is UTC time?

  8. Missed the earthquake? It must have been all that wild partying. Happy New Year PMM!

  9. Doesn’t feeling the earth move under your feet count?

  10. Vivien, Bill hooked up with this cute little tuxie last night and I haven’t seen him since.

  11. socal was it you that asked me about Hendrix? It was very um…psychedlic, baby. The reverbs hit you in the gut. But then I was on a bit of the wacky weed myself I think.

  12. I hate best/worst type lists when they want you to sit through a slideshow or multiple pgs

    Just publish it and let us skim the damn thing.

  13. I’m still looking for something moronic from 2011. Oh where to begin?

    You know Upps, I was having trouble picturing Bill with that motley crew.

    Upps, you still around? I wanted to ask you something about last nite.

  14. Some more of Huffblow’s “Best” moments for wimminz in 2011, besides the ground breaking video of a wimminz brain during…you know..:

    The scene in Blue Valentine, where she gives him a blow job has been re-rated! Yeaaaaaaaa wimminz! This is a…um..coup for wimminz, isn’t it??!

    Feminine hygeine commercials sometimes contain some red in them. There is no end to advancement I tell you!

    A swedish woman who was elected to EU Parliament when she was 21 has finally be installed after three years of delays. Ooooooooo Rah! Now THAT’s progress!

  15. You…

    What movie used that song? Winner gets a penguin.


    Okay, no one else is gonna jump on that. My penguin needs a mate. It was, “The Adventures of Priscilla, Queen of the Desert.”

    Me… needing to know the answer to this one.

    Darn. Does that mean no penguin?


  16. Yes or no works for me.

  17. Happy New Year all!

    Viv – will a Siamese Pengy do?

  18. A cat? I’ve got one more than I need of them. Thanks anyhoo.

  19. Mom, 3:05 PM Eastern, 2:05 Central

    UTC -Coordinated Universal Time

    but why they dont call it CUT instead is beyond me!

  20. No silly – not a cat. I meant like this:

  21. Buzzzzzzz sorry Vivien. It was Love At First Bite and I put the vid up. No pengy. You shall just have to steal one.

  22. Haaaa!!

  23. Love At First Bite?? Darn, missed the video and the movie.

  24. My pengy will just have to entertain himself. I’m not stealing one.

  25. tsk tsk. such a lonely pengy.

  26. Speaking of cats, I copped this ‘eharmony video bio’ from Crawdad’s place. Alas, it being New Years eve some folks didn’t relize it was parody. This is hilarious.

  27. He’s got the dogs, and the cat. Maybe I should get him neutered.

  28. Only FOX would ……doh……think they needed to debunk the eharmony bio. doh. But still, even THIS is hilarious.

  29. Penguins need the company of Their Own. And ice. Lots of ice.

  30. So, you’re telling me to steal one?

  31. Only if you need practice and plan on becoming a member of congress.

  32. I’ve got to get my black eyed peas on. No time to go a thieving.

    Pengy will be okay. I’ll just keep trying.

  33. To many skeletons. Besides, I’ve got to look myself in the mirror everyday.

  34. I resolve NOT to vote for Obama this year.just like last time. 😆

  35. Happy New Year all!
    “May all your troubles during the coming year be as short as your New Year’s resolutions.” 🙂

  36. Debbie’s evideo reminded me of a tee vee ad on HLN this morning.

    From their youtube site: Have you heard the good news? ChristianMingle DOT com now has over 5 million registered members with nearly 2 million new members in the last year alone. Every day over 100,000 messages are sent everyday.Hear from one of our past members who sent one of those messages and as a result met and married his beautiful wife. Find God’s match for you at ChristianMingle.com today.

    I’ve seen Bill’s tweet. Maybe he can use this service to see if yesterday’s Tuxie is the one chosen for him. 🙂
    Happy New Year to all!

  37. No, it was laker last nite. He got on after he got home from hanging with his friends last nite.

  38. Happy New Year to all!

  39. Socal, I died laughing when I opened my email this morning. That is when I knew that I had finally beaten this nasty bronchial illness that had left me bedridden for almost a week. Well, the laughter is back so all is well.

  40. I’m glad you’re better mcn. I’ve been sick all mohth also, horrible flu. Hubbies says he is driving me to the hospital tomorrow if I’m not better. Actually, I’m a little better today. What a wretched month dec was. I’m looking forward to Jan.

    laker wants to sign his cousins up for christian mingle as a joke!

  41. laker wants to sign his cousins up for christian mingle as a joke!

    Bwhahahhahaha. That in itself makes me want to jump and dance. That kid has a great sense of humor. I have a few relatives that could use a little spicing up this weekend.

    Hope you get past this horrible flu quickly. I think this is finally in a going away phase. Just nasty. It’s a slow recovery socal. Don’t push it by getting up too soon.

  42. I’m starting 2012 with Hope in the Love, Power, Wisdom and Force of of Women and Girls:

  43. ROFL on the Mayan calendar cartoon. Personally, I think it’s just another crock of shit. All these superstitious morons just can’t wait to grab on another straw. It’s just SO much easier than lving a good and honest life. If all of these nutcases actually emulated the Jesus they say they “follow” it would be a better world with them in it. Except it’s not that way.

    Now laker signing up the cousins for Christian Mingle is Comedy Gold!

  44. Personally, I like the idea of Christian Mingle. Keeps these zealots the hell out of our lives.

  45. Somebody from the Church of the Flying Spaghetti Monster should sign up. LOLOL.

  46. P.S. Thank you, UppityWoman, for CARING so much – and for all here standing up to make your voices heard for a better today and tomorrow for us all.

    May 2012 be one of… “To hell with despair… on this stage of life, I have a role in making a difference, not matter how ‘small’ it may seem.”

    Love and gratitude to and for you all.

  47. Here’s my eHarmony questionnaire:


    Happy 2012, Uppity and friends! xx

  48. Happy New Year to all at Uppity’s. Always a pleasure to visit for food, pets and politics. Success in our endeavors in 2012.

  49. Always a pleasure to visit for food, pets and politics

    …sometimes in that order too!

  50. God, the dead blackbirds story is so damned cold! They kill them for the silly pleasure of watching fireworks for a half hour and then they complain that the birds have to be cleaned up. What heartless bastards.

  51. Why Not, me, you and everyone here are what make up this forum, collectively. We do this together. Otherwise all of us would just each be one voice in the wilderness. So thank yourself when you thank the rest of us.

  52. My resolutions are to not vote for obama or any person by the name of newt, and to have ribs more often. I mean with another human. Not dining alone. A whole damn rack of sweet God dripping succulent hot baby backs. Damn now I’m hungry.

    Luckily I made another Tomato Soup Cake.

    The headers are fantastico,FF.

  53. A 2010 end of the world sale extravaganza!

    Can’t wait for the Hallmark moment. Think they will have a commemorative ornament? Miniature Mayan Calendars!!

  54. Personally, I think it’s just another crock of shit. All these superstitious morons just can’t wait to grab on another straw.

    Pleeeeeaaaase, Uppity, don’t deny me my “contentious year full of apocalyptic fervor.” Can’t you just let me enjoy the fantasy for a little while? Borrowing from a philosophical thought experiment: If an a$$wipe takes the prize on November 6, 2012 and there’s no one there to celebrate on January 20, 2013, is he still a fool?

  55. Still4Hill did it! She created a site like we talked about for Hillary Clinton!

  56. imust: Wow!! I took a quick tour and it looks impressive. I’m looking forward to taking some more time to dig in. Very cool!

    Okay, I take it back!! If we succeed in drafting Hillary, I’ll give up my “contentious year full of apocalyptic fervor.”

  57. Taht site dates to May 2011 as do all the posts. Not sure who the poster is, but it’s not Still4hill.

  58. hmm….I got it through Still4Hill’s site. She has badges all along her right side bar. If she didn’t start it, she’s certainly promoting it!

  59. It’s all so confusing. There are so many different sites, nobody ties it all together in ONE and it gets all watered down. Petitions here. petitions there. You can’t show any strength fragmented at ten different sites. I get very frustrated about this, there is no power in fragments. Just ONE place. That’s what there should be for promoting Hillary.

  60. That’s why I got excited by this site. It seems to tie it together. It also has a tab for uploading your own videos about Hillary. The most recent entry was the petition to draft Hillary 2012.

  61. Here’s the video blog part:

  62. UW: I agree with the One Hillary Place idea, but I can’t visualize it. How does such a site look to you?

  63. It doesn’t matter. There are just too many already. Click here. Click there. Click there. 500 followers here. 20 there. another 100 somewhere else. It’s just …

    I think still4hill is the right person though. It’s just that everybody thinks they are the right person. You go to twitter and you can ‘follow’ hillary sites all day long. It’s all watered down. It’s like a full time job.

    Petitions all over creation too. A hundred signatures, two hundred, a thousand. there should be only ONE. They all start up with fervor and die.

  64. I clicked on the HillaryForever site, but I couldn’t find anything new on it & it was confusing for me, kinda cluttery. Lots of tabs with nothing on them. Maybe its just me, I’m taking this harsh cough syrup with codeine, makes me loopy.

    Food, pets & politics! I loved that! Good description!

  65. The only one that scared the shitheads was the recent runhillary site, because they made calls. The first thing they did was write it off as Republican ratfucking, that’s how you know it scared them. And teh only reason so many people knew about it is they had some money to promote themselves. Without money, all of this is a waste of time. millions of people want Hillary for President, so how come nobody can get a thousand signatures in one place. Therein lies the problem, no money, no promotion, no publicity, just another blog to click on. Most of the people who want Hillary aren’t on the internet surfing sites like some of us do. It has to go way beyond the internet.

  66. I’m okay with lots of sites and places for all the different voices. It would be good if there were some coordination among the sites that could get serious news out in nanoseconds. maybe loke a Hillary Now and Forever Network. There are advantages to a central go-to kind of place but there are problems too.

  67. When you have all these sites, and they are forgotten in a few months, sometimes in a week, it’s all just not effective. The same 100 people chasing each other. It’s what went wrong in 2008 in many ways too. Everytime someone tried to centralize, it failed too. So far, the runhillary is the only one that got some traction and that will probably die soon too. The attention span is very poor. I do believe it’s because people don’t have time to hop hillary sites all the time. Bloggers are doing their own thing and that’s okay, but like I said, there was never any organization that harnessed th eone common denominator. Fights broke out beause bloggers don’t always agree on everything else and then they can’t be in each other’s club or something. There is only one common denominator and that’s Hillary, and that’s what should be harnessed, not the other stuff.

  68. In truth, the only blog that has focused on Hillary only IS Still4hill. She’s the place to go to know what Hillary is doing every single day. She shouldn’t need satellites. Then there are others with sites and it all gets tedious. But the truth is, they have the RIGHT to do it. I don’t even know who half of thema re. SO I just toot along and sigh again. I just don’t see an end to it.

    It will be interesting to see how that write in campaign in NH works out for them.

    Really our only recourse, I think, is to withhold our votes from Obama in a big way and write her in in November. Even that campaign will get started up again in twenty different places, all watered down.

  69. Hey I have an idea. If you want hillary speaks for me again, why not ask them to start up again?

  70. Still4Hill is the most focused for sure. Neat that you found the hillary speaks for me youtube account. The dotcom website is no longer there.

  71. Actually it looks like someone bought the domain. Or an Asian organization really likes Hillary.

  72. before this 1st day of 2012 is on the books, I just want to say that Obama is appealing to the universe to load up on Eric Cantor as the reason he’s stalled out as Leader of the Free World. On 60 Mins tonight, Stahl did a little more of his bidding and it’s clear that the wanna be gangsta can’t beat dawgs, … not the Big Dawg, Bill nor the yipper, Cantor and not those two Old Dawgs, McConnell and Boehner…O’s whining they’re making him play their game and he wants to play HIS game; you know, the one he can win by making the rules fit his skill set. With Gingrich in the mix, he better HOPE those Republicans don’t get organized around one candidate any time soon. What’s left of the Democrats are all wondering how Pelosi & Reed keep their chairs, while Clyburne and Cummings lick chops expecting to unseat them. Are the Cats just actin’ innocent till the Show starts? 2012 is ON. (go steelers)

  73. Happy New Year to all!

  74. This is going to make Ohio/Pennsylvania communites feel much better:
    State links quakes to work on wells
    The Kasich administration has put a temporary stop to the disposal of waste from oil and natural-gas drilling in wells within a 5-mile radius of a particular Youngstown well — a well believed to be the cause of 11 earthquakes since March, including a 4.0 quake that struck around 3 p.m. yesterday….

  75. Happy New Year UW, Hillbilly Christian Zealot checking in for the first time in a year! Hey, that couch is filled with hillbilly party pusses; I love it. Thing is, me and my animal crew did not get an invite.
    And don’t worry, the end of the world is not coming this year. Anybody claiming they know an exact time is full of something. I am a Christian and I have pretty much come to a point in my life where I will give my views if asked. All the information is in place for folks to decide for themselves. God has given us free will to do as we please. Try has hard as I may, I still do very non- Christian things all the time, but I have gotten better as I have grown older. This is an important point that some Christians forget: We have to be willing to admit our faults. We, and I do this all the time, keep in mind that because someone may be involved in behaviors we see as sinful, must not see the person as bad, but the behavior. This has allowed me to have good friends that are atheist, because I respect their views, and I like them as people, even though some of their behaviors are sinful.

    UW: I just posted a Jerk Chicken recipe…It looks really good!

  76. UW. Just a thought here. You folks that want to see Hillary run were able to start small rallies through out the country at the same time, do you think it would gain momentum? Or would the Barry-machine just bury it? This would really split up the democratic party. Us T.E.A. Party folks have been able to have some success influencing the GOP. Thing is, most of the GOP do not listen to our voices anyway.

  77. John re:End of the world. Again.
    I am so sick of every year some other crazies predict the end of the world. It’s just constant and really, I just wish it were the end for all of them, so that the rest of us could live in peace without insane nutcases around us.

    Seriously, why don’t they just rapture themselves and get it over with. Now this Mayan thing is going to be expecially annoying, like 9/9/99 and Y2K on steroids. And it just annoys the hell out of normal rational people. To be sure though, plenty of “christians” will make some big bucks off of it. After all, that’s what End Of Worlds are REALLY for.

    Of course, the Mayan thing is just another crock of shit, but the rest of us will have to listen to this horse crap all year. And when it doesn’t pan out for them, next year will be another bullshit story.

  78. Rapture? That is fantasy also. 🙂

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