Open thread and the New Year’s Resolutions you will be discarding

I personally have no resolutions except to keep doing what I always do. Hey, it works for me! I’m not sure why people make New Year’s resolutions, but I suspect it’s because they want to disappoint themselves as early as possible every year.

 Nom Nom Kitteh below does remind me every year to remember to always feed a stray.

How about you? What resolutions will you be making and breaking? 


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  1. so … this is the video which has inspired my grandkids to utter the apparently immortal expression nom nom nom…..

  2. I have made a resolution this year- and it will be an easy one to keep lol!
    I resolve NOT to vote for the fraud or any incumbent. I resolve to get my links together to have the goods on that chicago con man at the tip of my fingers in order to be better able to spread the truth near and far!

  3. I resolve to drink more, exercise less and gain weight.

  4. PMM, when you get your links together would you share? Whatever links I get together I will share. Perhaps we could have a links tab. It would help if we had a candidate we wanted to support wouldn’t it? Oh well, it’s a long way to November, who knows what might happen.
    My resolution is the same as the one that has been cooking for a long time, I vote for women, all of them, period. When we reach some sort of parity I will worry about weeding the good from the bad. Parity is the point and the goal for me. I think we will all be better off and the country will move to the left and away from the worship of corporate overlords. Men are just too in love with their penis measuring power games to be allowed to continue running the world.

  5. some sort of parity I will worry about weeding the good from the bad. Parity is the point and the goal for me

    You’ll be dead by then. However, the next generation of wimminz will have plenty of time to figure it out while they are barefoot, pregnant and in the kitchen waiting for daddy to come home, thanks to a generation of wimminz before them who voted for any woman, even if she talked to Jesus every morning, personally–and made it her life goal to cure homosexuality, declare birth control a form of murder, thinks rape and incest are just a form of lemons life gives you for which you are to make lemonade — and other psycho ideas.

  6. No resolution for me. I’m okay with me, though I did put it out there to family and friends. I haven’t heard back yet. Maybe they’re okay with me too, or still thinkin’, I haven’t decided.

  7. No resolutions for me, either. I’m just gonna keep coasting under the radar…….

  8. o/t

    I have a cat around that I thought was feral. He or she was living in the barn. So I put a box out there with a blanket in it. I have been putting food out side, but I have no way of know what is really eating it. It could be a raccoon or a skunk for all I know, or a bobcat. We have those here.
    I discovered a few weeks ago that the cat was not feral. I went outside in the rain calling for our house cat buddy.
    It was dark and I was yelling “here kitty, here buddy” and I kept hearing him call me but he wasn’t coming to the deck like he normally does. Then this black and white cat comes in to the light and comes towards the deck and is crying to me but he won’t come all the way to me. He kind of skirts the deck crying at me the whole time that he is wet and cold.
    Unfortunately, the other day my dog, who is afraid of buddy and would never chase or hurt him, considers outside stray cats fair game and had our stray treed and might have hurt him before he got up the tree.
    I was mad at the dog and he knew it. But really he was doing his dog thing. He was also stray we rescued and the best most loving dog I have ever known. We have always figured he was part Black Lab and part Rottie, you can see it by looking at him. But we knew there was a third breed and now we know it is some sort of hound. The way he bayed at the bottom of that tree, I expected a lot of twits on horses to ride up saying “jolly good show old fellow”.
    Anyway, I am going to put out a motion detector camera we use for tracking where the dear are on our property during hunting season. That way I can see it the cat is eating the cat food or if I am feeding the raccoon family.
    If he/she is still around I am going to try and trap him and make sure he is spayed or neutered and make a barn kitty out of him. I think he was probably abandoned by some a$$hole owner who dropped him off in the country. Or maybe his person died. But I don’t think he is feral, just scared.
    If we have another house cat it will have to start out as a kitten so that both Trouble and Buddy can raise it to fit in to their animal family.

    Okay, here is the question….Al says I should put his food out in the barn by the bed I made him. I say I should keep feeding him by the back door so that he has to associate dinner time with me calling him and being near the house and my smelly old sneakers and gardening gloves that I have placed nearby.

  9. I resolve to drink more, exercise less and gain weight.

    You’re in my head myiq2xu.

  10. OT – Gigi Gaston (WeWillNotBeSilenced) on Dennis Miller’s radio show about now. Talking about Iowa, Caucus fraud and 2008 –

    Andrew Breitbart hosting for Miller (thanks gods)

  11. @teresainpa
    I have a young female feral that I caught in the summer and is now one of the insider gang. She is the sweetest thing that one could ever imagine. Her brother Ozzie refuses to be inside because of the dogs. He has a cat condo outside (heating pad included). I think it depends quite a bit on their temperment and how soon you can begin to interact with them. They really like routine, I think Al has a great point. I usually work with leaving treats at a distance until they come up to me. Of course, that may not work since it is winter for you.

    BTW teresainpa, did you hear about this going on in PA?
    Not a great way to start off the New Year.

  12. Not sure Breitbart is an improvement over Miller, or over anybody for that matter. Just so long as your brains don’t fry, you’ll be okay. At least it’s Gaston on the air. I know she’s a Hillary person and I hope that Brietbart can be civil to her.

  13. You’re in my head myiq2xu.

    Since I never keep my resolutions maybe this will work out for me.

  14. teresa- on the links- I use Uppity’s side bar blog roll a lot- Big Pink is always a wealth of info. RBO2 is great as well.
    Snowing and blowing here- finally -so it is beef stew and biscuits tonight lol!
    mcnorman- nasty nasty nasty! And people wonder why we see so many cases of e-coli, salmonella, listeriosis etc? No wonder people are growing their own food! What the hell do these farms think? Is this some third world country where human waste in the rice paddies is normal?
    And for those complaining- they best be wondering what is in the crap they put on their lawns as well. Beam/eye.

  15. AS expected, they didn’t let her talk abut going forward, they just let her rehash. Very disappointing.

  16. Teresa, chances are he is a stray not feral, or you probably wouldn’t see him except as a streak. And if he came up to you, for sure he’s not a feral. I agree with you. I would try to feed him close to the home, especially since you want to neuter him and make him a home. I think it will be easy to catch him in a friendly way if you feed him close. You can probably try to pet him while he’s eating, gently of course, just a light touch, after about a week of seeing him eat there. Stay nearby or in sight while he eats. SInce he does have the barn for warmth, this should go smoothly over a period of a few weeks. Go with your gut. I would definitely be feeding him near the house, so he can start to feel safer with you. Seems he already is trying to troll you anyways. lol..

  17. I was wondering if you had seen that PMM. It’s really sick.

  18. The blackbirds on radar before they dropped. 1:58 marker

  19. mcN: I guess they never heard of humanure.

    Funny how folks are grossed out by human waste but they have no qualms about using animal waste, even when those animals were pumped with antibiotics and hormones and ate pesticide laden feed!

    Still, I wouldn’t want the human waste either, with humans taking all kinds of meds and eating all kinds of junk foods. Remember the contaminated drinking water? It’s still like that, only it’s not news anymore.

  20. ooops, I need a FixIt Fairy…

  21. I cannot believe that this happened twice in a row with fireworks and they still pretend they don’t know what caused it. They just don’t want to give up their stupid need to blow things into the air. Morons.

  22. Comfort food tonight. Definitely.

    Sophie, not sure what you want fixit fairy to fix. I’m assuming the link. Fixit is on her way.

  23. Yes, the link. I typed a comma instead of an opening bracket.

  24. FF sorry about her visit to the far right viper pit. Not surprised though. They only had her on for their agenda.

  25. Thank you FixIt Fairy!!

  26. thanks to a generation of wimminz before them who voted for any woman, even if she talked to Jesus every morning, personally–and made it her life goal to cure homosexuality,

    Except that is not what happens when you vote for women. It is well documented that women in power equals more liberal/practical/populist government. What happens if we continue to say only some women are worthy of respect is that men will always be able to divide us by making every woman an object of hate to some of us. Look what happened to Hillary.
    Funny, I see voting for women as a way to make the country better, you see it as a way to let religious conservatives take over. This is not about Bachman. She is not even going to be around in April for my primary.

  27. McNorman, I wonder if the Human feces smells worse than the liquid cow manure my neighbors use about three times a year. Probably is worse, OMG, I would have a fit. Our neighbors field is half a mile away. I am guessing that is not the case in Philly. lol

  28. I’m in agreement with teresa on voting for women.

  29. Some women make THEMSELVES objects of hatred when they kick the ladder out from other themselves and follow the patriarchy so they can get a little something for themselves. I’ve known many and I wouldn’t spit on them if they were on fire much less vote for them. Think Nancy. She’s poison to other women. I know this woman. SHe has a mold. It’s not a good one. This is a topic that aggravates THE SHIT out of me, so if that’s the goal here, have at it. And one more thing. Religions is a VERY POWERFUL ADDICTION folks. Beware of ANYONE who uses it to make governing decisions, ESPECIALLY if you are a woman. And this POWErFUL ADDICTION is a woman oppresser regardless of whether the person in power is a man or a woman.

    Man is this every pissing me off. I know a whole bunch of blogs where this will go over good though, if you want a list….

  30. I am calling the cat a he only because he is so big. I suppose I should chose a gender neutral name. But I am waiting for the cat to tell me what his name is. Funny if he tells me it is Dot Jones or something.

  31. yeah Imust, surely women can’t do any worse and it’s only fair. Actually we should run things for about 200 years and THEN talk about letting the men back in.

  32. gotta go put up my spy camera and make the kitty bed warmer. It is going to be in the single digits in the next few days. See ya all later for the caucus craziness.

  33. teresa this is not the first time you have come here and crapped on this blog with your right wing bullshit. take it someplace else. It starts with the vote for all women thing, which in itself is only borderline and seemingly innocent, but then it goes all the way over. Next thing you know, you are fighting with someone here and well…poor poor you! You then leave in a huff as the victim. Don’t do it again because i am not going to go through this bullshit with you again. Is that clear enough? Face it teresa, you are a major right wing social conservative. That’s fine, if you are coming here for comaderie, but it’s NOT fine if you are coming here to pimp right wings. i shut out Kossacks for the same reason.

  34. You are welcome Sophie! Fixit Fairy is always ready to help out, she is a much nicer person than me.

  35. I guess I’m in a bad mood. Will go walk dog.

  36. Voting for me will always and forevermore be when a candidate earns my vote and my trust. Male or female, D or R, white, black, red, yellow or purple with orange polka dots does not matter to me. I will look at their record, if they have one, their affiliations (see Ayers, Wright, et al) their professed stances on issues. And I will take it all with a grain or two or ten of salt.
    I happen to agree with Uppity on the fundiegelicals. A theocracy is ALWAYS bad for women. 100% of the time. There is much good to be found in the ideals of the various religions- the practices are a different kettle of fish. I do not think I could vote for a fundamentalist- female or male. Christian, Jew or Muslim.
    And, imvho, fundamentalism is not the exclusive planet of religionists. See cult of Obama and Pelosi, Boxer, Sebelius etc etc etc. So add to the above D, R or I.
    Ultimately I would love parity in government. But I am not going to vote a candidate because she has a vagina any more than I would vote for a guy because he is black (or white) (or has a penis.)

  37. “I used to be all messed up on drugs…
    ” … “Now I’m all messed up on the lord”
    –cheech and chong.

  38. Yeah but a guy “Democrat” was SElected as president. He was touted as “What a Feminist Looks Like” and I see him doing more harm to women’s rights than anyone I’ve ever seen. Not that others haven’t WANTED to do more harm….Obama has been able to do it in a Trojan Horse kind of way.

  39. Imust- oh yes- he was selected- and the ptb very very quickly created the Church of unicorns and ponies with the fraud as the baby jeebus Savior of the world. A different breed of fundies. Mean as hell too. As we all remember. All set and ready to lynch all us bitterly clinging wimminz for NOT being willing to suspend belief.
    Now if I had a choice between two equally qualified candidates and one was a woman- by all means I would push the button for the female. I have long thought the world would be a far better place if women had had a role in government from the beginning.

  40. Choice between 2 equally qualified candidates and one was a woman…….usually they’re not equally qualified…the woman is MORE qualified and the man wins!

  41. Well it’s not as if we didn’t KNOW he was a pig in 2008. To me he was never a trojan horse. He was a misogynist pig right from the start. NOTHING he does surprises me.

  42. If you don’t think we need the ERA, you ain’t my gal in the voting booth either!

  43. Swiss steak tonight. Any bids?

  44. I agree on the ERA Uppity.

  45. Obama cast a spell. He really did. He not only cast it on the children, but on far too many women. I hope they have learned their lessons and that it’s not too late. Otherwise, no skin off my nose. I got mine, guess they will just have to start all over again, and, you know, break some fingernails and get their hair all wet in the rain.

  46. But you know, it’s not just about qualifications either. It’s about character. And how far you are willing to go to stick your nose in other people’s lives. It’s a package deal. I give you Newt Ginchrich. He’s far more qualified that barack obama to fuck up America. He has far more brains and far more experience in simply EVERYTHING. SO you want to vote for him?

    he has no character. None whatsoever. No integrity. And he’s a pig, not only figuratively but literally. So which candidate do you pick? Or do you stay home instead? And what if Newt were a woman?

  47. The ERA is my litmus test. Not only for men but for women. I don’t think we should be giving free rides to any woman who has a history of stiffing women to get ahead.

  48. Yes character. In a choice between Obama a Ginrich, which has better character? Neither! Such is our dilemma! This congresswoman from your neck of the woods is trying to get the ERA passed.

  49. I never make resolutions. 🙂

  50. Oh yea on the ERA!
    imust- the more qualified woman- sigh. Indeed. Thanks to axelrove et al. Who I think may be reincarnated top dogs of the Inqusition.

  51. I too agree on the ERA Uppity. 🙂 🙂

  52. I never make resolutions

    I kinda figure if I have to make a resolution, I never intended to do it anyways. Otherwise I would have started on any of the other 364 days of the year instead of waiting around.

  53. Well, guess I’m going in on the “Only Vote for Women.”

    Symbolism is as dangerous as the blatant and underlying reasons it is necessary. It is more often used as a tool to assuage, appease, diffuse and gain more control over the very “sect” or issue it allegedly represents.

    For those who need a reminder of how horridly blind and dangerous even women can be when it comes to fighting on purely symbolic principals, there are women so steeped in culture, they defy even your most basic rights.

    So, if you are telling me that you would cast a vote for…

    Phyllis (Submit, all ye little women) Shaffly
    Donna (and her mama) Brazille
    Nancy (see no evil, hear no evil, speak no evil against the boyz) Pelosi
    Michelle (ride “historical” for all its worth to her) Obama

    …you, as a woman, are nothing more than a symbolic supporter of MY fundamental rights… and a dangerous one at that.

  54. I live by the code.
    never bite off more then you can chew. 😆 :lol;

  55. The thing is, imust, Maloney is yelling now, where the F was she in the two years when she and Nancy were the majority in that house? When elections roll around, you can always count on these people to bring up equal pay and ERA. Then they get re-elected and do nothing till the next election season. They have been pulling this crap on us for decades. Reid did it for his re-election. Brought up equal pay. Seen him do anything since? I’m all for shit or get off the pot for all of them, regardless of sex. I saw them all scatter when Obama’s commission tried to take mammograms away from women till it was too late. The only one who screamed good and loud was Gillbrand.

  56. Last time they brought up ERA was this year right after the Supremes shafted women again. They brought it up. Seen anything? These people are nothing but fucking liars and manipulators.

  57. Well I have to admit Why Not, you put it better than I did.

    But we wouldn’t even be having this potentially heated argument if beetlebomb didn’t do what she always does on blogs. Sorry but it’s true. So here we are getting red in the face again and the perp trotted off. On script. I can stand a lot but I can’t stand passive-aggressive.

  58. This is from the Equal Rights Amendment Home Page;

    The ERA in Congress
    112th Session (2011-2012)

    On June 22, 2011, ERA ratification bills were introduced in the Senate (S.J.Res. 21) by lead sponsor Senator Robert Menendez (D-NJ) and in the House of Representatives (H.J. Res. 69) by lead sponsor Representative Carolyn Maloney (D-NY).

    On Mar. 8, 2011, Representative Tammy Baldwin (D-WI) introduced H.J.Res 47, which would remove the ERA’s ratification deadline and make it part of the Constitution when three more states ratify.

  59. OMG! ROFLMAO~ (yes blatant attempt to redirect the conversation lol)
    Saw this in an article about the crazy santorum

    Like crabs in a bucket, every time a 2012 Republican candidate has scrambled above the pack, the others have latched on to the newest leader–with a little help from a more-than-willing news media–and pulled the candidate down again. (Mitt Romney seems to be the only contender able to overcome the law of politics dictating that what goes up must come down.)

    Now if that just is not the finest description of the R pool I have seen yet! Crabs in a bucket! ROFL!

    If Iowa goes for that nut we kicked out here in PA is is just more proof they have no business being, as Her Pieness says, “The boss of us.”
    Whose not so bright idea was it to let Iowa go first? FCS they could not even figure out obama was a hologram.

  60. But the trouble with whynot’s list for me is:
    1.) I remember being so happy about Nancy Pelosi becoming Speaker. I didn’t see her true stripes until 2008.
    2.) I also used to like Donna Brazil! She worked for Al Gore and I voted for Al Gore (who also turned out to be a pig!)

  61. Santorum is “surging” in Iowa…..’nuff said.

  62. Gonna go watch the Rose Parade. Missed it earlier, it’ll be on all day but I like to see it from the beginning.

  63. UW: I certainly don’t want to make you mad, and I’m certainly not from the right side of the aisle, yet I think the Voting Vajayjay strategy has merit. I agree that there are horrendous women out there–like the ones you and Why Not named. I think their behavior was/is reprehensible. The problem is, their political survival depends on them being identified with the existing male-power structure. And in 2008, it was a messianic frat boy power structure. Still is. Face it, women politicians are politicians too.

    The theory is that when you tilt the balance to at least 30% women, the whole political power structure changes. The bad women will either become good women or they will be replaced by good women. Even when the 30% is made up of a mix of the bad and good women, societies improve for all on the whole. (Pretend I wasn’t lazy and put italics around bad and good.)

    I’ve read that women in congress are often able to get women allies across the aisle before they are able to get support from men on their own side. For most women on either side of the aisle, family values issues are policies that help them care for their own families, not policies to control other people’s families.

    I detest NOW because they endorsed the man over the woman, trying to prove how enlightened and progressive they were. Effin idgits. I will never send them a dime again.

    I think that unless and until women get behind women, no matter what, we will never have an ERA. They really do divide and conquer us.

    That being said, it would take an awful lot of tequila for me to be able to pull a lever for someone like Bachmann.

    (And if this comment pisses you off, please delete it.)

  64. Agree with you imust, on brazile and Pelosi. I cried when Pelosi got sworn in.

    I think our lesson here is we need to be more careful to whom we give power, because some people just don’t handle it well. We really don’t dig deep enough into the histories of these people, we scratch and sniff and believe the parts THEY show us.

  65. Santorum is a psycho. Seriously. Classic as to the dangers of religious zealots.

  66. imust, the ERA has been submitted to congress every year for decades. Games People Play. It sits on the majority leader’s desk. The real opportunity came under nancy and she did not bring it to a vote. I can’t forget that. Ditto for that bullshitter Harry. Introducing a bill means nothing. Voting on it is the Truth Of Intent.

  67. That being said, it would take an awful lot of tequila for me to be able to pull a lever for someone like Bachmann

    Then I’m not worried about you because you are essentially saying RED FLAG! which means you really do know better.

    What REALLY pissed me off is explained by Mom best.

    OMG! ROFLMAO~ (yes blatant attempt to redirect the conversation lol)

    Also known as “light a match, throw it, fuck up the blog, get everybody fighting, and then run off”. Rinse and repeat. On script. Disappear, pretend you didn’t see the blog owners outrage because you left — and come back again in a few weeks and do it again. And I have just about had it. In fact, erase “Just about”.

  68. There’s always a fembot in the woodpile – they are women who profess to be for women’s human rights but are only for duping and training women into being the manz handmaiden.

    It is difficult for a woman to find and kill the fembot in herself. For example, the language of man that she teaches her children and her intolerance for women who do not dress in fashion and care little for it awa all the powders and perfumes men like her to flooze herself up with.

    We still refer to inanimate [non-human] objects as “her, she and girl’s names”. That is because it is man’s language and he calls his boat and car and his possessions, female. It’s bad enough it’s in our language but so many women thoughtlessly do it to themselves.

    The training of women goes on everywhere and the fembots are the policing agents. If you are an active, outdoor worker, for example you are expected to wear designer cloths which all have their female constricts.

    Just try to find a pair of gloves that are made of strong, well sewed leather that fit you. Hard to do – instead there are plenty in large sizes but your size is in pink or purple with baby bunnies and chicks that wear out in a day’s work. Ask the average clerk, who calls you sweety or honey for a smaller size that is unadorned and well constructed and she or he will be aghast that you don’t want the pretty stuff.

    We’ve been “wrapped up and sold” for generations.
    “He knows a girl who declined, couldnt make up her mind . . .
    She was wrapped up an sold, comin home from
    An old-fashioned walk!
    He knows a girl who declined, couldnt make up her mind . . .
    She was wrapped up an sold, comin home from
    An old-fashioned walk!”

  69. I was apparently typing while you were posting, Uppity.

    Women “voting only for women – because they are women” – is on the same plane as younger people and blacks voting for Obama.. because he is younger and black.

    That worked.

    SophieCT, you have made some valid arguments and I wholeheartedly agree that equality of women as leaders is long overdue.

    Hillary Clinton’s “Smart Power” is by design not default (like “Now”)

    It takes a lot of WORK to develop the obvious into reality.

  70. The training of women goes on everywhere and the fembots are the policing agents

    This is so true, it actually makes me physically sick to see it finally written down.

  71. Uppity, you have totally misread me. I am more liberal than most people here. Right wing? Just because I am not afraid of republicans? Because I think the 30 percent solution is real and works? I believe in statistics more than fear. I am not afraid of Bachman’s religious nonsense. She will never impose it on anyone. She is not representative of most women on the right, she’s just out in front right now.
    Yeah, because I’d rather have a “pro-life” republican woman in congress rather than a “pro-life” democratic male I must be right wing. That makes sense. Oh well.
    Bye, don’t want to upset you by having a different opinion about how to get to the same place you want to get to.

  72. “Forgive them, for they know not what they do”

    There’s always a fembot in the woodpile – they are women who profess to be for women’s human rights but are only for duping and training women into being the manz handmaiden.

    My instincts for being a whole and equal person would save me from my own blind spots every time, but for “socialist” conditioning from both males and females that BEING a woman is an anomaly in some form or another that needs to be developed into someone worthwhile to society.

  73. I believe in statistics more than fear. I am not afraid of Bachman’s religious nonsense

    But women – like Bachman – are. They live in fear of reprisal for not being good enough – unless they achieve purity by some religious measure – the very worst form of servitude to nothing more than a man-made, “ethical” system of self-righteousness.

  74. …man-made, “ethical” system of self-righteousness…. the divine rightness by appointment of hetero-male dominance.

  75. What is more sinister about religious zealotry is not that THEY want to achieve purity, for many of them pray one way and live another. The landscape is riddled with them. Because the truth is, they seek for everyone ELSE to achieve ‘purity’–as if it cleanses them when they meddle and harangue others to achieve that which they give themselves a free pass from. This is why the concept of “saying you are sorry to god …but only when you get caught” is so attractive to them. It gives them license to do anything they want to anyone, to be self-righteous without being righeous. In the meantime, they get to bother everybody else. And always, they make it painful for others, but not themselves. This is the hallmark of the religious zealot. They have no place in government, because they cannot separate their own zealotry from common sense. The truth is, the centuries have proven it time and again. There is no greater enemy to the comfort, security, safety and freedom of women than religion.

  76. @Sophie
    I hear you. I guess everyone is more huffed up over the amount of chemicals (pharmaceuticals, etc) being dropped into the water supply.

  77. It’s very sad about the birds.

  78. I am guessing that is not the case in Philly. lol

    hahahaha I have to tell you that there are some areas in Philly that smell worse than the third world country next door.

  79. I watched the whole Rose Parade on TV and never saw the “Occupy Rose Paraders”. I guess they got to march in the parade….at the end…but no TV coverage that I could see.

  80. Twandx- outstanding on the work gear! I do not want fluffy- I want quality. And I figured out years ago that I can get what I need in the boyz and mens departments- cheaper. I was saying here a few months ago that I have been buying and wearing men’s Wrangler jeans for years and years. They are the only ones that fit me- as I do not have that “typical” figure the womens jeans seem to be made to fit. The Wranglers are still only about 20 bucks a pair at the farm supply store. And they last forever. Same with work gloves- I buy them on the other side of the store. Oxford shirts? In the boys dept I can usually get them for half what I would pay for a woman’s “blouse.”
    My poor kids must be so warped- seeing their Mom rebel against the artificial constraints. LOL

  81. I know it’s not nice to laugh, but I can’t help myself. I will blame it on the meds that I am taking imust. I think it is supposed to be a humongous octopus with many tentacles.

  82. On the heels of the two-hour parade came several thousand anti-Wall Street protesters in a pre-arranged demonstration.
    The thunder of the retreating marching bands mingled in the air with chants of “Banks got bailed out, we got sold out” as the Occupy the Rose Parade demonstrators retraced about 1.5 miles of the 5.5-mile parade route before veering off for a rally near City Hall.
    They carried a 250-foot-long banner that said “We the People” to represent the U.S. Constitution. Some also held a 70-foot-long octopus made from recycle plastic bags that represented the tentacles of perceived corporate greed.
    “This is about getting money out of politics,” said Greg Stevens, a 38-year-old public health lecturer at the University of Southern California. “I support everything this movement is about.”
    As the protesters marched by, some Rose Parade spectators yelled “get a job” while others snapped photos and cheered.

  83. Hey! Thanks mcnorman! It wasn’t shown on the telecast, but it may be on the news later.

  84. I was very curious when you put your link up.

  85. “Oh bull”…

    Your position is well stated and I agree with much of what you said.

    However, I no longer delude myself. Religions are “ethical systems” developed by man and are virtually indistinguishable from political systems.

    It seems to be that we all expect some form of governance (representation) of our personal belief systems, whether WE live them perfectly or not.

    The paradigm of hierarchies couldn’t exist without exceptional-isms.

  86. @PMM @3:53 PM: Gasp!!! You’re a cross-dresser?!

  87. hahaha Why Not. Oh Bull wasn’t meant for you, not by a longshot.

  88. Sophie! ROFL! Is that what they call it? I thought I was being practical and comfortable and frugal. Who knew~
    Oh geez- I suppose I am going to hear it from NES now!

  89. PMM; I cross-dress too, but then again, I’ve been wearing comfortable shoes for decades!

  90. High heels were invented so women couldn’t be as confortably mobile. Also keeps them from getting away from predators. Also so men can enjoy your legs before even considering why you are in that meeting.

    I always wondered why women’s business attire, say a suit, didn’t have the pockets men’s had. That’s to keep you carrying that handbag to further slow you down.

  91. Sophie- furthermore- I am giving my Mom all the blame/credit. She started it! She dressed us in jeans when we were kids so we could play hard! lol

  92. UW: For real. I always thought that there was a huge business opportunity for someone to make practical suits for women, with real pockets at a real depth in all the right places. And screw that zipper on the side or back crap.

    Of course, if pragmatism prevailed, men would ride side saddle, not women.

  93. Got that right, Sophie!

  94. I’m watching that A&E hoarder show. Are there really people who live like this? I mean seriously, you could know someone who lives like that and not even know it. It’s absolutely horrific to see the inside of these homes. Dead cats that have been there to the point of decay. Rats and other vermin. FOod that looks like a science project and they fight throwing it away. Not even a path to walk from one room to another. No place to sit or sleep. I’m in shock here.

  95. NES is out of the country. Will be back later this week.

  96. So OWS had to throw a monkey wrench into the fun of normal, middle class Americans enjoying a parade. Terrific. I’m sure it did a lot to increase their popularity among the real 99%.

  97. New Year’s Resolution I will discard? Hmmmmm….

    Can’t remember.

    Guess it is.

  98. Uppity- the hoarder shows just freak me out. I actually was introduced to someone once who lived like that. Now you know why I battle the hubby on his hoarding issues. I WILL NOT allow it in my living space. EVER! The garage is a hell hole- you could not pay me to go in there. He could have dancing bears in there for all I know. Not sure what the hell compels people to extremes like that.
    Hope NES is having a lovely vacay!

    Sophie- my Mom used to make all my clothes. WITH real pockets! and none of those side or back zippers either. She used to adapt Ralph Lauren patterns for me. LOTS of adapting lol. Take out all the curves and darts- as I never needed any of that lol.
    As for high heels- I wore my share( because the ONE honest to goodness “feminine” part I had was legs- as Mom said- up to my eyebrows lol) and wish to high heaven I never had. Very very bad for posture, for the legs, for the back, for your feet.

  99. WHOA on the header!
    FF! Where do you get all these ideas? So creative! And I am so J.

  100. Thanks Mom – but that’s just a filler. Don’t have time to do the one I have in mind right now….


  101. BTW Mom – I have that same figure. Can’t wear women’s jeans to save my life. They seem to have a 12″ zipper that zips right up under my tatas. That, or I never got over hip-huggers. LOL (although the Bell Bottoms were gone a long time ago!)

  102. Also like the header…even if it is “just a filler”….it’s great!

  103. Yanked off of twitter.

    UPDATE: The latest Iowa poll shows a dead heat between You Can Not Be Serious, No Way In Hell, and You Have Got To Be Fucking Kidding Me.

  104. Mom, make hubby watch that show. that should cure him.

  105. I stole this from Widdershins. Funny,

  106. Header is very striking FF.

  107. I don’t get it. WTF?

    Eh, she never makes sense to me anyways.

  108. It’s called bad Lip Reading. She’s not talking. Someone else is. It’s supposed to be nonsensical.But it really does look like that’s what she’s saying.

  109. Uppitty – Mary Daly got the god-thing and religion right when it was a very dangerous time to be a woman, and write, and teach. You probably have read, “Beyond god the father” but for those who have not, here’s a link to the author and her work. We lost her in 2010. I will always be proud to have been one of the many women who wrote her College on her behalf when it was going to terminate her.

    “Mary Daly, professor of theology and philosophy, was motivated by anger at what she and other feminists call the patriarchal oppression of women, reinforced by the Judeo-Christian tradition that views God as male and thus denies women their humanity and spirituality. (The word “patriarchy” comes from the Greek meaning “rule of the father” and refers to a system of unequal social, economic, and sexual relations which creates and reinforces men’s authority and power over women.) “

  110. twandx: You made me crack my Wickedary! Mary Daly was the original Web master!

  111. I always wondered why women’s business attire, say a suit, didn’t have the pockets men’s had.

    I always thought that was purposely done to keep us from carrying a small handgun.

  112. PMM, those hoarder shows freak the living daylight out of me. They are what nightmares are made of. You have email.

  113. The new header makes a very strong impression. Love how FF has Bill’s face perfectly framed.

    I made a resolution to not to worry about other people’s resolutions. You know, when someone implies that you (and/or everyone around them) are responsible for their success or failure.

  114. I always thought that was purposely done to keep us from carrying a small handgun.


  115. That ‘Hoarders’ show scares me straight. My dear 93-year-old Grandma is a serial hoarder. Had a 5 bedroom house with a path thru the junk. She had a car accident 4 years ago, and a carer came in to help, and made herself useful by helping Grandma get rid of almost all of it. Took 9 months, but it got done. Every time I watch, I go and toss/donate more stuff sitting in my basements and closets. The shows that are the worst are the vermin infestation. Gahhhhh. Mold, mice, roaches…..yuck!!

  116. Gosh Irlandese that is fantastic. My exMIL was passed away and the exFIL no longer had anyone to throw the trash out. That was a woman’s job. It only took 6 months for him to have his utilities shut down. When my exBIL arrived to help him, there was a path to the bed and bathroom. Every “free” magazine offer had been taken and the house was a boxed mess because he would eventually read everything he had purchased. He was adamant that he would not throw anything out. Well, my exMIL had the foresight to get everything paid before she passed. Erstwhile, the exFIL had purchased businesses (he never collected any money for the business because everyone was a friend), he lost everything. His home had been used as collateral, it was a nightmare. The propensity was always there, but no one ever forced the man into reality. I felt sorry for the ex MIL. She tried in vain to salvage what she pretty much knew was a lost cause. My ex is the same way. For some unknown reason broken goggles last used in 1980 might be used for something? Go figure. I do have to say that the man is pretty much known as an idiot savant. Can’t boil water to save his life, but can make you something extraordinary out of nothing. No kidding.

  117. Like I always say, it’s best to marry an orphan, preferably with no sisters or brothers.

  118. Uppity,

    I showed Goof the vid. If he starts doing the nom.. nom.. nom.. you will be in sooo much trouble. 😉

  119. Oh my New Years Resolution is the same as last year and the year before that… Get a permanent full time job!

    I am adding one more resolution. I will not vote for BO, everyone else is under close scrutiny. Who knows who will be running by the time they get to CA.

  120. Dealing with “Hoarders” is my job. Seriously.

    Could I tell you stories but, it wouldn’t be appropriate.

    What I can say is this: It is absolutely sheer survival to take a break every 25 minutes during the sorting, discarding and re-org process. If not, the appall of “incomprehensible” will literally drive us over the edge. (The surrealism can be so disorienting, I often come home sick at my stomach, until enough progress is made and my focused determination overcomes the “struggles” with the client.)

    The show (I can’t even watch them) cannot capture the reality of how an entire family can be relegated to live within a few square feet per person – entrapped by a loved one’s incomprehensible “relationship” with massive amounts of objects of their affection-obsession. Nor, can anyone calculate the time invested in pursuing and acquiring their “prizes” with the skill of a stalker.

    It is truly an illness – more fucking selfish – and horribly sad for all involved – than most can imagine.

  121. Just got back from out of town – hope all had a happy new year!

    re: women’s clothing having fewer (if any) pockets – back in the 70s, they’d always say, “pockets are power” – meaning, a woman has to lug a purse around, can’t flee danger well, she has to constantly babysit it when around others, and it makes her an easy target for theft. Another reason women have fewer pockets is because men prefer seeing a woman’s rear without the distracting lines of a pocket. So, purses and a lack of pockets are all about what’s best for men – big suprise!

    re: voting for all women vs another option – just my .02 – I think people have diferent opinions on how to move forward, different opinions onrt what would be best short term and what might be best long term. The thing is, we often vote for dem candidates (males) who we don’t think are the greatest. Yet sometimes we seem to expect that a female must be pretty close to perfect in order to vote for *her*. And even the politicians who look good are just lying to get elected – I’ll bet a good deal of the politicians – women and men – who say they are for ERA, either don’t care about it, or will follow the party line to let it remain nothing more than “bait” for us who they want to stay on the plantation. So, IMO, it’s okay for people to form their own strategy for getting women ahead. We have to follow our own hearts – and we’re working towards the same goals.

    Oh, and I don’t think that voting for women is synonymous with blacks voting for blacks. Women are 52% of the population, but – what? – 17% of congress? 52% of the population but not one president – ever. We need many, many more women elected. And as we have two parties, it makes sense that some will be on the republican side. They’ll starting to overtake us, anyway. But I bet if they get a bunch of female republican congress critters, and the first president, and women start moving toward that party – I’ll bet there’s a good chance the dems might cut the crap and start practicing what they preach, instead of just lying to us at election time. Their line is always “where else you gonna go?” If they realize there IS somewhere else, the REAL dem party may reappear.

    Anyway, the main thing I meant to say was, I think it’s okay that people have different strategies – the important thing I think is that we’re working toward the same end. 🙂

  122. I’m feeding two new strays. One is a real beauty: long black hair and green eyes ( Vivien Leigh? ) . The other is a grey tabby, My resolution is to trap them soon. It’s going to be a long winter. I hate to see them out in the cold.

  123. Oh! and I spent valuable family time discovering that my brother and brother-in-law are Paulbots. AND AND AND I had to hear that not only did Hillary kill Vince Foster, but several others as well (when I explained that years of billions of dollars of investigation had revealed no wrongdoing, the answer was, “yeah, because she had everyone who knew anything killed!” Of course, they had no answer as to why the killERS did not have to be killed themselves.

    I finally caused them to stop for air when I explained that if Ron Paul is the true agent of change they believe him to be, that the PTB would never let him win in the first place. THAT put a little scare in them! They’re convinced he’s going to win Iowa, and THAT MEANS he’s going to win nationally. Such silly boys….

  124. Beata, what happened to Blackie 1 and Blackie 2?

  125. Lorac, they went to an excellent home where they will always be together. Blackie is such a gentleman. He waits for Me Too to finish eating before he starts. They are so bonded. Always sleep curled up with each other. A real love match.

    Their two kittens also went to a good home where they will remain together. A happy ending all around!.

    I would have kept them, but for health reasons, one cat is all I can manage.

  126. Speaking of my one cat, she always reacts very strongly to the kitteh vids that Upp posts. I have to play them with the sound down or she gets upset.

  127. The header is a beaut. Even if just a place holder for the real deal.

    I hated when people assumed I was voting forHill because she was a female. I supported her because she was most qualified. Her gender was just a bonus. It would be wrong to vote based on age, race, gender or any other superficial quality. “Content of character” is the best judge, indeed.

  128. Beata, I’m glad you were able to know where they went and can feel good about their new homes. They wouldn’t have had any home at all if it hadn’t been for you!

    PS Nice to see you!

  129. This is just a filler header? I really like it – as a real header! I love that color blue against the black, and I love how MKBill’s face is framed in the middle of the letters.

  130. Karen- well said- “Content of Character”
    Lorac-I do wish there were more women in power positions- and I can live with a few warts. However, I really do think voters should investigate the candidates and base decisions on those investigations- not on gender, race, religion etc.
    Hillary was by far the most qualified candidate in 08.I looked at them all and slowly whittled them down. I tossed Obama out of the mix early on as inexperienced and unqualified. I backed Hillary based on her many many years of service to women and children’s issues, her intelligence, her work on health care and her clear positions on the issues. NOT because of her gender- though that was a gigantic bonus!
    I grieved in 08 that my Mom would pass before we ever got a woman in the highest office. She is still with us- but alas, no qualified woman is running. At 86 and with COPD and RA I fear she will not live to see that glorious day.

  131. Some people find this ad offensive:

  132. Judicial Watch Announces List of Washington’s “Ten Most Wanted Corrupt Politicians” for 2011. Holder, Jackson and Obama made it.

  133. Obama, Holder and Jackson, corrupt! Who woulda guessed.

  134. Gee, myiq, ya think? Thanks for letting us wimminz see it.

  135. Our tampons certainly seem of interest to you this morning. Would you like us all to mail them to you when we’re done with them? If so, keep it up.

  136. OMG!!!

    I just wanted to stop in and say hey, now that the topic has changed from politics to tampons. And let me just say it again… OMG!!!

    I’m glad I didn’t have a mouth full of coffee. Gawd, your funny.

    FF that header is beautiful.

  137. AAACCCKKKKK the santorum is EVERYWHERE this morning! Cheese and rice, even the local news had a bit on him. That’s it- I shut the damn thing off and mopped and dusted.

  138. Wrap em up, girlz!

  139. Poor myiq, all dressed up and no tampon!

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