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  1. Any of you wp bloggers know how to get rid of that ABSOLUTELY ANNOYING HUGE SIDEBAR THAT POPS UP AND TELLS YOU HOW MANY POSTS YOU”VE DONE and a bunch of other unneeded shit, every time you hit Publish?

    Who had that idea, somebody hired from telemarketing?

  2. Got it. If you want to turn off that intrusive popup sidebar


    Uncheck “Show feedback and progress sidebar after posting”.

    Thank God.

  3. Kathy Griffin Topless On New Year’s Leads To Surreal Exchange

    There’s a video at the link. I dare you to click on it.

  4. Thank God.

    No, thank you!

    I hate the way WordPress changes shit without asking us first.

  5. good morning (((uppity’s))))

    got some catching up to do, HOPE ALL HAD A WONDERFUL

  6. I know, my. Poor lorac couldn’t post videos because she didn’t realize they changed how to do it.

  7. I found out the new way from you too.

  8. Oh jeebus- you mean I have to learn a new way to post videos? FCS-

  9. Just had the driveway plowed for the first time this season. I suppose I should be thankful- usually have had it plowed a half dozen times by now lol! Gotta do my share to “save and create jobs.”

  10. we got some but not enough to plow. 🙂

  11. That’s okay myiq. A Bill follows.

  12. lol Mom, you’ll figure it out in a snap.

  13. What I don’t understand is why they would think that popup has any value to the user? I mean, I could see doing it for a milestone. Like say every 100 posts or something, but EVERY SINGLE post, and then telling you only five more to go to the next five milestone? And then all those other links that nobody wants?

    Still, I love the WP guys. You write to them, they write back. In fact, Matt himself often writes back. He’s there. Unlike blogspot that makes it IMPOSSIBLE to figure out how to contact them, offers form submissions that are not only useless but go into a black hole. blogspot people suck goats. And they are malicious if they don’t like your blog topic. Absolutely malicious, as we saw in 2008. Screw blogspot.

  14. Obama is back from vacation. And “now” he’s gonna focus on re-election! Yeah….”now”…sure…
    He’s not actually going to Iowa, he’s doing a sort of tele-conference, like Uppity & NES’ favorite, Skype. Yep, he’s gonna phone it in.

  15. Usually when he comes back from his MANY vacations, he bullshits everybody again and says he’s focusing on ‘jobs’. What would he know about jobs. He never created one. In fact, he never actually had one.

  16. Damn it is freezing out there! Cheese and rice! Two weeks ago it was fifty- now it is 9 degrees out and the wind is whipping! Huddled on the sofa watching the History Channel- not one thing about Iowa on it! No Santorum, no Perry ads.
    Thank goodness for small blessings lol!

    Uppity- you were right- I went over and did a test draft to figure out the video and pics thing- no problem.

  17. he is stirring up his base :lol;

  18. It’s a frigid 49 degrees outside my hovel.

  19. Looks like you and I have the same crappy weather, Mom.

  20. Still very odd weather here- normally we get a whopping amount of snow when the lake effect blows in- two towns to the north they got over a foot. We got about three inches. Heavy wet stuff. Followed by some very dry blowing snow, then the sun came out and the wind went wild,
    Leaving the cabinet under the sink open tonight. SOP when it is this cold and windy.

  21. I was watching CNN and James Carville and another guy were on discussing the Iowa caucus. Carville was laughing saying he was enjoying watching the Republicans attacking each other. Then he laughed and said, “we Democrats are united.” I yelled at the TV, “United??…yeah…you keep thinking that James!!”

  22. Upps: Check ur email. You have a New Year’s thingie from me and two doxies.

  23. I can’t stand Shep of FOX. Lanny Davis showed a lot of class though.

  24. Anyone want to see the latest results for freakfest known as the Iowa Caucus?

    Ron Paul the racist homophobe nut 42.9%
    Rick Perry the Dunce 19%
    Mittens the boring spoiled rich kid 14.3%
    Rick Santorum the self righteous loon 14.3%
    Newt Gringrich the unspeakably horrible 9.5%

    Wow. Thrilling primary season. Lucky America.

  25. oops. already outdated. Now its
    Santorum ?!?!?

  26. hey socal,

    They are pretty slow reporting caucus results… sigh. Just wish they would get it over with quickly.

  27. Jan 03, 2012 (14% of precincts reporting)

    Ron Paul 3,071 23.8%

    Mitt Romney 3,051 23.7%

    Rick Santorum 2,942 22.8%

    Newt Gingrich 1,711 13.3%

    Rick Perry 1,199 9.3%

  28. Now its

    Paul & Santorum?!?

  29. now…

    socal… yuck Paul and Santorum… too icky for words.

  30. 31% reporting…


  31. OMG I love Iowa, it’s a wonderful state, don’t do it, Iowa, don’t pick Santorum! (besides being a social evolutionary throwback, no slanted noses allowed on my TV all the time! Go back where you came from and take Brian slanted nose Williams with you!!)

    Well, okay, I guess they actually don’t have any GOOD choices lol But I’m sure they could do better than Santorum. Shoot – they could have all written in Huntsman! lol

  32. UW and PMM – I’m going to have to go to war with the wordpress video gods tonight. Keep your fingers crossed!

  33. lorac,

    Huntsman was on ticket, didn’t have to be written in. He is getting less votes than “Other”

  34. I was wrong. I didn’t think Rick Perry was gonna get to Iowa. He found his way there.

    Just remember, Iowa doesn’t get to decide. In 1992, Big Dawg only got three percent of the vote.

    My Republican boss thinks they should bypass the primaries and go straight to the convention. She said they’ve already decided on Mitt, why waste the money.

  35. 47% reporting


  36. goofs – now I know what I was thinking of – Huntsman chose not to campaign there – I didn’t even think about him being on the ticket – just assumed he wasn’t, I guess!

  37. well he still has gotten 324 votes..

  38. More than half the caucus voters are born-again Christians, so said the announcer on CBS News.

  39. 88% in


  40. sophie – is that question on the sign-in sheet at the caucus door? lol

    Caucus goers are such a tiny percentage of any state’s electorate, I would think they would have to individually question for these types of demographics (and I don’t know that they would be allowed to do that), not make any kind of “reverse extrapolation” from the population at large.


    Looks like Iowa City area (where U of I hawkeyes are) is going for Romney.

  42. Quad Cities (the Iowa half, anyway) went for Romney.

  43. Anyone know where one can find the total number of Iowans who went to caucuses tonight? (ie, what tiny percentage of the state just made their decision for them)

  44. lorac,

    at 89 % of the votes looks like about 120K voters will decide for rest of state.

  45. I was looking at the map for the counties that UI and ISU are in – the biggest schools – they went for Romney. I heard that Ron Paul has a lot of college kids – maybe they’re all at junior colleges….?

  46. Newtie the crybaby!! whhaaaaa!! Romney was mean to me!

  47. @vivien2u

    My Republican boss thinks they should bypass the primaries and go straight to the convention. She said they’ve already decided on Mitt, why waste the money.

    Sounds like they have taken their playbook rules from those frauds that gave Barack the keys to the kingdom. Both parties reek. The founding fathers are rolling seizing in their graves.

  48. Its showing 97% results are in & Santorum is beating Romney by around 37 votes.

    Really, the caucus system is such an abomination. A friend moved to Texas back in 07 and went to the bot caucuses they had in 08 and she was disgusted with the whole caucus experience.

  49. socal,

    Yep, caucuses are a joke. They don’t really represent what the majority of voters want because the caucus reps can be bought off. Just like ’08 taught us.

  50. 98% results… Romney beating santorum by 62 votes…

  51. Gawd…Santorum (R-asshole) is stillflapping his gums. Glad I watched the Sugar Bowl.

  52. 98.59% results… Santorum ahead of Romney by 5 Votes

  53. Why don’t they just say it was a tie and be done with it?

  54. Fredster,

    I’m not watching TV… playing a game on ‘puter and watching numbers online. Soooo much more peaceful, no talking heads, no lip flapping candidates… 😉

  55. Mitt better wear his asbestos underwear tomorrow….Gingrich is comin’ for him….scorched earth!

  56. 99.55% results… Santorum ahead of Romney by 35 votes.

  57. imust,

    Gingrich is 13,000 vote behind both Santorum and Romney… So he’s going to have to go after both of them.

  58. Gingrich is such an ugly tool.

    Fredster my guys watched the Sugar Bowl also.

  59. 99.89% … Santorum ahead of Romney by 18 votes

  60. oops. Last comment was me, forgot to change names.

  61. Holy cow. They’re calling it for Santorum by 18 votes! Ewww!

  62. Figures.. It really is a statistical tie.

  63. Also, you have to take into consideration that Santorum was pushing really hard to get the Iowa vote and Romney wasn’t. Therefore, it really doesn’t bode all that well for Santorum over Romney.

    Not that I care, they are all idiots.

  64. Hmmmm… now the numbers show 99.49% counted… (see my post at 1:13 AM) Santorum ahead of Romney by only 4 votes.

  65. My, My. Isn’t “Our vote is so important.”

    My BS meter is going off on how “close” this is… and how much excitement political drama this back and forth count is hopefully inciting in millions of apathetic voters…

    ….fed up with being manipulated by a largely rigged system, thus reluctant to get involved in aiding and abetting another round of kingpin gangsters.

    Caucuses are nothing more than Political Circle Jerks to build voter momentum to reel in more money for the party-selected players. imo.

    4 votes separate them out of 60,000+? Isn’t that UNREAL ! ???

    BS. It isn’t the first or last caucus that voters are manipulated into believing that their vote can make the difference… except for that “counting it” thing.

    2008 Caucus Fraud Witness

  66. goofsmom, Newt is irrational. He’s angry at Romney, me thinks he wants revenge! In his “concession” speech he praised Santorum and then went after Mitt….it was really tacky!!

  67. The media is also using Santorum’s come from behind surge to say that it proves that “retail politics” are what’s important in Iowa and thus confirming the narrative of why Iowa deserves to be first…yada-yada.

  68. Thought this story might interest those here:

    First a teen mom loses her husband to cancer on Christmas, then she has to shoot one of two scumbags breaking into her house:,0,5341533.story?hpt=us_bn5


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