Democracy in action: Five percent of the population making the decisions

The fight is on, and the top three contenders are (drum roll please!!!!):



It’s 10:15 PST, and Santorum and Romney each have 25% of the vote, separated by only 34 votes.  Ninety-nine percent of the votes are in – they’re just waiting for a truckload of votes to be delivered.  Those votes are coming from Gary, Indiana Keokuk and Clinton counties.  Nail biting time!  Oh, the drama!  It’s just like a football game!  (well, I don’t actually watch football, but it sounded right!) 

Update:  the news is now saying those votes aren’t really coming by truck – they just don’t know where they are or when they’ll show up!  Megan Kelly was told by an Iowan official that they’ll let her know, “if and when they FIND them”!!!!!!

According to a Rockford (IL – about 90 miles from Iowa) newspaper blogger, 95% of Iowa adults will shun the caucuses.  Some of his other comments:

–The population of Iowa amounts to barely one percent of the national total. That’s only one-fifth of the average population of the 49 other states. (snip)

–Only three to five percent of the adult population of Iowa will bother to venture out in the January cold next Tuesday night to participate in the GOP caucuses.

–An untold portion of these caucusgoers — perhaps as many as 20 percent of them — will not be traditional Republican voters. Some will be independents or erstwhile Democrats who have been attracted to the process for one reason or another, some just to support the maverick candidacy of Ron Paul.

And yet, when the caucus results are tallied, pundits across the land will tell us the true meaning of it all. They’ll tell us that the collective decisions of 0.05 percent — one twentieth of one percent — of the American populace are potentially important in the race for the presidential nomination of one our two major political parties. (snip)

When we talk about political corruption in this country, it behooves us to recognize that some of it is perfectly legal and above-board. Putting it another way, the Iowa caucuses are a blatant corruption of the system — and the media have made them so.

Well, this journalist wasn’t referring to Iowa caucuses as being “corrupt” in the sense we here have come to associate caucuses and corruption.  Rather, he’s addressing many people’s upset that Iowa gets to go first in the voting.  I myself don’t really care so much about that – sure, Iowa is pretty white, but so is the nation mostly white.  And on the other side of the coin, there are certainly plenty of states that wouldn’t represent the nation because they’re too highly populated by minorities or non-English speaking people.  For example, should the presidential elections start in D.C., which has 50.7% black population, compared to the national average of 12.6%?  Or Georgia, which has 30.5%?  Or what about starting in Arizona, which has a 29.6% population of hispanics (remember, hispanic is an ethnicity – for some reason the only ethnicity ever counted – so the race of the hispanics is mostly white, some black) compared to the national average of 16.3?  Or Texas, which has a 37.6% of hispanics?  And the national average of Asians is 4.8%.  Oh my goodness, where will we find a state to start with that even comes close to representative?  Ok, I found Washington State has a 7.2%, but that’s over the national average. 

My wonderful, well-thought-out solution if just someone would listen?  Have regional elections (ie, all the northwest on one date, all the southwest on one date, all the northeast one one date, etc), and then rotate which one of those regional elections gets to be first each year.  (I have a LOT of wonderful answers if only someone would make them all the law 🙂 )

Actually…..  I digressed.  I guess I just get tired of people being mean to Iowa lol  (Maybe someone will start going to African countries to insist they need more diversity, more Asians and whites! Oh, and more of the ONE ethnicity, hispanic! ROFL!)   Ooops I digressed again….   What I REALLY wanted to rant about was the TRUE “corruption” of the election system – the caucuses.  Besides how vulnerable they are to corruption, even by the voters themselves, how in the world can they be considered representative of the wishes of a state? 

So, the Rockford journalist was guessing that only 5% of adults would participate in the caucuses.  Let’s look at some actual numbers.  The population of Iowa is 3,046,355.  The percentage of people under 18 years old is 23.9% – so by my withering math skills, the population of people 18 years of age and older would seem to be 2,318,276.  Looking at the number of people who went to the caucuses (still missing part of the smelly Clinton votes, but some are in), a whopping 121,765 people voted (not counting Cain’s 58 (?) or Huntsman’s 72 (?) – I didn’t write them down so I didn’t use them!)   Son of a gun.  That Rockford journalist got it right.  Five percent of Iowans went to caucuses.  That means that only 5 percent of the entire state decided for everyone else.  (Sure, you could say, it’s their fault for not going!  But the caucus system was designed for smaller groups – friendly neighbors rationally discussing the issues and the candidates, and coming to a consensus – and wouldn’t work if everyone in the state went.)

I just think there are umpteen reasons why caucuses should become extinct.  Unfortunately, I hear quite a few states are considering changing from primaries to caucuses because they’re cheaper (yeah, that’s the reason….)

It’s an important and difficult situation, these voting considerations.  But at least I think I know how to make the bots happy – have the first states to vote be the ones who aren’t racist(TM) – you know, the ones that don’t require photo ID to vote….

10:45 pm PST – they’ve found the Keokuk county ballots….

10:55 pm PST – 4 votes separate them because Romney’s votes were undercounted.  Still looking for the Clinton votes.  There are a lot of factories in Clinton, IA.  A lot of really SMELLY factories – meat rendering, paper processing, etc.  Whoever has the votes probably passed out from the smell….  OR….. hmmm…. Clinton, IA is only 170 miles from Gary, Indiana…. if you catch my drift!

11:05 pm PST – speaking of smell, Karl Rove has inside information, he says that Romney will win by 14 votes based on the missing Clinton votes.  Right now Santorum is up by 4.

11:33 pm PST – Iowa Republican Party Chairman – they will have the final official vote counts in two weeks, but they are declaring Romney the winner.  He wins by 8 votes.  They say it’s bad news for Santorum, as Romney didn’t campaign as much as he in Iowa.

So what do you think?  Other than the idealistic (read: nonnexistent) reasons for caucuses, are there really any practical or reasonable reasons (“reasonable reasons” – hmmm good one, lorac!) to keep them in this day and age of rampant corruption and weak participation?


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  1. Tim Pawlenty has to be kicking himself right now.

  2. PFFFFTTTTT on caucuses. I’m with you- 4 or 5 regional primaries. NE, SE, NW, SW. Rotate who “goes first.”
    Caucuses are just ripe for corruption. Bussing in out of staters. Intimidation. In effect locking out the elderly who do not like to drive at night in winter, second and third shift workers, and what about young families? One gets to stay home with the kids while the other goes (out for a beer.)
    Also- let’s do away with the other fraud mechanisms- early and mail in voting. Early voting- a bots dream come true! Vote in three or four precincts a day for the entire early voting period! That’s just grand! And mail in voting as well- I can just see the bots trailing the mail carrier- picking those ballots right out of the mail boxes.
    And NO it would not impact the elderly and disabled. That is pure talking point BS. All the elderly I know GET TO THE POLLS! ON election day. They would crawl if necessary. And every local party machine has a system to give rides to those who are in need.
    There IS a system already in place for those who can not get to the polls on election day- it’s called “Absentee Ballot.”
    Rant over.

  3. Hey! Snowmen occupy the header! Or are those Santorum voters?

  4. lorac, I liked your play-by-play. Romney won. Thats odd.

    So much for an open primary in Va.

    Virginia Republicans will reconsider whether to make voters pledge loyalty to the eventual GOP nominee before participating in the March 6 presidential primary, a decision that has rankled many in the party.

    Not like anyone would try to game the system. Haa!

  5. And for what it is worth- what difference did the Iowa caucus goers see between Bachman and Santorum?
    Oh yes- the scary lady parts. Other than that I can see no difference between those two- both fundiegelical, gay hating, wimmenz repressing loons.

  6. We all know that if it weren’t for corrupt caucuses, where people were bullied, cheated, threatened and locked outside, Barack Obama would not have been able to get his ass dragged over the line, even with the stolen Florida and Michigan delegates his “New” party pulled out of their asses.Caucuses should be abolished, they are the antithesis of a democracy or a republic.

    As for the voting in Iowa, those people must be drinking their own ethynol if they are voting for a psycho like Santorum.

    And it doesn’t matter who won, The Paul crazies will declare it a win for Paul.

  7. ROFLMAO! Jimmeh Carter is giving Obama re-election advice.

    Don’t alienate voters with controversial positions.

    BWAHAHAHAHA! No worries there Jimmeh- teh fraud’s positions change with the wind.
    And it’s a tad late on the not alienating voters. BWAHAHAHA!

  8. Keep the advice coming,Jimmy!
    🙂 🙂

    Hopefully Barack will do as well as Jimmy did, where Reagan really didn’t even have to leave the house to win.

    Barack has a great start too, the malaise is palpable.

  9. Caucuses are just ripe for corruption

    They are nothing short of corrupt.

  10. Maybe Jimmy can help step up the pro palestinian rhetoric too. That should go over well since the vast majority of America disagrees strongly.Maybe Jimmy can help him drum up some anti-Jew stuff. Barack’s sycophants love to grab onto that. Why, they hardly even need any talking points.

  11. Let me tell you about my Good Dog! Late last night, around midnight, she wanted to go out. So, I put her on her tie out since I wasn’t going to go out in the freezing cold. The tie out is in an area that is not fenced in, and is only used for times like this. She was out there doing her thing and did her usual little I Can Come In Now “ruff” sound. And I let her in. She walked into the house before I unhooked her…….dragging a foot or so of her tie out cable with her. The rest was on the ground, broken off. She could have wandered off, but she didn’t. Gawd I love that dog.

  12. Is anyone NORMAL ever gonna actually WIN an election, ever again?

  13. NeedleNose is a good dog! Give her an extra cookie!

  14. FF- probably not.

  15. Caucuses are ridiculous! I don’t get it….requiring ID to vote is disenfranchising, but making people go to a meeting for hours and “defend” their choice isn’t?

  16. LOL Uppity she knows better then to run off and freeze her butt off lol.

    As for the national elections I am no longer going to waste the gas money to go vote. 6 states tell us how it is going to be so why bother ? By the time they count NY, FL. Penn. and we know which way Ca swings the thing is over. We know the winner before our polls close so why waste gas and time ?

  17. Utah she might have gone in pursuit of a sheep! Good luck with that, girl. I haven’t had a chance to talk about the rooster I had squatting on my land for nearly two weeks. That was a trip. Damn thing didn’t want the dog on the land and the rescues were having a meeting about ambush. Finally got the thing carted off. At least if it were a hen I might have gotten some eggs. Mean nasty thing too. Made it to the stewing pot from what I understand. Can’t remember who it was who suggested everybody in a city get poultry. Well scrap that idea! Damn thing was strutting down city streets flying at kids and pets, and I was getting calls because he always crowed from atop my old BBQ pit so they thought i had him on purpose. Keystone cops weren’t helpful and animal control isn’t trained in Rooster, I guess.

  18. Is anyone NORMAL ever gonna actually WIN an election, ever again?


  19. Now it’s being reported that The Newt is trying to Glom onto Santorum’s “win” to beat Romney


    What a scheeve. He just can’t believe he lost.

  20. it,s lorac! Wednesday.great job. 🙂

  21. What a Good Dog! (My two lil’ Chihuahuas OTOH, have refused to leave the house for the past two days – IT’S TOO COLD, MOM! Oh well, those throw rugs needed replacement anyway 😉
    Yes, I even bought ’em the artificial grass “relief area”… So far it’s been a waste of $19.95

  22. “Can’t remember who it was who suggested everybody in a city get poultry. Well scrap that idea!” – UW

    Everybody should not unless each is willing to take care of them.

    There are thousands of us with hens in our back yard and a great website called backyardchickens –

    Most do not raise roosters to crow and bother peoples. My 5 hens feed me, entertain me and when there is an excess of eggs they are given to a family that can use the extra protein. There is another family on the street that has a small flock too.

    Most of us who keep chickens are careful with our flocks and make sure they do not get out and annoy the neighbors. I’ll bet, in the case of your rooster, it was an escapee from some cruel asshats that use them to fight so they can bet on them and watch the blood spirt when they tear each other apart.

    Your police should put a stop to that sort of thing but they are probably among the ones who enjoy that kind of cruelty to animals.

  23. Bread and circuses. Keep the mases amused and distract them from the fact the country is going to hell in a handbasket.

    And Sanitarium! Barf. Religion was meant to be a private practice not a public spectacle according to the founders. These asses that pour God all over everything like catsup on french fries are great at saying “Thou shalt not..” but have no compasion for their fellow citizens. Instead of trying to control others, they should work on their own demons.

  24. Why a woman needs a gun.
    “I wanted them to get here before I had to do it. they didn’t get here quick enough”.

    The deadly encounter occurred about a week after the young mom’s husband died of cancer, according to TV station KOCO. Martin darkened McKinley’s door on the day of her husband’s funeral, several days before the shooting. He claimed he was a neighbor who wanted to say hello, but she didn’t open the door.

    Martin returned with an accomplice on Dec. 31, and they tried to force their way into the modest house. When McKinley heard the men trying to break in, she called 911.

    She also holed up in her bedroom with a 12-gauge shotgun and a pistol, while she put a bottle in her three-month-old son’s mouth.

    “I’ve got two guns in my hand — Is it okay to shoot him if he comes in this door?” McKinley asked the 911 operator.

    “I can’t tell you that you can do that, but you do what you have to do to protect your baby,” the dispatcher told McKinley when she asked a second time. The call went on for 21 minutes as the men powered their way into McKinley’s house.

  25. I had to go to PetSmart to get a new tieout for the dog. I never go there because, although I know they work with the humane society to place cats, I always feel despondent because I can’t resist looking at them. there was this one calico, looked very well, and good coat and you just knew somebody gave her up and it’s crushing her. She would not look at me. No eye contact except to look down. She was so depressed I wanted to cry. She’s not doing well in that glass enclosed environment with people staring at her. The others seemed to be doing fine but you could just tell she felt awful about her newfound lot in life. I hate people.

  26. lol val, well my dog LOVES cold weather. SO I’m lucky she’s such a good dog and didn’t go for a stroll.

  27. Twandx, they figured out who owned the rooster and he was breeding chickens for food and eggs in his frigging yard. Only they forgot that half of them would be roosters. It’s rough enough with dogs running loose in cities without adding miserable roosters to the mix. I tried for over a week to disposition this little bastard who was attacking my dog for going outside. My dog couldn’t use her own yard. I should have let my dog have at him. The little bastard was bothering everyone around us and I had to field frigging phone calls of people yelling at me because I had a rooster, which I might add is ILLEGAL. People in cities don’t want to hear barnyard animals, if they did, they would move to the country. These animals have no business in a city. The chances of irresponsible ownership is HUGE. People aren’t going to build enclosures are do any of the things you imagine a responsible person doing. They aren’t going to study up on raising chickens. They aren’t going to do any of that. Certainly not 75% of them. I’m sorry but allowing poultry and other barnyard animals in a city is an invitation for just what happened to me, only multiply it exponentially. Next thing we know we would find them dead in the road, hit by cars. I am working on legislation for my city right now to make the fines even stiffer for having them in the city. They just plain don’t belong here. This bird was attacking pets, and anything else that got in his mean-assed way. Roosters are mean. Even if they aren’t bred for fighting. They are generally very mean creatures. I tried to get our rescue to find someone to come get him and the truth is, nobody WANTS roosters. It got so bad I actually took a shot at the bastard. He was waking everybody around us up before dawn and taking over my property. And that’s bullshit. I finally found a guy who agreed to come and get him with a sack and make dinner out of him. I would have paid him for that if i had to. That would be the fate of MOST chickens in a city.

    Our police WILL take care of it. They are now shooting them because this is going to get out of hand, the calls about loose poultry are stacking up. The fines will be four digits. That should slow everybody down.

    As for me, I don’t care about raising chickens. I do not intend to do it. If I did, I would move out of the city. I want to live in a city and not have to worry about somebody’s chickens or goats or anything else. I shouldn’t have to.

  28. True that on the roosters Uppity- I go armed with the whip when I have to go to the chicken shed. Mostly because the little bastard knows I can’t move fast enough anymore to get out of his way. I only keep him because he keeps the hens from wandering off into the fields and woods..(And for those who have not heard the story- no I do not strike the thing with the whip. It is a lunge whip- I just shake it and crack it and off he goes. If he gets to close to me in the shed I plant the shaft of the whip in front of him and he knows not to cross the line.) And he is just as good a watch animal as the dog.
    But I live in a rural area- where they belong as part of the farm. I feed them in the winter and all spring, summer and fall they pay me back by eating bugs and giving me yummy eggs.
    If I lived in the city I would be having fits if one of those buggers was chasing me out of my own yard.

  29. Poor Little Ricky….I hope he enjoyed his “surge” for what? 2 hrs??

  30. I don’t think ethics is that guy’s only problem either. You can tell he’s got a secret. The ones who doth protesteth loudly ususally do. I bet he likes to wear women’s underwear or something. lol. Or maybe he’s ‘heterosexual with issues” like pastor Ted Haggard. I look at him and I think “Cheesy”. Very Cheesy.

  31. Yeah I’m sorta waiting for the real scandal to drop. A little sick on my part to be sure, but hey, in the Golden Age of Obama….what else to do we have?

  32. WOW! You took a shot at it in the city? It would be a huge fine in my Vermont city to fire a gun inside the city limits. I’d love to be able to shoot AT the woodchucks that decimate my broccoli and other veggies but instead have to trap them and take them out into the country side.

    I wouldn’t shoot them to kill anyway, just near them to scare them away, and it would be great to get rid of dogs and cats that dig things up and poop all over but I realize that it isn’t the animal’s fault, be it dog, cat, chicken or woodchuck -it’s the people who have them and do not care for them properly. But I could never insist that everyone give up the right to own the pet of their choice – just because one of them annoyed me.

    MOM – if I were going into the poultry business, I would agree with you but I and many others keep a few chickens for eggs, help in the garden [they keep the weeds down and I never have to worry about cut worms.] Their poop is a great contribution once it is composted. They are very smart and great company.

    But, we keep them responsibly. Mine are behind a 6″ fence – just to keep the problem dogs out. I’d never keep a rooster as they are not needed. Threats, aside from domestic animals, are hawks and a flock of crows guard my chicks and chase hawks away. This isn’t just my experience but a documented fact.

    When I worked on a farm, I never had any problems with roosters so I’ll trade yours with my trials with a rabid skunk that paid me a visit. City officials were not interested in helping so a neighbor and I herded it toward a trap and took it to the game warden.

  33. We get skunks too, Twandx. And possums. That’s recent. My dog killed a possum last year. Now those are nasty creatures. And really, all you need is a quiet gun. lolol. Didn’t put a chink in his routine, let me tell you. My neighbor also shot a possum. It happens more often since these creatures started moving toward cities. I remember when you never saw a skunk or a possum. All our recycling laws without foresight have attracted vermin. Open cans with cans and bottles that contained food for starters. That brought raccoons too. They are slowly correcting their badly planned ‘rules’ but it’s really kind of late. As for skunks, nobody wants to shoot a skunk because they leave their stink amplified on your land. Humanely trapping them is also out of the question for the same reason. Skunks are nasty creatures for sure. They have a Make My Day attitude and I’ve had a few close encounters with my dog on leash. It seems they know nobody wants to mess with them. Yes firing a gun is generally illegal in a city, just don’t get caught. If the cops here could have seen that rooster,they would have shot it. Catching one is way too much trouble.

    “Pets’ in city limits are generally defined as domestic animals. If you have a tiger for a pet you would be fined and probably arrested too. Ditto for laws or ordinances on barnyard animals. WIthout these rules, I know for sure we would have cows in themiddle of the road. If you want a cow or a goat for a pet, you will have to live in cow and goat country. This means not a metropolitan area. So this is not a fair comparison re: “pet of your choice”. Vermin also fall into a category known as..vermin.

    In my city there are specific ordinances against barnyard animals. They are illegal. Period.

  34. One more thing about guns and cities, or at least my city. If a vicious dog were on my land, I would have every right to shoot it to protect myself and my dog. After having been attacked by two pit bulls, I would not hesitate. That would be perfectly legal.

  35. Twandx- this is going to sound bizzarre- but the best way to keep the unwanted animals out of your garden (possums, groundhogs etc) is to strew dog hair around. Also human hair- I keep all that I pull from my brush starting in the spring about a month before garden season. A little hair around each seedling and no respectable rabbit, woodchuck etc will go near it. Works on the apple trees as well. I put it in onion bags and hang them from the trees. Gotta love the old farmers who share their tricks lol. I walk the dog around and through the garden (after he has done his business out in the fields and woods) his scent deters the vermin.

  36. Twandx, do you live in a city? If so, how large/dense is theh population. Does your city have ordinances that make having chickens legal, and how they are to be housed, fed, how many you are allowed, and whether or not you can have roosters? My assumption here is that it is legal for you to have chickens and that there are boundaries set by your local government regarding them.

  37. I wish my dog’s scent would deter slugs,Mom. 🙂
    I hear ducks take care of that problem.

  38. Hugs to Needlenose Ms. Desmond to you! What a wonderful dog.

  39. The others seemed to be doing fine but you could just tell she felt awful about her newfound lot in life. I hate people.

    I can’t bear their heartbreak when they are disposed of. It kills me.

  40. McNorman I’ve already made acouple of calls. We are going to get that kitteh out of there if we can. Fingers crossed.

  41. PMM – Thanks, I’ll try it next spring. There are some good ideas that don’t involve cruelty. My daughter and her dogs have gone back to Utah – she’s near that animal rescue area that I cannot remember the name of. I’ll ask her to collect hair and see if I can find some other dog owners to do it around here.

    I have one cat which came from our local humane society. Sophi’s situation reminded me of what Uppity just posted. When my sibling pair died last spring at the age of 23, I went there and immediately, in a roomful of cages, one cat with a damaged ear stood out because she looked so defeated. I took her into one of the rooms provided and she jumped out of my lap and ran for the door. Her whole attitude screamed, GET ME THE HELL OUT OF HERE.

    I did, and this gray torti has me fairly well trained now and what a joy to see the difference in her. Wish I could afford to get more rescue animals.

  42. UW – yes, there are regs and fees but this is only recently. People have been keeping backyard chickens and ducks before we became a city. This was before I got my flock. Town meeting got people together to decide # of animals, sensible housing rules and other regs such as no roosters; and at the same time, enforced the leash law so dog people had to be responsible for their damage to a person’s birds. Just recently, cats required licensing too.

    Some areas are rather open. Most residential. We used to be called a bedroom for Burlington. Most homestead lots are like mine, 0.025 acres. Burlington, our largest city has had keeping poultry legal for years and it is well regulated.

    When one contrasts this to the inhumane horrible poultry farms where chickens are kept in cages too small to move or stand erect, I for one find it an improvement. No animal should be subjected to such treatment so men can make money. They are just as bad as puppy mills or worse.

    As for skunks – I’ve trapped and relocated quite a few. They have all been perfect ladies and gentlemen. It’s all in the cage. I use a have a heart that keeps the animal confined so that it cannot spray without spraying itself – they don’t like the stink either.

    I have a great possum story – they have been moving North for a few years now.

    My chickens are hell on slugs, spiders and all kinds of bugs. They are very careful not to disturb the tomato plants but I have to fence them out of the brocolli which they love. Once I have harvested it, I let them in and they chew the stocks like locus, along with any bug or worm that took refuge from them when the fence was up.

  43. Another great lorac Wednesday. I could not agree with you more wholeheartedly.

    Uppity, I hope you find a home for the kitteh. Poor little thing.

  44. I’m glad to see MKB is out and about & making new friends.

  45. “I’m glad to see MKB is out and about & making new friends.”


  46. In Iowa,
    Romney spent $49 per vote.
    Santorum spent 73¢ per vote.

    Romney got 6 fewer votes in iowa yesterday than he got in 2008.

    I don’t think people voted for Santorum because they want him to win. I think they don’t want Romney and they realize they’re so screwed.

  47. Twandx, so basically, you’re a town of smaller population and populus per square mile? Imagine a city with a couple of hundred thousand people in it, many of them urban poor, and you can see where this would go. It’s just not a great idea. The same people who let their dogs run loose would let their chickens run loose. The person who owned that rooster had a flock of them crapping on his land, unsanitary conditions, etc. There are no regulations for chickens here because chickens are not legal here. I don’t see that happening anytime soon, or anytime at all. It just won’t work in seriously urban areas.

    Re: The kitteh at PetSmart. She’s about to be saved. A friend spoke to the person at the store and basically, I had it right. She doesn’t like it there one bit and wants some affection and out of that environment. Nobody is showing any interest in adopting her since she won’t look at anybody because she’s despondent. Was picked up two weeks ago as a stray, they think she may have been lost but nobody called to ask after her. We pulled on the network and someone will be picking her up friday. I will pay the adoption fee and she will be fostered in a home till she’s either placed or stays where she is. Estimated age is 6. No way that cat was out in the elements for six years, she looks too good. She either got lost or somebody gave her the boot. Very affectionate cat. Nice calm cat for a senior methinks. They were jumping for joy because they were afraid she wasn’t going to be adopted. The others around here were being taken and always she is left. We will fix that. I wish I could tell her she won’t be there much longer and make her happy, but she will be fostered soon enough.

  48. I went there and immediately, in a roomful of cages, one cat with a damaged ear stood out because she looked so defeated. I took her into one of the rooms provided and she jumped out of my lap and ran for the door. Her whole attitude screamed, GET ME THE HELL OUT OF HERE.

    What a great success story. And they always turn out to be the best cats. Way to go!

  49. Hey lorac! If you still feel like writing, go to it for tomorrow. I am in a writing slump. Again. Yeesh.

  50. It’s concurrently a very malicious and thin-skinned generation. And it’s proving deadly.

    A 15-year old teenager from Staten Island died after being struck by a bus while carrying a suicide note on Monday evening.

    NYPD officials say a witness saw Amanda Diane Cummings jump in front of the bus on Hylan Boulevard by Hunter Avenue. She was rushed to Staten Island University Hospital where she was in critical condition and ultimately died from her injuries.

    Cummings was a sophomore at New Dorp High School and according to the girl’s uncle, Keith Cummings, she had been bullied by peers.

  51. SEATTLE–Washington governor Chris Gregoire announced her support for gay marriage legislation on Wednesday, potentially putting the state on track to become the nation’s seventh to fully recognize same-sex unions

    You go girl!

    (Reuters) – European governments have agreed in principle to ban imports of Iranian oil, EU diplomats said Wednesday, dealing a blow to Tehran that crowns new Western sanctions months before an Iranian election.

    Stick that in your noses, you psychopathic, theocratic goatfuckers.

  52. Just like the proverbial bad penny. Time and again you leave. But then you return! You obviously need some help keeping your promise, so I’m going to give it to you. Say goodbye.

  53. lol ok I’ll see what damage I can do! (kidding!)

  54. Yeahhhhhhhhhhh lorac! You little writer you!

    Besides, it keeps you too busy to trash the place late at night.

  55. Besides, it keeps you too busy to trash the place late at night.

    Hmmmmm….. oh, Vivienne!!!! Where’s my protege trasher vivienne??? lol

  56. Awwwwwwwwwwwwww chit.

    I KNEW you were training her. I just knew it.

  57. Mods, please leave the passive-aggressive in spam. Thanks.

  58. Best part of Iowa is it’s just a beauty contest. No delegates are won, nothing is binding; the PARTY leaders choose those.

  59. Just another dog and pony show.

    Truth is, only die hards go to caucuses, supplemented by the bused-in sycophants.

  60. Best part of Iowa is it’s just a beauty contest.

    With Newt Gingrich as Miss Congeniality

  61. Lorac, nice post.
    Thanks for highlighting the ugly problem of caucuses. They really are nothing more than a dog and pony show for the masses, decided by just a few.

  62. “Just another dog and pony show….”
    Obama and the current Dem. leadership have done me a favor (saved me money) and exposed the “party differences” as just street theater. The Donkey-phant party only agenda is “pay to play” and unfortunately the majority of the American voters are still mesmerized by the “show”. Meanwhile , their future goes into the shitter.

  63. Lorac,

    Great post. Agree whole heartedly on the caucuses.


    So happy about the kitteh! My heart sank as I started reading the comments… I was thrilled to read the happy ending. 😀

    Goof and Cobe send you high fives.

  64. Hey gang, I’m baaaack!

    Good post, lorac. I can’t respect the IA Caucus after it gave us Obama. As for Iowans, I’m sure they’re just fine. By picking Romney, by however slim a margin, they’ve shown that they get the importance of electibiliy; that’s huuuge.

  65. Ok, UW, I’m scheduling one for the morning!

  66. NES, we missed ya!

  67. Yay! NES is back!

  68. NES!!!

  69. Morning NES. Glad to see you back here in the USA. Missed you, but then you already know that. And I agree that there can be no electabililty for a theocrat. THey simply implode sooner or later. Thank God. No pun intended.

  70. NES returns YAY! Hope your holiday/vacation was wonderful!

  71. Thanks lorac, imust, socal, Upps, and Mom! Good to be back. Missed the insights and the humor found in this Great Hall.

  72. Loved the post, but I a think Ron Paul should be Yoda. A more age appropriate character.

  73. LOL on Yoda, Lizzy. I’m sure Paul Crazies are all over the net today declaring that Paul is The Winner. These people are truly out of their minds. They think Alex Jones is the cat’s ass.

    Beata, yes I am VERY serious that you should get her a male. There is no competition for her with a male. Think “one woman in the house”. I would consider an adult male who has lived with a female in past. Otherwise, I would go for an older kitten. Your chances of compatibility with a male are much greater. That’s not to say two females never bond, it’s just not as often, unless they were kittens together. I’ve seen two males bond more easily. If I were about to companion her for the first time, I would most definitely get a male.

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