Breaking Bullcrap: God told Pat Robertson who is going to be President, but first a word from our sponsor

Yes Yes, that’s right folks.

Man of God forced to make obviously involuntary finger motion.

Whether you believe in God or not, He overwhelmingly chooses Pat “Diamond Mine” Robertson to reveal really important things. It is good to know that God is so discerning. He appears on cheese sandwiches, on walls in subways wherever there is a leak, and occasionally He talks to the only remaining kind, moral  and godlike man on earth since Jerry Falwell slumped over from too many hot meals during his lifelong effort to remove Gluttony from the list of  Deadly Sins.

Yes it is true. Unlike the Old Days, when God would appear to poor, innocent, suffering little girls destined for Sainthood in places like Portugal, God has  currently determined that only one human on earth is worthy of His comraderie: Pat Robertson. This is why Pat has so…um…religiously given us God’s messages through the years.

Do you not recall when Pat told the world that he predicted 911 to his flock of suckers followers?  God told him it was coming. Of course, nary a soul could confirm that he predicted it, and all those videos of him bragging on it disappeared, but what the heck! At least he remembered to blame homosexuals for the entire event. Then there was the time when he blamed the Haiti earthquake on the fact that those damned Haitians turned to the devil. Let us also not forget how satan possessed us Hillary supporters too, and that is why Pat and God endorsed that bastion of integrity (and the coveted multiple marriages God so loves!) Rudy Giuliani in 2008.

I’m here to tell you that God and Pat are baaaaack! Right on cue! Pat is here on behalf of God to tell you that God has once again chosen him. God has told Pat what inquiring minds want to know. He told Pat who the next President is going to be. However, there’s a catch. The catch is, God told Pat he is not to reveal that answer.  Think of God saying, “This is just between you and Me, buddy!”.

“I think He showed me about the next president, but I’m not supposed to talk about that so I’ll leave you in the dark — probably just as well — but I think I know who it’s gonna be,” Robertson said Tuesday on the Christian Broadcasting Network’s “700 Club.”

Cool!  God told Pat not to reveal the name unless he is on his show collecting money.You will donate, right?

According to Pat, although he is to save the revelation for his Tee Vee show, God did tell him it’s all right to reveal the rest of what God told him, though — and isn’t it simply astounding how it just happens to match up with Pat’s own opinion.

Now, I want you to know that this is an extensive conversation God had with Pat. Pat didn’t tell us where he was when God told him all this, but it’s probably a good guess that it wasn’t  during one of those times when Pat and God  stocked up his “Flying Hospital Plane”  with mining equipment and headed for Africa to check out his diamond mine help the sick and needy.

Pat hasn’t mentioned if this was the same conversation during which God told him that Alzheimer’s disease is an acceptable reason for divorce. Apparently, God loves him those Evangelical multiple marriages  and all good Christians have been blessed with the abililty to toss their current spouses into nursing homes and get their  jollies and womanly services someplace else. The laundry would pile up, otherwise!

That God! He’s such a kidder, isn’t He??  Why, he thinks in confused cryptic, mean and angry mumbo-jumbo spew, just like Pat Robertson! We know this for a fact, because Pat reads God’s words from the GodNotes™ he writes down while God talks to him.

Like Pat said, God told him he can’t reveal who the next President will be, but you can bet that the day after Election 2012, whomever is President will be the exact same person God named to Pat. Pat will tell you so!

Meanwhile, Pat does have permission from the Lord to express his own political opinion while continuing to be tax-exempt.

Okay, God and Pat, let it rip!  (Sorry it’s the Turk, I couldn’t find another youtube at 3 AM. But still, he does cover the absurdity and con-job that is Pat Robertson)

Well that’s new and enlightening!

Send money!

***Note: The author is most grateful that God did not tell Pat to smite her during the preparation of this post.

Whose lightning! My lightning!


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  1. Ruh-Roh…..

  2. omg. Can you believe these idiots? They’re as phony and egomaniacal as movie stars. My step mother saw Robert Shuller (sp?) of the Crystal Cathedral, at LAX once, and she remarked to my Dad “look, its pastor Shuller”. He heard her and whipped his head around to see who had spotted him and then walked up to her & took her hand in his and said “thank you so much for coming to meet me, my Dear”.

    Hilarious post, Upps.

  3. imust, LOL! What the hell are we doing up so late?

  4. Whoa, that Schuller guy has been completely deusional for years. He has That Look. You know The Look.

  5. Whose lightning bolt! My lightning bolt!

  6. Upps, I guess I’ve seen him on tv, but I wouldn’t have recognized him like my former step ma did. I think these televangelicals are all either nuts or charlatans…or both.

  7. I’m not up late, socal. I am up early. It’s morning in NY.

  8. “Meanwhile, Pat does have permission from the Lord to express his own political opinion while continuing to be tax-exempt.”

    Yes, this is the most outrageous thing of all. I think that any holdings of any church, property or bizness, that isn’t the actual church itself, should be taxed like everyone else. And I don’t care if they tax the churches either. Our taxes are going to be raised again here in Calif, I know its inevitable, but meanwhile, big religious groups like the Church of Scientology have huge real estate holdings all over the most expensive areas of Calif and don’t pay taxes on them. Outrageous.

  9. I wish I could go back to being an early bird. I was one, til I had nite owl baby.

  10. Well we me, it’s a matter of what time I go to bed. Five hours from that time, I am up. If I choose to go to bed too early, I have the pleasure of watching the sun rise, but only after being up a few hours in the dark.

  11. I love that pic of Pat Diamonds flipping the bird. Whoever did that did a great job.

  12. socal…what are you doing up so late?!

  13. Well, my melatonin is starting to kick in, so will be in bed in a few. I am trying to go to bed earlier. My NY resolution I guess!

  14. Oh, so you’re up late all the time…..’night socal! I think I’ll try too…with visions of Pat Robertson in my head…it might be a little hard! LOL!
    Oops, and good morning Uppity! 🙂

  15. God told me that Pat Robertson is a delusional and psychotic lying sack of crap. But sshhhhhh. Don’t tell Pat. It’s God’s Little Secret. Says you have to humor guys like that or they will set something on fire. Or go Sin.

  16. Oh, and BTW – God told me to watch out for three big earthquake hotspots this year…

    The Caribbean, Charleston, SC – and of course, California will fall into the sea….

    Now, send me a dollar.

  17. “Reverend Robinson, I have some good news and some bad news.”

    “What’s the good news?”

    “Jesus has returned to earth and he’s on the phone waiting to talk to you.”

    “That’s wonderful! What’s the bad news?”

    “He’s calling from Salt Lake City.”

  18. ROFL! I saw Pat’s latest “Revelation” and did not post it in the comments because I had a feeling a post would be forthcoming.
    Wait- am I supposed to say God told me Uppity was going to expose the hustler?

  19. LOL Myiq. TThe existence of Mittenst must give guys like Roberston a near-stroke.

  20. Now, send me a dollar.

    Really FF, you need to attend Pat’s Soothsayer School. If you are only going to charge a buck, at least charge a buck for EACH of the three predictions.

  21. OMG Upps. I’ve not been by for a couple of days, then the first thing I see is Pat shooting me the bird. Gotta love it. I can’t wait to get to work to finish reading your post. What I read so far, I’m crackin’ up here.

    You know, I gotta drive right past his place to get to work. Ya think if I stop by and give him a few bucks, I could get the inside scoop?

  22. Thanks for the tip, Uppity. Wait til next time!

  23. LOL Viv!

  24. OT but the LMAO Headline of the Day at the NYT

    “Donors, Secrecy and That Loophole
    The F.E.C. ended another abysmal year with its three Republican commissioners blocking an attempt to unmask secret donors.

    (that would be the SAME FEC that during Nancy Pelosi’s Congress, would not approve Bush’s nominations, leaving the Agency without a complete Board, and with NO ABILITY to monitor Candidate Obama’s ‘secret donors’)

    Cry me a river, you hypocrites at the Times.

  25. Ya think if I stop by and give him a few bucks, I could get the inside scoop?

    No but I do think he’ll give you another bird.

  26. Well yeah FF, those gaza strip donors were very busy.

  27. But Uppity – it was all Bush’s Fault. If he hadn’t nominated three REPUBLICANS to the SIX MEMBER BI-PARTISAN BOARD, there would never have been a problem. Right?

  28. FF the only reason the FEC even gave a pretend notice to Obama is because others pushed the issue. As it stands, nothing much happened to him for the smarmy crap his campaign pulled. Remember when people were finding charges to their charge card to OFA? Charges they didn’t approve?

  29. good morning (((UPPITY”S))))

    UW: OT—how is that kiteh doing from the Pet – Smart, ypu said Friday and she would be somewhere else??

    Please Tell, if you know anything yet

  30. There is a page on wiki which gathers the Pat insanity.

    He wanted Foggy Bottom nuked. Even before Hill was there.

    God told me Uppity has yummy left-overs in the fridge. Send me food, I don’t want yer cash.

  31. Oh poor poor Mittens- that bastion of liberalism, the Boston Globe, has endorsed Huntsman.
    Poor poor mitty. If anybody has reason to know mittens, it’s The Globe.
    Pass the popcorn please.

  32. Actually, Mom, the Boston Globe’s endorsement of Huntsman is a late X’Mas prezzie for Mittens. Now he can say he didn’t get the nomination because he’s too conservative for the Globe, and that’ll help him with the GOP primary voter.

    Also, this is the second time they passed him over…4 years ago, they endorsed McCain.

  33. Jeez,

    Why doen’t God talk to me? I bet it would be a completely different conversation than the one He is having with the self-righteous one.

  34. This fits here:

    The newly minted officers aboard the U.S.S. Breckinridge didn’t know whether to take the affable young marine seriously or not. It was January 1951, and they were on their way to the fighting in Korea. In the ship’s wardroom, 20-year-old Marion G. “Pat” Robertson, a second lieutenant straight out of officer’s training at Quantico, Va., was telling them that his father, A. Willis Robertson, was a U.S. Senator from Virginia and that he was going to have Pat reassigned. Sure enough, when the First Marine Division docked in Kobe, Japan, Robertson, his college buddy Edwin Gaines and four other young officers were taken off the ship and detailed to Otsu—ostensibly to train soldiers coming off the front lines.

    Such, at least, is the recollection of Paul “Pete” McCloskey, a former seven-term Republican Congressman from Northern California who was one of the young marines on the Breckinridge. “The most distinct memory I have of all this,” says McCloskey, 60, “is Pat standing on the dock at Kobe with this big grin on his face, saying, ‘So long, you guys—good luck.’ ” That memory was vividly revived years later when Robertson, by then a well-known TV evangelist, began making public reference to being a combat veteran. Says McCloskey, a decorated Marine officer who was wounded in action in Korea, “I don’t condemn Robertson for what he did 37 years ago, but I sure as hell don’t like him lying about it now.”

    Last year, after McCloskey began sharing his recollections with the press, Robertson retaliated with a $35 million libel suit. The case was scheduled to begin before a Washington, D.C., judge on Super Tuesday, but last week, Robertson moved to dismiss the suit rather than have it open on the day of the presidential primaries in his southern strongholds.

    For Robertson, the timing could hardly have been worse. With the electorate already primed to distrust TV preachers, Robertson conceded that his suit may have been “a bad idea” but insisted it was a matter of “personal honor.” A President’s duties include “the sending of boys into battle, sometimes to their death,” Robertson noted on the day he sued. “No man can serve in that capacity with an unresolved cloud over his own…military service.” In a pretrial deposition, Robertson said he never asked his father for any special consideration affecting his Marine Corps service. “There are things that are, in my estimation, dishonorable,” he said, “namely, getting favors to keep one out of combat. I wouldn’t have done it.”

    Yet McCloskey’s lawyer later produced letters to and from Senator Robertson regarding his son’s military status. In one, the elder Robertson thanked Gen. Lemuel Shepherd, the Marine Corps commandant, for “your encouraging message concerning Pat…. I am happy he will get some more training before engaging in combat.” In another, the Senator passed on the general’s good news to Ed Gaines’s father, Dr. Francis P. Gaines, then president of Washington and Lee University in Lexington, Va. “Pat and Edwin will be going to an interesting and historical part of Japan,” he assured his friend, who replied, in an informal note, “[I] shall always be grateful for everything you’ve done.”

    McCloskey said he was surprised by Robertson’s suit and maintained that the story of the Senator’s string-pulling was well known among Marine officers in Korea. The ex-Congressman never thought to retail it for a larger audience until 1981, he said, when he saw Pat Robertson on TV’s 700 Club. “He was talking about Congress being soft on Communism,” said McCloskey. Piqued by the discrepancy between the preacher’s gung-ho anti-Communism on television and his purported evasive action in Korea, McCloskey proceeded to take the matter up with reporters. An article about McCloskey’s allegations ran in the Los Angeles Times and brought a firm letter of denial from Robertson. There the matter lay until August 1986, when Democratic Congressman Andrew Jacobs of Indiana, concerned about Robertson’s possible presidential bid, asked his friend McCloskey to detail the charges against the TV minister. McCloskey wrote a six-page letter that Jacobs released to the media. Eight weeks later, Robertson sued both men, though the case against Jacobs was dismissed by the court.

    It now appears that Robertson underestimated McCloskey’s sense of offended honor. Inviting bankruptcy by spending $400,000 in his own defense, McCloskey tracked down several of the men who served with Robertson. Others came forward when they read about the suit. These men confirmed, in sworn depositions, that Robertson never saw combat and spent much of his tour in Masan, Korea, keeping the bar well-stocked at the officers’ club. Paul William Brosman Jr., a second lieutenant who served with Robertson there, also testified under oath that Robertson was “inconsiderate” of a 19-year-old Korean barracks maid—pinching her and carrying on in public even though she was obviously unreceptive and terrified that other Koreans would conclude she was a prostitute. “She would plead with him to stop,” said Brosman, “and he wouldn’t stop. None of the rest of us would have done that. [We knew that] the prostitutes were dead meat when we left because they had ruined their lives to make money off the Americans.” Robertson’s lawyer, Joel Leising, asked Brosman whether he recalled any specific conversations with the future minister in Korea. “Well, yeah,” said Brosman, a retired linguistics professor in New Orleans. “He was scared to death he had gonorrhea….”

    Perhaps the strongest testimony—the “smoking gun,” McCloskey called it—was that of Lt. Col. Good Burleson, who was a liaison officer in Tokyo in 1951. Burleson, now 76 and retired, said last week that he remembered a dispatch from Marine command concerning the son of a Virginia legislator (whose name he couldn’t recall).The politician, said Burleson, was worried that “had not had sufficient combat training to go to Korea” and asked that he be taken off the ship. “I sort of resented it,” recalled Burleson, “because I felt that he probably got as much training as the other lieutenants on the ship, and I didn’t like for a Congressman’s [sic] son to get preferential treatment.” At the time, it was highly unusual for a second lieutenant in Korea not to see combat duty; of the 71 officers aboard the Breckinridge, more than half were killed or wounded in Korea.

    With such embarrassing charges likely to be brought out in court, Robertson had an obvious motive for asking Judge Joyce Green to dismiss his suit. McCloskey said he would agree to a dismissal only if Robertson were to pay McCloskey’s legal costs and to retract the charge of libel, neither of which seemed probable. Indeed McCloskey said he would countersue, if necessary, to recover his costs.

    Of Robertson’s request to dismiss the suit McCloskey says, “I’m not backing off. In Philadelphia [Robertson] said I was a pathological liar. I’d just as soon let a jury decide that.”

  35. Hilarious post, Upps.
    love the header FF. 🙂

  36. NES- nice insight on the Globe endorsement. LOL too conservative enough for the Globe. I think Jesus might be too conservative for the Globe s/
    Wonder who the Herald is endorsing?

  37. I hate January and the fake unemployment numbers. Are people so stupid they do not realize those supposed 200,000 jobs are temporary and related to the holiday shopping season? And that they do not count those who have run out of benefits but still have no job?
    Lying bastards- and the media is milking it for teh one, as usual.

  38. Gasp! You…mean Jesus wasn’t a conservative?

  39. Whoa. I never heard that Robertson story. Not that it surprises me!

  40. Michelina, I haven’t heard yet on the despondent kitteh. I will be called when the caper is completed. From what I understand it should be all done today. She told me she’d keep me posted, so no news is good news at this point.

  41. “Are people so stupid they do not realize those supposed 200,000 jobs are temporary and related to the holiday shopping season? And that they do not count those who have run out of benefits but still have no job?”

    Ummm…… yes.

    Re: Pat Robertson – if God is really talking to him, maybe he can ask Him if He knows where my green titanium reading glasses are? I’ve been having a hell of a time trying to find them myself…

    I’m ready to vote for Mitt, regardless what Pat thinks.

  42. PMM: I’m still undecided on Romney—absolutely no Obama,
    I’m going to see who he picks for his VP–I’m kind ofhoping it’s Huntsman—then maybe I’ll vote

    otherwise it’s a Hillary write in—or nada this year

  43. Michelina, a Hillary write-in will go to Obama. Any write-in for a Dem will go to him, just like it did in Fla and Michigan in 08

  44. michelina- I am decided on only one thing- NOBAMA.
    Mittens, imo, is exactly the same as obama- same buyers, same patrons.
    Anthony- on the write-ins- I thought each state had its own laws/rules/ regs regarding how write ins are handled?

  45. I wish there was a way to lodge a protest vote that would get noticed. If we stay home, they’ll just claim voter apathy. If we write in, the vote could just be counted for Obama.

  46. Well now that was an interesting bit of information on Pat myiq!

    Like Uppity, I’m not at all surprised…..but what a delicious little tidbit for my Friday afternoon.

    Otherwise, God had an exclusive chat with Pat…..yawn…..oh and do send money so that God will continue to chat with Pat.

    Do you think deep down Pat knows what an asshole he is??? Or do you think he actually buys into his own bs???

  47. HILARIOUS!!!

    He talks to the only remaining kind, moral and godlike man on earth since Jerry Falwell slumped over from too many hot meals during his lifelong effort to remove Gluttony from the list of Deadly Sins.

    I love you Uppity!

  48. Write in rules do vary by state, but if I remember correctly quite a few would count a write in for Hillary as a vote for Obama since they are both D’s.

    PMM…..I feel the exact same way about Mittens, same buyers, etc. The harder the establishment GOP pulls for Mittens the more I dislike him……so reminiscent of the DNC 2008. The problem is look at the alternatives……this election SUCKS!

    I’m really starting to believe in the NWO….Bilderberg…..oligarch stuff.

  49. I’m in NY state, and so far anyone I’ve asked has no idea—-No one has ever done it except Alaska

    As soon as I get a chance I will have to make some calls—-

    I can’t believe a write in for one person goes to another—man
    these people do truly Suck

  50. I can’t say I could vote for Romney (assuming he is going to be the
    GOP nominee—–but to beat Obama, he may be our only chance

    I don’t dislike Obama on a personal level–I just could never ever forgive or forget the cheating/lying/stealing–I could never vote for HIM EVER—-

    I don’t think I would like him on a personal level if I knew him, cuz of the above reasons—-I should reword myself—-I like his children and even Michelle–he’s just a do nothing/done nothing—he’s just there

    God I hate these people—-DNC/congress/etc….no where to GO

  51. We as Christians, have been warned not to listen to any man when it comes to the God’s, or His Son’s word. We Christians need to read, pray, and learn His word. While there are many preachers who are doing a wonderful job, there are many who do not. Pat is a flawed person, like the rest of us.
    As a Christian speaking to those who are not, I will say; anyone who claims to know things because God has told them so, beware.

    Hey UW, I had some muslim guy post on my blog. He talks about allah and his sexual appetite! You gotta check it out. I think the muslim terrorist have targeted this Hillbilly. They have box cutters, but I got guns,dogs, and a Bible! You will be proud of me, I called him out on Islam’s treatment of women, and how allah had a 9 year old wife!

  52. Ewwwwwwwwww John. I smell a goat.

  53. That lighting strike was amazing! No surprise from Robertson there. He’s god’s special messenger, dontcha know?

    Just had the pleasure of watching the videos on youtube and seeing a big ad by Obama for America to “Wish them luck in 2012. Sign the card.” with that crazy photo of them all holding hands. ~blech~

  54. I think goats of the world should unite against their oppressors! Then again, they are treated better than Muslim women.

  55. In defense of the 700 Club, his show periodically covers stories that the rest of the media either downplays &/or ignores, such as the Iranians are allegedly building missile bases in Hugo Chavez-land:

  56. Well no offense but that’s just bullshit. Pick your coverage below. CNN? FOX? Washington Times? UK? Pat Robertson is a walking demon and there is NO good he does for humanity other than fester hatred, provoke harassment and worse, stimulate bigotry and spread lies in the name of God. God wouldn’t be caught standing next to him.,or.r_gc.r_pw.,cf.osb&fp=cb5f4aec6a892e36&biw=1086&bih=462

  57. adagio, the wikilink above has the story about Pat wanting Chavez assassinated. Funny how a self-professed Man Of God wants The US State Dept. NUKED and calls for people to be murdered.

    Hillbilly, we ain’t all heathens. And we ain’t all anything else either. We got diversity goingfor us.

  58. Here’s info on write in candidates – each state from Riverdaughter

    Rest of post may be found here:

    “Write-in” laws per state

    Posted on August 28, 2008 by riverdaughter

    We don’t want to tell anyone how to vote. But if you still want to vote for Hillary for president, you can do it in some states. The site, has a list of write in rules per state. Check it carefully to make sure your state qualifies. There are three rules that may present an obstacle:

    Rule 1 – Write-in votes will not be counted if the candidate does not file as a write-in candidate.

    Rule 2 – Write-in candidates are not allowed in presidential elections.

    Rule 3 – A candidate losing the primary cannot file as a write-in candidate in the general election.

    My state, New Jersey, does not follow any of these rules, so I will be able to write in Hillary’s name this fall. Just to make absolutely sure, I will follow up with my local board of elections. Clip and save.

  59. here it is again. what a scuzz ball.

  60. Well, as you can all see from write-in rules, the oligarchy has things all sewed up so that we have nowhere to turn but to ‘pick’ one of them for president. Republic, My Ass. We’re captive to a corrupt fake system of ‘free elections’.

  61. twandx, da rulzzz are the rulzzzz.

    agree with imust. wish there was a way to lodge a complaint and be heard as a group. the 18 million surely grew over the past few years

  62. amen, upps

  63. Who makes these rules? I don’t remember voting on these rules, do you?

  64. As long as the Rules & Bylaws Committee exists, then the rules are made up as we go along.

    I wouldn’t take the chance of writing any Dem’s name it.

    Decide your vote depending on where you live. For example, I live in NYC. There’s no way that NY State isn’t going to be for Obama, so I’d vote for any Repub who’s on the ticket.

    Snowball’s chance in hell of winning, but it would sure close the margin

  65. I’m still waiting for a recipe for Bailey’s Irish from a lady in New Yawk.

  66. Followed RD’s link (, then went to the Home Page and found this on the bottom left:

    About Mike

    I am the Sr UI Engineer at
    I play percussion and flutes. I am a Christian Scientist.

    I have a beautiful wife and two wonderful children. We live in the foothills of the Appalachian Mountains in Northeast Alabama.

  67. Ok but don’t drink it all in one sitting.

    1 cup heavy cream
    1 3/4 cups good whiskey
    1 can of condensed milk
    1 teasp real vanilla extract
    1 teasp real almond extract
    1 1/2 to 2 tblspoons chocolate syrup
    1 heaping teas of instant coffee.

    Put it all in a blender. yes you can sustitute half and half for the heavy cream, or even light cream, but the written recipe says heavy cream. But after you drink a couple of glasses you just don’t care either way.

    Serve it over ice. Make a nice jug of it. Keeps in fridge for weeks.

    P.S. I’ve had it made with brandy too. Pretty darned good.

  68. Great Italian food site, lotsa regional recipes. The real thang.

  69. Waving to Anthony, xxoo.

  70. Interesting- arguments have begun before the SC on healthcare. I did not see this in the news. But then, teh fraud was on this afternoon tooting his own horn- AGAIN. So I clicked it off.

    They cited statistics showing that healthcare accounts for 17 percent of the nation’s economy and argued that the law was a valid exercise of Congress’s power under the Constitution to regulate economic activity affecting interstate commerce.

    The brief also cited a law that Massachusetts adopted in 2006 when Mitt Romney was governor. Romney is the frontrunner for the Republican presidential nomination to face Obama in the November elections.

    The brief said Congress cited the Massachusetts law as a model for key provisions, including the provision requiring that individuals purchase insurance or pay a tax penalty.

    A shot across Mitten’s bow?

  71. I wish there was a way to lodge a protest vote that would get noticed. If we stay home, they’ll just claim voter apathy. If we write in, the vote could just be counted for Obama.

    Doesn’t leaving the top line blank send a message? If there are x people voting and x -18 million voting for the president, someone should notice.

    I wish there was a None of the Above option and if None of the Above gets a certain % of the vote, there’s a new election with new people.

  72. the written recipe says heavy cream. But after you drink a couple of glasses you just don’t care either way.

    I wouldn’t care after the first sip. lol

  73. myiq, thanks for the interesting clip about that lying skank Robertson. I would love to be on that jury!

  74. We were just watching last nites rerun of Colbert Report and he did a funny bit about Robertson talking to God. Colbert is supposedly a regular churchgoer but he loves to make fun of these freaks.

    Scroll down the article for the video clip:

  75. For those of you following the depressed rescued kitteh who’s life suddenly changed, her life has changed again. For the better. She’s free and in foster care and will stay with the family until she is placed. If she is not placed, foster has agreed to keep her. She is doing well, has picked up in spirit already just being in a home environment again and, from what I am told, is a real sweetie, gets along well with other cats and kids. She definitely lost her family, she’s very tame. They also waived the fee since she is not a young one and nobody was going to adopt her in her depressive, non-responsive state. She probably would have been euthanized eventually. The other thing we are going to try to do is find her actual owner. She was in great condition, is spayed, and definitely seemed well fed when she was picked up… and most definitely wasn’t on the streets long, so we are guessing she got lost as some kitties do. We know the area she was rescued in and we are going to do some posting that she is a found cat and screen any responders. Wouldn’t it be just great if we found her home for her again?

  76. awwww. love the kitteh news. sniffles, sob.

  77. Whewwwwww, thank you for updating us Uppity. I’ve been checking all day. That is wonderful news for the kitteh.

    I kept thinking about Cobe and what it would have been like for him, if he were in the same position. 😦

    Now my heart is happy!!!

  78. Well fingers crossed. She was picked up in a very nice area, so the chances someone just turned her out because they couldn’t afford her, or something like that, are slim. Which means if the owner is reached, they would most likely find it a miracle and want her back. The fact that she went for the foster’s kids almost immeiately suggests there might be a child out there who misses a kitty. So we are going the mile for her on this. She earned it.

  79. Thanks for the recipe. Have already copied it over to Word.

    Did you ever check your email for the new Year’s doxies?

  80. Thanks for the heartwarming update on kitteh. Good to hear.

    Does anyone know what agency we could complain to about Pat Diamonds tax free status? He’s actually making a political endorsement of whomever the republican nominee is when he says that God is telling him that the current prez’ policies are wrecking the economy. Like the Reagan and the Bushies had nothing to do with it.

    Also, I hope some of you have a minute for the Stephen Colbert vid I linked. Its really funny. We laughed our asses off.

  81. Yes, the drink recipe sounds yummy. I also copied it, and will make it soon.

  82. Our hillbilly friend has a nice looking jerk chicken recipe on his site.

  83. Socal: I luvs Baileys. ♥

  84. Anybody see this?

    And for the record….I now officially cannot stand Neil for his comment at the end about “President Clinton breaking the rules…”

  85. Interesting vid, imust. Had never heard of this Rosinski guy before; had you?

  86. imust – very cool in your video that the Clintons know what he is doing but have not said to stop. Very expected that the DNC DID tell him to stop, even serving cease and desist paperwork.

    Good for the DNC. God forbid we should have a qualified president that the people want.

  87. NES, I have seen him on the Hillary fb sites. They are administered by Still4Hill, Will Bowers and Rosinski to name a few.

  88. WHOA! Is right NES! That video is way over the top! Interesting Cindy McCain’s comments on it.

  89. Did a little googling on Steve Rosinski. The Draft Hillary petition has been around since May of 2011, started by Rosinski on

    D. Brazille served a cease and desist order because she was getting email notices every time someone signed the petition and her email box was being flooded.

    I would post link but want to make sure it’s okay first.

  90. Have at it: Michelle dislikes Rahm and Gibsey. But for the fact that she really likes her hubby and Jarret, one might’ve concluded that she has good judgment about people. But, as it is…. Some other juicy bits.

  91. Hmmm…if she were so concerned about *image* I’d think she would have realized how unpopular and how untoward those lavish trips to Vail, Spain and the extra flights to the Vineyard and Hawaii were. But, I guess the concern only goes so far.

  92. imust, very interesting. I hadn’t heard of Rosinski either, so thanks goofsmom for the info.

  93. Also, liked Cindy McCains comments on the Manchurian ad.

  94. Pat is part of a long list of people smacking their lips on God’s behalf, claiming the know the future, and repeatedly contradicting themselves. He claims to quote God directly and relays God’s message that the country will go through a large economic collapse. Is God Captain obvious now or what?

    Also, what happened to the 2007 nuclear genocide God told him about below?

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