Open thread and…….I’m sure glad I don’t have a couple of these.

……….And this is either the most patient mother on earth…or she’s an outstanding testimony to Prozac. Or………some people will do anything for some youtube hits.


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  1. I don’t know…I think this was staged by someone who wanted a dramatic youtube. It just seems fake. I’m a total spoiler of children myself, as are my siblings and parents, and we have a lot of wild & fun lovin’ kidlets in our family, but there’s no way any of us adults would whisper “oh my gosh…oh my gosh” over & over softly like this woman does. And she just happens to discover the mess with a camcorder or iphone in her hand!

  2. I totally agree, it was staged. Would the kids really think of throwing it on everything? It was distributed on the couch too perfectly. A child doesn’t lift that bag of flour and distribute it on pictures, lamp shades, tv, etc. How about the boat on TOP of the TV?

    Where was an adult as all of this was happening? Sleeping?

    Where are the kids toys? That room was too perfect, except for the flour. As a mother of twins, call me a cynic. Oh wait, I do call myself a cynic!

  3. Hahah cynic.

    I guess we need a poll then!

  4. Phoney. And boring after the first 45 seconds. Agree with Cynic. Too perfectly distributed and in places kids can’t reach.

    Must be a foreclosure.

  5. Ooo. I gotta add that to the poll.

  6. Lord have mercy! How did kids that small manage to lift a five pound bag of flour? And strew that stuff hither and yon?
    And I agree- where was the adult in charge? I know kids can cause havoc and mayhem very quickly- but that is absurd.
    Guess they are not the new fangled parents with all those fancy new child protective devices- like cabinet locks.

  7. Also please note the tranquilized ‘mom’ never went into the kitchen. The place all this ‘mayhem’ would have commenced….IMO

  8. My first thought was that it might have been a nice Cartel family and the cat got into a kilo or two of cocaine, but after hearing Mom’s voice I have to agree with the idea that this was staged.

    “Oh, my gosh” – is that all she’s got?

    Any mother in her right mind would’ve let loose with a string of expletives that would’ve made Rahm Emanuel sound like a choirboy.

    I’m glad I have no kids.

  9. Well if that were cocaine, she sure as hell didn’t have any. Anyways, we need to go over to her youtubes and see what others are saying to her.

    Of course, there WILL be the obligatory Child Abuse accusation. And a “Ron Paul 2012” comment

  10. Comments disabled. lol!

    She claims she had to ‘stay in the bathroom’ longer than usual and that this was from one 5 pound bag of flour. Anybody?

  11. She’s full of shit. Just saying’…

  12. In the bathroom? let me tell you what kids that age do when Mom goes in the bathroom.
    “Mommy” MOMMY! MMMMOOOOMMMMYYYYY! Banging on bathroom door. “Mom? Mommy? Mommy? Momma! MOMMA! MOMMA!”

    EVERY single toddler does that. Ask any woman who has or had children. Going to the bathroom and closing the door automatically brings them outside the door wanting your immediate and undivided attention. And they do not wander away bored either. They stay right outside that door until you come out.

  13. Pulling up a bit of the conversation from downstairs, re: Huntsman the Manchurian. So far, we don’t know much about Huntsman at all. And there’s China, the elephant in the room. So, what are folks’ opinion on this? Under Huntsman, does America become (more) subservient to China, China and America co-exist to their mutual benefit, or America asserts its dominance over China? I look at the guy and I can’t tell which way he’d go.

  14. PMM– My youngest is 15 and every time I go into the bathroom, someone still starts calling for mom. They no longer bang on the door or ask to come in, but the yelling for mom still destroys my equilibrium.

  15. I’d say they knocked the bag off a table, and began shuffling the stuff around in the first room, then down the hall which was such a cool sensation they went back and could now lift the lighter-by-quite-a-bit bag by the bottom. Anybody who’s emptied a 5# bag of flour into a canister knows it goes everywhere. Take that bag with about a pound and a half left in the bottom and begin shaking it while going down the hall and to the kid in the stripes, it’s WAY fun watching the stuff fly, and yes, it’s going on the walls, the tv, the lamp, the mantle…and the “What’s wrong, Mommy?” appeal is CLASSIC guy…..”Wha-t?”

    As the tape rolls and shock wears off, she grows increasingly more aware of how the flour will be distributed with even finer universality when she cranks up the vac. This is a job for disaster recovery. PS: at least it wasn’t Robin Hood flour. Gold Medal is for amateurs.

  16. …or King Arthur

  17. Oh wow another basement dwelling cheeto munching mooch . Yes wait till mama in law gets home from work and sees what her kids did to her house for attention.
    Did anyone happen to notice the baby gate ? I call BS and believe da da helped do this. I also believe it is the parents of these over grown wack jobs house as well. Guess grandma can toss the bums out and keep those cute kids.

  18. I’m glad I have no kids. All I have to contend with is a kitteh who likes to catch her toy mice and then “drown” them in her water bowl. I find a lot of wet toy mice lying around. It could be worse. Obviously.

  19. She would have had to get up, see the mess, quietly go back and get her camera and start filming.

    Any mom that calm would be too zapped on Thorazine to work a camera.

  20. They stay right outside that door until you come out.

    It’s amazing that people ever manage to have a second or third child.

  21. I prefer King Arthur flour myself. But to me, this entire video just reminds me how pets are so much more fun than kids. And cheaper too when they get older.

    It is highly possible that these two kids are so terrible most of the time that she no longer gets upset when they do something awful. My brother was a terribly mischievious child like that and after awhile, damage or stupidity was simply expected. I mean **he ran out in front of the church on sunday morning, drpping wet and naked after his bath and he was that fast. According to one of my aunts, my mother may have been the first mother to ever use a harness on a kid. he was that bad. And of course, I came along and was a saint….

    ***wearing nothing but a cap and goggles he insisted on during a bath.

  22. You know, the thing about annoying and ill-behaved kids is the parents never seem to notice. They hear them screaming all day and I think they just get desensitized to it. everybody else around them doesn’t want to be near them but the parents just toot right along. It’s kind of like with my dog. She barks a lot and rattles the windows. She barks if somebody walks by the house. She barks when the mailman arrives. She has all these different barks, even a Skunk Is Out There bark. I don’t even notice but it freaks the people she’s barking at out. Ditto for screaming kids. I just wish they would stay the hell out of the same restaurant when I’m having dinner, but I solved that. I never go to anything that remotely resembles a ‘family’ restaurant. That means it costs more, but it’s worth if for a peaceful meal. Nothing says Enjoy! like somebody’s kid puking at the table next to you or screaming because he can’t run around the room and pester people. This is especially fun when the little shit is in the booth behind you, turning around and pestering you. I know I’m gonna get it for saying this, but eh! I’ll take my nibs: I can’t stand when people bring their ill behaved kids to a restaurant and just ignore the way they are pissing everybody else off. If I tried some of the shit when I was a kid that I see these kids do, I would have been grounded from a restaurant for a year.

    Then there are the phones with the loud kinky ringtones. I mean how rude can you be?

  23. I love kids. Other people’s kids. For about two minutes.

  24. I love kids. Other people’s kids. For about two minutes.

    That long huh?

    I do have to admit I got endeared at the supermarket the other day when this child who just learned to walk like yesterday was teetering precariously down the aisle with his mother hovering over. he was really cute and feeling extremely accomplished.

    For some odd reason, the little shits are attracted to me. I’m a kid magnet. I tried to cure it but it won’t go away.

    My dog is a MAJOR kid magnet and really, I think parents should take an intelligence test before having children. Some of them think it’s really cute with their kid jumps on a big dog. Until somebody loses a chin.

  25. You know what’s really surprising? When parents take offense when you invite them to an event where No Children are allowed. I mean I’ve seen people really take the heat. Apparently, they imagine that everybody wants to be annoyed by their kids for the day instead of having fun.

  26. My poor dog takes so much crap when I bring her to the pet store that I have taken to going there early mornings. Seriously, parents have been lucky with my dog, but I wonder how many kids in pet stores have been bitten just because their parents are stupid and think their kids don’t have to be controlled at least as much as others control their dogs.

  27. Did you see her you tube channel? Looks to me like she’s trying to be a you tube star or reality tv celebrity. She has video of herself being interviewed by a local radio show about being kicked out of a mall for breastfeeding.

  28. Well I suggest she go get a job then because this isn’t going to work out for her. She has to block comments on this youtube so what does that tell you.

  29. “Flour Mom” and “Flour Dad” being interviewed by Matt Lauer on the Today Show:

  30. Yeah, she claims that she only put it up on youtube for her family to view it…

  31. Calendar stat! I think I just woke up in the 1950s

  32. Breakfast for The Morning After. What a bunch of bullshit. The media is the WORST. Setting women back by 40 years everytime they exhale.

  33. Well she sounds kind of credible in the matt lauer clip.

  34. Well it seems the old adage, “Spare the rod and spoil the child”, is being proven as parents talk to, reason with or just threaten a child with 5 minutes of TV in their room. When my #2 son was asked how he liked his first year of high school, he told her he wanted to quit but couldn’t because his mother would kill him. That poor misused creature now with a PhD and happily working with young adults; with a family of his own got plenty of hands on correction as a child.

    With my 4 kids all grown up and seemly happy and OK, I watched and listened as the “experts” told “how to bring up your children using no punishment except, “time out”. Experts insisted a child could never recover from strong disipliniary measures, that they would be stunted for life by reminders that bad acts had consequences and some of them painful.

    They claimed spanking and the like was what made kids grow up to steal, rape and murder etc. Then the gov’ment got into it and any parent who laid a finger on kid was punished by law and god, how the kids loved that and took advantage of it.

    Of course the experts were right – we have no more crime, children are happy and well adjusted, polite and drug/alcohol free, attend church and we can all walk safely down the street. Scheesh!

  35. I wanted to answer all the questions in the poll… Staged… mom on prozac… way more than 5 pounds of flour… glad I don’t have kids… glad I don’t have to clean up.


  36. Totally staged, next thing you know they’ll be drifting about in a weather balloon.

  37. What a terrible way to waste perfectly fine King Arthur flour. That is if it was KA flour.

    The one thing those kids failed to do was to spray water guns all over the place. Now that would have been entertainment to watch.

  38. UW,

    I’m a kid magnet. I tried to cure it but it won’t go away.

    Is that why you are blog magnet too?

  39. UW…….why do you think you would catch crap for saying you don’t want to be disturbed when you go out to dinner?

    Children should be taught how to behave in public and if they don’t know how to behave then their parents shouldn’t take them out.

    I remember a kid named Dakota once…..I know her name because her mother screamed it constantly. This kid literally climbed from booth to booth and table to table, stepping on people’s food along the way. The mom just sat there yelling Dakota, Dakota don’t do that, come back.

    As for the puking……I’m guilty of that, but it was totally unexpected I swear!

    Unknown to us our son ate toothpaste, just about an entire tube. We didn’t know and we gave him soda. When the carbonation hit the toothpaste in his stomach…..OMG! He puked white foam out his mouth and nose like a rabid dog.

    Everybody in the restaurant was yelling waitress check please……but meh it was a Denny’s we were on the road on vacation. I’ve seen worse at Denny’s, LOL!!

  40. Somebody,

    Children should be taught how to behave in public and if they don’t know how to behave then their parents shouldn’t take them out.

    Sad thing is that many parents’ definition of behaving properly, seems to coincide with other people’s definition of behaving barely even tolerably.

    Children should be seen, and not heard. That came from the grandparents.

  41. This is probably staged — for one thing, that’s too much flour for a 5# bag — but toddlers do things like this. They don’t know they’re being “bad.”
    One of my mother’s favorite stories about me was similar to this. She said I smeared the kitchen chairs and floor with a mixture of olive oil, Crisco, sugar and flour and was found ‘skating’ over it, having a giggling good time! Took her hours to clean the mess — and me. Irksome, yes, but she couldn’t help laughing all the same. I don’t remember anything about it, but I was always considered a “good little child — just adventursome.”

  42. Cheer up islander. My brother painted the kitchen walls with that liquid shoe polish they used back When.

  43. Is that why you are blog magnet too?

    Maybe I’m just magnetic!

    Stick me to your refrigerator!

  44. The one thing those kids failed to do was to spray water guns all over the place. Now that would have been entertainment to watch.

    Oh. My. Gawwwwwd! Get the scrapers! What a positively malicious and delicious thought!

  45. Totally staged, next thing you know they’ll be drifting about in a weather balloon.


  46. Nader whines about Chicago thuggery:
    Didn’t he support Obama over Hill?

  47. Disabled comments? Yep, totally fake. Loved Somebodys balloon quip, yeah, they’re probably bucking for a reality show.

    I’m generally a person who loves kids, but if I’m in a restaurant and a baby is screaming and the parents are not taking it outside, I ask the waiter to ask them to. If that doesn’t work, I have no problem kindly informing them that the classy thing to do is for one parent to take the baby outside and walk it til it calms down. Which they usually do, if they don’t, then by then other people are complaining and the manager usually shows up and asks them to leave. I also don’t think babies or small children belong in restaurants that aren’t clearly “family” restaurants. There used to be a code about these things & our parents taught it to us & we taught it to our kids, but most people nowadays are oblivious.

  48. When laker was a baby, I did not take him to unnecessary places. I took him on a walk everyday if it wasn’t raining, but i didn’t take him to the grocery store or every other place. I waited til hubbie was home from work & then I did my errands, or had mom or a sib watch him. Frankly, I didn’t want my baby exposed to a zillion germs. Nowadays people take newborns everywhere they go. And screaming toddlers. To the Mall at 8pm, to Target at 9pm. To movies! Its insane.

  49. Sorry Salon, but it’s not a “whole new level.”

    Romney sure has caught on to how to play the game Obama style.

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