Sunday, Strauss and Ozawa

How can you not enjoy Strauss and my favorite pixie maestro? Have a peaceful Sunday!

Overture, Die Fledermaus


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  1. Love Die Fledermaus! Champagne was to blame for everything you can name! Happy Sunday everyone!

  2. Careful! myiq is out there, getting ready to visit you!

  3. Ask not for whom the Klown laughs . . .

  4. Well at least it’s not “at whom” the klown laughs…

  5. The Klown always laughs last.


  6. clear and Sunny.Happy Birthday to my kid.and Elvis too. 🙂

  7. Ahhhhh…. love Strauss and Ozawa is a delight to watch. 😀

    (much better than the debates)

  8. US Navy rescues Iranian fishermen from Pirates. FARS says it looks suspicious because that’s what goatfuckers do.

  9. Those Somalis should have claimed they were just “occupying” the Iranian ship.

  10. Sundays are the deadest blog days, aren’t they? I bet if I announce that I am going to post a nekkid pic of myself next sunday, things would pick up.

  11. for the cooks here, I need some help.
    When I was back east, I found cannoli chips in the supermarket. Now there is nothing like that in California. I found a recipe for cannoli shells but since I have never even made a potato chip, I am at a loss on how to make the chips.
    thanks in advance

  12. LOL Uppity I can almost hear the screaming 400 miles north!

  13. My abscess tooth couldn’t wait for Wednesday. Been here reading, but don’t feel like talking.


  14. Spent the day doing our traditional “Little Christmas” de-decorating the house. We have always left the Christmas decorations up until the Feast of the Epiphany. Daughter came over and helped- we decided to put most of it in her room so we can get new labels on all the bins and reorganize the storage room.
    Tired now.
    Helen- I have never heard of a cannoli chip. Sorry.

  15. @Helen, why not buy cannoli chips online? Seems like that would be easier than trying to make them yourself. JMO.

  16. imust
    I will look for them on line. I did not think of that.
    I made the filling and used it with some that chips that I brought back.
    I bought them at shop right in NJ.

  17. I looked on line and to have some chips and the dip shipped it was almost $61.
    Some places said to use pita chips with sugar and cinnimon

  18. From an article Ani quotes:

    Those skeptical of whether Rick Santorum has what it takes to win a general-election contest this fall have focused on, among other things, his drumbeating on social issues in a year when Republican strategists believe hitting President Obama on the economy is the way to win the White House.

    The economy is most important to me, too – but I’m glad Santorum is being open about his beliefs. Imagine if someone with his stone-age social views kept them quiet and only talked about the economy – he might get elected and then we’d get the rest of the garbage with him! So I’m glad Santorum is outspoken and proud of his own idiocy lol

  19. FF, I hope your toothache is feeling better!

  20. If you have an Italian bakery in your area, you can very likely get cannoli chips from there, as cannoli shells break easily. They can’t make cannolis with them but they can bake them into cannoli chips and so can you. Other option is buy cannoi shells and break them yourself, then do your cinnamon, etc thing. Normally you can find them in the frozen section of your supermarket. If you don’t have an italian pasticciaria nearby (and if you are in NJ, you probably do) and can’t find them at a supermarket, then there are many recipes for cannoli chips and dips online using pita chips.

  21. UW what would Bill think of a robot brushing him continuously?

  22. I’d like to tell ya McNorman, but my computer cookie crusher intercepted a privacy bug at that site and dumped it and then my computer froze and I had to turn it off.

  23. The Ani post was good. I tried to leave a comment there and it wouldn’t go through. They have really changed their comment format.

  24. FF, sorry about your toothache. And right after the other stuff you’ve been going through. Geesh, you’ve been hammered, poor girl.

  25. PMM, The Feast of the Epiphany went by this year without making the King Cake. 😦
    Glad you got your house de-decorated though. That is a big chore.

  26. FF, feel better.

  27. haha! it’s 5 minutes to 5 here, and it’s not dark! Spring is coming!

  28. Sorry UW. I hate when that happens.

  29. Lorac- husband and I were just talking about that. This winter does not seem as if the sun sets as early. It seems to me that it used to be full dark by 4:30 or so. Daughter used to get the school bus in the morning just before 7 and it was still dark. Then she would get home about 3:45 and by the time she got her barn chores done-it would be dark again.
    Made me think of all that hoopla after the EQ in (I think it was) Chile. When they said the Earth had been knocked slightly off it’s rotation or axis or something.

  30. Not here lorac, looks like the desert is going to get snow AGAIN.

  31. Thank you
    Uppity ,I was back in NJ for my son-in-law’s funeral. Now I am back in California. There are no bakeries except the supermarket bakeries near me.
    I think I will have to use the pita chips.

  32. Sorry for your loss HelenK.

  33. Thanks for the well-wishes. I am having a boat-load of dental work done on Wednesday, and this tooth just COULDN’T WAIT.
    Flared up on Friday evening and I have been fending it off with Advil and Antibiotics since then to little avail. Will be calling the dentist first thing.Tooth pain is the worst.

  34. I hear you FF. Feel better soon.

  35. Thanks Mcnorman. As my friend said today when she stopped by, and we were speaking of all the folks and pets we know at the moment who are either ill or having problems….”Gosh! Maybe the Myans were right after all!”

    Sure seems that way at times.

    And Lorac – brilliant analysis on Santorum.

  36. thank you mcnorman

  37. Where’s the pic?

  38. Hiya FF. Lovely to see you. Good luck with the tooth.

  39. Where’s the pic?

    If I read that right, that’ll be next Sunday. I’ll hang out all day for that.

  40. ROFL!

    Guess you’ll just have to be here when I post if for 30 seconds. That should get the place hopping.

  41. NES, it’s lovely to see you. This place wasn’t the same while you were gone.

  42. 30 seconds? Don’t blink ya’ll.

  43. If FF needs a root canal then she is downplaying that pain. It’s horrendous.

  44. I better make sure I get all my errands done on Saturday, so I don’t miss the show on Sunday!

  45. FF, maybe you should call Michael Moore – he could shoot you down tomorrow from Florida to Cuba for the best and cheapest dental care..

  46. hmmm, UW blog might break a sunday record.

  47. lorac, maybe Walmarts has a dental clinic in place right next to the physical examination area. That would be right near the Dr. Scholl’s foot product display a bit to the right of the McDonald’s.

  48. Is that dental care? I thought it was medical care.

    Me too lorac. I’ll have all my ducks in a row before Sunday.

  49. If Uppity put up a fully clothed pic, or a head shot or even something like a pic of her hands on a keyboard she’d have a full house. I work most weekends so it isn’t a day I can sit and wait for the fun to begin.

    If the view count is over 4 million on Sunday when I get home I will know you didn’t disappoint your fans. :-)))

  50. I’ll be here karen. I’ll take notes, or screen shots.

    Sounds like the makings of a party. I’ll bring the wine.

  51. oooo….party next Sunday! Yay! I’ll bring the pie!

  52. Oh and if FF is going to the Walmart Clinic I can recommend a dentist!

    He has his chair set up right next to the Power Tool Department!

  53. Yeah! Pie fight if UW doesn’t post it! lol

  54. lorac! I’ll drink to that! [hic]

  55. I’ve been thinking about those articles by Caddell and Schoen encouraging people, particularly New Hampshire, to write in Hillary’s name. If it’s true that a candidate must register in order for the write-in to count, none of these write-in attempts will do anything. For sure the media would be lamblasting her if she had registered in any states, and they haven’t, so she hasn’t. I mean, it would send a message, assuming people did it in any numbers, but it wouldn’t help to “elect” her.

    (Really, the only chance is if she shows up at the convention and delegates vote for her – and that’s about a one in a million chance – or if finally a scandal pulls Mr. Teflon to his knees and he steps down.)

    one of those articles from a couple of weeks ago:

  56. Hey is that a Dremel? Cool! You can sand down your pet’s nails and fix your teeth with the same tool! And drill holes in the wall!

  57. Hmmm we could have a poll – does UW have light or dark hair? Is she short or tall? Are her eyes blue, brown, green, etc?

    Then whoever catches the photo when it’s up for 30 seconds can say who is the winner!

    And then needlenose will chase them out of the country, unless MKBill (and his fangs) gets to them first! lol

  58. Okay, this is interesting. I got this from a Hillary fb site:

    Quote: “New Hampshire Secretary of State William Gardner says he expects 75,000 Democratic ballots cast — it will list Obama and 13 obscure opponents — and more than three times that number, 250,000, on the Republican side.

    Swing-state primaries a difficult balance

  59. imust – 250,000 republican voters, or 250,000 republican opponents…? Must be voters….?

  60. Yes lorac, voters. Twice as many Republicans as Democrats is the point.

  61. BASEL, Switzerland — Novartis is recalling some bottles of Excedrin, NoDoz, Bufferin and Gas-X Sunday over concerns that the bottles could contain stray pills from other medicines, or chipped or broken tablets.

    WHAT other medications? Whatever you do, USA government, don’t freaking ask, okay? I mean why don’t we just wait and see who died? Or if you DO know, don’t tell us.

  62. Ya know – I am so sick of these bastards who cannot control their emotions and feel it is their right to kill women.

    Sitting here thinking that is the real reason “The Men” are always saying WOMEN are “so emotional.”

    PEOPLE are emotional – and although there are abusive women, the majority will cry or throw a SHOE. But men? They so often seem to think the way to rid themselves of THEIR problem is by killing.

    It’s all very sick. And some of the things they DO after they kill are horrible. Like this turd.

    Remove him from the gene pool ASAP.

  63. I agree FF. And what’s up with all the killing on Christmas Day? This is the third I’ve read about in So. Calif. on Christmas. One guy dressed as Santa and went to his ex-wife’s and killed her, his daughter, SIL, BIL and their daughter. They used to say that Superbowl Sunday was the worse day for spousal abuse…..

  64. What a disgusting cockroach. I posted it.

  65. Awww…thanks Vivien! Lovely of you to say so.

  66. Music ya say?
    Booby Bare’s “Redneck Hippie Romance”

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