A one of a kind rescue story borne of tragedy — and a one of a kind rescuer

Watch the water to the right of the kayak. A dog, exhausted,  shivering, injured, and terrified, swims up to the fisherman, who rescues him.

The fisherman’s kayak was camera-equipped. Watch the rescue and how this wonderful man tries for find the dog’s owner.  Then see below  for the rest of the story.

SARASOTA, Fla. –  A 53-year-old Sarasota woman was hit and killed by a drunk driver, according to Florida Highway Patrol troopers.

It happened Saturday afternoon when troopers say Blake C. Talman, 22, was fleeing from another crash scene.

Talman reportedly lost control of his Nissan Altima on State Road 758 north of Glebe Lane when troopers say he struck Donna L. Chen as she was walking her dog on a sidewalk.

Can you say Drunk Driver?

After the collision, Talman’s vehicle also hit landscaping, a street sign, and several wooden poles at the entrance of St. Michael’s Archangel Catholic Church.

Meantime, a second vehicle had stopped to avoid Talman’s vehicle, but that didn’t stop the two cars from coming into contact.

That second driver, an 18-year-old woman, sustained minor injuries.

According to FHP reports, Talman’s vehicle also hit a telephone pole before coming to a stop.

Both Talman and his passenger, a 24-year-old man, sustained serious injuries and were transported to Sarasota Memorial Hospital.

According to  authorities, the dog was also hit along with his owner, who was killed — and the terrified dog ran from the scene.

The dog was so mortified, he ran and ran and ran — and when he ran out of land, he ran into the Gulf Of Mexico.

Thanks to this kind and loving fisherman, the dog was reunited with his mourning family.


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  1. Oh my gosh – they’re saying that the New Hampshire primary starts in 1.5 hrs – at midnight EST the polls open. Midnight? I didn’t even think that many people lived in that state to have to open so early lol

  2. I hate drunk drivers. So he flees from one accident, then goes on to have another one and kills the woman and hurts and terrorizes the dog, then continues on a little bit more until a phone pole stops him. And he wants to be released on bail because he’s going to be a dad in 2 months? Oh, poor baby. You aren’t dad material, just go to jail. And he’s 22 years old – and he was this drunk at 1 pm in the afternoon. Lock him up, and keep him away from that kid when it’s born. Probably the mom isn’t much better, though.

  3. Yes, Up. I saw this on the local news yesterday. Tragic, and amazing.

    Re New Hampshire. Someplace called something like Scabies Corner, population 30 or something votes “first” just after midnight.

    Why, why…it’s “tradition!” by gosh!

    Between them and the Iowa Caucus, we are SO SCREWED

  4. But what’s next – South Carolina….? The state that believed Hillary is racist? I think maybe every state is crazy in its own way lol

    PS – FF – oh my gosh – I can’t believe I’m on the blog somewhere close in time as you! It’s so late your time – you’re NEVER up this late!!!! (hope it’s not because your tooth aches……)

  5. Depressing stories today! And tomorrow is the NH circus. And Fredsters team got killed tonight. Time for some happy animal stories!

  6. Scabies Corner? ROFL!

  7. socal – what do you mean, “fredster’s team got killed tonight”? Oh, wait – are you talking about a sports team?

  8. 8 minutes until the NH primary starts! I wonder what percentage of the 30 people of scabies corner will come out to vote – and do they all have scabies? lol

  9. lorac, I’d hop in the car and go watch but I don’t want to catch anything.

  10. “Scabies is an easily spread skin disease caused by a very small species of mite. Symptoms: Itching, especially at night; Rashes, especially between the fingers; Sores (abrasions) on the skin from scratching and digging”

  11. ewwwwwwww…….

    Now they’re saying an early vote is 9 people at Dixville Notch. Lots of tiny towns there, I guess… Do New Hampshire people have accents? (no connection, just wondering)

  12. All 9 people are there with their ballots ready, waiting by the ballot box lol The man in the red bowtie is going to count them. Wonder if he’ll have to use chicken scratches to keep track of all those ballots lol

    (I’m being so bad!)

  13. they started

  14. they’re done – all 9

  15. they’ve made a motion to close the polls now so they can count the 9 ballots

    this is so exciting!

  16. they’re counting

    they’re verifying

  17. It’s a tie in Dixville Notch, NH!

    Gingrich 1
    Huntsman 2
    Paul 1
    Romney 2

    OBAMA got 3 votes=9

  18. 6 crazy people, 3 stupid people in Dixville Notch. 6 people want to die by drowning, 3 want to die by fire…?

  19. These people spend millions for these pissant votes. Ridiculous.

  20. Yeah, they said there were news crews there from around the world!

  21. Whenever I remember about the drunk driving 22 y/o, I get so mad. I needed to have fun with that NH primary. I have to turn the channel whenever those darn animal abuse commercials come on. I even know the first note of the music, and I’m already reaching for the remote when I hear it. I always turn it, so I’m not sure exactly what they’re about, but I’m sure they’re for a good cause – but I just can’t watch them.

  22. Well, I don’t mean to minimize that the dog’s owner was killed….

  23. BTW, my favorite radio station plays 70s music – and for some reason (maybe cost) they broadcast it out of Mexico. All of the commercials are about Mexicans (I don’t know if they’re targeting people living in MX, or Mexican citizens living illegally in US).

    The commercials used to be mostly about their healthcare system, but right now most of them are about voting. And they keep saying that everyone should check their “voting credentials” to make sure it’s not time for them to renew, or else they won’t be able to vote. ID to vote. Those Mexicans sure are racist!

  24. I have to turn the channel whenever those darn animal abuse commercials come on. I even know the first note of the music, and I’m already reaching for the remote when I hear it

    Oh Wow! I thought it was just me! I cannot STAND those ads. I know they try to help animals but I get a sense of exploitation of those poor animals. It’s sad enough what’s been done to them but to parade them on TV and make people like you and me, who love animals, feel sickened instead of encouraged to donate, is just plain stupid.

    I turn away the minute I hear the first note of the commercial.

  25. All those NH townies nobody pays any attention to the rest of the year, must be laughing their asses off.

  26. lorac, every country with a BRAIN uses ID for voting. That leaves us out.

    Funny, they need an ID to vote in Mexico but we’re bad for expecting an ID here, especially if they aren’t even here legally and aren’t SUPPOSED to vote.

    The truth is, if you are a US Citizen you already HAVE ID. If you are on welfare, you had to have ID to get it. If you are on SSI, you have an ID, if you are on SSDI you have an ID. If you work, you have an ID. Now who doesn’t have an ID? Well…….let’s think about that a minute.

  27. Exactly. And it reminds me of a parallel – we’re the bad guys because we send back a handful of those who come here illegally, and yet their punishments for people crossing illegally into THEIR southern border are much worse.

  28. ((((Barney the dog))))

    I’m glad he was able to be returned to the family. Hats off to the wonderful fisherman who rescued him.

    Sending prayers to the Chen family on their loss.

  29. Lorac and Uppity,

    I also strongly dislike the abused pet commercials. They make me cry.

    One of the good things that comes from not replacing a broken TV, no commercials, political ads, political debates etc. 😉

  30. What I keep thinking about is, who do we want taking away women’s rights, who do we want starting new wars, who do we want continuing torture, etc. If Obama wins, nothing happens. If a republican wins, maybe some dem forces will speak out again. It just blows me away how when Bush was president, every day the news showed how many died that day in war, Code Pink was always in the news, etc. (I can’t say the third wave was doing much even thenthough)

    Now – crickets. I really, really, really don’t want someone like Santorum winning. But if it’s someone less extreme, at least maybe there will be people speaking out again. The hypocrisy is just mind blowing. It’s bad if a republican does it, but if a democrat does it, we’ll just fade into the sunset at best, at worst we’ll rationalize the dem doing it. So much for principles.

    And if my eyes hadn’t been opened in 2008, perhaps I would have been one of the rationalizers…. It’s painful, but I’m so glad my eyes have been opened.

  31. goofsmom – good point!

  32. Yep, I really haven’t missed the TV. I don’t miss the $140 a month cable bill, or the commercials that are louder than the show and I don’t miss the higher electric bill.

    It’s nice not to be plugged in to the media circus.

  33. I’m like you Lorac, I took the red pill. It was frightening to see what is really going on in politics.

    I don’t regret it but sometimes it was a lot easier to not know how badly we are being screwed by our elected officials.

  34. I can’t watch those commercials either. Doesn’t one of them have a Sarah Mclachlan song? Yes, too depressing. lorac, I read somewhere that there are a lot of radio towers in Mexico becuz they can have bigger ones there that transmit farther, and of course cheaper.

    What nonsense about NH. Everything in this country is so f*cked up. I had a bad day today & am discouraged by everything.

  35. Red pill! WHOA! Goofsmom is a Matrix fan! Me too.

  36. Hey! NES, don’t you be getting me in trouble! I didn’t suggest cup size as part of the poll! You’re a scallywag! (I THINK – I’ve never actually looked up the definition lol)

  37. Cool NES, I was hoping someone would get that reference. Remember the KeyMaster and know that there is always another way!

    Hillary 2012 😀

  38. OK – I think UW once said she was/is a runner, and I think once she said she might be a bit above average height.. (or maybe I’m imagining things, that could be lol)

    So I’m going to guess – brown, straight hair – maybe shoulder length. Slender, runner’s build. Eyes – hmmm – that’s hard to guess. Maybe brown, maybe hazel/green? But a strong, piercing gaze, I’m sure! lol Strong arms from walking strong dogs, and strong from cooking NOT baking.

    OK, NES – you’re encouraging others to guess. Where’s YOUR guess? lol

    Of course, we’ll never know the truth lol What’s it like skyping with someone who doesn’t have the camera on? lol

  39. I knew what it meant! I just never remember which pill was which!

  40. UW, I hope you’re having fun watching us guess and having no idea what we’re doing and making fools of ourselves lol

  41. Yes, The KeyMaster is needed!

  42. And now that you have absorbed the red pill, how do you like how deep the rabbit hole goes?

  43. UW, I hope you’re having fun watching us guess and having no idea what we’re doing and making fools of ourselves lol

    No actually I am amazed that any of it would matter. But then, the imagination is something I always enjoyed stimulating.

  44. It goes under the WH and comes out in China.

  45. It goes under the WH and comes out in China.

    Very perceptive.

  46. NeS only likes the matrix because she thinks Trinity is hot.

  47. Viv, but I do think a 5’9 woman at 120 pounds would be in need of food. That would be a bmi of roughly 17. Call 911.

  48. Well my boys lost tonight. 😦 Actually they got their asses handed to them. 👿

    I’m not going to say I wasn’t disappointed but I’m having cocktails and keep playing this over and over on youtube.

  49. Ok, read the last thread, but no point in guessing if NES already gave the info. Also, 5’9″ & 120lbs would be suuuper skinny! laker is 5’9″ and about 135 and he’s a string bean.

    Interesting link about Huntsman and the banks btw.

  50. Watch me drive NES crazy. my BMI is between 20 and 21. Now go calculate. And what’s yours?

  51. Fredster, we all send our condolences to you! What a bizarre game. Well, at least they had a great season & your Saints are doing great also!

  52. Stress test: Passed.
    Mental test: Iffy.
    Cholestoral: 163
    BMI: Normal
    Teeth: Still there, although a prosthodontist is richer for knowing me.
    Hair, and eyes: What can I tell you. I’m Italian.
    IQ, better than a baloney sandwich.
    Number of cats: 2
    Number of dogs: 1
    Number of men: 1
    Sexuality: Spayed

  53. Fredster, that’s what you get for putting your trust in men.

  54. socal: thanks. Still can’t figure out why Miles didn’t put in Jarrett Lee or even Zach toward the end it wouldn’t have hurt a damned thing at that point.

    Upps: I couldn’t find a collegiate team that had women linebackers, blockers or tackles. That’s something you women can work on. 😛

  55. I…I…have a secret addiction.

  56. Upps: I couldn’t find a collegiate team that had women linebackers, blockers or tackles. That’s something you women can work on

    Men won’t let us.

  57. Besides, Fredster, you and I both know it’s all an excellent excuse for you to get drunk.

  58. Oh! And I may be getting health insurance soon!!! I knew this thing existed but I did some checking and some things have changed. I called them today and with my high bp and hypercholesterolemia, those count as pre-existing and also another thing you have to have been w/out ins. for 6 months. I’ve been w/out it for 5 years!! Here’s the link:


    AL and LA don’t have their own plans, relying on the fed plan instead. New Yawk and Cali have their own state plans. It’s not cheap but it’s better than the $1400-1600 I was quoted from a broker through the Tulane Alumni Assoc. And it’s an 80/20 plan. With hi-option my deductible is $1000. Office visits in network are $25 co-pay and prescription insurance too!! It is $471 a month for the high option. Shit, I can cash in a bond and pay the premium for a year.

    Anyone who’s out here with no ins. I hope they will look into this.

  59. Here’s another info link:


    Florida also uses the federal plan so I hope maybe someone passing this along to Freedom Fairy. She might be able to swing the premiums perhaps for the standard option.

  60. Besides, Fredster, you and I both know it’s all an excellent excuse for you to get drunk.

    But I don’t doo that much anymore; it hurts the next day. 😉
    My bottle of Bailey’s from Christmas is still half full.

  61. Just think: If I get the health insurance, it does have the wellness program with it and since I’m of that age, I can look forward to having a lighted tube shoved my ass. 😯

  62. $471 sounds like a good deal. The reason why my hubbie stays with his insufferable employer is for the medical insurance.

    Upps are you going to give hints abt the secret? Also, abt the hair & eyes, don’t Italians have all different colors?

    Speaking of secret addictions, I think I’ve felt so lousy all day, becuz I’ve been sniffing too much eucalyptus oil!!?! It really helps you to not cough, and I’ve been coughing for 4 weeks, so I’ve been inhaling it for days, but it turns out, it also is a stimulant and can dramatically lower blood sugar. Anyway, I could hardly sleep last nite & my heart was racing, and then I realized its like taking diet pills, you feel good at first, then as it wears off you feel horrible. You really have to watch it with herbs, just like drugs. Laker took away my little bottle of the stuff today! Back to cough drops!

  63. having a lighted tube shoved my ass

    I’m sorry, shoved *up* my ass. My bad, fingers are not keeping up with where the brain is…or something like that. 😉

  64. Baileys…yum.

  65. socal: That’s not good. yep you better go back to the cough drops.

    I forgot to say, but yesterday morning (Sun) I woke up with the most god-awful earache in the canal and I could feel it behind my ear. So today I called the doc and his nurse said since I have soo much problem with sinus they were phoning in a script for azithromycin and also medrol (prednisone). they also put in 2 boxes of mucinex D which is the one with epinephrine. I’m not starting any of it until tomorrow, but wanted to say there’s also a mucinex DM which is an expectorant and cough suppressant. Have you tried that?

    Oh and with the zithromycin…7 pills, one a day and $74.91! I will be so happy if I get that fed health thing.

  66. I…I…have a secret addiction

    See – she gives a little info to take us a step forward, then takes us two steps backward, and leaves us more intrigued!!

    Maybe her secret addiction is reading Globe scandal sheet so she can read all about Barack and Michelle Obama ROFL (just kidding!)

  67. Baileys…yum.

    Oh yeah!!

  68. BMI – that means, “bite me, imbecile!”, right? lol

  69. Maybe her secret addiction is reading Globe scandal sheet

    I think it’s kinkier than that!

  70. Oh man I just bought some eucalyptus oil. Can’t live without it with my sinuses. Steam and eucalyptus clears your sinuses. Good with rosemary too. Diet pills are kind of today’s version of speed aren’t they? If you, you are crashing. Don’t take that shit. Seriously. If you want to lose weight, go on weight watchers. I had to use it when I was forced to stop running. Gained six pounds in a flash. It works and it’s not so hard.

    Hair is very dark brown. Not including the grey I have to cover up. Sometimes it’s short, sometimes it’s not. I change a lot. Must be a flaw in my personality. Your hair is one thing you can change as often as you want. Eyes are kind of brown. They have something else going on sometimes, I have no idea wtf. The third one, the one at the back of my head is green.

    Re health insurance. I just think it’s so sad that most everybody I know has to be obsessed with health insurance. It’s running America. And ruining it. I remember when costs were reasonable, not only for the insurance but for your share of the payments. Now everyone has to constantly worry about it. What is wrong with this damned picture. The health insurers own our souls now.

  71. Fredster, everybody gets a lighted tube shoved up their asses sooner or later. It’s the American way. Also it’s profitable and the prep is torture, which seems to fit in well with the concept of paying for something that makes you sick when you were feeling well before you started.

  72. my addiction is bigfishgames.com, adventure and large file category.

  73. Hmmm this is awfully easy, getting this info…. is today Italian April Fool’s Day, and tomorrow you’ll say it was all misinformation? lol

  74. OWS has $300,000 left, they’re trying to figure out what to do with it. Maybe they’ll give it to Obama in $5 donations.

  75. My mom’s vet had her tie a kerchief around her dog’s neck with something on it, something similar to the Vick’s your mom used to rub on your chest. Not eucalyptus oil, but pungent lol

  76. For a well funded organization, OWS sure produced very little. But then they were busy spending the money on swank hotels for the big shots, gourmet food service and LL bean tents. They wasted their money just like they do at home, on themselves. Or should I say they wasted everybody else’s money just like they do at home.

  77. No misinformation lorac. it was all the truth. none of it was all that earth shattering anyways.

  78. Fredster, everybody gets a lighted tube shoved up their asses sooner or later. It’s the American way.

    Oh I know. I was supposed to have that done before Katrina. Problem was I had to have someone to drive me home. The hosp. wouldn’t let me just take a cab. I explained all my neighbors worked and my mom didn’t drive anymore. Hosp said tough. A couple of weeks before the storm one of the guys I worked with and knew from another job told me to get it scheduled and when it was done for the hospital to call him and he’d take off and bring me home. Well that was 2 weeks before the storm and it hasn’t been an issue for me since I didn’t have health coverage anymore. So if I get this one, I can get the thing done and I don’t believe you have another for like 5 years.

  79. But it’s fun to know it 🙂

  80. mmmmmkayyyyyyyyy then, lorac:)

    Big one:
    Shoe size 6.5

  81. I remember when costs were reasonable, not only for the insurance but for your share of the payments.

    I kind of remember that too. I had to go in one time for a surgical procedure – minor, and had it done got discharged and with Dad’s plan (union naturally!) there wasn’t a cent owed. Ins. picked it all up.

    My concern (it’s been in the back of my mind) made me think just recently. A woman I know was at work and started complaining of chest pains and almost doubling over. They called the ambulance for her and she got admitted; she had a heart attack. BUT, here’s the thing: she had to go to the charity hospital here in B’ham. In her case, her husband had split from her and she went for her divorce hearing. He was ordered to provide her health ins. and other stuff, yadda, yadda. However, the husband quit his job, drew out his retirement contributions and now those $$s are gone. Obviously there’s no health insurance to cover her since he’s no longer working. Asshat!

    Well if something happens to me, and the momster had a cardiac history and I’ve already had my neck sliced open to scrape out a carotid, I want to be able to go to a **good** hospital and not the county joint. I believe if the momster and dad were here they’d say “cash a bond and pay for the insurance”.

  82. earth shattering, isn’t it?

  83. I could put both my feet in one of michelle’s shoes. bahahahaha.

  84. Gee Fredster, her husband sounds like he was a real catch! It’s easy to see why she picked him. Not.

    You have a cardiac history already? You had BETTER get checked and I’m not talking about a lighted tube.

  85. Eyes are kind of brown. They have something else going on sometimes

    My eyes brown, but when I drink sometimes they get a sort of greenish tint.

    Shoe size 6.5

    Shoe size 11 & 1/2 and yes it’s true what they say. 😆

  86. Surrrrrrrrre it is Fredster.

    Mr. uppity wears 12.

  87. I don’t take diet pills or any kind of speed. I did when I was young & working two jobs, going to school & taking care of my nieces. No, but sniffing the eucalyptus bottle many times throughout the past several days made me feel just like the old speed/diet pills. Good and energetic at first and horrible & grumpy coming off it. I didn’t sniff any today, but I actually missed the upswing it gave me, like I was getting addicted to it or something! And I’ve never been addicted to anything. Well, I must say, my sinuses feel like they are as clear as a bell! Anyway, Upps, don’t overdo it, like I did.

    fredster, I did go through quite a bit of that Mucinex DM stuff. It didn’t help me much. My dr gave me cough medicine with codeine which helped my cough, but gave me a headache.

    Upps, I have hybrid brown eyes also. Brown with some hazel or greenish or gold, as dad had brown & mom has hazel. Genetics are weird, hubbie has hazel like my mom, but laker has sparkly medium blue eyes.

  88. You have a cardiac history already?

    I don’t except for the carotid. I’m on cholesterol meds and the numbers have stayed okay. I even paid private pay for an ultrasound of the carotids and they are both clear. Mom had all the problems, with high cholesterol, had to have aortic valve replacement and her leg veins were shot. All, cardio or vascular in nature. Oddly, she never had a heart attack. Those vessels were always clear!

    And about Rhonda and hubby…there were issues on both sides. She used to be an LPN but had a very strong fondness for vicodin/lortab to the point she had to quit nursing. I know from chatblu that they usually give the medical people 2 or sometimes 3 chances. Then they’re told go to rehab or quit. She quit but she said she retired. But it’s funny she retired and there was no retirement check if you get what I mean. Still, the ex-hubby left her in a rough spot.

  89. socal: if it’s the cough, ask your doc to write you a script for tussionex suspension. The tussionex has codeine. Or another is just plain hydrocodone and phenergan. The hydrocodone will suppress the coughing and the phenergan (promethazine) is used with allergies and to fight nausea and headache from codeine.

    Surrrrrrrrre it is Fredster.
    Would I lie??? 😆

  90. Yeah that’s it. “hybrid brown”. Good way to explain it.

    6.5 isn’t tiny. 5 is tiny. it’s all proportional. I mean, feet usually are unless you are a duck.

  91. Brown with some hazel or greenish or gold

    That’s what I have socal. And the hazel/green really pops out when I have had a few. Weird!

  92. socal, been using eucalyptus for years, never had that feeling.

  93. feet usually are unless you are a duck.

    although if they *are* webbed like a duck it’s an interesting starting point for a conversation isn’t it?

  94. OH! I know what I need to axe upps about. Now my landlady down there in nola could probably help too since both she and her hubby are Italian, but I need a good recipe for red gravy as we say in Looziana. I always used the jar stuff…prego, but I really want to be able to make some good wop or dago stuff. Is it wrong to want it thick on your pasta upps?

  95. on average shoe sizes for women and height…….and how they’ve changed by decade. Average size now is 6.

  96. I was carrying the bottle around with me, sniffing it often. I also sprinkled some on my shirt. I really overdid it. Anyway, I looked it up & it said it was a stimulant & I realized that was how it made me feel. I love the stuff, but I think it kept me up all nite.

  97. Correction: Is it wrong to want a thick sauce for your pasta? I mean, I want something I can really sop up and it sticks on my french bread or garlic bread.

  98. My mom says her feet grew half a size with each kid. My feet grew like a whole size with laker.

  99. Its not wrong to like thick sauce, but it is wrong to like prego! 🙂

  100. Upps has a marinara sauce in the recipe Tab & I have one with meat sauce, that can be made without the meat.

  101. Fredster you can have sauce any way you want it. If you like it thick then that’s fine. italians like it that way for the most part too.

    The longer you simmer it, the thicker it gets.

  102. Generally marinara sauce made with fresh tomatoes is not a thick sauce. It is not cooked long.

  103. Fredster, you gotta have pork in the sauce if you want an Italian to be impressed. I’m talking real pork. Pork butt pieces or spare ribs. NOT pork chops. A nice hot sausage in addition, doesn’t hurt either. And of course, meatballs, made with veal and beef.

  104. When you think of the Italian sauce on the stove on Sunday morning, simmering, you can bet there’s meat in and and some of it is pork. Period.

    You want to piss an Italian off with pasta? Don’t drain it well enough. Disgusting.

  105. Pope says gay marriage is a “threat to humanity”. can’t make those 15 catholic babies! Take a look at this guy’s face. He looks like a threat to humanity himself. What were they thinking when they blew smoke for this character?

  106. Upps and socal: thanks!

    but it is wrong to like prego

    Oh I know! but when coming in after work sometimes I just had to sling shit together. My choice would be to have a really good recipe and make a boatload and then freeze it in smaller containers to use as I need. And as I said, I just like thick sauce to sop with the bread. Don’t know how many times I’ve had red sauce that was so runny i wondered if they maybe just squeezed a tomato over the pot.

    And upps, pls. don’t take offense at my use of wop or dago. I use it not meaning anything derogatory but with affection. Hell, there’s a restaurant in SBP that’s been there since the 60s and on the menu they still list Wop salad. No Italian salad for them! And their mac and cheese – fantastic. I saw on tevee that they import their cheeses from Italy!

  107. And of course, meatballs, made with veal and beef.

    I knew *real* Italian meatballs used pork and beef but didn’t know it was veal. Can you get veal ground up or do you need to buy it and have the butcher grind it for you? And btw, I have no concerns over veal. A good veal Parmesan will bring tears to my eyes.

  108. No offense taken Fredster. Doesn’t bother me at all, especially considering there are only two types of people. Italians and those who want to be.

  109. Yes, veal can be ground. I also love veal parmesan! And I love pasta with a good thick tomato sauce & Greeks love dipping their bread in it. I was just funnin’ ya about the jar sauce. I’ve used the jars at various times. Still, homemade is best!

  110. I’m not sure when pork got added to meatballs. I never ever saw them made it pork. Always beef and veal. I think pork got tossed in because it’s cheaper. Seriously, I don’t know a single person from Italy who ever used pork. It’s recent. I do not use pork. I concede to pork because it’s what people want to do.

    Yes you can buy ground veal. The important thing is the things you add. Meatballs have to be soft and smooth inside.

  111. “Italians and those who want to be.” Haha! So true! Especially for food lovers!

  112. Pope says gay marriage is a “threat to humanity”

    Oh puhleeze!! From some of what I’ve seen of what passes today for “children” it seems like their gene pools were missing a few chromosomes!

  113. There have been quite a few popes who have been very bad for humanity, and women and gays in particular.

  114. There are way better bottled sauces than prego. prego is shit. I have used bottled sometimes on pizza and things like that. Try Barilla or Bertoli organic.

  115. My mom makes her lasagna sauce about 1/2 ground beef & half Italian sausage meat.

  116. I prefer meatless lasagna with the meat simmering in the sauce and served on the side. But that’s just me.

  117. There have been quite a few popes who have been very bad for humanity, and women and gays in particular.

    It’s just that Ratzinger is such a horrible departure from his gentle predecessor. The difference is stark and staggering.

  118. My last meatballs were way too dry. Then a week later, we went to an Italian couples house for dinner (from Italy, heavy accents and all) and her meatballs were perfection. Nice and soft inside.

  119. Yes, I agree about the pope. Its strange that it worked out that way.

  120. Haha! So true! Especially for food lovers!

    You got dat rite!

    When my friends took me back home for the momster’s funeral, that night I took them to Rocky and Carlo’s. Place has been there since the 60s as I said. We were moving up in the line to order and MaryAnn was looking at the board and asked “what’s a wop salad?” I asked her “you like salad?” and she said yeah so I told her “good…get one.” She has now given instructions to her husband that if he helps me drive the uhaul and move to LA, and *if* we go there, he is to get her a wop salad and some kind of Italian desert pie she got when we were there at the time.

  121. dry and rough meatballs are a cardinal sin. A travesty. Either you make good meatballs or don’t make meatballs.

  122. I love meatless also, love marinara & pasta with a good romano, but my dudes love the meat.

  123. If you are making long simmering sauce, I know plenty of Italians who place them in the sauce raw and let them simmer with the sauce. Meatballs aren’t supposed to be burned to a crisp in oil first.

  124. It’s just that Ratzinger is such a horrible departure from his gentle predecessor. The difference is stark and staggering.

    Yes, it is. I didn’t agree with many things done by JP II but I respected him a lot.

    OH! Meatballs…breadcrumbs added?

  125. I’m going to try meatballs again soon, and hopefully will do better next time. I was too afraid to drop them raw in the sauce, so I baked them in the oven first. I put in too much egg for one thing, and not enough water. And weird bread crumbs.

  126. Oh good grief! They are replaying the game on ESPN! Noooooooo!!!

  127. And weird bread crumbs.

    did you add them?

    I saw that someplace on teevee.

  128. fredster, what does “crimson tide” mean? It always makes me think of “red tide”, which (on our coast anyways) means a reddish streak in the water caused by a bacteria that ruins the seafood. My nephew ate some clams after a red tide and almost died.

  129. I did add really dry bread crumbs. I think you’re supposed to add bread soaked in water or something.

  130. This is for Nick Satan uh Saban

  131. Haha! Good one! Laker & hubbie can’t stand him either.

  132. socal: Here’s what I found on Crimson Tide. I never really knew either and didn’t know about the damned elephant for a mascot.

    Early newspaper accounts of Alabama football simply listed the team as the “varsity” or the “Crimson White” after the school colors. Headline writers then made popular the nickname “The Thin Red Line”. It was not until 1907 that the name “Crimson Tide” was used to describe Alabama. The name was supposedly first used by Hugh Roberts, former sports editor of the Birmingham Age-Herald. Roberts coined the nickname to describe the 1907 Alabama-Auburn game, played in a sea of mud. Although Auburn was favored to win, Alabama played well in the red mud and held Auburn to a 6-6 tie.

  133. Well, thats interesting anyway. fredster, you’ve been up all nite! I’m ready to hit the sack myself. Nice hot shower & then sleep in. I hope you get a good sleep. Put that game out of your head!

  134. Haha! Good one! Laker & hubbie can’t stand him either.

    Exactly the way I feel. I’ve heard rumors that Univ. of Texas is after him. Good! Get him out of our conference!

  135. eh…I might have *one* more cocktail or a half.


  136. Nite! See ya tomorrow!

  137. Good Lord! 140 comments on a post that was not even up when I signed off last night? Does some kind of alert go out saying Mom’s gone, come out and play!?
    Size 6.5 shoes huh? Well that does away with my mental vision of Uppity as a cross between Liz Taylor and Sophia Loren. lol
    Geez Uppity, you must be tiny! I am 5.5 and wear anywhere from a 7 to an 8 depending on who made the shoe. My BMI hovers around a 21.
    I always thought of Uppity as about 5′ 7″, dark brown, glossy, wavy hair. Brown eyes. Big smile. Commanding presence.

  138. Got it right but it’s 5 5. and hair is not wavy. And dependening on the shoe, I sometimes wear a 7.

    Liz Taylor was under 5′ 4″ with a size ten shoe. Very odd. Must be why they never showed her feet too much.

  139. Mom, in our generation hardly anybody is 5’7. Hell I was the tallest one in class. lol.

  140. LOL Uppity- true that- we had a few girls in my class that were in the 5’6″ 5’7″ range- but not many. My daughter is a shade taller than me- but her shoe size? A 9! Not sure about that- we thought she was going to end up being 6 feet tall!

  141. Trinity is a huge factor, true. But, I also love the concept. The first of the trilogy is the best, of course.

  142. I’m 5’7, 115 lbs most days of the month. 5’5 huh? I thought you’d be taller. When I read 6.5 shoe size, I knew I was wrong with your height.

    NES, lorac didn’t mention cup size. I’m not going there. And not, I’m not afraid. I’m sure if we wait long enough, she’ll tell us…

  143. Wow, tiny feet. I’m an 8 to 8.5 (depending on the shoe cut).

  144. Me too. I’m an 8. And 7.5 depending on the cut.

    I’ve got this feeling Upps will fill in enough blanks so that if we blink on Sunday, and miss the shot, we’ll have a pretty good idea in our heads.

  145. So Upps, that eye in the back of your head is green, huh? I was wondering.

  146. I love this post! It reminds me of those old “and now you know…..the REST of the story….” By Paul Harvey I think. The thread is interesting too!

  147. Mom – you and I were channeling the same Uppity. Oh well.

    As for height. I USED to be 5’7. Now I am down to about 5’6-1/2″. Shoe size? well.. prior to the wreck where I broke most of my toes on my left foot – both feet were about an 8. I go barefoot or wear flip flops of boat shoes ALL THE TIME, so they have gotten wider over the years, but now my left foot is a 9 to 91/2 depending on the shoe, and my right foot a 9ish.

  148. Here’s a poll that will bring a smile to your lips: http://www.usnews.com/news/blogs/washington-whispers/2012/01/09/poll-americans-2-1-fear-obamas-reelection
    Turns out, there’re still sane people out there.

  149. rejected for two inches. Now I know how most men feel.

  150. NES you’re an 8 with your height? They must see your shoes first when you walk in.

  151. Just an aside. All this talk about shoe size. Do you think shoe sizes have changed over the years, I mean how they are made, like clothing?

  152. Yes, imust. They are all now made in China or Sri Lanka with child labor. They used to be made here.

  153. Average height of women in USA

  154. FF, so maybe a size 8 would be what a 7.5 used to be?

  155. Yes shoe sizes have changed and so has clothing sizing. A six (clothing) today is bigger than a six 30 years ago, for example. It’s a nice way of making women think they wear a six. lol.

    Shoe sizes, actually feet have gotten bigger. This is true. Not sure that the shoes are bigger so much as feet are bigger. Average woman is taller too. Up two inches from 30 years ago.

  156. Bet I carry a bigger stick than all of you though. Heh.

  157. I have no idea about shoes imust. I do know women’s feet are getting bigger for some reason. I remember when a size 9 pr 10 shoe was almost unheard of.

  158. I know boots are smaller not bigger. I have to do a full size up when I buy them.

  159. I didn’t know that about feet getting bigger Uppity! Gotta wonder the cause….I would expect our bottoms would have gotten bigger, not our feet! (I don’t mean us as in Uppityites…it’s the generic “us” as in Americans)

  160. So Upps, that eye in the back of your head is green, huh? I was wondering.

    Yup Viv and so is the one in the middle of my forehead.

  161. Mom it must be an evolution thing or something. Apparently women now need bigger feet, else why else would they have them?

  162. I’m trying to envision my makeup with a size 8 shoe. It just doesn’t work. I’m seriously all legs and waist. I would look like a duck with bigger feet.

  163. Well at least you have the courtesy of not asking my age.

  164. I love this post! It reminds me of those old “and now you know…..the REST of the story

    Thanks for reminding me why I love you.

  165. Maybe the bigger feet are caused by the food supply. I’ve read that the hormones they inject in poultry and livestock might be having an effect on our bodies. No one asks your age because they don’t want to have to reveal their own!

  166. hahaha on the age, imust.

    and…shiver on the hormone thing. I sure hope it’s wrong.

  167. Eh they’re making fun of me, imust. They don’t know I take the room.

  168. Me and my Penicillin gotta go to work. BBL XOXO

    and, btw Uppity. How old are you! LOL

    ——————————>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> running and ducking

  169. They know you’ll take the room Uppity!

  170. A year younger than you FF.


  171. There are people who come here who know exactly what I look like in person. Heh heh.

  172. oh wait……….I just got a blackmail email.

  173. ….I would expect our bottoms would have gotten bigger, not our feet!


  174. Teens are heavier than our generation was too.

  175. LOL on the big stick. I have “The Look” followed by “The Voice.” Seriously- I can silence a room full of soldiers or a bus full of teenagers in 5 seconds or less.
    For really cantankerous cases, there is the last resort.
    The Whip.

  176. Cheer up Mom. I can do that with grown adults.

  177. LOL Uppity- I actually shocked myself the first time it worked on a room full of soldiers. They knick named me “Drill Sergeant” ROFL! A restaurant I worked at used to get the whole group in on drill weekends. Upwards of fifty soldiers.

  178. Oh- and meant to say- Vivien- 5’7″ and 115??!?!?!?!
    First of all I am SOOOO jealous!
    Secondly- somebody feed her!

  179. I eat. I eat good. I’m just smaller in some places than others. Know what I mean? Very active metabolism helps.

    Upps, I would never make fun of you…that being said, I think your beautiful. I don’t need to see ya.

  180. That and pole dancing…

    Hey!!! Where’d everybody go??? Did I scare ’em off?

  181. Age… That wasn’t part of the game. I’m just sayin’.

  182. Yeah, I should’ve been 5’10!

  183. rejected for two inches. Now I know how most men feel.


  184. Everyone who’s received an email from you may be able to figure out your age, Upps…yes?

  185. I pictured you tall, not quite 5’10 tho.

    NES, what’s the wager on the cup size?

  186. I’ll take the WHIP!

  187. Wow vivien, I would kill for your dimensions. Also, is that you in your gravatar?

  188. rejected for two inches. Now I know how most men feel.


    Thank you. I’ll be here all week. Don’t forget to tip your waiter and try the veal!

    I knew it was a good line when I laughed out loud while I wrote it…

  189. Yeah, I should’ve been 5’10!


  190. FF and Lauren Bacall were separated at birth.

  191. I remember reading Upps tell a round about her age. I’m tellin’ ya. Pay attention. She writes things about herself. By Sunday we’ll all have a good picture.

    NES, what are you gettin’ whipped for???

  192. Yeah NES, lorac sure keeps missing the boat with FF.

  193. I’ve earned the whip so many times, vivien, I’ve lost count. Mom is either too indulgent or too withholding.

  194. By Sunday we’ll all have a good picture.

    Yeah, I better upgrade my reading glasses.

  195. Poor Mr. Uppity.

  196. Upps, the man in the boat?

  197. Now lorac’s going to clamor to know what or who the man in the boat is. (Bet Mom doesn’t know….)

  198. Be carefull NES. Don’t want to cause a cleanup. And NES, every woman knows.

  199. It’s a’comin’, Viv.

  200. Chili tonight. Executive decision.

  201. Okay, I just read the link. NES, how can you go from a C to an A?

  202. Chili. Yum!!! I’ve got an excellent chichen chili recipe at home I should share. No tomatos. You use chicken stock and green chilis instead. Grilled chichen breast, not the ground kind.

  203. NES- for shame- do you think I am some young third waver? Geez- I’ve forgotten things they have not learned yet. Of course I know the man in the boat- long, intimate acquaintance.

  204. I was being sarcastic on the C bit, vivien.

  205. Damn NES, I thought I answered your question. I don’t know where it went. I’ll say this, you can’t tell what I look like from that photo.

  206. Not “a young third waver,” Mom, just more chaste and virtuous (it’s the “mom” thang, ya know). But, glad to know you’re well-acquainted with said boater.

    P.S.: True confession — Upps had to define “the man in the boat” for me, not too long ago.

  207. The C bit??? The cup, or the boater?

    P.S.: True confession — Upps had to define “the man in the boat” for me, not too long ago

    Really??? Bwaaaaaahahahahahahah

  208. That’s the “Little” man in the boat.

  209. No, NES, you deduced it from my comments in that thread. No getting out of it.

  210. I could put both my feet in one of michelle’s shoes. bahahahaha. :lol

  211. this is a great thread I love all the comments. 🙂

  212. NES, that is sweet. I never thought of you as naive. You really don’t seem the type. I always thought of you as more worldly. That’s cool.

  213. LOL Foxy. Where’s Uppity?
    She’s floating down the river in Michelle’s shoe.

  214. Wont be typing much for awhile as I had another whoops. This time it really fobared me. Broke my left wrist and a rib on the right side.
    Man ice will get you. I had wondered why in the name of sanity I would buy a place with all these steps but what is done is done. Anyway got the gutter fixed that created the ice and had trash cans placed where I can get to the salt easy.

    Loved the story about the dog being reunited. Hated the bastage that caused the nightmare.

    Just for info, I am 5″ 1 almost 2 104 lbs and wear a 5 to 5 1/2 shoe.
    When they said come get your height I thought they said take flight and I did. ok enough for me I am going back to get comfy. take care all.

  215. Damn utah. The rest of the country is going through an early spring, and you’ve got snow. You be careful out there.

  216. Yeah and I know for a fact, Utah could knock anyone of you out in one punch too.

    You broke your wrist!!!???

  217. I know utah. utah knows me. Personally. You are so J.

  218. Of course I know the man in the boat- long, intimate acquaintance

    You sure you want to give this answer? LOLOL.

  219. “The C bit” was a reference to the cup.

  220. 104 lbs.!! Sheesh, there’re a lot of near-anorexics on this blog.
    (I’m so J.)

  221. Yes Upps and a rib. Kind of not feeling to perky right now. Sucks to type with one hand too don’t you know lol.

    rofffff yes I have little woman syndrome lmao.
    Hey Viv you will get your snow all in Feb I am betting. We are way behind too but a light dusting prediction turned out to be 8 inches lol.
    darn i need one of those dragon things. i could just tell this darn comp. what to say. sorry bout caps it is too much trouble right now .

  222. We are so J. I wonder if Utah has a price?

  223. nes, i am no where near anorexic. stocky really just sawed off lol. i wear a size 4 ring too.

  224. Of course I know the man in the boat- long, intimate acquaintance…

    I’ll never look at Mom in the same way again. Next she’ll be telling us her whip has a cat-o’-nine-tails on the end.

  225. nope nes. i keep secrets to my death

  226. Trust me NES, Utah does not look skinny. She’s muscle. Seriously. She’s a good looking woman who is definitely in shape.

  227. Utah, you need some codeine. You’ll still have the pain but you won’t give a shit.

  228. You can tell them how good looking I am but don’t answer any of their questions. lolol.

  229. Hey Upps, if you were a C, you’d be a valedictorian; right? You said you weren’t one (in the cup dept.), which is why my reference to a C-cup was sarcastic.

  230. NES judging from her answer, mom is a busy lady…

  231. …you can’t tell what I look like from that photo.

    Well, I can see the photo pretty clearly, vivien. Actually, anyone can by clicking on the gravatar and enlarging it.
    Don’t be falsely modest now, vivien.

  232. No NES, A is valedictorian. C is in the middle.

  233. NES judging from her answer, mom is a busy lady…

    And consistently self-reliant!!!!!

  234. You could tell me and then kill me, utah.

  235. Hahahahahaha.

  236. Viv’s good lookin’. Her cat is a knockout.

  237. Aha, you’re going by grades. I assumed, wrongly it turns out, that a valedictorian would have bigger, um, uh, you-knows. (I hope Laker’s not reading this thread.)

  238. Well I guess it could go that way too. Eh! I ain’t telling.

  239. utah or Upps, where did you guys meet? If you tell us the story, we’ll sit at your respective feet (really tiny ones) and listen, intently.

  240. Viv’s good lookin’. Her cat is a knockout.

    True that. Even I, without a third-eye, can see that.

  241. We aren’t telling.

  242. What if we press your (tiny) feet?

  243. NES judging from her answer, mom is a busy lady…

    Well, at least now when Mom retires early in the evening, we’ll know what she’s up to.

  244. OMG NES, Mom is going to die.

  245. You think I’ll finally get the whipping I deserve?

  246. ROFL at the feet jokes! NES you crack me up!

  247. ROFLMAO! I wasn’t going to tell how I know but you guys are TOOOOO much! Long long ago, in a very tiny New England town,
    Oh never mind. Let’s just say that my first serious love was a guy who- I swear to God, had a mother who was a war bride. Came from France, Marseille (sp?)- maiden name?
    I SWEAR it is true.

    As for Valedictorians getting A grades? Come now. How very very 19th and 20th century of you. Is now 21st century. Grades? No no no- makes people feel bad – all are equal now- grades redistributed. See

  248. Whew! Those were a lot of comments to read. Fun–but still a lot. And hardly any banter about NH.

  249. NES, I knew what C bit you were talking about. I was being funny.

    God this has been a weird thread. I didn’t get sht done at work today. My fault, I’m sure.

    Seriously, From that picture you wouldn’t know me if you ran into me on the street. Not to sound like an ass, but I don’t normally look like that. That’s what I look like when I wake up. lol. You guys are making me blush.

    The cat, he’s not mine. Belongs to one of my GF’s.

    NES, by looking at my gavatar, What color are my eyes? Haha

  250. I think the topic of height and shoe size is absolutely the funniest thing I’ve seen in a long time…. 😆 😆 😆 😉 When I was 14 years old (now 49) my grandmother said “Dear you have a lot of understanding”….. I thought for years that I ‘understood alot of things’…. Well, later on I figured out what she was really saying…. 😆 😆 😆 😆 being 5’8” and 120 lbs and wearing a 9 1/2 since i was 14 had alot more to do with that statement….. 😆 😆 😆 😆 😆 😆 😉

  251. I have met Casper and she is quite a beautiful lady. Me I have small womans syndrome too. 5′ even wear a size 5 shoe and size 4 1/2 ring. I how ever am not in the slim, slender or svelt catagory. 🙂

  252. Viv, good one on the eye color… I went and looked. Hee hee hee

  253. goofsmom…. 😆 😆 😆 you are too much! wishing you a wonderful and happy new year!!!! 🙂

  254. goofsmom, I have a feeling NES will get it right. lol

    I went back a couple of times, I’m still trying to figure out how tall NES is. If she’s not 5’10, just how tall is she?

  255. Casper Cat… You know I’m right!!! 😉 Wishing you a wonderful New Year too… 😀

  256. Viv,

    I’m never good at guessing… Sorry I can’t help ya on NES.

  257. 00.30 (19.30) With 1 per cent of districts reporting, these are the numbers so far:

    Romney: 616
    Paul: 370
    Huntsman: 261
    Gingrich: 184
    Santorum: 152
    Roemer: 6
    Perry: 5
    Bachmann: 2


    It’s a hoot to read some of the Brit’s comments covering our NH Primary..

  258. 3 % of primary votes..


  259. Oops, sorry I killed the thread… slinking away…

  260. I’m back. My sister dropped off her kids. Her ‘n hubbie were going on date nite. I’m glad those kids like pizza. I hadn’t planned to cook anything. I forgot they were coming. Bad aunt.

  261. Well Sophie, I had forgotten all about New Hampshire. I was way too busy trying to get a vivid picture of what Upps looks like. I was distracted by NES. Yeah, I’ll blame her. lol

    Don’t run off goofs. Now ya’ll have me interested in NH.

  262. ‘k… 10.3 % vote in… Romney 10.5% ahead of Paul. Paul. 8.8% ahead of Huntsman

  263. Viv, here’s another link to watch… it refreshes itself about every 30 sec.


  264. With 11% of the vote in they are calling it a win for Romney. I’m watching to see who will get second place.

  265. Huntsman is sneaking up on Paul… difference is only 6.5% now

  266. Just amazing! They are calling it? With 11% of the vote in?
    Ya think Americans will ever catch on the the fact the fix is in?

  267. Huntsman not doing bad. He’s doing alot better than Pigsht. I mean Gingrich.

    Thank you goofsmom.

  268. PMM, you know the media gets to decide this thing. We don’t matter.

  269. PMM… I know… they are calling it based on statistic’s.

  270. Sorry… goof wants dinner NOW… brb

  271. vivien, I’m 9 feet tall.

  272. NES… LOL lol…

  273. Off to make dinner for us humans now… 😉 Fingers crossed that Huntsman overtakes Paul.

  274. goofsmom, thanks for that yahoo link. It’s great.

  275. 9 feet? With a size 8 shoe??? Wow!!!

  276. vivien, indeed, trying to imagine what NES and Uppity look like in real life is far more compelling than NH–certainly more rewarding.

  277. As it happens, Romney is a teleprompter-tubby too. Lucky us, America.

  278. No Sophie, we’re not lucky, we’re screwed.

  279. Yep, I have to use a walker to support my large frame on my tiny feet.

  280. Haaa!!!

  281. NES, sometimes I picture you as Kristin Chenoweth and other times as Christine Lahti.

  282. God bless you, SophieCT.

  283. Wow NES, I had to do the google. You’re hot.

  284. Can I vote? I’m not in NH so might as well have fun!
    I say Christine Lahti

  285. I don’t know imust. I think NES looks hot with blond hair. So I’m voting for Kristin Chenoweth.

  286. First blond out of Pakistan. Praise Allah.

  287. Blondes aren’t just born….they’re made!

  288. So NES, are you the short one or the tall one?

  289. That’s right imust. Mine comes out of a box…

  290. Truth to say, SophieCT, I’m neither — I’m a figment of Uppity’s imagination and FF’s artwork.

  291. LOL!!! Love it!

  292. Whoa! Santorum is starting to break away from (and ahead of) Newtie. That would be a humiliating defeat for the Eye of the Newt.

  293. NES, not that I like Santorum but I really dislike Newtie Petwoie. So would be happy to see the Grinch finish 5th.

  294. This must be driving dinnah-jacket and the mullahs nuts!


  295. I’m with you on that, goofsmom. Newtie is, overall, more dangerous because no one buys into Santorum’s 15th c. Catholic worldview.

  296. NES, maybe Mel Gibson?

  297. no one buys into Santorum’s 15th c. Catholic worldview.

    I bet Benedict thinks it is peachy-keen. 🙂

  298. Ok, no one other than Mel Gibson.

  299. Benedict is more 16th c., doncha think?

  300. I think Upps has been kidnapped by the small man in the boat. SEND IN THE MARINES!

  301. Benedict is more 16th c., doncha think?

    I dunno really. is there that much difference in the church between 15th and 16th centuries?

  302. Good choice here:

    Jan 10 (TheWrap.com) – Kim Kardashian isn’t going to the dogs. It’s actually worse — she’s being replaced by a dog.

    The reality TV starlet — who raised eyebrows and more than a few pulses with her Super Bowl ad for Skechers’ Shape-Up shoe in 2011 — won’t be repeating her shilling duties for the footwear company this year. Instead, Skechers is going with a spot featuring a French bulldog.

  303. Hilarious on the French Bulldog, Fredster.

  304. The name “Benedict” always makes me hungry for breakfast.

  305. Where’s lorac? I want to know what size shoe she wears.

  306. Interesting tidbit – In New Hampshire you have to win at least 10% of the statewide vote to be awarded a delegate. You receive 1 additional delegate for every 10% of the votes you get. I.E. you win 30% = 3 delegates.

    After that the remaining delegates are given to whom ever won the statewide vote.

    Special Note: Because NH violated RNC rules and is holding their election prior to the Official start of the RNC primary season in February they will only be able to have 1/2 of the usual delegates awarded. This is true for South Carolina and Florida also.


  307. With both Newtie the Grinch and UnSanitary having less than 10% of the vote in NH, they don’t get any delegates. 😉

  308. Yeah, I got a chuckle out of that one about Miz Kim.

    The name “Benedict” always makes me hungry for breakfast.

    The term treason crosses my mind sometimes when I hear it.

  309. Interesting tidbit – In New Hampshire you have to win at least 10% of the statewide vote to be awarded a delegate. You receive 1 additional delegate for every 10% of the votes you get. I.E. you win 30% = 3 delegates.

    After that the remaining delegates are given to whom ever won the statewide vote.

    Also, if you are left standing when the music ends, you are out of the race and forfeit any and all delegates you got. 😉

  310. Like musical chairs Fredster or a hard night drinking??? LOL..

  311. Yeah, goofsmom, like musical chairs. Just another one of those quirky New England traditions. LOL!

  312. I never liked musical chairs, the bigger kids always pushed me off. J/K…

    I would get even the next time we played and would pull the chair out from under them. 👿

  313. @goofsmom: LOL!!

  314. Wow 317 comments! If Uppity decides to post that photo on Sunday I hope there’s enough bandwidth!

  315. Imust,

    My luck I’ll get called into work on Sunday and will miss the fleeting 15 sec picture of Upps. sigh….

  316. We’ll do a screen shot for you goofs 😉

  317. Thanks Imust, that would be lovely. 🙂

  318. NES at 1128, “The name “Benedict” always makes me hungry for breakfast.”

    Yup. Eggs Benedict, anyone?

    That and a little voice saying Arnold right after Benedict.

    With all due respect for Holy Father Benedict XVI. He really clicked with the centuries of past. That must be why he chose that name, and why he sports those slick red papal shoes. He has revived a lot of tradition in the church.

    As for ladies shoes however, the standard sizes of the average women in America seem to be quite prevalent here per the comments.

    Anyone into red heels?

  319. man in a boat?

    Can I buy a hint? lol

  320. NES, how do you expect me to know my shoe size – my personal shopper takes care of all that!

  321. Lorac, ask FF.

  322. I never see FF. She hides from me!

  323. I hope UW will forgive this one HA article since it speaks to us:

  324. @NES-1:53: I saw you wrote HA and thought you meant an agenda for certain of us folks. 😉

    However I read the article and saw this:

    In just the past week, he’s announced “new” summer jobs for would-be Obama Zombies

    Oh my Gawd, we’ll have to deal with them again polluting websites. 👿

  325. Messed up my blockquote

  326. fredster, finally another person here posting Hee Haw videos besides me!

  327. HillBilly, only because it described the way I felt after that Nat’l Champ game. 😉

  328. NES if you don’t stop picking on my feet, I’m gonna tell em how tall you really are.

  329. Oooooh – now that you mention it how tall NES is – there’s a new show called “little people” (or something like that), it’s about a husband and wife dwarfs, and they’re both professionals! Maybe the woman is an MD, but maybe she’s a LAWYER! Maybe she’s NES!

  330. Yea I’m a giant next to NES. Bwahahahahaha. Her feet belong on somebody else and she’s picking on my pretty toes. 6.5 to 7 is not considered unordinary. They’re supposed to be feet not kayaks.

    And she takes the room too!

  331. I’ll send you a video on man and boat, lorac.

    I want to comment on santorum almost taking gingrich. It just goes to show you how convoluted and deranged the religious right really is. Even gingrich isn’t crazy enough for them.

  332. Told ya, lorac — I’m 9 feet tall!

    As for Upps, she has perfectly proportioned feet and pretty toes to boot.

  333. Well, NES, that’s one way not to get me to tell them how tall you are.

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