What’s your line?

Anyone else old enough to remember this series?  🙂



And below, here’s one for FF’s twin sister:




The game show host in the video above says at the end that Barbra Streisand was 23 years old.  I had no idea she was already so famous at such a young age!


Now – time to guess UW’s line!  You can guess more than once.  And you can pick “other”, then put your own guess in the comments – that might be the most interesting part!

***Disclaimer:  this is all in fun.  We won’t expect UW to tell us what is right and what is wrong.  But she has so much knowledge and so many talents, she could have been many of the choices!

Let’s have some FUN!!!! 🙂    And it’s not all that different than the old time game show – we’re VIRTUALLY  blindfolded!  lol




and haha!  Santorum only got 10% in New Hampshire, and Perry got 1%!  hahaha



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  1. Hey, how come DE never comes around anymore? I miss him! I’m going to order some stuff from him one of these days…. He went to Florida to work with FF, and then POOF!, never heard from again. And frankly, FF hasn’t been around much since then, either. What has FF done with DE? We need Jessica Fletcher!

  2. I miss him too. And I have no idea.

    FF has been very busy and has had some life interruptions, so she’s doing her best. After all, she never lets us down with our headers even if she doesn’t say something first.

  3. WTF. I just read this post. I was commenting from the admin area and didn’t notice it. Lorac, that’s it. You’re crazy. Do you not know I’m a bag lady who uses the public library computer?

  4. High school guidance counselor/professional bowler

  5. Yes and I specialized in split spares and pointing out which kids would end up in Rahway prison with remarkable accuracy.

  6. It’s early yet. So far “nothing, has a sugar daddy” is winning. The only thing I’m sure of is, she’s no Navy Seal. I know this because I asked. She said “no,” I believed her.

    Tell me something… How much do you get paid to be Hillary’s second cousin?

  7. Hmmmm. Teacher, computer expert, chef. All of the aforementioned? With political activist thrown in on the side?

  8. Vivien, considering some of the chit I’ve written here, if I were Hillary’s second cousin, she would probably pay me not to say so.

    I’ve mentioned many times that I taught high school English before I did some major 180s. So that one’s a no brainer. But the others are intersting because several of them are actually correct, one of them is HALF correct and one is missing.

    Riddle me this!

    I’m off now, to pull down all the shades in the house…

  9. CAIR Activist for Sharia rights in Oklahoma???

  10. Wait, if UW says several are correct, should we pick more than one?

  11. HAHAHAH Park! I missed you!!!!!! I knew you told me you’d be back but it took you so long!

  12. She knows a lot about feet….podiatrist? Or really shoe size…shoe salesperson?

  13. Yeah. Me and Al Bundy sold shoes together!

  14. I was also a life guard in a car wash.

  15. You know Al Bundy??

  16. He’s the King!

  17. LOL! Truthfully, I never watched that show! But I saw enough of it to know that I didn’t want to watch it.

  18. I was just reading a post by Steve Rosinski on fb that 10% of the Democratic NH primary vote went to a write in….hmm….they’ll know the name later today.

  19. Actually it was larger than that, he picked up 82 percent. I have a post on it for tomorrow.

    Of course they won’t tell you if anyone wrote in Hillary because she was not registered to be on the ballot–so she ‘doesnt count’ just like she didn’t count when they stole her delegates. And because she scares the crap out of them anyways.

  20. Interesting Uppity. Can’t wait to read your post then. That creep Spector wrote a piece saying Hillary should be VP. I didn’t link it because I can’t stand Spector.

  21. Missed you too, UW. Life has been strange, but no more for me than anyone else, I guess…

  22. WAIT a MINUTE! I re-read it….Spector said they should dump OBAMA and replace with Hillary! LOL!

  23. debbie wasserman is really tarnishing herself shilling for obama. She is not at all convincing and seems as though she has to hold her stomach as she does it. I wonder how she really feels about him?

  24. ACK. Who cares what Spector thinks. He went down in shame just like he deserved to and he’s a sexist pig to the nines besides. Much as I can’t think of anything about Bachmann I like, I remember well when he told her to ‘act like a lady’. Fuck him. He needs to go finish out his life and leave the rest of us the hell alone. He has no credibility and he has no more say than anybody else now. go away, asshole.

  25. I’m with myiq2u. Pro bowler, yup that’s it.

  26. I’m in agreement Uppity, that’s why I didn’t post the link. Spector is a pig!

  27. Yes i do remember that it was a comment I had to take down. I pretty much thought everything was okay but I guess it wasn’t. I tend to forget about those things once they are over, no sense of taking things to another level. I admittedly am conscious of certain types of comments, and most times it’s an accident. I only know of one person who did it deliberately and that was dealt with, but not him. He ususally didn’t mean it. I shall have to beg his forgiveness. I’ll take down your comments though M, if you don’t mind. No sense of us inviting others to talk about a good person here. And the other person mentioned is just a plain old whiny turd stirrer. But thank you for your information and help. Obviously, I’m a member of DENSA on that one.

  28. Hi Kendall, long time no see!

    Yes I agree Wasserman is behaving a lot like somebody who sees what she wants to see. Probably something in it for her. That’s how politics rolls, you know. But it kind of reminds me of when someone is in love with a jerk and they make a fool of themselves while everyone else shakes their heads. Also, Obama is a very punishing despot. So it could be that she’s afraid of him.

  29. Hey Your Pieness, when you see them reveal the ‘name’ post it so I can update tomorrow’s post. I just put down that there were write ins. They had a list of the write ins but they didn’t list Hillary, probably because she didn’t ‘register’ as a write in. They did go out of their way to mention write ins for people like Vermin Supreme, who was ‘registered’. Some of the titles to articles on Obama’s win are a riot. you would think he had an opponent.

  30. imust I loved Married With Children because it was such an obvious satire on toxic families. They were positively toxic for one another.

  31. Park, are you still here? Hope everything is okay for you.

  32. I’m with myiq2u. Pro bowler, yup that’s it.

    I guess that explains the balls!

  33. Twandx! I LOVE that video. MUST find on youtube and use!

    edit: Found it.

  34. I’m with myiq2u. Pro bowler, yup that’s it.

    I guess that explains the balls!

    *snort* ROFLMAO!

  35. Sanitarium thinks he is more Catholic than the Pope. The other Rick likes the taste of his feet.

  36. AnnE, the fact that Rick perry even got 1% is a stark reminder that zealots will vote for any other zealot, even if he doesn’t have any grey matter.

  37. Balsey? Absolutely. Surely, we cannot leave out cat whisperer. I’m certain that you directed that herding video?

  38. upps said.
    I’m a member of DENSA on that one. 😆
    lots of us upps. 🙂

  39. What the heck is wrong with pro bowling? I love the PBA. One of my favorite vid games is bowling!
    UW, I know what you really are: An in the closet redneck gal, just waiting to come out of the trailer and embrace your inner hillbilly. And no, that ain’t no incest remark either! You wpuld be a great addition to our team! Just think, you could throw away all your shoes except for the flip-flops, wear skin tight spandex, and a halter top, and scream “get the hell off my lawn or I will shoot yur ass” at other necks who walk across your half dead lawn at the trailer park, while you are sipping boxed wine, on the couch that is on the porch!

  40. Anyone else old enough to remember this series?
    Do you remember when most of daytime TV programming was a “test pattern”?

  41. You are dead on Conservative…she should embrace her “inner hillybilly.”

  42. mcnorman…here is a classic match. I remember watching this on a Saturday afternoon with dad, and mom! Earl was the Babe Ruth of bowlig, and roth was the Mays!

  43. You are dead on Conservative…she should embrace her “inner hillybilly.”

    Aw god, somebody kill me now.

  44. Congratulations SHV, you just fossilized yourself.

  45. Um Hillbilly…
    Can…can I keep six dawgs under my porch? Because I’m not going without the dogs. And the cats.

  46. MizzBilly;AKA UW, You know you can! I have 4 pups and 4 cats. My newly adopted, old man cat Amos, caught a gopher the other morning, but most of his teeth are missing, so he was just walking around with a crying gopher in his mouth. Poor Amos, no nads and no choppers.

  47. Damn Conservative…real hawties! By today’s standards, someone needs a mooby job. JK
    Just to be clear, our town hosted one of these big shing digs last year! Sold out.

  48. shv, I have watched the Flintstones and they had tv. You can’t be older than Fred and Wilma. Maybe you just had a crappy set of rabbit ears?

  49. I’m a member of DENSA on that one.
    lots of us upps

    Don’t you just hate when you wake up stupid?

  50. Aw poor amos has got him dental disease. If you vet him, the vet will clean up his mouth and remaining toofers and it will keep him alive, because tooth disease causes all kinds of organ illnesses with kittehs. The nads thing being gone…well that’s a good thing. Poor gopher, couldn’t even die with dignity.

    I will not east possum, though Mr. Billy. That’s final.

  51. Gopher lived! And I will get him checked on my next payday. Thanks for the 4-1-1 MizzBilly!

  52. I bet that gopher found god, John.

    Yes, get amos’ toofers done. It’s key to his future health. I swear.

  53. “Congratulations SHV, you just fossilized yourself.”
    To complete the process, I think my parents got a TV in 1951 but I remember watching a neighbors TV in the late 40s. The the set was cabinet size but the screen was so small that they had a 12″ magnifying glass on a stand in front of it. It was wonderful.

    Funny I can remember that shit but yesterday looking I spent an hour looking for my glasses. :>) Fortunately, it’s not early dementia; it turned out that a cat had pushed them under a chair. Now where are my damn car keys, I have to drive to Houston to watch the Olympic marathon trials on Sat and my wife is running 26.2 miles on Sunday.

  54. You’re cracking me up SHV. Usually my cats take watches. All of them. I did find one. In my shoe. But this all reminds me of my late mother who called me on the phone in a panic swearing her cat took her hearing aid. Now I went over and she was saying I was being a condescending snot and that she didn’t “lose” it. The cat stole it and that was that. Well, the thing is, my mother completely lost her hearing in one ear as a young girl after a fire which burned her pony Joey to a crisp. When she saw him she screamed so loudly she broke her drum. She needed that damned hearing aid. So I continued to humor her and as time went on she got more hysterical. In fact she was so upset, her cat just hauled off and brought back the hearing aid and dropped it in front of her. lolol. Thanks for the memory, although it wasn’t as funny as the time she called me to get over there before she murdered my father. Whem I walked in, there was a very strong chicken stock odor. And hanging from the fixtures and the ceiling were noodles. Lots of noodles. My mother said words even I hadn’t said in awhile. It seems she took a business call and asked him to watch the pressure cooker. He left the room and forgot.

    Now what does all of this have to do with you losing your keys and your cat taking your glasses. Well, I did have a reason to tie it all in…….but I forgot it.

  55. Can we talk about pressure cookers UW? hahahahaha

  56. “Now what does all of this have to do with you losing your keys and your cat taking your glasses. Well, I did have a reason to tie it all in…….but I forgot it.”
    Probably has something to do with the sorry state of American politics and the fact that the country is going/gone into the shitter. I have stopped discussing politics, since, in a one party State, it is just Kvetching without purpose.,

  57. UW: no problem, I just wanted you to know

    Next time I will e-mail you ——–with updated pictures of my Davey
    of course

  58. oh no michelina, you did a good thing and i appreciate it. I just figured others might join in on the analysis and that isn’t what we would want. Don’t worry about it. You are a GOOD messenger.

  59. SHV, much as it makes me sick, you are so right. Which is why I am opting to have fun more often on the blog. All politics offers us is worms.

  60. Can we talk about pressure cookers UW? hahahahaha

    ROFL! I could have been much more graphic but didn’t want to make too long a post, seeing that SHV has lapses now. lolol.

    Anyways, it was brutal, Mcn. Brutal I tell you. There were noodles everywhere. They made it to the next room! My mother found noodes for days. Had to paint the whole ceiling too.

  61. They made it to the next room! My mother found noodes for days. Had to paint the whole ceiling too.

    Holy cow! That is severe, but then again a pressure cooker is a bomb waiting to happen if not watched.

  62. Truthfully? I laughed my ass off. I couldn’t help it. But in all honesty, I have never been able to use a pressure cooker since that day. When my mother passed, I gave her pressure cookers away.

  63. Plural? Woah, she must have loved using them. They are great if you don’t forget to keep an eye on them.

  64. That was fun checking off all the boxes in the poll. UW has been leading quite a multifaceted life. For all we know, UW is probably some famous movie star or novelist.

  65. Uppity, Still4Hill is also working on finding the names of the NH write ins:

  66. Well, even if Hillary only got a few thousand write-ins, that’s still a lot considering she was not registered and has repeatedly said she will not run. The popularity polls are high for her and prove how admired she is.

    She made us proud all along but now she has made believers out of many who spent ’08 bashing her to push their POS.

  67. I’ve wondered where DE was and started to ask a dozen times but didn’t want to step on toes so just let it go. I was away for a while and some people disappeared around here so I figured something happened.

    Utah, good luck with the wrist! I sprained mine a few weeks ago and have been on light duty at work. Sprained my ankle too. And I’ve been feeling sorry for myself, but this too shall pass.

    All of you ailing Uppity people, get well and stay well.

  68. My union has of course decided to endorse the faux man again. They were gung ho for Hillary until the last day of her campaign. They reluctantly chose the doofus as a back up plan. For Hillary they had her picture on the front page of our magazine and lots of coverage of her in every newsletter. For the fraud they’ve had to make stuff up to fill the short paragraph about him they wrote. The funny part is they start by mentioning his foreign policy strides as being outstanding. I keep hearing that from so many sources. Now why has that arena been something HE accomplished? I am certain he had nothing to do with it. Except of course for promoting places as vacation destinations.

  69. The FDA announced Wednesday that it would temporarily halt all imports of foreign orange juice. The blockade was prompted by fears that some foreign orange juice — especially juice imported from Brazil — contains traces of carbenzadim, a fungicide banned in the United States. The import ban is set to last until the FDA has finished conducting a thorough investigation of fungicide levels.

    The news of the OJ import ban comes just one day after it was revealed that the FDA would ramp up testing for the illegal additive.

    WTF!!!? With all the oranges in Florida and California we IMPORT orange juice????????????????

  70. Note:
    Tropicana, minute maid, Tree Ripe and ..cough cough….”America’s Choice” orange juice producers get their oranges from Florida AND Brazil (where carbenzadim is legal) . Just so you know.

  71. Oranges for sales, I have oranges for sale.

    Kidding, but I do have citrus trees. 1 of each, orange, lemon and grapefruit. Also a Santa Rosa plum and a golden delicious apple. 🙂

    You’re so right Upps, with all the crops we have in the US why the heck do we have to import. Oh, that’s right… their fruit ripens at different times of the year than ours does. The importing is so people can have fresh fruit year round as opposed to eating what is in season.

  72. Interesting poll results in this post.

  73. Goofs, wish I could have a lemon tree. I got through lemons like there’s no tomorrow.

  74. Really what’s the difference what’s in season? They process the shit out of those oranges and make concentrate out of them. You can hang onto that crap for a year. Then they homogenize the crap out of it till the only resemblence to fresh is the color, and even that is probably an additive.

  75. Upps, I have one tree and it is full mature, so I have more than I can use. I’d ship them to ya except I think there is a law against it. Sigh….

    I have gotten creative after I give bags to friends and family. I then squeeze some fresh and freeze them in special ice cube trays. Then when I need lemon juice I just thaw one or I drop a couple in a fresh brewed pitcher of iced tea. You get the idea. 😀

  76. Very true on the additives. It’s pretty sad but most children now days wouldn’t have a clue what real fresh squeezed juice tasted like. They probably wouldn’t like it because it wouldn’t be sweet enough for them.

  77. I just saw that story on OJ (the juice not the other guy). I was going to post but Uppity was in my head again so she already noted the bizarre nature of importing something when we have abundant crops here.

    I believe one of the company’s, I think the growers coop, had a commercial where they pointed out that their juice comes solely from Florida oranges. That is when I first realized they were importing oranges for juice.

  78. TSA Trainer?

  79. Here is the brand: Florida’s Natural.


    The commercial I recall started running several years ago – the voice over mentioned the importation of oranges for juice.

  80. Oh yeah Goofs. And lemonade, lots of it. Oh man. Lemon pie. Oh chit. Lemons. I love them. I don’t think it’s illegal to mail fruit baskets is it?

    I remember when my grandmother used to press a boatload of oranges on that green thing and that was orange juice. That really WAS orange juice. I stick em in my juicer with some grapefruits sometimes and a couple of strawberries. But my all time favorite is pineapple juice. I LOVE pineapples. I whack em with my cleaver, which is also fun.

  81. I have a yummy lemonade cake recipe hanging around here somewhere. I should dig it up for you.

    Do you cook with lemon a lot? I am a major lemon user.

  82. Pastor accused of bigamy. Well it’s about time they started doing it the way they really want to. Beats paying for divorces.

  83. Yup here it is, had it in my files. Imagine using real lemons.

    Lemonade Layer Cake

    1 1/3 cups granulated sugar
    6 tablespoons butter, softened
    1 tablespoon grated lemon rind
    3 tablespoons thawed lemonade concentrate
    2 teaspoons vanilla extract
    2 large eggs
    2 large egg whites
    2 cups all-purpose flour
    1 teaspoon baking powder
    1/2 teaspoon salt
    1/2 teaspoon baking soda
    1 1/4 cups fat-free buttermilk
    Cooking spray

    2 tablespoons butter, softened
    2 teaspoons grated lemon rind
    2 teaspoons thawed lemonade concentrate
    1/2 teaspoon vanilla extract
    8 ounces 1/3-less-fat cream cheese
    3 1/2 cups powdered sugar

    Preheat oven to 350°.To prepare cake, place first 5 ingredients in a large bowl; beat with a mixer at medium speed until well blended (about 5 minutes). Add eggs and egg whites, 1 at a time, beating well after each addition. Lightly spoon flour into dry measuring cups; level with a knife. Combine flour, baking powder, salt, and baking soda; stir well with a whisk. Add flour mixture and buttermilk alternately to sugar mixture, beginning and ending with flour mixture; beat well after each addition.

    Pour batter into 2 (9-inch) round cake pans coated with cooking spray; sharply tap pans once on counter to remove air bubbles. Bake at 350° for 20 minutes or until wooden pick inserted in center comes out clean. Cool in pans 10 minutes on a wire rack; remove from pans. Cool completely on wire rack.

    To prepare frosting, place 2 tablespoons butter and the next 4 ingredients (2 tablespoons butter through cream cheese) in a large bowl; beat with a mixer at high speed until fluffy. Add powdered sugar, and beat at low speed just until blended (do not overbeat). Chill 1 hour.

    Place 1 cake layer on a plate; spread with 1/2 cup frosting. Top with remaining cake layer. Spread remaining frosting over top and sides of cake. Store cake loosely covered in the refrigerator.

  84. Whaaaaaat? Ultra-homogenizwed, fungicide OJ?

    How about Kool-Aid for breakfast instead.

  85. Gee, that’s some lemon cake, UW.

    Do you ship?

  86. Nope. You gotta come to dinner to get some.

  87. RUTHERFORD, N.J. — Several Molotov cocktails and other incendiary devices were thrown at a northern New Jersey synagogue early Wednesday, igniting a fire in the second-floor bedroom of the rabbi’s residence in an attack that is being treated as both a bias crime and attempted murder, police said.

    Wednesday’s attack on Congregation Beth El in Rutherford was the fourth bias incident within a month against a Jewish religious institution or center in northern New Jersey, police said. Within the last three weeks, a fire was intentionally set at a synagogue in Paramus and anti-Semitic graffiti was discovered at synagogues in Hackensack and Maywood.

    Bias Crime. My ass. What the H is a Bias Crime? If it were a mosque it would be called a hate crime.

  88. Your kitchen must be some delight when you bake. Your household must be happy at the conclusion of each meal, too.

  89. Upps, great idea on the fruit basket, I’ll check it out. 😉

    I don’t bake, Mr. Goofs bakes. His dad was a baker after WWII, the Mr has been trying to find his dad’s lemon cake receipe for years.

    I’ll let him take a whirl with yours, once we get the oven fixed. His dad’s had a coconut 7 minute frosting on it.

  90. You people in cybersphere are making the rest of us salivate with your delicious recipes. Have compassion. it is dinner time.

  91. Uppity,

    RE: any citrus… I love but it doesn’t love me. Well only if it is fresh off the tree.

    I have an acid intolerant stomach, darn thing, so no store bought juices or juice made with fruit from the grocery store. They add citric acid to premade juices and the fruit in store is picked before ripe and has higher acid content.

    The one’s off the tree fresh are the best, they have ripened and are tart not acidy.

    Yummy…. 😉

  92. Sorry crier. I’m in CA and won’t have dinner for an hour or so, so I’m dying here too… 😉

  93. Goofsmom, yummmmmmm coconut. Any coconut cream pie in your arsenal for us paltry commoners? Lemon meringue?

  94. You two ought to have a bakery blog.

  95. No Coconut cream pie… Mr. Goof want’s to get the Lemon Cake perfected and he will also be practicing on making Lemon meringue. The Lemon meringue receipe is courtesy of my 95 year old Aunt Mae. 🙂

  96. Did someone mention PIE?

  97. Dear googsmom,
    Please ask Mr. Goof to consider sharing that Lemon Meringe recipe. Pretty PPPPPLLLLLLLEEEEAAAAASSSEEE with a cherry on the top.

  98. Actually I’m not a baker. Cook, yes. I like cooking because it’s an art. Baking is a science. But I do make a few good desserts. But like I would never be baking all those Christmas cookies or anything like that. I make great bread, though.

  99. McNorman,

    I’ll be seeing my aunt in the next couple of weeks and am getting that and some other extra special mid west farm receipes. I promise to share. 🙂

  100. Debbie Wasserman is the Baghdad Bob of the Dem Pty.

  101. Ouch NES

  102. UW, you got mail.

  103. Upps, how can Goofs send you a basket of lemons if she doesn’t have your mailing address? And, if she can get it, why can’t I?

  104. NES I love when you get J!

  105. Debbie Wasserman is the Baghdad Bob of the Dem Pty.

    OMG. This is so funny!

  106. got the cake recipe saved to Word.

    Also, Jim deMint (R-asshole) will be on Jon Stewart’s show tonight. Should be hilarious.

  107. ina garten makes a nice lemon loaf cake too. Has yogurt in it and fresh lemon juice and peel. I had it once and thought it was good.

  108. demint on stewart? The guy had a personality bypass long ago. I hope Jon has lots of comedy material because he’s not going to get the funnayyyyy out of demint.

  109. I hope Jon has lots of comedy material because he’s not going to get the funnayyyyy out of demint.

    I think that *will* be the funny part, Stewart.

  110. Here’s another link on write ins Uppity. It’s just a small vote, but I gather its from a small town in NH.
    And here’s another interesting read:

  111. SHV: Do you remember when most of daytime TV programming was a “test pattern”?

    No, but maybe it was when I was in school…? But your comment reminded me – at night there was no TV, the stations (we got a few from Chicago – WGN, and then the others were on that second dial you used to have on TVs), and a couple from New York) would play the national anthem and then sign off for the night! I hadn’t thought of that in so long! It wasn’t a big deal then when I was young, but I’ve grown into something of a night owl – I only watch a few stations, but I’m aware I pay for around 1 million, and they’re always on! What really amazes me, is how many stations seem to be full-time (or a lot of the time, anyway) 30-minute commercials – yuk! I’ve seen them on the tv-guide channel listed even for the daytime!

  112. Tee Vee was all live through the 50s too. Didn’t that guy Pinky Lee drop dead on his own show?

  113. Oh boy, this looked like a fun show. Kind of like a root canal with a screen.

  114. I’m just thinking now – we had channels on 2, 5 (NBC?), 7, 9 (WGN), and 32 (second dial, WLS or WCFL, can’t remember, but it’s what we used to watch Son of Svengali on late night on Saturdays). 2 and 7 were either ABC or CBS.

    It’s making me realize that I can remember my address and phone number from when I grew up, but half the time I have to think twice what my current phone number is! Scary! (of course, I don’t know ANY one’s phone numbers anymore, since everything is on the cell phone….)

  115. Paula Deen is disgusting. Look at this. My God.

  116. Don’t you just hate when you wake up stupid?

    My advice: let him sleep, and have a peaceful breakfast by yourself…. lol

  117. Here she is frying a freaking cheesecake. This woman is sick

  118. Lasagna sandwich. Dear Jesus.

  119. Did anyone see this? OMG it’s so funny!

  120. I love fried cheese cake!! With a raspberry sauce. Yummmmmm.

  121. My guess on the half-true occupation guess:

    Olympic marathon runner

  122. I cook and bake sometimes (I don’t actually do fried things), but it’s about the end result for me, not the process. If I made cheesecake, I wouldn’t want the extra step of having to then fry something that was totally done already! Too much work for this one! lol

  123. “Paula Deen is disgusting..”
    For the few nano seconds that it take me to change the channel when she come on, it’s like hearing finger nails on a slate blackboard. The ‘Bitch’n Kitchen” woman ain’t far behind.

  124. Who posted that video of the kid and the lion – can’t remember – oh, YEAH, I HATE when people say “he’s crying like a little girl”, or “running away like a little girl” – I always say, are you SERIOUS? Do you honestly think little boys don’t cry or run away? Get REAL! Cut the d*mn sexism! If you mean someone is being like a child, or immature, SAY that! I don’t even like when they say “they should get some balls”, when what they REALLY mean is courage or strength! I hate how people have genderized human emotions that we ALL have…

  125. Gosh, you’re right, Michelle. Same with Hillary. When they criticized HER for being strong, it was racist and they claimed it was because she was WHITE. So it must be racist when they criticize you, too.

    In a wide-ranging interview with “CBS This Morning” co-host Gayle King, the first lady also said that some have tried to portray her as an “angry black woman” since Mr. Obama first announced he was seeking the presidency.

    ” … I guess it’s more interesting to imagine this conflicted situation here and a strong woman and– you know? But that’s been an image that people have tried to paint of me since the day Barack announced, that I’m some angry black woman.”

  126. Here she is frying a freaking cheesecake. This woman is sick

    Stop pickin’ on the Southerners. You yankees do some weird shit too.

    Yeah, I’ll have a garbage plate. Bleh.

  127. oh, imust, imust, imust – you put a photo of Obama on your blog, without even a warning beforehand!

  128. … I guess it’s more interesting to imagine this conflicted situation here and a strong woman and– you know? But that’s been an image that people have tried to paint of me since the day Barack announced, that I’m some angry black woman.”

    I know. I know, Michelle. Like maybe it couldn’t have possibly been some of the shit you said that created that impression.

  129. Ewwwww…. fried cheesecake! Only things I like fried are potatoes, chicken and chicken fried steak and only in veggie oil.

    I have never had the urge for deep fried twinkies… blech…

  130. The food is a heart attack Fredster. You go ahead and enjoy! I love cheesecake but any sensible person knows it’s already an indulgence without turning it into a triple whammy. I don’t give a crap what part of the country she comes from, eating the lasagna sandwich she made is simply gluttony of the highest order. She does this day in and day out. One day, she will drop dead on her own show. Better her than me.

    And that video is disgusting I agree. But that doesn’t make her any less disgusting. Seriously! Think about it!

  131. Wait, I take that back, I do like deep fried ice cream. 😀

  132. OMG! What is this website that is actually telling the TRUTH about 2008? Is this a big website? OMG. I’ve only ever seen Hillary sites tell the truth! Oooooh, that felt GOOD! (someone posted this website up above)


    As Presidential candidate Hillary Clinton went into the Democratic National Convention in 2008 against Barack Hussein Obama, she had received a majority of the popular vote against Obama, 18,045,829 to 17,869,419. Still, Obama and his Chicago machine managers fairly easily wrestled away the nomination for President from her.

  133. Goofsmom, Tell Auntie Mae she already has a lemon meringue pie fan in cybersphere, anxiously awaiting her creation, at the hands of Mr Goofs.

  134. Nah, not angry. (M.O.)

  135. lol lorac, food is paula’s sex.
    Except when she’s fondling her son on camera. That’s another thing I can’t believe I see when i see it. I was at my dentist not long ago and he was on with her and I tell you it was positively embarrassing the way they were doing each other. Jaysus.

  136. Crier, I let her know it will tickle her. She is a kick and a half. I am also dying to try out her Chicken and Dumpling receipe. Yummmy… Of course I will skip a few of the steps we used to get stuck with as kids… I never liked plucking the chicken. 😉

  137. Lorac,

    and then the others were on that second dial you used to have on TVs),

    That would have been the “UHS” knob.

  138. Not exactly smiles here either:

  139. Goofsmom,

    I never liked plucking the chicken.


  140. lorac, were you thinking of the UHF dial on the tv?

  141. towne – that’s right, that sounds familiar now that you say it!

  142. kids today wouldn’t even know about ONE dial on a TV, let alone TWO lol

  143. Hahaha Doritos makes great commercials. Ever seen that one with the dog and the zap collar? Cracks me up

  144. crier,

    I’m not that old but Auntie Mae lives in an unincorporated area and they had chickens and a half acre garden. I also know how to can, preserve and churn butter. 😉

  145. goofs, you and towne are reading the thread in the same place at the same time lol

  146. OMG Uppity! You still have it… I was drinking water when I looked at the doritos vid… Now I’m wiping off the screen… 😯

  147. Michelle is having a severe case of amnesia. She IS an angry black woman. The fake image makeup requires 26 assistants to get her looking like a sweet contented little first lady. She must be proud of her country for the first time.

  148. Lorac,

    Must be… the only reason I remember that is because my dad made it a point to give me a looooooong lecture about it when I was a kid. It stands for ultra high frequency. Sigh….

  149. how DO you deep fry ice cream Goofs? I saw a video of them deep frying a big mac and that was horrid. But they had to use a batter. Do you use a batter?

  150. The food is a heart attack Fredster

    Well she doesn’t serve stuff like that at her restaurant. (the overboard stuff)


    I haven’t been there but from people I know that have, the snowbirds really love it on their annual migrations back and forth and it’s so close to I-95 and all. 😉

    I think one of the sons is gay and closeted. IMHO only.

  151. how DO you deep fry ice cream Goofs Wrap it in a won-ton like the cheese cake?

  152. The only thing I hope is that the press piece reminds everyone about that remark. “For the first time in my life I am proud of my country”


  153. I like chicken fried steak. Paula would put sausage on top of it and maybe some cream cheese and chocolate.

  154. Pioneer woman has a great chicken fried steak recipe FYI

  155. I just watched one of those wife swapping shows. One family – goth (I didn’t even know grownups were ever goth), the dad had long hair and made the boy have long hair, the dad used to be some kind of dancer and made the boys take ballet. Kids had a lot of teasing.

    Other family – super involved in ice hockey. Two little boys were hockey players, and mom and dad have them on a team, get them private lessons, and spend their own free time at the rink watching the boys. Poor teenage daughter takes ballet, but parents wouldn’t pay for HER to have private lessons, and they didn’t go to watch her practice or performances.

    The goth dad kept saying how this was their way of expressing their individuality, even though the poor boy kept saying he didn’t want long hair, and wanted to play football, not ballet. The dad was totally clueless that he was forcing his kids to have HIS individuality.

    (I don’t personally care if a boy has long hair – although if ANYone’s hair is all snarly and gross, I think it should be cut or fixed somehow!*, but this boy’s was very pretty – or takes ballet, but this kid had been very clear with his dad that he did NOT want those things, and the dad didn’t care That’s so wrong. And what an idiot, clearly forcing the boy to do the things the dad himself liked against the kid’s objections, but then saying goth was a way for the kid to express his own individuality – first clue -if someone is strongly objecting, it’s NOT their individuality lol)

    *Don’t get me started on dreadlocks – why anyone would want to intentionally put snarly hair on their head totally evades me lol

  156. Yum! Chicken fried steak! With gravy! And Hushpuppies!

  157. Deep frying ice cream I don’t do. I buy in restaurants. They take very frozen Ice cream shaped like a dome and batter, cover with corn flakes or something like that and dip it in a deep fryer.

    It has cinnamon and sugar in the batter.

    Yummy… but a big mess to make at home. Let me go see if I can find a vid or receipe for ya’s

  158. Here ya go. Frying a big mac.

  159. Well, she must need more than 26, because she’s NOT pulling that look off lol

    sweet contented little first lady

  160. Yum! Chicken fried steak! With gravy! And Hushpuppies!

    Hushpuppies!!! 😯 You have mashed taters with chicken fried steak!

  161. I guess they have to take the only healthy stuff (lettuce, tomato, pickles) out if they’re going to fry the Big Mac Why not, might as well go the whole way into that dark hole of unhealth lol

    Hmmm I’m not sure is “unhealth” is even a word lol

  162. The Conservative Hillbilly

    Just think, you could throw away all your shoes except for the flip-flops, wear skin tight spandex, and a halter top, and scream “get the hell off my lawn or I will shoot yur ass” at other necks who walk across your half dead lawn at the trailer park, while you are sipping boxed wine, on the couch that is on the porch!


    Sounds fun! Especially if you get to sit on your couch on the front porch with your double barrell.

  163. Now this does look like some home cookin’. LOL!

  164. I liked hushpuppies with chicken fried steak!! Yum!

    More links from S4H’s Hillary fb page:

  165. Fredster, imust, chicken fried steak…..YUM! With gravy, of course.

  166. I must: In the south people have hushpuppies mostly with fish, esp. fried fish.

  167. Thanks everyone!! I’m cravin’ BACON right now….for some reason.

  168. Okay, here is a receipe that is like what I remember. The link also has an instructional vid.


  169. I know Fred, but I don’t like fish. But I loved hushpuppies….so I ordered chicken fried steak with hushpuppies….and gravy ‘natch.

  170. towncriere said: Fredster, chicken fired steak…..YUM! With gravy, of course.

    And naturally, smothering the mashed taters.

  171. Imust: Okay, to each….

    BTW, here’s your bacon.

  172. I like hush puppies. Never could get into that grits thing though.

  173. imust you don’t like a fish fry?

  174. Upps: I think grits are an acquired taste thing. However, you can put a little sugar or brown sugar on them if you are having them for breakfast.

  175. Fredster do they use tartar sauce on fish fry in the south?

  176. fried catfish is delicious. Hope Utah doesn’t read this. lolol.

    Gotta have it with ketchup.

  177. Gee, this place gets hopping when the sun goes down.

    Midnight snack anyone?

  178. I’m taking off right now to drive up to a hotel in Anaheim, and tomorrow I’m meeting some family at Disneyland.

    NES – come find me tomorrow at Disneyland, and I’ll give you UW’s address lol

  179. Yes and I can’t stand that shi uh stuff.

  180. LOL now I’m starving.

  181. towne – sometimes it gets hopping really wild, then UW has to mete out punishments – but tonight my protege vivien isn’t here, so I have no evil twin partner lol

  182. lorac,

    You must be driving right past me to get to Disneyland, could you drop off UW’s addy for me too… 😉

  183. There are the clam bakes in the NE. Then there are the crawfish boils in N.O.

    Oh my!

    Stomach rumbling……

  184. Oh I like it on a fish fry though, Fredster. Up here it’s usually fried haddock, fries and coleslaw. And tartar sauce. But some tartar sauce tastes like crap and others are really good.

  185. Fried catfish. With lemon.

  186. lorac NES left because she thinks I gave my address to Goofs for some lemons.

  187. Stop it crier, got me thinking about fish… wonder if it’s to late for hubby to whip up some fish tacos….

  188. fried catfish is delicious. Hope Utah doesn’t read this. lolol.

    Gotta have it with ketchup.

    I tend to use ketchup on tilapia too. To me just doesn’t have much of a taste.

  189. goofs – no problem! But I don’t know where you live, so I’m printing off her address right now on lots of papers, and I’ll throw one out the window every mile! Looks like I’ll be taking 5 all the way up, so go look on the shoulders of 5! lol

  190. Lobster. With lemon. And butter.

  191. I don’t like tilapia. Tastes like nothing. a really weak fish, I agree. I guess you have to smother it in something.

    But up here you never get fried catfish, gotta do it yourself. Which of course, I do. I know it’s a fugly scavenger but i still think it tastes great.

  192. UW, maybe she’s busy preparing a deposition to administer to goofs to get the info!

  193. Lorac,

    Hmmm too far south… I’m just east of the 15 and south of the 91. Dagnabit!

  194. Then there are the crawfish boils in N.O.

    Oh groan, miss that so. And the new potatoes and corn boiled in there too. They take up all of that crab boil seasoning. And *lots* of beer too!

  195. One could gain weight just reading the comments.

  196. I just don’t like any fish Uppity. And lorac! You’re going to the Happiest Place on Earth…Disneyland!

    LOL on the bacon ad Fredster. Even though that was fake bacon, it makes me want bacon even more!!!

  197. lol I actually live just east of 15, too, but apparently WAY more south of 91 (not familiar with it lol) I’m hoping I’ve missed all that L.A. traffic by waiting – I’ve heard terrible stories!

    OK, if I don’t run off with Minnie Mouse, see you all later lol

  198. I stopped by to see what’s up, now I’m hungry. I love grits, on top of my over easy eggs. A little salt, pepper, and butter. Mmmmm. Fried fish, any kind of fish. Grilled is better.

  199. Funny you all mention Tilapia… that’s what we make fish taco’s with… We cook the Tilapia well seasoned with chili, garlic and onion.

  200. Fredster, Abita?

  201. Crier unfortunately, much as I love em I don’t eat clams much anymore. Too many people I know got sick from them. I guess clams are really screwed up. We tend to eat em raw with hot sauce and vinegar. Not anymore.

  202. Fredster, how ’bout a little cornbread fresh out of the oven?

  203. But up here you never get fried catfish,

    That’s odd. Seems they could offer the farm-raised catfish.

    Do you have a cracker barrel anywhere near you?

    Choose from four Cod fillets hand-dipped in our own special batter and fried to a golden brown or our farm-raised Catfish, cut thin and tossed in a blend of cornmeal and seasonings. Both served with Steak Fries and Cole Slaw.

  204. I’m here now lorac. Catching up.

  205. drive safe lorac..

  206. imust, not even lobster or shrimp?

  207. Okay, UW, then how ’bout crab?

  208. nope…not even.

  209. Old Bay, Fredster.

    Yeah those boils are gooooooooooooood.

  210. I need bacon……stat!

  211. loac, if NES deposes her I’m sunk.

  212. I’m cracking up here. This conversation reminds me of that dom delouise movie where he calls the AA for food and they rush over and then they all start talking about food and swoon.

  213. Upps,

    NES would have to catch me first… I just won’t open the front door.

  214. townecrier: Oh yeah on the Abita and the cornbread. I don’t eat cornbread a lot but if I have a big bowl of soup or stew it’s great.
    Unfortunately, I’ve gotten used to sweet cornbread made with Jiffy cornbread mix.

  215. Code Bacon!

    Code seafood!

    Code beer!

  216. This is ridiculous! Bradgelina just waltz around the WH….aren’t there more important things for the president to be do……wait…never mind.

  217. No fish imust? Man, I could live off of just fish. Any kind.

    lorac, say hi to Mickey for me, and have a good time.

  218. Thanks crier! I will need some beer to wash down the bacon!

  219. Too bad we can’t buy beer mail order. Abita would bring back memories… Ha ha.

  220. This conversation reminds me of that dom delouise movie where he calls the AA for food and they rush over and then they all start talking about food and swoon.

    I know! LOL!!!

  221. Night all I’m off to rustle up a snack… sooooo hungry now!!!

  222. Crier: Try finding a place near you that sells Abita.


  223. Thinking about some gumbo….

  224. I’ve got the Jon Stewart replay on now, waiting on Demint or dimwit or whatevah.

  225. Where did everyone go? Hitting their fridges?

  226. I gotta go to bed before I have to eat something. Nite…

  227. Hey Fredster! Hope you’re over that game! I’ll have to check out Stewart.

  228. socal: Yeah, that’s behind me. I’ll take a season of 13 and 1. And besides we have the Saints going to S.F. for the playoffs so we still have something going on.

    Besides LSU is already expected to be in the top five for next year and they are talking about a possible BCS game of LSU/USC! 😉

  229. Upps asked.
    Don’t you just hate when you wake up stupid?
    actually I have been doing it for long.I,m kinda used to it 😆

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