Three year old girl indicates early that she’s not going to take any guff.

All I know is I would have had a heart attack if this happened to me. But not this little girl. Unflinching:  “I am NOT your lunch silly boy!” Atta girl.

Quote from the lion: Jaysus. How embarrassing!  (ht: Twandx)


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  1. LOVE that video! Wonder if the little girl has kittehs at home and has seen that behavior before (though on a much smaller scale lol)

  2. Football tomorrow!!!!

  3. Lion meet the next PM of your country.

  4. Yikes! Snowing. sleeting, freezing out here! Did a test run into town (about three miles)- forget it! The wind was making the windshield freeze faster than the defroster could work.
    Hmm- what can I cook that will take all day?

  5. Too bad utube version cut out the great learning moment given by the woman comentator to the man who said he’d scream like a little girl. So seldom do women point out traditional bias to a speaker – so it lives on.

  6. Friday the 13th.and BABY IT’S COLD OUTSIDE !!!!! 😦

  7. No surprise that it was New Zealand, home of Xena, where the young girl faced off at a lion.

    Kudoes to her mom and dad in a society that hold Xena Worrior Princes as one of its most famed persona. They are training her up to be a person, not a carbon copy of wimpy Barbie [i]doll[itry].

  8. New Zealand, home of Xena Warrior Princess. Kudoes to this young girl’s parents for bringing her up to be a person instead of a steriotype.

  9. It appears that comments are being blocked or lost in cyberspace. Just checking to see if this one gets published.

  10. Must have been the content of my opinion then.

  11. Twandx- I got you out. Spammy gets us all once in a while lol! And sometimes MKBill just randomly throws us in spam for no discernible reason.
    He’s a cat. He can do that lol.

  12. OK, I’ll try again and see if this one with reference to NZ being home of Xena Warrior Princess gets through with my comment that her parents deserve kudos for bringing her up to be a human instead of a steriotype.

  13. Thanks, Mom – I thought I’d written something verboten.

  14. Yeah Bill must be in some kind of mood. Little bastage. If it’s any consolation Twandx, it’s actually happened to ME. lolol.

  15. Cold? gunna be 65 degrees and sunny here in Central Cali! Where’s my golf clubs and shorts?

  16. hey foxy it’s snowing like hell here. First actual snow all year. I had to drag the abominable snow dog inside. She loves the snow and gets totally whited out. lolol. The double coat means she doesn’t even feel it but it’s a riot. I almost took some pics but was too lazy to go inside, take off the boots, get the camera and blah blah blah. She also knocked me on my ass, something she always does to me in snow. I swear I can see her laughing. Anyways, she vehemently resisted coming inside, with all kinds of barks and pleas. So I took her in, brushed her off, and then sent her back out. You would have thought I ruined a picasso the way she acted. So she started all over. She’s still out there. I swear she would stay out there all day in snow. Apparently, she is looking for a sheep or something because she’s left romp marks everywhere. So I locked the gates and she’s safe and I’m sure she will bark her ass off if she wants In.

  17. Ms. Desmond would like for you to reconsider. She’d like her own condo in the back.

  18. Well she can get as snowed over as she wants McNorman, but she had best not whine that she needs grooming because she’s not due and I am going to let her sulk.

  19. Snowing lightly here all day and the wind is howling through the trees. It isn’t the few inches of snow that trouble me it is the ice beneath.

    Must work. Must clean the car off. But boy oh boy that soup and tea sure hits the spot on a day such as this one.

    Dreaming of a caribbean sun lit beach with a mild breeze on my skin and sand on my toes.

  20. Hi gang! feeling a WHOLE LOT BETTER today – except for the fact that my whole head looks like this….

  21. FF! Oh my! Do get that cured soon eh?
    I decided on a giant size pot of chili. Simmering as we speak. Damn it’s cold out there! Seems we are in between snow bands at the moment- but more is on the way. And the second round is going to be worse. The first one was going towards lake Erie, now it is going to swing up and around and get us coming down OFF the lake. Which is NOT frozen.
    I hear Buffalo got it bad.

  22. Mom Buffalo ALWAYS gets it the worst. It’s a Given.

    We visited a local polish deli. We get our beef and pork there and decided to have a polish supper. So we couldn’t make up our minds among the home made keilbasa, peroggis or gulabki, so we bought them all. This will be a meal after which you must NEVER swim. I’m even gonna drink some beer. Maybe. Got some from that micro brewery in Cooperstown NY, (called Ommegang )…supposed to be first rate Belgium brewery, but the beer will probably taste like all the other beers to me. But Our Own Hillbilly will be proud if I do indulge. I can’t guarantee it.

  23. FF a needed root canal will do that to you. Frankly, I don’t know how you can stand the wait. Or did you see the dentist and your pain is from that?

  24. I know you’re all saying enough of the political bog of crap, but then we all go right ahead and get back to it again. It is an ugly beast and we are stuck with it. In case anyone hasn’t seen it, here is Mitt’s new ad. It answers the Bain bit head on.

  25. Mom, we got a few inches, still coming down but in a slow float. Temp is in the 20s. It will probably all melt tomorrow because it will get warmer if the prediction is correct. In for some cold days in the teens after that, so if the snow melts firt that’s good, no slipping and sliding. Unless of course the ground is wet from the melt. Then all bets are off, otherwise known as Black Ice.

  26. Mitt didn’t waste any time. As expected. And it’s true. This is Newt Gingrich. I’ll bet the Republicans would like to stuff a rag in that pillsbury doughboy’s mouth right about now, and light it. He’s a spoiled brat. He’s in If I Can’t Have It Then You Can’t Have It Either mode and this is Newt’s true self, which always emerges when you are a big sack of warm shit like he is.

  27. McNorman, she has a doghouse and doesn’t use it and it’s a good one too. So no Condo for her. I find the rescue cats in there. She’s a spoiled brat is what she is. She’ll get a condo when hell freezes over. And if hell freezes over, she will probably want to go there to play.

  28. Today’s winning foreign spambot, shortly before they executed the English Translator.

    I really want you to understand something from the beginning of this record knowning that a thing is this: My spouse and i care about you and that i truly imply that.

  29. ROFL on the foreign spammers! Someday you should do a post and let us vote on the worst of the worst. lol

  30. Ah but I didn’t save the good ones to- date!

  31. Hey Billy – I’m just south of you in Merced. Grab your swim trunks and let’s go swimming.

  32. Uppity -that is the “After” picture. It was a WHOLE LOT MORE than a root canal! (I thought I told you that….)

  33. Man is is sunny out here, UW, can you pass me my shades and sun screen?:) It is just like summer….

  34. sometimes life’s a beach. 😆

  35. Well then, Ms. Desmond will have to wait. lol

  36. I am glad I don’t live in NY, or the other 59 cities……yuck!

  37. Saw this and thought of our HillBilly right away-

    Though I notice the article makes no mention of the huge amounts of estrogen in beer. (Where did you think moobs came from?)

  38. GRRR-Grrr- Edwards gets another postponement – seems he has a “heart condition”- right. He has none.
    Somebody should warn that guy- Karma WILL get you- now or later.

  39. That little girl is the mostest!

    Reminds me of a story my dad tells from when I was not much older than that little bruiser. We all went to the zoo, and I wanted to see the lion house, so we went to the lion house. But those lazy kittehs were just sitting there doing nothing! Bossy little MB wanted them to perform for her pleasure, so she started “encouraging” them by roaring at them in her little teeny girl voice.

    Finally one roared back…let’s just say bossy little MB almost peed her pants! 😆 It was awesome, but totally terrifying.

    I left OH yesterday – it’s 20 degrees and snowing there today. I don’t think this latest storm will do much but blow cold and wind to me here at home.

  40. Love the video!

  41. Upps, Needlenose wants to know if you’ll accept service of her complaint for libel and constructive eviction.

  42. Yay FF! Glad to hear it.

  43. Chit, I’d never say “enough of this political bog of crap,” karen. Live for the stuff. Bring it on. It’s great to go through an electoral cycle without having our hearts engaged, isn’t it? We don’t have to worry that we’ll be heartbroken, whichever way this goes. If BO wins, though, I resolve to give up hating him…anger takes too much energy and I’m exhausted at the end of 4 years. (I’ll just be indifferent to him.)

  44. Loved that cute vid! We took the kids to a small training zoo last summer & they had a momma lion there, in a huge cage, taking a nap. We were talking too loud & woke her up and she actually lunged at the cage. We all leaped back in shock–not as brave as this little girl!

    I was thinking about you Right Coasters all day, wondering how much weather you were getting. It was quite warm here, and a beautiful, clear day.

    Glad to hear the needlenose is having a ball. Save some pierrogis!

  45. We’re going to the NAMM show next week, and this year Laker & I get to go in. Hubbie is busy going over all the exhibits that the different companies are having and who will be there. He’s so excited, its like a kid going to Disneyland.

  46. socal, it’s windy and cold here in CT. Really windy.

  47. The weather isn’t all that bad here. We’ve got a few inches, it’s not brutally cold and hey, it’s winter. Far as I can see, we caught a break all of December and nearly half of January. The rest we can sail through. It’s not that big a deal for those of us who actually get to enjoy seasons without hurricanes and earth quakes taking our homes down.

    NES, I did what you mentioned with George Bush. WHen he won a second time, I just went the indifferent route. He really wasn’t worth my attention for 8 years. And we probably wouldn’t have fared much better with Horse Face as president either.

  48. Yes FF, as I now recall, you said your appointment was Wednesday, so I realize you are now suffering the residual effects of paying big bucks to a dentist.

  49. madamab, I have no doubt that the lion was more afraid of fiesty little MB than you were of him.

    I recall a Bengal Tiger talking to me that way and, although I didn’t lose control, it was close.

  50. Edwards with a heart condition. So what else is new? He’s had problems of the heart for a long time, namely he doesn’t have one. He’s probably making it all up like the slicko he is, but I hope not. He deserves to suffer immeasurably, not only for what he did to his far better spouse, but for hiding what a horrid man he is while running for President — and for endorsing Barack Obama, which he probably had to do considering you can bet the Obamas knew what he was up to. Scum. Raw scum. The world is not a better place with John Edwards in it. Hope he hits the deck.

  51. Well the jury is in. The woman look way better in their underwear than the men do. Although I did notice a few examples of eye candy. The scary part is that homeless looking guy seemed to have the biggest package, but then he may have been storing an extra pair of socks.

  52. I would like to have a little snow. Its so beautiful.

  53. Yes socal, snow is beautiful. Until the plow leaves a cliff on the end of your driveway.

  54. McNorman, since when does needlenose have the last name Desmond?

    Beautiful video, Uppity. Now, if I had been in the same situation at that age, you’d see a wet spot on pants instantly. Momaaaaa!!!!

  55. Keep your eye on the sky. Russian space probe will be crashing to the earth’s surface in the next few days. Not to worry though, with the size of the ocean to land ratio…..the probability of it hitting land is “small”. Wow! That makes me feel so safe….NOT!

  56. In Soviet Russia strange new worlds explore YOU–ah, I got nuthin’. 🙄

    I found a fluoride toothpaste that is still made in the USA–Pepsodent Complete Care. :mrgreen:

    So many of the others aren’t now. My last tube of AquaFresh said “Made In England”. I don’t mind England, but some other brands don’t say WHERE they’re made, which causes me to fear they’re being made in China or some other slave-labor hellhole with 19th-Century product safety standards (aka none at all), and I do NOT want to brush my teeth with MFing melamine or Haruhi knows what else, thank you very much. 👿

  57. Oh Hal, that is her stage name. She, like UW prefers not to be know by her given name. hahahaha

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