Your Saturday, Segovia, and Montoya

There is so much beauty we have forgotten about in the midst of all the ugliness in DC. Raw ugliness, it is. Would that these creatures give us something good and wholesome, and memorable in a good way for a rare change.

Enter, Andres Segovia and Carlos Montoya. They will live on in memory far beyond the cretins in Congress and the White House. That’s because they were a thing of beauty and pleasure, not a thing of ugliness and pain. True greatness does not invoke fear or a visceral reaction. True greatness makes you close your eyes in awe of its presence–even generations after its creator has moved on to another plane. I guarantee you others won’t be listening to a rapper 50 years from now, closing their eyes in wonderment and bliss, but Segovia and Montoya will live on in memory.

“The evil that men do lives after them. The good is often interred with their bones”. Not so when it comes to real beauty. So enjoy your Saturday and compare two items of  beauty and greatness along the way. Forget the ugliness. It will poke its horrible face at you soon enough, because it’s what ugliness does. But they are all temporary. …

….and these two guys are forever.

Hard to pick which you love most, yes?


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  1. “That’s because they were a thing of beauty and pleasure, not a thing of ugliness and pain. True greatness does not invoke fear or a visceral reaction. True greatness makes you close your eyes in awe of its presence–even generations after its creator has moved on to another plane.”

    GREAT STUFF. Thanks Uppity

  2. We need all the beauty we can find!
    The snow is still falling here- softening the landscape. I am going to make bread- a thing of beauty in and of itself.

  3. I prefer this Carlos:

  4. Bread sounds like a great idea mom. I can’t eat anything but pudding yogurt and if I am lucky, scrambled eggs, but I can COOK! LOL!

  5. I have always liked classical music but I love folk and cherish the blues and as the song says “i love that old time rock n roll” but don’t give me no freaking disco…. lorac!

  6. Give Santana a classical guitar without a reverberator and other amenties, no backup band…..just him and that guitar, and see if he can even come close.

    However, if you want to mention Clapton, you won’t get too much of an argument from me.

  7. Karen, bet you love this guy too.
    Clapton and Knopfler. What a treat.

  8. Now you see, Mr. Segovia redefined what others thought couldn’t be done with a guitar. he performed pieces that were meant for every other instrument but the guitar. He rearranged. he redefined. He did things with the guitar that had never been done before and others just pale in his shadow as copies. Good copies, some of them, but copies nonetheless.

  9. He coulda been Great if he hadn’t spent so much time shooting shit in his eyeballs.

  10. My first date with the absolute love of my life was to see/hear Carlos Montoya. That was what sealed the deal. 2 men after my own heart.

    thank you UPs

  11. If it’s convoluted and can make you sick, Myiq will post it here.

  12. leslie, you have good taste in men. myiq would have taken you to see Deliverance.

  13. Thanks Upps. That was sweet. I really liked the last one, Segovia plays Bach. Thank you.

  14. There are some mozart pieces too, Vivien. If you click on the youtubes link you find a whole treasury of segovia.

  15. love the header long before you can eat again?
    also gotta say GREAT POST Thanks Uppity 😉

  16. leslie, you have good taste in men.

    Sadly, not when it came to john (pretty boy) edwards. That was a mistake I’ve regretted for ever.

  17. Cheer up, leslie, I was guilty too.

  18. OMG Edwards! Another postponement of his trial for health reasons. That guy is a piece of work. Didn’t Uppity used to have a photo of him in the sidebar that said something like, “Karma, please visit him”?

  19. Uppity, there is no way possible to choose a favorite between the two. Ahhhh, music that feeds the soul! Thank you for posting those pieces. I may run over to youtube tomorrow morning and just bask in the Segovia Mozart.

  20. I didn’t support Edwards in ’04 I liked…….Howard Dean! I did support Edwards as a VP choice once that dud Kerry got the nomination. I was worried he would pick Gephardt and go for the all-dud ticket. I thought Edwards would add some spice to the ticket (little did I know!)

  21. Yeah imust, he’s probably lying like the sleazy slime he is. But if he’s not lying, I hope he hits the deck, and if there is an afterlife, I hope Elizabeth is standing there wearing steel-toed boots and gets to kick his rotten ass downstairs.

    Yes I had a karma photo of him up. The one of him primping in a mirror.

  22. hey imust~~~~ Same here r/t Dean. I liked him until I met him. He came to chicago for a fundraiser and was charming just s long as he smelled money.
    The difference between him and Edwards (at that time) was that when I met Edwards (at a rally in Milwaukee) he was focused on each person he was speaking with. money or not. it was a deal breaker with me. Edwards was with YOU when he was with you. Dean was looking around for the next cash cow.

  23. Look at it this way. Edwards is so shamed that he is no longer worshipped by anybody anywhere. It must be hell for him and his BIG ego. Too bad So sad. So Glad.

  24. Yikes- you guys are way too high class for me- all these fancy guitar players- at least I learn something when I come here.
    As for that dueling banjos? PFFFFTTTT
    Flatt and Scruggs if you want to hear some real bluegrass talent.

  25. I like Steve Martin on the banjo…excuuuuuuse me!

  26. I don’t even have to look at the name to know who is sending the music anymore… ;D

  27. Sigh… me either leslie.

  28. I love good banjo music. I used to date a banjo player and sing in a bluegrass group.

    back in the day….. goddess, was I ever that young???

  29. Does anyone know how to get chrismas tree sap out of clothes? I took the tree down last weekend and the darn thing leaked sap all over my new black shirt.

  30. imust- lol- don’t know why- but Steve Martin has always given me a major case of the creeps. lol Same with that guy- I think his name is Jim Carey? I have to turn the channel if I see them.
    Myiq- lol on the Ballad!
    Went to dozens of bluegrass festivals back in the day. There is one held in the Berkshires every summer- we always went with a bunch of friends and made a vacation out of it. It was not unheard of for the old timers to put in an appearance and do some jammin with us regular people.
    The way they pluck those banjo strings is something else!

  31. Leslie- lol- you too? Yup- I sang with a bluegrass band a way back when!
    As for pine sap- I always had good luck with Lestoil.

  32. Anything you need to know… can find out at Uppity’s Place!

  33. How To Clean Stuff is a great website. Everybody should favorite that link. It has answers to EVERYTHING from cat puke on a satin dress to ……well …tree sap on a shirt.

  34. Thanks everyone!!
    Upps that link was great. I even have the peanut butter.

    I’m on my way to the store now (I want to watch the football games this afternoon and evening so I neewd to go pronto.) I’ll look for Lestoil, too, while I’m out.

  35. You can get anything you want at Uppity’s or Alice’s Restaurant. Except Alice and Uppity, of course.

  36. Another contrast of a beauty that triumphs over the ugly.

    This reminds me of all of you – who have the heart and soul of this man to rescue the innocent.

  37. Whynot,

    Thank you for sharing. sniffle… sniffle… Hope Cora finds a good home.

  38. Uppity, thanks for the link to how to clean stuff. When Mr. Goof makes fried chicken, he drains it on the dish towels and I’ve been having a heck of a time getting the cooking oil out of them. Found a couple of suggestions and am trying them out right now.

  39. Welcome, goofsmom.

    Eldad Hagar and his friends are an amazing bunch, among all of you Amazing Angels of the Animal Kingdom.

    There is always hope, always.

  40. You can get anything you want at Uppity’s or Alice’s Restaurant. Except Alice and Uppity, of course

    Hmmm… that’s not what NES says….

  41. Hey goofs, you really shouldn’t drain fried anything on towels. You should put them on a rack to drain. Seriously, chefs will tell you never to blot fried foods on paper or cloth towels. Just let them sit on a drain rack. Like an oven rack type rack.

  42. I do not click on tragic rescue stories. Got knows, I have seen enough of my own. But they ruin my day, i mean phsycically make me sick. Just seeing one posted practically ruins my day. So sorry. I keep begging everybody not to post them but nobody ever listens to me. I swear you all are trying to kill me.

  43. Uppity, I should have explained better, he puts the towels under the racks so the tile counter doesn’t get greasy. Sigh… He has been trying to help clean them.

  44. Oh okay, I get it, goofs. I might have known he was smart enough to know about the rack. I wouldn’t use cloth though. Grease is just nasty to deal with in the wash. I put paper towels doubled up under the rack. Or those shop towels. DOn’t laugh,I use shop towels for all kinds of cleaning. Way stronger than paper, like cloth, really, resusable and then you throw them away.

  45. Hmmm… that’s not what NES says….

    You are so J.

  46. PMM, I agree with you on Jim Carey…but I do like Steve Martin. He’s a Wild and Crazy Guy!

  47. LOL wanna know what I use under the drain rack?
    Hah! I line a sheet pan with newspaper- put the rack on the sheet pan, fried food on rack.
    Afterwards, throw the newspaper in the trash. You could even line the sheet pan with foil first, then newspaper for even easier cleanup.

  48. Uppity and PMM, love both suggestions. I’m gonna have to go with PMM’s because it fits my budget $0 cost. I’ll just use all the sale ads that I get in the mail. 🙂

  49. Goofs- glad to be of use- lol. I am as frugal as they come. It’s how we always do the fish in my family- so I use it for all fried stuff now. I do the same when I set the cookies to cool- i put the racks on newspaper to catch the crumbs.
    If I had the NY Times I would use that and burn it after. Not good for much else nowadays.

  50. PMM LOL LOL… 😀

  51. Hal was a musician once, good enough to appreciate real virtuosos like this. To me, nothing evokes peaceful feelings like excellent guitar music, especially classical. Before the ears went south, I heard Segovia and am so thankful for it. As Uppity says, these guys, their music, will live on. Even now, when I depend on VISUAL cues, just watching them play gives me peace, remembering the beauty they produced. Strange? Not at all.

  52. LOL wanna know what I use under the drain rack?

    Try using the mailings from Pelosi, et al. And then there’s the NYT


  53. What a beautiful Saturday post! Both men are equally worthy of guitar worship, I think, neither hubster nor I could pick a favorite. I love classical guitar music. We go out to hear music several times a month and have spent many, many happy nights listening to the great nouveau flamenco artists. One of our all time favs is Luis Villegas, I would post a vid of him, but the ones on youtube are all horrible, have terrible sound. His first cd, Cafe Ole, is considered one of the finest, and a classic of the genre. I highly recommend it. Cafe Ole is one of my fav songs and Spider Hugs is chilling, the guitar work is so fast and furious. Other favs are Ottmar Leibert, Oscar Lopez, Roni Benise, Lawson Rollins (Uppity’s fav), Jim Stubblefield.

    Here’s an awesome clip I bet most of you have never heard, the band Incendio. Stubblefield is the lead guitarist, he’s amazing, and also this group features a woman bassist! So cool, check it out, I promise you won’t regret it:

  54. Well yeah mom’s way works if you buy the local newspaper. I read mine online for free. But remember, you can’t clean the rest of the house with newspaper. You can with shop towels. Why you can clean those suckers right in the dishwasher several times before you have to ditch them. And they cost about that same as a roll of bounty.

  55. I would use pelosi’s mailings but I don’t get them any longer since I told the DNC on one of their mailings to shit in their hats and put them on their heads.

  56. Hal! So nice to see you back here!

  57. UW, I WISH it were true that you don’t get the paper if you don’t pay for it. 1-2 times a week I get multiple newspaper circulars. Makes me crazy – I don’t have any use for them. I’ve even written some of them (when I can find an address on them) to stop sending them, but it doesn’t help. I even approached the mail lady, and she said that those things are the main way they make money now, so the PO probably wouldn’t listen to me, either. They’re always those “to the residents of” mailings – store advertisements, store coupons, etc. Oh, and I even tried putting a “no circulars” sign on my mailbox, but the mail lady said she legally had to deliver whatever was addressed to my mailbox. Infuriating.

  58. “But remember, you can’t clean the rest of the house with newspaper. You can with shop towels. Why you can clean those suckers right in the dishwasher several times before you have to ditch them.”
    That is f’ing brilliant!!! Can’t wait to try it.

  59. lorac, I get those too though, but I don’t get the actual local newspaper that you have to pay for. The others just go into the recycle bin. Junk mail is something you just can’t get rid of. Kind of like a bad cold. Especially those “current resident” fliers.

  60. SHV, I’m telling you, a roll of that stuff lasts forever.

    I run all kitchen cleaning things thru the dishwasher too. Sponges, nylon scrubbers, you name it. It sanitizes them daily. All those germs you can’t see love living in those things.

  61. I use paper towels for grease, I would strangle my hubbie if he used my good dish towels for that. That pic of the oranges was gross! My fav uncle had a orange grove on his ranch and his oranges looked and tasted orange! But then, that was back in the good old days when the ground had real topsoil on it (before big agra destroyed it) and food and people and cars and everything else were r e a l.

  62. “SHV, I’m telling you, a roll of that stuff lasts forever.”

    what is it called?

  63. Speaking of dishtowels, I bought some really nice ones made from bamboo fiber! They’re super soft, absorb a ton of water and dry quickly and last longer than cotton. They do cost a little more. Upps I hope you’ll listen to my vid, I think you’ll like it, also, they have a woman drummer!

  64. Interesting story: “Athlete Spotlight – Janet Cherobon-Bawcom”—Janet-Cherobon-Bawcom.aspx

    She finished fifth today at the Olympic trials, out of 152.

  65. I also put my sponges & scrubbers in the dishwasher. They last so much longer and get really clean.

  66. For those of you who don’t know what shop towels are, they come in a bunch of different brand names, you can get a roll at any auto supply and most dollar stores these days too. They come in a roll like paper towels, are the same size as paper towels, but are exponentially stronger and more absorbant, made of a combo of paper and fabric. They are always light blue. They hold up to washes and rinsing by hand, and of course, I found out they work well in the dishwasher as I mentioned. These are very sturdy towels and run circles around paper towels for any job, including jobs that require a bucket and water (unlike paper towels!).

    Here’s what they look like;jsessionid=02A4ECEFA779EEBFA45DD99B7612B388.diyprod1-b2c1?counter=1&itemIdentifier=1943_0_0_

  67. SHV, very nice story, thanks!

  68. “SHV, I’m telling you, a roll of that stuff lasts forever.”

    what is it called?

    Shop Towels. THey come in a roll like paper towels. See photo I linked above.

  69. Thanks Upps, I will get some of those, I see them around.

  70. WOW!!! socal, that was amazing. That’s a woman playing the drums too. I’m glad I listened to it. Thank you for sharing it.

    lorac, you didn’t run off with Minnie Mouse. I was begining to wonder.

  71. No so rare. I confess I played the drums for many years. Had a nice set of Gretsch and ziljan highhat and symbols too.

    It doesn’t require a man to play drums.

  72. Lawson Rollins (Uppity’s fav),

    Hey how’d you know that?

  73. Listening right now, socal. AWESOME!

  74. Ha! I’ve been around here for years now! I didn’t know that you played the drums though! Verry cool! I used to play the guitar when I was young & am back to doing some basic strumming. Hubbie bought me a nice little Taylor for my present last month.

  75. I bet you were good at it too Upps. I played clarinet in high school. I wasn’t good. Playing music wasn’t my thing. I do love to listen to it tho.

  76. viv, I’m glad you liked it. I love to see women getting their due in the music world. Its been men dominated for too long. We went to see the Moody Blues last May, which has 3 of the orig members and the other ones were replaced by young women. I loved that they did that.

  77. Hubs says we will be going to the Gretsch & Ziljan booths next week @ NAMM. He met the drummer from Journey at the Ziljan booth last year.

  78. ziljan rocks! Sold those drums for about 4 times what I paid for them.

    Also have a Yamaha acoustic guitar and a Goya-Espana classical, however I gave the classical to my cousin’s son, who makes beautiful music. He was thrilled. I probably will give him the yamaha eventually too. I just don’t touch them, although Mr. Uppity is quite good, so I keep it around because he likes it.

  79. Hahah viv, I took up the clarinet in school too. I sucked.

  80. I was always fairly mediocre at music. I guess I have other talents. But I was pretty good with the drums.

    Nonetheless, I love to hear great music, as you can tell.

  81. This is cute. Guinness World Record of dogs and cats.

  82. I never understood why people make a big production out of a cat who fetches. I have had a fair number of cats that played fetch. I know all you cat people have known more than one cat who did that too. I guess people think it’s something cats won’t do. But of course they do it, for the same reason dogs do it. Because it’s fun for them.

  83. Hey anybody got a recipe for Chai Tea?

  84. socal, you get to meet all the rockers. I’ve only ever met one. Drummer for Judas Priest. He’s from here, but spends most of his time out there in LA. Scott Travis. Maybe ya know him.

    Upps I bet you and Mr. Upps make beautiful music.

  85. Mental note for next poll: “used to be a drummer” lol

    vivien, she wasn’t THERE! NO one was! I don’t remember a lot of my trip there when I was a kid, but I do remember people walking around in costume and playing the characters – minnie, mickey, goofy, etc. There wasn’t a single one!

  86. It’s got to be the economy lorac. Maybe they got laid off.

  87. Yamaha has a nice classical guitar that I play with at the music store. Its part of their thinline series, which is a nice, slightly smaller guitar, comfortable to play & has nice tone. Upps, that’s nice that you gave your other guitar to your cousins son.

  88. Tried your link for shop towels, Uppity, and got an error message. However, shop towels are also available at Amazon and are made in other colors (gray,faded red, and off-white)….Dad, a mechanic, owned a service station and was supplied weekly with a bale of gray ones. Hal was also a grease monkey and pump jockey in a former life. ;))

    Try this link:

  89. I also didn’t see NES at Disneyland – I guess she didn’t want UW’s address all that much!!! uh oh… maybe she’s still there looking for me! lol

  90. Maybe NES didn’t get the memo.

  91. lorac you have to go to special areas to see the characters. Minnie and Mickey live in Toon Town, they even have homes there….wonder if they held their value in this market??……also, Goofy has a kitchen/restaurant where you can see the characters. Plus there’s a daily schedule you can get at the entrance when you get a map that tells when and where to see the characters for photo ops.

  92. imust, this is information lorac needed the other day. Minnie missed out. Next time lorac get the map. lol

  93. lorac, you went to Dland & didn’t see any of the characters around? How can that be? What is this world coming to anyway?

    We’re not going next week. Hub & I are in charge of Grad Nite @ Disneyland for the seniors in our homeschool group, so we will be there until 3am one nite in June! They turn one of the theaters into a chaperone center, where they serve coffee and you can watch movies or sleep. By the time 11pm rolls around, hubbie will be fast asleep there & I’ll be riding the rides by myself!

  94. socal~ that video is great! I’ll try to find some of their music to have for my weekend listening ………………… and Cafe Ole`, too. Thanks for the tips.

  95. Upps, I don’t take the newspaper either. I was talking about the flyers and circulars. Thanks for the heads up on the shop towels being at the dollar stores. I’ll look for them. 🙂

  96. Coarsely grind the following:
    3-1/2 cinamon sticks, broken in pieces
    12 cloves
    10 cardamom pods

    Place in a container with:
    12 tea bags
    5 whole peppercorns
    5 thin slices fresh ginger

    Pour in 40 oz boiling water.
    Stir and let steep 20 minutes.

    Take out the tea bags and let steep for
    another 40 minutes (or longer).
    Strain spices.

    Add to tea mixture:
    1 t. vanilla
    4 T. honey
    warm milk to taste

  97. lorac, someone said you went to Disney to find Minnie, but I was certain you would prefer the princesses.

  98. Darn, next time I go to Toon Town!

    and SophieCT – princesses? No, not me lol There were a lot of little girls running around in princess outfits their parents had bought for them there, and all I could think of was, why would someone want to be someone who has to wait for someone else to give them what they want? Not me, not me! lol

  99. Yum. Thanks Sophie!

  100. Why would anybody buy shop towels at amazon when you can get them at the dollar store? Unless you simply must have red or something.

  101. Only horizontally, vivien.

  102. goofs I got a big roll for 1.98 in a dollar store. But I guess you will have to hang out at a garage to get grey because they are ALWAYS blue in the auto stores and dollar stores. I know that this will make a huge difference to you, so you should probably snuggle up to the guy who rotates your tires. Otherwise, you shall have to just go with the blue.

  103. lorac. and of course the princess costumes were pink.

  104. Uppity, LOL… Blue, grey whatever. As long as they aren’t pink!! 😀

  105. Upps, I had to go back to see what I wrote. That’s funny.

    I always pictured lorac as a Daisy Duck kind of woman. I was surprised when she wrote Minnie.

  106. lol vivien – I actually don’t remember what Minnie looks like, and I don’t remember Daisy Duck! I should google before I joke lol (so NOW I will lol)

    and yes, UW, the princesses were pink!

  107. lol Daisy seems rather manipulative, entitled, and demanding!

  108. SophieCT thinks I would want a high maintenance, self-absorbed princess, and vivien thinks I would like a manipulative, entitled, and demanding princess duck…. I’ll have to examine how I present myself, that you guys thought this would be attractive to me lol

  109. > sounds of self-examination going on <


  110. Daisy and Minnie….two media creations. lorac, look at how the media portrays women!

  111. Yeah, imust knows the real me – I don’t want minnie or daisy – I want PIE! Strawberry rhubarb pie! (that I’ll share with socal!)

  112. lorac, I had no idea what Daisy was like. No, not your type I’m sure. She seems more like mine tho. lol

  113. Whoa, Mickey needs to hang out more on this blog during the cooking chats!

  114. Oh, vivien! You’re too smart for that! You deserve better than some pushy duck making you be her slave!

  115. lorac, you’re too kind. You’re right tho, I don’t need that in my life.

    Now I feel bad for Donald duck.


    recipe for chai (I can’t say “chai tea”, because in Russian you’re saying “tea tea”, and it makes me chuckle!)

  117. Here’s a whole site for “tea tea” recipes lol

  118. The black tea I buy is called chai. It’s already spiced in the tea bag. I was making some at work one day, when someone said it smelled like a Russian tea room. I had no idea you could make your own, until Upps was looking for the recipe.

  119. I didn’t know “chai” meant tea! Learn sumpin’ new everyday! Reminds me of how the tourists in Japan always say “Mt Fuji yama”, yama means mountain so you’re just supposed to say Fuji yama or Mt Fuji.

    Lorac, I am just now eating a half an English Muffin with strawberry rhubarb spread. Its really yummy and low in sugar. Its called Rhubarb & Berry and its made by Mountain Fruit Co. I got it at Whole Foods.

  120. I keep meaning to try that (chai). I do love cloves & cinnamon.

  121. Uppity that is so cool that you were a drummer! Who is your favorite drummer?

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