The delicious taste of diabetes

Here’s the famous TV cook Paula Deen and her two sons.  What can I say?  The peanut gallery crowds were cheering for a Paula Deen post!  I wasn’t familiar with her before people were discussing her at the In Place (UW’s!), but tonight I did some reading about her.  The crowds were wondering what a vegan might think about Ms. Deen’s food and cooking choices – well, here it is:  OMG, what the H*LL is all that crap that woman is pushing on people???  lol

I AM wondering, though  – is Paula Deen FRENCH?


They must be PAYING her to be overloading on the butter like that!  Oh, yeah, they are!  lol  Butter aside, on her TV show, this woman teaches people to fry cheesecake, and she crams lasagna into loaves of bread.   She even made a sandwich, but instead of using bread, she used DONUTS.  For the inside of the sandwich, she worked hard to get lots of the cholesterol types in:  cow beef patty, chicken fried egg, and pig bacon.  (I wonder if she’s constipated? – well, maybe all that butter helps everything else slide right out lol)

Well, for sure this woman is asking for diabetes!  Oh, wait!  She became diabetic THREE YEARS ago – but we’re just hearing about it now.  We’re hearing about it now that a diabetes drug company has approached her and dangled some of that green food with presidents’ faces* on it in front of her!  (Hmmm…. if she DID eat some of that, it might have fiber!)   *The “green food with presidents’ faces on it that don’t look like Obama (TM).

So even though she must have had feedback all along that her food was so unhealthful, she kept cooking (and getting paid).  And even after she herself was diagnosed with diabetes, she kept cooking (if she didn’t keep her audience eating that food, she wouldn’t have gotten paid!).  TV audience:  just keep cooking and eating as Paula teaches you, and don’t worry!  She’s got the contract to push a certain brand of diabetes medicine (Norvo Nordisk) to you after YOU get diabetes, too!  The concept of “prevention” is too progressive old-fashioned for people who know how to enjoy their heart attack food!

She seems to have upset another cook:

Deen, who told last year that she couldn’t do without butter or a deep-fryer, was called out by fellow food personality Anthony Bourdain in a TV Guide article for being “the worst, most dangerous person to America,” who “revels in her unholy connections with evil corporations” and is “proud of the fact that her food is f—ing bad for you.”  He continued, “When your signature dish is hamburger in between a doughnut, and you’ve been cheerfully selling this stuff knowing all along that you’ve got type 2 diabetes… It’s in bad taste if nothing else.”

Ouch.  Ack, don’t look now!  Another, albeit more gracious and positive thinking, critic:

Paula Deen is just blowing it, y’all. That’s what one crisis management expert says.

The queen of butter has officially pulled back the curtain on a poorly kept secret. She confirmed the long-swirling rumors, via interviews with USA Today and the “Today” show, that she has Type 2 diabetes. She also announced — conveniently — that she’s the new spokeswoman for Novo Nordisk, which supplies her diabetes medication.

Did she then renounce her deep-fried, butter-and-sugar dripping ways? Did she announce plans to launch a sensible exercise regimen and invite the country to come along and get healthy with her?

Nope, nope and nope. In fact, Deen suggested that she has no plans to change her cooking style, although she says she has quit drinking so much sweet tea and walks regularly on her treadmill.

And that’s where Paula Deen and her entourage completely blew it, said Mike Paul of MGP & Associates PR, a New York-based crisis management firm.

As he sees it, the crisis in Deen’s brand is creating a golden opportunity. Deen could forgo her caloric ways and lead the charge to help the nation combat its obesity problem, he said. She could even invite the public to join her personal journey toward health and wellness — and in the process launch a new franchise.

Eh, Paula Deen can handle it.  She’s not deterred.


  (Well, at least she’s started her sons off on a cooking show, Diabetes in a New Light, that alters her famous recipes and makes them more diabetes-friendly.  She’s getting paid for THAT, too.   🙂  )


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    Health is overrated anyway.

  2. Lorac knocks another one out of the park! ROFL!
    The crisis management guy makes a good point. She could have launched a whole new career path.
    You all know I loves me my meat and potatoes. With gravy made from pan drippins. And PIE! And I never use margarine- blech. Give me my butter.
    I just don’t eat it all every damn day, three times a day.
    Her back story, coming up from nothing to build an empire- is a great one. That she did not come forward and figure out how to build on this tragedy is just sad.

  3. Butter Popsicle.

  4. She has a great recipe for beef stew that I adore…

    As a Type II diabetic – and a thin one – there is a terrible attitude that you’ve just done this to yourself by your eating and slovenly piggy ways… it is just disturbing to listen to the attitudes. Type II is caused by a malfunctioning pancreas… chubbiness is due to not being able to process sugars properly.

    There also seems to be many who are blaming the fat and butter as the cause of Deen’s diabetes… when really, the carbohydrates are the trouble spot…

    I think Paula is between a rock and a hard spot regarding her career.

  5. I think that your pile on toward Deen is inappropriate. I have family members with diabetes and the truth is that no one knows why people get it.

    Here are some MYTHS and FACTS about diabetes from the American Diabetes Foundation

    Myth: If you are overweight or obese, you will eventually develop type 2 diabetes.

    Fact: Being overweight is a risk factor for developing this disease, but other risk factors such as family history, ethnicity and age also play a role. Unfortunately, too many people disregard the other risk factors for diabetes and think that weight is the only risk factor for type 2 diabetes. Most overweight people never develop type 2 diabetes, and many people with type 2 diabetes are at a normal weight or only moderately overweight.

    Myth: Eating too much sugar causes diabetes.

    Fact: No, it does not. Type 1 diabetes is caused by genetics and unknown factors that trigger the onset of the disease; type 2 diabetes is caused by genetics and lifestyle factors.

    Now having said that, I want to clarify that I find eating a stick of butter rather gross. But, get real, if you don’t understand that she does this for it’s dramatic effect then you haven’t watched her show.

    Also, don’t you find it a little inappropriate to use Anthony Bourdain as a source of information for your pile on? The dude ate “unwashed warthog rectum for Goddess sake. Think that’s a myth?,9171,1680149,00.html

    And did I mention that he is a former heroin addict that still likes the stuff but says he can’t do it anymore?

    ANTHONY BOURDAIN, executive chef at Les Halles, one of New York City’s best-known brasseries, takes a swig from his Guinness, lights his third Lucky Strike in 10 minutes and says: “I just like heroin, it feels really good. But I can’t do it anymore.”

    Using this guy as a reference is like using Obama as a character reference.

  6. What’s with the moralizing? I like Dean just fine. I like her food, but am smart enough to know just how far to go with it.

  7. Coastie it is true that carbohydrates and sugar are the eventual problem, but being overweight, especially in the mid-section (pear shaped) is also a culprit. Paula’s recipes were not only fat-laden, but high in carbs and sugar too.
    Even Deen’s sons new recipes call for LOWER fat:

    Healthy Cooking Tips from Bobby and Jamie Deen
    Choosing extra-lean ground beef along with a whole-grain lasagna noodle, helps to reduce both fat and carbs. Also, whole-grain options generally offer higher protein and fiber.

    BTW…Lorac’s post is spot on. Don’t attack the messenger.

  8. Ah Geeze, take the stick out of your ass. I know plenty about diabetes. Like I said, my grandmother had type 1. But she didn’t get it shoving fried twinkies in her mouth every day. Just about EVERY single overweight senior over 75 I know has type 2 diabetes. They must have all had bad genes. Of course, the senior discount breakfast meetings at Micky’s every mothing has nothing to do with it. My cousin’s husband doesn’t have a single relative in memory who had diabetes. His mother is 90 without it. But he can’t drive by a dunkin’ donuts without shoving them in his mouth. He got type 2 at 55, has had two, count em, two angios and still can’t make it by a mcdonalds. His wife cooks all this good stuff for him and he can’t wait to take a drive and get him some fries. THAT is called “lifestyle’. Most people who can’t drive by a mcdonalds without stopping, generally aren’t seen on a jog at 5 AM. In other words, Paul Deen has it because she eat her own crap for too many years. The only difference is, she also showed everybody else, millions of viewers how to eat just like she did. The vast majority of type 2 people have it because they have no respect for their own bodies and are literally committing suicide with their forks.

    Jesus, if you can’t have freaking fun this is probably the wrong place for you, no kidding. We aren’t into that PC stuff very often. Paula Deen stuffing lasagna into a loaf of bread and shoving a burger into her donut, topped with an egg and bacon is a disgusting display of food sex for the food addict. God only knows how many cases of Type 2 she ENABLED in all these years.

    Making fun of her is fun, because she deserves it. She got diabetes by eating her own food daily and often. That is known as “lifestyle”. Yet she had this disease for THREE years and never breathed a word of it till big pharma decided to pay her millions to say something. And she practically has sex with her sons on her show and that is disgusting. She’s COMEDY GOLD! If you’re taking the heat over this post, you are in for a bumpy ride here, seriously:) This is nothing.

    And exactly why is Bordain inappropriate. He was the only quote out there. You want to see the original quote?

    He was asked in an interview. He once called her a dangerous person and he’s right. Watching her show is a food addict’s fix for this week’s menu.

  9. We’re not moralizing, anthony honey. We are making fun of a hypocrite.

  10. I don’t think we need yet another ” how to fix your life show” period. If one can not use their own judgment on how they ought to eat then so be it. Deans show is fun and many of these cooking shows and great tasting food from ages ago are on the no no lists today. I do not think one serving of that french toast will kill you. People just need to use their heads.
    Stay away from carbohydrates if you hope to avoid diabetes. Starch turns to sugar and fast. Mom had diabetes and for kicks and giggles I used her blood sugar jobber after I ate a meal of potatoes and meat. Whoa dottie you should have seen how the taters shot the sugar reading up.
    Me I as many know pass on deserts period. I do not crave sweets. Fact is, most deserts I find repulsive. Not a big fan of pasta in any manner or junk foods but I do love bread and that given my family history could toss me into diabetes so that too I have cut out but for small portions.
    I do not think Dean out to change her show at all it would be like taking a crime show highly rated and making it a comedy and expecting it to keep its viewers.
    I would be far more concerned with the crap they are putting in ” wholesome” food . Did anyone catch that story on supplements ?
    Now that my hand is killing me I will retire.

  11. Hi oldcoast, long time no see! And yes, carbs are a ticket to type 2. Pretending we don’t know it is probably not smart. Right?

    But I think chubbiness is caused by eating too many calories. At least in most cases. That’s where butter and burgers on a donut come in.

  12. Stick around more Utah. You can’t fall on the ice again and break anything if you are reading the blog. I don’t buy into supplements. More cha ching bullshit.

    Paula is only going to do the show because Pharma is paying her millions to pimp their pill and do the show. She will bomb because of her history. People aren’t that damned stupid. Well……okay…maybe they are.

  13. Uppity you are most likely right about many following her down the road to fat and sick. It amazes me how many can not govern their own lives. Ah but what the heck. Hating fried food as I do I just find her funny like I did Lucy. Don’t think for a minute I would have copied the antics of Lucy either. lol

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  15. I would love to find that story. Big pharmas drugs that are expired are pumped into the supplements. I am not a health freak that needs to take fish oil etc but wow those that are really better wake the hell up.

  16. Finally drug out this lap top lol. At least now it has a purpose. I can sit and nurse my broken rib and be on the computer. The wrist is not so bad but the rib is agony. Why does a person need to sneeze or cough ?

  17. Bourdain interview segment:

    Question: What’s your take on Paula Deen supposedly announcing that she has Diabetes and that she landed a multimillion-dollar deal to be the spokeswoman for a pharmaceutical company to endorse a drug she’s taking?

    I feel bad. But this entire weekend people have been calling looking for quotes. I guess it’s a moderate interest. I mean, how long has she known?

    How long has she known? I suspect a very long time. >>>
    It’s odd because she was on Dr. Oz last month, and she never mentioned diabetes. Instead she just owned up to smoking cigarettes for 50 years.
    We can look forward to People or Us magazine running the cover story, “I’m back” usual rehab story private hell. Clearly this has been coming for a while. She’s been looking for ways to position herself. Is she really going to be selling the cure now? Or will she back off for a decent interval? I take no pleasure in it. There ain’t nothing funny about Diabetes.

    Question: So if true, would you agree that it’s hypocritical?

    When your signature dish is hamburger in between a doughnut, and you’ve been cheerfully selling this stuff knowing all along that you’ve got Type 2 Diabetes… It’s in bad taste if nothing else. How long has she known? I suspect a very long time. On Tuesday when she announces it, it’ll be to say I just got diagnosed… Al Roker won’t be asking her how long she’s known. I don’t think people will press that issue

    I think he’s right.

  18. Yeah they say broken ribs are hell, Utah. I mean you have to move and it has to hurt to move.

  19. I laughed out loud when I read this announcement in my morning paper… (“Paula Deen has Type II Diabetes”)

    I’ve watched close family members kill themselves w/their cutlery; sent my cousin the “Fathead” DVD when he was recently diagnosed T2D & he displayed his gratitude by THROWING IT AWAY UNOPENED! Couldn’t even bring himself to pop it into his player…

    Needless to say I won’t be shedding many tears at his funeral.

  20. Right now I wish I didn’t have to breath.

  21. Oh yeah Utah. There’s that too…

    You could always just exhale only, though. But then you will make a big carbon footprint.

  22. Waving to Val.

    Same holds true of morbidly obese pets too, right? I’ll bet you dx a lot of diabetes in those pets, yes?

  23. & ouch Utah on the cracked rib – been there, done that! Try the ol’ hug-a-pillow trick; I’m afraid that’s the best advice I have…

  24. You’d be surprised – our pets have a lot more metabolic resistance, I guess! but yep, quite a few middle-aged fat dogs develop diabetes – most of those have to be maintained on insulin inj’s. But the cats in many cases can be managed on oral medication w/a CHANGE IN DIET & weight loss…

  25. Just hope everyone got their eyes full of me doing a 360 on my steps cuz I will not be doing it again ! Am in the process as we speak of redesigning the place. Rendering the stairs useless except to salesmen and religious nuts that want to risk their lives entering a yard with the wrecking crew. Putting a driveway in the side yard cutting a portion of the yard but never having to use stairs down to the street again.

  26. Dang! I just thought poking fun at a hypocrite would be fun. Damn- my bad for suggesting the topic.
    We have absolutely no history of diabetes in my family- none. Yet my oldest Sister now has type 2. She has been told over and over and over again that weighing over 250 when you are 5″1″ is a recipe for disaster. She had been told over and over and over again that chips and cookies and goldfish and bread and soda were going to take their toll. Diet soda is STILL soda- still sugar (just the chemical kind- does not make it any safer)
    Now she is diabetic- and it is NOT genes. It was her very very poor lifestyles choices.

    And as for Paula Deen- as I stated above- she did a great job- coming from nothing and nowhere. What made me angry is that she knew for three years about the diabetes. Had she chosen to come out with it back then- and continue to do her show with no changes- OK then. However, she chose to hide it when she could have been making a difference.

  27. Change in diet and weight loss. Imagine that.

    It’s just as well for cats, since giving them an insulin shot daily has got to be a war exercise.

  28. Selling the dive has crossed my mind too.

  29. Gotta go do errands. See ya all. Play nice. Mom is here with the whip.

  30. 5’1″ and 250 ???? Holy cow !! 5′! should carry around 105 tops.
    Back when I was in school seeing a fat kid was a rarity now it is reverse. Seeing a thin one is rare. But then do you not think that we as a whole did that with our being over protective ? Playgrounds are so safe now there is nothing to do on them but stand around or sit at a table and eat.

  31. Watch that ice Upps ! It is sneaky and unforgiving.

  32. @Utah
    When I took my kid to school, the moms thought I was starving the kid. What’s worse is that the pediatrician’s office was just as ridiculous. That was 23 years ago. The cable sales guy told me that I was the only one withing miles who did not have cable tv. My kid actually had a swing set. I didn’t think that playing outside was a bad thing, nor was learning to read.

  33. @ PMM

    …she chose to hide it when she could have been making a difference.

    Not only to hide it, but to become the pimp for the med pen. Timing is everything.

  34. Ten bucks sex Manzilla will team up with her and cash in on some of that Pharma money for hubby’s campaign….

    As for making fun of hypocrites – I’m all for that (as you know), but surely there’s enough comedic material on Paula Deen (not French, btw) besides celebrating her illness.

  35. I am 5ft.and weigh 110pounds.but I do watch what I put in my mouth.
    Lorac knocks another one out of the park indeed. 🙂

  36. Oh, dear, you guys set me up with this topic! I should have played it safe and written about politics! lol

    Well, anyway – I may not know who Paula Deen or Anthony B. are – but I do know that some people can stay off meds if they can slim down and are good about managing their diabetes with their diet. Maybe some people can’t, but some people can. That’s a fact, jack!

  37. Anyway, diabetes or high cholesterol or high blood pressure or whatever aside, you’re pretty fair game if you stuff bread with lasagna and fry cheesecake. And if you use donuts for bread…? What can I say? lol

  38. I do not need the governemnt,big pharma, telling me what I should/can eat! I will drink beer, and eat whatever the heck I want, when I want, and if I should become sick because of it? I will not use one federal health program.
    We have the right to consume grub as we please. Forced federal health care is the vehicle that will eventually take this choice from us.
    And the best way for people, if they choose, to lose weight and get healthy? EXERCISE and close thy PIE HOLE! 🙂

  39. “Playgrounds are so safe now there is nothing to do on them but stand around or sit at a table and eat.”
    A friend’s daughter is starting school in the fall. She is looking at several of the public school options and was concerned that the elementary schools have the rule that there is no RUNNING on the playground. How f’ked up is that???

    (BTW, obesity has now passed tobacco as the #1 “life-style” cause of health problems and it is also the #1 cause for people needing liver transplants, passing alcohol, hepatitis, etc,)

  40. Anthony, the French thing was supposed to be a joke. There is an old joke, that the three ingredients in French cooking are butter, butter, and butter…. I think it refers to French as in France, not as in New Orleans lol

  41. Paula Deen stuffing lasagna into a loaf of bread and shoving a burger into her donut, topped with an egg and bacon is a disgusting display of food sex for the food addict. God only knows how many cases of Type 2 she ENABLED in all these years.

    You and Lorac are right on with this, Uppity. Only in America would this be considered “food.” Blech!

  42. Dean is no dummy. I suspect she might have been cooking up another cookbook. Something a little less toxic during the three years she kept her illness under the radar.

  43. As far as Bourdain goes, he smokes and drinks like a fish. He doesn’t hide it. Who knows what his future will bring? My grandma used to say, “todo se paga” which translates to “you pay for everything.”

  44. Yes lorac, type 2 can be reversed. Interesting studies out now.

    An extreme eight-week diet of 600 calories a day can reverse Type 2 diabetes in people newly diagnosed with the disease, says a Diabetologia study.

  45. The despicable Obama Administration is pawning off Keystone to State Department. The meme will now be “Hillary Destroys Jobs”


  46. That burger looks horrible mcnorman. I simply CANNOT STAND ANYTHING that is sweet touching my eggs. Ketchup, syrup, anything! YUK! And I cannot STAND that faux “Maple Flavored” bacon either. I bought some by mistake a few weeks ago (picked it up in error) and besides it tasting like crap, it stunk up the house for days and days. Sweets, in general, are not high on my list. I do love a good Country Fried Steak now and then, but that is the operative word – good. No place like The Silver Grill in Atlanta, and since that is a day’s drive away, I just pass.

    I DO like butter (unsalted) and I eat my fair share, but a last check of my cholesterol last time I gave blood had it low normal – what ever that meant. 168 or so, I think.

    As for over-eating, it’s never really been a problem of mine. I love good food, but am just has happy most of the time with a bowl of oatmeal with no sugar and a nice pat of butter! LOL

  47. Birds do it, bees do it, even educated fleas do it – exercize! Crows are so smart – I love to watch them pick up a hunk of bread I threw out and carry it to my big old bird bath which is heated this time of year. They dunk the bread in to thaw it out and warm it up then pick up their nice warm cereal and fly off to eat it with a friend.

    Here’s a crow that could be one of ours, just having fun with exercize.

  48. Paula Deen may be responsible for her own diabetes, but she’s not responsible for anybody else’s. Her show, and every other cooking show, is entertainment. None of her cookbooks is advertised as promoting healthy eating. Try eating from Julia Child’s cookbook everyday and get on the scales at the end of a couple of months. Paula Deen is not one of my favorite cooks, and her restaurant is highly over-rated, but I object to her being an excuse for a lot of sanctimonious skinny people to rant against their overweight relatives. No, I’m not overweight. I was fortunate to get the skinny parent’s genes. The skinny parent who ate twice what the overweight one did and wouldn’t walk as far as the mailbox across the street.

  49. Jesus, if you can’t have freaking fun this is probably the wrong place for you, no kidding.

    You are probably right. Blaming someone for a disease that scientists admit they don’t really know the cause of isn’t too funny. And criticizing someone for not revealing their personal struggle with a disease isn’t all that funny either. And I don’t like things stuck up my ass.

    You have no facts to support the presumption that her food caused her disease. I know plenty of people that eat stuff like that and it didn’t give them diabetes. My grandmother and mother, for two. I also know plenty of folks that have eaten correctly most of their life yet still have diabetes.

    Is the diet from Deen’s typical show healthy? Doubtful. But eaten in moderation it is quite tasty, filling and very fulfilling. That’s why they call it comfort food. The Lady’s Brunch Burger y’all are having so much fun condemning Deen for was defined by her as one serving per lifetime.

    It’s obvious that you aren’t from the south. And I doubt that you were ever really poor. It’s a culture thing. My grandmother made the most tasty and filling meals using the vegetables she grew herself, wild berries we picked for her and the little meat she could afford. Much of it was fatty.

    So Deen is making a buck hawking a drug that helps people with diabetes. Big deal. The pharma approached her, not the other way around. Personally, I think she will make a great spokesperson for the drug and educator for the disease because people WILL listen to her.

    Just to demonstrate I am not a total turd with no sense of humor, I leave you with the following:

  50. “Try eating from Julia Child’s cookbook everyday and get on the scales at the end of a couple of months.”

    Boy is that the truth!

  51. Yeah FF, that burger? thingy is something else. I might go for it after having been hibernating all winter, otherwise not. I use butter. I don’t use margerine. I cook with olive and grapeseed oils. Sugar is not a favorite of mine. Overeating only happens at Thanksgiving time. My problem as with so many others in the US, is moving. I took a job 15 years ago that placed me in front of a computer. Kinda like torture.

  52. I never did find Kinneston funny.

    Pat, I am not blaming her for anything other than her hypocrisy and the number of people she influenced, some of whom now have diabetes. Everybody loves comfort food. A half a pound of butter is not comfort food. A burger inside a donut is not comfort food. Lasagna between a loaf of bread is not comfort food. It’s piggery and gluttony. And please do not tell me nobody knows how people get type 2 diabetes. The data is stark. While there are a small number of people who get it for apparently no reason, aren’t overweight, don’t eat sticks of butter, they are the small minority, much as people who are overweight due to thyroid is a small minority. Then there IS genetics, but much like a person who has a family history of heart disorders, a person with a family history of diabetes owes it to themselves to not eat a burger inside a donut. Things like carbs can trigger diabetes, and lo and behold, too many carbs cause weight gain too. All the rest simply doesn’t fly in the face of data to look at Paula Deen and say to yourself, Golly, I have no idea how She got diabetes. It’s all just such a mystery!

    I am not celebrating her diabetes, Anthony. I am ridiculing her hypocrisy and pointing out the intersection of said hypocrisy with good old karma. And the thing with pimping the pharma answer just plain revolts me. Perhaps she can convince others to eat those burger donuts and just pop that old pill and everything will be just fine y’all!

    And ellie, much of familial obesity is owed just as much to cultural food, family eating habits and lifestyles as genes. Ask me, I’m Italian. I had plenty of overweight relatives and plenty who weren’t and it wasn’t hard to see why in most of the cases, either way.

    And finally, goddamnmit, I go to all kinds of blogs and sometimes I just disagree with the blogger so much I fume. But you know what I DONT do???? I donn’t hit the comment button and SHIT ALL OVER THE BLOGGER. I just leave, take a deep breath and participate another time. I don’t shit on the blogger. The blog is owned by that blogger and they have the right to cover anything they want how they want to. So fuck the whole lot of you if you don’t like lorac’s post and kiss her ass and mine besides. Is that clear enough to all of you? Or should I just come over and SHIT ALL OVER YOUR BLOG? Or if you don’t have a blog, try getting one and bust your fucking ass day in and day out so that somebody can show up and shit on it. Most of us had fun with this, if you can’t have fun with it then get the fuck out of here and stop pissing on our legs.

  53. Sam Kinnison at Uppity’s place???


  54. Well yeah there’s no accounting for bad taste myiq. You know what they say about thin ice.

  55. “Fight Breedism”. ROFL.

  56. Yeah, I howled over the tee.

  57. It’s obvious that you aren’t from the south. And I doubt that you were ever really poor.

    Well aren’t you just psychic! But don’t quit your day job on it because you won’t do well. The best part of your last comment was “I will leave you”. And Kinnison was a frigging pig. You must be a blast at parties.

  58. But I don’t dare wear that to one of the family reunions. We pack a park. lol

  59. And madamab, thanks for reminding me why I love you.

  60. lorac, you don’t owe a soul an explanation. And that’s that.

  61. Yeah McNorman. Bourdain’s an arrogant drunk. But at least he doesn’t have a show that encourages everybody else to smoke and down a quart. I think if bourdain got, say, cirrhosis from pickling himself, he wouldn’t blame anybody but himself, because it WOULD be his own fault.

  62. Jeez oh man! We have been having fun over food and Paula Deen’s more outrageous creations for a LONG time here.
    As for not growing up poor? Well my family was most certainly NOT well off and I did a stint as a very very poor single Mom. If I checked around I could find probably half a dozen posts I have written refuting the absolute BS that poor people have to eat crap because that is what is available.
    No I am not a southerner- but my husband is- and I am still fighting the grease battle with him. Fried fried and more damn fried. And F*&^ing sugar! He won’t go for a check up but anybody who looks at him can see the osteoporosis- he is getting a hump. Why? Because as kids they were allowed to drink sweet tea to excess. Milk was an option- not a requirement. At current count- two of his siblings are dead- both had Type 2- no diabetes in previous generations. His oldest sister has Type 2 now as well. His two younger siblings have made changes to their diets in an effort to prevent being another statistic. My husband thinks he is immune because he is thin- even though I point out to him that his brother was never overweight. He dumps 5 heaping tablespoons of sugar in every cup of coffee and he drinks a pot every day. Bad habit acquired from being allowed to drink sweet tea as a child I suspect. p

    Poor? I know from poor- and did not shove sugar and fried foods down my kids throats. Apples, oatmeal, pears, lain cereal with a banana or other fruit cut up in it- not a box of sugar with a cartoon on it. Vegetables and fruit every day. Milk at EVERY meal. Soda and chips only at parties. Cookies only if I baked them.
    Comfort food for my kids is NOT mac and cheese. It is beef stew – very little beef – lots of vegetables because that is what I could afford. And homemade biscuits. A roasted chicken with mashed potatoes and gravy with broccoli and carrots on the side. Comfort food? Home made turkey soup.
    Poverty is not an excuse for poor eating.
    I enjoy a good piece of fried chicken once in a while. French fries I might make a few times a year. Maybe it is just the difference of being raised in the cold- where comfort foods are the ones that are cooked for a long time over a slow heat to help heat the house.
    Rant over.

  63. Poverty is not an excuse for poor eating.

    Very true PMM. It takes a willingness to work with what you have. Flavor is lovely. Aroma filling a warm kitchen is something else.

  64. As the economy worsens, many will have to relearn those skills in the kitchen.

  65. Hey SHV, I know you’re older than dirt like me, but do you remember when we went to school and were forced to take gym class and move our asses? When there were no food vending machines in school? When people actually,…..gasp…..walked that mile to school and back home, rain or shine? When you made your own tuna sandwich for lunch and that’s all you got to eat till you got home?

  66. Well I’m not so sure poverty is an excuse for poor eating, though. You have to figure if a person has enough money to buy either a bag of potatoes or a head of lettuce, which do you think they will opt for in order to feed a family? I do think a lot of produce is outrageously expensive and out of reach for many.

  67. (((lorac)))

    To all who are opining against the post. Look ya’ll, this post topic has been bantered about for the last two days. If you had a problem with it why didn’t you speak up then? You had plenty of time and opportunity.

    Uppity’s is not PC and there are no sacred topics here. I have diabeties in my family and I agree with the post. What you eat contributes to developement. It may not be the sole cause but it sure helps.

    I don’t care how much someone “entertainer” does things for effect, their are people out there who do eat butter and her doing it on the show just said “hey, look it’s okay, I do it to”

    As for the once in a lifetime comment on the burger, if it’s a once in a lifetime event, why even have it on the show.

    Next, the poor part. You don’t know us yet and you are judging that we must all be or have grown up middle class. Well, you are wrong.

    Questioning Deen’s motives is a sign of thinking.

    Rant over.

  68. Nice rant Mom. And while we are confessing, my parents were depression children. And they were very poor when I was a child. I rode in the back of the pickup truck beccause there wasn’t room for 4 in the cab. I think you go to jail for that today, don’t you? Anyways, my father and mother built a successful company starting out that way and well, yes they became well off and fuck anybody who thinks I should apologize for it. They didn’t get a leg up from anybody and they made the sacrifices and did the 7 day a week work it took to finally get there.

  69. Yes UW, depending on what part of the country you live in produce can be sky high. I also believe that a sack of potatoes can be worked in many ways. It’s not easy. I didn’t see much meat growing up, but we did see a lot of beans, rice and veggies. Some cheese, not much. Milk wasn’t a staple either. Water was a given. And lots of outdoor walking, playing were a must. No school buses either.

  70. Hahah I just saw Anthony’s Manzilla remark. ROFL.

  71. Yes Uppity- fresh produce can be a no go for many- but for example- my grocery store has some kind of frozen vegetables on sale for a dollar every single week. usually a 12 oz bag or box.The choice may not be the best- but it seems to rotate through the basics- green beans, peas, corn, broccoli, peas and carrots etc. Basic- but available- and often cheaper than fresh too, And every few months they put the frozen fruits on sale as well. We have talked many times about how hard it can be to get good food on a budget- but it can be done. Frozen veggies are quite good nutritionally- better than the canned with all the salt for sure.
    And the bread thing is maddening! $1.10 for a loaf of white bread- which is nothing but poison in a bag- and close to $4 for a loaf of whole grain, store brand bread.

    I will admit to a love of ice cream though- preferably as dark a chocolate as I can get! But then chocolate is my vice!

  72. I rode in the back of the pickup truck beccause there wasn’t room for 4 in the cab.

    Reminds me of my first truck…’57 Chevy pickup. Weeeehaw, yeah we tossed anyone who couldn’t squeeze into the cab to the back.

  73. “I donn’t hit the comment button and SHIT ALL OVER THE BLOGGER.”

    I don’t believe you were referring to me with this, but in the event you were, please note I was respectfully sharing my perspective. If thats considered “shitting all over the blogger”, then I guess something’s changed around here.

    Fuck me if I can’t take a joke, I guess.

  74. PMM,

    I’m on a very tight food budget and buy those frozen veggies for a buck. They are great in soups.

    As for fresh veggies, I shop at the 99 cent store. They have all kinds of fresh produce. NOTHING in the store is over 99 cents. Heads of broccoli, lettuce, big bags of carrots, 5 lbs of potatoes, green onions, peppers, packages of mushrooms, blackberries, apples etc.

    Being in poverty doesn’t mean eating badly!

  75. ROFL on the walking to school thing Uppity. Yup- we walked. We walked everywhere- the family had one car- and Dad took it to work. We walked all over town and back. My Dad would have thought I had lost my mind if I asked him for a ride to a friend’s house. It never occurred to us to ask for a ride-that’s why God gave us legs- and why our parents bought us bicycles.
    Gym class. Kickball. Jumping rope at recess. Yup- we moved. It helped we had a three story house and had to climb the stairs too. And if you made too much racket coming down Mom would make you go back up and “walk down the stairs like a human being not a herd of elephants.”

  76. No Anthony, I wasn’t referring to you at all. In fact, you were more than respectful in your dissention. And I do think you see where this was really coming from. I just stuck my response to you in a bundled comment so I didn’t have to do four different comments and put everybody in a coma like I do sometimes.

  77. And the above coming from someone who isn’t afraid to speak ill of the dead….

  78. McNorman, it was a chevy, a green one. Dirty as hell back there too. lol. But it was a kind of adventure to a kid, and I learned how to HANG ON.

  79. Anthony I just clicked on your link and now I am blind in one eye.

  80. 😆

  81. Good times UW, good times. I got the truck in the seventies, but it was a blast. We’d cart all the kids in the back and take them innertubing. By today’s standards, I’d be doing a lot of time for “reckless endangerment.” If a kid can learn how to hang on, then they are using their muscles. Just another form of exercise.

  82. goofsmom- lol- sounds like me! Sav-A-Lot is coming back to our town- taking over a space where another store closed. And we have an Aldi’s too. Husband does all those. I do the grocery in town. Since I fubared my back I have had to refresh many of those survival skills I acquired all those many years ago. lol
    Funny on the truck! Dad had a pickup and he would take us all to the beach a couple of times in the summer. Kids would pile in the “way back”- everybody wanted to sit back there! Later on he got a van.
    ANd there was no such thing as a car seat then either. Remember REAL baby carriages? The ones you could break down and they became a “car bed”- which we put on the back seat and plopped the infant right in?
    Now they have those strollers that are – imo- just junk. Wheels worth nothing- don’t steer straight and no springs. We had a carriage- you could put a fussy baby in it- on their tummy OMG!- and put your foot on the axle and rock the baby in it. No more of that!

  83. Ouch Anthony. Yikes those were some scary pictures. 😯

  84. goofs, I hate to admit it, but I think frozen veggies are safer. I mean you have got to figure that freezing something pretty much gives a bad experience to bacteria. I buy frozen veggies a lot too. They are a good deal, and so much better than canned, like Mom says. I buy canned beans though. Like kidney beans, garbanzos, etc. It just takes too long to cook them from raw sometimes.

  85. If you place Newtie in a mankini, you might go blind.

  86. Yeah Anthony, you gotta do a few more posts to beat up on him like I have. Now there’s a guy who loved the poor so long as they didn’t live near him, championed women and never met one he wouldn’t pork. Or drown. Believed in windmills but made sure the project he could see from his estate got squashed. You know the routine.

  87. Aw Gawd, McNorman. That should have come with a warning. And what’s with the choreographed lock of hair on the forehead?

  88. I buy the beans canned as well- just so much easier- Kidney and Black beans were on sale yesterday. So of course I replenished my stock. I am thinking of trying out that bumblebee soup you posted the other day if I can remember what thread it is in lol.

  89. We had a carriage- you could put a fussy baby in it- on their tummy OMG!- and put your foot on the axle and rock the baby in it. No more of that!

    Yeah! They made em with struts! Took two people to carry it up the stairs!

  90. That’s his teacher pic. Yeah, it should have a warning. Perhaps, Anthony can do a mankini poster?

  91. Well, Karma”s a bitch.

    Here’s Dead Ted at his new job in Hell. I wonder how many people asked him “Who’s your Deady???”

  92. PMM,

    My mom became ill and I stopped working for a couple of years. I’ve been trying to get work for the past two years, temping is all I have right now and it’s sure as heck is inconsistent. Hubby’s been ill, first they fob it off a fibromyalgia, now that they are finally running tests on him it looks like hypothyroid.

    All those skills I learned growing up dirt poor have come back. Thank all the gods and goddesses that I had them. I can’t imagine what the kids today will do, oh wait that’s right they are the 99%… heh…

    No truck, we had a 1954 plymouth until I was a freshman in High School in the 70’s. No seat belts and no air conditioning. You had to pay attention when riding in the car, just in case Dad had to hit the breaks hard!!

  93. Hey does Ikea make baby cribs? You know, the kind that disintegrates at the 3 year mark? Do you remember when cribs were handed down? Of course you do!

  94. Anthony, best part is Mary Jo gets to set up and toss down his schedule and menu for the week.

    And no booze!

  95. Upps,

    The crib my grandfather made is on it’s 5th generation of babies. A 3rd cousin is occupying it right now.

  96. They were built to last. Our crib has had three generations play, sleep, kick, jump and cry in. That is one thing that I rarely see at estate sales. They are still handed down.

  97. McNorman- You know I’d do anything for you, but I’m really pressed for time.

    That said, all I had to do was search for New Gingrich Mankini and I got this delightful image:

  98. @goofsmom

    That was a couch car. We used to pile into those when we went to the drive in.

  99. I like Paula Dean (& love her wicked remark about MO’s voracious appetite when she visited her show!) and don’t recall her ever saying her style of cooking was healthy. Her cooking is very UN-PC and unhealthy and I wouldn’t ever cook or eat that way. (Disclosure: My father died of the disease; my mother who eats a healthy diet developed it in old age). But people do make choices as to what they put in their mouths. Besides, there are so many other celebrity chef’s and healthier cooking styles they can follow. To blame Dean for others’ diabetes is a bit over the top, IMHO.

    This said, I can understand the question raised: Is she an hypocrite for not divulging her diabetes or for being a spokesperson for a drug? Fine, that’s a debatable question. But, I don’t think she should be vilified or pilloried. (Also, Bourdain needs to come off his high horse.)
    Given how bad the quality of our food has become over the decades in the US, it’s a bit unfair to make her the poster child for the nation’s growing diabetes epidemic. There are cooking/eating options — even for the poor (as mentioned above and as experienced personally as a child). Quite frankly, I imagine soft drinks, fast food — esp. COKE and McDonald’s– and T.V. have done more harm to the American public’s health than Dean’s cooking. I have compassion for anyone suffering diabetes, since it’s effects can be so devastating.


    Oh my Anthony…that is a seat wetter if ever I saw one. Holy cow, that is scary.

  101. Cribs that lasted! All three of mine used the crib my parents had for us. Then it got passed to one of my older sister’s daughters for her kids.
    Probably get arrested if anybody knew we were using an old crib. The kind that you could move the mattress down the older the child got? I don’t think they allow that anymore. And the slats on the sides are illegally set, and the sides slide up and down- also now against the rules. Probably had lead paint too. I remember the little scenes painted on the head and foot boards.

  102. What’s that tatoo on his arm say?

  103. Michelle is ANOTHER hypocrite.

  104. Lost me Upps. Tat on who?

  105. mcnorman,

    I loved that car. I was the tomboy of the family and learned how to work on that car. 😀

  106. On Tedward, it looks like the Oldsmobile word logo.

  107. it says “Oldsmobile” (nobody but you caught that, UW. Thanks!)

  108. @goofsmom

    If you can find them today, you can still work on them yourself. I love old cars. Sold the Chevy pickup in the 80s.

  109. And McNorman (while I was posting)

  110. @Anthony
    So it was the Olds logo. Ha, the eyesight is still okay. Thanks, won’t need an eye checkup for another year!

  111. No, not puzzled. Excellent Anthony…as always.

  112. Anthony, I caught it because I couldn’t read it and it was driving me crazy.

  113. Meechelle, a hypocrite?

    Let’s look @ the BD menu.

    The First Lady’s birthday menu…
    For dinner, the President and Mrs. Obama both enjoyed American Wagyu Top Cap, which is served in a 10 0z portion ($81). Executive Chef Victor Albisu personally did the cooking, which earned him a hug and warm thanks from the First Lady at the end of the evening. Side dishes were family style for the table, and included French Fries, Mashed Potatoes, Caramelized Brussel Sprouts with Bacon, Creamed Spinach, and Hen of the Woods Mushrooms. Appetizers ordered for the table to share were also steak: The American Wagyu Skirt Steak (10 0z, $55) and 28-Day Dry Aged New York Strip (16 0z, $46). House-made sauces are served with the steaks, and include Horseradish, Peppercorn, 3 Mustards, and “Steak” sauce.

    The house signature bread is a huge, fluffy Popover, served piping hot to guests after ordering, accompanied by a salt shaker the size of a pint of milk. The Obama party enjoyed red and white wine with their dinner, Wright said. He was joined by two other managers who performed the duties of servers.

    The birthday cake was Red Velvet, which is not on the BLT menu but served because it is “a favorite” of the First Lady’s, Wright said. There was no inscription on top, thanks to a crumb topping, and the cake was accompanied by Cream Cheese Ice Cream. Mrs. Obama closed her eyes and made a wish before blowing out the candles to cheers from her guests.


  114. Yup. Michelle’s a hypocrite all right. Mashed potatoes and seriously marbled steak for me, not thee! For you: Arugula!

    But she does work it off with the weights. It’s just I resent paying for it, because I just know they find a way to charge it all to the taxpayers.

  115. I resent the fact that they are constantly telling everyone to ease up on the food. Like you said UW, sometimes the fast food is cheaper than making scratch. Not better, but cheaper.

    We have a hotdog place that does a family of five feeding (2 hotdogs apiece, fries, drinks) all for under $7. If you have a lot of kids, no time to cook, this is the place to go to.

    Meechelle never goes for cheap. It’s noted that she has these types of lunches, dinners often (just like her incognito Target runs). Of course the tax payer gets stuck with their fun tab.

  116. Uppity, it wasn’t my intention to “shit” on your blog. I just disagreed with your point of view and that of the author. It’s clear that honest dissent is not welcome here so I will leave the place. Not a problem.

    Cynthia, you sound as if you aren’t feeling well and I wish you the best. Hope you get well soon.

  117. PMM — Oh you said it…. Comfort foods in freezing temps are either simmering on the stove or cooking in the oven for a very long time. 😉 Now back to my soup!

  118. McNorman –
    Check your email. Just sent you a present!

  119. Anthony, I have to send you something FF sent me. You’re going to crack up.

  120. Oh..



    Its perfect!!!

    I’m sending you a copy of McNormans gift. You can publish it if you like. There’s more than enough to go around…..

  121. I just saw it. I think I lost my appetite.

  122. I pasted a copy to the fridge door…

  123. Hahaha That’ll do it.

  124. AHAHAHAHAAHA Anthony. I did close both doors before I opened it. The neighbor is a shrink. I know he thinks I’m nuts cuz he’s heard me howling so often.

  125. Is that the same neighbor from the other place McNorman? If so, he already knows it’s the blog.

  126. No UW, this is the new one. He doesn’t know about anything. His secretary said that they can hear everything. lol

  127. You have another shrink working next door to you? You know they are all insane right?

  128. Got two. One on each side of me. Is it a sign or something? 😀

  129. Like I said, I’ve only known two socially and they were both crazy.

  130. Things sure are hoppin’ during the holidays in both offices. It’s their busy time. I couldn’t agree with you more. I would be nuts if I had to do that all day. At one time I actually contemplated doing that, glad I listened to that inner yeller.

  131. Anthony, you must share that pic with everyone. It’s only fair. Everyone should laugh. It’s good for the soul.

  132. Uppity Woman, on January 18, 2012 at 1:18 PM said:

    Well yeah there’s no accounting for bad taste myiq. You know what they say about thin ice.

    Hey Dear could you use another saying ?? That made me hurt lmao

  133. LOL Utah. But if I didn’t make coffee come out of your nose, it was no fun.

  134. I think I just lost 5 pounds. 😆

  135. Oh Hell no !!! I need a coughing and sneezing fit like I need that hamburger donut. I’ll pass.

  136. And just to show I am NOT a food nazi- we are having chicken fried steak tonight (who the hell brought that up the other day? It’s all your fault! lol)
    Of course I have to make the meal semi-healthy- so for sides, mashed turnips instead of potatoes (they were on sale) and spincah.

  137. Did they wrap your rib? I’m surprised your hand isn’t bothering you. The least you could hae done was take a flop on somebody else’s property so they could pay for it.

  138. PMM what do you put in turnips ? Never seemed to have any taste to me. I do however love Rutabagas.

  139. I’m making beef and barley soup. I’m cold.

  140. Venison stew here. It’s snowing to beat the band

  141. Me either. I don’t like turnips. Never tasted rutabagas. It just SOUNDS awful.

  142. no thet are good. mash them add butter salt and pepper . yummy

  143. Wish I had some venison. When I find out somebody got a deer, I always suck up and beg for some.

  144. Utah- I prefer rutabagas when I can get them too! Uppity if you have never had them do try them! Much milder than turnips with a nuttier flavor. Peel them cut em up, boil them. Butter, salt and pepper. WAY yummy! I just do the turnips mashed the same- we like them that way. In summer fresh out of the garden I will use the ones I thin out greens and all. A little vinegar, some salt and yummy!
    I like to use rutabagas in a boiled dinner too- carrots, potatoes, parsnips (which are crazy high priced this year- is it a White House favorite or something?)

  145. rof I go out and shoot my own lol.

  146. Been meaning to try a parsnip. Never have. Do them same way ??

  147. Okay, Mom, if I see them again, I’ll try them. I’m not fond of turnips either, though.

    Utah, what do I have to do to get some of your venison?

  148. Just saw your bumblebee soup remark, Mom. Guess where I got it. Here. And it really IS good. I use vegetable stock though.

  149. Utah, add a bit of tabasco or Malt Vinegar when you dish em up! YUM! And of course, diced turnip chunks with the greens.

  150. Dog wants to walk. Somebody shoot me. I’ll see you later.

  151. I love the gratuitous nip ring Anthony. Just love it.

  152. Tiffany’s, McN

  153. Absolutely, nothing but the very best for Newtie. Does he still have a credit card there?

  154. Thanks for the bumblebee soup recipe Uppity! That looks like dinner for tomorrow!

  155. Just heard Obama’s visit to Disney World tomorrow will shut down Main Street.

    Go figure.

  156. What’s he gonna do when he finds out that Mickey & Minnie are voting for Romney?

  157. Colder than a well digger’s ass out there. Yeesh.

  158. Well so they are shutting down main street at disney next. Some poor kids whose parents scrimped and saved to bring them there will have to find something else to do now, because Barack wants to have him his fun.

  159. You know, I have always really wanted to have a blog of the Absurd. And Your Pieness, that guy would be one of my first posts. Only in America can criminals, and that is what he is, sue their victims. How many things can you find wrong with this picture?

  160. The gall is astounding! Where’s the remorse?

  161. Aw it’s our fault, imust.

  162. Hey I notice a lot of sites I visit have gone dark today in protest of SOPA. Wish I had thought of it.

  163. Here you go UW, enjoy those rutebegas.

  164. Hahaha sophie. Well that looks healthy….

  165. This one’s filed under “tasty school lunches”.
    Fried peanut butter and banana sandwich. This recipe only takes a half cup of butter and 1/4 cup of sugar.

  166. UW: You can probably leave out the 1/2 cup of brown sugar in the rutebega recipe! I’ve never had them with sugar. I usually do them like mashed potatoes or deep fried.

  167. Jeebus, teachers must be forced to peel students off the ceilings with that lunch.

  168. ROFL McNorman. They won’t need lights. The kids can just glow.

    Ok so what do rutabagas taste like. Compare them to something, and not turnips. I don’t like turnips.

  169. Rutabagas- how to describe. Buttery, sort or a nutty flavor. Not quite a winter squash flavor. Hmmm- hard to describe. Not at all bitter like turnips sometimes can be.
    Best way I can describe them is they are like a cross between a summer and a winter squash in flavor and texture.
    Maybe somebody else can do a better job describing them.

  170. PMM: you did better than I could at describing the taste. There’s a slight bitterness but something else that cuts it. Like I said, I do them like mashed potatoes, so mine taste like butter, cream, and salt!

  171. over 7000 websites wend black today in protest of the SOPA vote, and oh boy, those congress critters are jumping off the SOPA ship like rats. Guess they will just have to give all those contributions back to all the supporters of sneakily stifling free speech and expression on the internet. Rubio was a cosponsor and even he jumped ship.

    Must be those 3,000,000 petition signatures.

    Read their tweets on it.

  172. hmmmmm. I think I’ll try them then. I LOVE winter squash.

  173. lorac still here?? Lorac, this was a terrific post. You did the research and as PMM said in the opening comment, knocked it out of the park. As for those few who were stung by it, just maybe you helped alter some diets. Nope, it wasn’t a “celebration piece” over Paula getting hers. From the looks of it, she won’t change as long as pharma is paying her to foist her unhealthy habits on us. You did very good.

  174. Good boy, hal. I’m sure lorac will appreciate that. She’s hiding under a rock. lol.

  175. You can have my rutabagas.

  176. Here’s what I think. I think her condition was going to be leaked and she knew it. I was doing a trace and she was denying it to, I think, ABC, when they asked her about the “rumor”. Then she suddenly went public. I don’t believe for two seconds that a pharma company that makes money off of diabetes medications once approached her ever to make her recipes “more diabetic friendly”. I would be more inclined to think that before she announced, she contacted them and cut a deal to pimp their drug. That’s show biz!

  177. Hal, my pal! You speak and I appear! Iol I just got to the end of the comment thread. Wow. But I appreciate your comment, because you “got it”. Hal should get a penguin*!

    goofsmom – I think you should get a penguin* for this: Questioning Deen’s motives is a sign of thinking.

    *disclaimer: (NES is making me say this) I have no control over the disbursement or care instructions or delivery of said penguins lol

  178. UW and others – wow, you really had my back! Oh, golly gee whiz, it’s giving me a Chris Mathews tingle down my leg! lol

  179. I AM sorry that some people seemingly felt personally offended. That’s often the case with humor, particularly snarky humor – SOME one is going to be offended. But I do think it’s inaccurate when someone said that MDs don’t know what causes diabetes – perhaps
    they can’t figure it out for a minority of people, but otherwise the medical world is quite of one mind.

    I had an orange tabby cat who grew quite large. He lived to 12 years old, but he did develop diabetes (and he had to eat a special brand of food). I had to give him insulin every day, and IV fluids several times a week. It was rough at first, but we got a system set up, and each IV night it was a night of special bonding for me and Koshka 🙂

    There are people making unhealthful choices all over, and it’s not like we go running up to those people screetching at them, persecuting, humiliating them. For heaven’s sake, none of us is perfect! But this woman is all about this crazy style of cooking, and she knew for three years that she had developed diabetes. It seems to me that that silence was quite self-serving. Sure, who would WANT to admit personal medical info to the public? But given that you’re encouraging others to follow the same road – it’s not so cool to withhold that info. Not IMO, anyway!

    And Pat Riot, I absolutely do not think you should leave. Why, there was a to-be-unnamed, very loved person who was in disagreement with some on the blog about a political issue. S/he took a little time off, and then s/he came back home. These things happen, and nobody agrees about everything. Tomorrow maybe you’ll agree with whatever is being written, but someone else might feel offended. WE still all agree and revolve around the big issues most germane to this blog, and that’s why we’re here for each other. So, c’mon, stick around. That’s what families are like!

  180. UW, I tried hiding under a rock, but the worms were giving me nasty looks – I think they have a relative who is diabetic….

    (it’s a joke! it’s a joke! it’s a joke!)

  181. Damn right we did. You’re family. But don’t get carried away with tingles. You know I save those for NES.

    And I would help anyone out the door who attacks you, me or anybody else whose been around with us for three years through thick and thin, so don’t waste your time.

    Key words in the other case, “Very loved”. (this will go to You Know Who’s head)

  182. Hey you wanna write another one tomorrow? I’m sure we can offend a couple of hundred more of our best friends. I’m sure you had something planned before we maliciously dumped the topic off on you.

  183. Goofs cat made her do it.

  184. Aha. BUTTERING me up with some of Paula Deen’s finest butter! lol

    Sure! I’ll see what I can do. Maybe I’ll write a post about my observation that IMO it’s always the orange, big tabbies who get diabetes and need IV fluids. Tabby lovers will be after me. Maybe Val the vet, too lol

    Yes, I have another idea. I will craft something.

    (but seriously, thanks for the kind words) <— lorac means "sappy" in some language lol

  185. Oh, yeah, and btw, thanks for trying to make me J again!

  186. lol lorac. Let’s face it. Irreverence R Us.

  187. UW, I tried hiding under a rock, but the worms were giving me nasty looks – I think they have a relative who is diabetic….
    (it’s a joke! it’s a joke! it’s a joke!)

    ROFL!!!! Priceless lorac!
    Plus I’m imagining an innocent, wide-eyed lorac getting looks from worms!!

  188. Oh, yeah, and btw, thanks for trying to make me J again!

    I hardly even have to try anymore!

    Ok, the stage will be yours since I can’t even put two words together with a string lately. and don’t worry about tabby lovers. they will sympathize and love you all the more because you sat there and give your kitteh his IVs. By the way, the IVs weren’t for the diabetes were they? CRF?

    We look forward to your next explosive post. ololololol.

  189. Well, UW, that’s true. But I used to be an innocent, sweet, kind hearted thing until I came here to UW. Or gosh, actually I have a faint memory of some issues during the primaries that may have jaded me – what oh what could those be…. Actually, it’s my job. My job has made me jaded and snarky. Humanity in all its various manifestations and rationalizations yadda yadda yadda. I’m very in the moment and emphathetic and supportive in the presence of said persons…. but over time, you just want to smack yourself in the head to get your eyes back down from their having rolled up in your head so many times lol

  190. I dunno, it all reminded me of when I was a kid and we used to skate on the sidewalks in the summertime. We would be having this great time and then this one lady would dump a pail of water on us from the second floor because she didn’t like the noise. Must have been a flashback.

  191. Aw geeze, lorac is doing the psych. thing again. You’re all insane anyways. But you know, doc, those skating incidents have shaped me into the thing I am today. Can I be cured? Or a better question: SHOULD I be cured?

  192. I hope I’m remembering this correctly because Val may read it lol

    His kidneys went bad, they couldn’t flush out the bad stuff well enough on their own, so the IV fluids did that for him. I think it was a separate issue from the diabetes…?

    Darn I wish I had a better memory – because I also have heard that animals can’t possibly drink as much water as they need (talking about ill animals, not healthy ones), so the fluid keeps them hydrated. Wait, maybe it’s all connected – maybe he couldn’t drink enough water to help his kidneys flush out the water…

    Oh, I hate my memory. Basically I just did what the vet told me to do! But I DO remember, when you’d buy the supplies from the vet, at first you would get one line and two bags – you’d reuse the line once. But then a law passed, or some research came out, and they wouldn’t do that anymore (germs, I think), so I had to keep buying a line for each bag. Or something like that….

  193. Yup. That’s CRF. Chronic Renal Failure. But actually a cat with renal issues tends to drink a lot when it manifests itself, and use the litter box a lot. They compensate or some such thing.

    Renal failure in a diabetic cat is not uncommon, I don’t think. Val will correct me if I’m wrong. It’s good to have a blog vet. And a blog lawyer. And a blog doctor. And a blog shrink.

    We’ve got it all sewed up. lol. Our own little island.

  194. mcnorman – you have mental health professionals on either side of you? And you don’t know what that means?
    They’re surrounding you, kiddo. Watch for them carrying white jackets with long arms. Carry mace. lol

  195. I guess that I am showing my age; I associate butter with Marlon Brando and Maria Schneider not Ms. Deen.

  196. Oh and yeah, they sometimes will hydrate a cat at the vet’s if he hasn’t eaten or drunk anything for awhile …when they are sick and get dehydrated.

  197. OMG. Last Tango. Jaysus.

  198. Somebody help SHV with his walker, please.

    Cripes SHV, you’re a treat.

  199. And yup, SHV. It’s on youtube.

  200. … and a blog artist…. and a blog Texas politics expert…. and umpteen blog cooking experts (of which I am definitely not one lol)…. and a blog clown…. and a blog English grammar and writing expert (maybe 2 of you?)…. and blog gardeners…. and blog slippers (Utah, I hope you feel better soon!)…. and a blog pie expert…. and a blog kitchen raider…. and a blog ferret…. and a blog New Orleans expert… and many more I can’t think of right now! Oh, yeah, and a couple of heterosexuals thrown into the mix ROFL

  201. Gotta finish up a document I am writing for somebody, so I’ll check back later. Try not to trash the place, lorac!

  202. SHV, that sounds kind of kinky…. are you positioning yourself to be my new late-night-antics protege? lol

  203. Nah, can’t trash, gotta write! 🙂

  204. imust – I love that graphic! You know, I’m a Dr. Seuss lorax in my blog-ethnicity! So that’s so funny you found a Dr. Seuss butter-battle book!

  205. I aim to please lorac! And you deserve it!

  206. Yippeee… I won a penguin. 😀

  207. Upps, you are so right… Goof is a bad influence on me… 😉

  208. lorac, you forgot the blog knitters and crocheters. I’m knitting a baby afghan for best friends first granddaughter. It’s a soft lavender.

  209. Newtie is going down… bwahahahahaha…

    ABC News to air interview with Gingrich ex-wife

    NEW YORK (AP) — ABC News plans to air an interview with the second wife of Republican presidential contender Newt Gingrich on “Nightline” just two days before the GOP’s South Carolina primary.

    Excerpts from the interview with Marianne Gingrich will be released during the day Thursday, ABC News spokesman Jeffrey Schneider said, ahead of both a Republican candidate debate Thursday evening in Charleston, S.C., and ABC’s late-night news program.

  210. lorac – don’t fret. It comes with the territory. My skin got real thick real quick once I began blogging in ’08. Nice though, that so many came to your aid.

    Even though I could never eat the stuff she cooks, I still had to voice my opinion, so I hope you weren’t offended

  211. lorac, great post! That crazy woman should be called out for her excessive and gross food orgies. I love food myself, but she makes me gag. xo

  212. goofs, hilarious about eye-of-newt! Can’t wait to hear what she says. I have a baby afghan I need to finish myself, thanks for the reminder.

  213. haha that will be good timing! I just finished the post for tomorrow which talks about Newt, so UW or the Thursday writer could go to town if they want with Newt’s wife’s revelations lol

  214. Speaking as a physician who is very interested in science (and lack of it in many medical/nutritional studies published), I would have to say that contrary to what we’ve all been led to believe during the last 50 years, it is the increased intake of sugar and refined carbohydrates, not saturated fat, that is responsible for the current epidemic of obesity in the US now spreading throughout the world. A good starting point if you want to learn the basics of how fat is stored and how insulin resistance develops leading later to diabetes is this video:

  215. Thank you Tony. The perfect ending to this thread. And we also have that food pyramid that existed for decades to blame in part.

  216. Tony- thanks for sharing! I am always interested in anything I can learn about diabetes- as mentioned above husband has tow siblings who passed away very young- both with type 2 diabetes. (As an aside- is that the same thing we used to call adult onset diabetes?) His oldest surviving sibling has a mild case now – so I am very nervous for him.

  217. Hey Val, I guess that Fathead video you gave your cousin was just what was needed. Too bad it landed in the trash.

  218. MOM, don’t let him eat lasagna inside a loaf of bread.

  219. The Last Tango In Paris was cooool.

  220. Thoughts of the Last Tango always make me hungry for hot toast and …..

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