Open thread: Interview with Serial Spouse’s Door Number Two.

11:30 EST, ABC.

Marianne Gingrich talks about, among other things, how Newt wanted an “Open Marriage” so he could bonk Calista on the side.

This is your open thread if you are among the ten people who watch ABC, and even if you don’t watch, join in on the Laughing At The Serial Husband thread anyhow. You know you want to.

Post-massacre videos welcome.

Popcorn concession is…….Open!

Newt’s hypocritical tirade during the debate was hilarious, I thought. I mean he’s appalled at having done to him what he did to Bill Clinton. Karma. It’s a bitch!


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  1. (sob) I HATE that photo of that poor little guy hit by the tree he was chewing on!

  2. Marianne Gingrich is a hypocrite too. She kept silent while Newt (and Barr and Graham) were beating away at Big Dawg.

  3. Oh well, he’s ‘closer to god now”. What a bunch of tripe.

    And he said that every personal friend who knew them said her story about the open marriage was not true. Now how the hell would they knoew if it was a personal one on one conversation.

  4. Well why would she say anything. She was just a congressman’s wife. I didn’t see any other wives stepping up, not even democrats.

    Boy that Calista is hard looking, isn’t she?

  5. My take on his daughters:
    1. She’s not their mother and
    2. Blood is thicker than water.

  6. UW: For the record, I don’t have much respect for Elizabeth Edwards either.

  7. WTF? THe interview segment is over!

    They pimped a NOTHING segment.

  8. well she’s dead and probably doesn’t care.

  9. Pundits are saying that Newt’s tirade that John King dared ask him about his affairs and personal life may have put him over the top for the SC primary. These same people who were blanking over Bill Clinton and calling for his head on a platter where applauding the serial adulterer who had an affair at 16 with his math teacher, then cheated on her when she had cancer and cheated on the woman he cheated with….hypocrisy much?

  10. But imagine the pain and stress she was going through with her marriage, and toss in late stage cancer and there you have it.

  11. UW: I’m certain she doesn’t care what I think, but my feeling is that if she had spoken up at the appropriate time, we’d have a President Clinton right now.

  12. Oh, and I should probably fess up — tonight turned into a Scotch night. I do know what I’m saying, but I don;t give a darn if anyone finds it offensive. I should probably shut up, but I don’t have that gift. (Or as myiq has said, I have the right to remain silent, but not the ability.)

  13. imust: No sh!t!!! Newtie has a special talent for going after people for his very own transgressions! Wright over the book deal, Clinton, and now Romney over private equity!!

  14. He also has the talent of detours. He’s the expert at not answering and turning the discussion into something else that targets somebody else. He’s despicable anyways, so why not round it out with that smarmy skill?

  15. What kind of scotch?

  16. I was just wondering……um…….who names their kid Calista?

  17. UW: Tonight, it’s Glenmorangie Quinta Ruban.

  18. Well if you give me half, I’ll forgive you.

  19. Can’t these parties win an election without divisive tricks such as the race card?

    From the previous post (thx Lorac). Simply no. Looks like this ever-so-wrong race baiting thing continues unabated. 😦

  20. LOL, UW. If only there were half to give you! However, this is not my favorite. There’s a lovely single malt called Cardhu (as Colonel Potter would say, there’s not enough o’s in smooth to describe it)–this one is my favorite and I have quite a bit and I would gladly share it with you.

  21. Ah you’re a good host, Sophie.

  22. UW,

    who names their kid Calista?

    It is a Greek name. Means beautiful.

  23. I know, Crier. But who names their kid Calista?

  24. But who names their kid Calista?

    Ali Mcbeal’s parents (Calista Flockhart).

  25. Oh, and UW: It would be my supreme pleasure to throw a cocktail party (and dinner) for you and the Uppityites. Of course, I’d enlist the help of the many fabulous cooks here. (Seriously, with all the foodies here, we must have a food related meet up event.)

  26. That would be a major bash. And of course, we’d destroy your kichen but it would still be worth it. You could referee all the cook fights.

  27. Ah Calista flockhart’s gotta be a stage name.

  28. I accept, SophieCT!

  29. I don’t feel any sympathy for Newt, Marianne or Callista.

    I did enjoy watching Newt put the beatdown on King because King deserved it.

  30. Here’s some fun in “the way we were” category – the Gopper’s field and more.

  31. Since this is an open thread:

  32. The pics of the fraud at Disney got me to thinking.
    He could go live there permanently. Disney could create a King of Pretend-land position for him. Let him lord it over his fellow cartoons.
    Seems like a perfect place for him. He could continue on pretending to work.

  33. I know how much Uppityites love recipes.

  34. Oh I’ve GOT to put that up!

  35. New Post up!

  36. NES, I was wondering where the h you were, then I figured it was court. I was about to come get you with a hook, but didn’t want to embarrass you during closing remarks or something.

  37. OMG. I simply have to do something with those disney photos.

  38. OMG. I simply have to do something with those disney photos.

    Why yes, yes you do. It would be hysterical! I wonder if there is a national cartoon day or something?

  39. Title will be World’s most famous cartoon character visits Disneyworld.

  40. Upps- I am sending you mail…….

  41. mornin all 🙂

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