9 year-old girl escapes kidnapper. Cockroach of The Week: Jose Garcia

This is Jose Garcia,  kidnapper and cockroach. He lives next door to 9-year old Calysta Cordova.

…Or should I say he  lived next door to her. Now he lives in jail. That is, if our perverted justice system hasn’t released his disgusting ass on bail.

Cockroach Garcia abducted Calysta while she was walking home from school, but Calysta, bless her heart, escaped from this piece of shit, ran to a convenience store and called the police.

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. — A man suspected of abducting a 9-year-old girl as she was walking home from school has been arrested.

Jose Garcia, 29, was captured while walking near a bus depot in downtown Colorado Springs, about 7½ miles south of the Circle K convenience store where he was last spotted Friday morning.

Fortunately, this lowlife bag of warm crap isn’t too bright and his captor outsmarted him.

The girl ran into the store, asked for the phone, saying she wanted to call her uncle, but she called 911 instead, police said.

It was immediately apparent to witnesses in the store that something was wrong.

“She had two black eyes, a bruised lip, and a bruise on her cheek,” said witness Daniel Espinoza. “She was scared. She was in shock.”

“She was in bad shape. The bruise on her face was enormous,” said witness Efrin Villapando. “She just looked a bit disoriented and of course, she told the teller that she was lost.”

Garcia, you filthy scumbag, you.

When Garcia walked into the store moments later, the girl was defiant and refused to go anywhere with him, witnesses said.

When the man ordered her to listen to him, the 9-year-old stood her ground.

“I think the guy was trying to get her to leave. And she just said, ‘No. I ain’t going nowhere. I’m waiting right here for my momma,'” Villapando said.

Garcia then ran out of the store, witnesses said.

“I looked the guy dead in the eye and he just spun around and took off,” Villapando added.

Good for you, Calysta!!!!!  All over America, women are fighting back against freaks like this vermin who abducted you.  And here you are a shining hero at age 9, learning that women are On Their Own! You saved your own life, Calysta, because God knows the law didn’t. It’s just too bad your parents can’t get ten minutes of private time with  Jose Garcia, preferably in a sound-proof room while he’s chained to a chair. Kudos to Calysta’s parents for teaching her how to fight back.

Now, we all know how horribly our system of justice has been perverted in favor of scum like  this POS. He will get another chance all too soon, so he can come back and finish the job or maybe abduct another child who won’t be so brave. So  I don’t think I am out of order when I say that we at Uppityville fervently hope somebody takes this freak out while he’s in jail so that the world can be a little bit better place without him in it. We wish him everything he deserves in life,  just so long as it ends with him removed from the gene pool. Karma, please visit this animal.

Calysta was hostage to this freak for 20 hours. See below a witness account of how brave Calysta outsmarted dumbo pervert Jose Garcia. Learn how we lose a child in the USA every three days to these animals — and Calysta’s outcome is not the common one. See some tips on what we are forced to teach our children so that these cockroaches’ odds are reduced the way Calysta reduced Cockroach Garcia’s odds of success:


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  1. Why do you insult cockroaches like that?

  2. Huffblow finally totally assimilates into lowlife AOL. Here you can read about how an over 50 woman wears her grandmother’s panties now, with graphic TMI description of why. Just to make it even more fun, she discusses how her husband, the “Buffoon,” hasn’t seen her naked since the birth of her 4th child, so what’s the big deal? Nothing like hanging out your marital laundry and demeaning your husband in front of thousands of your best friends for a laugh. I’m sure he feels like a million bucks this morning.


    If that doesn’t strike your fancy this morning you can also see a video of world champion gluttonous eater Kobyashi, sucking down 14 twinkies. I know you will find this charming.

    But if that doesn’t just make you squeal with glee, you can also see xrays of someone with a nail through the brain or someone with a knife in the eye socket. Yup, Huffpo has assimilated into AOL.

  3. They’re foreign cockroaches, myiq, so that makes it okay.

  4. Kudos to that little girl! It’s so sad that we can’t even let children walk home from school without fear of something like this happening. Roach Motel for that guy, definitely.

  5. Anybody watching the SOTU tonight? 🙂

  6. Sure, cockroaches crawl across your face and play hide and seek in your ears while you sleep, but they never hurt anyone.

  7. WASHINGTON (AP) — Addressing a divided nation amid a determined GOP campaign to take his job, President Barack Obama is preparing to issue a populist cry for economic fairness as he aims to corral the sympathies of middle-class voters 10 months before Election Day.

    populist CRY?
    corral the SYMPATHIES?
    Yes, it’s all about HIM.

  8. Much to admire about that girl. When somebody is hurting you, there’s nothing to lose by fighting back. Her parents must be very proud…unlike whatever spawned the turd that kidnapped the girl.

  9. I will put up a SOTU thread but there is NO WAY I am watching him. I know you guys expect certain things from me and you are right….but watching obama is way past my job description!

  10. SO GLAD to see that little girl got away! As for that scum bag- I hope the guards let the other scum know what he is in for- if we are lucky he won’t make it to trial. Bonus- taxpayers won’t have to pay for him forever.

  11. Watch the SOTU????? Hell to the NO!!!

    Unlike Presidents before him (who, albeit sometimes lamely) tried to bullshit us into thinking they had control of the wheel, this shitbag is going to use it as a campaign speech for re-election.

    I’ve read some of the leaks of the material, and what it amounts to is underscoring “economic inequality”. That’s a ‘dog whistle’ (thank you, Chrissy McTingles) for class warfare. Or fear of Mittens.

    Sounds more like he’s going to try to charm the OWSers, if you ask me (now tell me again how OFA doesn’t have their fingerprints all over OWS)

  12. SOTU? Why bother? Unemployment is still close to 20&, jobs are non existent, they jerry rigged the inflation calculation to take out the things that we buy each and every week- namely food and gas- both of which have skyrocketed. (But let’s keep appliances in there- like people buy a new fridge or stove or washer every week. (every couple of years now that we don’t make them anymore- buy used America- they last longer lol))
    Gasoline Jan 2009- $1.80 a gallon
    Gasoline Jan 2012 $3.59 a gallon
    But there is NO inflation!
    And how convenient- they have the holiday employment numbers to work in to the speech tonight and better than half the population won’t hear any other number.
    Lies, lies and more damn lies

    I think I have to wash my hair tonight.

  13. Oh bless her heart. Hope that pond scum sucking piece of doo do gets to meet his Bubba many times. No wonder there is traffic congestion in front of schools. Who the heck would let their kids walk these days ?
    Hey in case you missed it Elizabeth Smart got engaged and will get married this Summer. I so adore that girl.

  14. Anthony’s right. Any creature who would attend a memorial service for people killed by a freak, and then turn it into a rally for himself is despicable enough and not above using the SOTU for the same thing.

  15. He’s as happy as a little girl…..

  16. SOTU…NFW am I watching!!!!!! Would rather have a dentist drilling.
    Did I hear imustwatchtheSOTU volunteer for the ordeal?

  17. Calysta is one of the lucky ones, and I hope she continues to be a kick ass girl. I hope that piece of …. becomes the “regular” of the nastiest cellmate. Grrr!


    I caught pieces of last night’s debate. Couldn’t help but wonder how Obama would squirm at some of the questions fielded.

    Not a big fan of Mittens but loved how he called BS on Newt’s (Chameleon’s?) “I’m just a consultant” crap. He essentially lobbed it back with calling him on getting $6k a month as a ‘historian’ when there’s documentation of him ‘peddling influence’ on K Street. Again, not a big fan, but good for him. Newt’s “I’m just a consultant/historian” is just as funny as Mitt’s “I’m one of you, I know the struggle” bullshit.

  18. I may have to assign someone. It could be the person who protests the loudest just because I’m malicious that way.

  19. He’d better get one of those applause machines.

  20. Allie, my reaction to Newt is so visceral that I am willing to vote for a guy who strapped his poor dog to the roof of his car.

    And Mr. Historian has a history. And some of us remember it. We must be historians too.

  21. My dog is being very fractious about me blogging when she is 20 minutes overdue for her walk. So, just to remind me, she brought me her leash. My mistake was not obeying. Next she came over with her heavy Kong Ball and dropped it on my keyboard, followed by a shattering bark. I think I better go take a walk.

  22. Watch the SOTU????? Hell to the NO!!!
    ran out of bleach for my eyes and ears. 😆

  23. The only way to watch the SOTU is to listen on the radio. The Magnificent Won is SOOOOO distracting, you never have a clue what he is saying. There really IS no “there there.”

    OT – but what’s the best birthday cake to make for my friend?

  24. SOTU or STFU?

  25. what’s the best birthday cake to make for my friend?
    a big one!!!! 🙂

  26. Paula Deen shocked that none of her fellow chefs are supporting her announcement of type2 diabetes three years later, followed by a contract to push a diabetes drug. Golly, you think?

    “The amount of chefs that would have come forward with public statements of support and sympathy would have been overwhelming if it wasn’t for the fact that Paula hid her diagnosis for three years,” a top food publicist tells me. “To only tell the truth when you have locked in a paid spokesperson deal for a non-insulin medication is just too toxic for anyone to want to be involved with.”


  27. Foxy – There’s always Rohypnol…

  28. FF the cake must be dark and moist chocolate.

  29. I do believe that the STFU address is way above UW’s pay grade. I know that I can’t do it because I want to keep my dinner down where it belongs.

  30. GREAT HEADER! MKBill is watching!

  31. Must have been that tweet bill sent to FF.

  32. Our own lovable Fredster has a guest post over at madamab’s lovable place. Stop by and tell Fredster Uppity sent you. then leave him a lovable hug.

  33. Bravo for Calysta!! Every parent and relative should have kids like her. We have four grandchildren, including two girls, cute as a bug’s ears. Calysta was definitely told to do the right things and wound up saving her life. I’m going to make sure my own kids see her story.

  34. RE the SOTU…gee, tonite at the same time, we’re watching a tiddywink semifinal. Sorry.

  35. tiddlywink……CORRECT!

  36. Thanks for the mention Upps!!

  37. We love our Upps , 🙂

  38. Great post Uppity! Hear, hear! Let this pig get what he deserves.

  39. Socal, foxyladi, hal et al, thanks for the comments over at TW. I really appreciate it!! 🙂

  40. Fredster did you think I would read a post from you and not send the troops over?

  41. Upps: Of course not.

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