Gabby’s official resignation from Congress

Bring tissues. Lots of them.


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  1. Those boys In Charge just love rallying around those women when they aren’t a threat, don’t they? Oh, the benevolence!

  2. Whatever you do Nancy, don’t break protocol and leave your throne to hug her.

  3. A beautiful tribute to a wonderful lady.John cried but I forgive him *this time* 🙂

  4. It was sweet that Boehner cried, tissue and all. Truly. I think he’s a fairly decent fella.

  5. Wow, that was a ten-tissue tear-jerker.

  6. I know. I was in wracking sobs.

  7. The movement is “leader filled”? Why…why I thought there was no leader. I’m shocked I tell you.

    And while we’re on the subject of Obama’s faithful sycophants looking to create chaos, I don’t believe the bullshit story that Tim Geithner is leaving if Obama is re-elected.I think it’s raw bullshit. Obama’s personal ties to this freak run deep. Here’s how this plays out: Geithner says he’s leaving. They all know too many people didn’t want hi there any longer a long time ago. So he does this bogus announcement. If Obama is re-elected, there is this Kabuki act where Obama asks him to stay and the Goldman Sachs Band Plays On. One more bullshit Obama administration promise flushed.

  8. “I don’t believe the bullshit story that Tim Geithner is leaving if Obama is re-elected.”

    The announcement I heard said he was leaving whether or not Obama was re-elected. (Jumping ship before the economy sinks?)

    I am also touched by Giffords resignation, but I was driven up the wall by Debbie Washwoman Shutz’s (imo) crocodile tears.

    I know we feel differently about DWS, but she totally screwed Hillary, and there’s nothing she can ever do to get me to say anything good about her

  9. I watched this live yesterday- lots and lots of tissues!

    OT- but for my praying friends here- my brother has had a setback. He was moved to rehab and the pneumonia has redeveloped and he has contracted a “gastric virus” (I told big Sis to find out if it is C-Diff and if so to demand he be sent to the ER immediately for admission) They are talking about moving him to hospice.
    i can’t type anymore through the tears

  10. PMM, you have my prayers. Hang in there

  11. Oh no PMM, that’s terrible. Our thoughts and hugs are with you. XO

  12. Prayers and lots of hugs PMM.

  13. I believe there is a divide going on in the WH over how Obama is now portraying Wall Street.

    I watched the SOTU. There were several camera shots of Geitner and Hillary Clinton – clearly responding to the BS with reticent postures.

    Also, Obama’s grand closing with “Having each others’ backs” is a well-known metaphor with AA’s as well as in circles where calling the use of coverups and outright deception “gray areas.”

    Here’s the “Fall in Line, Tim. I’m attacking your friends (thus, you) because I need the peasant votes” shot:

  14. Aw God, Mom, that’s terrible. I know this is devastating for you and please know I’m here for you.

  15. Well if Geithner is leaving why doesn’t he leave? I don’t trust that thief as far as I can throw an elephant.

    Anthony, from what I understand Debbie and Gabby are very very close friends, she’s Gabby’s closest friend in, and possibly out, of congress. I think she was sincere. No woman will fake that, it’s too risky. As you know, when a man in power cries, hes showing his human side, when a woman in power cries, she’s falling apart and can’t handle a leadership role because she’s such a Girly Girl. Let’s face it, a woman in power is supposed to be a guy, so they can say she’s “hard” and an unfeminine bitch instead of a Girly Girl.

  16. So I was wondering, does the IRS harass these people at their places of work? Have they seized their assets? Bet not!

    Nearly one-third of Obama’s aides make more than $100,000 with 21 being paid the top White House salary of $172,200, each.

    The IRS’ 2010 delinquent tax revelations come as part of a required annual agency report on federal employees’ tax compliance. Turns out, an awful lot of folks being paid by taxpayers are not paying their own income taxes.

    The report finds that thousands of federal employees owe the country more than $3.4 billion in back taxes. That’s up 3% in the past year.


    The tax offenders include employees of the U.S. Senate who help write the laws imposed on everyone else. They owe $2.1 million. Workers in the House of Representatives owe $8.5 million, Department of Education employees owe $4.3 million and over at Homeland Security, 4,697 workers owe about $37 million. Active duty military members owe more than $100 million.

    Also Treasury employees owe 9.3 million, Postal service employees owe $270 million, Veterans Affairs, $151 million, Energy department, $5 million.

  17. Bet they pick on the active duty military families though.

  18. I work for the state (civil service) and there is no way in hell I would skip my taxes, pay less than what is due, or play games with deductions, etc. I have only worked for the state for 7 years but even in the private sector I paid every penny due. I even had a huge argument with my ex husband over some “tax savings” scheme proposed by some sleazy tax prep friend of his. We went from owing a lot to getting back money by this creeps “adjustments” to our returns. I balked and refused to sign them. I then promptly ripped them up. I had him sign the legit one that I had prepared and we took out a loan to pay our proper amount. It is no surprise that after 27 years I divorced him a year after that. They deducted more mileage expenses for the year than what was on the car odometer total. He used this car for work and home and it was a few years old. Einsteins.

    I can’t stand tax cheats. I hope they one day figure out a way to make them all pay. We owe this country, no matter who is in the head office.

  19. That picture of Barky mauling Hillary was nightmare material. I have to go wash out my eye balls.

  20. And elderly as well as disabled too.

  21. As for Timmy, he’ll probably land a job @ Wharton teaching tax law.

  22. I have to go wash out my eye balls


  23. Nah, Goldman will take him. And while we’re into flushing slimeballs. What about that thief and liar, Bernanke.

  24. Gabrielle Giffords: There is nothing that can adequately tell the story of this story for me.

    It touches every emotion and saddens me beyond words over the “crippling” of her authentic dedication to her constituents and hard-earned respect for her “representation” skills.

    For me, she is a symbol of what public servants are supposed to be – if not for corruption, political party-cultists and insanity making them extinct.

    I pity those left in her wake far more than her. She’s obviously, incorruptibly a master of integrity in living a purpose-driven life.

  25. I always hear, “what doesn’t kill us makes us stronger” when I think of Gaby. Her legacy will be to come back stronger than any of us could possibly imagine.

  26. Why Not on Gabby: Well put.

  27. Well if Geithner is leaving why doesn’t he leave?

    Given the character of both of the players, and what they know about each other and the economic, unemployment forecasts, has to be one hell of a game of three-dimensional chess.

    Something’s up and it ain’t good for the rest of us and Geitner isn’t one to take one for the gipper, imo.

  28. Hillary most definitely stepping down from SOS.

    “I have made it clear that I will certainly stay on until the president nominates someone and that transition can occur” if Obama wins re-election, she told a town hall meeting. “But I think after 20 years, and it will be 20 years, of being on the high wire of American politics and all of the challenges that come with that, it would be probably a good idea to just find out how tired I am.”


    But, she appeared to leave the door open for a possible eventual return, adding to laughter from the crowd that “everyone always says that when they leave these jobs.”

    May you become President, kick ass and take names.

    This certainly does not help Obama win. I mean, let’s face it, she’s the only one working.

  29. oh uppity, that article from HuffyPoop (spit) has a great quote from Hill. I would expect nothing less.

    “Clinton said she expected the campaign for November’s election to “suck up a lot of the attention” normally devoted to foreign policy issues but she joked that that might actually help the State Department.

    “The good news is maybe we can even get more done if they are not paying attention, so just factor that in.”

    Work, accomplish, ignore the non-sense, git ‘er done, elbow grease.

    Imagine how much better off we’d be. And we’d be laughing at the Republican fools if she’d won since she would have certainly been reassured re-election due to miracle working.

  30. Gabrielle Gifford is such an inspiration. 🙂

  31. lol McNorman’s my echo today!

  32. I knew you’d find that Karen.

  33. Is she stepping down now or at the end of the term? Do you think this means she’ll take over as VP, or run again in ’16, or is she finally really retiring?

    Mom, so sorry about your poor brother! Hugs & prayers for you.

  34. hahahahaaha That’s what I get while perusing in too many windows and talking on the phone.

  35. Can’t type well though tears. for Gabby. Our PMM’s brother. Lost a best friend in June in much the same way. Big hugs to you (((Mom.)))
    Gabby, what can I say? Godspeed in your recovery. Whether you return to politics or not matters little. You’ve already accomplished amazing things….made us more human as we watched you recover. Keep it up, please. Now, to C-span,org, to read that letter.

  36. Hal, get over to your emails ASAP. Fix your computer first before posting here. Follow the instructions, get it done and then come play here. That’s an order.

  37. No McNorman, that’s what you get when you work too hard.

  38. socal, the way I saw it, Hillary says she wants out as soon as The Boob (tm, H44) appoints someone else. He’ll drag his lazy ass because having her around gets him votes. But she did say she likes the campaign nonsense because she can get things done under the nauseating radar of the infantile Obama white house.

  39. She’s got some great frames. She looks better with the framed than the frameless. And of course, she looks very powerful in shades.

  40. karen — Now that you’ve washed out your eyeballs at the ‘O Mauls H’ photo, give them a soothing balm treatment by ogling the pics of our girl in spectacles and shades (see my post upthread).

  41. She looks better with the framed than the frameless. And of course, she looks very powerful in shades.

    You hit the nail on the head.

  42. UW…off topic, if you like sea food, check out this Sea Bass recipe I found at one of my favorite Italian foodie blogs!

  43. Hey I know my glasses.

  44. Do you wear spectacles?

  45. Spectacles testicles wallet & watch! Its a really funny scene from the movie Nuns On The Run. Robbie Coltrane is teaching Eric Idle how to make the sign of the cross, & he tells him to think spectacles (forehead), testicles (lower), wallet (left upper pocket) & watch (right upper pocket). Its hysterically funny, I highly recommend it. Sorry, but every time I hear the word spectacles I think of that goofy line!

    NES, I looked up the Coulter article since you said it was interesting. It was very good, although I generally can’t stand her.

  46. I don’t get how government workers owe so much in taxes–don’t they get taxes taken out of their checks every payday? Is there a limit to how many exemptions you can claim?

  47. SophieCT, good point. They take a boatload out of hubbies checks, we usually get back a few measly hundred. Maybe they have a lot of investments.

  48. Honest UW, I don’t work as hard as I stress out, hence the perusing of the internets during stupid calls.

  49. Agree with you guys that Hill looks good in glasses, great in the shades.

    NES, looked at the occupy links also. Very interesting, but they were a little old. I wonder whats going on with now–will have to look it up later. Gotta go make dinner.

  50. Gabby has such a sweet spirit and it saddens me that she had to resign. The upside is that she has improved greatly, considering her injury, and wants to improve more and more.

    PMM, I am a praying person, so I will remember your brother and family in prayer.

    NES, I loved those pics of Hillary. Thank you for posting the links.

  51. Hilarious on the spectacles, socal.

  52. You’re welcome, WLM. I had fun posting and sharing them with Uppityites. Hill is, after all, the glue that binds us all. Her and our darling BlogMistress, of course!

  53. socal, I’m off Occupy now. Fairly or not, they’re now inextricably identified in my mind with Obama/OFA, and, thus, I have no more use for them.
    (Besides, I’ve eaten all the crow I can for the next 5 years…burp, blech, burp.)

  54. Chit! Those GOP losers are at it again!
    When, oh when, will they stop debating. Sick of it.

  55. It’s fun NES! Newt just tried to channel JFK!

  56. OMG, are you SERIOUS! Newtie knows absolutely no shame.

  57. Newt was defending his “space plans” and was talking about how JFK challenged us to go to the moon. Don’t have an exact quote. But it kills me how he takes credit for Big Dawg’s policies, and claims to be practically the son of Ronald Reagan, and now JFK!
    Are we noticing a pattern in these narcissists??

  58. Roh-Roh….loaded question…
    “Why would your wife make a good First Lady?”

    for Newt? Perhaps we could ask, which wife???

  59. NES: How did you determine that Occupy is connected with Obama/OFA?

  60. I heard that moon colony thing this morning and I thought it was a joke. Its real??? And their having ANOTHER debate?!? Good God.

    NES, am also off Occupy.

  61. This is a dumb question, but is it okay to freeze minestrone?

  62. Yes, you can freeze minestrone.

  63. Thanks. It looks like there was some funny stuff on the debate. Newt did his same spiel with Wolf Blitzer, but it looks like Wolf didn’t back down as much as King, I’ll look for a clip.

  64. NES the pics of Hill in pink, with glasses and a cute haircut are great but OMG reading the CDS of the obots over there makes me wretch. Obama is so smart to put her in charge of shmoozing and tea parties. ACKKKK.

    Mom, hang in there on the bad news about your brother. Prayers to you.

    And to all Uppityites, stay well and be blessed.

  65. On the cnn link above, check out the clip that says “this is a nonsense question”. Thats the one where Gingrich tries to get out of the question the same way he did with John King, but Wolf Blitzer & Mittens shut him down. Priceless.

  66. The clip is the 7th from the bottom.

  67. Mitt seemed to be more prepared for Newt this time. Newt went after Mitt for having investments in Fannie/Freddie and then Mitt said, something like….he should know since he (Newt) also had investments that were linked to Fannie/Freddie! Newt stumbled around with something about his investments were like mice compared to Mitt’s elephant. hahaha!

  68. Gingrich just looked like a fool tonite. On the clip about the moon colony, he never even answers the question, goes on and on about how he balanced budgets during the Clinton years.

  69. imust, I agree, from the clips I’ve seen so far, it looks like Mittens wiped the floor with him.

  70. It looks like the audience applause, which worked for Newt in SC, is working against him tonite. Mittens is getting screaming applause when he goes after snewt.

  71. Santorum sounded like an idiot, also didn’t answer questions directly.

  72. (Besides, I’ve eaten all the crow I can for the next 5 years…burp, blech, burp.)

    CAW! CAW! CAW!!!!!

  73. I don’t get how government workers owe so much in taxes–don’t they get taxes taken out of their checks every payday? Is there a limit to how many exemptions you can claim?

    Well if you are single and you claim 3, that would do it. Or if you ‘forget’ to itemize some income. Or a capital gain.

  74. I see the Pope got caught punishing a corruption whistle blower in the vatican. Somebody needs to pull this guy off with a hook. This pope is riddled with more scandal than any pope in my memory.

  75. SophieCT, I’m afraid I don’t have a rational response to your legitimate query (or a rational reaction to OWS). It started unraveling for me when that Obot-turned-OWS’er showed up at the neighbor’s place and started bad-mouthing Hillary, and kinda went downhill from there. I also can’t ignore three irrefutable facts (which I’m willing to allow may just be coincidental: 1) their agenda/message fits a little too neatly and seamlessly into Obama’s reelection strategy/message; 2) they never criticize or protest him; and 3) a little Internet research showed that O’s man, Van Jones, predicted that there would be an organized public, pro-Dem-policies’ movement in the streets in the fall of 2011. Not rational or proved, I know, but there it is. I can’t look at OWS the same way again.

  76. OWS lost me on Week One, when they pumped out a list of demands even Karl Marx would have laughed at.

    Like wanting a nice income even if they don’t work. There are millions of Americans who worked for years to get where they are and to get the income they have. They did it over time and through hard work. It’s called working your way upward. To even imply that I should give anybody what I earned so they don’t have to work for decades and get it themselves is simply beyond the pale.

  77. Love the follow up article: “Is Obama rooting for the patriots or the giants?” Now that’s more like what Obama is capable of.

  78. I wonder when we finally get to “Day One”…..

    “I second-guess constantly… I make a mistake, you know, every hour, every day,” he told ABC News’ Diane Sawyer, laughing. “There’re always things that you’re learning in the job…….”

  79. The leader of the free world makes 24 mistakes a day. That’s comforting.

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