“Famous Paintings Improved By Cats”

Have a good weekend and don’t let the morons in DC ruin it for you. I can assure you they won’t let you ruin THEIR weekend!

h/t SophieCT.

If you think these are funny, there are plenty more in full size here.  Some of the comments are even funnier than the pictures.


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  1. Funny.

    Gotta head to work. BBL

    Watch out or Japan too. Not fun living there right now for sure.

  2. Great start to this dreary Saturday!

    My personal favorite: The Monet. Nothing makes a dreamy landscape more true to life than a cat licking his balls.

    Thanks for the laugh!

  3. OMG ROFL Anthony! Thanks for reminding me why I adore you. Who else can be Brief, Concise AND Specific in one short comment?

  4. I love this!!!! the monalisa one is the best by far

  5. Yeah period, and did you notice, even a fat-assed orange cat couldn’t make that woman smile more? Did you check out the link? Whomever did this really got into it. It was hard to pick which ones to post. But if it made you laugh a little in all this mess we’re in, I’m thrilled.

  6. Love the cat in the yoga position. My husband had to go to a physical therapist for back problems, and was handed an information sheet with exercises that looked like our kitty’s post nap yoga routine. Downward facing cat, etc.

  7. absolutely fantastic..I love them all. 🙂

  8. Found this there too:

    I’m certain one of those is a shot of madamab,

  9. Famous paintings? I only recognize the lady who looks like Cher’s sister. Ya know I love cats, but where the heck are the dogs playing poker, and the dogs playing pool paintings?

  10. Reblogged this on theconservativehillbilly and commented:
    Famous paintings? I only recognize the lady who looks like Cher’s sister. Ya know I love cats, but where the heck are the dogs playing poker, and the dogs playing pool paintings?

  11. Here ya go, John.

  12. ..and then there’s the inimitable Chi way.

  13. I only recognize the lady who looks like Cher’s sister.

    Mental Note: Never take John to a museum.

  14. Hilarious post. The Monet’s my favorite.

  15. Those darn doggies, if they are nit lickin’ them, they are playin’ with them balls! Thanks UW! Now this is what I consider to be fine film making.
    My cat Amos, apparently got jumped by some of his old pals the other night. I could here the SCB(serious cat business) going down, but could not find him. He did not come back til the following morning. Somebody went Johnn Cash song on him and took off a peice of his ear. He was a bit scratched up, and smelled like pee too. But I am sure he got the better of them though. Made pappa so PROUD! Nothing better than coming home from a long night, and the worse thing is smellin’ like re-cycled beer! I think the reason he is getting jumped, is the fact he got his nads lopped off. 🙂

  16. LOL Sophie. That Beiber one changed the way I look at Brie forever.

  17. No John, the reason he’s getting jumped is the other Toms still HAVE their nads. Unneutered males are nasty nasty creatures. Their pee is second only to skunk spray. Watch that ear, keep it clean. Letting him out with all those ferals out there is a ticket to FIV or FLV. Namely, Feline Immuno Virus and Feline Leukemia. They get it from scratches and bites.

  18. I agree. The Monet is the one that cracks me up most.

  19. Monet? What is that? Is that what you ask for when the fish on the line is too big? I need some mo-net!

  20. Would it make you feel better if we stuck a quart of beer in the photo, John?

  21. Quart? That’s all? 😉 Through in some Levi Garret plug and I might go for it.

  22. Levi Garret commercial. What a classic!

  23. SWPAnna, you accidentally posted a comment after clicking on one of the photos. This comment (Looks like Deeter) will show up for a very short while and then disappear into oblivion, because it will NOT show up in the thread. Suggest you re-comment here in the thread.

  24. Hal, thank you for your generous contribution to Bill’s serious addiction.

  25. stopping back to look at those cute pictures again. 🙂

  26. I know Foxy. They are so damned cute. The person who did this LOVES that cat. Hahaha.

  27. Attention Your Pieness,

    The presence of your Newtstronaut post is requested here at UW. Please crosspost for the AM.

  28. Jesse “I’m gonna cut his nuts off” Jackson, Sr. is all upset that Jan Brewer pointed at Teh One after he made contact by grabbing her arm, loomed over her and stuck his face and body in her space. He’s lucky she didn’t poke her finger in his EYE for that assault. But Jessie wants all of you to contact Jan Brewer and tell her to keep her finger in her pocket, unlike Jesse who didn’t keep his dick in his pants outside his marriage. But nevermind. Apparently wimminz are just supposed to put up with these assaults because some guy has “President” in his name. I say bullshit. Too bad she didn’t have a dog with her because a dog would have seen what he did as an assault.

  29. Fun post, Uppity.

    Oh, I like your description of Rev Jesse’s reaction to Gov Brewer.

  30. WLM, for starters, somebody needs to mansplain to these creeps that governors do not answer to presidents. Not. Ever. Secondly, if a man towers over a women, grabs her arm and invades her space beyond good taste, it is clearly a threat tactic. In that case, the person would be LUCKY if all he got is a finger in a face. If you ask me, she gave him the wrong finger. And once again, the Democrats show us what women hating pigs they really are. Imagine demanding SHE apologize.

  31. Too bad she doesn’t pull the gender card. I would LOVE to see a photo from the other side because I’ll bet he’s got a major claw grip on her. The pig. I would have looked down at my arm and said good and loud, DONT TOUCH ME.

  32. I guess his bad behavior has always worked for him.

  33. Not around here it doesn’t!

  34. Here’s some irony for ya (not)… Herman Cain endorses Knewt. 😯

    It takes one philanderer to endorse one! 😈

  35. Love the kitteh paintings. 😀

  36. goofs, that is ironic. Stephen Colbert went to S Carolina (his home state) and did a big rally there and fake endorsed Herman Cain, mainly to so snewt could get less votes. Cain had already dropped out of course, but it was too late to take him off the ballot.

  37. Uppity @ 7:51, haha, great comment. We all especially love the part:
    “…she gave him the wrong finger.”

  38. “the lady who looks like Cher’s sister”!?!??! omg, I just realized he’s talking about the Mona Lisa. HillBill, you’re a riot!

  39. Did you guys see this about Santorum’s child? Why is a man with a seriously ill, and apparently terminal child, running for president? I think people who are running the US should not have the worst possible family crisis to deal with at the same time. He really is an arrogant, selfish jerk.


  40. socal, I don’t know what to think of that. It hits me at so many different levels.

  41. Uppity! I just got home! I went to lorac’s favorite place….Disneyland! I saw Minnie too! In a parade with Mickey and Donald (no Daisy). Anywhoo….I will put cross post in draft file as I don’t know what time you want published or if you have something already planned by now. Use if you want!

  42. socal, this is very sad for his daughter. He has a boatload of Rhythm kids so the pope can have a larger flock, which is really probaby the only reason The Church hates birth control. Apparently, Santorum thinks life starts when he ejaculates. He’s that convoluted and Every Sperm Is Sacred. Every single Catholic I know uses birth control because they don’t subscribe to having children they can’t afford and sanely raise, or killing off Mom through the wonders of perpetual child birth. Not Rick, though. He’s a subscriber of “We’ll take whatever God gives us and then I will leave my wife to sort it out while I trapse around the countryside”. He also doesn’t seem to care that his genetic strain is weekened as he ages, that the chances of recessive genetic genes increase in the process, and the chances of bringing a dying child into this world increases exponentially over this kind of time, and his wife’s body is also being destroyed in the process of birthing so many children. She was nearly 50 when she gave birth to this poor little child. Lucky for him he has golden health care insurance though, the kind he doesn’t have to pay much for. But thanks to guys like him, far too many middle class (and formerly middle class) parents don’t. This sounds very grave and you have got to ask yourself what kind of man runs for president under these circumstances. It kind of reminds me of another selfish bastard named John Edwards, who ran for president with a dying wife. So Rick Santorum takes a “day off” from running for president because his daughter is in grave condition, while not bothering to spend enough time with her when she wasn’t so ill. So much for Family Values. He must be a great absentee daddy.

  43. socal hillbilly is not only a riot, I suspect he’s far more edjucamated than he lets on.

  44. Late getting to the posts as usual now that I have a octogenarian roomie.

    Santorum – sometimes you become your name. Sanatorium needed asap.

    My favorite picture redo is the Red Square. I can just see that cat thinking – geez you call that art – a DOG could paint that piece of crap.I can do better just sitting still.

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