The Man on the Moon

One fat foot in the mouth for Newt……One giant step toward the nomination for Mitt……

The race for the Republican presidential nomination is about to blast off into outer space: Former House Speaker Newt Gingrich announced that, if elected, he’d establish a colony on the moon by 2020.

In a speech to supporters on the Florida space coast, Gingrich called for a “grandiose” effort to colonize space. “It’s the second great launch of the adventure John F. Kennedy started,” said Gingrich.

Uhh….okaaay…..Newt….colony on the moon eh….you go first…

Come on Callisa....I think I see a Tiffany's!!

The Gingriches are the perfect couple in space doncha think??  Callisa even has her own Judy Jetson helmet head hairstyle!

Callisa Gingrich's High School Yearbook Photo

But space may have to wait…….

As I watched the GOP’s 731st debate last Thursday night, I thought Mitt actually handled himself pretty well against the Newtsternaut.  Between the “lunacy”of the moon talk and the fannie/freddie back and forth, I think Newt may have taken his rocket ride from South Carolina as far as it can go now and he’s heading for a “splash down” at Cocoa Beach..aka the Florida Primary!

See ya’ Newt, time to go back under the rock you crawled out from under.

**UPDATE**  Poor Newt.  A couple of “grandiose” teenagers from Canada beat him to it and put a Lego man into space.  Imagine the colony a Lego man could build!!


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  1. loved this post on the Pie Site! Love it here!

    And here is some more info about the Lego Man – it’s pretty cool. Had to giggle though about the life goals of the two involved. Cynic in me made me do it.


  2. Yeah Newt will steal more money from the social security pot to colonize the moon. Better yet, cancel social security and take it all.

  3. “Mohammed wants to work with airplanes”.

    That’s comforting.

  4. Hu and Mohammed are blazing space trails, unlike Skippy and Jeff, who are surfing the net for a deal on a new ipad they will charge to their parents.

  5. ROFL! Hey Uppity- maybe Newt is going to send all the social security recipients to the moon colony!

  6. Maybe they will all send HIM to the moon.

  7. Remember this crackpot school that banned legos because it teaches kids the evils of private property and capitalism?

  8. Santorum is going to take more votes from Newt in Florida. Those religious cases will give him the sympathy vote over his sick child. Kind of like what Obama pulled a few days before the election when he cried over his dead grandma, whom he then kept on ice for two weeks after the election so he could party.

  9. ““Mohammed wants to work with airplanes”.

    That’s comforting.”

    Ding! Ding! Ding! We have a Winner!

  10. Santorum: I have to rush to my little child’s side. But first let me give you your interviews about it.

  11. Hey FF! What do you think is going to happen in the FLA primary?

  12. Uppity – I think Romney will win. even people who say they like Snoot are realizing he is not Presidential Material.

  13. As for INSANEtorum, he was interviewed here on a morning radio show last week and the female host asked him to “Clarify” his statement that women who are raped and become pregnant have to “make the most of a bad situation”

    Well, this Draconian Want-to-Be-God said that (paraphrasing) “A person accused of brutally raping a woman is not eligible for the death penalty, but the baby produced in that rape IS. (And that) with that as the case, we live in a country whose moral compass is turned upside down.”
    The host, and I am sure 99.99% of women listening puked in their mouths when this sanctimonious POS spoke.

  14. I’ve just taken to paraphrasing Violet: “Can we just fast-forward through all this nonsense?” There is no viable opponent, so Obama will cruise into his second term…

  15. You have to love mail from the DSCC and DCCC. They send a half a dozen e-mails a day, all “from” different Dem celebrities, all asking for money for the Fraud because of them scary Repubs. Periodically, I find them so ludicrous or ironic, I need to reply.

    Last night’s Republican debate was just a reminder of the stark difference between President Obama’s vision of an America that works for everyone and the GOP’s desperate pandering to the top 1% and right-wing fringe.

    My response:
    Seriously? What vision? President Obama truly is the green president because the entire speech was recycled. The speech was designed to pull at the heartstrings of the Americans vision. No one (unless they’re really gullible) believes for a minute that Obama has any intention or ability to implement that “vision.” Nice try, though.

  16. Oh Gawd, Andrew Sullivan on Tweety’s show.

  17. mornin all!!!! I think Romney will win Florida . 😦

  18. I think Newt’s campaign song should be “Fly Me To The Moon”!

    We snicker, as well we should…..but I will say that at least nobody on the stage last Thursday at the debate thought that NASA’s mission should be a self-esteem outreach program for the Muslim world.

    Newt is correct that the Chinese have made it known they intend to conquer space and we as a country need to think about that and what it could mean. However, there clearly is a middle ground to be found between nothing and moon colonies.

    FF my daughter, trying to recall Santorum’s name, somehow popped out with sanitary then decided to add pad…….so sanitary pad is his nickname around here, LOL!

  19. Spohie, ROFLLLL……truly is the green president!!

  20. Dear God. Tweety and Andrew together. Help! I’m blind!

  21. Sophie, I got rid of those bastages and their nauseating emails from freaks who don’t represent me. I deleted the email address.

  22. What a horrible thought, Val.

  23. FF see if sanitarium’s daughter got raped by a psycho, and watch how fast he gets her to the D and C doctor.

  24. NEVER give a candidate an email address you want to keep forever. The addresses because community property and next thing you know, you have assholes bothering you day and night.

  25. McCain on Meet the Press saying the debates should stop because of the damage it’s doing to the party.

  26. On NPR the other day, someone asked if a long primary is good for a candidate. What a stupid question. They should ask if it’s good for the country, not a party and not a candidate.

    If a long primary is bad, why is the first contest in Iowa on January 3 and the last in Utah on June 26? If a long primary is a bad thing, we should have Iowa on September 1 and the Utah on September 30 and squeeze all the others in between.

  27. I must be in a mood today because I wrote to NPR and told them all of that plus:

    Ask if deciding the candidate after two or three primary contests is bad for the country. Ask if caucuses are bad for the country. Ask for the default being not to primary a sitting president is bad for the country. Ask if not being able to choose None of the Above is bad for the country. Ask if the barrier to entry for third party candidates is bad for the country. Ask if having “Sr. News Analysts” instead of journalists is bad for the country.

  28. NPR. You mean the ‘journalists’ who declared Gabby Giffords dead?

    NPR’s initial ‘bulletin’

    Rep. Gabrielle Giffords and six others died after a gunman opened fire at a public event on Saturday, the Pima County, Ariz., sheriff’s office confirms. The 40-year-old Democrat was outside a Tucson grocery store when a gunman ran up and began firing indiscriminately. The suspect was taken into police custody.

    So much for NPR getting off their asses and checking much of anything for correctness.

  29. NPR really has degraded over the years.

  30. Scarborough admits on TeeVee that Obama’s SOTU was a recycle of Clinton’s ’96 speech!

  31. Somebody, love the Fly Me To The Moon for Snewts campaign!

  32. Sinatra is rolling over in his grave.

  33. Delightfully snarky post, imust!

    Upps, agree with your last post on last thread. I did not know idea she had that poor child so late in life. He is truly vile.

  34. btw, that pic of snewt & callista in the space suits is hysterical. I have one of my first two grandnephews like that. Whoever did that did a good job.

  35. Hilarious Imust!

    Is it just me, or does anyone else find laughing at this “election” debacle somewhat like having chronic flatulence?

    A momentary relief, knowing that getting what’s causing it out of my system ain’t never gonna happen. lol! – oh god! – uhhhggg.

  36. **BREAKING** Newt just released his official campaign song:

  37. Hey! Remember the “Puma” death trap car? Now Europe has it’s own version, the “Hiriko”!

  38. ROFL! I loved that post Uppity! A classic!

  39. And in more car news………
    Someone is trying to sell Obama’s old car for $1 million!!

  40. imust: they could have titled it: Would you buy a used car from this man?

  41. ROFL Sophie!! The car value is overinflated….just like Obama’s ego!

  42. Not a Newt fan at all but a moon BASE is not completely crazy, though unless there some overwhelming need for it (like finding an obelisk), 90% of the perceived work of a base can more efficiently be done from space. Death Star anyone?

  43. churl, I support a moon base as well. My first thoughts are for the scientific and technological advancements a space program offers, not honeymooning for weightless sex, colonizing, and statehood.

  44. Hallelujah to Santorum taking more votes from Newt in FL, Upps! Right now, I’m loving Santorum — his presence in the race is essential to keeping Newtie’s numbers down. I dread the bump in Newtie’s numbers once the second Ricky leaves the race.

  45. Good on ya, SophieCT!

  46. The idea of space exploration and scientific research on it’s face value isn’t crazy. It just seems crazy during these economic times coming from a man who represents a party that is calling for austerity and the cutting, if not the elimination of social safety net programs.
    Besides, it was just funny. 🙂

  47. imust, that’s the thing…in the past, discoveries from government’s initiatives have translated into economic prosperity down the road (railroads, DARPA, etc etc). Sometimes you can see it right away and sometimes you have no idea. Still, I like the idea of scientists working ON something. But Newtie isn’t talking about those things (as I mentioned earlier). I would be that his entire motive for a space station is that he can say he has BOLD ideas and the others do not.

  48. Thank da lawd — Mittens is finally taking off the mittens! Let’s hope he keeps them off! I believe he’ll swing around most of the GOPers who are cool to him if he looks like he’s able to swing at and break O’s glass jaw.

  49. I just love the Newtsternaut piece, imust! Such a fine blend of wit and hilarious graphics…your trademark, in fact.

  50. Face the Nation interviewed Priebus, the RNC chair. He compared Obama to the captain of the cruise ship aground off Italy. The captain abandoned ship just as Obama has abandoned the Oval Office to constantly campaign. Of course Debbie Downer was spinning for Obama. Loved space traveller Newt.

  51. Yes Sophie. The space program yielded untold benefits, not the least of which allowed medical advances with new plastics. My oldest daughter is alive today thanks to those technologies.

  52. Obama abandoned the Oval office the day after he got inaugurated.

  53. I think Obama only uses the Oval office for putting practice.

  54. Barf! The marketing of The political American Idol, Part Two.

  55. Funny one, Ms. Pie.

    I swear I won’t be able to make it till November if Newt wins anything. That man getting this far just makes my top flip almost as much as the frequent head explosions of 2008.

    I need to start drinking. Sobriety is for people who don’t pay attention to the world.

  56. karen, you mean you haven’t been all along??!!

  57. Karen, I don’t think you have to worry about Newt winning anything. But the drinking might not be a bad idea anyway. 🙂

  58. imust, great post! And I sure hope you’re right about Gingrich. We were all shocked that so many would vote for Obama who had no experience. Now I’m in shock that there are people who will vote for Gingrich knowing the nasty details of HIS experience.

  59. lorac Mitt is ahead in FL and the Feb. contests are in caucus states where you need to have a ground game in place. Newt is flying by the seat of his pants and will lose the Feb. contests. If the billionaire keeps pumping money into him and he remains in the race past Feb. he might have a chance in Arizona and would probably win Georgia.

  60. Chief Sitting Bullshitter had a fund raiser with Native Americans and called them “First Americans”. Jesus,what a moron.

    He truly is Walking Eagle

    (An eagle so full of shit, it can no longer fly)

  61. From imust’s link:

    Prosecutors said the defendants allegedly killed the three teenage sisters because they dishonored the family by defying its disciplinarian rules on dress, dating, socializing and using the Internet.

    “It is difficult to conceive of a more heinous, more despicable, more honorless crime,” Maranger said. “The apparent reason behind these cold-blooded, shameful murders was that the four completely innocent victims offended your completely twisted concept of honor … that has absolutely no place in any civilized society.”

    In a statement following the verdict, Canadian Justice Minister Rob Nicholson called honor killings a practice that is “barbaric and unacceptable in Canada.”

    “This jury found that four strong, vivacious and freedom-loving women were murdered by their own family in the most troubling of circumstances,” Laarhuis said outside court.

    “This verdict sends a very clear message about our Canadian values and the core principles in a free and democratic society that all Canadians enjoy and even visitors to Canada enjoy,” he said to cheers of approval from onlookers.

    The prosecution painted a picture of a household controlled by a domineering Shafia, with Hamed keeping his sisters in line and doling out discipline when his father was away on frequent business trips to Dubai.

    Zainab, the oldest daughter, was forbidden to attend school for a year because she had a young Pakistani-Canadian boyfriend, and she fled to a shelter, terrified of her father, the court was told.

    Geeti was becoming almost impossible to control: skipping school, failing classes, being sent home for wearing revealing clothes and stealing, while declaring to authority figures that she wanted to be placed in foster care, according to the prosecution.

    Shafia’s first wife wrote in a diary that her husband beat her and “made life a torture,” while his second wife called her a servant.

    The prosecution presented wire taps and mobile phone records from the Shafia family in court to support their honor killing allegation. The wiretaps, which capture Shafia spewing vitriol about his dead daughters, calling them treacherous and whores and invoking the devil to defecate on their graves, were a focal point of the trial.

    “There can be no betrayal, no treachery, no violation more than this,” Shafia said on one recording. “Even if they hoist me up onto the gallows … nothing is more dear to me than my honor.”

  62. What animals. Father, son, and even the mother killling the four victims.

    Interesting, they mention that the family didn’t like that one of the daughters was dating a Christian boy, but I didn’t see them mentioning anywhere that the family was Muslim, unless I missed it.

    Good for Canada. I wish we were more outspoken as a country about family men’s honor, and misogynistic and criminal treatment towards women.

  63. lol I guess I put a lot of the info from imust’s link here. There was just so much “good” info in it.

  64. Oh, for heaven’s sake. This kid was not the first two year old being picky about food. I’d say the parents took the easy route and just gave in to her – they needed the help of America’s Supernanny! (from the tv show!). And even after being hospitalized, the kid says she’s addicted and doesn’t plan to alter or enlarge her dietary choices?

    A British teenager reportedly collapsed from eating mostly chicken nuggets for 15 years sparks new concerns for parents about kids, fast food and health. Stacey Irvine, a 17-year-old British girl, was rushed to the hospital struggling to breathe and doctors found out about her fast food obsession, says the Daily Mail. Here are details for parents about fast food health issues.

    * According to the Daily Mail , Irvine’s mother says that despite attempts to get the child to eat healthier, her daughter has eaten nothing but chicken nuggets since she was 2 years old. She has never eaten a fruit or vegetable. Physicians found that blood vessels in Irvine’s tongue were swollen from her high intake of sodium. Irvine was also anemic.

    * Irvine says she is addicted to chicken nuggets and probably won’t quit eating them.

  65. Utterly gross about the Nasty Nuggets!

    Re: the honor killings, I think that as long as they keep resettling in Western countries, their children & wives are going to want to break away. Impossible to not want freedom to make your own choices and live your own life when you see everyone around you doing it. Surprising they haven’t figured this out yet.

  66. Sophie, agree about the Space program being important and I’m all for the govt funding science, but I think Snewts idea is stupid.

    Also, I see Snewt really went after Mittens today. He’s making Mittens look better to Independents and Moderates.

  67. lorac, I read imusts link. You’re right that it doesn’t specify that they’re muslim, but I assume they are. The horrible father is quoted at the end saying that “…even if he is hoisted to the gallows, his honor is most important” or words to that effect. Just freaking evil. Killing your three daughters and your first wife. It also said if the authorities knew he was living with two wives he could have been deported.

  68. socal – isn’t it interesting, though, that the article never bothered to mention their religion?

  69. Here’s the original article from the Daily Mail about the alleged McNugget addict girl:

    The DM is not considered a reputable newspaper. The girl pictured does not look nearly as fat as I would expect someone eating such a diet to look. I smell a hoax. 😛

  70. Newt: Buy a suit that fits!

  71. Another:

  72. Yes, he looks schlubby.

  73. Yes, he looks schlubby.

    There’s a lot of pressure on that one button on the jacket that’s holding things back.

  74. Look at Newt’s tie in the second pic. It’s reaching his crotch FCS. What a slob.

  75. Here’s the 911 call from one of the sisters in Texas while that piece of shit is KILLING her.

  76. They should be executed for those murders. Hopefully, the prisoners will see to that. Prisoners hate scum like this. I find the fact that they are going to be eligible for parole in 25 years a travesty. The son is 21, releasing him EVER is a travesty. He is a danger to Canadian women. As a matter of fact, I find the fact that they are allowed to live a travesty.

    Canada is fighting back. They have outlawed Sharia. Italy is fighting back. France is fighting back. Belgium is fighting back. And the USA continues to pretend and be afraid of its shadow when scum like this Do these demonic things. Look at how they were forbidden to call it an ‘honor killing’ when that piece of shit “bridge builder” beheaded his wife. And the savage in Texas who killed his two beautiful daughters. They still haven’t found him because his wife and relatives circled his filthy wagon and helped him back to caveman country. And the FBI was forced to remove ‘honor killing’ from the swine’s wanted poster. I wish Texas would find that scheeve. They would execute him in a heartbeat. Like Angela Merkel said, MULTICULTURALISM DOES NOT WORK IN CIVILIZED COUNTRIES because there are cultures out there living in 600 AD. They bring their insanity with them wherever they go if they are unchecked. They escape a shithole like Afghanistan and turn whereever they go into a shithole just like it. America, Canada and Europe are where to go to ESCAPE that insanity not COLONIZE it. Who do you know who can’t wait to escape the USA and get to Afghanistan? Take your time. I’ll wait. Their daughters want to ESCAPE from them when they come here.

    Like Hillary said, this is not cultural. This is not custom. This is CRIMINAL. The USA should shout it loud and clear. Women do not accept being treated like animals here. You kill one of them, you are going to die in shame not honor.

    Hey Everybody, check out the recordings of the conversations these shitbags had about the deaths. Who COULDNT convict them?
    Scroll down.

  77. “We are not criminal, we are not murderer, we didn’t commit the murder and this is unjust.”

    His weeping wife, Tooba, also declared the verdict unjust, saying, “I am not a murderer, and I am a mother, a mother.”

    Not anymore. Your daughters are dead and all you are left with is a cloned son of a caveman. And THAT’s what’s unjust. What mother allows this to happen to her daughters? What mother isn’t protective of her daughters? What mother allows this to happen. A mother who has something missing or removed from inside of her. A mother who choses to keep herself safe at the expense of her daughters is not a mother at ALL. Have fun in prison, bigamist.

    Their son, Hamed, speaking in English said, “I did not drown my sisters anywhere.”


    “It is difficult to conceive of a more heinous, more despicable, more honorless crime,” Maranger said. “The apparent reason behind these cold-blooded, shameful murders was that the four completely innocent victims offended your completely twisted concept of honor … that has absolutely no place in any civilized society.”

    In a statement following the verdict, Canadian Justice Minister Rob Nicholson called honor killings a practice that is “barbaric and unacceptable in Canada.”

    GO CANADA!!!!

    USA? Is that crickets I hear??????????????????

    The prosecution painted a picture of a household controlled by a domineering Shafia, with Hamed keeping his sisters in line and doling out discipline when his father was away on frequent business trips to Dubai.

    See how well this works out for you with your cellmate Bubba, asshole. I hope you get put in charge of the soap. Your father will die in prison in 25 years. Or be too feeble to be a danger to society. And that’s GOOD news for women. Do us a favor if you ever get out. Don’t come here because we don’t want your ass on our land, you swine.

  78. What Uppity said! They should not come here and try to turn our civilization and society into a 6th century backwater. They can stay in their own hell holes for that!

  79. “British scientists have finally confirmed what women worldwide have been suspecting for centuries.

    It’s not religious principles that start wars. It’s not even civilization’s thirst for oil.

    Ladies and gentlemen, it’s the penis.”

  80. ff: that’s a hoot!
    This one is sweet and taking me back so-o-o far.

    Screen icon Mary Tyler Moore brought the Hollywood crowd to its feet when she was awarded the Life Achievement Award at the 18th Annual Screen Actors Guild (SAG) Awards ceremony on Sunday night. Dick Van Dyke, her much-loved television husband from the 1960s sitcom “The Dick Van Dyke Show, was on tap to present the award, and also drew a standing ovation as he took the stage, prompting him to quickly remind the audience that he “was just the presenter…”

    And although it has been almost five decades since Van Dyke, 86, and Moore played husband and wife on the small screen, the actor couldn’t hide his affection for his former co-star – who was just 23 when they met – and he sealed the moment by placing a long, big kiss on her cheek.

  81. Yes I was just reading about MTM on Huffblow. Unfortunately the illiteracy of the article coupled with the world’s worst sentence structure ruined the moment. Products of Dumbed Down schools are now ‘journalists’. Anyways, good for MTM! She deserves it. She presided over prime time for many years. Not bad for a woman who started out as just a pair of hot legs in appliance commercials. She is a very talented woman who brought tons of joy into American homes. She did it with Type 1 diabetes threatening her health throughout the process.

  82. Yup FF. As good ole Dr Ruth would say, De Problem is in De Penis.

  83. I just checked to see if Dr. Ruth is still alive. She is. But look what I found. No wonder she has cajones of steel.

    In January 1939 she was sent to Switzerland by her mother and grandmother after her father was taken by the Nazis.[2][3][4] There she came of age in an orphanage, and stopped receiving her parents’ letters in September 1941. In 1945, Westheimer learned that her parents had been murdered in the Holocaust, possibly at the Auschwitz concentration camp.[3][4]

    Westheimer decided to emigrate to the British Mandate of Palestine. There, at 17, she “first had sexual intercourse on a starry night, in a haystack—without contraception.” She later told the New York Times that “I am not happy about that, but I know much better now and so does everyone who listens to my radio program.”[4] Westheimer joined the Haganah in Jerusalem. Because of her diminutive height of 4 ft 7 in (1.40 m),[4] she was trained as a scout and sniper.[2] Westheimer was seriously wounded in action by an exploding shell during the Israeli War of Independence in 1948, and it was several months before she was able to walk again.

  84. From FF’s link. Priceless.

    According to this story in The Telegraph, the scientists call it the “male warrior instinct” and claim men are programmed to be aggressive toward outsiders.

    It apparently used to be a handy instinct, back when you had to kill other suitors in order to gain more access to mates, but nowadays, this only works in some countries and a few US cities. For the rest of us, this unreformed sex drive only means ever-increasing defense budgets.

  85. Hellooo ((((UPPITY”S))))

    love the last couple of threads, it is always a joy coming here and
    catching up

  86. interesting, though, that the article never bothered to mention their religion? if they were Mormon they sure would. 🙄

  87. Uppitys – I need prayers and good thoughts. Finally have a nibble on a job opportunity. I freaking out because I have to take an online personality profile test it for a sales position in a field that I have 20+ years experience in. I’m still a nervous wreak because I need a job so freakin’ bad. 😯

  88. goofsmom- prayers and good thoughts your way

  89. Goofs: GOOD KARMA coming your way, being nervous is OK,—it will have your adrenaline up——-as far as the personality thingy–you’ll ace it

  90. Thank you PMM and michelina51. I nervous because I’ve been trying to get permanent work for over 3 years now.

  91. You go goofsmom. Give em Hell. No, not Hell…just a taste of your great personality. Rootin’ for ya’ in Texas.

  92. 🙂 thanks mcnorman

  93. Best of luck goofs.

    I have read some recent articles that notes that 55- 60% of recruiters/potential employers are now using online tests as part of their interview process. So it appears it is starting to somewhat standard practice.

  94. Good luck, goofs! Fingers crossed for you.

  95. Mom, how’s your brother doing? Been thinking of him and you. XO

  96. Best of luck 😉

  97. Okay test is done… now for the waiting… 24 hours…

    Thanks everyone!

  98. A personality test? Jayyyyyyyyyyysusssss.

    Hope you get the job goofs! Even if they are a bit whacko on the testing mechanism. Hey at least they didn’t want to go thru your underwear drawer!

    You will get the job. I decree it. Or we will all descend upon them.

  99. NES Mom’s brother not doing well. It doesn’t look good. So we all need to give Mom some extra tight hugs.

  100. Sorry to hear that, Upps.

    Mom, extra-tight and several hugs for you. Hang in there.

  101. Goofs has to take a personality test and who knows what else to get a sales job and Obama never had to release a single record to be leader of the free world. Go figure.

  102. Good point, imust.

  103. Maybe we should start requiring all candidates to take a personality test! Boy could you imagine how interesting some of the results would be??

    Good luck goofsmom!!!

    For your entertainment pleasure a little ground report from Florida.

    As usual my mother’s very large, evangelical church had propaganda… I mean hand outs for their congregation yesterday. They just want to make sure everyone is well informed…wink…wink.

    This particular hand out was sponsored by a Florida division of Focus on family…..dear Dr. Dobson’s group. They supposedly asked the candidates “values” questions. Usual stuff abortion, gay marriage, stem cells……Indian casinos, though I think that was a new one. BTW they used the term Indian casinos, not Native American.

    Anyway, I won’t keep you in suspense the verdict is in the approved “Family Values” candidates are……..Rick Perry, Rick Santorum and…….drum roll……..Newt Gingrich.

    What a load of crap huh??? Yep the old Newster is quite the family man……in a big love kind of way!

    If you’re wondering about the other candidates apparently Mitt Romney and Ron Paul declined to comment. Odd since both men have given their opinions openly about several of the issues.

  104. Mom, sending love, prayers, hugs & good vibes to you. Am so sorry.

  105. Snewt is getting sued. They told him before to quit using their music.

  106. I can’t believe:

    (1) It took me so long to think of this.

    (2) No one else thought of it first.

    Caption for Newt pic at top of post:


  107. KABUL, Afghanistan (AP) — An Afghan woman has been strangled to death, apparently by her husband, who was upset that she gave birth to a second daughter rather than the son he wanted, police said Monday.

    And we let these goatfuckers into our country.

  108. (((Uppity and everyone)))

    Extra for (((((PMM)))))

    Thank you all. 😀 XOXOXOXO

  109. Monster… Bwahahahahaha… love the muppets!!!

  110. goofs – you are the MOM of GOOF! If that job doesn’t take you, they don’t DESERVE you! Stay positive – maybe they’re smart enough to hire the right person!

  111. PMM – xxoo xxoo xxoo

  112. Thanks lorac! Yes, I am the Mom of Goof and I’ll just let him bite them.

  113. UW, the women of that region would probably be happier if their so-called men would confine their attentions to goats. 😈

  114. Not that the West is entirely innocent of that sort of thing.

    In most of the world, it’s “Hey, you, get offa my cloud!”

    But in bonnie Scotland, it’s “Hey, MacLeod, get offa my ewe!” 😈

    An’ aye, lads ‘n’ lassies, I ha’e enough Scots ancestry that I’m allowed to say that. :mrgreen:

  115. Yeah Monster and in India they are now sharing wives since there is a shortage of women, due to the fact that they abort them and love them their male children. So now they can’t find wives. Boo F’ing Hoo. Same deal in China. Boo F’ing Hoo.

  116. Let me try and be surprised over the fundigelical hypocrisy,

    And though I have absolutely no fondness for Newt at all, screw the aptly named Rude Music Inc. Every fricken candidate uses music in their campaigns. I think they’re being petty here.

  117. Is it 2016 yet?

  118. They abort their female fetuses (feti?) for years and then they’re shocked, shocked when they have a shortage of women later.

    Holy Haruhi, we oughta change the name of our species to Homo asinus myopicus. 🙄

    (Please note that I am not a Latin scholar, nor do I play one on teevee.) :mrgreen:

  119. Dear India and China:


    The captain’s take on such policies:

  120. Hey monster, what do you expect from a bunch of swine who can get layed and then eat the creature they just injected.

  121. I agree sophie. It just shows what petty brats the music industry employs. You can only use their music if you agree with their Sacrifice For Thee Not Me philosophy. And frankly that song sucks.

  122. I remember when somebody posted a video here of Indian parents video taping their baby girl playing on a blanket with a cobra heading her way. It was INSIDE the home.

  123. Here ya go. Entertainment in India. Warning: You will wince and wonder why this child’s parents weren’t shot at dawn.

  124. I have to respectfully disagree with you guys. Yes, many candidates use popular songs, for instance republicans often use conservative country music stars songs and they don’t mind, and Clinton famously used Fleetwood Mac and they didn’t mind. But if they do mind, and send the candidate repeated requests to quit using their songs, then I think they have every right to sue. If I had a song that I owned and someone I hated like Snewt, someone who stood for everything I disagree with, kept using it for his own grandiosity, and to further his own evil purpose, I would try to stop it by any means myself. Survivor is from Chicago and are liberals. Why should they want to help someone like Snewt?

    Goofs, best of luck to you! Hope you get it!

  125. That might explain China’s focus on their space program.

    They’re looking for Green Skinned Space Babes. :mrgreen:


  126. Horrible story about the poor woman in Afghanistan. I read the link, it said the goatfucking coward ran away, but they have arrested his mother as an accomplice. I glanced at some of the comments which ran the usual gamut from insane to funny. I agreed with half of this one:

    “There should somehow be a mass exodus of women from that country. Those evil men should be left alone to sodomize goats and kill each other.”

    Free the women and the goats I say!

  127. I have to hope that was a defanged cobra. Otherwise I have to assume that the baby was an expendable female.

  128. Re: rock stars telling politicians not to use their music, if you scroll down this link, there’s a slideshow of famous rockers that didn’t want their songs used by politicos; mostly repubs (surprise, surprise), but apparently Sam Cooke didn’t want his song used by Obama either:

  129. lorac, well said. Even if its defanged, I think its horrible to let it keep doing that to a baby’s head. Fucking idiots.

  130. Socal, that quoted comment had to be Uppity’s. She has made that statement, in pretty identical terms, several times.

  131. NES, that’s what caught my eye about it! It sounded Uppityish!

  132. Rangers are tazering people now? Jesus.

  133. I didn’t post the comment NES, it’s just another person adopting my…um…endearing expressions.

  134. listen a moron walking a “sweet” pitbull off leash nearly killed me and my dog. If I had a taser I would have zapped too. Twice. Actually, I regretted not having my Glock.

    Dogs should never be walked off-leash no matter how “special” you think they are, because they are DOGS, and they REACT to things in ways you cannot anticipate. Even YOUR dog can do that. Dogs should never be off leash and cops should not have tasers because they are already on a major power trip without having another tool with which to convince people that they should Be Very Afraid when they see a cop. Rangers should have bear spray and tranquilizer guns and that’s about it.

  135. Wow has anyone seen those hoarder programs on A&E? Just. Wow. Next time I think my house is messy, I’m just going to chill out. lol.

  136. I’ve seen the ads, its really sick. I get annoyed at my hubby for being a bit of a pack rat, but he’s nothing next to those poor sick people. My parents were really strict about the house and even the garage. Everything clean and tidy. We cleaned out our closets and toy boxes once or twice a year and my Gramps drove the stuff down to Tijuana (along with neighbors stuff–he would fill up his truck) and give it to a mission to dole out.

  137. myiq, LOL!

    Upps, I don’t like to see dogs off a leash either, and prefer to not see pitts at all. They scare me. I thought the tazering was extreme for a couple of small dogs off leash though. There are some dog parks in in Socal and beach areas that are designated Dog beaches where people let their dogs run wild. We were at the one in Long Beach when Laker was little, and I had my eye out for Pitts, but luckily all the dogs there that day were nice. You’re right about never knowing what dogs will do…my brother got his face chewed up by a mean beagle when he was 2. The dog had been abused of course and was running wild. My bro still has scars from it, especially where it tore his lip through.

  138. I don’t think these dogs were at a dog park though, socal. I never bring my dog to them. I don’t trust all those dogs running around, and a lot of bad stuff happens at dog parks. Secondly, I have no way of knowing if any of the other dogs has a contagious illness. It’s just not attractive to me. I just don’t patronize those parks. Worst dog attack I had was a pomeranian. I sent him sailing on the end of my foot though, but I still have the scar from that little bastage’s off-leash bite. nasty little creature. Small dogs can inflict damage and really, the moron who was walking those two dogs deserved a stiff fine. It’s just not courteous. I had a schnauzer when I was a kid who was on my lap when he decided to reach over and take a chunk out of the person next to me. Like i said, you Never Know what a dog might do, and only a moron wouldn’t have a healthy respect for that. These people who pretend their dogs are little humans are usually the worst offenders. We don’t really know the whole story here though, it does seem as though the guy was blowing off the ranger, who, if this was a national park, represents the law. A leash law is there for a reason and the person was just plain breaking the law and thumbing his nose at it besides. Still, I kind of would like to think that a ranger should have more skill at stopping a lawbreaker than to tazer his ass.

  139. I’ve never been to a dog park either, just driven past them. Laker says his late brother used to take his Maltese to a dog park in the next town and took her off the leash but stayed close to her. This dog park has a fence around it.

  140. myiq, that cat is a scottish fold, bill only hangs out with alley cats. That little Siamese number last summer was just a fluke. Besides, Bill said she asked for it and he was just being a gentleman.

  141. Yeah they have fences around those parks. I wouldn’t worry about my dog getting out. I would worry more about what’s IN there with her. I’ve seen people who have no control of their dogs turn them loose in dog parks, and not have a clue what to do when something starts to go wrong. Even a well trained dog is tested under those conditions. A dachsie once tried to beat the crap out of my Chooch at the vet’s office. She let the dog do it, because he was small, but if she had decided to fight back it might not have been very pretty. All in all, it was kind of funny. But I may have not been in a very good mood with the owner if my dog had any damage. People just need to get control of their dogs and most of them have no business walking with a dog off leash, not because the dog is stupid but because the owner is stupid. Usually it goes this way at the park. A dog charges up to another dog and the second dog rips his throat out. Then the owner of the charging dog says, He was only trying to be friendly! Dogs aren’t into that kind of friendly and neither are intelligent owners.

  142. OMG this one hoarder has a fridge full of maggots! Thank GOD I don’t have insomnia often, I couldn’t stand to watch this shit.

  143. Disgusting. The thought of maggots makes me want to hurl. Poor Upps! Sorry you can’t sleep.

  144. A fridge full of maggots? Hey, maybe the Afghan wife-killer is hiding among them; who’d know the difference? 😈

  145. They have a couple of dog parks in nola, one in City Park. Forget how many acres but it is separated. One section for the smaller breeds to yip at each other and another section for the big boys and girls. You have to fill out an application, show proof of shots (yours and the dogs), you pay either a monthly or yearly fee and that gives you key-card access to the park itself. You are responsible for picking up your pet’s poop and disposing of it. If you are caught by the poop police you could get fined or even lose your privileges.

    Here’s a video of a day in the dog park I think using a dog-cam. In this part they don’t separate the big/small dogs.

    BTW, I’m trying to push some of the local parish poobahs to create a park in St Bernard. I think it would be great and I can’t let Chloe run loose around where the duplex is since it’s right by a canal and they have seen an alligator in it. 👿

  146. Iowa woman births 14-pound baby without painkillers

    I say, give this woman a 200 pound Pengy. 😯

  147. Oh I forgot: Kind thoughts to PMM, hoping everything is okay and goofsmom, fingers crossed for ya!

  148. Why Not: I saw that!! Sub-title should have been “woman will NOT be walking for quite a few weeks”

  149. A fridge full of maggots? Hey, maybe the Afghan wife-killer is hiding among them; who’d know the difference?

    He would be the maggot with the hair all over his back.

  150. Iowa woman births 14-pound baby without painkillers

    Personally, I’d like to see that POS Santorum be forced to do this.

    Barring that possibility, I’d like to see a sociopath rape him in an alleyway, and then 9 months later, while he’s still under intensive psychiatric care and afraid to leave the house, shove an automatic umbrella up his ass and hit the Open button. Then force him to push it out and tell him to Make The Best Of It. Michelle Bachmann can be his midwife.

  151. Newt “reinvents” himself.

    Sally Cummings, a retiree from Brooksville, was strolling around the hangar after the rally broke up with a sign of her own: “Tea Party vs. Cocktail Party!” it read, above Gingrich’s name. “He’s more of a grassroots, common person,” she says. “And Romney is very much the cocktail party. He is the elite.”
    If a man with a 5,000 sq. ft. mansion in McLean, Virginia can sell this juxtaposition, how can you ignore the possibility that he will rise from the ashes yet again?

  152. Newt reinvents himself…..pfft. He’s a lizard, he can easily shed his skin, this is news???

  153. Sadly, Newt has a recent role model to follow in this lizardry; meaning POTUS is already out-in-the-open accepted as a makeover.
    “President Obama’s latest makeover casts him as a middle-class warrior — a campaign theme his team thinks will resonate with voters in 2012. After struggling to find a winning message, the president has amped up his role as defender of the middle class and been rewarded with his highest bounce in the polls in months….”

  154. Thanks to all for the hugs and kind thoughts- it is just a waiting game now- big brother has refused any further medical intevention and is on morphine every two hours. I am torn here- I am scheduled for a civil service exam Thurs and the family is saying stay and take the test- I can not help my brother and the exam – well this job has a very short window- they only took 250 applicants- I got up at 6 am to get the application in the day it opened. 😦

    In other news- somebody refresh my memory s/- Illinois, nuclear reactor, hmmmm where oh where have I heard that before?

    “Investigating” SUUUURRREEE they are. I am positive they did not break any reporting laws – that sweetheart legislation they got courtesy an ex Illinois senator keeps them in the clear.

  155. morning all. 🙂
    PMM – xxoo

  156. PMM xxoo from me too.

  157. Mom, I’m here. Okay?

  158. And Mom. You have a memory like an elephant. Let’s see, Nuclear leaks. Legislation. Watered down legislation. Not the kind a certain Senator promised the neighbors of a company named Exelon. They wanted nothing more than to be WARNED if the company had another nuclear leak. Obama gave them a snowball in the summertime that melted right in their hands. In other words he screwed them and by the time his ‘legisation’ went to a vote, it said that warning neighbors that they soon might glow in the dark would be ‘voluntary’. Now why would Barack Obama do such a thing with a straight face? Meet Frank Clark, CEO of Commonwealth Edison and successor to Thomas Ayers, hand picked, in fact. He was also on the executive board of Exelon. He also was a bundler for Obama, lobbying for Exelon. Just sayiing.

  159. That’s the one Uppity. And IIRC Axelrove and Rahm were involved with Exelon as well.
    How wonderful! Screw coal, natural gas and oil. The price of energy will naturally skyrocket! And Exelon will rake in the $, to “recycle” it to the campaign to defeat Amerika!

  160. PMM: (((Hugs))) and well wishes to you and your family

  161. (((HUGS))) PMM so sorry.

    As soon as I heard the news about the reactor, my mind immediately went to Exelon and that POS in the WH.

  162. Warm hugs and well wishes, PMM.

  163. Barack Obama has no soul.

  164. PMMom’s brother has passed on.

  165. PMM: my sinere condolenses

  166. MOM {{{{ sniff }}}}}

  167. {{{ PMM }}}

  168. Off topic, I know, but UW, this legislator is your kind of person…

    What a hoot!

  169. {{{PMM & Family}}}

    p.s. your brother has graduated…. you have another test on Thursday. (((((((PMM)))))))

  170. OMG AnnE. I LOVE IT.

  171. My condolences PMM and family ((((((Hugs))))))

  172. ((((PMM & Family))))

  173. Update: I received the call this morning that I did excellently on the personality test.

    They have tendered a job offer but have to go through background check first. Completed that paperwork a few minutes ago. They said could take a week to find out. If it’s okay I could start work ASAP.

    I’m so excited and anxious. The only thing I’m concerned about with the background check is a BK that I’m waiting to be discharged. Sigh.

    Fingers crossed folks, this is a full time permanent job. It’s been 5 years since I’ve had one, been temping for a while.

    Thanks to everyone for all their thoughts, prayers and good karma sent my way.

  174. Mom, we are thinking of you and holding you close. Hang in there. XX

  175. Whoa! Great going, goofs.

  176. PMM: my sincere condolences.sending prayers. 🙂

  177. Great news, goofs. 🙂

  178. Way to go, goofs! I hope your boss didn’t fail that test.

  179. NEW POST UP.

  180. that’s AWESOME Goofs, the BK—shouldn’t be a problem, I’m sure there are many of you in the same boat————

    Happy Happy thoughts coming your way—–

  181. Thank you all so much!!!

  182. “Death makes angels of us all and gives us wings where we had shoulders smooth as ravens’ claws.”–James Douglas Morrison

    May PMM’s brother rest in peace.

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