Your open thread and the return of Cats With Thumbs

Bill made me do this as a reminder and fair warning to all of you……..You must  work collectively to get Cats With Thumbs off the streets and into homes. Bear with me, as I lead up to Why.

My first cat was a  Cat With Thumbs. He was forced upon me by a trickster. I never liked cats.  My friend was visiting for the weekend and told me he found a kitten hanging out in his tree, which he named Thunderfoot. His resident cat, a Siamese named Penelope, who incidentally had the personality of a lobster and didn’t do much to endear me to cats, wasn’t about to have any common alley cat hanging around inside with her perfect self, so the  foundling kitten needed another home. He was bringing  the cat with him for the weekend and planned to find him a home here (Yeah, sure). When he showed up, I was gobsmacked. My first reaction was, This is a KITTEN? I mean this was one large kitten, no kidding. With feet like a Clydesdale. My friend assured me he would “Grow into his feet”.

Anyways, the long weekend came and went, and I managed to pretty much ignore the cat. Then my friend told me he would see to it that the cat got a home if  I would just hang onto him for a few days. Then he pulled that Humane Society trick on me, you know, the one where someone tells you the cat is going to be put to sleep if somebody doesn’t rescue him. I agreed but I wasn’t happy. I didn’t know squat about cats but I wasn’t going to help gas one at the Humane Society.

Now I was left alone with  a creature with feet like a Great Dane and I sat in the den and stared at him. He sat on the chair across from me and stared back. He was bright orange with a big white chest the size of a turkey. His paws were practically fluorescent white, which accented the fact that he had enough toes for two cats. Then he started making this disconcerting and very loud rumbling sound. It scared the crap out of me. My friend assured me this was a ‘purr,’ but it sounded pretty ominous to me. Besides that, he sounded a lot like he needed a tune up and his plugs were misfiring or something. Suddenly, agreeing to “hang onto him for a few days” (riiiiiiiiightttttt) didn’t seem like such a good idea.

I am not kidding here, this stare-down went on for hours, and he was winning. I was frozen in my spot and that cat never took his eyes off me. It was getting  late and I was tired, and I still sat there and he still sat there. The truth was, I was afraid of this thing making these mini roaring sounds. I tried diversions, like TV, but he was relentless. He never stopped watching and rumbling.  I had the distinctly frightening  feeling that I might die in that spot over time if I didn’t do something. So I spontaneously bolted out of my seat and ran up the stairs. He followed politely,  but I ran pretty fast up those stairs. I wanted to go to bed and I wasn’t going to let this thing be loose in my bedroom with me while I slept. I mean, he was probably planning to kill me or something.

I reached my bedroom with the cat at my heels, and  then …….with heart pounding like I was a potential victim in the movie Psycho. I unceremoniously slammed the door in his face – just in time to bar his entrance. I couldn’t believe I had this dangerous animal in my home.

I heard muffled sounds at the door and my eyes were darting all over the room. I had every light on, as if I were 4 years old and afraid of a monster under my bed. I finally fell asleep out of sheer exhaustion. I woke up early the next morning and it didn’t take me long to Remember I Had A Problem Out There. A Very Scarey Problem. I tiptoed out of bed and tentatively opened the bedroom door–  and there he was. He was sitting in front of the door with his head down. Now I felt really guilty. Was he there like that all night?  Maybe he didn’t really want to kill me. Maybe he just wanted to maim me a little and all i would need is a few bandaids now and then. So I sat on the landing with him and said,

“Okay, you and I have got to have a talk. I don’t do cats and you can’t stay here”.

He responded by throwing himself on the floor next to me, upside down. I wasn’t exactly sure what to do, so I gingerly touched his fur, like you would do if you were sticking your hand in a hole in a wall, hoping some vermin with big teeth won’t greet you. I was certain he would probably rip my hands up with all those claws. And those teeth! Sticking out over his upper lip! Sharp! Pointy!  Instead, he started up with that  damned rumbling sound again–and he was pawing the air like there was something up there only he could see.  I tried to count his claws but found that disconcerting. Still,  I noticed that his fur was very soft and clean, and it felt really good to my hand. I liked it. I also found it kind of ironic that, for a cat that had been living on the streets, he smelled…..well…Spring Fresh. How did he do that?

“Okay,” I said. Let’s go downstairs and I’ll feed you”.

After both of us had breakfast,  I did a few chores and he followed me around the house, always taking care to be polite. I took a shower and he was sitting there  waiting for me when I left the shower.  Then he got on the sink and took a drink from the faucet and sat himself on the  counter and watched me. Only this time, it didn’t seem so much that he was staring, but more like he was actually interested in me. So, I started talking to him, which at first seemed idiotic, but then I realized it made him rumble louder. Then he took to rubbing his face against me and shit like that and next thing you know, I wasn’t afraid anymore. In fact, I kind of liked it. He knew it too, because suddenly his eyes were brighter and his tail was higher when he walked. You cat lovers all know about tail language. He liked me and he wanted me to like him. And I did.

To save my Pride, I started making calls to people I knew who liked cats, asking them if they wanted another cat. Well, you can imagine how well THAT went. As some time went by, my calls were half-hearted and I wasn’t even sure why I  was still making calls. The cat was sitting right next to me, rumbling away — while I dialed and  pretty much talked everybody I called out of taking him. I had fallen in love with this orange version of Bigfoot, which explains why he didn’t seem concerned at all that I was making calls and trying to pawn him off. He already figured out he was Home.

That night, he slept on the bed with me. Within a week, he was the perfect pacifier, sleeping near me. If I moved, I just moved him with me. He was very flexible that way. And that rumbling sound actually sounded comforting to me. How the hell did THAT happen?  I had finally figured out it was the Rumble of Contentment.

I went to the pet store and bought a boatload of toys, most of which seemed to mysteriously disappear. (Later, I learned that most of them were under the stove). I even bought some catnip and watched him  take a sniff, blow it all over the floor, roll in it and then slide along the perimeter of the room. What was that all about? I was tempted to try some myself!  I also bought cat books. Lots and lots of cat books. Books on how to Raise a Cat. It wasn’t long before I realized, you don’t raise a cat. He raises you. I became his slave. He was grateful, but not overly grateful, lest I should slack off. You cat owners, you know the routine, right?

……and so began my love affair with cats for life. I owe much to that boy. He taught me what I was missing. So you see, a polydactyl cat can change your whole attitude, folks. The photo accompanying this story is none other than Bomart – The Cat With Thumbs Who Changed My Opinion Of Cats. See those feet? Show some respect for The Paw!

He taught me cats weren’t at all like I thought they were. He stole my heart. Period. Heaven knows what havoc he might have wreaked on the streets with the biggest damned feet I ever saw in my life on a gawky kitten. Trust me, you haven’t been whacked until you are whacked in the head by a cat with seven toes. We’re talking catcher’s mitt here, folks.

This cat was also an excellent judge of character. If he didn’t like someone I invited in, he would dance sideways in front of me. He weeded out every one of my bad dates, and he was right every single time. He was not without his sense of humor either, unless you call coming down the stairs with a pair of your underwear and dropping them in front of company you are trying to impress Not Funny. Then there was the time he ran off with an entire chicken carcass and hid it well enough so that I couldn’t find it. He did bring it back though. In pieces. He put a total of three collar bells in his litter box, till I finally got the hint.  And there was that one time when the guy who installed my new windows wasn’t responding to my calls about broken seals, till I finally threatened him legally. He showed up and made the mistake of screaming and pointing his finger in my face. His response was a cat the size of Brooklyn flying through the air and grabbing his arm.  Funny, the guy got a lot quieter after that and replaced those windows in record time. To give you an idea of how imposing he was, he once sat in his own chair at the crowded vet’s office and nobody dared to complain. A  a couple showed up with a Miniature Pinscher. I knew these two people from work and found them to be two perfect asses with their noses in the air. She looked around for a seat,  took one look at my cat  in his own chair and said, Wow that’s a big cat! What does he eat? I said, “He eats Miniature Pinschers.”.  I think she was waiting for me to remove him so she could sit down, so I said, “You can remove him from the chair if you want”.  She opted to stand. Heh.  She had no idea that this big boy with the awesome feet ruled with a gentle paw, and I wasn’t about to tell her. Bomie also loved water and earned the nickname “Aqua Cat” easily. He had no problem sitting on the shower or tub ledge and getting a little bit for himself. He also  could open any cabinet door, and he knew how to turn on the bathroom faucet so he could drink fresh water and bathe at his leisure  – and his habit created some very interesting water bills. I was grateful that at least he could distinguish the cold water tap from the hot water tap.

Bo (hey it was Pre-Obama!) was a wonderfully funny, lovable and handsome cat. My trickster  friend knew this cat was special and he also knew that,  if I was ever going to become a cat lover, this was the cat who could pull it off. He was right. However, contrary to his promise, as big as Bo got, he NEVER  did “Grow into his feet”.

So you see, the fact is, Cats With Thumbs are Magical. Mine accepted fosters with grace and kindness, and he taught them all the ropes too.

Yup, they are magical, those Cats With Thumbs.  They know they’re Different and they use it well. Here’s some proof:

Now, here’s a 26-toed cat who helped to save an animal rescue center via $26 donations.

And here are  Ned and Fred, two Kittens With Thumbs that boast 54 toes between them. Bill wishes to point out that they are Tuxies.

Now what is this all leading up to, you ask? You are asking that, right?

Well, Bill and I want you to have a good weekend and go adopt a Cat With Thumbs. If you don’t help get them off the streets, it could lead to this…



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  1. I don’t know why people talk about adopting a cat. It works the other way around.

    We got Parker (my son has her now) about 10 years ago. She showed up one day and decided she liked us so she moved in and stayed. I don’t mean hanging out in the yard – she literally moved in.

    We still have no idea where she came from.

  2. Kozmoe has thumbs. He was very nice this morning and allowed me to sleep in til – OMG! 7! Normally he wakes me by 6 at the latest.

  3. Ups. This is so heart warming and that last video is a hoot! I love my two cats dearly.

    Many years ago, I like you, was afraid of these creatures, until a stray stole my heart. Ralph, Midnight, Clemmy, and Paws have all gone to cat heaven, but I now have Shadow and Pepper.

  4. Thumbs up to Bomart!

  5. Ah WLM, you “know” what I mean then!

  6. Ah, I did some editing and additions to this piece, having written this late last night with a cat behind me, pawing my head.

    Mom, Koz is adorable. Black cats with extra toes are just the Gold Standard.

  7. We got Parker (my son has her now) about 10 years ago. She showed up one day and decided she liked us so she moved in and stayed. I don’t mean hanging out in the yard – she literally moved in.

    We still have no idea where she came from

    She decided you didn’t have a Need To Know.

    Cats know exactly where to show up. They leave messages to each other or something. Your cat decided you were a Better Deal than where she was, and they are never wrong.

  8. Upps, you’ve said a few times recently that you have writers block. The spirit of Bo cured you. Those toes ARE magic!

    I love pets, always had them, sometimes many at once. When I have a few days off at this time of my life, I travel as much as I can. That is my whole reason for not having dogs, cats,birds, fish, etc right now. I live in the woods and have no neighbors to check on them/care for them. Pro kennel type places are too costly.

    I also put in about 2days a week of overtime normally. 16 hour days would be impossible with a dog and cruel to a cat.

    I have my parrot several weeks a year when my daughter needs to go away or is ultra busy at work.

    You made me seriously consider it though.

    Someday, again.

  9. Life is no fun without pets, Karen. They have many health benefits. I had cats when I was working in a fast moving environment, and sometimes traveling – and they are very adaptable for a few days. You leave them their food bowl, a clean litter box, and a boatload of water and they do just fine. Especially if there are two of them to keep each other company. Of course, they will greet you when you return…….and then punish you for a week, but hey, it’s not like they aren’t Entitled…to Everything.

    Dogs, however, need daily attention, walking, reassurance, etc. You know how they are, you go out to dump the trash for five minutes and when you return they greet you as if you’ve been gone for five hours.So I couldn’t have a dog for a long time, until my lifestyle changed.

  10. Bwhahahahahhahaha

    I love cats. They are ALL very different. Some speak with their eyes and some with their mouths, but they all are telepathic. I can’t imagine life without pets.

  11. I know I should have a few enormous dogs and a couple of kittehs ruling them. It is my desire to do it again. Just not right now.

  12. About the pink ribbon. It is a great thing, Imho. Evelyn Lauder passed away a few months ago and she was a fantastic human and raised gazillions for all the breast funds that used her idea. Hillary opened breast clinics in NY when she was a Senator and I can remember her cutting all the pink ribbons with a pink scissor. Of course it was not a photo op -Hill worked hard to break ground and build the centers with the women who initiated the project. Hill got it done, natch.

  13. beautiful post Upps.and I too can’t imagine life without pets. 🙂

  14. McN, they do know that cats are sensitive to the earth’s magnetic force, which some say explains their behaviors before storms or EQ’s, and also how it is that a lost or relocated cat can find their owners or return all the way cross country to their homes, even if it takes them years. They don’t seem to use scent like dogs would do. Instead, they travel to their target location using other means. This has occurred time and time again with cats. I once placed a cat in a nearby town and he disappeared shortly afterwards. He showed up at my door weeks later, and I NEVER figured it out. I know of a situation where someone who had a cat that disappeared every winter and showed up in good health every spring. He did this for a few years and was given up for ‘lost’ several times. As it turned out, he had two homes, seasonal if you will. They figured it out because the two owners had the same vet and told the same story to him when they brought in the same cat. I imagine the vet was really laughing his ass off. The cat was getting checkups twice a year. LOL and double shots too. The two owners got in contact and continued to share him because it’s what he wanted, but they rotated the cost of yearly vet checkups. The thing is, they lived miles away from one another, yet he made that trip twice a year on his own. When they figured it out, they took to driving him to his seasonal abodes. Cracking up here. One owner had a larger family and an active home, the other didn’t; a couple living alone. So I guess his season with the quieter home was his ‘vacation’ away from the more busy home. Anyways, who could figure out what he was thinking? To me, he just plain loved both homes and couldn’t “pick”. It started when he was well into adulthood, he was originally owned by the couple, adopted as an older kitten born in a shelter, so I just figure he really got lost the first time he wandered off and found these other nice people who took him in — so he adopted them as a family he enjoyed being with and ‘graced’ them with his part time presence as a ‘reward’. He then did a trek back to his original home in the Spring and adopted a pattern. This went on for awhile until the second family moved away due to work Since the couple were his first owners, he became an indoor cat so he couldn’t take that trip and not find the other family next time, and he retired to his original home. The thing is, this is not a One of a Kind story. It’s happened before. So go figure.

  15. Well, that cat is just like the snowbirds that flock to the southwest. lol
    Unbelievable, the love of both homes was too strong to leave permanently. I believe it. They know where they will be loved forever. My feral SweetPea has now come back into the sunroom. During the day, she blissfully follows the sun in the yard. The winds have started and I noticed that she has a funky eye, but she won’t let me near her. They have always had some protection, but she seems to really like the mild weather. The highs have been 58-68. Anyhow, guess who walks to the center of the driveway every evening at just the right time? She waits for the gate to be drawn and then she moves. lol

  16. I hear you Karen. I just hate pink because it means wominz only and is never taken seriously when used. Big Pink notwithstanding, of course!

    The thing is, like reclusiveleftist said, they are using it ad nauseum and their purpose has become raising money to raise more money. With the kind of cash they are raking in, you would think they would have made some great cure strides, yet millions go who knows where. I would love to know what their overhead total is. Then to turn around and defund breast exams and mammograms for people who can’t afford them while concurrently spending their entire lives on ‘awareness’ is just over the top. Way over the top. I don’t like them anymore. Not one bit. They have shown us they cannot be trusted to hold women’s best interests at heart, deferring to political agendas. And that’s a stain that may NEVER go away. As for awareness, there isn’t a woman in this country who isn’t ACUTELY aware of breast cancer. I suggest they start DOING something about it with that money instead of having a foo foo month every year where everything is plastered with fuschia pink. Why would I buy a pink anything now that I know that they are selective in deciding what that profit is used for, based on relgious preferences. If they want to be a religious organization, then they need to come out and say so. They already have a good start with their high level staff, including a VP who is a zealot.

    What they tried to pull with PP, under the GUIDANCE of their own zealots, could have had HORRIBLE repercussions. Congress could have decided to “investigate” anybody they wanted and dry them up. Think about that one and shudder. Komen sucks for that.

  17. I suggest they start DOING something about it with that money instead of having a foo foo month every year were everything is plastered with fuschia pink.

    I agree wholeheartedly. The K office is down the hall from me. I have never gotten a straight answer out of any of them as to how much is actually left for use other than foo foo events. And foo foo is putting it mildly because they bring in big name celebrities to this village to raise lots of mula.

  18. My opinion of Komen fits in with what’s being said here. Two sub points: Very recently Komen has been using teevee to encourage women to join their 3 day walk 4 the cure, so they were looking to expand big time. Second point . Older daughter recently did autism speaks. I donated as soon as she asked me (June). Walk was not until October…..held my money for 4 months.

  19. Komen. is just one of many pink ribbon orgs. Lauder started others, etc. komen does not own pink ribbon logo, nobody does.

    Komen and some of them are zealots, not all are.

  20. There are so many charitable organizations and it is difficult to screen them. Since money is at a minimum for many people, we want more bang for the buck. Unfortunately not all organizations are good stewards with their finances.

  21. They have at least two high level people who are putting religion before the purpose of komen, else they wouldn’t have tried that PP stunt. two is enough to erode an entire organization, they have already proven it. These people do things in organized steps. They knew exactly what the ramifications of that decision would be if they pulled it off. Next level: you don’t agree with us on abortion? No funding for you! Imagine the blast congress would have deciding to investigate anybody they wanted so Komen could cut them off. If this wasn’t an organized plan, I’m Cleopatra.

    Komen makes sure their pink ribbons are identified on products. God forbid their money should go elsewhere.

  22. If you have time, go over to bluelyon’s place and read her post. Then watch the very compelling video by Linda. Linda doesn’t mince her words at all.

  23. Hubbie & his friend just got back from visiting their High School friend who was in City of Hope, get stem cell treatment a couple of months ago. She is back home, and doing amazingly well. The Drs think the cancer won’t come back for at least 8 to 10 years, if at all. She’s part of a stem cell study at City of Hope.

  24. socal: That sounds very encouraging!!

  25. that is great news,socalannie 🙂

  26. I’ve never worn the ribbons and am now burned out on them, there are so many. Also, never understood the point of the “walks” You donate money and someone walks to earn money for a charity? Why not just donate money to the charity? I get that its a social thing and supposed to bring attention to the cause, but I think there are better ways of doing that than tying up traffic.

    My Dad worked for a lot of charities, mainly for children. Once he was throwing a charity golf tournament and some local politician wanted to use it for a campaign op. My Dad was furious and told him no way, this isn’t about you, etc. My Dad was a big man, over 6 foot, and a deep booming voice. He was a pretty scary figure. Anyway, we assumed the the little ratfink pol had backed off, but, like the cockroaches they are, he came back and did his campaign number instead of talking about the kids. My poor Dad was so furious he had a heart attack over it. I drove him to the hospital in the middle of the night and they did a stent. Then he was good to go for another 20 years!

  27. City of Hope is an amazing place.

  28. Besides City of Hope, some other medical charities that have helped friends of ours are:

    Ronald McDonald House. A friend and her son stayed with them for months while he was undergoing a new treatment for his deformed legs. This was a few years ago, and if you didn’t know the kid was born with serious birth defects, you couldn’t tell. They couldn’t have afforded the treatment without the free room and board at Ronald McDonald House.

    Shriners Hospital in L.A. is for children with all kinds of orthopedic issues. They do free surgeries and treatment for anyone. We took laker there for tests and a second opinion before we had his surgery on his legs. It was very helpful.

    Of course a lot of charities are scammy, and the people that work there get massive salaries and use their expense accounts for their vacations and stuff. I wrote an article once about our local United Way that was doing this. It was a long time ago, and I think I figured that .10 out of every buck was actually going to different charities. Ridiculous. I think its better to give direct to the charity you want your money to go to.

  29. Also, never understood the point of the “walks”

    I *think* the idea is to get pledges from your friends/family/co-workers who pledge a certain amount for each mile or something that you walk.

  30. Yes, hubbie said City of Hope was beautiful and very modern. Its encouraging to know that stem cell research is far enough along to start helping people. Hubbie is still talking about how much better his friend was. Hubbie was there when she was given one of the treatments, which was painful. Still, so worth it. Hubs says it has given her a new lease on life, and she is strong and cheerful.

  31. fredster, I know, my sis in laws do the local walk here for Alzheimers research. It just seems a roundabout way of collecting money.

  32. I heard that Komen made a half assed sort of reversal of their policy? I have to look it up. Time for a walk. bbl

  33. I heard that Komen made a half assed sort of reversal of their policy?

    Yes, they did and yes it was.

  34. Yes I mentioned it way up here somewhere. They reversed yesterday and apologized. Mostly borne of fear after twitter lit up and lit into them big time. The backlash was severe and if they ever get out from other the big stain on themselves, it will be a miracle.

    Doctors and other affiliates resigned from Komen and the swipes were brutal. And deserved. And PP raised 400k just because of it all.

  35. lol people were making donations to PP in the name of Komen’s directors and officers.

  36. Yeah i did a 5 mile walk once and ended up having to kick in for the pledgers who didn’t pay. that was my last time and it’s gonna stay my last time.

    socal, they have the walks so other people can put their foot on other people’s throats for donations they wouldn’t otherwise make. And for the publicity.

  37. socal, they have the walks so other people can put their foot on other people’s throats for donations they wouldn’t otherwise make. And for the publicity.

    And of course for the ones too lazy to do the walk themselves. It’s easier for them to write out the check.

  38. socal that reminds me. Komen defunded stem cell research too. So if there is any lingering doubt they are lorded over by zealots, that should remove it.

  39. Fredster, thanks much for posting the link for bluelyon’s place. I just read it. Yes, the Komen organization made a gigantic goof!

  40. WLM: No problem. I think that video spoke volumes. The lady is a breast cancer survivor and she basically told them to eat it!

  41. WOW on that video at blue lyons. Linda’s message to SGK foundation. I must post it here. SGK, screw you. You have finished yourself and you deserve it. As Linda said, “You showed your ass. Now you can kiss mine. Thank you”.
    Warning, Linda is a very brave lady and she bares it all. Komen, you should be a ashamed of yourselves. Your namesake must be rolling in her grave.

  42. Not sure they made a goof so much, WLM, as they showed their colors.

  43. Wow. Powerful video. Says it all.

  44. Linda looks phenomenal. She actually has a good result. Most of all she hits it out of the ball park. Just in case anyone is curious about lymphedema, NOT FOR THE SQUEMISH

  45. SophieCT and mcnorman: Agree completely about Linda’s video. So glad Uppity posted it here.

  46. David Vitter, R-asshole, is disappointed with SGK changing their minds.

    When the Susan G. Komen for the Cure foundation decided this week to cut most of its breast cancer funding grants to Planned Parenthood, anti-abortion advocates, including Sen. David Vitter, R-La., cheered the announcement. But after Susan G. Komen reversed course Friday, announcing that it will allow Planned Parenthood to remain eligible for Komen funding; some of those anti-abortion advocates were quick to express their disappointment.

    “I’m extremely disappointed in Komen’s decision to restore Planned Parenthood’s eligibility for funding,” Vitter said. “While Komen now claims that they don’t want their mission to be ‘marred by politics,’ unfortunately it seems that Komen caved to political pressure from the pro-abortion movement and its enforcers in the media.”

    Ah David, we understand. You only have one use for women, that’s for them to put your diaper on you.

  47. Vitter is such an asshole. And a pervert besides. It is clear to me that these freaks don’t give a shit that the grant money goes toward breast exams and mammograms for those disgusting women. indeed, most of them probably never had an abortion, not that it’s Diaper Man’s business. So the story here is, because a clinic or organization performs or arranges abortions, everybody who needs a breast exam should just die. Now, exactly WHO is practicing politics. No scrap that, it’s not politics, it’s Religion. Not a very good religion at that.

    This just confirms what we all now know. Politics has corrupted SG Komen. And it also confirms my original belief as to where this was going. It was a form of blackmail. You don’t perform a legal procedure EVER, because we don’t like it. If you disobey we will smite you by cutting your funding off. Theses people shouldn’t even die before they all go to hell. They should just be sucked down bodily. God wouldn’t be caught standing next to any one of them, people who kill women who need breast exams because of their religion. They are starting to sound closer to Islam every single day.

  48. ROFL mcnorman!!

  49. OMG, what a riot!

  50. Fredster, I just want to tell you how much I appreciate men like you who support us women without judgment.

    gawd, we have some of the very best men evah right here on UW. How lucky I feel. Do you fellow non Fellows realize how many great guys come here to be with us?

  51. Worthy of a good laugh.

  52. Great video!!!! I’m still waiting for the PR spin on this:

    “You might like to peruse the national Komen Foundation’s federal tax return for 2010 for the Dallas headquarters organization, which shows about $74 million spent in grants and assistance to programs and organizations carrying out the mission — or roughly 41 percent of the year’s $177 million in expenses, including $18 million in salaries, $18 million in marketing expenses, $11 million in office expenses, $8 million in technology expenses, $2 million travel expenses, $2 million for conferences, $18 million for consulting expenses, $2 million on race production and $7 million in “other” expenses. (Better Business Bureau says a charity should spend about 65 percent or more of its income on services.)”

  53. Fredster, I just want to tell you how much I appreciate men like you who support us women without judgment.

    gawd, we have some of the very best men evah right here on UW. How lucky I feel. Do you fellow non Fellows realize how many great guys come here to be with us?

    We know how lucky *we* are to have such good female friends as the ones here and at TW. I’ve had to have a few battles with a couple of my local friends over things and finally had to say “Look respect my opinion; I’m entitled to it and I will do the same for you.” Most of the time it works.

  54. SHV: I wonder how well Komen fares in places like Charity Watch and Charity Navigator? Wonder if their expense breakdown could be brought to their attention?

  55. Mittens cleaned Newton’s clock in Nevada,

  56. Uppity did you see Newt’s press conference tonight? I’ve never seen anything like it in a political candidate. Did bring back memories (bad ones) of the Newt of the Nineties pontificating and angry. Mean, angry egomaniac…..that’s Newt!

  57. Is there video? I didn’t watch the exciting play-by-play on CNN or MSNBC.

    Mittens cleaned Newton’s clock in Nevada,

    They brought out the Mormon Mafia there in NV.

  58. SAN LUIS, Arizona (Reuters) – An Arizona city council candidate struck from the ballot over her limited English skills concedes she isn’t fluent in the language but called the legal challenge an abuse of power that could keep her from serving a poor border community where most residents speak only Spanish.

    (snip) “No candidate should be discriminated against for any reason whatsoever – especially when that discrimination leads to an individual being removed from a ballot,” he said.

  59. @lorac: Oh puhleeze! If they conduct the city council meetings in English, how the hell are you going to be an effective representative?


  60. lorac, interesting. I don’t know what to think about this. While its true she can communicate with most of the locals who only speak Spanish, how would she communicate with the other council members and higher govt officials?

  61. Socal: She couldn’t. She didn’t get through the entire interview correctly.

    “I like to help the people, help my community,” Cabrera said. “Not only for the Hispanics, but for all race, all people.”

  62. Councils are legislative bodies. They write local ordinances and resolutions and debate them on the floor before the vote. They hold public hearings. That is their primary purpose: A legislative branch. If the city is a council centered city, they also evaluate budgets and approve them, which is not a small task. How on earth can you do any of those things if you can’t read, write, communicate in, and comprehend the English language?

  63. Your Pieness, it won’t be long before they carry Newt Gingrich off the stage waving his arms and screaming. His stability quotient is showing and it’s not very high.

  64. City councils also communicate with city departments and, at times, with other legislative and elective bodies, county, state, state comptroller, etc etc. They are generally in the public eye amd are often called upon to speak. They communicate with the local chamber of commerce. There is no end to how impossible being on a council is for a person who can’t communicate in the language, not to mention how difficult it would be for the other people with whom they are to communicate. A council member has to be pursuasive in many cases and be able to reach consensus with others. This is why a person who is not able to do this would be removed from the ballot. The person cannot effectively carry out the job description.

    This woman may have the intelligence and the chops to be a city council member. But she needs to show that. She can show that by learning to communicate in English and THEN running for office. This would be a huge sign of her sincerity and willingness to do what needs to be done.

  65. Re: Mittens. Like I said long ago, he’s the candidate. Man am I going to clean up on wagers.

    He’ll lose in some theocracy states. Frankly, I’m not sure that I would want them on my side. Just as soon as he’s sailing he’s going to dump those people like yesterday’s fish. He knows that minding his own business is the way to the Independents’ hearts, the millions of disinfranchised democrats’ hearts, and the hearts of the large part of the R party that is still sane. The sane republicans are telling him this via these recent primaries.

    This time, the religious crackpots won’t be voting for Obama for spite. They have seen what that got them. Too bad they took the rest of us with them. They will either vote Romney or stay home and Romney crunched the numbers, believe me. He’s going to leave the left cliff (obama’s base) and right fringe to gnash their teeth. he knows the seniors despise Obama. He knows Obama cut their colas for three years and they aren’t falling for his tripe because they got their colas this year. They remember. And they vote. Then there are the Jews. Need i say more? He’s not worried about unions either, since they have been reduced to a very low percentage of the workforce, what’s left of it. And think of all those unemployed people who have to listen to obama pretend things are getting better and imagine how furious ThEY are. As for Wall Street, how is he any different than Obama?

  66. I never thought I would consider voting for Romney until this primary season. I just know I don’t want Obama.

  67. WLM: I don’t want Obama but cannot bring myself to vote for Romney either. I will either vote for third party or go topless (leave the president line blank). I want to be recorded as “None of the Above.” My participation is limited to the downticket races.

  68. Have a great day, friends! are you up for some Football? 🙂

  69. off topic:

    pengy vid, short one:

  70. Komean’s Nancy Brinker gets a $5,000,000 a year salary, gang.

  71. Disgusting. I guess it pays well to say you’re for women but then work against them.

  72. Upps, is she the head? That’s obscene. It seems they’re like the United Way, which I wrote about upthread. They take in your money and then dole it out however they want (after they’ve paid themselves lavish perks & salaries, that is). Much better to donate direct to the charity of your choice.

  73. Uppity. That salary is unbelieveable! Thanks for finding it.

  74. I loved this post. Uppity, have you put together an anthology of your kittie tales? Hilarious!

  75. And I think you are right about Mittens as well. He has run a disciplined campaign thus far, despite his occasional gaffes. Still looks like the reasonable smart guy up there — something many are aching for.

  76. I do have some tales written. Unfortunately not all of them are fun. I have handled, fostered, placed and loved so many of them, and funny, I remember every single one of them.


  77. WLM, God knows what Brinker’s benefits package looks like

  78. OMG I am listening to that psycho Santorum say that birth control pills cause abortions.

  79. WONDERFUL post, UW!

    Trust me, you haven’t been whacked until you are whacked in the head by a cat with seven toes. We’re talking catcher’s mitt here, folks

    Whacked with Bomart love, of course.

  80. “WLM, God knows what Brinker’s benefits package looks like..”
    I’m waiting for someone to dig out who’s profiting from the 10s of million of dollars per year spent on “consulting” fees and marketing costs.

  81. Looking forward to Ani’s post. Santorum is such a moron. I still think he’s a horrible parent, running for prez when he has a child that’s terminally ill. What a douche.

  82. SHV, after what Komen pulled you can be SURE that EVERYTHING about them will be dug up. They are going to rue the day they pulled this political shit that could have resulted in dead women. I have been reading tweets on this for days and let me tell you, they are in some deep deep shit, people are not going to let this go. They released their own demons for everybody to see.

  83. Crier, Bomie only whacked me when I laughed at him.

  84. Okay, I’m going to treat you guys to Ani’s post right now. You nighttime diehards get to see it first. Coming to your theater tonight.

  85. Yay for us niteowls!

  86. UW, Bomie gave you two thumbs up.

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