The Year That Broke My Heart

Prior to 2008, I had never given more than $25 to any political candidate.  After the Iowa caucuses, when every pundit figuratively strung Hillary up by her “unpleasant ankles,” a dear friend called to ask, “Is our girl in trouble?”  My husband and I sent our first $100 to Senator Hillary Clinton and never looked back.  We had all but maxed out by June 3rd.  If I had it to do over again, I would do the same thing.  Only sooner.  And louder. 

I hate to remind myself of these events, and in so doing, remind you.  Yet the infuriating behavior I witnessed by big media and the DNC – and Hillary’s determination to march on in spite of it – changed my life.  I became someone else; stronger somehow, more informed, more confident of my beliefs.  I drew a line in the sand.  For the first time, I said, “You may not cross.” 

For a lifelong people pleaser like me, that was something.  Growing up in an environment where I never knew if I was going to get kissed or slapped, my survival skills became quite sharp.  I prided myself on my ability to take the temperature of any room.  Noting the slightest change in someone’s inflection, if trouble was brewing, the chameleon would quickly change her colors to blend in.

Suddenly, I turned into a determined campaign grunt, making GOTV calls around the country.  With plenty of facts and figures comparing Hillary and Barack at my disposal, I shared them …well, practically vomited them at anyone who would listen.  The message had to be heard.  Every so often, I would hear myself, aghast.  Who is this?

I had never blogged either but this strange new world invited me.  The few websites that supported the more sensible, smarter candidate offered welcome respite from the endless frat boy mantra of frigid-bitch-ball-buster-killer that permeated the airwaves.  The first time I dared to do more than lurk, I thought the world would come to an end.  Who cares what silly blather I have to offer?  I remember the first person who made me feel welcome at Taylor Marsh – back when Taylor Marsh had some sense.  Her name was Sisterdo.  Damn!  She was dedicated.  AND SHE LOVED TO BLOG IN CAPITAL LETTERS.  I know that is improper etiquette but her passion matched my own and made me feel safe.

Armed with our list of media contacts and every piece of vital information on Obama that we could find, we were on the horn, on the net, sending emails galore…Why weren’t they listening? 

Damn!  I was naïve.

When I first started writing for NoQuarter, under my blogger’s alias, it seemed like the most important job in the world.  We are getting the truth out there!  Surely, someone is reading this.  The commenters had a sense of urgency I had not seen anywhere.  Another blogger offered us a link to a little known story about Senator Obama’s latest campaign fiction and proceeded to YELL at us on paper – GET THE NEW NEWS UP!!!

The amazing “Ginger” screamed back…”GIVE THEM TIME TO TYPE IT OUT!!”

Anyone who had ever worked as a secretary for some demanding boob with no concept of time could relate. 

Our efforts and Hillary’s wins notwithstanding, by April I saw the writing on the wall – and what the DNC phonies had planned.  It didn’t matter.  I was proud to fight for someone so courageous and prepared.  The players needed to be called to account.  Media sycophants who had decided the race in advance were not going to get away with telling me to sit down and shut up, or to “get over it.”

It must have displeased them that I had a wonderful experience back in May, 2008, protesting sexism on a street corner in front of NBC.  I hadn’t protested anything since I was barely out of junior high, protesting the war, or marching on the city to keep them from closing my school.  There must have been eighty of us standing in Burbank that afternoon, holding our signs, chanting loud and proud.  Women, men, black, white, Asian, Latina, gay, straight, Democrats, Indies, some Republicans and one Russian lady whose party affiliation I did not know, all chanting for Hillary, chanting to stop the misogynist trash being spewed on that station daily. 

There was a ten year-old boy who brought his own mini-bullhorn shouting “What has Hillary ever done to you?  Put a woman in the White House!”  Everyone marching there knew the reason they showed up.  They could give you ten reasons.  Sophie B. Hawkins made up a song for us to sing on her bullhorn.  “DAMN.  I wish you were my President.”  I think I overheard one lady say she was born the year before women got the right to vote.  She had a cane, but she stood holding her sign, leaning against a tree for balance and support.  

We raised our signs above our heads in the hot sun getting appreciative honks from passing cars.  I wanted to ask everyone standing on the firing line:  “How did you get here today?  What made you leave your meeting early, get off of work, or leave your home to stand out here at 3000W. Alameda at 3 o’clock on a Tuesday afternoon?”  I learned many new names and promised myself I wouldn’t forget them. 

To find strangers in agreement, together in a common cause for a few hours, who straggled over from their lives and locations to make a beautiful noise fed me in a way few things could.  The day was more rewarding because I had to drag myself kicking and screaming to get there.

The year that broke my heart was also a year of rebirth.  Big media and the DNC cabal made a colossal blunder, not only in their choice of candidate, but in exhibiting grievous disrespect to many in the Democratic base who had been carrying their water for years.  What I witnessed forever changed my outlook socially and politically.  The genie can never be put back in the bottle.  As ABC News’ Michael Malone shared in 2008:

“I’ve spent 30 years in every part of journalism, from beat reporter to magazine editor. And my oldest son, following in the family business, so to speak, earned his first national byline before he earned his driver’s license….[W]hen I say I’m deeply ashamed right now to be called a “journalist,” you can imagine just how deep that cuts into my soul.”

As a result of such sycophantic, sexist, biased coverage, a new generation of watchdogs has been created and some, like me, came from unlikely corners.  Had da boyz and complicit females made even a pretense at civility or fairness, perhaps I would still be drinking their kool-aid to this day. 

I am pleased to see how many more on both sides have finally figured out that the fix is in.

Memo to Matthews, Olbermann, Williams, Fineman, Brazile, Alter, Russert, Mitchell, Dowd, Robinson, Borger and, well, you know the names as well as I do…  telling me I was worthless and ignorant was not a good move.  They could not expect I would return for more, yet NBC President Phil Griffin was quite sure of himself when he said “There’s nowhere else to go.” 

Ratings tell a different story.  The karmic police have paid a visit to many, apparently.  We daily feel the buyer’s remorse of the culprits; which does nothing to exonerate them for shaming those with the wisdom to look behind the green curtain. 

Awakenings are painful.  Mine was.  But I wonder if the elitists who treated intelligent people like ignorant sheep have yet had theirs?  Protective of their paychecks, do they continue to take their marching orders from their  corporate masters beyond all reason?   Perhaps they are just doubling down in their continued defense of an unsuccessful administration, too proud to admit they have made a mistake.  Or do they still inhabit a protected bubble, clueless as to why the hoi polloi are tuning them out?  They curse the activists and holdouts, yet we are their creation.

The gift of finding my voice has been cold comfort when compared with the gift I was hoping for…yet I have the deepest appreciation for the hard work of talented and powerful writers like our hostess here.  Uppity has long offered support and encouragement, not to mention making me laugh out loud more times than I can count.  I thank her, and everyone I’ve met since that night in January who has encouraged me to speak up.  I had previously spent a lifetime doing the opposite.

I also have Hillary to thank.  She stood up.  I stood up, too.  As I watch her in action daily, unapologetic as ever, it reminds me I was right to support her in the first place.

I look forward to sharing more with you all…

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  1. “There’s nowhere else to go”.

    Here’s a place for Barack to go. He can go to hell. We will never vote for him, and Ani gives us the first ten reasons why–all of them exactly the same. We will NEVER forget. And we are NOT going away. We have plenty of other ‘places to go”. In fact, going nowhere and staying home is preferable to voting for Barack Obama.

  2. Very powerful post Ani. I could relate to so many aspects of your story.

    Thanks for posting this now, Uppity. Nightowlness has it’s privileges. Indeed, going nowhere and staying home is preferable to voting for Barack Obama.

  3. Hey, Nightowlness has it’s privileges is right!

  4. FYI, it seems SG Komen also cut funding off from medical research centers that also practice stem cell research. This includes Johns Hopkins,

    That means the loss of $3.75 million to the Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine, $4.5 million to the University of Kansas Medical Center, $1 million to the U.S. National Cancer Institute, $1 million to the Society for Women’s Health Research, and $600,000 to Yale University. That’s a loss of nearly $12 million dollars in research money to eradicate breast cancer this year alone.

  5. Great post! Ani’s story is all of our stories. We gather here…a rag-tag group of refugees. Battle worn and maybe a little shell shocked but firm in our resolve. We will never forget. We SHOULD never forget. We shall never forget.

  6. “The year that broke my heart was also a year of rebirth. Big media and the DNC cabal made a colossal blunder, not only in their choice of candidate, but in exhibiting grievous disrespect to many in the Democratic base who had been carrying their water for years. What I witnessed forever changed my outlook socially and politically. The genie can never be put back in the bottle. ”
    Ain’t that the fucking truth. It is obvious in retrospect that the “fix” was in from the beginning; early on not necessarily for Obama but for anyone but Hillary. Probably the top three agenda items for big money were continued bailouts without accountability, health care “reform” that benefited “big health”, and allowing the private sector manage carbon “credits”. Hillary would never have played ball with that agenda. (I’m still shocked that the climate scam didn’t pass, that was worth at least $10 trillion)

    In ’07-’08 health reform was the biggest deal ( at ~$2.4 trillion/year, it’s by far the biggest industry in the US) and the reason that a healthcare insider/CEO was head of the rules committee.

  7. Attorney General Eric T. Schneiderman of New York sued three major banks on Friday, accusing them of fraud in their use of an electronic mortgage database that he said resulted in deceptive and illegal practices, including false documents in foreclosure proceedings.

    Schneiderman was the senator who pushed uphill and succeeded in removing that woman-slasher Hiram Monserrate from the NY senate.

    Wells Fargo, JP Morgan and Bank of UnAmerica.

  8. Thank you so much. It is a privilege to post here. As a lifelong Dem, becoming a refugee without party was a painful but oddly liberating experience. I feel free to look at both sides of an issue without the pressure of following any one person or idea. As a not so closeted idealist, it is still my prayer that we get a few honest souls joining the political debate who actually give a damn about something beyond their on egos and sound bites. I refuse to give up.

  9. SHV, that is the truth. The narrative was anyone but Hillary. One only has to look at the recently revealed insider trading scandal of which Pelosi was a part along with others of both parties just to know why she would kick the ladder out from under Hillary. HRC has a work ethic that would demand every one else work as hawed as she does. don’t think Missie P. liked that idea.

  10. Welcome, Ani. Great start. We do all share a common bond. The sisterhood of the pant suits. (brothers too.) I also donated more to Hillary than to anyone in my life. I also gave up precious vacation days to knock on doors and make phone calls and did as much as i could every day. Before work, days off, sick days (cough, cough) whatever it took before crucial state primaries. And we all tried so hard to keep upbeat despite the unrelenting crap we went through and heard about. And you’re right, that we had sites with others who fully understood what we saw too was a blessing.

    And yep, Uppity is a riot. We know to put our drinks down and cover our keyboards with plastic.

    We have not forgotten. She’s worth it. Do it all again – yep, louder and harder and ready for the bastards next time.

    maybe ’16.

  11. Wonderful post Ani even though painful to replay the entire thing.

  12. No one can ever change the truth in the words you have spoken, Ani, except with lies, denial and mockery of true Democracy.

    Because of the truthsayers, I have come to actually value my Vote enough to never ever cast it before or for swine. EVER.

  13. “Hillary. HRC has a work ethic that would demand every one else work as hawed as she does. don’t think Missie P. liked that idea.”
    First met Hillary thirty years ago, last month and have followed her career since then. She was the real deal in 1982 and she still is.

  14. Ani,

    Exactly right and good job. I left the party in May of 2008 because I felt that if the powers that be did not think that it was possible to have a vagina and a brain in one package, it was not the party for me.

    And now that they have discovered the strength of her (HRC) following they are floating trial ballons about her replacing Biden on the ticket, along with the nonsense that being VP woud prepare her to be president. I’m glad she announced she was bailing. Huh, on yeah, on the job training under the one of the most incompetent presidents in ages is going to prepare her to be president. Love it. Obama was in the Senate for 180 working days and he is fit to be president? In CA, 180 days is an academic kindergarten year.

  15. Obama says he “deserves” re-election! Ha! He didn’t “deserve” the first one!

  16. Imust…you beat me to it. I was gonna put up the link and see if Upps could dig up one of her posts she’s done on the “special” kids who deserve things just for showing up. Same thing here.

  17. Ani, great job, we’ve been waiting to see you here!

    And yes, we can never forget – especially since there are so many people who still don’t know what Obama and the DNC did, and need us to enlighten them!

    It was less painful living in the bubble, convinced that one side was righteous and the other evil, but even though having my eyes opened was painful, I’d much rather know the truth.

  18. Sorry Fredster! You’re right, Uppity’s posts on the trophy-for-showing-up generation would be perfect! As would recent post on Nobel Peace Prize won by POTUS just for reciting the oath of office on Jan. 20, 2009! Maybe he “deserves” another Nobel Prize because he hasn’t created any peace yet!

  19. imust, I’m sure she’ll dig one of those up and put it in here.

  20. Yeah this is the One. Check out the trophy for showing up.

    P.S. I just read this and cracked up. So it’s probably a pretty good post.

  21. Lorac — so nice to “see” you again!!

  22. imust, his “reward” for reciting the oath was having to do it again, since he flubbed it! I guess they hadn’t figured out yet that he needs the teleprompter if he’s going to open his mouth lol

  23. Oh perhaps like this one.

  24. Hey, I’m your biggest fan, Ani. And I’m still going to buy a case of books to give out to people the minute your book is published! Then I’ll buy another case!

    In case anyone doesn’t know, Ani is the one who has written the best articles for years at NQ. And a true blue Hillary supporter.

  25. Well, it seems that Wal-Mart greeters won’t just be greeting anymore.

    This lady just seems thrilled about it.

    Gloria Pascale, 86, of Renton, Wash., who has worked as a greeter for 15 years, said she has to work to pay her mortgage and help support her children and grandchildren.

    “I’m worried,” she said. “I like greeting. With the changes, I won’t be able to do that.”

    She said she was recently told at work that her duties would include some lifting and other activity beyond what she’s physically able to do. She said she is under treatment for congenital heart failure.

    Well ain’t that just tough. Pick up that box of 5 lb bags of sugar and carry it over here.

  26. I followed a link today to some republican website (I don’t remember what it was called, it had “patriot” in the name, but probably a lot do). They were all talking about all this “new stuff” coming out about Obama. Pffft. It’s all old stuff that no one in power has ever cared about. But of course, no mention of how he and the DNC stole Hillary’s delegates, or the behavior of obots in caucuses and online. Probably some don’t know, and those that do know, don’t care, because anything done to Hillary is okay by them.

    I’m so glad I’m an independent now (well, I’m still registered dem, but I consider myself independent), and can see both sides for what they are. I really laugh at myself now.

    I was one of those people who listened to NPR and read the NY Times and thought I was on top of things. I knew that Fox was biased and the news sources I used were objective. Haha. Now I know they’re ALL biased. I don’t trust any of them now, I just try to listen to both sides and make up my own mind, instead of parroting NPR and NT Times as I used to. Now I don’t “know” as much, but at least what I “know” NOW is MINE.

    It’s especially funny (to me, anyway), because I’m pretty good at looking at both sides of things. It never occured to me that I didn’t do that with politics. Just took one side as the truth and assumed the other side was always wrong. Hmmmppfff. What a “thinker” I was! Eh, it’s good to laugh at yourself!

  27. I followed a link today to some republican website (I don’t remember what it was called, it had “patriot” in the name

    Yup it’s a Republican site. If you have the word “Patriot” in your name, you are a liar unless you are a Republican. The rest of us are Communists who hate America. If we wre patriots, why, we’d be Republicans!

  28. Good, Lorac. get your credit card ready. Am hoping to release in the next few months!!

  29. Remember we were talking recently about those videos someone put together, “Hillary speaks for me”? And we were saying that would be a cool thing to do again? Is anyone working on that? No, no, it can’t be me, I’m not good enough on the computer – maybe UW and NES can do it, they have gotten a lot of experience with skyping and all lol

    But wouldn’t that be a nice thing to do for Hillary? Maybe it could be about all of us thanking her for all she has done (and encouraging her for 2016 if her “retirement” recharges her!)

  30. I’m so glad I’m an independent now (well, I’m still registered dem, but I consider myself independent), and can see both sides for what they are. I really laugh at myself now.

    Why didn’t you go ahead and officially change your affiliation? You know the Dems are still counting you as on of theirs. ;-)

  31. I stay as a registered Democrat for two reasons:
    1. So I can vote against crackpots in primaries and
    3. To give that party a false sense of security when they calculate number of democrats.

  32. What a wonderful post! Ani, so glad to see you here! Even though ’08 was horrible in that we were robbed of the right candidate, I do have a lot of hilarious memories of NQ that year! Uppity, Strawberry, JGDAW and his Barakopolis, to name a few. A lot of hysterically funny, and poignant posts and comments along the way. And here we are 4 years later…


    Ani, that makes my day!!!!!! Oh, I’m SO happy for you!!!! Congrats! Wow, accomplished in yet another field! Hooray!

    Ha! I’m sending one to Hillary and one to Bill and one to Chelsea and one to whomever that was that she married! (Marc?)

    Have you decided on a title yet, Ani? Or is that under wraps?

  34. Wait, I should rephrase that! You long ago established yourself as a great writer! But it’s certainly another level of accomplishment within the field to have an actual book!

  35. Fredster – good, they can be doubly dissapointed when I don’t vote for their guy. That’s the only “count” that counts!

  36. On second thought, maybe Ani wants to send autographed books to them :)

  37. Hmmm… My coworkers are all democrats… and they all like to read…. I think they all deserve a present….

    (some of them voted for Hillary, but of course voted for The Fraud later….)

  38. Lorac, you are too kind. Let’s hope everyone who reads it thinks it makes a good stocking stuffer. Certainly there are a lot of people who pretended they didn’t know any of this debacle was happening.

  39. Diane Feinstein needs one as a reward. Barbara Boxer deserves one as a reminder of how she wasn’t there for Hillary. Nancy Pelosi deserves one as a reminder of how she worked against Hillary. Chris Matthews needs one. Bill Maher deserves to be hit upside the head with one (just kidding, I don’t believe in violence – but if I DID…. lol)

  40. How many books come in a case? I think I’m starting into a second case of books lol

  41. That’s the only “count” that counts!


    Ani, you are going to keep us updated her about your book, right?

  42. I want my book autographed.

  43. Me, too! :)

  44. Wouldn’t that be cool if Ani went on a book tour, and we could all meet her and other PUMA fighters?

  45. Fredster,

    Believe me, with Uppity’s permission, I will absolutely blog bout it when the time comes. I am counting on you all to be part of Ani’s army just like you were Hillary’s Army to get the word out…the phrase Amazon book blast comes to mind!

  46. Hell Ani, I’ll put a link to the book sale right here on the blog.

  47. Wow, Uppity. That would be fabulous! I thank you, dear lady.

  48. Ani, I’ll do a sidebar link that says, “Bill says buy this book or live in the spam folder”.

  49. I don’t do facebook, but you guys who do – can’t you put a book recommendation on your “wall”?

  50. We could have a contest with other Hillary sites for who sells the most Ani books! lol

    And another thing! All these years of buying girl scout cookies, and books and junk from catalogs from coworkers and neighbors to benefit their kids’ group or school – now it’s payback time!

    “I’m putting the word out about this book to benefit my country – I never made you buy any cookies or junk, but I bought them from you for your kids – cough it up now and buy a book or two!” ROFL

  51. Uppity LOL! Those are good reasons!

  52. Brilliant piece, Ani. Thx.

  53. UW – yes, I noticed in the “tags” on that article I read that “democrats, liberals, progressive, communists, socialists” were there – as ONE tag – all lumped together.

  54. *********Snort***********

    We could start the school day at Noon.

    Everybody gets a trophy for showing up on-time at least twice a week. Those who don’t show up at all get a trophy too, so they won’t feel left out. But both trophies will have to be the same size so as not to offend anyone’s self-esteem.

    Suspended students get trophies too, so that they know we still love them even if they did try to kill someone in the hall.

    Failing students will get two trophies as an incentive to do better. I’m not sure how getting rewarded for failure works, but “experts” say it does, so it must be true.

    We could start with a free nutritious lunch from 12 to 1, and then go straight to study hall. Then there would be a nice human sexuality course complete with pictures and a video, followed by a physcial exam at the school free clinic. Then we can have a short class on how to recycle–in three languages. If there’s time, we can teach them to count their change, or, if they don’t want to learn that, we could give them a buffet of elective learning choices on various subjects for the last half hour, such as Islamic Studies, Global Warming, Origami class, or a class on How To Write In Complete, Literate Sentences

  55. Yes on the book link!

  56. NES – I’ll bet you know a lot of attorneys who need to read Ani’s book!

  57. UW, yer kill in’ me Larry! The frustrating thing about visiting conservative sites is that many are just as determined to keep drinking the koolaid of liberals = stupid and evil just like liberal sites keep on with the Repub = vile mantra. Even when i tried to comment at a conservative site to say that as a Hillary supporter, i feel their pain of being an outcast by virtue of how the media paints me. But many do not want to hear that.

    It pains me how many are addicted to outdated belief systems. That is how demagoguery keeps winning elections.


    Much as we hate us our goateffers, we have to be a little queasy about Obama having a kill-list.

  59. Lorac, i like the way you think. Girl scout cookies, indeed!

  60. Ani and socal know the Hollywood stars – so that’s THEIR assignment :)

  61. Yes, I do, lorac’ers. I’ll spread the word.

  62. Yeah, UW, and when you click on the link, have a Bomart cat’s paw come out to slap it — 7 toes, right? Like a catcher’s mitt…

  63. I stay as a registered Democrat for two reasons:
    1. So I can vote against crackpots in primaries and
    3. To give that party a false sense of security when they calculate number of democrats.

    Where is two? Is that one of those partial credit answers? ;-)

  64. This is so cool, the late nighters getting first dibs on the post – I always come in at the end of the day, and everyone has already discussed the post all day that was put up in the morning!

  65. Fredster, #3 is supposed to be #2. #3 was supposed to say “all of the above”, in case she decided to pose it as a question lol

  66. NoEmptySuits, on February 6, 2012 at 2:36 AM said:

    Yes, I do, lorac’ers. I’ll spread the word.

    Oh, oh!! Do you know any nice gay ones that are unattached?

  67. lorac: I’m not buyin’ it.

  68. lorac @ 2:45am, ditto!!!

    NES, interesting link to LAT, especially the last paragraph. While I was reading it, I noticed this about Komen:

  69. These Cialis commercials crack me up. Doesn’t it scare men to take a pill and then have their house walls fall down, then their house turns into an orchard, then it turns into a carnival, then it turns into tubs on a beach? It seems more like LSD lol

  70. socal – did you see my comment the other day, after that video in which the high school kids didn’t know how many states are in the US, didn’t know how many countries the US touches, etc? I said that if Laker doesn’t run for president, we’re going to be stuck with one of those kids, and we’re doomed!

  71. Well that was out of the blue lorac! However, talk about performance pressure!

  72. lorac, when you posted that about us getting first dibs on a post, I swear I was just thinking that our Right Coast AM friends are going to be pretty surprised at how long this post is already.

  73. I am still waiting for someone to explain the significance of the two bathtubs on the Cialis commercials. I swear, one day, I will write up a post just about that and mail out a prize to whoever comes up with the best answer…

  74. Haha! I don’t think I want laker to be prez, but thanks!

    Fredster, lorac’s cialis comment was out of the blue! And hilarious!

  75. Yes…the two bathtubs…bizarre.

  76. lorac, I did miss that comment & its sweet of you to say that about laker. I was busy all week with my homeschool committee, finalizing all the Spring thru Graduation stuff. Guess who is taking the Grads to Disneyland for Grad Nite? Me & hubbie!

  77. I don’t think the commercials were nearly as good as last year’s or the year before.

  78. Still the best one EVER.

  79. lol the commercial was on when I typed that! Those commercials just crack me up!

  80. Ha! I figured that, but it was sure funny!

  81. Well, I hope YOU get to see “the gang”! I felt gipped! (jipped? lol)

    Sounds like a fun night for you guys! I hope there aren’t TOO many kids to keep track of!

  82. Gypped.

    But I’m sure the dictionary allows all the other variations so as not to hurt the Millenium Generation’s feelings that they got it wrong. Kind of like Nuclear and Nucular.

  83. Maybe it’s like the Dick van Dyke show with the twin beds. Maybe at midnight they still have to show separate tubs, but at 3 am they’re allowed to show them together in a hot tub, but they each have to have a leg hanging over the side lol

  84. I always see those characters at Dland. Am astonished you never saw any. The last time we were there was Jan 11. We don’t have to keep track of the monsters. I have to do all the paperwork, rent a mini bus, and hubbie & I just have to be there in case of emergency. They let the adults go on the rides now, and have a restaurant assigned to us, and they turn the old Abe Lincoln theater (forget what it is now) into a chaperone rest house, where we can watch movies or sleep! They serve coffee. The thing ends at 3am! Good thing I’m a nite owl.

  85. LOL re: Dick Van Dyke comparison.

  86. Look, the commercial I hate is the one for pos-t-vac! I keep wanting to shout at the tv “Get a Hoover!!”

  87. Oops. I meant Jan 2011, not Jan 11. We don’t go that often.

  88. We all dozed off during the Stupor Bowl, but agree, the commercials were nothing this year.

  89. Hahaha! Funny commercial!

  90. I liked this one and still do.

  91. From socal’s LA Times link

    It’s a social club, and the only thing it’s curing right now is people’s desire to raise any more money for them.

    Well put!

  92. Thx, UW. I don’t know that I’ve ever typed it – I’ve just used it in speech lol

  93. And in this one, the girl is attractive and her boyfriend so not…in so many ways.

  94. This wasn’t too bad from this year.

  95. That’s a cute baby!

  96. Oh he is! But for cute, I like Drew Brees’ latest commercial with Baylen and Brittany holding Bowen in the background. She’s pregnant again. Hope this time there’s a girl!

  97. From NES’ link:

    There has been remarkably little public debate in the U.S. about drone strikes, which have killed at least 1,300 people in Pakistan alone since President Obama came to office.

    (snip) But the retired air force general admits to being a little squeamish about the Obama administration’s expanding use of pilotless drones to kill suspected terrorists around the world — including, occasionally, U.S. citizens.

    (snip) As an example of the problem, he cites the example of Anwar Awlaki, the New Mexico-born member of Al Qaeda who was killed by a U.S. drone in Yemen last September. “We needed a court order to eavesdrop on him,” Hayden notes, “but we didn’t need a court order to kill him. Isn’t that something?”

    (snip) The biggest problem with this newly invented form of clandestine warfare is that its rules have been made on the fly. The Obama administration, like the Bush administration, has made crucial decisions with little outside review and virtually no public scrutiny.

    The administration says it has the authority to kill U.S. citizens who are active in Al Qaeda, but it’s never explained how that squares with the Constitution’s guarantee of due process. It’s past time that it did so.

    I remember when we passed the 3,000 mark of civilians killed in Iraq (maybe including Afganistan…?). Not that there’s a rule that you kill the same number as your own innocents killed. But it really felt weird that we were now killing more civilians than the bad guys.

  98. My favorite star/kid commercial was forever ago. Sugar Ray Leonard (I never knew him for anything but this!) did a commercial outside a boxing ring with his son – for some soda I think – and the kid was so cute!

  99. Off topic but I had to call Chatblu, one of the posters at TW tonight to let her know that there was a possible sub-tropical storm forming off of Cuba and probably coming to her part of Florida. 8O It’s like the earliest this type of storm has formed in the Gulf/Caribbean.

    And sure, there’s no global warming.



    She didn’t believe me until she checked WxUnderground.

  100. lorac: I kind of remember that commercial.

  101. Oh well need to go. I’ve taken my Ambien and I need to head to sleep before I even think of getting the munchies. Had lab work done last week and my blood/glucose wasn’t great so the doc did an A1C which wasn’t good news either so I need to sleep before I start cramming junk in my face.


  102. Since somebody mentioned hitting Bill Maher upside his head: :twisted:

    Ya gotta love a guy who is so secure in his masculinity that he’s not afraid to giggle like a schoolgirl. :mrgreen:

  103. By 2008, the Chimperor, Darth Cheney (probably the real prez all that time), and their motley crew of buccaneers had screwed the pooch–correction, had screwed the whole kennel of pooches, in positions Dr. Ruth never heard of–that the Malefactors Of Great Wealth knew they could not install a Reptilian Prez in 2008, unless they cheated beyond the limits of plausible deniability, with unpredictable results.

    The MOGW needed a nice, tame, Vichy Dinocrat who would govern just like a Reptilian. I’m guessing (just guessing, mind you) that they realized, “Hey, here’s a perfect opportunity to steal Medicare and Social Security!”.

    Since Hillary was the frontrunner, I think the MOGW went to her first–“Help us steal Medicare and SS, and you’ll have no trouble winning two terms”. I think she told them to go directly to Hell, do not pass “Go”, do not collect $200. :twisted:

    Of course, that was the moment where Hillary The Inevitable became Hillary The Impossible. :evil:

    The MOGW knew the majority of voters were sick of insiders and wanted an outsider. Oreobama was exactly what they needed–an insider who could pass as an outsider, because of the African portion of his genetic heritage, despite the fact that his white grandparents and white mother raised him, and THEY were affluent folks, hardly outsiders.

    The rest is dreary history.

    Does that make sense to y’all, or am I just wearing my (Reynolds) Wrap Cap? ;)

  104. Great post Ani- so glad to “see” you here. When you get the book ready and Uppity puts the button on- I will definitely put a link to the book on my facebook page (yes yes I know- but when the son was stationed overseas it was so much easier and a hell of a lot cheaper to keep in touch there)
    I am still registered D- for the reasons Uppity notes above. I may try to start a movement to have all us PA D’s switch to R for the primary- just to make them batshit crazy. It’s not like we in PA will have any say in the matter of primaries this year- it will all be “decided” by the time we vote in April. It might make them sit up and take notice if a couple of million D’s suddenly switched registration in March- 30 days before the primary.

  105. Wonderful post, Ani. I remember you from Taylor Marsh. TM was my first experience with blogging, too. I was really naive. 2008 was the year that broke my heart as well. It’s been bittersweet, personally and politically, in so many ways since those days. I’ve learned a lot. I think we all have.

    Ani, I’m very glad you found your voice. I look forward to more of your posts.

  106. Ani, in case you don’t know, Sisterdo doesn’t blog in capital letters anymore but she still retains her passion. She has a big heart.

  107. Congrats, Ani – please put it on Kindle.

  108. 2008 was an eye-opener for a lot of us.

  109. We can all help market Ani’s book in many ways. Get bloggers to sidebar it. Talk about it on blogs, do blog posts helping to annnounce it. And of course, buy one.

  110. Upp, I’m on it! I’m already spreading the news about Ani’s book on some blogs.

    What’s the title and when is it being published?

  111. Beata, so nice to see you.

    I am not making the title public consumption quite yet, but will shortly when the marketing strategy is in place and I know the exact release date. Thank you so much for your support…you will all be the first to know, believe me!

    Please stay tuned…

    And yes, i miss Sisterdo, too.

  112. Thanks, Twandx — will do.

  113. Thank you for this post and the book to come. We Floridians remember all too well what was done to us. Yesterday, the car in front of me had a Hillary 2012 sticker. I gave him a honk and felt so good to know I wasn’t alone.

  114. Glenn, Hillary bumper sticks were for the brave in many cities. Plenty of people returned to their keyed cars with broken windows. Obama dirtbags were everywhere doing what they do best, intimidating, insulting and destroying.


    Note the shirt the slimeball is wearing — the SAME one he wore when he made that “one-year proposition” comment 10 days into his presidency. Can’t believe that’s just a coincidence.

  116. Great post, and a much-needed reminder.

  117. Great post, thanks.

  118. great post Ani.and yes ! We shall never forget.NEVER NOT EVER!!!

  119. Right On! 2008 was a complete game changer for me. I felt like I went through a divorce. I’m still estranged from one of my former “best” friends who I was told to “never talk to again about politics.” It was a watershed year. In regard to 2012, I don’t really see much of a difference between Obama and Romney as far as policy/government goes ….. but I don’t have personal disdain and disgust for Romney. I will once again enjoy NOT STAYING AT HOME – and GOING SOMEPLACE ELSE with my VOTE!!

    I am fighting a revolution against the usurpers of what was my Democratic Party.

  120. Obama does attract dirt bags.

  121. Ani
    I told you before that I would be one of the first people to buy your book and every book you write.

    If anyone needs a reminder of just what the democratic party did to Hillary , to us and to the country by installing the A$$ in the white house please read this.



  122. Well it’s always nice for a Republican pretending to be Deep Throat to remind us what the left learned from them in the Hillary Bashing department.

  123. Thank you, HelenK. As to the link, it never ceases to amaze me how many were willing to overlook his obvious disdain for so many. Never mind what the media did, but there is no way millions of voters did not see this, too. Can you imagine if ANY woman candidate had behaved this way?

  124. UW, I’m so curious to hear your theory on who you think this guy is….

  125. Well the first time I read ulsterman I felt he was bullshit. I felt he was a Republican who was doing what Republicans do best on the web. The theory that they are way behind the left in using the internet is seriously flawed. They are very adept at maniuplating people and, while they pretend to be oafs who are running 1998-looking blogs (think Drudge), the crudeness of their sites are deliberately misleading. Now you can take a salacious rumor and drop it off at one of their rumor sites and wait an hour and do a Google of the first few lines of the article and you will find a whole boatload of R sites carrying the story. I saw them do some very horrendously false things to a congressman a few years ago. It was all a lie but it traveled the way my grandmother told me lies travel. Like the saying goes, a lie can run half way around the world while the truth is still tying its shoes. Anyways, Ulsterman gave me subtle hints in his first piece that made me believe the interviewer and the interviewee were one in the same. It’s all one person. What this guy does is simply play off people’s hopes and thoughts. He picks up ideas from democratic sites where the people are disillusioned with Obama. Then next thing you know, your wish is his commmand. He has never broken anything that any of us has not already mentioned and he is a typical master at telling everybody what they want to hear. He’s just cryptic enough and homesy-spunsey enough to pull things off too. But the truth is, I have yet to see on thing from that site that is an original thought.

    People love to hear what they want to hear you know. Enough to fall for anything. Frankly I was horribly shocked at how LONG it took for Hillary people to figure out hillbuzz. I had that site pegged in 2008 when they were stoking the whitey tape thing and wrote a piece that others grasped onto about it. Then, what most didn’t notice but i did, the post was deleted. The site was then deleted and started up as a .org or something. The fact that so many people were flocking to a place that purported to love Hillary, Sarah, and, Michelle Backmann, Liz AND Dick Cheney all in one post is enough to make anyone’s head explode, except those who wanted to hear what they wanted to hear. All you had to do was ask yourself, which name doesn’t fit in well with this list? It was terrible to watch so many people I cared about be so gullible. And he was a superbly entertaining write, I will give him that. When there was a blowup between his blog and some far left blogger, I forget which one, the ones that hate PUMAs, I was asked by one of our blogger friends if I wanted to get involved and I said No, because I suspected the blogger was right. Hillbuzz is now confirmed as a very conservative site, which was what he was accused of. But then, I didn’t want to get into a scuffle and eventually you guys Got It. It’s just……..well…..what the H took you so long to recognize that this was a far right site that was dragging you along. I guess if you go there now, the place is pretty quiet by comparison now, but what you see now is what was always there, my friends. You just didn’t want to look. Now that blogger is full blown into his element, and that’s okay, really. And of course, Hillary’s header is gone gone gon. It’s just that I felt awful that the rest of you didn’t realize it. It wasn’t about Hillary at all. It was conservatively conservative and I’m sure he now feels better now that he no longer has to pretend to carry Hillary people along with him. But at the time, it was a lot like watching Obamazoids fall for his tripe. I really don’t mean to hurt any of you who fell for this, but I couldn’t understand waht took so long. Any site has the right to be anything they want to but, just because there’s a brass band,, doesn’t mean it’s a parade worth following, you know? And just because hillary’s picture is on the header, doesn’t mean what’s inside is the real deal. That’s all I’m saying. I feel this way about Ulsterman, folks. Please stop being duped. Please remember something: Nobody loves Ulsterman more than the far right sites. Just google anything he writes and watch the freepers pop up.

  126. That Ulster site is a waste of time since the guy is a fraud, imho. He never says anything important or unknown. The comments section is a joke and likely his aliases to boost his numbers. It doesn’t matter who he is. Likely some young republican rich kid getting his kicks making crap up.

  127. Excellent post, Ani, with wonderfully expressed sentiment. Here’s the part that made me choke up: “The gift of finding my voice has been cold comfort when compared with the gift I was hoping for….”

    Yes, indeed, I would much rather have been proven wrong, had Hillary win, or for Obama to be the opposite of what I (we) saw coming. The constant daily reminders of “being right” are no consolation for what we could have had in a leader and the direction America would be in right now. ~sniff, sniff~

  128. Ani is straight. One more for our team. The lesbians were starting to outnumber us. lol.

  129. The lesbians were starting to outnumber us. lol.

    ROFL! It’s true, we love us our lesbian and gay friends. I remember when a blogger was competing with us for that blog award and she was an Obama person but felt it was obvious the Obeys were working to trash this site’s win, so she stuck up for us. So I went over there and she was a lesbian blogger. Next thing you know some of our people went over there, and for sure I had more lesbians here than even she had there. It was a riot. Anyways, it’s good to have at least a couple of straight women you know? I mean I was beginning to think I needed psychiatric help for being straight. Hahahaha.

  130. Um…yeah, I am. I didn’t know anyone was asking. :)

  131. Well, I just finished reading all the comments to catch up! Ani, great job on the post. Looks like we all here at Uppity’s can identify with you. Also, I see you have some long term relationships here. It still pains me to think about the misery that happened. I, too, will never, never forget. Look forward to buying your book.

  132. I think what it amounts to is that despite HRC’s 18 million supporters the primaries, and far more now I dare say, in the news and on the net there were so few friends to her or supporters of like mind that it was enticing to find kind words.

  133. Uppity get that appointment with a psychiatrist cause I am a lesbian. Nothing like outing yourself.

  134. That would be a shock to Mr. Uppity, WLM.

  135. That would be a shock to Mr. Uppity, WLM.

    Hahahahaha, Upps! Caught impersonating a lez again, I see. Naughty, naughty.

  136. Hahahahaha, Upps! Caught impersonating a lez again, I see. Naughty, naughty.

    LOL. Only you could get away with this.

  137. Clint Eastwood, WTF!!!!!!!!

  138. Hahahah Clint. He’s decaying anyways. But he’s really going out of his way to make it clear he has NO interest in Barack Obama At All.

  139. But, Upps, what’s your guess about why Clint did it? Is he that desperate for moolah or too dumb to get that he was cutting a Bam reelection ad? He’s certainly no dummy.

  140. Maybe he’s senile, NES. I mean the man is not aging well.

  141. Tomorrow we have the cockroach of the week award and boy is it a doozie. Don’t eat breakfast before reading.

  142. I swear I have no idea why I attract so many lesbians, but i love it. It’s like that in real life too. I’ve been to parties where we were the only straight couple. And no offense to everybody else, but I have some gay friends who are the best cooks EVER.

  143. I will tell you all this though. I will NEVER relent in my support for you to love whomever you want to love. And I actually lost a few people over that, saw some comments at other blogs about it. And you know what? They can kiss my ass.

  144. Uppity did you get your mail?

  145. Ah sorry, Mom. I’m a little bit behind in mail as usual. I just found yours. No I don’t mind. I never heard of that person though, but that’s okay. Glad she liked ani’s post.

  146. And another thing about obama being kewl. He never was. Not even a little bit. He wore mom jeans FCS. And looks like a freaking dork on a bicycle. He was never cool.

    Bill Clinton has the cool factor. Hillary doesn’t even have it.

    Bill plays sax and loves him his cool music. But obama has been called dorky since he first appeared. The Hawaiian kid with the big ears. DORKY as hell. Harvard – not likely to be cool and ivy league.

    (my daughter is an ivy league grad, she is such a nerd!!!! :-) Love her to pieces but she does medieval garb and goes to sci fi conventions…. )

  147. Obama Cool. Oh Pullllllleeeeeze.

    Hey Ani. 140+ comments. I guess you bombed. lol.

    Last time I got 140 comments, I promised to post naked photos of myself.

  148. UW, the clock is ticking…

  149. Hey Ani, and Monday isn’t our best day. Listen, you….you can drop your pearls in my draft section any time you want.

  150. Ani,
    Another awesome thread telling it like it really is / was. Glad to see you back writing and posting.

  151. Piper, Ani does post in other places though. I know she posts at NQ now and then, and I think she posts in other places too. We’re not the only lucky ones.

  152. Thank you Piper. And yes, I do write for NQ and for the last year and a half, I have also been writing for The New Agenda, which is a non partisan organization devoted to the betterment of women and girls. It’s a pretty good fit, since everything they do is about the advancement of women and dealing with/combatting/exposing sexism.

  153. Pardon my dust for not including this in my last comment —
    I am dee-lighted to be writing here and to meet you and also to become reacquainted with old chums from 4 years ago!!

  154. Ani, this was a wonderful post. Thank you. I don’t comment much these days because everyone has already said everything I think and feel.
    I just wanted to say Thank You

  155. FCS, now they even have a woman presidential candidate in Mexico. If the USA trails one more country they will sink to the bottom of the barrel. At this point they are only ahead of Iran and Afghanistan, and that’s only because they can’t kill us.

  156. Karen: Ani is straight. One more for our team. The lesbians were starting to outnumber us. lol.

    Oh, now, now! And if it makes you feel any better, Ani is beautiful and famous. So now you can feel REALLY ahead! :)

    Anyway, Karen, you’re bi-fridge-al, you like the food in anyone’s fridge! :) Well, okay, maybe not in mine… tofu and fruit and veggies… lol

  157. This is true about Ani, lorac. Which means if you buy an autographed copy of her book you get a two-fer. The author and the actor.

  158. But UW – for a long time Hillbuzz was all about Hillary. Did you have a feeling about them even before Hillary was out and Palin was in?

    I used to like those stories that he made up about the older woman (supposedly his mom or aunt, I can’t remember) and her coffee clutches, all talking up Hillary, or else complaining about their husbands, etc. They were pretty funny.

  159. Yes lorac, I had the feeling immediately after I saw the Whitey post disappear after others had quoted it and staked their trust in it.

    Yes he was a very enchanting writer, of course.

  160. Was WLM saying THEY were a lesbian, or were they saying that UW is? I’m confused lol Is Karen going to take WLM to her side, TOO?

    UW, can you say what that lesbian blog site was? It was a lesbian PUMA place? If it was a lesbian obot place, never mind.

  161. I decree that ALL Uppityites can be lesbian-for-a-day tomorrow!!! The ‘real’ lesbians will glitter-bomb you, out of affection of course.

  162. Seems fair.

  163. This is priceless. I plucked this from Murphy’s comment section, writer, Invalidresponse:

    invalidresponse 02.03.12 at 5:05 am

    If anyone would like to have their voice REALLY heard on the “Susan G. Komen (KOH’-men) for the Cure breast cancer foundation” decision, here is the way.

    follow this link,

    make your donation, and have the thank-you card sent to

    Karen Handel
    c/o Susan G. Komen Foundation
    P.O. Box 650309
    Dallas, TX 75265-0309


  164. NES, you better get UW’s address, so you can hand deliver her authentic Lesbian for a Day certificate!

  165. Yeah, yeah..good idea, lorac.

  166. Beautiful post, Ani. Certainly the reason most of us gave so invested so much in Hillary, in $ and emotionally, was that we really believed in her abilities and what she could have delivered. Instead, we wound up with a big zero.

  167. Oh I think Clint is senile. He probably thought he was doing an All American right wing type of ad.

    Re: the blog with the lesbian owner during the awards…wasn’t her name Deb? I thought she was conservative, but maybe I’m mixing her up with the cute young black conservative, Kevin?

    How nice to see so many names here that I haven’t seen in a while!

  168. Wasn’t Deb socal, it was a blogger who was competing in my category. I could look it up but I’m too lazy and figure it’s not that important.

  169. Looking at Eastwood is very painful to the eyes. Sorry, but it’s true. And did anybody tell him that Chrysler is owned by Fiat, which means it’s an Italian company?

  170. I personally think Fiat and Chrysler are perfect matches. Italy should never make cars. They suck at it, just like Chrysler. Italy should stick to wine, food, leather and olive oil. And getting laid.

  171. Komen VP Karen Handel was “Gung Ho” about defunding planned parenthood.

    She said, ‘If we just say it’s about investigations, we can defund Planned Parenthood and no one can blame us for being political.’

  172. I personally think Fiat and Chrysler are perfect matches. Italy should never make cars. They suck at it, just like Chrysler. Italy should stick to wine, food, leather and olive oil. And getting laid.


  173. lol NES, well it’s true. But I forgot to add silk.

  174. Hello ladies and germs. If you desire to still donate $s to breast cancer research, I did a little digging and found some other Komen.

  175. I don’t see what you all are referring to in terms of Clint Eastwood… was it posted up above and I missed it?

  176. lorac: His commercial during the Super Bowl.

  177. Oh, thx, Fredster! I’ll see if it might be on youtube!

  178. It’s good to know these things I can’t ever afford are a piece of shit.

  179. Well fredster if you COULD afford one, you would need another car for when that one doesn’t start.

  180. Same deal with Jags. Buy a Jag, have a second car for when it rains and the Jag refuses to budge.

  181. Germans. They know how to make beer, Reisling and cars. And sausages!

  182. The french should stick to cheese and wine. I love their wine. They can’t do much else because they are too full of cheese and wine.

  183. Ironically, as we laugh at other countries, the USA makes………….what again? Nothing. Or hardly nothing. We make unemployment.

  184. Germans also make great dogs.

  185. Yes agree on the dogs.

  186. You’d be surprised how many Americans have German Shepherds shipped here from Germany. schutzhund and guard dogs. Gorgeous and much hardier than the USA bred dogs.

  187. My first car, God bless my Daddy, was an Austin Healey Sprite. Robin’s egg blue. Cute little thing. When you got tired of driving, you picked it up and carried it under your arm. Didn’t last long though. Somebody turned the corner and hit it while it was parked and mangled it to a pulp. Wonder what it would be worth today? My sister in law had a fiat. G’damned thing wouldn’t move.

  188. Damn british make shitty cars too. And Fredster, don’t post a link to a bentley. I dated a guy with one and the doors kept falling off.

  189. Now thaaaaars a president:
    Happy posthumous b’day to a prez who actually loved and understood the magic of America.

  190. I think it’s either Kia or Hyundai that have a model just like this one.

  191. My rule about cars is, if there’s no backseat for dogs, it’s not a real car!

  192. I have an SUV, so I’ve got two backseats.

  193. Hell, I sometimes shove my dog in the back of a coupe. She does just fine, long as she doesn’t sit. lol.

  194. Germans also make great dogs.

    Yes they do as my gravatar shows. ;-)

  195. Damn british make shitty cars too.

    Now, now… My cousin’s first husband had a TR-6 which I loved to drive…recklessly.

  196. Damn british make shitty cars too. And Fredster, don’t post a link to a bentley. I dated a guy with one and the doors kept falling off.

    But how did it ride?

  197. It was nice. Very nicely appointed inside.

  198. Did you have any grey poupon or was that just for the Rolls crowd?

  199. The french should stick to cheese and wine. I love their wine. They can’t do much else because they are too full of cheese and wine.


  200. Now thaaaaars a president:

    Ad sponsored by this group:

    Ah, the lovely Koch brothers.

  201. I’ve always like Matthew Broderick, and I liked Ferris Bueller’s Day Off – I found out HE did a commercial for that game, too!

  202. Since the subject of Sapphic affections has emerged above, here’s an MP.

    Yuri literally means “lily” in Japanese, but among otaku (manga and anime fans), it has a second meaning. :)

  203. Saw SGK above, and teevee reminded me of the The3Day DOT org runs being lined up now. $90 registration fee – sign up now and save $25 (they had this savings even before their “misstep.”)
    Major money here and none is refundable:
    Registered walkers must be 16 years old by the end of 2012 and agree to raise a minimum of $2,300 for the Susan G.
    Komen 3-Day by the first day of the event in order to walk.
    Crew is a four-day commitment. All crew members are required to attend the All-Crew Meeting on Thursday before the
    event. Crew members must be at least 18 years old on the date the event commences and agree to attend the entire
    event in a service capacity. Crew members do not walk the 60-mile route and do not have a fundraising requirement,
    though they are provided with fundraising tools and are encouraged to raise funds. All crew members must have medical
    insurance at the time of the event in order to participate.

    This walk is scheduled to take place in14 different cities.

  204. Hey Pamela, if crew members don’t have health insurance, they can always go to Planned Parenthood which actually handles humans and their health instead of a big pile of money they can hold over people’s heads until they do their political and religious bidding.

    Money in one spot corrupts people. I bet after people are done ‘investigating’ Komen it will smell like United Way over there. I am assuming you all remember THAT scandal.

  205. Oh now this is funny. OT but I don’t care. My dog has this stuffie duckie that literally quacks three times in a row, times 3. So she’s sitting here with me and all of a sudden, we hear quack quack quack quack ….from the kitchen. Dog goes apoplectic and runs to the kitchen. I go too because I have just got to see this. There’s lard butt the cat, sitting on the duck. Bahahahaha. Dog doesn’t know what to do since cat rules her life in every way, so she just starts whining. Cat loves dog in Whine mode, so he presses the duckie again. And again. Now I’m thinking, do I intervene or do i just let them sort it out. I mean it’s not like he put it in her water dish like he did last time. Anyways, one big stare at the cat from me and he gets up, throws his tail in the air and sashays off. I can’t be sure, but I think he was laughing. Dog picks up duckie like she just rescued it from an auto accident, and is now into about a half hour of lying here with duckie in her mouth while she stares unfocused. No telling when she will let go.

  206. Poooor NeedleNose…..

  207. Here we go again:

  208. Now we have to worry about this jerk-off–

  209. Trust me, NES, Santorum will be earmarked in history as nothing but a pimple on the ass of the 2012 Primaries. He’s got a better chance of seeing whatever God he imagines thinks he’s hot shit than he has of being a presidential candidate, unless of course, the entire membership of the R party wants four more years of Barack Obama. The man has all the appeal to the large voting mass as snot.

    He’s this season’s Huckabee, only with a much more horrid personality and a heart covered with hair.

  210. Isn’t he due to make another baby? I mean he hasn’t killed his wife yet via obscene frequent childbirth, so she’s good to go.

  211. gawd I’m watching foodtv and they are showing how a number of spreads are made. Like that horrid cheeze whiz and that disgusting nutella.

    ducking and running because I’m sure there are fans of this shit here.

  212. Komen official quits Planned Parenthood dispute

    An executive with the Susan G. Komen for the Cure breast-cancer charity has resigned after a dispute over funding for Planned Parenthood. The resignation came in a letter obtained by The Associated Press.

    Karen Handel (HAN’-duhl) announced her resignation as vice president for public policy in a letter to Komen officials Tuesday.

    Handel said in her letter that she had supported cutting off funding for Planned Parenthood.

    Handel, a former Republican candidate for governor in Georgia, emphasized her opposition to abortion during her 2010 campaign.

  213. Cheeze Whiz is okay on nachos if you are under the age of thirty.

    Nutella is just nasty.

  214. myiq, agree om that nutella crap. There are people who love it. Bleck.

  215. Karen Handel, Komen’s religious zealot who thinks it’s cool to defund places like Planned Parenthood for programs that have nothing to do with Komen grants, who thought it was cool to unfund Johns Hopkins and several other research centers because they research embryonic stem cells, and who thinks it’s “godly” to let women die of breast cancer unless everybody on the receiving end of Komen money toes her line, has resigned. Don’t let the door hit you in the ass on the way out, asshole.

  216. Great post and as always, the comments are equally as good.

  217. Great post, Ani, I also remember what a refuge TM was at that time. Too bad she lost her flipping mind. I think your story mirrors almost everyone here. Anyhoo, Uppity’s place has been the most consistent refuge ever since, and that’s becoming clearer every day. Look forward to reading more from you!

    Uppity, thanks for remembering what Planned Parenthood is really about, what SGK and that (former) nut in charge was really up to… means alot to read your comments on this issue.

  218. My story is a little different. My heart broke in 1963. Just when it was starting to heal in 1968, RFK was running – between April and June it simply shattered into countless pieces. First Martin and then Bobby…gone.

    It was Hillary Clinton who sewed the American quilt of my heart back together with her brave game face, her straight posture, her complete plans, clear explanations, and her habitual calming gesture so we would quiet down and she could say the rest of what she had to tell us (She eschewed the adulation to provide the information.).

    She stitched me up, and the scars healed much tougher than my original, tender young heart had been in 1968. Everything we did in 2008 I would and will do again in the beat of that heart, I will walk through fire for her. I never thought I would give my heart away again. As it turns out I have. I could not be prouder of her, or fonder of the very strong, solid, smart loyal friends she brought into my world. I love you all! <3

  219. still4hill, my story has many weaves and I am not even sure I could write it without chapters! But, you awesome blogger, you. I follow you in order to follow the dizzying Hillary. Without you, I wouldn’t have a clue where she is today or where she was yesterday — and there you are every single day, without ever skipping a beat, keeping me informed. Nobody, and I mean NOBODY does the record of Hillary’s itinerary and Hillary’s impact like you do. For that I am not only very grateful, but I remain in awe of your diligence, loyalty, and absolutely loving dedication to every detail of our own constantly traveling pant suit!

  220. That’s lovely, still4hill. Hillary was, is, a class act.

  221. Wouldn’t it be great if all those who voted for Hillary in the primaries emulated us and declined to vote for Obama in November? That would be the Mother-of-all-revenge-plays. At least the women should do that. WTF, when women won’t punish transgressions against a most-worthy member of their gender. If that (revenge fantasy) occurred, the Dem Pty would immediately reform, overnight, and then all you refuseniks could return to the fold.

  222. Still4Hill,

    That was beautifully expressed. Thank you for all you do and for always holding the flag high! xoxox, Ani

  223. Thank Uppty and No Empty Suits. You make a great point, NES – Karen Finney keeps reminding everyone on any show they put her on that we are the biggest voting bloc. I know a lot of guys who would go along with us too. Uncommitteds doing OK in MO. This is the part the news orgs are ignoring this time. HA! There will be uncommitteds in Charlotte.

  224. Ani, you always do such a great job of describing the heartbreaking 2008 election. Hillary was the best and brightest and deserved better than she received at the hands of the DNC. When the DNC dissed her, they dissed me and many others. Loyal to the party for over 36 years, I became an independent. I should have realized that the fix was in, when the little known Obama took the straw poll that was conducted in my area way before any of the caucuses and primaries were held. Kamala Harris came down from San Francisco, to lead the charge for Obama, and even though I wasn’t there, I am sure that she didn’t come alone. I believe that Donna Brazille had a lot to do with with the early planning. I will never forget her comments on CNN stating that the new Democratic Party didn’t need us former Democrats anymore. Unfortunately, that turned out correct last election, but I hope to see the day she will regret those words. They will not change unless they are removed from power. The DNC needs to clean house, starting with Obama, and continuing on down. Anybody connected to Chicago should be removed. My husband the other remarked how tired Hillary looked. I told him that she may look tired, but that is because there is no one in this administration who works half as much as she does. She has done a remarkable job as Secretary of State–just like I knew she would. I remain hopeful, that some day I will see her in the oval office, where she belongs.

  225. Thanks for writing Ani——what an interesting story you tell!!! This 2012 presidential campaign is a real marker for all of us 3.6 million who were changed completely by the disgusting goings on in 2008. I wrote my own story about 2008, and if you read the comments, you will hear many other stories like yours. We have to use our voices to mae a difference. It is so disappointing that we don’t have a woman running for president. Even Mexico now has a woman running to be president representing the ruling party!! Here are alot of 2008 wtories looking back

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